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Photo Archives :

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    Limited Photo Search Facility :

    A limited search facility is available to view recorded details of some 10,000 early Parish, General Assembly and Mission related photographs in our collections up to 1950. This database may be searched via our on-site search engine or manually by clicking on the date ranges below to bring up the databases and then follow the instructions at the top of each page. Our databases of early overseas Mission and NZ Chinese photographs may be found under Mission Resources then scrolling down to"Mission Photos". NZ Maori photographs may be accessed here.

    Please Note : The following databases contain only those images which have been described but do not include more recent additions to the collections. We are happy to perform a search of our full photographic collection. Please email us with your photo enquiry.


    Our Photo Galleries :

    Our Photo Galleries features themed images from our varied collections (link to past galleries below). We have now changed the colour scheme of our galleries which should hopefully make them easier to read (click title to view) :

    Photographic Archives Overview :

    The Presbyterian Church Archives holds a collection of approximately 120,000 photographic images. This collection, which dates from 1861, is significant not only in relation to it's size but also the unique quality of it's content. Our earlier Mission photographs, which include South China, the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) and India, are significant both nationally and internationally as they provide a unique visual insight into the history of various indigenous cultures, in many cases directly supported by correspondence preserved in our Mission archives. The photographic collection also documents in picture form the life and work of the Presbyterian Church in New Zealand. To date, over 24,000 images have been fully catalogued and placed on a searchable in-house computer database.

    Searching for Images? We welcome enquiries from :

    • Genealogists & family members
    • Parishes
    • Students
    • Researchers
    • Authors & Journalists
    • Publishers
    • Newspapers
    • Museums & Historical Institutions

    Our collections include images relating to -

    • Parish groups & activities : 1880's to date
    • NZ Maori : 1900's to date
    • Clergy & Individuals : 1861 to date
    • Madras, India (missionary work) : 1900 to 1908
    • Punjab, India (missionary work) : 1908 to 1980's
    • South China (missionary work) : 1896 to 1952
    • Hong Kong (missionary work) : 1952 to 1970's
    • New Hebrides [Vanuatu] (missionary work) :1880's to 1990's
    • Papua (missionary work) : 1960's to 1980's
    • Indonesia (missionary work) : 1950's to 1980's
    • Individual (private) collections : 1890's to date
    • The General Assembly of the PCNZ : 1870's to date
    • NZ Chinese : 1900's to 1960's
    • Evangelisation :
    • Education
    • Medical & Health care
    • Aged care
    • Orphanages
    • Chaplaincy
    • Industry
    • New Settlers & Refugees
    • Theological Training
    • Women's Organisations
    • Youth work & Bible Class
    • Worship
    • Architecture
    • Sport & recreation

    Please note that many collections of Parish photographs ares still be held in Regional repositories. Please click HERE for a list and contact details which will assist you in determining where images may be located. Listed below are details of our significant personal photographic collections and general subject categories including notes on significant photographers : 

    Personal Collections :

    Bennett, Pearl
    Partial Collection
    Brown, Rev Liston K (Bible Class & Maori Mission)
    Partial Collection
    Cairns, Very Rev Dr. Ian (Indonesia & NZ)
    Partial Collection
    Cook, Miss Alice (South China & Hong Kong)
    Full Collection
    Cree, Rev Keith S. (personal Photos, mostly overseas)
    Partial Collection
    Cullingford, D. Rev (Papua New Guinea)
    Full Collection
    Don, Rev Alexander (early NZ Chinese)
    Partial Collection
    Doull, Sr Euphemia (Maori Mission)
    Partial Collection
    Rev DE Duncan (Pacific Mission areas)
    Partial Collection (slides)
    Erwin, Rev Robert & Annie Jardine (NZ & Ireland)
    Full Collection
    Findlay, Miss Mollie (South China)
    Partial Collection
    Fraser, Rev Dr Ian (Eastern Europe 1958 & New hebrides 1969)
    Partial Collection (slides)
    Gibb, Rev James & Family
    Partial Collection
    Gilbert, Rev HG (Palestine, India, South China)
    Cine Film, 1936
    Gillanders, Sr Kathleen L (New Hebrides)
    Partial Collection (slides)
    Gray, Mr George T (Industrial Education - Saharanpur, India)
    Full Collection
    Hanning, Sr Jean (Punjab, India)
    Full Collection
    Hardie, Sr Beatrice (Punjab, India) 
    Full Collection
    Hawe, Rev HL
    Partial Collection
    Herron, Rev DC
    Partial Collection
    Hewitson, Rev Prof W (South China Visit 1916)
    Partial Collection
    Jansen, Rev EG [Paddy] (South China, New Hebrides)
    Partial Collection
    Ker, Rev Laurence H. (Pres. Church of Ireland Manchuria Mission & Family Photos)
    Full Collection
    Kinmont, Rev AW & Family
    Partial Collection
    Knight, Prof. George A.F. (CS Mission Budapest, late 1930's) 
    Full Collection
    Lambert, Mr Alan M & Mrs Edna A. (Kelburn Church, Wellington)
    Partial Collection
    Lang, Jean McLeod
    Partial Collection
    Lilburne, Sr Annie (South China & New Hebrides)
    Full Collection
    McDiarmid, Very Rev Don & Mrs Phoebe (Sudan United Mission)
    Video copy of 1920's Cine Film
    McDonald , David K. (Balolo Mission, African Congo)
    One image only
    McNeur, Rev Alexander
    Five images only
    Macky, Rev John T. (Tom)
    Partial Collection
    Manson, Miss Katherine [later Mrs Ker] (Canada & Manchuria Mission)
    Full Collection
    Milne, Rev William V & Mrs Jemima S (New Hebrides) 
    Full Collection (High resolution images on CD only) 
    Moffatt, Mrs Elsie [nee McGeckie] (British Sailors Mission Auckland, Indian, Sudan & China Missions)
    Full Collection
    Moore, Miss Mary Emelia (Church of Scotland Mission, Ichang, China)
    Full Collection 
    Muir, James & Nettie (China Inland Mission, c.1935-45)
    Partial Collection (tinted & colour lantern slides)
    Ogilvie, Miss Frances G (South China & Hong Kong)
    Full Collection
    Paterson, Rev Robert M (Indonesia)
    Partial Collection (negatives only)
    Patterson, Sr C Mavis (Mrs Kaarup)
    Partial Collection
    Rex, Rev Helmut (German name 'Rehbein')
    Partial Collection
    Robertson, Sr Dorothy (South China & Hong Kong)
    Full Collection
    Ryburn, Rev Robert M (Family Album)
    Partial Collection
    Saunders, Miss Lorraine (Punjab, India)
    Partial Collection
    Smaill Rev Thomas & Mrs Helen Smaill (New Hebrides)
    Full Collection
    Somerville, Very Rev. Jack S.
    Partial Collection
    Stewart, Jessie Mrs (née Lockhart)
    Full Collection
    Vivian , Alan & Jean
    Watson, Rev Alan C (Knox College, Dunedin)
    Partial Collection
    Whitelaw, Mrs M.D. [Molly] (née Shannon)
    Full Collection
    Wilson, Miss Flora (South China & Hong Kong)
    Full Collection

    Significant Photographers :     

    Mr T. Enami (Yokohama, Japan)
    (Link to Photo Gallery)

    84 coloured lantern slides, 1930's

    Mr Norman France, A.R.P.S.
    New Hebrides photos & cine film, 1951
    Mr Lindsay Crozier, FNZPPA
    Photos & Cine films, c. 1948 to 1970
    Mr Keith Lyon , ANZPPA
    Photos, 1957 to 1972.


    Miss Mollision, Knox College Matron

    Miss Margaret Mollison, First Matron of Knox College Dunedin, 1909-1915



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    Photo Galleries :

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    14 June 2012

    Enami Lantern Slides On-Line :

    Our historic and valuable collection of 84 hand tinted lantern slides by T. Enami of Yokohama Japan are now available for viewing on Flickr. 27 July 2010




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