Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Court to Cuttle

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COURT,  Rev Gerald  Clement         B.A.,B.D.
wife Marian Rose  married 20 February 1965—teacher and assistant principal, Taranaki; education leader, Manawatu
Hall 1968-1970
Ordained St Anselms Union, Karori, Wellington Presbytery, 18 February 1971—resigned 31 May1973 and withdrew
20 years as a school counsellor, Taranaki
gardener's labourer and builder; retired to Wellington

COUSINS, Dr (Miss)
Missionary India
Matron of Womens Dispensary & Child Welfare Centre,Jagadhri 1923 till 30.6.1924
when taken over by Sr Arnold.

COUTTS, Rev John Alexander          BTh
w Maureen Elizabeth  m 12 December 1970
Theological Hall 1982-1984
Ordained Maheno-Otepopo, North Otago Presbytery, 18 December 1984
Knox Church, Morrinsville, Waikato Presbytery, 22 January 1991
Minister Within the Bounds, Waikato Presbytery (Associate Membership)
Minister Emeritus, Waikato Presbytery, 2004
Wyndham, Southern Presbytery, 2011 - resigned 20 February 2015
St James and St Paul's Ashburton, Alpine Presbytery, 10 August 2015

COUTTS, Rev Michael
wife: Robin, from Central Valley, California, USA
Completed studies, December 2017
Licentiate, 8 December 2017
Inducted and ordained Minister, St. Andrew's Central Hawkes Bay, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 9 February 2018
"The historic Christian faith speaks about good news for all people. Whatever our differences, we all have a maker and he is interested in us. This means Christianity is not an airy-fairy faith. It is about meeting your maker and having a humble life with purpose. That is something we all need." (Central Hawkes Bay Mail, Hawkes Bay, 06 February 2018, page 6)
Resigned from Roll of Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand 11 May 2023

COWIE, Rev Andrew Panton
b 26.12.1906 Winton
w Nancy Catherine Mackintosh b 21.3.1914 m 2.9.1941
He first worked in The Bank of New Zealand for 2½ years; at age 19 gave this up
to go to the Bible Training Institute; after two years he graduated and went as a 
Missionary to the Solomon Islands under the South Seas Evangelical Mission;
served for 10 years, came home on furlough, but was unable to return because of
Japanese occupation of the Solomon Islands.
Joined the Home Missionary service 10.7.1941
HM Orari SCP 1941 – resigned 31.1.1944 to take up full time study; Ord HM 1.9.1942
Theological Hall 1946-48
Ord Kurow NOP 15.12.1948
South Clutha 12.11.1953
Leeston ChP 17.5.1962 - retired 31.1.1972 to Tekapo
Died 20.10.1980, aged 73, Timaru

COWIE, Mr Christopher      & Mrs
O’seas Workers - Sudan Interior Mission
Djougou, Benin,  W  Africa 1978-84

COWIE, Rev Hugh
w. (?)  m. (?)  d. 1876
Formerly a Miss in Amoy China.  Appointed by Synod of Otago & Southland to
Work among Chinese. His wife died on the voyage out from Britain.
Inducted by Dunedin Presbytery 1876.
Lawrence 9.1876 res 1877; called to  -
Lawrence (parish) 1878 res 1880, to UK for 1 yr furlough, for health reasons, but did not
return.  He found his Chinese dialect was quite different from that spoken by Chinese
in goldfields.  He spoke Fukeinese, & they spoke Cantonese.

COWIE, Mr John
FC stud fr Scot,  arr NZ 1886
Newtown Wn 1887, listed as stud evangelist
Halkett & Kimberley, Cant 1888, list stud prch res 1889 to study in Dn
Hastings (as prob)  1890
Riwaka NMP 1891 res 1893 & returned to Scot.

COWIE, Rev Neil Douglas        B.A., L.Th.
w Rena Margrete  m 7.1.1967
Theological Hall 1969-71
Ord St Andrews SCP 2.12.1971
Lumsden-Balfour-Kingston SP 17.7.1975
Riverton Union SP 13.12.1981
St Pauls Invercargill 14.12.1986
Amuri Co-Operating Church ChP
Minister Emeritus 13 Nov 2005
Enabler, Pukaki Co-operating Parish, South Canterbury Presbytery, 21 July 2013

COWLEY, Mr Simalu
Theological Hall 1986-68
Licensed by Pacific Island Church Invercargill 6.12.1988

COX, Rev Andrew
Christian Community Churches (Open Brethren) New Zealand
Penrose High School 1985, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor Commerce, University of Auckland 1989, Bachelor of Theology, Laidlaw College 2012, Diploma of Pastoral Leadership, Carey Baptist College 2012
Tandem Ministries, Auckland, October 1989-October 2004
Personal Assistant, Love Your Neighbour, Auckland, October 2004-August 2006
Ministry Internship Coordinator, Pathways College, Auckland, August 2006-April 2010
Pastor, Eden Community Church, April 2010
Received 25 March 2021, Northern Presbytery
Stated Supply Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 25 March 2021 — inducted minister to the English speaking congregation 16 October 2022

COX, Rev George Frederick
b 27.12.1884
w Agnes Russell b 6.8.1876 m 31.3.1916
He was a member of the Hamilton cong, St Andrews, & a business man in good standing;
he applied to enter Home Mission service & was accepted.
HM Otorohanga  WkP  1912
Brunnerton  WsP 1913
Hunua 1915
Birkenhead NSP 1917
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1919-21
Ord Woodlands SP 8.12.1921
St James Wanganui 20.8.1925
Paterangi WkP 1927; he was suspended from ministry
Went to USA later in 1927  

Maori Miss  - Pentland Ave Maori Hostel Ak
app - , res  20.10.1960

CRAIG, Rev John
b 20.9.1881; w Jane C. b 4.3.1881 m 22.12.1913
Hall Dn 1904-6
Ord Sefton ChP  21.2.1907
Fairlie (Mackenzie County SCP)  15.8.1912
Kurow  NOP 29.3.1917 res  1.8.1921 & took up teaching in Taranaki;
wthd fr min 5.1926  

CRAIG, Rev Kay O. E. BMin
Ordained Local Ordained Minister, Ahuriri-Putorino Presbyterian Church, Napier North, Presbytery Central, July 2014 — concluded 24 January 2021
Minister Emeritus, Presbytery Central -Nukuhau Tapu, 24 January 2021

CRAIG, Rev Maurice J. BMin
Ordained Local Ordained Minister, Ahuriri-Putorino Presbyterian Church, Napier North, Presbytery Central, July 2014 — concluded 24 January 2021
Minister Emeritus, Presbytery Central -Nukuhau Tapu, 24 January 2021

CRAIG, Mr Stephenson
Builder employed to work with Maori Miss, Waiohau repairs 1921; Hall built 1923;
Matahi, built new school, opened 6.1922; Waimana built new school; Maungapohatu
overhauled property.   Served fr 1921 till 1937.

PWTI 1941-2, then took nursing training for serv in Maori Miss; 
no further mention.

CRAIGIE, Rev William Fisher
b. Scone, Perthshire, Scotland 5.7.1855
w(1). Ellison Steel Crawford  b.26.2.1895  m.(?)  d.1907
w(2) Elizabeth Miller Johnstone  b.(?)  m.6.1.1908  d.(?)
Son of William Craigie, a baker, and Elizabeth nee Fisher. Educated at Kinnoull Parish School;
Scone School 1866-1869; Greig’s Academy, Perth 1969-1870. Apprenticed to a coachbuilder.
Attended the University of Edinburgh 1878 to 1882. Tutor 1882  to 1883. Attended the
Presbyterian College, London 1883 to 1886. 
Licensed by the Presbytery of London June 1886
In charge of Holy Island 1886 - 1887
Ashington (supply) 1887
Highfields (South London) 1888 – 1890
To Australia 1890 -
Ordained into Lismore Presb. Church of New South Wales 1891 – 1896
Mimmi Feb 1897 – 10 July 1901
Home Missionary, Blue Mountains 1901 – 1903
HM Leura NSW 1902 (?)
Wyalong 1903
To New Zealand -
Received by the Presb. Church of NZ 1903
Pokeno SAP supply  1903
Pukerau – Waipiata MtP 1904  res 1908,
Went farming at Owaka and supply preaching.
Left with certificate from Mataura Presbytery 23.5.1911 and returned to Australia –
Killarney (supply), Presb. Church of Queensland c.1911
Admitted to the Presb. Church of Australia as Home Missionary 1912
Trangie, Presb. Church of New South wales 24.3.1915 – Aug 1920, demitted.
Returned to New Zealand –
Minister Emeritus.
Died at Ratanui, South Otago.
d. (?)

CRAIGIE, Rev William Marwick
b. 8 May 1854 at Cogar (later called "Old School"?), Orkney Islands, Scotland.
The son of William Craigie & Margaret Inkster.
Undertook three years of studies at New [Theological] College, Edinburgh.
Applied to be sent to New Zealand.
"...the Committee having evidence of his Christian character, and his high standing as a student,
and gifts as an Evangelist, appoint him to Canterbury, New Zealand, and agree to grant him
commission and to pay his passage moneys and to grant the usual sum for outfit.." - (from the
Colonial Committee of The Free Church of Scotland minutes,16 Apr 1878)
"The Convener reported the sad tidings of the death of the Rev W. Marwick Craigie on 4th Nov
on board ship" - (from the Colonial Committee of The Free Church of Scotland minutes, 21 Apr 1879)
Rep 1879: "Died on the voyage to NZ; the more to be regretted as he had high testimonials."
Died 4 Nov 1878 on voyage to NZ  

CRANE, Rev Brian
Ordained Opotiki Maori Pastorate, Te Aka Puaho 14 July 2007
Other Recognised Minister (Retired Amorangi) 2010

CRANE, Mr Ernest      & Mrs Kath
Missionary Tonga
Principal Tonga Teachers Coll 1953-6
Tupou High School Tonga, Deputy Headmaster 1978
Accepted invitation to work 1 yr in Educ Office in Tonga 1990, assisting with In-service
training.   Kath taught in Nuku’alofa Primary School during this period.

CRAWFORD, Mr A. Gillies
HM Taringatura Outfields SP  1903
Glenomaru ClP  1904
Tauranga Outfields 1905
Te Puke BPP 1906
Rep 1909: applied again to  take 2nd part of HM course -granted;
no further mention.

CRAWFORD, Rev Alexander John         M.A.,B.D.
b 23.6.1916  Pahiatua
w Pamela Ellen  m 11.4.1959
Grew up in Hawera. Worked on a farm attached to a Dairy factory. At the Dairy manager’s
suggestion, he returned to school at age 20 to train as a Teacher. Trained at Auckland
Teacher’s College, and Victoria University. Completed a Master’s degree at Canterbury.
Served with the Air Force during World War Two. Trained in Canada as a Navigator then
joined the crew of 514 bomber squadron, flying 33 sorties over Europe, completing that
long tour of duty with the crew intact, attributed mainly to John’s skill as a navigator.
Returned with the rank of Flying Officer.
Taught for another year before entering the Hall.
Theological Hall 1951-53 (the top student in his last year)
Ordained Manaia TkP 10.2.1954
Associate Minister Dannevirke HBP  16.3.1961
Cheviot ChP 10.8.1972  -  retired 31.8.1981
Served as Chaplain at Bursill, the Presbyterian Support Services Home in Blenheim and
acted as Presbytery Clerk for 5 years.
“Wherever he went he endeared himself to the people by his pastoral concern and his
gentle unassuming nature. But he remained a reader of serious Theology, and understood
the changes the years had brought. Nvertheless, he remained a convinced believer in the
Lord Jesus Christ.” (from Obit.)
d. 5.8.1995 at Blenheim

Student from the Presbyterian Church of Ireland, supplied for some months at Reefton 1898;
no further mention.

CRAWFORD, Rev Horace John
b 11.3.1911  Auckland
w Norma Isabel Miller  b 20.12.1913 m 1.12.1937
Qualified as a Surveyor and Road Engineer. Due to the depression he was forced
to find work on a farm under the Government unemployment work scheme for
single unemployed men. Later undertook some surveying work including working
on the planning for building Auckland’s motorways.
Joined the Home Missionary service 19.5.1935
Home Missionary Hunua SAP 1935
Palmerston North Outfields 1936
Undertook study at Auckland University in preparation for ministry training.
Seacliff-Warrington (2 months)       
Student Missionary Otago Peninsula Outfields DnP 1938
During this time he undertook additional studies at Otago University.
Gladstone (Pine Hill?) DnP  1939-40 (while in Hall)
Theological Hall 1939-41
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin 1941
Resigned from HM service 15.12.1942
Ordained St Georges, Christchurch ChP 16.12.1941
North East Valley Dunedin  DnP  4.7.1946
Te Puke BPP 26.1.1949
Pt Chevalier Auckland  AP  5.5.1955
Hospital Chaplain PSSA Christchurch 4.6.1964 - retired 13.3.1976
“He was a very acceptable Chaplain who was never wanting when he was needed.”
Chief Book Reviewer for “The Outlook” after the Rev Les Gosling took over the Editorship.
Also contributed Bible Reading Notes to “The Outlook” and puzzles for the long running
“Knots and Puzzles”.
“It’s people like [Horace], working with dedication and humility, who are the true
benefactors of society…. We cannot do without the quiet toilers like [Horace] who
came from the solid bedrock of our community”. (from Obit.)
Died July 1997.

Received from the Baptist Union of New Zealand and inducted to –
Local Ordained Minister, St David’s Invercargill  SP  25 Nov 2004
Stated Supply, Windsor Community Church 2010
Southland Regional Resource Ministry 20 Jan 2012

CRAWFORD, Miss Margaret M.        B.A.
Maori Mission - fully trained Teacher
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute Dunedin 1937-38, accepted for Maori Mission
service  Aug 1938
Teacher - Matahi Mission School 4.9.1950
Head Teacher – Matahi Mission School 1957  
Married 1961 & resigned.

Anglican Church
Chartwell Co-op Hamilton 1977

CREE, [Rev] James Warnock [also previously known as James Warnock]
b. circa 1842 at Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland.
w. Agnes Hyslop Gordon  b.(?) m.7 April 1868 at Kilmarnock  d.(?)
The son of James Warnock & Janet Falconer. After his Father died in 1851, James went to live with his paternal Grandmother, Agnes Cree (whose first husband had been Walter Warnock).
It is believed that James was adopted by them, taking the Cree surname.
Noted as a Minister of the Gospel under the Presbytery of London, 29 May 1867.
Minister at Shrewsbury, England, 1868 to 1871
Emigrated to New Zealand, 1871
Leeston, Canterbury Christchurch Presbytery,  28 February 1872; Brookside Church enlarged and Manse built, 1873; Leeston Church built in 1879.
Moderator of Christchurch Presbytery, 1874
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Canterbury and Church Extension Society, 1876
Offered the Moderatorship of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (Northern) in 1889 but declined the honour due to his numerous pastoral duties in the Ellesmere district.
Deposed from Ministry in the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, 31 December 1890.  
He was summarily removed from the charge and declared to be no longer a minister of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.
Went farming at Rangitata (Ruapuna / Mayfield area) after 1891.
Survived by three children Mary, James and Albert.
Grandfather of Rev KG Cree and Rev KS Cree
Died 13 May 1899, aged 57 years. Interred Ruapuna, near Mayfield, Mid Canterbury.

CREE, Rev Kenneth Gordon      B. Sc.
b 25 August 1924
w Margaret (Peggy) Bullock b Palmerston North  m 25 February 1956 in Knox Presbyterian Church, Gonville, Wanganui
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1948-1950
Ordained Cheviot, Christchurch Presbytery, 14 August 1952
Knox, New Plymouth, 8 August 1956
Ngaio, Wellington Presbytery, 20 February 1964
St Columba, Christchurch, 2 September 1971
St Aidans, Mairehau, Christchurch September 1978
Banks Peninsula, Akaroa, Christchurch Presbytery, 4 July 1985 - retired 31 August 1989, but continued in parish for further two months.
Grandson of Rev JW Cree
A keen philatelist
died 11 January 2015 while watching Praise Be

CREE, Keith Sturdee        B.A.
b 8 November 1914, Christchurch;
w (1) Mabel Olive b 18 April 1917 m 25 February 1944 d  September 1977
w (2) Murray Florence Margaret b -  m after retirement.
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1941-1943
Ordained locum tenens Mosgiel, Dunedin Presbytery, 16 December 1943
St Andrews, Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, 30 January 1944
Chaplain, Second New Zealand Expeditionary Forces
Alexandra, Central Otago Presbytery, 30 August 1951
St Marks, Upper Riccarton, Christchurch Presbytery, 8 May 1958 resigned 31 August 1961
Chaplain, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Wigram Christchurch, 1961 resigned 1 September 1966
Presbyterian Social Services Association, Chaplain and Field Officer, South Canterbury Presbytery, 14 February 1967
Ecumenical Hospital Chaplain, Timaru, 1972 - retired 31 August 1976
Grandson of Rev JW Cree
Died 5 August 1983 Timaru, memorial plaque on the grave of Rev. James Warnock Cree, at Ruapuna, near Mayfield, Mid Canterbury.

CREIGHTON, Rev Neville Thomas      B.A.,Dip.Tchg.
w Noeline Margaret  m 10.11.1962
Hall 1960-2
Ord Maungaturoto NP 14.2.1963
Mt Pleasant ChP 9.2.1967
St Davids Upper Hutt WnP 8.11.1974  res 31.1.1976 & wthd
Director, Pre-employment Courses on Nth Shore Ak 1979

CRIGLINGTON, Rev John Douglas
b 13.6.1914  Rangiora
w Jeanie May b 13.9.1914 m 20.7.1940
Worked for the Post and Telegraph Dept. and later moved into farming.
Theological Hall 1949-51
Ordained Waipiata-Patearoa COP 14.12.1951
Maheno-Incholme NOP 30.8.1955
Half-way Bush Dunedin DnP 20.5.1964
Musselburgh Dunedin DnP 16.4.1970 - retired 31.3.1977
“He was never one who sought the centre of the stage, nor did he crave for high
office, but he possessed good pastoral skills, patiently listening to and observing
his people, recognising their needs, offering words of encouragement and giving
practical assistance.” (From Obit)
Died 2.10.1992

CROCKET, Rev Robert
b 29.2.1880 Leith Scot
w Janet McIntyre b 31.8.1883
m 12.6.1916 d 28.6.1965
He was first in hardware business; went to Canada to University of  Manitoba, then
Theological College at Winnipeg.
Licensed by Presbytery of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, March 1911
Ord by Presbytery of Winnipeg 21.4.1912
To New Zealand :
Received by the NZ Church 1920
Ind Mt Albert Auckland  AP  3.2.1921 - resigned 16.3.1924 to Canada
Returned to NZ :
Levin MnP 3.2.1926 - resigned 30.11.1929
Seddon NMP 3.3.1930 - resigned 11.12.1938
Bulls WgP supply 1.2.1939, Ind 1940, resigned 31.3.1945
Chaplain Ohakea Air Force Base during World War Two (while at Bulls)
Died 3.1.1959 at Lower Hutt

CROCKETT, Rev George Herbert
b 25.5.1879
w Mabel Jane C.  b 6.11.1877 m 10.3.1904  d 5.8.1944
Accepted as Home Missionary by Assembly 1903
Eketahuna WpP  1903
Kumara WsP  1905
Pleasant Point ChP 1908
Ratanui ClP  1909
Beaumont ClP 1911
Hindon & Lee Stream DnP - student 1916
Owaka Outfields ClP stud 1917
Purakanui DnP 1918-9
Theological Hall 1917-19
Ord Wairio (Nightcaps SP) 18.12.1919
Waikari ChP  21.8.1924
Lauder COP 11.11.1927 - resigned 31.7.1934
Hedgehope (Supply) SP  5.5.1936 to 1.3.1939
Renwicktown  (Supply) NMP 16.4.1939 to 28.2.1942 - resigned 1942 and retired from active
ministry 24.5.1944
Died 17.2.1952

Appointed Local Ministry Team, Waiau Valley Presbyterian Church, Southern Presbytery, September 2013
died 10 May 2020 at Waikato Hospital

CROCOMBE, Rev. Nigel
wife Joy Ward married 42 years died 10 May 2020
Kaitaia College 1968-1972; Certificate Christian Service, Theology, WEC MTC Tasmania 1979-1980; Bachelor of Applied Theology, Practical Theology, Carey Baptist College 2006-2014
Pastor, Carterton and Te Aroha Baptist, February 1992-May 2004
Pastor, Temuka Baptist Church, 2004-2012
Appointed Local Ministry Team, Waiau Valley Presbyterian Church, Southern Presbytery, September 2013
Received as national ordained minister, Southern Presbytery, 22 July 2015
Minister, Palmerston Dunback, 23 June 2016
Minister Otorohanga Parish, Kaimai Presbytery, 12 May 2019
Other recognised minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 31 May 2022
Three-year appointment to Raglan Congregational Church, 1 July 2022

CROFT, Miss Annie Lennon
b 10.7.1897
Maori Miss - teacher  on staff of Turakina Maori Girls Coll 1.1.1924;
Matron 1.1.1926 res 31.5.1935 to PSSA Dn
PSSA Dn 1.6.1935 res 18.1.1941
PWTI Matron 1.2.1941 res 10.4.1941 (4.10.1941 ?) 
ret 30.6.1952
Died 29.10.1977

CROFT, Rev Ian David       B.Th., P.G.Dip.Th., Dip. Min
w Daina  m 29.10.1976
Theological Hall 1990  -  Lic Wyndham 16.12.1990
Ordained Wyndham MtP  16.12.1990
Tokomairiro  Co-op  (Meth  SS)  9.5.1993
St  Andrews  Waiuku  SAP  11.11.1993
Lodged Certificate Jan 2000
St John’s, Hawera  TkP  Feb 2003
Moderator of Taranaki Presbytery 2004
Minister within the Bounds, Taranaki Presbytery TkP 8 Feb 2005
Minister Emeritus, Waikato Presbytery, 2009

CROMARTY, Rev John              BTh
wife Marilyn
Ordained 1996
St David’s, Rangitaiki, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, December 1996
Taihape-Waimarino Parish, Wanganui Presbytery, 25 July 2002
St David’s Union Church, Carterton, Wairarapa Presbytery, 1 February 2006
Minister Emeritus, Southern Presbytery, 2011
Other Recognised Minister, Southern Presbytery, 2012
Stated Supply, St Davids, Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, 2013
Minister 75 Percent , St Davids, Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, 2014
Minister emeritus, Southern Presbytery, 3 February 2019

CROMB, Miss Ruth D.
b. at Balclutha.
Educated at Wairuna, Clinton & Paraparaumu.
Maori Missionary - Nuhaka 1.2.1938
Assistant at Waikaremoana  1939  - resigned 31.1.1941 to enter the PWTI.
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute, Dunedin (two sessions)
Later received the School and Inspections Matron’s Certificate
Appointed Assistant Matron Pentland Avenue Maori Girls’ Hostel Auckland  7.11.1955
Resigned (?)

CROMIE, Mr A. Osborne
w. (?)  m. Jan 1966
Trained woodwork, metalwork and art teacher for secondary schools. Taught for 3 years.
Appt. 15.1.1964 - Australian Teacher temporarily appointed to replace Mr C.D. Johnston
at Napagasale District School, Tongoa, New Hebrides (Vanuatu).
Arrived New Hebrides Feb 1964
Completed term and returned to Australia Dec 1966.

CROSS, Mr R.J.      & Mrs
O’seas Workers, volunteers
Supervising building  St Thomas School India 1977;
Mrs office work.

CROUL, Mr C.J.      & Mrs
Maori Miss -  Maori Boys Hostel Ponsonby Rd Ak 1960
res 30.4.1961

CROZIER, Mr George Lindsay             FNZPPA
b Galashiels, Scotland 25.5.1914;
w Mary Eliza Jane nee Jacobs b Greymouth 24.2.1920 m 1949 d. Christchurch 2012. Mary trained at the
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute, Dunedin from 1944 to 1946.
A Baptist, Lindsay came out to New Zealand as a child, educated at St. George Primary School
and Southland Boys’ High School, Invercargill.
Worked as a professional photographer in Gore
Appealed against war service in 1939 due to his pacifist views and his was one of a very small
proportion of appeals which succeeded. He was then “manpowered” on military pay in Dunedin
before entering the Dunedin Teachers’ Training College. However pressure from the RSA forced
the College to enforce ‘leave of absence’ on all conscientious objectors for the duration of the war.
Volunteered to join a unit of the Friends Ambulance Unit working in China which had been sponsored
by the NZ Society of Friends (Quakers). Sailed first for India then flew from Dum Dum near Calcutta to
Kunming in Western China.
Whilst the Sino-Japanese war continued, their ambulance unit worked in “Free [Nationalist] China”,
keeping the Mission hospitals supplied (although most of the Missionaries had gone home), and
hauling medical supplies through Free China. Lindsay’s work mostly involved hospital equipment repairs
and servicing, including making and servicing artificial limbs which were made from aluminium obtained
from crashed  Japanese and American bombers (“Motto : “Bombers into Bedpans”).
Once the war was over, their unit moved into previously occupied regions of China to take over hospitals
formerly run by the Japanese military and assisted in getting them operating again.
Spent some time working with 700 Japanese prisoners of war at a hospital at Hankow where his unit
additionally acted as a ‘team of reconciliation’ as well as getting the hospital running again.
Towards the end of his work with the Friends Ambulance Unit he was asked by them to undertake some
still photgraphic work including cine filming. Towards the end of this period in 1948, he was asked to film
the work of the NZ Presbyterian Mission at Kong Chuen in colour (Film entitled “Oi Wa”, 1948).
After three years in China he returned to New Zealand in 1948 via Tokyo where he was honoured as the
“Benefactor of Hankow”due to his work with the Japanese prisoners there.
While back in NZ he met and married Mary Jacobs, a Presbyterian Deaconess.
Decided to return to China and join the work of the NZ Presbyterian Mission in South China.
Appointed Compound and Works Manager for 5 years at Kong Chuen, Canton 15.9.1948
Set apart by SP  28.1.1949; sailed for China 11.2.1949. 
He was engaged in part time language study, supervising the maintenance of Mission buildings,
equipment and new installations on the Mission Compound including the residences,
Po Wai Hospital, Tak Kei School, and some out-stations. With his photographic skills, he also
prepared photographs, slides and films to meet the demands of publicity. 
Both Lindsay and mary spent 10 months working under the new Communist regime.
Before leaving China he filmed the work of the New Zealander Rewi Alley at the Shandan Industrial
Co-Operative School, the film was returned to Rewi Alley for their archive in 1985.
Left China 29.8.1950 due to the desire of the new China to be free of foreign intervention and support.
Appointed Manager of the newly created Presbyterian Church Photographic Unit, Christchurch c.1951
which was set up to undertook film work for Church publicity and Mission promotion purposes,
including publicity, film and later also sound work for other Assembly Committees.
His contribution to the Publicity work of the Church was highly significant.
Field & Publicity Officer, Presbyterian Social Services Association, Wellington 1.6.1970 - retired 30.6.1977
Returned to China for a visit c.1977 where he and Mary were treated as honoured guests of the Chinese
Government. “It was a tribute to what the Friends Ambulance Unit had tried to do in human relationships”.
Retired to St Alban’s, Christchurch where he maintained, along with Mary, a strong interest and
involvement in the Church and its Mission work.
Died  10.2.1992
Link :

CROZIER, Mrs G.L.          see          Jacobs, Mary

CRUMP, Rev Clarence Kenneth (Ken)      B.A.
b Tapanui, Southland 15.7.1909; m 24.2.1938, 
w Christina McDonald nee Morrison (Chris), from Herbert Otago b 5.12.1914.  d. Mar 1998
Ken educated at Wyndham Primary School and Southland Technical College (3 year agricultural course). Studied for
four years at Otago University (studied 10 subjects over this time), gaining his B.A. degree.
Volunteered to carry on the late  Rev W.V. Milne’s work in New Hebrides (Vanuatu)  & accepted.
He took some medical work in Dunedin Hospital under Dr Porteous; also in management and sailing
of oil launches.
Theological Hall 1935-37
Licensed October 1937
Ordained as Missionary to New Hebrides at Wyndham Church (MtP) 28.10.1937; 
Departed for the Islands 15.4.1938   
translated 18 books of Bible into local vernacular; concerned & worked to establish
Onesua High School - contact with USA army led people to want education.  
Active in encouraging economic work & teaching skills required.
Resigned  31.12.1955 after serving 18 years in the Islands.
St Andrews SCP  5.4.1956
Ashburton Sth 8.2.1967 - retired 14.8.1974
Died 9.12.1985

CRUMPTON, Rev Ian Spencer         B.A.
born 12 September 1940, in Greymouth
wife Patricia Judith (Tricia) married 1 February 1966
Bachelor of Arts, Canterbury University
Theological Hall 1965-1967; 
Hospital Intern 1968
Ordained Te Hapara Gisborne 6 December 1968 — resigned 7 August 1973
Taught History, English, Social Studies and Music at Marlborough College, Blenheim
St James Christchurch 13 March 1975
Caversham, Dunedin Presbytery, 31 January 1985 — resigned 30 June 1991
Honorary Assistant Lincoln Union, Christchurch Presbytery, 9 July 1991
Assistant Minister St Marks Avonhead - Upper Riccarton Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 22 October 1992, took a special interest in the Asian community
Minister within the Bounds, ChP  November 2001
Interim Minister St Ninian’s Riccarton Christchurch (Stated Supply), Christchurch Presbytery, 1 August 2002
Minister Emeritus 30 Sept 2005
Developed an interested in astronomy at Gisborne and built his own observatory
President of the Dunedin and Canterbury Societies; member of the Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand
Strong interest in science and deep concern for conservation
died 7 December 2022 aged 82
The International Astronomical Union Working Group on Small Body Nomenclature named Asteroid 32150 "Crumpton" in recognition of Rev Ian Crumpton, June 2023

from England to be Home Missionary
Home Missionary Gisborne Outfields 1916 resigned 1916
Ratanui Clutha Presbytery 1918, resigned 1920 and returned to England; came back to New Zealand-
Whangamomona Taranaki Presbytery 1923 resigned 1924 and wthdrew
Possibly George Herbert Cule, son of George Griffiths Cule, a Baptist minister. Elizabeth (Bessie) Cule,
wife of Rev. G. G. Cule, died 8 August 1918, at the Manse, Ratanui, interred at Owaka Cemetery

CULLIFORD, Rev A. Ernest.
b. c.1869 South Melbourne
Licensed by the Presbytery of Melbourne South (under the Presb. Church of Victoria) 12.3.1894
Millicent, Presb. Church of South Australia 1896 – 1898
Inducted to Yarrawonga, Presb. Church of Victoria 29.6.1898 – 30.4.1901
Home Missionary (Supply)
Inducted to Alexandra 7.11.1906 – 31.8.1907
Wallan 1908 – 1913
To New Zealand 1913 -
Inducted to Balfour MtP 12.3.1913 - resigned 31.7.1914
Eltham TkP 21.1.1916  - to 1918
Returned to Australia -
Hagley, Longford, Tasmania, Presb. Church of Tasmania 8.10.1918 to 4.1.1924 (resigned).
Died 28.4.1926

CULLINGFORD, Rev James Donald (Don)
b 23.8.1925  England
w.(1) Molly Coleman  b.(?)  m. July 1952  d.1979
w Beverley Ann Baker m 27.12.1980 (A Methodist Missionary in Papua New Guinea)
Served in the Fleet Air Arm during World War Two
After the war trained as a Congregational Minister at New College, London,
Ordained at Acocks Congregational Church, near Birmingham 19.7.1952
Welford Parish, North Hampton 1955
Served with the London Missionary Society in Papua New Guinea 1960 to 1975
Non-Stipendiary Minister Martin Top Parish near Rimmington, England 1975
While in this Parish he supported himself and his family with a full-tome teaching position.
Came to New Zealand in Sept 1981.
Raglan Union WkP  19.11.1981
Merrivale-Waiau-Orawia SP 11.2.1988 - retired 31.12.1990   
Retired to Rumahunga Bay near Thames where they began attending the Apostolic
Church, doing pulpit supply and being involved in a variety of Christian activities.
“He will be remembered for his cheerful disposition, his enthusiasm for life, his zeal for
the Lord. And his total acceptance of all types of people.” (from Obit.)
Died 6 July 1997 Suddenly

Meth Ch
Chap Waikato Univ Hamilton 13.4.1989

CUMMING,  Miss Dorothy            M.A.
Deac Coll 1953; left after 1 yr to teach in Govt School in Fiji.

HM admitted by Ass 1913, & listed as HM within bounds DnP 1914;
no further record.

CUMMING, Rev James
b 25.4.1892, Scotland.
w Helen Mary b 3.12.1891 m 15.10.1915
Formerly a Farmer and Seaman, took a course in navigation in Scotland, holding
a 2nd hand certificate. Took the Home Missionary course.
An Overseer of surface work in mining districts.
Joined HM service 1921
HM Titoki NP 1922
Mauku SAP 1925, Ord HM Aug 1925
Tuakau SAP 1928
Ngaruawahia WkP 1933
Taradale HBP 1936
Otaki WnP 1940 - resigned from HM service 31.12.1942 to enter the Baptist Church.

Assembly Evangelist appointed 1909 - resigned 19.2.1919; Assembly commended
him as Evangelist to South Aust; presumably appointed there, as no further mention.

b 1838
w daughter of Mathew Hammond, early settlers in Rangitikei, no date
formerly Master of West End Academy, Aberdeen
Sent as Home Missionary by Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland; was Assistant at Montrose; arrived New Zealand April 1865
Inducted Home Missionary, Marton Rangitikei, Wellington Presbytery, 24 May 1885
St Andrews Wellington supply c 1870-1872
Halkett, Christchurch Presbytery, supply 1873 - no further mention
Principal, West Christchurch High School, attached to St Andrew's Christchurch until 1873 when the government took it over
"Much of its strength had grown out of its semi-religious foundation and from the work of the first headmaster, the Rev. James Cumming, who
had brought to it the good influences of the best to be found in the Presbyterian Church, while at the same time it absorbed much of the
good the Church of England and the Wesleyan schools which had been incorporated in it in the early days of its history." (Sun, Vol. I Issue 66,
25 April 1914, Page 11)
died 26 March,1885, in Dunedin

CUMMING, Rev James     M.A.,M.Sc.,B.D.(Melb),D.D.(Lond)
b 23.2.1864; w Mary b 20.11.1867 m 3.1.1895 d 25.2.1948
fr FC Scot, came to NZ as prob 1892; son of Rev Dr Alexander Cumming, Min of FC Forfar
for nearly 50 yrs;  called to -
Ord Cromwell COP 20.4.1892
Waikiwi SP 29.6.1898
Khandallah WnP 28.11.1913
Prof of OT, Hall Dn Ind 9.3.1920  ret 28.2.1929
Mod Ass 1923;  Mod OSyn 1909;  Clerk OSyn fr 1.1.1930 to 28.4.1938;  extensive
knowledge of  law & procedure in Ch.   After ret served actively as elder at First Ch Dn;
‘Sound scholarship, ripe judgement, & friendly counsel.’
Died 13.2.1946

CUMMING, Rev John  Alexander       M.A.,B.D.(Edin)
b 10.10.1910;
w (1) Alexanderina (Rina) b 27.10.1907 m 1.8.1940 d 8.3.1970 
w (2) Ann Elaine nee Stott  m 14.9.1974
fr CS Scot where ministered in Galatown; Kirkcaldy; Longrow; came to NZ 6.1948  Ord by Pr
of Kintyre 1938; recommended by    Tulloch Yuille.
Ind Calvin Brooklyn WnP 10.6.1948
St Andrews Ak 5.6.1952  ret 31.1.1976
In ret Chap to Mt Roskill Masonic Village; lingering illness in ret yrs.
Died 30.5.1983

CUNNINGHAM, Mr John Bruce      &  Mrs   Barbara Hay
b. Gore  Educated at Southland Technical College.
w. Barbara Hay  b. Waimate  m. 17.3.1973
Missionary New Hebrides (Vanuatu) Appt. 19.2.1967
Employed jointly by Australian Board of Mission & NZ Presb. Church to undertake mechanical
& electrical maintenance; spent 2 weeks in Sydney at Lister-Blackstones and 4-5 weeks at All
Saints College.
Arrived Vila New Hebrides 24.4.1967
returned to NZ after 12 yrs 22.1.1979
Off Missions Staff  22.4.1979

CUNNINGHAM, Mrs J.        see        Hay, Barbara

CUNNINGHAM, Rev Dr James (Jim) Morrison          B.A., Dip.Th., D.Min
w Maxine Kaye  m 16.12.1967
Theological Hall 1966-68
Ordained Assist  St Andrews Palmerston Nth 10.12.1968
Scots Hamilton 19.11.1970- resigned 14.10.1976
Pukerau MtP 14.10.1976
St Davids Palmerston Nth 3.2.1980 - resigned 31.10.1985
Brooklyn Co-op WnP part-time 7.4.1986 - resigned 30.9.1989
Mt Victoria WnP part-time 7.2.1991  (other part-time work Hospital Board Staff)
St.Matthew’s Brooklyn Wellington  WnP  Mar 1997 
Minister within the Bounds  WnP  Nov 2001
Interim Minister Tawa Union Wellington  WnP 1 Jun 2002
(Stated Supply from Nov 2002 then Minister in Charge from 13 Mar 2003)
Minister Emeritus, Wellington Presbytery, 25 May 2008

Retired teacher; gave services to Maori Miss Kawerau Assist 1.5.1940;   relieved many
places, Matahi 11.8.1940 - also Maungapohatu, Waimana  ret 1941

CURRIE, Rev John            J.P.
born Lovell’s Flat 1890
wife (1) Abigail (sister of J.I. Monfries) born (?) married 1922 died 13 May 1949
wife (2) Margaret Elsie Bone, Campbells Bay born 23 April 1916 married 18 June 1952  died 2017 
Maori Artisan Missionary — appointed assistant to Rev JG Laughton at Maungapohatu in 1920;
Served at Ruatahuna in an honorary capacity from 1921 to 1923
Placed in charge of work at Maungapohatu from 1933 to 1934
Had accident when he was thrown off his horse 3.1934; received badly strained knee and was incapacitated for 5 months; during this time his wife did his work (and did it effectively — herself the sister of a Missionary to the Maori)
Waikaremoana 1935, Ordained Home Missionary 12 March 1936
Te Whaiti 1936
Reporoa-Taupo 1937
Appointed Artisan Missionary stationed at Te Whaiti but maintained property all around the Maori Mission Field  (he was a qualified carpenter)
Opotiki 1 October 1940 for 6 months in printery to keep station and printery open
Te Whaiti Maori Boys Farm, Master September 1941; Mrs Currie was Matron
Reporoa 10 December 1944  retired 14 January 1951
“Mr Currie was a Maori linguist and he became such because of his intense interest and love for the Maori people. He was a Christian worker and this showed in his hale and hearty manner, in his work, and in his preaching….”
Died Auckland 25 January 1967   

Methodist Church
Tamatea Community Church Napier  3.1974
St Lukes, Masterton  WpP  - Retired
Died 15 Oct 2004

CURRIE,  Rev Leonard Forde (Len)
born 7 December 1938 raised in Southland
wife (1) Olive Jean Dobbie born 12 November 1943 married 11 January 1969 died 1994
wife (2) Jocelyn Murray married 1997
Auctioneer, stock firm, six years
Hall 1966-1968
Ordained Lumsden-Kingston-Balfour, Southland Presbytery, 7 February 1969
Greenlane, Auckland Presbytery, 27 February 1975
Plimmerton, Wellington Presbytery, June 1996
Moderator, Auckland Presbytery, 1987-1988
National Chaplain, Girls' Brigade New Zealand; Scripture Union Council, and convener, Auckland Regional Executitve
Minister Emeritus, Wellington Presbytery, 2004
died 27 April 2018, aged 79, at Mary Potter Hospice

CURRIE, Rev  Robert Jarvie
b 17.12.1897 Ayrshire, Scotland.
w Dulcie Margaret b 17.12.1897 m 28.8.1928 d 11.10.1988
Educated at Glasgow; undertook a short evening course at the Bible Training Institute,
Glasgow. An Elder of Sighthill Church Glasgow. Enlisted in Army 1914, badly wounded
1917 ; left with a permanent disability, on acct of which was allowed by Assembly to
retire early.  Previously a Butcher, he returned to Glasgow after World War One as an
Engineer; helped in the Glasgow City Mission.
Came to NZ in 1929 and was accepted as Home Missionary Nov 1930. Took the HM course.
HM Waiuku SAP (supply) 1930
Hauraki Plains (Turua WkP) 1930
Tuakau SAP 1933, Ord HM 20.3.1934
(6 months leave of absence from 1.3.1936 to visit Scotland).
Waiuku SAP  1939
Birkenhead NSP 1946; raised to full Ministerial status 11.1946
Service of Recognition on being granted status of Minister by the General Assembly 3.12.1946
Morrinsville WkP 15.5.1947
St James Auckland 20.7.1950; after illness accepted Call to charge with less exacting work -
Tirau WkP  25.10.1956 - retired 31.3.1961 to Tauranga
Died 28.6.1970

CURRIE, Rev Dr Samuel Wilson        M.A., D.D. (Queens College, Belfast)
b 28.4.1857 near Coleraine Ireland;
w Katherine Fleming  b 15.6.1864  m 31.1.1888 d 29.6.1924 interred Balclutha Cemetery as Kate Fleming
Trained in Hall of Reformed Presbyterian Church; then 1 year at Magee College, Derry, and 1 year
at Assembly College Belfast;
From Presbyterian Church of Ireland - arrived as Probationer at Dunedin, NZ in April 1883
Owaka (supply)  ClP for 6 to 7 weeks
Lauder (supply) COP for some months
Ordained Balclutha  ClP  1.4.1885 - retired 31.3.1925 - 40 years service.
‘He had an excellent knowledge of Church law, and was the trusted and efficient Clerk of Clutha Presbytery
for many years.  He was a keen student, was frank and approachable, blessed with great common sense;
had a fine gift of humour.  He was active and energetic in the successful No-licence Campaign in 1894.’
Moderator of Assembly 1920; Moderator of the Synod of Otago & Southland 1908
Father of Mrs Hazel Milne.
Died 15.8.1939 Roslyn, Dunedin, aged 82 interred Balclutha Cemetery alongside his wife

CURRIE, Rev T.W.        B.A.,B.D.,Th.M.,Th.D.
Columba Church Oamaru (Stated Supply) NoP 1983

b 2.11.1863 County Derry Ireland 
w Queenie S. b 27.7.1875 m 26.6.1896 d 15.12.1961
Licensed by Coleraine Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland May 1890
Ordained by the Coleraine Presbytery of the PCI 31.3.1891(?)
Served some years at Ballywatt. 
Came to NZ and received 15.11.1904, called to -
Ind Kaitangata ClP 12.4.1905
Mangere-Otahuhu AP 10.4.1913; charge was divided & he retained Otahuhu section.
Otahuhu, declared as their Minister 10.2.1925 - retired 30.11.1928
Brother of Rev Dr S.W. Currie
Died 19.5.1930 Epsom Auckland

CURTEIS, Rev Barbara J.        B.Th., Dip.Bus.Studies, RGON
Ord: 1997
Trinity United WkP Apr 1997
First Presbyterian Church Martinborough  WpP  Dec 2001
President of the Wairarapa Union District Council  WPP 2003
Minister within the Bounds AP 28 Jun 2006
Minister Emerita Northern Presbytery 10 September 2013

CURTIS, Rev Alan
Assoc Chs of  Christ
Lawrence-Waitahuna ClP   5.4.1992    Term completed  21.5.1995

CURTIS, Rev D.R.       B.A.
Meth Ch
Reefton District Union WsP  2.1974
Ruawai Co-op NP  2.1978
Bell Block Co-op New Plymouth  2.1983

HM Maungaturoto NP 1926 -   res fr HM serv 1927

HM app 1913
HM Okato TkP 1915 res fr HM serv 1915

CUTHERS, Rev William (Bill)       J.P., L.Th., Dip.Min.
Supervisor / Foreman
wife Jean Maggie married 20 November 1954, worked for Auckland Hospital
Theological Hall 1985
Ordained St Lukes, Tokoroa, Pacific Islanders Church, Waikato Presbytery, 2 February 1986
Moderator of Pacific Islanders’ Synod (pilot)
Minister Emeritus, 12 December 2004

CUTTLE,  Rev Thomas Nevin
b 20.9.1878 Dunedin
w Jessie C. b 6.3.1891 m 11.11.1913 d 20.11.1975
Worked in menswear shops in Dunedin and Wanganui; to Dunedin to study at Otago
University and the Hall.
Mackenzie County Outfields HM for summer 1905-6
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1907-09
Licensed by Dunedin Presbytery
Ord Milburn ClP 1.2.1911
St Andrews, South Canterbury SCP  27.10.1914 - resigned 9.10.1917   to   -
NZEF during World War One - war service from 15.10.1917 to 25.8.1919
Greymouth WsP  3.12.1919
Somervell Memorial Auckland AP 1.5.1930
Kaiapoi ChP  10.6.1941 - retired 30.4.1944
Died 22.3.1968

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