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Register (Fasti) of New Zealand Presbyterian Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries 1840 to 2015 :

Abbott to Amosa Anderson to Ayers Baab to Bates
Bathgate to Biggs Billinghurst to Bowie Bowman to Brown
Browne to Byrt Cairney to Carter Cartwright to Clark
Clarke to Coulter Court to Cuttle Dabourne to Dewar
Dewes to Doull Dow to Dyson Eade to Eyre
Fa'amausili to Finlayson Finnemore to France Francesco to Fussell
Gahegan to Gillies Gilliland to Grant Grätzer to Gwynne
Hadfield to Hart Harvey to Herd Herron to Hooker
Hope to Hyslop Ikitoelagi to Ives Jack to Johnson
Johnston to Jupp Kaarup to Kimber King to Kyd
Lafferty to Lewis Lewitt to Lynds McAdam to McDowell
McEldowney to McKendry McKenzie to McKirdy McLachlan to McLennan
McLeod to McWilliam Mabon to Matheson Mathew to Miller-Keeley
Millichamp to Moresi Morgan to Mushet Naerea to Nikora
Nisbet to Nunns O to Owen Paea to Paulin
Paviour-Smith to Poi Poi Pollard to Pyper Queale to Quigley
Rae to Reith Rennie to Robertson Robins to Ross
Rothwell to Ryu Sabey to Shannon Shastri to Smaill
Smale to Spence Spencer to Stewart Stiles to Symons
Taft to Thomas Thompson to Todd Tofilau to Tylee
Uden to Uttley Vagana to Vowell Waddell to Watene
Waters to Weir Welch to Will Willets to Wilson
Winiata to Wyness Xowie to Yuzon

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  • The Annals of the Free Church of Scotland 1843-1900 are online at Ecclegen, the ecclesiastical and the genealogical website for the ministers of the Free Church of Scotland.
  • For a biographical listing of New Zealand and South Pacific based Anglican clergy who may have served in early Union or co-operating Parishes, please click Here (This is a large PDF file).
  • Additions and amendments to this database are welcomed.

Please Note : This register is solely an historical data base. The official Register for those ministers and overseas workers currently serving in the Presbyterian Church may be located on the Presbyterian Church web site.


A Register of NZ Presbyterian Ministers was apparently first compiled and kept by the Rev WJ Comrie from the early 1900's up to the 1930's.

From about 1920, the Very Rev W.W. Howes commenced compiling his own comprehensive alphabetical resource of information on Presbyterian Ministers which he intended eventually typing out and presenting to the Church Office. Upon learning of this resource in 1938, the Rev Ian Fraser offered his personal assistance in the completion and publication of a register both for Church purposes and to mark the Centennial celebrations of the Dominion and of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand in 1940. The Rev WJ Comrie made a number of corrections to the draft manuscript from his own records. An additional Roll of Honour was also included of Theological Students, Ministers, Home Missionaries, Sons, Daughters, Wives and Brothers of the Manse, who had served and/or made the ultimate sacrifice during the "Great War" of 1914-18. The new 1940 Register was then typed in triplicate by Mrs HL Wilkinson with the assistance of Mr EJ Ward of the Presbyterian Book Room and finally personally bound in green Levant Morocco leather for Exhibition purposes by the Rev Ian Fraser.

From 1973 up until 1990, the Very Rev. Dr. Ian Fraser alone undertook the immense task of correcting and updating the initial entries while adding those Ministers, Home Missionaries, Deaconesses and overseas Missionaries ordained since 1940. He personally typed, printed and bound a new Register in 1989. Subsequent to the introduction of word processors, he methodically and painstakingly re-typed all the information into a computer database from which this current register was initially created.

Last Major Update : 2009 (Minor amendments are actioned as we receive them)


Rev Dr Ian Fraser, Oct 1993

The Rev Dr Ian Fraser at work inputting his register onto a computer database from which this on-line resource was initially created, taken October 1993.

Updates to the Register :

We welcome updated and corrected information for entries on this register. Please note that in certain circumstances we may ask for confirmation of updated information.

Additional Research :

We are happy to undertake additional research on any individual listed in this register but subject always to our normal research charges and the provisions of the Privacy Act.

The information quoted here may be all that was available when this register was originally created, however additional information may now be available. In many cases the amount of information may be considerable.

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