Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Mathew to Miller-Keeley

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MATHEW, Miss Dorothy  May                  Mrs A.H. Harvie
b. Patea, Taranaki  9.2.1896; h Adam Hamilton, Harvie b 4.10.1894 m 3.6.1967 d 30.9.1978
Educated at Te Kuiti Public School, Christchurch Girls’ High School, Auckland Grammar School,
and at the Teachers’ Training College, Auckland, where she gained her “D” Certificate.
PWTI (shortened course) commenced March 1922 through to 1923
Missionary Punjab Mission India  -  Ordained Evangelistic Missionary Worker 28 August 1923
Left for India 5.10.1923
Jagadhri 5.10.1923
Appointed Principal of Kharar Girls’ High School 1939 – The School has classes 1 to 8, mostly
non-Christian girls, totalling 175 pupils. Teaches all periods, and does all forms and registers
etc for Government in spare time. Supervises and manages Girls’ Primary and Boarding School
of 60 children, the boarders and some of the day pupils being Christians. Assists with the
Church Choir and plays the organ in Church.
“Own Missionary” of Girls Auxiliary;
Left Kharar for England on retiring furlough 5 Apr 1956
Returned to NZ on 25 Jun 1957 and retired from Missionary service 31 July 1957.
Sister of Rev H.C. Mathew & Niece of Miss Alice E Henderson
Died 4.2.1976

MATHEW, Rev Hamish Connolly        B.A.(Yale),B.D.(Yale)
b 12.8.1897
w Faith b 28.12.1905 m 27.6.1931
Student then served in NZEF during World War One 1918;
Ord at Lickfield (?) South ____ (?) [writing illegible] USA 1933
To NZ :
Received by the PCNZ General Assembly 13.11.1935.
Otahuhu AP  29.11.1935 – resigned 31.8.1940 and returned to the USA
Withdrew 1946.
Brother of Miss D.M. Mathew above and nephew of Miss Alice E Henderson

MATHEW, Dr John Theckekolathu
wife: Joyan
born into a Malabar Christian family
grew up on a plantation belonging to his mother's family in Kerala, Malabar Coast, India
University training in India, and Scotland 1969; Queens University, Kingston, Canada
Ordained full-time Christian ministry in Canada, 1979
Served in pastorates in Canada for 40 years
Minister, St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Gore, September 2015 - returned to Toronto, Canada, January 2017

MATHEWS, Rev John Guscott              B.A.
b 7.5.1911 Timaru; w Ella Elizabeth Doig b 24.3.1913 m 18.5.1938 d 16.4.1985
Hall 1935-7
Ord Riversdale MtP 2.11.1937
Mayfield AsP 5.9.1941
Chap 2NZEF 1942-5
East Taieri DnP 21.5.1953  ret 31.12.1976  to Geraldine.
Died 7.10.1981 Timaru

MATTHEW, Rev William Paul
b. 20.9.1831  Sotland
w.(1) Mary Mathers (Sister of Rev George Mathers)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
w.(2) (?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Studied for five sessions at Marischal College and at the University College, Aberdeen.
Attended the Theological College of the Presb. Church of England 1851 to 1853.
To Victoria Australia in 1850’s –
Master at Scotch College and Inspector of Schools at some stage.
Licensed by the Presbytery of Geelong (Presb. Church of Victoria) 11.2.1862
Ordained Pleasant Creek (Stawell) 30.7.1862 to 17.6.1868 – resigned
Superintendent of Chinese (Home) Missions for the Presb. Church of Victoria 1868 to early 1870
Resigned this position due to his health then became Principal of a College in rural Victoria until –
Inducted Bright 24.5.1870 to 11.10.1871 – resigned due to insufficient support.
Preaching at Stawell from 11.2.1872 at the invitation of some of his former parishioners; complaint
of the incumbent, Rev. Samuel Kelso, was upheld by the Presbytery. Rev Matthew continued
preaching. Sent his resignation to the Moderator of the Assembly.
In May 1872 the Commission of the General Assembly persuaded him to withdraw it and accept
the jurisdiction of the Church courts and recorded their strong disapproval of his conduct.
However it does not appear that Rev Matthew withdrew from Stawell for any length of time.
By 1874 with two others he had set up the short-lived  Presbyterian Synod of Victoria on a minimalist
but Evangelical basis, and resided at “St Mark’s Manse”, Stawell.
On 23.4.1881, the Presbytery of Wimmera unanimously recommended to the Commission that Rev
Matthew be readmitted. The Commission recommended to this effect 5.5.1881 and the Assembly
resolved accordingly 24.11.1881 
Murchison/Dargalong 6.2.1883 to 3.2.1885
Inducted to Nhill 28.7.1887 to 20.5.1891
Inducted to Mildura 8.9.1891 to 18.7.1898
To Fiji -
Ministered in Suva, Fiji for 6 months during 1900
To New Zealand –
Received by the (Northern) Presb. Church of New Zealand 19.2.1901
Whangarei  NP 25 Jun 1901 to 1903 - retired
(He evidently retired when he came to NZ, but served in Whangarei.)
“In the Rev William Paul Mathew the Church has lost one of its most experienced and scholarly
ministers.  For many years identified with Victoria, where he did able service as Minister of  Stawell
and other important charges, and as Superintendent of Chinese Missions.  Mr Mathew was in 1901
settled in the beautiful parish of Whangarei, whither he had come after ministering for a time at Suva,
Fiji. A distinguished classman of University of Aberdeen, he maintained his studious habits throughout
life, and part of the pathos of his death lay in the fact that it interrupted investigations for years in
comparative philology.  He combined the modesty of the true scholar with the geniality of the
sympathetic pastor and friend.” (from obituary) 
Had a large Chinese library.
Died  20.2.1904 (another record states 17 Feb 1904), aged 69 years.

Meth Ch
Clive-Haumoana Co-op HBP  5.1976

MATTHEWS, Rev Hikurangi Ronald (Ron)  
b 25.12.1931
Maori Theol Coll Whakatane 1961-3; 4th yr 1964
Ord Ruatahuna 20.11.1965
Ak Maori  5.2.1967  res 30.4.1971
Mangere Ak 5.8.1971 res 31.8.1973
Porirua East Maori WnP 2.5.1974
Opotiki Maori BPP 2.1981 res 15.5.1981 & wthd
Wn Maori part-time 2.1986
He began working at farming & shearing.  At age 22 the family moved to Waiohau to take
up farming.  After a short period there Ron moved to Ak & worked in Smith & Caugheys.
He stayed at the Dominion Rd Maori Boys Hostel, & became interested in the work of the
Maori Synod, entering the Maori Theol Coll, Whakatane & finishingh his course at Hall,
Dn in 1964.
In 1991 Ron was chosen to be a Maori resource  teacher in Theol Hall, but sadly he lived
For only 3 mths in the post.  He is remembered for his devoted service, his leadership, &
skill in Maoritanga, and his willingness to share his knowledge with all seeking it.
Died 18.7.1991

Te Taikokerau Maori Pastorate, Ak 6 Feb 2012

MATTHEWS, Rev Robert Alexander              Knox.Dip.
wife: Louise Margaret, married 14 December 1967
Theological Hall 1967-1969
Ordained Assistant Minister, St. Andrews, New Plymouth, 8 January 1970 - resigned 1 December 1971
Kelso, Mataura Presbytery, 17 August 1972
St Martins, Christchurch, 31 August 1978
Chaplain, Green Lane Hospital, Auckland, 10 March 1988
Chaplain, North Shore Hospital, 15 February 1993
Epsom, Auckland Presbytery, November 1995
Minister Emeritus, March 2005
died 19 July 2016

MATTOCK, Rev  Eric Selby              B.Th.
w (1) Barbara Joan  m 10 June 1967 divorced 4 June 2004
w (2) Kim Croft m 31 December 2007
Grew up on a farm in Taranaki and left school at 14, Forestry Service culling goats and deer, joined the army at 18 - a sergeant in the army, deer culler, police officer for nine years in Auckland and Christchurch, accompanied by a spiritual awakening turning to an inner turmoil arising from society's tendency to use war as a method of solving the world's problems.
Hall 1977-1979 (Summer Student Supply, Corstorphine, 1978 to 1979)
Ordained St Davids Richmond Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 26 November 1979
Tawa Union, Wellington Presbytery Associate, 31 January 1985
Kaeo-Kerikeri Union Northland Presbytery, 19 December 1989
Knox Church Cheviot (Linked with Kowai and Waikari), Christchurch Presbytery, May 1999
Lodged Certificate, Christchurch Presbytery, 9 November 2004
Lodged Certificate, Ashburton Presbytery, 8 February 2005
Minister, St Stephen's Kurow / St Thomas' Omarama, Dunedin North Otago Presbytery, 11 May 2008
Minister, Maniototo Presbyterian Church, Southern Presbytery, 5 May 2013
Minister Emeritus, Alpine Presbytery, 24 April 2016
Attending St. Andrew's Ashburton and working as a truck driver before accepting a request to become the interim moderator for St. Andrew's, 2018.

w Marie
Dairy farming for 12 years in Taranaki, Youth With A Mission 5 years
Intern St James New Plymouth
Ordained 2013
Balclutha, Southern Presbytery January 2013
Minister within the bounds, Presbytery Central, 8 February 2015

MATTOCK, Rev  John
Ord. Local Ordained Minister, St Andrew’s Stratford  TkP 29 Apr 2004

MAUGA, Rev Gary
wife Suliana
born Otara, South Auckland, part of Tamaki Pacific Islanders, East Auckland for 30 years
School of Theology, University of Auckland
Bachelor of Applied Theology, Carey Baptist College
Intern Glendowie
Ordained 2013
St Andrew's Henderson, Northern Presbytery, January 2013
West Region Co-convener, Northern Presbytery, 2018-2020

MAUNDER, Miss Daphne R.
b. 1912
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute 1935-37
Maori Mission, accepted  12.1934
Matahi, teacher 1938 - resigned 31.1.1940 to seek service in Foreign Mission field
for which she had been trained.

MAVAEGA, Rev  T. Samoa                 LTh
born 18 September 1941
wife Kupi Viena born 15 February 1938 married 17 April 1965 died 8 July 2001
Theological Hall 1985-1987
Licensed St Pauls-Trinity-Pacific Christchurch, 13 December 1987
Ordained Forest Hill, Soutland Presbytery, 31 January 1988
New Brighton Union, Christchurch Presbytery, 30 September 1993
Minister Emeritus, Christchurch Presbytery, 2004
Mackenzie Co-operating Parish (Short Term Transitional) Ashburton Presbytery, 2004
Appointed interim minister, St Columba, North Avon, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 14 February 2006
died 24 August 2022 aged 80

MAVE, Rev Laki (Lucky) Teura
b 30.12.1931 Ngatangiia, Rarotonga.
w Ngaupohio Norma Wichman b 24.8.1932 m 29.1.1958  d 11.10.1991
Trained as a Teacher. Came to NZ in 1954 then worked in a telephone exchange.
Attended the Congregational College in 1962, graduated in 1966.
Inducted to Pacific Islander’s Church at Edinburgh St in a Team Ministry.
From the Congregational Church  -  Ord 1955;  entered PCNZ with the Congregational
Church and Ministers at Assembly Nov 1969.
PIC Mt Albert AP 11.1966
Tamaki 1975
Moderator of Auckland Presbytery 1980, a position he filled with grace and dignity.
“Laki carried himself with dignity and purpose, and always his main concern was that
the spiritual needs of the Cook Island people might be provided for. He was earnest in
preaching and pastoral concern, and in all his ministry was helped by his wife and
constant companion on his journeys. Her death in 1991 was a heavy blow for Laki,
and his own death came just a few months later after major surgery.” (From Obit)
Died  17.7.1992 at Tahiti.

MAWSON, Sr Jean                                                                  (Mrs Machle)
b. 21 November 1876  Purakanui, Otago.
h. Dr. Edward Charles Machle  b.3 May 1857 d. 30 November 1936 
m. (1) Ella Wood b. 28 October 1859 m. July 1889 d. 28 October 1905 Lien-Chou Massacre
m. (2) Jean Mawson 27 December 1910
Trained as a Deaconess at the Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute Dunedin
and ordained on 14 November 1905 - one of the first graduates of Presbyterian Women's Training Institute,
and one of the two Deaconesses accepted for Mission service to South China 1905.
She studied Cantonese with  Rev Alexander Don in Dunedin from September 1904.
Appointed to Canton Villages Mission, South China 1905, arrived Canton 29 December 1905;
Resigned 1910 to marry Dr Machle of the American Presbyterian Church South China
Mission. She continued to serve as a member of the American Presbyterian Mission in education work for
women and children until they both retired in 1929.
Sister of Rev W. Mawson below, two children and four step-children, her son, Edward Johnstone Machle became
a Presbyterian Minister and a Professor of Philosophy
Died 25 August 1952 at Tacoma, Washington State, USA interred Birch section of Mountain View Memorial Park,
Lakewood, Pierce County

Maori Miss
Maori Synod Office 24.9.1961 to 21.10.1961 & also fr 26.1.1962 to 20.5.1962.

MAWSON, Rev  Robin Charles
b. Christchurch
Anglican Church
St Francis Co-op Clive-Haumoana  (half-time )HBP 1.2.1991
“He loved his Anglican Church, its liturgy and traditions. But likewise, he sensitively
respected his Presbyterian parishioners and their inheritance. Thus it has been that he
welded the Clive-Haumoana Parish into a strong unity.” (from Obit.)
Died 11 June 1997, aged 56 years.

MAWSON, Rev William               M.A. 
b 27.9.1874 Purakanui, Dunedin
w Sara Margaretta Gordon :
(Daughter of Rev D. Gordon, Marton) b 3.5.1878 m 1.10.1903 d 9.2.1956
He began as a pupil teacher, then went to Dunedin Teachers College; he studied at Otago
University, taking Zoology as a subject for his BA; the Prof of Biology, Prof Parker, was so
impressed with his out-standing ability in the subject that he wanted Mawson to take up
science as a career, preferably in the biological field.   However Mawson had other plans.  
He was deeply interested in the Student Christian Movement, and planned to train for
missionary work in China.    He was not swayed by the Professor’s urging,
But when Prof Parker’s  health began to fail he appointed Mawson his Assistant.  On the
death of the Professor later that year, Mawson continued the work of the Dept until the end
of that year, 1902.  The new Professor was Prof Bentham who was able to arrive in time for
the beginning of 1903.  After the close of the academic year Mawson spent much of his
time with Rev A. Don learning the Cantonese language; he began this study on 12.5.1902.
He was ordained for Mission work on 11.4.1903;  married Margaretta Gordon, of Marton Manse,
on 1.10.1903; on 10.10.1903 they sailed for China.  
After 20 yrs in China they returned to NZ, arr 2.8.1923.  They came on furlough, but desired to
stay for the education of their children;  the opening came to serve at -
Chinese Church Auckland  11.1923.  He served here for 5 years.
Secretary for Foreign Missions Committee, appointed by Assembly 11.1928.  He continued in
this office very capably until his death, after a short, sharp illness (heart attack).
‘He was a man of sincere and earnest purpose, humble and kindly, devoted in his work and
considerate to his fellow-workers.’
"The church has every reason for gratitude to God that she was served by a life so thruthful,
so generous, so faithful, and so lovely as was the life of William Mawson."
Brother of Sr Jean Mawson (above)
Died 11.6.1935 at Wellington after having suffered a heart attack a few days previous after
travelling down from Auckland to represent the Foreign Missions Committee at a Church
Advisory Committee meeting which was sitting to set total Church expenditure for the following
year. Interred at Karori Cemetery.

MAXWELL, Rev James
Cong Ch Port Chalmers, admitted by OSyn 13.1.1882;  Ord 1867
b - ; w H. b 1844 m - d 26.1.1930
Ind Malvern ChP  17.10.1882  ret 1904
Died  25.7.1911

MAYDON, Miss Janet
Overseas Worker Volunteer - Vanuatu
Teacher to Calvert & Whimp children,  Vanuatu 1977, taken over from R. Rapley.

MAYMAN, Re. Dr.  Margaret A.N.            B.A., B.Theol., STM (Union, NY), M. Phil. (Union, NY),  Ph.D. (Union NY)       
Theological Hall 1978-82
Ordained Brockville Union  DnP 9.12.1982 - resigned 1.8.1983
Lodged Certificate DnP
Christchurch: St. Ninian’s  ChP Sep 1995
St Andrew’s on the Terrace Wellington  WnP  Feb 2002
Co-Ordinator of the Association of Reconciling Congregations and Christians.
Secretary of the Church Service Society.

MBAMBO, Rev Henry            M.A. (Pretoria), M.A. (St. Louis Missouri), M.A.S.C.W. (Massey)
w. Chileya m.(?) - A qualified Early Childhood Teacher, Bachelor in Early Childhood Education, Otago University.
From Zambia.
Worked with young people in Madagascar, 1998
Ordained, Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa, Zambia, 2000
After being a Minister in Lusaka, Zambia for eight years, he studied in America for two years to complete a masters
degree, his family remaining in Zambia during this period.
A request from Global Mission Office to the Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa to host a young New Zealander
for a year inspired a desire to work in New Zealand
Minister, Dunedin South Presbyterian Church, Dunedin Presbytery, October 2008, for seven years
Masters in Applied Social and Community Work, Massey University, May 2015
Minister, St David's Union Church, Ashburton, Alpine Presbytery, 16 July 2015

MEAD, Mrs Gladys Bronwyn
born Gladys Bronwyn Muir 29 July 1929 to a Hamilton farming family
husband Ted Mead married 1960 secondary school teacher, and Principal, Dannevirke High School
Eureka School and Hamilton Technical College — head girl for two years; teachers college; Forest Lake Hamilton 1950; Ngaruwahia
National President, Association of Presbyterian Women National Executive, 1988-1991
Gladys Mead and Shiela Jamieson attended the Triennial Gathering of Presbyterian Women USA, and developed the New Vision Leadership Training Programme
nominated as a President of the Conference of Churches in Aotearoa New Zealand
involved in Waikato Presbyterial and Chartwell Co-operating Church
died 5 July 2021
"My faith journey has similarities with a braided river. As I have journeyed, I have been accompanied by many, many wonderful, talented women. They have shared their special skills and have helped to enrich my life and faith; and then have moved on to other tasks. I want to pay tribute to all who have shared the journey with me. I have been truly blessed by those friendships and associations." Braided Rivers of Faith (Volume 2)

MEAD, Rev Keith Victor           M.A.,B.Com.,B.D.
w Jeanette Winifred  m 17.11.1962
Hall 1961-3
Ord Nightcaps-Ohai- Wairio SP 3.2.1966 res 31.3.1968,
Resigned from ministry 4.2.1969

MEAD, Nina Rev
Formerly of Lower Earley Parish, Reading England.
Caversham Dunedin (part-time non-stipendiary position) 7 month term from 14 Aug 1990

MEAD, Rev Victor                L.Th.(Melb)
b 4.3.1905 Ipswich Queensland; w Ruth Ellen b 17.12.1909 m 8.4.1931
In his early yrs he was brought up on farm, & was Meth.  He studied theol at Kings Coll
Brisbane & was ord by Meth Ch 1931; served in Brisbane & Sydney.
Recd by PCNZ at Ass 11.1949
Assoc St Andrews Palmerston Nth 21.2.1950
St Johns Palmerston Nth 22.7.1953, when it became a separate parish.
Maungatua (Outram DnP) 9.9.1965 
He served 42 yrs in active min.
Died 18.2.1973 Outram Manse in office, aged 67

MEADS, Miss Petronia Jean
b. Wellington
Educated at Avonside Girls’ School and Canterbury University. Studied. Holds a Teachers “C” certificate.
A Baptist appointed as Missionary Teacher to New Hebrides.
Missionary New Hebrides – appt for teaching servive at Lamenu  Sept 1968
Commissioning service at Whitianga 15 Dec 1968
To All Saints Colege Sydney for short training course 21.1.1969
Lamenu School, Vanuatu, District Supervising Teacher, Lamenu 6.1969 
Resigned  June 1971 and off staff 10 July 1971

MEARS, Mr George M.                
Maori Miss - Assist to Rev J.E. Ward
He commenced in summer 1906-7, learning Maori with Mr Ward & assisting him in taking
services.  In 1908 he was       
sent to Aria (WgP) to both Maori & Pakeha work, but the latter developed so much that he
had only been able to attend to the Chr Educ work.  He was in the same district at Ohura in
1908, & then his name drops out.

Maori Miss - teacher
Tanatana Miss School, Assist 26.5.1958

b. 27 Nov 1834 at Thurso, Caithness, Scotland (Christened 18 Sept 1836)
w. Jessie McKay Young Murray  b. circa 183(?) in Glasgow  m. 4 Dec 1861  d.(?)
Matriculated in 1855 then to Free Church College Glasgow.
Licensed in Scotland
Came to New Zealand as Free Church of Scotland Probationer. Mrs Meiklejohn noted as
arriving on the “Pladda” 28 Dec 1862.
Received by the Otago Presbytery 24.6.1863 (before Presb. Synod of Otago and
Southland was formed.).
Ordained St Andrews Dunedin DnP 19.8.1863 - resigned Dec 1865
Left from Hokitika for Australia on the “Tarara” 6 Jan 1866.
To Australia –
Received by the Free Presb. Church of Victoria
St George’s, Kilmore 6.2.1866 to 4.6.1872 – resigned due to having a leg amputated after an accident.
He originally took charge of the Broadford district, preaching at Pyalong, Broadford, Tallarook,
Seyomour and Mangalore. As the Railways Dept. required the Church land, they paid for a new
section and removal of the Church building.
During his time at Kilmore and Broadford, he was instrumental in the Union of the Free Church Synod,
of which he was Moderator, with the larger Presbyterian Church of Victoria which took place on the
20th May 1866.
“His Ministry had lasted little more than five years and the congregation expressed regret
at parting with him, they raised £293 as a parting gift and to meet the expenses of the accident”.
Sailed for the United Kingdom on the “SS Somersetshire” on 24th Aug 1872
They had seven children, two died at Kilmore.
Noted as residing in Govan, Lanarkshire in 1881.
Died at Glasgow 3 Dec 1886

MEIKLEJOHN, Mr J.T.              M.A.
fr FC Scot,came out as prob; recd by Nth Ch 16.2.1889; arr NZ 1888.
Supplied Katikati & Upper Thames WkP 1888-9; & was given on lists as ‘lic AP’ but no
charge given; after 2.1894 his name is dropped; he was for many yrs a teacher under Ak
Educ Bd.

MEL, Miss Lucy
Maori Miss
Waikaremoana, helper for short period 1938.

Maori Miss
Maori Boys Training Farm, Te Whaiti, Assist to Matron 13.2.1947 res 27.12.1961  

MELROSE, Sr Mary Ada                      Mrs E.J. Hunter
b 12.10.1902    -   Maori Missionary
Nuhaka Assist 1931 res 28.2.1935 to enter PWTI
PWTI Dunedin 1935-7
Assistant to Sr Annie Henry, Ruatahuna 1.11.1937
Waiohau 1939
Assistant to Rev J. Currie, Opotiki 1940
Waikaremoana 1941
Assistant to Rev J. Currie, Opotiki 1942
Granted indefinite leave on account of home circumstances 9.1942
Died 1971   

MELVILLE, Rev Eric Jack
b 27.3.1907, Blenheim
w Margaret Helen Wall (Aunt of Rev KG Wall & Rev TM Wall) b 7.4.1904 m 25.7.1934  d 17.3.1993
He was educated at Wanganui where his Father was a tailor.  He took an Engineering
course at a Technical College and worked for the Post and Telegraph Office as a
Telegraphist for 12 years, then felt the Call to ministry.
Joined the Home Missionary service 7.3.1932
HM Whangamomona (supply) TkP 7.3.1932
Off service one year then re-joined 15.3.1934 :
Rotorua Outfields  BPP 15.3.34
Maungaturoto NP  1935
Mangapai NP 1937
Hobsonville AP 1938, on leave from 28.3.1940 to 24.11.1940 for full time study.
Sawyers Bay DnP 1941 (while in Hall)
Theological Hall 1941-43
Ordained Te Puke BPP 8.2.1944
Kaikoura NMP 24.11.1948
Ashburton South 19.10.1953
Iona Aranui ChP 14.4.1959 - resigned 31.8.1961
Apiti MnP 12.2.1962 - in Aug 1963 he sought leave of absence for treatment at
Palmerston North Hospital.  
Died 1.10.1963  in office

HM New Plymouth Suburbs 1927

MELVIN, Mr Ronald Webley           & Mrs
Maori Mission
Waimana Mission School 1.2.1952 - resigned 31.1.1956

MENCE, Rev Donald Clifton
b 22 January 1933 at Devonport
w Nancy Elizabeth Ryburn m 11.1957 
Devonport Primary School, Takapuna Grammar School, and Victoria University Wellington.
Student Assistant to Rev John Hubbard at St Andrew's Palmerston North
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1958-60
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin 1.11.1960
Ordained Wellsford NP 6.12.1960
Grey Lynn Auckland AP 12.3.1964 - resigned 28.2.1967
"Took a short break from parish ministry, selling cars for an Auckland franchise"
Kaikohe NP 26.6.1968
Birkdale-Beachhaven Union NSP 12.4.1973
Founded Metropolitan Community Church associated with St Matthews-in-the-City (Anglican Church) Auckland 21.2.1981
Point Chevalier Co-operating Parish, Auckland AP 13.10.1983 -  retired 31.12.1989
Locum minister St Andrew's Hamilton 1992
Died 25 Sept 2010 at Te Aroha

MEPHAM, Tom     B.A.
Youth pastor, First Church, Papakura
B.A. University of Otago (Computer Science) 2007
Artist manager, Black Boy Peaches, 2009-present, alternative contemporary rock trio
Director, Blue Line Music Studio, Dunedin, 2010-2011, two years
Web Developer, Web Speak, February 2012-January 2013, one year
Appointed half-time ministry leader, Student Soul, Southern Presbytery, 2017
Graduation, First Church, Dunedin, 4 December 2019
Licensed, East Taieri Church, Southern Presbytery, 5 December 2019
Ordination and Induction, minister, St Stephen's - Leith Valley Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, Southern Presbytery, with responsibility for the Student Soul congregation, Sunday, 8 December 2019

MERCER, Rev (Sr) Rouie Lawrence
b 17.12.1918
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute (PWTI), Dunedin - graduated 1946
Ord Deaconess Mt Albert, Auckland AP 1.2.1947 - resigned 12.1950
(one record gives date of Ordination by Auckland Presbytery as 24.9.1947)
St Giles Mt Roskill, Auckland AP 1952 - resigned 1955 
Auckland PSSA, Matron Leslie Children’s Home 1955
Auckland PSSA, City Deaconess Auckland 1966
Licensed at Minister of the Church 1975
Retired to Massey Auckland 17.12.1978
Minister Emeritus
Died 24 October 2012 in Auckland.

fr W Aust, where he had been placed in area which gave him great difficulty; he came to NZ
& joined HM staff;
Rep 1917; he is doing well.
HM Onga Onga HBP 1917,  Ord HM  1917 res 12.1918, for health reasons he was compelled
to seek change of occupation.

MERRIMAN, Rev Ian Raymond                B.A.
b 2.5.1939 Tauranga; w Charlotte Olive  m 3.5.1967
Hall 1963-65
Ordained Pukerau MtP 3.2.1966
Herbert-Hampden- Kakanui NOP 22.4.1971
Grants Braes Union DnP 19.11.1975 res 19.11.1980
Lawrence-Waitahuna ClP  12.7.1987
“Ian was a man of integrity and prayer. He placed great importance on the study of the spirit
while maintaining a position in the mainstream of Christian thinking. Ian believed that church
people should be involved in other things of  the world and he considered that his own
involvement with the St John Ambulance, the Lawrence Hospital Committee, the Lawrence
Theatrical Society and the Clutha Valley Choir were mission fields where God’s work could
be done. He taught Bible in Schools on a regular basis and generally played a full part in the
wider Church.”
Died 14.5.1991, interred in Lawrence Cemetery

MERRINGTON, Rev Dr. Ernest Northcroft      E.D.,M.A.(Syd),Ph.D.(Harvard)
b 27.8.1876 at Newcastle, NSW, Australia,
w Flora Livingston b 8.8.1875 m 1.7.1903 d 8.11.1959
Graduated Master of Arts from Sydney University then studied at Harvard (USA) where he graduated
as Doctor of Philosophy.
Upon his return to Australia appointed as Lecturer in Philosophy at Sydney University.
Studied for the Minsitry at St Andrew's College Sydney and New College Edinburgh.
Ordained Sydney 1902.
St Andrew's Brisbane Ind. 1910
"It was during his ministry at St Andrew's that Dr Merrington helped greatly in the development of the
University of Queensland, and in particular, was perhaps the prime mover and the man of vision and
energy in the founding of Emmanuel College, the Senior College of the University of Queensland."
During World war One served as Senior Presbyterian Chaplain to the Australian Expeditionary Forces
in Egypt, Gallipoli, England, France and Belgium.
[His war diary and manuscript of the war period are in the Australian War Museum in Canberra, Australia
plus his images taken at Gallipoli and elsewhere during the war period are held by the Alexander
Turnbull Library, Wellington]
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland.
To New Zealand :
Called to First Church Dunedin 1923 
First Church Dunedin 4.12.1923
Master of Knox College Dunedin 1.1.1929
Seatoun Wellington WnP 2.7.1941 - retired 8.7.1945
Celebrated his 50th ordination as a Minister in 1952, having served 21 years in Australia and 29 in
New Zealand. In retirement undertook supply.
Author of ‘A Great Coloniser - Rev Thomas Burns’ and the hymn "God of Eternity" which he wrote
for the St Andrew's Brisbane jubilee in 1912, being included in the Revised Church Hymnal.
"As well as serving the Church in the regular ministry as a notable Preacher and Pastor, and as an
Administrator, Dr Merrington was distinguished on the scholastic side in his writings, and in the gift to
the Church of a hymn which helps to gather up in praise the deep feelings of congregations of the
Church on both sides of the Tasman. The Doctor served his time in international affiars. One of his
deep concerns was the cause of peace, which he sought to forward through the League of Nations,
and the Nnited Nations' Association; and the cause of closer relations between the American and
British people through his live interest in Anglo-American co-operation.
Kindly and generous in his judgements, wide in his sympathies, broad in his outlook, and deeply
concerned to see the truths of the Christian faith worked out in the field of the world. He was a good
Presbyter, a valued guide in the deliberations of the General Assembly, and for 27 years one of the
Church Property Trustees."
Died  26.3.1953 at Wellington, aged 77 years.

MERSHON, Rev Carroll McBride                B.Sc.,M.Div.
b. 20 March 1918 in Portland USA
w. Genivieve Martha Walters b. 7 January 1911 m. 28 March 1941 d. 23 July 1998
Ord 1948 U.S. Navy Chaplain - retired 1963
Pastor, Mt Laguna Community Presbyterian Church, San Diego
Knox Invercargill SP (interim pastorate) 3.1980 to 1981.
Retired from Presbyterian ministry 1992
Died 5 September 2009 aged 91 at El Cajon, California, USA

MESTON, Mr Victor Henry
b. 3.3.1905
w. Sr. Olga Steffens b. Waihao Downs 13.9.1907  m. 1944  (refer separate entry)
Previously a Teacher, Bus Driver and Carpenter.
HM Tokanui-Waikawa SP 1.2.1941 (9 months)
Accepted for Ministry training by Southland Presbytery March 1941. He won an
appeal (on being called up for Military Service) on grounds of being a conscientious
objector subject to performing alternative service in New Zealand. He withdrew
from Ministry training but remained as a Home Missionary.
Greytown HM (3 months) Nov 1941 – transferred to Greytown due to antagonism
against his pacifist views from previous parish.
Napier Suburbs HM Assistant 1942; transferred to Maori Mission staff 15.6.1943
Maori Missionary
Te Whaiti, Artisan Missionary, based at Te Whaiti 1.7.1943 to 12.1951.
Nuhaka 1952 - retired due to ill health 10.10.1954
Manual Training Instructor at the Rangitaki District High School Nov 1954
Died 20.2.1997. Cremated and interred at Katikati Cemetery.

MESTON, Mrs V.H.             see                 Steffens, Olga (Sr)

METE, Rev M.
Anglican Church
Sth Bay of Islands Union (Moerewa NP)  1974  

METHERELL, Rev Brian Ernest
born 10 July 1934
wife Ana Christine Bell married 9 September 1967
Theological Hall 1962-1964
Ordained Murupara-Galatea 3 December 1964
Pio Pio, Waikato Presbytery 18 September 1969
Knox-St Marks Wanganui 30 May 1974
Waitaki, (Eveline Oamaru North Otago Presbytery) 9 September 1980
Mackenzie Co-operative South Canterbury Presbytery, 27 February 1992
Kaiapoi Co-operative, Christchurch Presbytery, 3 August 1995
Minister Emeritus January 1998
died 2 May 2023 aged 88

MEY, Rev Marcell          B.Th., M.Div., M.Th.
born Port Elizabeth, South Africa, raised in a Christian household
wife Ilze married 2013
Completed theological studies, University of the Free State, 2004-2009
Master’s degree in Practical Theology (Missional Leadership), University of Stellenbosch, 2015
Supply minister Lower Hutt Knox Presbyterian Church, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, received 20 June 2017

MEYER, Rev Gwendoline Gertrude (Sr Gwen)          Q.S.O.
b 3.4.1911 at Marton
Grew up in Marton, educated at Mountview Primary School & Marton District High School.
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute, Dunedin in 1943 initially for a 6 week course
then a full 3 year course after she was encourage to continue training to become a Deaconess.
Maori Mission - Assist Missionary at Nuhaka to assist Sr Emily Ross  1.12.1944   
Ordained Deaconess at Nuhaka-Whakaki 26.11.1945
Maori Girls Hostel Auckland, Assistant Matron to help Sr May Gardiner 1.2.1947
Maori Girls Hostel Auckland, Matron (on retirement of Sr May) 1.12.1948
Maori City Work, Edinburgh Street, Auckland 14.2.1961
Pentland Avenue Hostel Auckland 20.5.1962
Licensed as a Minister of the Church May 1973 – the first woman from Te Hinotu Maori to
be ordained.
Ordained Assistant Minister with the Rev LA Brame at the Congregational Church, Mt Eden,
Auckland  27.5.1973  - retired 30.4.1976
One of her chosen tasks was to visit the women in prison, and she did a queit but helpful
work among them. In 1976 the Rev Gwen meyer was awarded the Q.S.O. in the New Year’s
Honours List. She lived a lievely faith with great trust.” (from Obit)
Died c.1994

MICHELSEN, Miss Irene Alette Marie 
Missionary New Hebrides - daughter of the Rev Oscar Michelsen.
Teacher in Mission School on Tongoa, she was granted honorarium  of $100 by Assembly
in 1927 and 1928.

MICHELSEN, Miss Isabella Ere
Missionary New Hebrides - daughter of the Rev Oscar Michelsen.
Rep 1927: she has helped the Mission by teaching in Mission School on Tongoa, granted
an honorarium of $100 for 1927 and again in 1928. 

MICHELSEN, Rev Johan Oscar (known as Oscar)
b 4.12.1844 Norway;
w (1) Jane Langmuir b NSW (came to NZ with parents when young) m 1880 in Dunedin, d London
30.12.1892 (in childbirth)
w (2) Sophia Hare b (?)  m 1883 in London, d Sydney 15.8.1897 (Brain tumour)
w (3) Alba Hargraves b 10.8.1880 m 8.5.1905 in Vila N.H. d 11.3.1970
A Lutheran, he came to NZ in 1867 and served as Colporteur for the Otago Bible Society; also on the
West Coast of the South Island. He had great desire to be a Missionary in China; an appeal was made
for workers in New Hebrides (Vanuatu) and he responded.
He landed on Aneityum on 21.4.1878.
To Nguna Island in 1878 with the Rev Peter Milne (Snr) for his first year; he was quick to gain facility
in native Language and in 4 months he was able to preach in it.
To Tongoa Island 1879
Ordained by Clutha Presbytery in Dec 1880.
In 1924 he returned to NZ and and expressed a desire to retire as he was 80.  However, as no successor
was found, he returned in 1926 and continued until he finally retired on 30.9.1930, returning to NZ in 1933,
living in Devonport, Auckland.  Author of ‘Cannibals Won for Christ’, and ‘Misi’. He was also a keen
photographer, unfortunately he lost most of his collection when a hurricane totally destroyed his manse
on Tongoa.
‘He worked amid savages accustomed to violence, cannibalism, and unrestricted licence. By diligent
labour and winsome manner he won the hearts of the people and led many to accept Christ. ...  Amid all
his difficulties as a pioneer missionary he kept unflagging his assurance of the power of the Gospel to
redeem even the worst of men.’
Died Auckland 12.8.1936, aged 91 years & interred in Waikumete Cemetery.

MICHIE, Rev Henry E.
b. Aberdeenshire, Scotland 1850
w. (?)  b (?)  m (?)  d (?)  
Studied at Aberdeen University and Free Church College, Aberdeen.
Licensed by by Free Church Presbytery of Kincardine  Scotland 1881.
Ordained by Presbytery of Dunedin 1882.
Ord Mornington Dunedin DnP 9.1.1882
Resigned April 1886 and returned to Scotland because of his wife’s ill-health.
“He was a man of pleasing personality and saintly disposition”

MIDDELPLAATS, Rev Hendrik Peter (Bob)
b 3.4.1925 The Hague, Holland.
w (1) Klaaske b 16.5.1923 m 7.4.1951 d 1.6.1980
w (2) Marina  m 31.8.1985
Shortly after his 18th birthday he found himself sentenced to death for refusing
to swear an oath of allegiance to Hitler. He spent the rest of the war in prison in
France and in Dachau Concentration Camp. Throughout this time he was regularly
beaten and tortured, causing permanent damage and pain. Escaping from Dachau
two days before the German surrender, he was soon driving trucks all over Europe,
acting as General Patton’s driver, and interpreting at the Nuremberg War Trials.
In the late 1940’s, now a Dutch Sergeant-Major stationed in Indonesia, he was
temporarily blinded by a grenade thrown in his face by a terrorist, leaving him
with the sight of only one eye. Emigrated to New Zealand in 1950. Placed
first on a farm then studied Accountancy, becoming a Company Secretary.
Suffered further permanent trauma after suffering a severe shock shortly after
his arrival in New Zealand.
HM Maungaturoto NP 19.2.1960
Theological Hall Dunedin 1963-65
Ord St James Whangarei NP 2.12.1965
Southbridge-Dunsandel ChP 3.7.1973
He suffered two heart attacks in 1978 but was reluctant to accept early retirement.
Paterangi WkP 27.9.1979 - retired 31.8.1986
After retirement also held positions as Chaplain at Te Rapa Air Force Base and at
Trevalyan Home and Hospital.
During his years in the Ministry he was deeply involved in community affairs,
served as Moderator of Presbytery, and also served on a variety of committees. 
Died  23.6.1991  

MIDDLEMISS, Miss Anne Marion
b 21.12.1907
Maori Miss - daughter of memb of Maori Miss Com.
Teacher Turakina Maori Girls Coll 1.2.1932 res 13.11.1943 

MIDDLEMISS, Mr Murray Ross
born 20 November 1922
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?) 
Formerly a Farmer, Water Borer, Foundry Worker and Garage Attendant.
Joined the Home Missionary service 7 June 1945
Home Missionary, Stewart Island, Southland Presbytery, 1946 — resigned 30 November 1946 to accept other employment.
died 2001

MIKA, Rev V. Salafia
Meth Ch
Corstorphine-Concord Union DnP  2.1987  res 1.2.1991

MILES, Mr Edgar Owen
b. 16.8.1905
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Undertook three years training at the Methodist College, Auckland with Congregational
Ministry in view.
HM Whitianga WkP 1.3.1932 (1 year) - hopes to enter ministry.
Coromandel WkP 1934 - resigned from Home Missionary service in 1935.

MILFORD,  Rev Brian
Meth Ch
St Andrews Union Greytown (WpP)   8.1991
Featherston Union (WpP)
term completed 31.1.1993

MILHAM, Rev Chris            B.D. (Laidlaw)
w Vicki
Methodist and Presbyterian; IT and secondary school teacher
Intern Glendowie 2013
Licensed Northern Presbytery 1 December 2014
Minister, Dannevirke, Knox Presbyterian Church, Presbytery Central, 1 February 2015
Other recognised minister, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 15 November 2021

MILL, Rev John Chalmers
B 4.4.1877; w Annie b 10.8.1877 m 9.8.1910 d 2.7.1949
He grew up in Onehunga.  He desired to go into For Miss, but        when the course was
finished the way was not open to him.
HM Ngaruawahia & Huntly WkP 1904 as stud
Hall 1905-7
Ord Pahiatua MnP  29.7.1908
Flemington (Tinwald AsP) 5.12.1912
Raetihi WgP  22.6.1916 res 30.11.1918
Ngaruawahia WkP 26.8.1920 res 4.12.1923
Hunterville WgP 11.12.1924
Forest Hill SP  17.5.1929
‘He was fervently evangelical & ardent for aggressive mission work, both at home & abroad.’
Died 9.6.1939 Invercargill Gardens, in office

MILLAR, Rev Craig
born in Taranaki, raised in the Presbyterian tradition, enjoys bagpipe rock
wife: Tina
Teacher, Pukekohe
Massey University; Bachelor of Divinity, Bible College of New Zealand, Henderson
St Andrew’s, Manurewa, South Auckland Presbytery, 2004
Moderator, Northern Presbytery, 20 February 2021

MILLAR, Mr Graham
Lay Appointee
Ngaio Union Church June 2001-30 June 2006

born 31 August 1931
wife Dorothy May married 3 April 1954
Theological Hall 1969, 1971-2  (1970  omitted)
Ordained Mangonui County Union (Kaitaia, Northland Presbytery) 1 February 1973
Opunake Co-op, Taranake Presbytery, 3 February 1981
Te Kuiti, Waikato Presbytery, 5 February 1986 — resigned 31 January 1992
To Methodist Church Appointment, Timaru, 1 February 1992
Minister Emeritus, December 1996
died 2015

MILLAR, Rev Thomas (Tom) Edward            B.A.
born 4 August 1938 in Darfield, Canterbury
Conversion experience at a Bible class St Andrew's Gore age 19 years
w Betty Kathrin  m 5 January 1962
Theological Hall Dunedin1965, 1967 - 1968; took Chaplains Intern course 1966.
Ordained Lawrence-Waitahuna Clutha Presbytery 13 November 1968: "Saw God work in ways not seen before: prayers answered with healings and wonders"
Richmond Grove Invercargill  Southland Presbytery  19 July 1973
Musselburgh Dunedin Dunedinn Presbytery  15 September 1977 - resigned 28 February 1988 and withdrew.
Saddle Hill Dunedin Presbytery (Stated Supply) Jun 1991
Saddle Hill Dunedin Presbytery Inducted July 1991
Forest Hill Presbyterian Church North Shore Presbytery 1998
Brooklands Co-Operating Church New Plymouth Taranaki Presbytery  September 2001
MInister Emeritus, Taranaki Presbytery 8 March 2008
Died 1 Nov 2011 from cancer

MILLER, Rev Alexander (Alec)          M.A.
b. 22.12.1860 Glasgow
w Elizabeth Jane b. 16.1.1886  m. 13.6.1923  d.(?)
Educated at the University of Glasgow (MA 1880) and the United Presbyterian Church Theological
Hall 1880 to 1883.
Licensed by the United Presb. Church of Scotland Presbytery of Glasgow South 3.7.1883
Student Assistant, Kirriemuir 1882
In Charge if Rendall Station, Orkney (3 months) 1883
Assistant, St Ninian’s 1884
To Australia, arrived New South Wales 23.4.1885 –
Cooma (supply?) 1885
Ord Old St Andrews Church Sydney, Presb. Church of NSW 1.10.1885 to 1896
Chatswood  Oct 1896 to 1906
To New Zealand -
Edendale (Balmoral)  AP  25.7.1906
Westport WsP 2.10.1917 - retired 31.12.1931
Clerk WsP 12 yrs; sailed for Sydney 1885.
‘Unconventional, humorous, he had a deep affectionate nature and a living faith.’
Died  29.10.1933

MILLER, Rev Dr Alexander  (Lex)         M.A.,Ph.D.
born 21 November 1908 at Stevenston, Ayrshire, Scotland to Rev Matthew and Mrs Leonora Miller, eldest of three boys.
wife (1) Katrine Fearon Hursthouse born 1910 married 1936 died 1994
wife (2) Jean McLaren, a fellow student in Auckland and a teacher in Napier died aged 101 at Stanford
Came to New Zealand with his parents
Office boy, New Zealand Herald, Auckland.
Educated at Mt Albert Grammar School and at Auckland University, graduating MA.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1932-1934
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 16 October 1934
General Secretary, New Zealand Student Movement Christchurch, February 1935 — resigned December 1936            
Ordained Locum Tenens, St Paul’s, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery — resigned and went overseas later in 1937.
Began ministry in Britain with church extension work in Birmingham
A Minister in full standing with the Presbytery of London North, England (Presbyterian Church of England)
Became Minister in charge of a 'five-church' experiment in London Docklands; the area was subjected to continuous bombing attacks and he saw his first Presbyterian Church charge destroyed by the bombing, remained in pastoral ministry working closely with Father Groser among the homeless and agreeing to live at the average income for the area, assisted in transporting bombed-out citizens to safer areas.
Later Assistant to the Rev George MacLeod in the Iona Community. 
Member of 'The Moot' under the leadership of Mr. JH Oldman, 1983-1947
Returned to New Zealand to marry, joined the Home Missionary service and supplied locum ministry in Masterton, and Port Ahuriri Hawkes Bay Presbytery 21 April 1946 — resigned 31 June 1947, desired to leave New Zealand
Returned to the Iona Community
To Detroit in a liaison job between Christian students and industrial workers
Post-graduate study, Union Seminary, New York
First Professor of Humanities, Stanford University, on recommendation of Reinhold Niebuhr
Here he built up a Department of Religion and became its Head. Meanwhile he prepared his PhD thesis, and also wrote two books for Niebuhr’s ‘Christian Faith’ series.  He was the author of 8 books.
Son of Rev Matthew Miller.
Died May 1960 suddenly, aged 51

MILLER, Rev Andrew Lindsay            M.A.
b 7.5.1883 Green Island Dunedin;
w Ellen (Nellie) Evelyn nee Wright b 7.8.1882 m 16.10.1919 d 10.5.1959 – see entry below
He was educated at Otago University, then Dunedin Teachers College, then to the Hall.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1913-15  
Ordained as Missionary for China 5.9.1915
In 1919 he married  Sr Ellen Wright, of St Pauls Invercargill, who was already serving in the
Canton Villages Mission. They laid the foundation of the work in the area North of Canton;
they lost their first daughter (Nancy) through tropical fever.  The illness of their 2nd daughter
(Jean) brought them back to NZ in 1929, after 14 years in Canton.  Circumstances hindered
their return to China, and he took charge of -
Oreti SP 19.8.1930
Balclutha ClP 28.1.1935 - resigned 31.1.1939
Chinese Church Dunedin & Assistant at Kensington Dunedin DnP 2.2.1939;  later he was
full-time with the Chinese Church in Dunedin.
‘He was a thoroughly competent Missionary, quick in his understanding of the Cantonese
language and psychology.’
Died 20.7.1944 in office, suddenly and unexpectedly at his home in Dunedin.

MILLER, Rev Donald Robert Gordon
Theological Hall 1966-68
Ord Tokanui SP 28.11.1968
Became part of Toi Tois Parish in 1972
Resigned 15.10.1974 and transferred to Baptist Church ministry.

MILLER, Mrs Ellen (Nellie) Evelyn       (Sr EE Wright – see also separate entry)
b 7.5.1883 Green Island, Dunedin
h Rev Andrew L Miller b 7.5.1883   m 16.10.1919  d 20.7.1944
After death the of her husband in 1944 she offered to carry on work among the Chinese women
and children in and around Dunedin for which she was paid a salary by the Missions Committee.
Retired and resigned as from 31 Jan 1951 after the arrival of the Rev YT Fong who then took over all
Chinese Mission work in the Dunedin area, including the Evangelistic work previously carried out
by the Rev GH McNeur. She provided valued assistance to the Chinese community and assisted
them greatly when dealing with European “officialdom”.

MILLER, Rev Evan James                 B.A.
b 2.10.1921; w Nessie Margaret   m 17.1.1953
Hall 1950-2
Ord Duntroon NOP 9.4.1953 res 18.3.1956
Westport WsP  4.2.1958
Mararoa (Mossburn SP) 8.2.1962 res fr min 3.12.1963

MILLER, Mr George
HM Taringatua SP supply summer 1901-2

MILLER, Rev George
born 23 April 1869 East Taieri; wife Jane L. Inglis born 7 March 1871 married 25 March 1896 died 21 August 1943
Hall Dunedin 1891-1893
Ordained Waikaka Valley Mataura Presbytery, 22 May 1894
Milton (Tokomairiro Clutha Presbytery) September 1899
Ashburton, 5 February 1914
North East Valley, Dunedin Presbytery, 21 February 1924 — retired 30 April 1933 to Christchurch.
Moderator of General Assembly 1924; Father of Sr M.H. Miller, Maori Missions; in retirement relieved at Hastings one year, and at St Johns Brisbane Queensland one year; member, Board of Governors, Columba College, Dunedin, also of McGlashan College, Dunedin; on Dunedin Presbyterian Social Service Association; keen Temperance supporter; supplied bright addresses for children in “The Outlook”.
Died 22 September 1956  Chch

Maori Miss 1935;  no further information.

MILLER, Rev John               F.R.G.S.
b 2.2.1863 Leith Scotland
w. Mary J. b 23.8.1860 m 30.11.1886 d 25.7.1940
Ordained 1893
He served as Minister at Arbroath Scotland, later Manchester, then London>
Called to a parish in melbourne Australia, and from there called to -
Dipton SP  Ind 20.12.1911
St Clair Dunedin DnP  13.11.1913
Papanui Christchurch ChP  11.2.1926 - retired 31.3.1930
In retirement lived in Christchurch and acted as Chaplain at St Andrews College
Died 1.6.1942 

MILLER,  Rev John Graham               LL.B., B.D.
b. Rangiora  8.10.1913;
w  Flora Jemima McDonald b Dunedin 17.9.1915  m 15.3.1941. d. 8.9.06 Flora a Nurse.
Graham educated at Lytton Street School Feilding, Palmerston North Boy’s High School,
and at the Otago Boys’ High School.
Left before matriculation and took correspondence course. Matriculated in 1931.
Studied Law at Otago University 1932 to 1936. Law Society Prizeman in Conveyancing 1936.
Clerk in Dunedin Law Offices.
Evangelical Union President, Otago, 1935-36.
Attended Victoria College 1937 to 1938. Graduated LL.B. 1938
Legal section, State Advances Corporation, 1937
During 1938 appointed first Travelling Secretary for the Inter Varsity Fellowship of
Evangelical Unions in New Zealand.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1939-40
Secretary of the Theological Hall Students Committee, 1939-40.
Appointed to Missions Committee Staff 15 Mar 1941. General Assembly waived
the requirement for a third year at the Hall.
Ordained Evangelistic Missionary to New Hebrides (Vanuatu)  27.3.1941 
Left for Vanuatu  19.4.1941
Took charge of Mission work of Tongoa district after departure of the Rev BRC Nottage.
Strongly committed to principles of indigenisation.
Admitted to the Bar in NZ & New Hebrides 1944 in order to act as the Missions legal agent
in the New Hebrides Courts.
Appointed  Principal of Tangoa Training Institute, Vanuatu 21 April 1947 - Responsibilities
included administration, teaching work and leading students in Evangelistic and
pastoral activities on South Santo.
First Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of the New Hebrides, 1949-50.
Resigned Dec 1952 owing to educational needs of their children. Off Missions staff 31 Jan 1953
Papakura SAP  5.2.1953 - resigned 12.12.1965 then to Australia.
Principal, Melbourne Bible Institute 1966 - 1970
Taught for 6 months at the Discipleship Training Centre, Overseas Missionary Fellowship,
Singapore 1970.
Principal, Bible College of  Presbyterian Church of New Hebrides 1.4.1971 - resigned 31.3.1974
Hurstville Parish, NSW, Australia 3.12.1974 - retired 9.4.1980.
Member of the PCNZ Overseas Missions Committee, 1953-1965.
Member of the PCNZ Church Union Committee, 1954-1965.
Leader of evangelical theological stream. Leader in Westminster Fellowship and Chairman 1960-1965.
A convinced opponent of organic Church Union in NZ. Firm Biblical and reformed convictions.
Frequently a Bible expositor at Keswick conventions, in NZ, Australia, UK, and elsewhere.
Awarded the Independence Medal 1983 and the Medal of Merit in 1998 by the Republic of Vanuatu.
Author of  ‘Live’ Series (1978-1990) – A History of Church Planting  (7 volumes) in Vanuatu
(New Hebrides)
Honorary Doctorate from Berean Christian College USA (1974) & Central School of Religion,
England & USA (1984) 
Son of the Rev Thomas Miller & Brother of Rev RS Miller. 
Died 6 Sept 2008 at Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia, aged 94 years.

MILLER, Rev Leonard Ross               B.A.,B.D.
w Mary Victoria  m 13.5.1961
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1958-60
Licensed by Presbytery of Auckland 1.12.1960
Ord Assistant Minister, First Church, Dunedin  DnP  2.2.1961- resigned 31.1.1963                       
Overseas,  Locum Tenens in Scotland.
Mairangi-Castor Bays NSP  1.7.1965
Chalmers Timaru 18.3.1971
Suva Fiji AP 1.2.1976
Ellerslie-Mt Wellington, Auckland AP  13.9.1979 - retired 4.8.1994
Clerk of Auckland Presbytery.
Resigned from Ministry.
Nephew of Rev Lex Miller.

MILLER, Sr Margaret Helen
b 1.2.1903 at Milton -  daughter of Rev G. Miller
Educated at Milton & Ashburton High School.
Attended classes at Canterbury University College. Taught for some time at Rakaia
And Ashburton Primary Schools.
Joined the Maori Mission in 1926 
Tanatana Mission School (Assistant Teacher)  1.2.1926 
Possibly also at Waimana
Matahi as Head of Mission and Head Teacher of School 1935
Ordained Deaconess at Opotiki 11.2.1936
Waimana 1946
Waiohau  1.5.1952
Ak Maori Cong, City Work 1954
Turangi 1.9.1957 - retired 31.3.1959
Also served at some time at Kawerau, Auckland and Tokaanu.
Occasional relieving work.
Died  14.11.1967

MILLER, Rev Matthew
b 26.1.1870, Larkhall, Scotland
w Leonora b 8.2.1876 m 18.3.1902 d 22.2.1965
Licensed by the United Free Church Scotland 1898
Ordained by the Ardrossan Presbytery of the UF Church Scotland 22.6.1901
Minister of the United Free Church of Scotland at Stevenston, Ayrshire for over 19 years.
Came to New Zealand Nov 1921.
Dargaville NP (supply) 11.1921
Ind Dargaville  [Northern Wairoa] NP 22.3.1922 - resigned 31.3.1923
Point Chevalier AP  4.9.1923
Helensville AP  7.9.1927 - retired 31.3.1929, illness sapped his strength and compelled
him to retire.
Father of Rev A (Lex) Miller
Died 6.10.1930 at Devonport, Auckland.

MILLER, Rev Robert Strang                B.A., LL.M., B.D.
b 1.11.1915 at Rangiora, Canterbury.
w Margaret Jane b 3.12.1919 m 17.10.1945
Educated at Lytton Street Primary School Feilding, Palmerston North &
Otago Boy’s High School Dunedin. Studied at University of Otago and
Victoria University Wellington Law Faculties, graduated LL.M 1939
Enlisted in the Navy in World War Two (Royal Navy & New Zealand Navy
with rank of Lieutenant).
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1945-47
Graduated BD 1947 
Ordained at St Ninians, Hawea Flat COP 12.12.1947
Upper Clutha Parish (Wanaka) COP 12.12.1947
St Stephens Dunedin DnP 16.11.1950
Wairau Blenheim NMP 13.2.1958 - resigned 8.2.1966
To Australia :
St Andrews Launceston, Tasmania April 1966 to 1978
Appointed Professor of Church History at Theological College Presbyterian Church of Victoria,
Melbourne1978 to 1981
Son of Rev Thomas Miller, Brother of Rev JG Miller, and Father of Rev Dr Douglas Miller (Uniting
Church in Australia)
Died 23.6.1981 at Melbourne.

MILLER, Rev Ronald                 M.A.,B.D.
born 6 February 1890 at Masterton
wife Jessie McGregor born 29.8.1886 married 15 February 1916 died September 1982 (A niece of the Rev Duncan McGregor)
Went to Dunedin in 1908.
Otago University 1910-1913(?) studying for his M.A.
Theological Hall 1914-15
Served as a Private with the Ruahine Regiment of the New Zealand Expeditionary Forces during World War One from 4 April 1916 to 24 Aug 1919.
Recovering from wounds at a military camp in England in 1918, he was enlisted as an [unordained] Chaplain to the New Zealand Military Forces as there was a shortage of Chaplains at that time. There was apparently no recorded Induction or Ordination.  
Chaplain to the 1st New Zealand Expeditionary Force from 10 October 1918 (one day after being asked to fill the role).
It was not till after he returned to New Zealand that he was ordained.
Ordained Kaikoura, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 13 January 1920
Te Kuiti, Waikato Presbytery, 21 December 1923
Manaia, Taranaki Presbytery, 7 September 1927 — retired 30 June 1953 to Hawera.
Provided supply for many years, including acting as Clerk of Taranaki Presbytery 1943 to 1968
“It was once said of Ron Miller that he was a man who took the church to the people and his long life of ninety-five years bears ample testimony to that summing up of his ministry…. Ron Miller loved his Lord and he took that love to people in many different circumstances, whether in the trenches of war, to remote homes in country areas, to young or old in urban areas, or to his contemporaries in retirement….” (From Memorial Minute)          
Died 9 August 1985, aged 95 years and after serving sixty-five years in ordained ministry.

MILLER, Rev Thomas               M.A.
b. 15.11.1875 Stirling Scotland;
w. Marion Meiklem Strang  b. Glasgow 29.12.1882  m. 17.11.1909 d. 6.4.1968
He came to NZ at 2 years of age; educated in Dunedin; learnt blacksmithing trade.
Home Missionary in Central Otago during part of 1903
Theological Hall 1905-7
Ord Westport WsP 30.1.1908 
Rangiora ChP  20.4.1911
Feilding MnP 15.12.1915
St Stephens Dunedin DnP  5.7.1928 - retired 30.4.1944
Chairman Evangelical Bible League of Otago from 1928
Chairman Pounawea ‘Keswick’ Convention 1928 to 1946
President IVFNZ 1943
President Otago Christian Endeavour Union.
Secretary for the Bible Society of Otago and Southland 1928 to 1944
He came from a family of 8 children, two sons (Robert S Miller & J Graham Miller ) became
Ministers, and four daughters married Ministers.
Died 5.7.1948

MILLER, Mr William M.
HM Hunua 1910

MILLER, Sr Zelda May  
b 21.10.1917           - Maori Miss
PWTI Dn; during vacs assisted at Nuhaka & Waikaremoana; nurse,    Ord Deac  1950.
Ruatahuna,  Miss Nurse 1.6.1949
Dingwall Home, PSSA Ak 1.4.1951  ret 12.1953
lic Min 1975

MILLER-HARDIE, Rev Sylvia Dorothea                  BTh.
Ordained 1996
St. Stephen’s Bryndwr, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, December 1996
St George’s Takapuna, Auckland, North Shore Presbytery, 26 January 2006
Minister Emerita, Northern Presbytery, 30 September 2022

MILLER-KEELEY, Mrs D.            see                Keeley,  Diane M.

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