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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Waddell to Watene

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WADDELL,  Mrs  Christabel  (Sr Christabel)    née Duncan
b  4.8.1876;  h Rutherford, Waddell  b  1852  m  3.12.1923  d  16.4.1932
Deaconess College Melbourne Australia
Ord  Deaconess, Melbourne  17.3.1901;  came to NZ in 1901.
Rev Rutherford Waddell had the vision to see the need for Deaconesses. The
Methodist Church had brought Sr Olive from Australia to work in Dunedin,
and thus Rev. Waddell was able to gain support for an order in NZ.  He wrote
to the Principal of the Deaconess Training Institute in Melbourne, to select a
Deaconess for Dunedin. They chose Sr Christabel, who came (after initial
reluctance) and soon won a place in the hearts of the poor and needy.  She
arrived in 1901;  the Deaconess Order was established in NZ in 1903, and the
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute (PWTI) began that year in Dunedin.
(see under H.H. Driver)
Deaconess St Andrews Dunedin  DnP  1901-23 (given 2 years leave for PWMU
work.) - was first Deac of the NZ Presbyterian Church 1901.
Secretary  PWMU 1919-21;  & again  1935-43
She married Rev Rutherford Waddell on  3.12.1923
PSSA  Wellington City Work  1944-48
St Davids Upper Hutt  WnP  1950 for 2 months.
Died  20.9.1962 at Sydney, Australia aged  86

WADDELL, Rev Dr Rutherford                           B.A., M.A.,D.D.
b 1852 Glenarm, County Antrim, Ireland.
w (1) Kathleen Maud Newman b - m 1883 in Ireland d 7.9.1920
(She was an invalid for many years)
w (2) Sr. Christabel Duncan (see separate entry) b 4.8.1876 m 3.12.1923
d Sydney 20.9.1962
Son of Rev Hugh Waddell; after leaving school he spent 4 years as a drapery
apprentice in Banbridge, and then entered Queens College, Belfast & Theological
Hall Belfast; he then volunteered for mission service in Syria, but was not accepted.
Gained BA in March 1875 & MA at Queen’s (Now Royal) University in 1875.
Licensed & Ordained by Presbytery of Ards (sic?), County Down, Ireland in 1876. 
Then he decided to come to NZ and arrived in 1877.
Ind. Lincoln & Prebbleton ChP  25.9.1877,  18 months.
St Andrews Dunedin DnP 18.4.1879 - retired  30.6.1919, after serving there 40 years. 
St Andrews was the first congregation to adopt the 'own missionary' scheme (at one time
they had three ‘own’ missionaries) and contributed generously to general missions as
well. In a sermon in 1888 he first drew attention to the issue of "sweated labour" which
was then  rife in Dunedin.  He suggested establishing an independent tribunal to keep a
balance between masters and men.  The issue was gradually taken up by papers
and public bodies;  a commission investigated conditions in 1888-89. Its disclosures led
to the passing of the Arbitration Acts.  He was a member of a committee set up in 1888
to establish kindergartens; he was the founder of the Prison Reform Assn; founder and
first editor of “The Outlook”.
He had a graceful literary style, and for many years contributed to the Press of NZ.
He also published 8 volumes of essays between 1907 and 1926.
' His sermons expounded the scriptures in the light of current problems in private
and public life.  He also gave lectures on literature, and the Christian  faith.  He
wrote a weekly article for the Evening Star Dunedin for many years.  He was not
robust, but behind a slender body, there was a personality of great strength and
conviction combined with gentleness and sensitivity.  His deafness isolated him
greatly, but suffering kindled his sympathies & released his compassion. He was
a pastor of deep understanding and spiritual power.' (From Obituary)
' He was one of our greatest preachers.  His literary gifts enabled him to serve a
great ministry through his writings.  He took a leading part in a number of social
movements, including reform of labour conditions, prison reform, prohibition.
He interested himself and others in the establishment of technical classes,
kindergartens & institutions for the religious education of the young.'
In 1897 he received a DD from the General Assembly of the Theological College,
Belfast.  He was the author of ' Behold the Lamb of God ' and other publications.
Retired to “Dreamthorpe”, Otago Peninsula
Died 16.4.1932  Dunedin and interred with his first wife in the Southern cemetery, Dunedin.

WADDELL, Rev  Samuel
b 17.1.1884; w Hannah b 25.4.1874 m 26.12.1912 d 25.10.1952
He came to NZ under the HM scheme of Dr Gibb
HM  Tuatapere  SP  3.1921,  Ord HM 1921
Bluff  SP  1927
Died  11.6.1932  in office

WADE, Rev  Bryan  Maxwell                               M.Sc.
wife Anne Easter   married  12 December 1970
Hall  1968-1971  Reported 1969: he interrupted his course to spend a yearr in secular employment, 1969.
Ordained Tamaki, Auckland Presbytery, 25 November 1971 — resigned 16 March 1975 and withdrew.
Minister within the Bounds Auckland Presbytery, May 1999
Lodged Certificate, Auckland Presbytery, 21 December 2006
Removed from the roll, 20 September 2019

WADHAM,  Mr  Kay  R.
Hall  1935-7;  instead of entering the min he became a teacher at Scots
Coll, Wn &  was there for many yrs.

WAIGHT, Rev Tom A.                Dip. Theol., Dip. Min.,
Ordained 1995
St. Andrew’s Marton  WgP  Nov 1995
Moderator of Wanganui Presbytery 2004
Moderator of the Presbytery of Manwatu – Wanganui (amalgamated) 2004

WAIHAPE, Miss  Kathleen
Maori Miss
Nuhaka  Hostel, Assist  1.1.1949  res  28.2.1951

WAINWRIGHT, Rev  Percy  John
b 30.10.1883 Birmingham; 
w Sarah  Jane  b 18.9.1881  m 29.8.1908  d 17.7.1974
He began as an engineering apprentice,  pattern-maker.  He then studied for the
Baptist ministry in England.
Licenced by the Baptist Church England
Ordained by the Baptist Union, England Sept 1909
Came to NZ in 1912 as Baptist Minister at Petone then at Gisborne. 
He resigned from Baptist Ministry at Gisborne; then worked at his trade  for a time. 
He applied to PCNZ  to be received as a Minister, and  was accepted by the General
Assembly in 1921.
Ind  Matawhero  Gisborne HBP 13.4.1922
Taumarunui  WkP  6.3.1924
Morningside, Auckland  AP  17.5.1927
Birkenhead, Auckland  NSP  30.5.1930
Island  Bay, Wellington  WnP  18.7.1933
Tauranga  BPP  2.2.1943 - retired 31.10.1948
Died  9.11.1972

WAKELIN, Lillian
Local Ministry Team, Hinds Co-operating Parish, Ashburton 2008-2009

WAKELING, Rev  W.J.  Douglas
Methodist Church
St Davids Union Carterton  WpP 2.1971  to  1977
Hauraki Plains Co-op  WkP  11.2.1988; term completed  31.1.1994.

WALCH, Rev  Margaret  Helen  (earlier  Sr  Helen)
Hall  (& Deac Coll)  1969-71
Ord  Deac  PSSA  Wn  Social  Workere  24.2.1972
Ord Min & confirmed Social Worker Wn  4.5.1975
Mt Victoria  (earlier  Kent Tce  WnP)  2.3.1976
Director,  Inner City Ministry  Wn  (Ecum)  10.1984 
Res fr PCNZ 16.7.1991

b. 27 Jun 1942, Peebles, Scotland
w. Jemima Robertson  m. (?) Southtafts, Egishay, Orkney 30 Mar 1887,  d. 1889
Arrived in NZ on the “Waipa” 19 July 1889. Jemima died on board ship in Wellington
Harbour from Rheumatic Fever and is buried on Soames Island.
Ordained Strath Taieri  (Middlemarch)  21.10.1890 
Church Extension Report for 1892 states he is doing good work at Strath Taieri.
Suspended for Gross Misconduct 3.3.1893
In later years he lived with his son and daughter in law in Wellington.
Died Wellington 28 April 1931

St Columba Taradale  HBP  (exchange)  1982

WALKER,  Sr  Alison  Margaret 
b 16.5.1941  Dn  -  unm
She grew up in Cong Ch;  employment in Knox Coll Library Dn led her to Pres
Ch &  Deac Coll
Deac  Coll  1963-5
MMarchweil  Union  Timaru  few  mths  early  1966
Ord  Deac  Marchweil  Union  Timaru  25.5.1966  res  30.9.1966
PSSA  Wn  1966
Died  7.6.1968

WALKER, Rev Brett James   B.A., B.Th.(Hons), P.G.Dip., M.Th.(Otago)
w Susan Jane  m 14.1.1984
Theological Hall  1990
Licensed St Peters Tauranga  16.12.1990
Ordained  Flagstaff  Union Dunedin  DnP  24.1.1991
Taradale-St.Columba’s Presb. Church  BPP  Feb 1985
Moderator of Gisborne-Hawkes Bay Presbytery 2004

WALKER, Rev Brian
Baptist Union of New Zealand
Received and inducted as Minister, St Andrew's / Balmoral Parish, Balclutha Clutha Presbytery, 10 December 2006
Minister Emeritus, Mataura Presbytery, 18 January 2010
Minister Emeritus, Kaimai Presbytery, 31 January 2011

WALKER, Sr  Edith  Alma  (Sr Edith)
b 19.1.1886  at Waikumete, Auckland.
Educated at Avondale Primary School and Colwell’s Business College, Auckland.
Worked as a Shorthand Typist.
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute, Dunedin (dates not known)
Ordained Deaconess in 1916
She first intended to serve with the Sudan United Mission, but when she was rejected,
she turned to the Maori Mission field.
Joined the Maori Mission Staff 1915.
Nuhaka 1.1.1915  (as Assistant to Sr Jessie Alexander)
Whakaki  1.7.1920
Waikaremoana  1930
Tokaanu  1935
Waimana - in charge of first Maori Language School for prospective Mission staff 1940-42
Retired from Maori Mission 31.8.1949 after 35 years service.
In retirement (honorary capacity) 1950-60 :
Relieving Matron of David Hogg Memorial Hostel, Whakatane
Ruatahuna Mission Station
Tokaanu Mission Station
Also assisted with translation work.
Died  9.7.1969

WALKER, Rev  Edward  W.  (Ed)
b 15.1.1874; w Rose  E.  b 24.6.1873  m 7.5.1902  d 29.3.1967
He came as a HM fr Tasmaniain  1905  & worked at Ormond while studying.
HM  Ormond  stud  1905;  lic authorized  11.1909
Ord  Ormond  Gisborne  16.3.1910
Bluff  SP  6.6.1913
Leeston  ChP  27.3.1918
He took a prominent part in Temperance work.
Died  7.1.1923

WALKER, Sr  Erice  Jean  (Sr  Erice)                   Mrs  K.  Carley  B.A.
h  Keith William Carley  m. 16.1.1965
Deaconess College, Dunedin  1961-63
Ord Deaconess, St Marks, Christchurch  19.11.1963 - resigned Jan 1965 to be married.

WALKER,  Rev  Johnstone
fr  Scot,  arr  1878
Lower Wairarapa  supply  1878-9
He worked for some mths under Nth Ch  Ch Ex Com;  then was induced to
leave for health reasons.

WALKER,  Rev  Leslie  Norman
b. 26 January 1886 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to Alexander and Annabella Walker
w Florence Gertrude Dewar 1913
Educated Toowoomba GS, matricated University of Sydney
Home Missionary Stanthorpe, Presbyterian Church of Queensland c 1908
Nambour 1913
He came from Queensland to New Zealand in 1913.
Home Missionary Papakura  South Auckland Presbytery  1913
Clevedon  South Auckland Presbytery  1915
Theological Hall, Dunedin  1916-1918
Licenced 1918
Ordained  Riversdale  Mataura Presbytery  22 January 1919
Teviot  (Roxburgh  Central Otago Presbytery)  29 January 1920
Hamilton,  Brisbane  Queensland  Australia  31 August 1923
Gunnedah, New South Wales Australia 29 April 1925
Died  23.7.1926 at Gunnedah of Typhoid. Had gone blind
Grandson of Rev. Robert T Walker of Victoria, Australia. Sister a deaconess

WALKER,  Rev  Peter
wife (1) Rose married  30.1.1959 (divorced 1984)
wife (2) Judy married 1985
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1964-1966
Licensed by Presbytery of Wanganui, 1967
Ordained Waimarino, Wanganui Presbytery, 2 February 1967 — resigned 8 September 1970
Chaplain, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Whenuapai, 19 November 1970
Chaplain, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Woodbourne, 12 February 1974 — resigned  31 January 1977
Presbyterian Ssocial Service Association Field  Officer, Blenheim, and
Honorary Assistant Minister (part-time), Blenheim Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 10 April 1977
Resigned 15 February 1985 and withdrew.
Minister within the Bounds, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, February 1985
Vocational guidance counsellor, Labour Department, Blenheim; Medical Social Worker, Wairau Hospital, Blenheim, six years until retirement at 60.

WALKER,  Rev  Robert  Langlands                       M.A.
b 21.4.1864
w  Mary  Margaret  b  9.5.1893  m 31.7.1922  d 10.2.1972
Studied at St Andrews University; then United Presbyterian College for Theology
at Edinburgh.
Licensed by UPC Presbytery of Edinburgh 1888
Ord Haddington 10.9.1891,  served 10 years;  came to NZ 1902
Ind  St  James  Auckland  AP  26.11.1902 - resigned  28.2.1921
He lost his entire family by death during 1919-20, resigned and returned to Scotland
to recuperate  1921;  returned again to NZ to -
Ravensbourne, Dunedin  DnP  14.8.1922
Matawhero  GP  6.6.1926 - retired 30.6.1929
St  Andrews  Suva,  Fiji AP - supply 3 months 1935
He was a scholarly man, in philosophy, Latin, Greek, German, French.
(The wife given above was presumably his 2nd wife, his first wife being lost with
the family in 1919-20)
Died  25.3.1956

WALL,  Mr  H.
Maori Miss  -  Helper  1932; no further information.

WALL,  Rev  Kenneth  (Ken) Gordon                       L.Th.
wife Sandra Lynnette married 20 August 1966, part-time Hokowhitu Children's Centre
Theological Hall, 1971-1973
Ordained Greytown Union, Wairarapa Presbytery, 31 January 1974
St  James', Wanganui, 31 August 1978
Westbury Parish (Uniting Church of Australia), Tasmania, Australia (Exchange Ministry), December 1985 to February 1986
(Rev Bob Fraser of Westbury Parish served concurrently at St James')
Kapiti  Co-operating  Collegiate  (Raumari  Wellington Presbytery),  24 May 1987
St.Andrew’s, Gisborne, Gisborne Presbytery,  November 1995
Gisborne Presbyterian Parish,  Gisborne Presbytery, February 2001
Moderator of Gisborne Presbytery 2003
St Marks & St Andrew’s, Palmerston North, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, 30 January 2005
Minister Emeritus, 16 February 2013
Member, St Paul's Palmerston North
Senior Active Minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 1 October 2015
Transitional Minister, St Andrew's Hamilton, 1 October 2015

WALL,  Rev  Thomas  Malcolm  Henry             B.Th., A.N.Z.I.M.
w  Helen  Blanche   m 26.11.1966
Theological Hall  1985-87
Ord  Woodville  Union  MnP  31.1.1988
Te  Kuiti  &  Kihikihi  Shared  Union  28.10.1993
St. Andrew’s Presb. Church Kihikihi Oct 1993
Minister Emeritus 1 Aug 2005

WALLACE,  Rev  Arthur  Roxborough
born 29 July 1907
wife  Evelyn Jessie McIvor, born 9 August 1910, married 24 March 1941 died 1981
St John’s College, Auckland
Ordained into the Anglican Church, 17 August 1932
Theological Hall, 1939-1940
Takapau-Norsewood, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 9 January 1941
St  James Auckland, 28 February 1945
Kerang, Victoria, Australia, 29 October 1949, for health reasons, and withdrew from New Zealand Church.
Served in Parishes in Victoria and South Australia
Retired to Ballarat , Victoria in 1973
died 1988 aged 80

WALLACE,  Rev  Dorothy
h. Bill Wallace, seperated & divorced in 1990, reconciled & re-married again in 1997
Dorothy accepted Christ as her Lord and Saviour on 8th May 1978 and from that moment on lived
joyfully in the service of Christ and his Church.
Leader of the Team Section of the St Andrew's New Plymouth Boy's Brigade 1982-89
Spent one year at the Bible College of New Zealand 1990
Appointed an Elder of St Andrew's New Plymouth in 1991, going on to take a paid position as
Pastoral Secretary in 1995
After becoming increasingly involved in pastoral work with the Frankleigh Park congregation she
received a call to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament.
Ordained Assistant Minister (Limited Local Ministry) St Andrew’s New Plymouth  TkP  Nov 26 Nov 2000
Despite some ill-health, continued pastoral work with the Frankleigh Park congregation
Moderator of Taranaki Presbytery January 2002 to 2004
"She filled the role with great enthusiasm, and was particularly appreciated for the considerable
amount of pastoral ministry she offered to clergy and their families in the Presbytery."
Resigned from St Andrew's due to ill-health in 2003.
Minister within the Bounds  TkP  1 Aug 2003
"The next few years saw a deterioration in Dorothy's health, yet her witness, right to the end, was of God's
faithfulness and joy in his spirit." [from Memrorial Minute]
Died 2nd April 2007.

WALLACE,  Rev  George
b 12.11.1878;  w  Catherine  P. b 29.12.1874  m  25.6.1902  d  3.5.1964
HM  Katikati  WkP  1915
Blackball  WsP  1917,  Ord  HM  1917
Hedgehope  SP  1918
Hall  1922-4
Ord  Min  Waiareka  (Enfield  NOP)  11.1924  res 26.3.1931  &  returned to
Scot with his wife.
St  Andrews  Motherwell  Scot  1933  ret 31.12.1949 & remained  in Scot.
Died  21.1.1953  Scot.

WALLACE,  Miss  I.R.                      M.A.
Maori Miss
Turakina  Maori  Girls  Coll.  Acting  Principal  1967

WALLACE,  Rev  James (Jim) Martin               B.Sc., B.Soc.Sc., B.Th.
wife: Rosemary Ina married 11 January 1975
Grew up on a sheep and cattle farm on Mount Taranaki, attended Mahoe school; family moved to Matamata when he was 14
Converted to Christianity from atheism while completing a Bachelor of Science at Waikato University, graduated 1973
Theological Hall, 1977-1979
Ordained  Waihi, Waikato Presbytery, 27 January 1980
St  Johns, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 6 February 1986
Associate Minister, St Peter’s Tauranga,  Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 18 April 2002
Bethlehem Community Church, Bay of Plenty, 30 May 2004
Minister, St Enoch’s Presbyterian Church, Tauranga, Kaimai Presbytery, 25 January 2011

WALLACE,  Rev  John
fr Scot,  came  as  prob  of  FC
Ord Devonport  NSP  12.3.1866
Whangarei  NP  9.2.1870  res  14.11.1877 in ill-health to take a sea voyage.
Returned to Scotland.

WALLACE,  Rev  William  Greig
HM  Dannevirke  HBP  1890  res  1892
Listed  as  stud  prch    HBP  1894,  but no  station  stated.
No further mention.

WALLACE,  Rev  William  Jackson Semple
b 20 April 1918  Dunedin;
w (1) Marion  Beatrice,  b 19 August 1919 m 1 April 1942 d 4 October 1946, daughter of Rev Thomas Miller
w (2)  Gladys Janet Lindsay Craig, b 21 October 1919 m 20 May 1948 died 5 April 2015
Home Missionary (Summer Supply), Pongaroa, 31 November 1938 to 1 March 1939
Home Missionary (Student Supply), Henderson, Auckland Presbytery, 1 March 1939 to 1 February 1940
St  Stephens, Lower  Hutt  (Student Supply - Upper Hutt Outfields), Wellington Presbytery, 1 February 1940 –
Resigned 1 March 1941
Theological Hall, 1942-1944
Ordained Dipton, Southland Presbytery, 11 November 1944
Mataura, Mataura Presbytery, 1 May 1949
St  Andrews, Invercargill, 10 April 1969 - resigned 30 June 1977 due to ill-health and went on half-time.
Retired December 1978. 
In retirement Chaplain to PSSA  Homes Invercargil, until illness in 1983.
Father of Mrs Marion B Rae (Wife of Rev SH Rae)            
Died 27 September 1983.

WALLACE, Rev. William Livingston (Bill) B.A. (Auckland), Dip. Ed.(Otago)
Born 9 April 1933 to William Wallace and Edith (Chamberlain)
Raised in Christchurch attended Fendalton Open Air School and St. Andrew’s College, Christchurch, Canterbury and Auckland Universities.
Trinity Methodist Theological College, Auckland 1958-1960
Wife (1) Margaret Joan Simpson (daughter of Rev. Ewen Simpson- Baptist Minister), married 1961, divorced 1981 Warden, Salmond Hall 1988, and Stundholme Hall 1990 — retired 2002.
Wife (2) Barbara Aspell (nee Haller) married (1) Rev Colin Paxton Aspell, United Kingdom died, married (2) 1995? died September 2023 aged 85
Ordained Methodist Conference 3 Nov 1963
Probationer then Minister Port Chalmers Methodist 1961-1964
Assistant Minister St. Paul’s Methodist Palmerston North 1964-1966
Minister Maori Hill Methodist and Roslyn Methodist 1966-1968
Minister West Dunedin Union Parish 1969?
Minister Brockville Union Parish 1970-1972
Minister Islington Methodist Parish 1973-1981
Minister Parklands Co-operating Parish 1982-1988
TVNZ Praise Be Co-ordinator
Minister Wainuiomata Union Parish 1988-1995
Wellington Fieldworker? Christian World Service 1988-1995?
Retired 1995
Prolific contributor to, where on that website alone he has over 200 hymns and 260 pages of other worship material.
His hymns have appeared in 13 different denominational hymn books and 17 other hymn collections.
Brother-in-law of Rev. Ron Bichan and Rev. Scott Dalziell

WALLIS, Rev Alec                       M.A.
Churches of Christ, New South Wales, Australia
Lay supply St Columba Tauranga, 1 July 2021
Other recognised minister, and stated supply Tauranga – St Columba Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 18 December 2021.
Other recognised minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 24 April 2022

WALLIS,  Rev.  Helen  Frances   (Previously Rev HF Richards)   
Dip.Min., Dip.Th., N.Z.R.N., R.M., P.C.Psy.       
husband  R. John Wallis  married 31 May 1981
Nurtured in the Christian faith and worshipped in the Anglican Church, grew up in Masterton and Christchurch
Trained as a nurse at Timaru Public Hospital with experience covering obstetrics, plastic surgery, midwifery, clinical tutoring, and psychiatric nursing.
Public health nurse, Ashburton, 1967-1970
Felt a call at the age of 33, touched by the words 'feed my sheep' in a sermon
Canon law prevented the ordination of Anglican women in the early 1970s and a process of discernment began an association in a Presbyterian parish
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1976-1978 
Ordained Lawrence-Waitahuna, Central Otago Presbytery, 28 November 1978
Green Island, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 27 September 1984 — resigned 31 October 1985
Ecumenical Chaplain, Christchurch Women’s Hospital, 13 February 1986 — resigned 22 October 1993
Amberley-Sefton, 1 November 1993
Oreti Parish, Southland Presbytery, 6 February 1994 (later joined the new Central Southland Parish)
Ecumenical Chaplain, Timaru (3 year term)
St David’s Union, Ashburton, Ashburton Presbytery, January 2002 — resigned January 2003 due to ill health, returning to ministry 18 months later
Minister within the Bounds, Dunedin Presbytery, 2004
Minister within the Bounds, Central Otago Presbytery, 7 Mar 2005
Interim Minister, St Stephen's, Timaru (Special Ministry) South Canterbury Presbytery, 1 July 2007
Minister Emerita, Christchurch Presbytery, 21 January 2008
The Right Rev Victoria Matthews, Bishop of Canterbury, invited her to re-affirm her vows to return to the Anglican Church as a priest, 2010
Priest-in-charge, Oxford-Cust Anglican Parish
Minister Emerita, Southern Presbytery, 3 September 2013
Moved to Ashburton, 2017, a member of the Ashburton Red Hat Society
Interim minister, St Paul's and St James Presbyterian Parishes, Timaru

WALLIS,  Rev  Dr James                M.D.
Previously a Missionary in Demerara
Appointed by Session of  St  Andrews  Auckland  10.1865 to work the upper end of Symonds
Street (now called St Davids) - resigned  1868. 
He came into collision with St James Session and with Presbytery and resigned 1.7.1868
He then went to Matanana Valley, Wanganui, but returned to Auckland where he established
an Independent Congregation and built a Church called 'Newton Kirk' (claiming to follow
Newton Independents) of which he was the Minister.
At one time also a Farmer.

WALLIS, Mrs R.J.                   see                        Richards, Helen

WALLS, Mr  Bob          &   Mrs  Barbara
Overseas Volunteer Workers
Apia  Samoa, teachers,  trade training, in Land Development Scheme of Ekalesia,
Metotisi  1987-9.
When they left for Samoa in 7.1987 Bob had retired as Head of the Engineering
Dept at Otumoetai Coll (near Tauranga).   He had prepared an on-site report on
the setting up of an Industrial Arts & Home Economics Course in the Meth Ch
School at Levaula, near Apia.  They returned to NZ in 7.1989, having not only
built the classrooms, but established a Course, whhich teaches safety attitudes &
skills, develops confidence & technical experience, uses local materials, &
integrates traditional  crafts with introduced technology.

WALLS, Mr J.Keith           & Mrs
Overseas  Workers  -  Hong Kong
Teachers  Hong  Kong  1967;  there was no staff vacancy in our Miss staff, but
they accepted position as Headmaster & teacher at Ming Kei Coll, Hong Kong,
positions under Hong Kong Council, on their staff  1967-

WALLS, Sr  Mary  Yvonne                               (Mrs  G.  Johnston)
b 15.2.1930
h. Mr Graeme Johnston
Two years secondary education at Wanganui Technical College.
Undertook Nursing training graduated in General Nursing, Maternity, Plunket and
Tuberculosis patient care. Especially interested in leprosy.
Employed by the Health Dept. as a District Nurse.
Deaconess College, Dunedin 1 Aug 1958 to 26.10.1958  
Missionary New Hebrides  (Vanuatu)
Appointed as Senior Sister (1st Matron) of Vaemali  Hospital, Epi  1.8.1958 
Dedicated for Mission work by South Auckland Presbytery in Papakura Church 9.11.1958
Left for New Hebrides via Sydney 21.11.1958
Resigned  Sept. 1964 and returned to NZ 10.10.1964, after 6 years pioneering work, to marry
Graeme Johnston, RadioTechnician in the New Hebrides. 
Off Mission staff from 10.2.1965

WALLS,  Rev  Thomas                      M.A.
fr  CS  Scot
Ind  Woodville  MnP  1893  res  23.10.1894  -  to  Scot
Returned to NZ  &  recd  by  Ass  1896
Ngaruawahia  WkP  31.8.1896  res  31.8.1897
Te  Aroha  WkP  1898  ret  1905  -  ret to Taieri  Mouth.

WALSH,  Rev  Ernest  Charles
b  9.12.1903  Christchurch
w. Weira  Jean  b. 2.2.1902  m. 31.5.1934  d. 1997
The third of 12 children, he attended Richmond Primary School, leaving at age 12 with
a Proficiency Certificate. Worked as a butcher boy then became an apprentice Carpenter
and Joiner. After moving to Pukekohe, he attended a full time course at the Bible Training
Institute for 2 years. Joined the Home Missionary service Jan 1929, took the HM course.
HM  Mamaku (Ngongataha) WkP Jan 1929 – his only transport being a horse.
Tolaga Bay  GP  1931,  Ord  HM  29.3.1932
Denniston  WsP  1932 – an impoverished mining town 2,000 ft above sea level and lived
in a corrugated iron ‘manse’.
HM Hinds  AsP  1936
HM Johnsonville  WnP  1937 – attended Victoria University for 3 years while at Johnsonville.
HM Waitati  DnP  1940 – ministered to 3 churches while studying at the Hall and was also
a member of the local Home Guard. 
Theological Hall  1940-42 – Winner of the Ebenezer No 2 prize, coming second behind Lloyd
Ord. Roslyn Dunedin (Locum Tenens) DnP 1.12.1942 to 1943 while their minister was away
during the war.
Mornington  Dunedin DnP  14.10.1943 – at Mornington Ernie began a career of expanding
preaching stations within a Parish, acquiring land and having plans drawn for a second
church in the Parish.
St  Heliers AP 21.6.1951
St  Cuthberts East Coast Bays NSP  13.2.1964 - retired 30.4.1969
Maungaturoto NP (light duty) 1973 - resigned  1976
“He was blessed with a friendly nature and an outgoing personality and was greatly loved
by his congregation. He had a special gift for preaching and his sermons were frequently
enhanced by his remarkable ability to recite from memory long passages of scripture. Ernie
related well with children and young people.
Retirement brought further work [at] New Plymouth, Maungatoroto, Tauranga, the Masonic
Village and finally voluntary work at the Lady Allum Home.” (from Obituary)
Died 30 Oct 1997, 6 months after his wife Jean.

WALTERS,  Mr  Stephen
HM  Beaumont  ClP  1909
Rewa  WgP  1911-2

WALTON,  Mrs  P.
Maori  Miss
Maranga Maori Girls Hostel Ak,  Matron  1972

WANDEN,  Rev  Miss  Marilyn  Olive                        B.A.,B.D.
Theological Hall  1973-5
Ordained  Assist  Hawera  TkP  12.2.1976
St  Davids  Marchwiel  Union  Timaru  24.10.1978
St  Giles  Kilbirnie  WnP  16.9.1982  res  30.4.1989
Khandallah  WnP  SS  1.8.1989  to  31.10.1989
Stokes  Valley  WnP  part-time  9.11.1989, term completed 31.10.1993
Continued as ITIM  Chaplain.
Secretary to Council of Assembly & Executive Officer of the General Administration
Committee 18.11.1994 
Minister Emeritus  WnP  Aug 1996

WANDEN, Mr Norman
born 16 June 1922 in Palmerston North
w Audrey d 2003
Attended St Andrew's, transferred to St David's Palmerston North 1953
Ordained elder 30 October 1960 serving almost 50 years
Key figure in establishing Milson Combined Church (Anglican-Methodist-Presbyterian) 1976
Presbytery Treasurer 1983-2001
died 3 October 2011 in Palmerston North Hospital

WANSBONE,  Mr  George  H.
HM  Pokenno  SAP  1901; recd as 1st yr stud in  1st  HM course
arranged by Ass  1903
Helensville  AP  1903  - 
Rep  1904: parish divided, & Wansbone  in new section, Kaipara.
Kaipara  NP  1904,  res  fr  HM  serv  1908.

w Linda
Commenced employment, Mossburn Presbyterian Church, Southland Presbytery, 1 February 1992
Lay Supply Part-Time, Te Anau-Mossburn, January 1994
Lay Supply Part-Time, Mossburn, 1997-2000, nine years at Mossburn, the longest serving minister at the church
"When we lived here I was struck by the resilience of the community. There was the blessing of being involved ecumenically with the Anglican and Catholic people here and of people's generosity which looks like it has not changed" (110th Anniversary, June 2016, Newslink, Gore, Southland)

WARD,  Mrs                see                      Grieve, Jessie

WARD,  Mr Edward (Ed) J.                     F.A.B.N.Z.
General Manager of the Presbyterian Bookrooms, appointed 1937, retired 31.7.1968
Secretary of the Young Men’s Bible Class Union 1936-39
Editor of  the YMBC magazine “Four Square” 1929-40
Ordained an Elder in 1937
Session Clerk of St Alban’s Christchurch
Served on a number of Assembly Committees
Fellow and Past President of the Associated Booksellers of New Zealand.

WARD,  Rev  John  Egerton
b 31.7.1860 Bendigo  Vict;
w  Barbara  E.  b 10.11.1867  m 2.7.1893 d 17.9.1942
He came to NZ as a child and was educated in Dunedin, and later at a Protestant Seminary in
France.   After a varied experience during which he acquired a working knowledge of Maori,
he entered Home Mission serv.
HM  Huntly  WkP  1898
He was accepted as Maori Missionary in 1902; he was to begin at Taumarunui on 1.1.1902, but
for lack of a house atTaumarunui his appointment was delayed till near the end of 1902.
Taumarunui  WkP  1902  -  Ordination authorized by Assembly 12.11.1907;
Ordained by WgP at Turakina 12.1907, retired  31.5.1934.
“For the Maori people he had an ardent affection and unsparingly spent himself in their interest.  
He did much to prepare the Maori people for the inevitable changes that came with the advent
of the pakeha into the King Country.”
“He was fluent in Maori and knowledgeable about custom and lore. Before the arrival of a Doctor
in the area, Rev. Ward was a healer of bodies as well as souls, travelling the roadless district with
its unbridged rivers on his horse, Dobbin. Egerton Ward was also a Town Councillor and Deputy
Died  6.7.1940  Auckland,  aged  79.

WARD,  Rev  J.R.
Sth  Invercargill, supplied  1902  -  no further information.

WARD, Rev Dr Kevin                              MA(Hons); Dip Tchg., DipEd., BD., Ph.D (Otago)
From Baptist Churches of New Zealand
Grew up at Timaru Baptist Church, Wilson Street, Timaru
Secondary School Teacher; Baptist Minister - nine years pastoring two Baptist churches
Associate Dean, Bible College, Christchurch Centre, 1990
Pastoral staff (part-time), Spreydon Baptist Church, for five years
PhD looking at the impact of social and cultural changes since the 1960s on the church in New Zealand, three years until 2002
Appointed Lecturer in Church and Society, School of Ministry Knox College, Dunedin January 2003
(Now known at The Knox Centre for Ministry & Leadership)
Granted Minister Full Membership of PCANZ by Dunedin Presbytery  28 March 2003
Adjunct Lecturer in Theology and Religion, University of Otago
Stated Supply, Maungatua Presbyterian Parish, Southern Presbytery, 27 January 2020

WARD,  Mrs  M.                                  M.A., Dip.Ed.
Turakina Maori Girls Coll,  Principal  1966

WARD,  Rev  Richard  J.                    B.H.Sc., B.D.
Theological Hall  1989-91
Ordained  Knox  Feilding (shared  Ministry)  MnP  7.5.1992
Kohimaramara Presb. Church Auckland  AP  Oct 1999
Prison Chaplain, Mount Eden Correctional Facility, and Auckland regional manager for Prison Chaplaincy

WARDLAW,  Rev  Andrew  James  Joseph
b 3.9.1910
w Joyce  Eleanor  Mary  b 29.4.1915  m 9.3.1938
Home Missionary  Plimmerton  WnP  student  1934
Theological Hall, Dunedin  1935-37
Licensed by Wellington Presbytery Dec 1937
Ordained  Waitahuna  ClP  9.12.1937
Grey Lynn-Richmond  AP  2.5.1940
Inglewood  TkP  14.5.1946
Taita  Union  WnP  10.4.1951
Kaitaia  NP  28.8.1957
St  Stephens  Hamilton  31.8.1967
Minister Emeritus  30.9.1975
Parish Associate Trinity (St Heliers) 3.1977-12.1980

WARIN, Rev  Wyvern  Herbert  Dawson            LLB.
b 7.6.1907  Warkworth;
w Pearl Isabel Wickham b 31.5.1913  m 31.10.1936  d 12.11.1986
He practised Law for 9 years.
Theological Hall  1934-36
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 22.10.1936
Ordained Normanby  TkP  1.12.1936
Waikaka  Valley  MtP  3.8.1939
East Taieri  DnP  29.10.1945
Levin  MnP  5.2.1953 - retired 1.12.1967
A crippling stroke in 1967 forced him to retire; he went to live at Bucklands Beach
Auckland and fought his way back to health.
Died  23.5.1979

WARNECKE,  Miss   Gwen
Deac Coll  1958 (special social service course)
Children's Home  1959

WARNER,  Rev  Peter  Robin                B.A., B.D.
w Ronalda  Agnes    m 2.2.1963
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1960-62
Ordained Assistant Minister Te Kauwhata (Naike  SAP)  3.4.1963
Te Kauwhata  SAP  (in full charge)   17.2.1966 - resigned 30.6.1968 and withdrew to take
up an appointment with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship 1968.
Served at Johore, West Malaysia.
Minister Emeritus Dec 2001
Died Nov 2007

WARNER, Mr Philip Charles (Phil)
St Andrew's-Marton Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, 1 February 2012
Ordained Locally Ordained Minister Probationary Marton St Andrew's, Central Presbytery – Nukuhau Tapu, 24 November 2013; reduced to 67 percent time, 1 July 2017
Minister emeritus, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 12 Nov 2019

WARNER, Rev. Sandra May                 B.A., B.Th., DipCoun.    
(Refer also entry for Sandra Hudson-Owen)
husband(1) Anthony Craig Campbell, married 16 August 1986 divorced 15 December 1989
husband(2) Paul Warner, married 6 October 1990
Theological Hall, 1984-1986
Ordained St Giles, Mt Roskill, Auckland Presbytery, 4 December 1986
New Zealand Army Chaplain, 15 September 1992
Served as Chaplain to New Zealand Peacekeepers in Bosnia, September 1995 to 1 January 1996
Received the New Zealand Operational Services Medal and the United Nations Peacekeeping Medal.
St Peter's, Ellerslie-Mt. Wellington, Auckland Presbytery, April 1996
Point Chevalier Co-operating Parish, Auckland Presbytery, 21 July 2008
Morrinsville Knox Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 9 February 2017
Inducted to St Columba Presbyterian Church, Tauranga, Kaimai Presbytery, 12 February 2023

WARNOCK, Rev  Robert
b 1.12.1889
w Louise Ellen  b 4.8.1875  m 26.3.1917  pred h.
He came from Scotland in 1914 & entered the Home Missions service.
HM Pukekohe Outfields  SAP  1914
Kanieri Outfields  WsP  1916,   Ord HM 1916
NZEF;  war service  11.1.1917  to  22.7.1919; he entered the army as a medical
orderly, and on discharge returned to HM service.
St Heliers Auckland AP  1919
Theological Hall 1921-23
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 9 Oct 19__(?)
Ord Minister Te Puke  BPP  25.3.1924
St Albans Christchurch ChP  3.7.1930
St Davids Palmerston North 17.11.1938 - retired 28.2.1955
Hanmer [supply] 1955
Died  30.8.1971, aged 81 years, at Woburn Home Lower Hutt.

WARREN,  Miss  B.
Overseas Worker , with Asia Pacific Christian  Mission -
Papua New Guinea  1975
Dauli Teachers College, Tari  PNG  1977

WARREN, Rev Johanna F.            B.A., B.D.
Ordained 1995
Halkett, Christchurch Presbytery, November 1995
St Andrew’s, Blenheim, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery,  June 2000
Minister, Feilding Oroua Presbyterian Parish, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 6 August 2016
Minister, Hakatere Presbyterian, Ashburton, Alpine Presbytery, 21 November 2019 — retired 22 January 2023 aged 68
Minister Emerita, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 31 January 2023

WARREN,  Rev  King  Lincoln               M.A.
b 15.4.1901  Sydney
w Elizabeth  b 17.11.1907  m 1.3.1933
He came to NZ when young, educated in Dunedin; was farming until he entered Otago
Theological Hall  1930-32
Ordained Pahiatua MnP  22.12.1932
Clevedon  SAP  30.9.1937
Kihikihi  WkP  7.9.1944
Waikari  ChP  6.9.1951
St Davids Chch  10.5.1956
Awatere-Flaxbourne  NMP  9.2.1965
Brother-in-law of Rev J.S. Freeman
Died  7.9.1966 Seddon, in office

Maori Missionary
Matahi Mission School  7.2.1951 - resigned 31.5.1952

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