Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Lafferty to Lewis

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LAFFERTY, Rev Raymond George
b 8.11.1933; w Pamela May  m 28.11.1959
Hall 1967-9
Ord Assist Howick AP  5.2.1970 res 30.6.1975  & wthd.
Died  24.6.1994 

LAGALUGA, Rev Eveni Hope                 L.Th., Q.S.M.
wife Betty Luina Matafetu married 30 August 1958
Theological Hall 1976-1988;  after Hall employed in Otara.
Ordained Associate Minister Otara Pacific Island Church, South Auckland Presbytery, 17 December 1981
Associate Minister, Mangere Pacific Island Church, Auckland Presbytery, 24 Novmember 1983
Minister Emeritus, December 1998
Invested Queen's Service Medal, Auckland 24 July 2020

LAI, Rev Chi-Sang (Nathaniel)
Auckland Chinese Christian Church  AP  17 Oct 2002

LAING, Miss Elizabeth
Overseas Worker PNG, with Wycliffe Bible Translators in PNG c 1960

Maori Miss - daughter of Rev  A. Laishley. 
Turakina Maori Girls Coll, teacher 1923 res 1924 ill-health; returned as reliever 1926.
Co-founder of the “Busy Bees” when at Bluff in Southland.

LAISHLEY, Rev Alfred
born 3 August 1858, Hampshire, England
Wife: Sarah born 24 May 1858 married 27 October 1892 died 26 August 1938
From the Congregational Church of England
Received by General Assembly, 17 November 1902
Inducted, Bluff, Southland Presbytery, 23 September 1903
Kaiapoi, Christchurch Presbytery, 7 February, 1913
Retired 31 December 1922 due to ill-health
His 2 daughters with their Mother founded the “Busy Bee” Movement.
Died 4 December 1926 at Dunsandel aged 67 years. Buried 6 December 1926 at Dunsandel Cemetery

LALE, Rev. Alofa Ta'ase QSM
born Wellington to Letoa Levine and Galumalemana Vaotupua Samoa Ta'ase, New Zealand-born Samoan from Porirua
Primary school teacher, also taught at secondary level, 15 years experience
Pacific Liaison Officer, Victoria University of Wellington, 1999-2002
Moved to Dunedin to train at School of Ministry, Knox College, 2003
Licensed Wellington Presbytery, 3 December 2006
Otago Peninsula Presbyterian Parish, Dunedin Presbytery 18 October 2007 — parish dissolved April 2015
Stated Supply (12 months) ministry, Dunedin South Presbyterian Church, 14 February 2016
Celebrant, Tautua Consultancy Services
Delegate, Presbyterian Women Aotearoa New Zealand, 60th Commission on the Status of Women, United Nations, New York, 12-24 March 2016
Resigned from ministers roll, 2 October 2016 — reinstated, other recognised minister, Southern Presbytery 20 October 2017
Mission Coordinator, Mercy Hospital, Dunedin, July 2016
President, Dunedin Central Branch, PACIFICA Inc., 2017
President, PACIFICA Inc., 17 April 2021 — ended two-year term March 2023
Trustee, Otago Community Trust board 2021; member, Kaitiaki group, Otepoti Community Builders Network
Inducted Associate Minister, First Church of Otago, Southern Presbytery, 4 November 2021
Queen's Service Medal for services to the community, King's Birthday 5 June 2023

LALE, Rev Nimarota
Licensed Wellington Presbytery, 3 December 2006
Ordained and Inducted North Dunedin Pacific Islander's Church, Dunedin Presbytery, 18 February 2007
Other recognised minister, Southern Presbytery, 1 June 2017
Other recognised minister, Northern Presbytery, 3 June 2022

LAMB, Rev Karl
wife Lynley
Southland Boys High School 1982-1985; Bachelor of Ministries, Bible College of New Zealand, 1998; Master of Ministry, University of Otago, 2010
Rodeo Competitor and Farm Manager
Lay pastor, Te Anau Lakeside Church 1998
Fiordland Community Organisation; Director, Community Service, Rotary Club of Fiordland; DARE to Make Change program, Fiordland College
Ordained Local Ordained Minister, Te Anau Presbyterian Church Southland Presbytery 9 September 2004
National Ordained Minister, Te Anau Presbyterian Church, Southland Presbytery, 2 October 2007 — pastoral tie to Te Anau Lakeside Church dissolved 23 October 2013
Removed from Ministerial Roll 23 October 2013
Other recognised minister, Southern Presbytery, 12 September 2021, Supplementary Provisions Chapter 10 pursuant to the Book of Order Chapter 10.32B, Reinstatement to Ministerial Roll
Inducted Mornington Church, Dunedin, Southern Presbytery, 22 May 2022

LAMB, Rev Dr Robert          M.A.,M.B.,Ch.M.,B.D.(Edin), Ed.
b. Matakana, New Zealand 1862.
w. Mary Reiache b. (?), m. (?), d. (?). [she undertook training to assit him in his Missionary work]
Dr Lamb grew up in Christchurch, being a member of St Paul’s Congregation. First Missionary of St. Paul’s.
He undertook an Arts degree at Canterbury College, Christchurch then studied Medicine and Theology in
After graduating M.B., Ch.M. with Honours, he acted as Superintendent of the Cowgate Children's Church,
working among the poor in the slums. He married Mary Reiache prior to returning to New Zealand. He was
then formally engaged by the [Northern] Presbyterian Church of NZ as a Missionary to the New Hebrides.
Licensed by Christchurch Presbytery 27.1.1892
Ordained as Missionary & Physician to the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) at St James Auckland AP 15.2.1892
Sailed for Ambrim with Mrs Lamb in April 1892 and selected Dip Point for Mission Hospital site - 4 acres
cost $10.
Missionary & Physician at Dip Point Hospital, Ambrim -
Two lay assistants, R.M.G. McDowall & J.W. Mansfield, were appointed towards the end of the year.
The work was in full swing when on 4.3.1893 a hurricane levelled the Mission premises and devastated
most of the island.  Mr Mansfield was ill and resigned; Dr & Mrs Lamb lost their first-born twin babies
(James & George); in April 1894, fire destroyed the temporary Mission premises and in October 1894 a
volcanic eruption covered the island with ash. Mr McDowall resigned; Mr Mansfield was reappointed.  New
hospital wing opened August 1896 and later the whole Hospital.  In 1897 Dr Lamb contracted lung trouble
(tuberculosis)  and went to Australia for some months, but his Doctors said it would be suicidal for him to
return to Ambrim; so in April1898 he made his farewell visit. 
He retired to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia because the climate suited him best
after the ill-health he had suffered in the New Hebrides. He practised medicine, but still had a deep interest in
his former work.
1901 Appointed by The General Assembly of the PCNZ as Honorary Superintendant of the Mission Hospital
and continued to receive a salary for two more years.
Report 1902: now residing in NSW Australia on account of his health (tuberculosis).
Report 1902:  He has finished his translation of Luke into Ranon dialect.  Printing is now finished and ready
for binding - 1,000 copies; half the cost being paid by the British & Foreign Bible Society.
Retired 10.11.1904.
“He made the swagmen who regularly passed through the district his special care. Sitting on a log at the
corner of the road near his home, he would talk to them and then take a New Testament from his pocket
and read aloud. When he became too ill to walk to the corner, he went in a carriage. As long as he was
able to go, he sat on the same log waiting.”
His tombstone at Wentworth Falls, following his directions, stands near where the log lay. On it are the
words with which he most often sent the swagmen on their way : “Come unto me all ye that labour and I
will give you rest”.
A memorial tablet to him is situated in the front foyer St Paul’s Trinitry Pacific [Presbyterian] Church in
Author of ‘Saints & Savages’, a story of mission life.
Died of tuberculosis, Wentworth Falls, NSW, Australia 17.6.1907
There were no other children from their marriage.
Refer also entry and photo under "In Memoriam"
His tombstone at the Wentworth Falls Cemetery was privately refurbished June 2008

LAMB, Rev Robert Cameron               B.A.
b 11.8.1910
Theological Hall 1933-35
Ord North Manaia NP 24.2.1937 - resigned from ministry 31.1.1939
Entered the teaching profession.

LAMBERT, Rev Murray John               BTh.
Theological Hall 1989-1991
Licensed St Andrews's Te Puke, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 10 December 1991
Ordained Huntly Co-operative, Waikato Presbytery, 23 October 1992
St. Andrew’s, Matamata  Waikato Presbytery, November 1998
Interim moderator, Huntly Co-operative Parish, Kaimai Presbytery, 1 July 2020

LAMBIE, Rev Robert Neil (Neil)           B.A., B.Ed.St.
born 19 August 1937
wife: Sarah Jane (Janet) born 7 July 1937 married 12 December 1959, died (suddenly) 6 March 2016
Theological Hall 1967-1969 
Ordained Cromwell-Arrowtown, Central Otago Presbytery, 12 February 1970 - resigned 18 January 1973
Chaplain, Scots College, Wellington, 7 February 1973
Deputy Headmaster, Scots College, Wellington, May 1985
Minister Emeritus, May 1996
International Education and Consultancy and Guardian Services, 1996-2013
New Zealand Representative, Swiss Hotel Association International College of Hotel Management (Adelaide South Australia), 1996-2014
Minister Emeritus, Presbytery Central Nukuhau Tapu to Alpine Presbytery, 28 February 2016
Business Convener, Presbytery of Wellington; General Assembly Committee on Church Schools; Chair of Church Service Society; Sea of Faith Westar Institute 'An Advocate for Literacy in Bible and Religion; Secretary, Independent Schools Assistant Teachers Association; President and Secretary, Rotary Club of Wellington South, United World Colleges New Zealand National Committee, Deputy Chair, Education Wellington International, Trustee, New Zealand Japan (McKinnon Nakayama) Youth Peoples' Exchange Programme, New Zealand Institute of Management
died 13 July 2023 at Christchurch Hospital aged 85 years

LAMONT, Rev Robert Martin
b 11.2.1891 on ship in Bombay Harbour, India.
w (1) Elizabeth Mary m before h ord, died 20.2.1942 aged 42 years 
w (2)  Mabel Irene b 1.4.1895 m 11.5.1943 d 2.10.1981
He was brought up in Glasgow.  Formerly a warehouseman and Engineer. Took
night classes during six winters for commercial subjects and night classes for two
winters at a School for Christian Workers at the United Free College in Glasgow.
In 1913 he sailed for Australia. Took a course for Home Missionaries in Australia
then was HM for 5 years in Victoria and in Queensland.
Came to NZ in 1919.
HM Mangapai NP 1919,  Ord HM 1919 - resigned 1920
Re-entered HM service  1922
South Molyneux ClP  1922
Scargill ChP  1926  
Dunback-Macraes NOP 1929
Clive HBP 1.2.1931 – reached Clive but left immediatly after the massive  Hawkes Bay
earthquake on 3 February 1931.
Waitati-Merton DnP  1931
Athol  SP 1935
Ngaruawahia WkP  1942,  raised to full Ministerial status by Assembly 1948.
Rep 1948: he complained he had been unjustly treated in not being given the opportunity
to apply for ministerial status as others had been after the 1945 resolution of Assembly. 
The Committee recommended that he be granted Ministerial status and reverse motion of
the last Assembly to decline him, in view of fact that they can’t be certain he received notice.
Woodville 1948
Taneatua BPP 1952 ill-health
Died 11.9.1956 Whakatane Hosp,  in office

LANDER, Rev David G.                B.A.,M.Div.
From Canada  -  Ord 1970
Inducted Taumarunui WkP  8.8.1984 - resigned 31.5.1987 & returned to Canada.

LANE, Rev Alister
wife: Naomi
St John's in the City, Wellington WnP 2009

LANE, Rev Arthur  Clement
b 27.5.1890, England.
w Edith Marguerite b 1.1.1893 m 14.3.1917  d 20.8.1928
Took a civil service course in England. Formerly a Clerk in England. He served
in World War One where he lost his right arm; after discharge he went farming (in NZ),
then accepted as a Home Missionary and took the HM course.
HM King Country Outfields
Pio Pio WkP  1923
Mangaweka WgP 1925 - resigned from HM service 30.10.1927 
Returned to HM service 1.3.1929
Rewa WgP 1929,  Ord HM 10.10.1929
Bulls WgP  1930
Ohakune & Raetihi WgP 1935
Hauraki Plains WkP 1938
Wairarapa Outfields WpP 1941
Greytown WpP 1944
Eketahuna-Pongaroa WpP 1946
Mangakino (?)
Mangere AP 1949 - failing health caused semi-retirement; health improved and allowed
him to return to active ministry.
Katikati BPP 1950
Mangere AP 1951 - retired 1953 through ill-health, and lived in Masterton;
to War Veterans Home Levin 1973.
Died 5.6.1979 War Veterans Home Levin, aged 89 

LANE, Miss F.M.
Maori Miss
Turakina Maori Girls Coll, teacher 25.7.1957 res 31.1.1958

LANE, Rev Robin Humphrey             B.A., B.D., M.A.(Hons, McCorm), M.Soc.Sci, (Hons).
b Timaru 22 September 1935, eldest of three children, family moved to Clifton Hill, Sumer, and Christchurch
Influenced by Malcolm 'Mac' Wilson, chaplain at St Andrew's College
Christchurch University, finished Political Studies at Otago University, 1959
Worshipped at St Ninians and Knox Church
w(1) Mary Maclennan  m 9 January 1960, divorced Febuary 1996
w(2) Jeanette Winifred Brunton m. 20 July 1996
Theological Hall 1960-1962
Begg Travelling Scholar 1960 to McCormick College, Chicago - returned to New Zealand 1968
Ordained Assistant Minister, St Andrews, Wellington Presbytery, 1968
Convener, Life and Work Committee, Waikato
Director, Lay Education Department, - folded into Parish Development and Mission Department 1973
Deputy Director, Parish Development and Ministry Department, Hamilton, 1September 1976  - resigned 1 October 1985
Director Education for Lay Ministry, Wellington, 6.12.1985 and
Associate Minister in the City, St Andrews on the Terrace, Wellington Presbytery,  19 April 1990
Chaplain, Interchurch Trade and Industrial Mission, New Zealand Treasury, State Services Commission,
Department of Conservation, DSIR Head Office – resigned November 1998
Three months study leave, St George's hostel near Jerusalem - Cities of the Gospels, 1996
Called to First Church, Martinborough, Wairarapa Presbytery,  November 1998 - A Modern Model of Ministry (2000)
Convener of the General Assembly Education for Ministry Committee 1995-2001
President of the Wairarapa Union District Council 2001
Minister Emeritus October 2001
Ten month interim ministry, St. Ninian's Karori and three months at Wesley Taranaki Street
Resident at Wobern Retirement Appartments, Lower Hutt

A young man who stated that he was connected with the Poona Indian Mission for some time,
And was accepted as a Home Missionary.
Pongaroa WpP student preacher  1902
Hindon & Lee Stream DnP 1904
Maraekakaho HBP during summer vacation 1906 - student.
No further mention.

LANG, Rev J. Henry
An elder at St Pauls Chch who took up HM work, with a desire to qualify for the full min.
(Rep 1908)
Waimate Outfields SCP 1908
Hall 1907-9
Rep 1909: offered his services to Miss Com; will be loc ten at St Andrews Chch next yr,1910
Rep 1910: accepted appt as Sec YMCA Hyderabad, India, for 3 yrs, since Miss Com had
insufficient funds to send him as Miss.
Rep 1914: still a prob of PCNZ.
Granity WsP  1916
Oxford West ChP 1917,  Ord HM 1917 res fr HM serv 1919.

LANG, Sr Lilian                         Mrs G.R. Baudinet
fr Napier - to PWTI , completed training 1904
St Johns Wn 1905-7          - married.
Died   -

Maori Miss
Artisan Miss app 11.11.1950

LANGE, Mr Jono
Commissioned as intern, Crossway, Christchurch, Alpine Presbytery, 19 February 2023

LANGE, Dr Raeburn T.                                      B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
born Dannevirke
wife Nushka Lange (a Registered Nurse) born Hamilton married 5 February 1977
Educated at Milburn, Kensington, Sawyers Bay and Tuakau Primary Schools, Pukekohe High School and Westlake Boys’ High School. Lived in Hawke's Bay, South Otago, Dunedin, Waikato, Auckland and Christchurch. Auckland University and Master's degree from Otago University.
Tutor in New Zealand and European History at Otago University, 1975-1983.
On Overseas Missions Staff 1 January 1984
Left New Zealand for Fiji 8 January 1984
Appointed Lecturer in Church History at Pacific Theological College, Suva, Fiji, 1984-93
Researcher and writer in Pacific and New Zealand History, Christchurch, 1993
Son of Rev RW Lange

LANGE, Rev Rex Watt
b 20.6.1918
w Barbara Whealen  b 8.8.1921 m 19.2.1947 d 3.2.2005
Grew up on a farm on the East Coast of the North Island. Became an expert ploughman
with a six horse team of draught horses; managed the family farm during the War.
Appointed to the Home Missionary service 15.9.1946
HM Dannevirke Outfields HBP  15.2.1946 (supply to Sept 1946 ?)
Waihola-Milburn ClP 1948 – during this time he undertook extra-mural University studies.
Theological Hall 1954-56
Ordained Tuakau SAP  12.12.1956
Glenfield-Forrest Hill NSP  31.1.1963
Knox Fitzroy New Plymouth 31.3.1977  
Waiuku SAP  SS  14.8.1981 - retired 31.7.1983
“In all his parishes Rex’s ministry was marked by an emphasis on youth work, evangelism,
pastoral visiting, preaching and the nurturing of active and committed discipleship and
lay leadership. He remained firmly evangelical but believed strongly in loyalty and
commitment to the broad national church.
Rex Lange was a man of strong personality. He valued honesty and simplicity and had
no time for pretence or pomposity. He respected people who were decisive, active and
practical. Yet he was a very tender person, who felt things deeply. He liked everything
to be well organised, and parishioners everywhere remembered him for his great sense
of humour.
After retirement in 1983 Rex and Barbara lived in Auckland and for the last three years
of his life in Queenstown. He continued to take services and provide supply ministry,
and indulged his longstanding interest in gardening, tramping and photography”.
(from Obituary)
Father of Rev Dr SM Lange & Dr RT Lange.
Died 27.12.1994

LANGE, Rev Dr. Stuart Mossman               M.A.(Hons), B.D., PhD.(Otago)
Teacher, spent three years in supply ministry after completing B. D.
wife (1) Christine Margaret  married 15 December 1979 died August 2014 from cancer, worked in fashion retail, graduate of Bible College of New Zealand
wife (2) Rose married June 2017
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1985
Licensed by Dunedin Presbytery on behalf of Auckland Presbytery, 17 November 1985
Ordained Tuatapere-Orepuki (rural Southland), Southland Presbytery, 21 November 1985
Part-time Minister at Massey-Riverhead, February 1992, leading ministry staff team, from 40% to 60% service, 1 March 2015
Lecturer in Church History at Bible College of New Zealand (Laidlaw College after 2008), Auckland, 19 July 1990
Vice-Principal 2006-2008; Senior Lecturer 2009- 
Writer and Presenter of the historical DVD documentary Te Rongopai: 200 Years of the Gospel in New Zealand 1814-2014 and author of A Rising Tide: Evangelical Christianity in New Zealand, 1930-1965, (Otago University Press, 2013)
Convener of the Core Doctrine Group; Secretary, then Co-Chair, of Presbyterian AFFIRM 1993-; interim National Director, New Zealand Christian Network
Son of Rev RW Lange.

LANGLEY, Rev John E.
Methodist Church
Whau Valley-Raumanga Union NP 1973
Leigh-Whau Valley 1974
Carterton Union WpP 2.1984 - resigned 12.1986  

HM Waerenga WkP 1924
OngaOnga HBP 1925-26
res fr HM serv 1927

LAPSLEY, Rev William Robin              B.A.,B.D.
born 4 May 1911, Wellington
wife (1) Sylvia Florence Stewart born 26 August 1912 married 30 November 1938 died 6 October 1960 aged 48 years
wife (2) Irene Gertrude born 8 May 1918 married 12 October 1984 died 2017
Studied and qualified as a Pharmacist but felt called to the Ministry.
Theological Hall 1936-1938
Ordained locum tenens, Manaia, Taranaki Presbytery, 23 February 1939
Geraldine, South Canterbury Presbytery, 13 December 1939 — resigned 28 July 1942
Chaplain to Military Forces within New Zealand
Kaurihohore, Northland Presbytery, 24 February 1944
Papakura, South Auckland Presbytery, 16 July 1947
Waihi, Waikato Presbytery, 15 October 1952 — resigned 15 March 1958 and withdrew to become school teacher. Later returned —
Point England, Auckland Presbytery, 17 August 1961 — resigned 30 April 1965
Awhitu, South Auckland Presbytery, light duty, 1 February 1970 — retired 31 December 1976
Awhitu, Stated Supply, 1977
Died 12 January 1992

LARSEN, Mr David Arthur             A.C.A.
Church Office Wellington, joined staff 4 April 1956; later Assistant Treasurer.
General Treasurer of Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 4 November 1970 — retired 31 October 1988
died Sunday 14 February 2021 in Canberra Australia

LARSEN, Rev Karl Theodor Fuglestad          B.A.
b 18.12.1903; w Ruth Olive Bird b 11.10.1905 m 10.5.1933
Hall 1930-2
Ord Amuri ChP 17.11.1932
Lauder COP 31.7.1936
Mornington DnP  13.6.1939
Chap Forces 31.5.1943
Hokitika WsP 20.12.1945 (Chap to Hokitika Mental Hosp fr 1949)
Chap RNZAF Taieri DnP 4.1.1951
Centre Bush SP 11.3.1958
Waihao Valley SCP 17.8.1961  ret 31.7.1966 ill-health

LASI, Rev Tau
Minister of the Methodist Church of New Zealand
completed term at Paeroa Co-operating Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 31 January 2011

LAU’ESE, Rev Motua’i  (Motu)
born 10 September 1928, lay preacher and elder
wife Pisaiga Fa’avevela Seiuli married 5 August 1954, pianist and Sunday School teacher
Hall 1984
Ordained Kennington-Oteramika, Southland Presbytery, 16 February 1986  
Minister Emeritus  31 December 1993
Retired to Auckland, members of St Marks Presbyterian Church, Mangere East, Auckland
Died 1 June 2018 in Auckland

LAU'ESE, Rev Ronald Tema (Ron)             B.Th, PG Dip.Th., Dip.Min.
wife Solialofi Lau'ese died 16 May 2015
Theological Hall Dunedin 1989-1992
Licensed by Avondale Union Church 26 January 1993
Ordained Southland Presbytery Youth Director, 25 February 1993
Pacific Islanders: Manukau (Samoan), Assistant Youth Worker South Auckland Presbytery November 1995
St.Andrew’s and St.Phillips, Birkenhead, Auckland North Shore Presbytery January 1998
Associate Minister, Greyfriars, Mt Eden, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 2 March 2006
Minister St Mark's Mangere East 30 October 2014
strong focus on family ministry, and his music ministry, using his gifts to teach church choirs around New Zealand, Samoa and Australia, and directed school choirs, involved in annual Christmas carol event at the Auckland townhall for a number of years
son of Rev Motua'i and Pisaiga Fa’avevela Lau'ese
died 19 September 2023

LAUGESEN, Dr Brian Murray        M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.S.
b. Christchurch
w Helen Mary McGettigan b. Christchurch m. 13.12.1958. Helen Holds a Diploma of Physical Education.
(Div - now Mrs Helen Glasgow)
Studied English, Education & Psucology part-time at Otago University.
Dr Laugeson educated at St Andrew’s College Christchurch (1949-53), Canterbury University
Medical College (1954), University of Otago and Christchurch Hospital (1959).
Medical Missionary - India
Philadelphia Hospital Ambala, Surgeon appointed 5.1.1965
Short course at All Saints College Sydney then language study in India.
Commenced duties at Philadelphia Hospital 1.10.1966
“Own Missionary” of St. Ninian’s Church, Christchurch.
Frances Newton Hospital at Ferozepore Punjab India - Surgeon appt. 1969
New Delhi, directing public health programme 1973
Returned to NZ 14.12.1977 after 12 years. 
Resigned 28.2.1978 and withdrew.

LAUGESEN, Rev John Keith              B.A.
w Ayleen Millicent  m 11.11.1961
Hall 1963-5
Ord Moutere Hills NMP 8.3.1966 res 9.8.1966 & wthdrew

Maori Miss - Printery, Whakatane 1944
Maori Boys Hostel Ak 21.4.1952 res 31.7.1952

b 1864 Orkney Is Scot; worked farming in Sth Is NZ; Father of Rev J.G. Laughton. When
his son entered Maori Miss field his Father joined him He worked in the Miss for some yrs
from 1919. 
Maungapohatu 1919; he loyally & sympathetically endured hardship with his son in their
pioneer work at Maungapohatu.  From 1922 on his Father is listed among the paid workers
in the field, but the remuneration given to him was rather in the nature of a token honorarium
than a salary.  When he died the Maoris requested the privilege of burying him from the Pa,
indicating their deep affection & genuine regret.
‘He was a sincere devout man who, by his sympathy with the Maori people, greatly helped the
work of the Mission, both at Maungapophatu & Taupo.  He won for himself a definite place in
the work of the Mission.’
Died  29.6.1936 Taupo, aged 72 

LAUGHTON, Rev John George (Hoani - Maori form of John) C.M.G.,J.P.
born 2 December 1891 in Orkney Islands, Scotland, son of John Laughton and Mary Ann (Shearer)
wife (1) Margaret Leask  b (?)  m (?)  died 20 September 1917 aged 30 years buried at Te Kuiti Public Cemetery
wife (2) Horiana neé Te Kauru born 19 November 1899 marreid 20 December 1921 died 9 December 1986
He came to New Zealand at age 12; attended Otago University and then entered Home Missions service.
Home Missionary Pio Pio Waikato Presbytery 1914,  Ordained Home Missionary 1914
‘In 1916 an arrangement was made with this energetic worker to release him from Home Missions service to do work among the Maoris. He returned to Home Mission work in summer 1916-1917; in 1918 his services as a volunteer were accepted and he resigned from Home Missions service.’
Maori Missionary, Maungapohatu, 1 July 1918
‘With Sr Annie to help him he began pioneering work at Maungapohatu. This was his centre and citadel for a number of years. His Father joined him; he was ordained by Assembly on 17 November 1921 as Minister and Missionary to Maori; he married Horiana Te Kauru, a member of the Maori Miss staff, and they continued at Maungapohatu till they were transferred — retired to Taupo.
Taupo 1926 -  This was their headquarters for the next 12 years. 
In 1933 he was made Maori Missions Superintendent, and in that year gave lectures in the Hall Dunedin on Maori Mission, religion and customs. When Home, Maori, and Foreign Missions were amalgamated, he continued as Assistant Superintendant, in charge of Maori Missions.
Ohope Beach, Whakatane 1938
He was mainly responsible for the translation and production of the Maori Service Book, first introduced at Nuhaka Conference, May 1933, and ever since much used. He was editor of ‘Te Waka Karaitiana’, the official Maori Church organ, which commenced December 1933. Selections from the ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ appeared in Te Waka and have been bound in a book. Te Katikihama Poto (Shorter Catechism) is another publication of his.
‘He had an intimate knowledge of all that concerns the Maori people; in his wide “bishopric” he was highly esteemed and beloved by both Maori and pakeha.’
Whakatane 1956 — retired 5 May 1962
He was part-time staff member from 1 June 1962
Justice of the Peace, 1921; Moderator of General Assembly 1942; Chairman of the Maori Bible Revision Committee 1946; Companion of St Michael and St George (CMG), 1948
Died 3 July 1965 (suddenly) buried at Whakatane beside his second wife Horiana

LAUGHTON, Mrs J.G.            see               Te Kauru, Horiana

LAURIE, Rev James
Ind MastertonWpP 1872  res 11.1874 (after Ass) & left for Aust.

LAW, Mr Foong Lai (Correct Chinese name was Loh Foong Lai)
A native of a Canton village. Baptised into the Christian Faith on the 28th Sept. 1902 aged 19.
Trained for the Christian Ministry at the Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Canton. Worked
in the Canton Villages Mission as a teacher, preacher, & evangelist.
He was appointed by the NZ Foreign Missions Committee to act as an Assistant Preacher
with the Rev Alexander Don at the Dunedin Chinese Mission Church in place of the Rev W
Chan who had resigned. Mr Law arrived from Canton on the 15th May 1909 and began work
on the 14th Sept 1910 under a three year contract.
Chinese Church Dunedin 16.5.1909
Rep 1909: he was spared by the missionaries for several yrs work in NZ. Interest increased on
his coming, but he resigned 31.8.1910.
The arrangement between him & Rev Don “broke down”, but his loneliness at having to leave
his wife behind in China was apparently a contributing factor.
The Foreign Missions Committee offered to pay his passage by boat back to Canton however he
chose to take at appointment as a Catechist with the Wellington Baptist Chinese Mission in 1911
before finally returning to China accompanied by friends in Mar or Apr 1912.
He is then mentioned as a welcome assist at Yan Woh in the Canton Villages Mission.
In 1914 he accepted an appointment under the Anglican Church in Wellington.
In 1923 he was back in China at Yan Woh in Kwantung Province. 
Prior to returning to NZ in 1926, he is noted as being an office-bearer for the 7th District Association
(Presbytery) of the Kwantung Divisional Council (Synod) of the Church of Christ in China, having
also been their Moderator one year. He also gave valued voluntary assistance in the NZ Presbyterian
Mission area around Canton.
On 1.7.1926 after serving voluntarily for some months, he was re-appointed as Evangelist to Chinese
in and around Dunedin, including Preacher & Pastor with the Chinese congregation in Dunedin. 
He res 8.1931 to return to China with his family.
The Dunedin Chinese Church Session placed on record their appreciation of the valuable work
untertaken by Mr Law during the previous five years among the Chinese in Otago, Canterbury and
Left Wellington 11.9.1931 for China via Sydney.
As at 1944, Mr Fung Lai Law was back in New Zealand living at Bay View, Hawkes Bay.
‘He rendered very useful service to the Ch & the Chinese community.’ 

wife Mariapia
Licensed Gisborne, Hawkes Bay Presbytery 19 April 2007
St John's Presbyterian Church, Hastings, Gisborne-Hawkes Bay Presbytery 26 April 2007
St Andrew's, Wanganui, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, 2009
Member, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, December 2012
St David's Palmerston North, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, 7 July 2014
Trinity Temuka, Alpine Presbytery, 14 February 2017 — resigned 28 February 2022
Other recognised minister, 28 February 2022, Alpine Presbytery, — transferred to Southern Presbytery, 8 April 2022
Appointed Ministry Enabler, Locally Shared Ministry Churches, Southland, Southern Presbytery, May 2022
Minister, Te Anau Presbyterian Church, Southern Presbytery, 26 January 2023

HM Okato TkP  1918

LAWRENCE, Rev Kent Dixon
born 23 October 1931 in Portland, Oregon
wife Lea Beaird married 19 June 1966
Bachelor of Arts, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, 1953; Bachelor of Divinity, McCormack Theological Seminary, Chicago, Illinois, 1956
Ordained Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church, Hillsboro, Oregon, Presbyterian Church (USA)
Pastor, Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church (Old Scotch Church), Hillsboro, Oregon 1956-1962
Associate Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Portland, Oregon 1963-1975
Master of Systematic Theology, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, California 1970; Doctor of Systematic Theology, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, California 1972
Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, California 1975-1995
interim Pastor, St. Andrews, Hunterville, New Zealand, October 15, 1995 to September 15, 1996 (12 months) — returned to Pasadena September 1996
interim Pastor, Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos, Los Gatos, California 1996-1998 (2 years, 2 months)
Interim Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Anaheim, California 1998-1999 (12 months)
died 24 December 2007 in Los Gatos, California

LAWRENCE, Rev Rex William                 BA., NZBC., Dip.Miss.
w Leonie Helen  m 16.1.1982
Theological Hall 1986-8
Licensed St Andrews Palmerston Nth 27.11.1988
Ordained Teviot Union (Roxburgh COP) 18.10.1990
Knox Waimate SCP  22.9.1994
Lodged Certificate  Aug 2001
Minister Within the Bounds  NOP  2004

LAWRENCE, Rev Richard Hume               B.A., B.D., M.Th., D.P.S.(Birm), M.A. (Applied)
wife Gillian Mary nee Corkill (daughter of Rev T.M. Corkill) married 8 January 1977
Theological Hall 1974-1976,  post-graduate, Hall 1977, then overseas
Begg Scholarship and World Council of Churches scholarship - studied in Birmingham, UK, for one year at the University of Birmingham, 1978-79.
World Alliance of Reformed Churches scholarship - studied in Richmond, Virginia, USA, for one year at Union Theological Seminary, 1979-1980.
Ordained Picton Union, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery,  7 November 1980
Johnsonville Union, Wellington Presbytery, 19 September 1985
St Andrews Hamilton, 11 October 1992
Minister within the Bounds, Waikato Presbytery, June 2001
Senior Academic Staff Member, Centre for Languages, Wintec (Waikato Institute of Technology) 2001-2020
Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, University of Waikato, 2004
Other Recognised Minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 2013
Minister Emeritus, 2013
Part-time EAL teacher, Waikato Korean Cultural Centre, 2020-
Co-chairperson, NZROK (South Korea) Friendship Society, 2007-
Trustee, Diversity Counselling New Zealand

LAWRIE, Rev Henry Kinnear                M.A.
b. 6 June 1863 at Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland
w. Harriet Forbes b. 13 Sept 1859 at Kinloch Rannoch, Scotland m.28 July 1897 at Elgin, Moray,
d. 9 January 1931 at Arngask, Perth.
From the Free Church of Scotland, Ordained 1895
Served for one year as Minister to a mining community in a town in Spain.
Chaplain to the [Presbyterian section] Forces, Gibralter 1896, resigned circa1898
Called to Fairlie, New Zealand (possibly recommended by the Free Church Colonial Committee)
Inducted St Columba, Fairlie SCP 14 Dec 1899
A Church built at Albury prior to his departure.
Inducted to St Andrews SCP Jan 1902 - resigned 22 Apr 1903 due to ill health.
Stated Supply Aramoho WgP circa May to June 1903
Residing in Green Lane Auckland from about July 1903
Resided at Blairlogie, Stirling prior to his death.
Died 2 July 1956 at Perth, Scotland, aged 93 years

LAWRIE, Rev James
b. 1832 Scotland
w. (?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.1915 (no children)
From London (Wells Street) United Presbyterian Church to 1859 Session at the United Presbyterian
Theological Hall. Ordained as Minister for Presb. Church of New Zealand 14.8.1871
Inducted Masterton WpP  25.2.1872 - resigned 14.12.1874
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of Victoria 1875
Initially Supply, then called to Swan Hill. Induction set for 25.10.1876 but called off due to
“disturbing reports”.
The Presbytery of melbourne asked for a certificate 3.4.1877 as about to seek admission to a Church
In another colony.
Received by the Presb. Church of Queensland 1877
Dalby Aug 1877 to July 1880
Roma 8.7.1880 (inducted Sept 1881) to 1883
Supply part 1883
Dalby April 1883 to June 1884
Received by the Presb. Church of New South Wales 1885
Narrabri-Boggabri-Wee Waa-Gunnedah 1888 to 1891 – demitted.
Woonona-Corrimal Feb 1895 to 30.6.1906
In retirement lived at Ashfield.
Died at Summer Hill, NSW, Australia 3.9.1918

HM Seddonville WsP  1910

Maori Miss
Pentland Ave Hostel Ak, Matron  1966

LEADBETTER, Rev Malcolm                Q.S.O.,M.A.
Born Preston Eng; w Margaret nee Halliwell b -  m 1927
He came to NZ as a child; educ Petone Primary, Wn Coll & Vict Univ Wn; nominated for
Rhodes Scholarship. In youth won NZ 100 yds Championship 4 times & held NZ record 9.8
sec which stood from 1926-52; won NZ 220             yds championship 3 times between 1925-8.
He was secondary sch teacher, Wn Coll 2 yrs; St Andrews Coll Chch; Waimate H S, 1st
Assist & soon Rector; Southland B H S; finally Rector, Waitaki B H S.
In WW2, Army HQ, rank Major, in 1942 to New Guinea, on discharge Lieut-Colonel; for
services to educ & community awarded QSO in 1978. 
After ret fr teaching he offered services to Ch. Ass agreed to Ord him withoutn further
Retired to St Marks Chch 22.2.1962  ret 14.3.1966
After his 2nd ret supplied in many parishes; in latter yrs suffered increasing disability & at
last was confined to a wheel-chair.
Died 30.5.1979 Woodchester Home Chch

LEADLEY, Rev Alan J.   M.A.,B.D.            & Mrs
Meth Ch  -  Miss PNG
Rep  1977:  ret after 6 yrs in PNG
Area Sec for Unit 2  of Council for Mission & Ecumenical Co-operation 8.1984.
Chartwell Co-operating: St. Alban’s WkP Feb 1995 

HM Ross WsP 1910
Wadestown WnP 1913
Fortrose SP  1914

Deacon, Edinburgh Street Pacific Islanders Church; Quarantine Officer, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Ordained 1996
Corstorphine-Concord, Dunedin Presbytery, January 1996
North Dunedin Pacific Island Development Unit, Dunedin Presbytery, May 1999
Glen Eden Pacific Island Church, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 10 March 2005
Minister Emeritus, Pacific Presbytery, 10 September 2023

LEARY, Rev Gordon A.               M.A.,Dip.Ed.
Meth Ch  -   Ord 1976
Greymouth District Union WsP 11.1976
Buller Union WsP   SS  2.1978
WsP Clerk to 1987

LEASI, Perema                 BTh., Dip.Tchg., Dip.Min.
wife (1) Olana died 2006
wife (2) Faaolataga (Ola) Leasi, National President PWANZ, and Women's Fellowship; Master of Education, Massey University; United Nations Women-New Zealand committee; New Zealand Council of Women; florist
Born 17 May 1959 in Samoa, the eldest of seven children, named for a visiting Palagi missionary from Apia on the day of his birth, Mr Primer
Grew up in the village Saipai, Savai'i, Samoa; became a Christian about the age of 5, Sunday School teacher when 15 year old
Vaipouli College, Western Samoa, 1976; Teacher Training 1978; Teacher Certificate Western Samoa, 31 December 1979; started working as a teacher
Arrived in New Zealand, September 1982, at the age of 19; working in the Zip factory for four years
Communicant member, Avondale Union Parish, Auckland, 1982: Christian Endeavour, elder, Sunday School teacher, treasurer for the Young Adults Group, conductor for Samoan Youth Choir
Diploma of Teaching, Auckland College of Education, 7 December 1988; Catechetical Studies Certificate 22 November 1988; Registration Teacher Certificate, 7 October 1990, New Zealand
Rosebank Road Primary School, Avondale, Auckland, February 1989
Theological Hall Exit Student 1995
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Waikato Presbytery, Te Awamutu/Paterangi, 1995 — worked to rehabilitate prisoners at Waikeria Prison and help former prisoners integrate into the community
Church of Christ the King (Pacific Islander’s Church), Porirua, Wellington Presbytery, November 2001
Moderator, Wellington Presbytery; Trustee, Presbyterian Church Property Trustees
Honoured with Porirua 50th medal for the city's anniversary, 2015, focusing on youth and local community, and visiting prisoners
Queen's Service Medal for services to the Pacific community, Queen's Birthday honours list, 4 June 2018
Chairman, Porirua Samoan Combined Churches; secretary, Samoa Ministers' Fellowship, Wellington region; patron, Lavalava Samoan Language Class 101; chairman, Wellington Pacific Bible Colege, 2002; committee member, Wellington Pacific Health Services
died 6 November 2019 in office aged 60
Ixion Lane, Porirua, renamed Perema Leasi Lane in acknowledgement of his contribution made in Porirua, 2 August 2021
Graduated posthumously Post Graduate Diploma in Ministry and Post Graduate Certificate in Chaplaincy, University of Otago, Dunedin, December 2022

LEATISOLOMUA, Rev Leaia Pio (Pio)
wife Ianeta
Diploma in Teaching, Samoa 1985, New Zealand 1998
Telemarketer 1980-1990, School Teacher Arohanui Special School, Glendene 1991, Titahi Bay Intermediate Wellington 1996
Project Coordinator, Taeao Manino Trust, Porirua, Wellington, 1997-2000
Community Support Worker 2002
Grace Theological College 2005-2006
Minister of Religion, Satauro ole Faaolataga, Weymouth, 2004
Local Ordained Minister, Satauro Pacific Islands Presbyterian Church Wiri 2016

LE’AUPEPE, Rev Fa’avai (Pepe) Karemelu
w Emima b 6.9.1930  m 2.4.1962
Theological Hall 1977-79
Ordained Pacific Islands Church St Stephens Dunedin part-time 2.4.1981 - resigned 2.5.1982
To Sydney Australia -   Assoc AP 14.12.1993 
Removed from Roll of Ministers (Inactive in Ordained Ministry) 19 November 2013

LEE, Rev Byungik (John)
born Yeongkwang, South Korea
wife Youngsuk Lim
First attended church and accepted Jesus as his saviour January 1985
Bachelor of Arts in Theology 1997 Chongshin University; Master of Divinity in Theology 2000 Chongshin University
Missionary, Suwon Dongkwang Presbyterian Church 18 July 1999
ordained Yongin Jeil Church, Suwon, Presbyterian Church in Korea, 16 January 2001
Co-Pastor, Boondang Central Presbyterian Church 25 November 2001
Co-Pastor, Anyang-Neulsarang Presbyterian Church 6 December 2003
Minister, Palmerston North Korean Church 24 May 2009
Received 5 July 2012
Other Recognised Minister Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery

LEE, Rev Bernard S.
fr Cambrian Pr, Canada - on exchange
Clevedon SAP  fr 1.9.1988 to 30.6.1989

LEE, Rev Dal Gyoun (James)    B.A., M.Div., Dip.C.S., M.A.
received from Presbyterian Church of Korea, 10 September 2009
Minister, Auckland Presbytery, 26 November 2009
Resigned from roll BOO 10.3.2 Path A, 10 February 2018

LEE, Rev Daniel Yiu Cheung    B.Th.(Singapore)
w Cynthia Lam  m 3.3.1984
fr Taiwan thr Hong Kong
Ak Chinese Ch 12.5.1988,  res  31.12.1993  & returned to Hong Kong. 

Lee, Rev Jong Hyang
Husband ??
Graduated from the School of Ministry, 2008

LEE, Rev Kyo Sung (Joseph)
Lay minister, Saeng Myong Presbyterian Church, April 2011
Withdrew from Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, 1 September 2015

LEE, Miss Lorraine Mary
b. Paeroa, a trained Primary School Teacher.
Missionary Papua New Guinea 
Kimidan School, New Ireland PNG, teacher appt. June 1971
Commissioning Service at Waihi 18.7.1971
Left for Papua 21.7.1971
Transfrerred to United Church Press Office, Rabaul PNG Jan 1973,
Returned to NZ 20.8.1973 & off staff 12.10.1973
Overseas Worker - on staff of Aust Inland Mission, Halls Creek, Western Australia 1974.

LEE, Rev Sun Mi
born South Korea, raised Presbyterian family and church, passion for God's mission
Bachelor of Arts 1986 Sook Myung Women's University; Master of Arts 1989 Yon Sei University; Doctor of Philosophy 1995 Yon Sei University; Bachelor of Arts 2003 Auckland University of Technology; Bachelor of Arts 2009 Laidlaw College; Diploma of Ministry 2012 Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership
Senior Researcher, Yon Sei University 1989 to 1995; Post-doctoral researcher, Pennsylvania State University 1996; Visiting scholar, School of Architecture, Auckland University 1997; Lecturer, Kwang-Ju Women's University 1998-2000; Interior Designer and Consultant, Auckland 2001 to 2006
Moved to New Zealand, 2000
Ministry Intern St Giles Presbyterian Church, Auckland 2010 to 2011
Completed ministry training, 2012
New Lynn-St Austell's Co-operating Parish, Northern Presbytery, 27 March 2012
qualified counsellor, MNZCCA

LEE, Rev Sung-Won (Paul)
born Seoul, Korea
wife: Eun Kyung Lee
Presbyterian Church in the Republic of Korea (PROK)
Yongmoon Senior High School, Seoul, Korea 1982; Bachelor of Arts 1990 Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea; Master of Divinity 1997 Hanshin University, Seoul, Korea
Newswriter, United Church Newspaper Company, Seoul, Korea 1990 to 1993
Ordained Bogwangdong Church, 25 May 1999
Assistant Minister, Sungkaung Church, 1990
Assistant Minister, Hanum Church, 1994
Assistant Minister 1996; Minister 1999, Kongduk Church
Called to Palmerston North First Korean Church 2003
Minister Within the Bounds Wanganui Presbytery 2004
Associate Minister St Alban’s Palmerston North (responsible for Korean Congregation) Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, 22 August 2004

LEE, Rev Tae Han
born Seoul, Korea
wife Sang Mi Lee
Bachelor of Arts 1989 Seoul Jangsin University; Bachelor of Theology 1990 Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary; Certificate of Applied Theology 2009 Carey Baptist College
Part time, Gin Po Sam il Presbyterian Church, January 1988 to 1990
Ordained Si Heyoung Church, Seoulnam Presbytery, Seoul, Korea, 4 May 1992
Assistant Pastor, Shin Lim Church, August 1990
Assistant Pastor, Nam Guang Church, April 1993
Assistant Pastor, Auckland Bethel Church, May 2003
Assistant Pastor, Calvary Church, August 2009
Senior Pastor, Calvary Church, July 2009
Received 5 July 2012
Other recognised minister, Northern Presbytery, removed from the roll 20 June 2023

LEGGOTT, Rev Robert Edward
b 5.5.1908
w Christina b 30.4.1913 m 4.3.1939 d 16.4.1979
Formerly a Painter and Paperhanger; joined the Home Missionary service in 1942,
completed the HM course with credit.
HM Rangitaiki Outfields BPP 1942  
Mangaweka-Rewa WgP  1943
Pio Pio WkP 1946,  Ord HM 24.5.1946
Coromandel-Whitianga 1948, Theological Hall correspondence course 1950
Hauraki Plains WkP 1951, raised to full Ministerial status by Assembly 1952.
Ormond Gisborne GP 11.2.1953
Inglewood TkP 4.8.1955
Akaroa ChP  4.7.1964
Albury SCP  13.11.1969, spent a period in Hospital.
Died  20.2.1970 at the Manse Albury in office, aged 61, suddenly and unexpected.

LEIGHTON,  Miss Barbara
Support  Services, Area Manager Tauranga 1988  (Assoc BPP)

LEISHMAN, Rev Robert
b 15.4.1906, Scotland.
w (1) Agnes Alice b 2.8.1901 m 28.12.1927 d 25.11.1973 
w (2) Margaret Evelyn b 2.4.1906 m 11.12.1974 d 22.3.1979
Educated to 6th Standard in Scotland, a Miner for 2 years having undertaken
Mining Studies. Undertook 2 years of commercial and general evening classes.
HM Shannon MnP 13.5.1932
Dunback NOP 1932, Ord HM 5.4.1935
Cheviot ChP  1937
Waianiwa SP  1940
Leave of absence for period of the 2nd World War. Re-joined HM service 7.9.1943
Brydone (6 months)
St Martins Chch 1946
Kaiapoi ChP 1948, Hall Corresp Course 1950-
Ord Min Pukerau MtP  3.2.1953
Wanaka (Upper Clutha COP) 28.10.1959
Cust-Oxford ChP 29.10.1964
Springburn AsP 12.6.1969  ret 30.4.1971 
Died 29.10.1982

LEM, D. Mr
A Chinese catechist  with his headquarters in Greymouth 1896. He was supported by the
Christian Endeavour Union of Cant & Westland.  He was not officially connected with
our Ch, but the Ch made a small contribution to his salary & for some yrs reports about his
work were presented to Nth Ass.   Res  1899.

LEMMER, Rev Leanie
from Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa
educated Hoërskool Kempton Park 2006; Theology, University of Pretoria (TUKS), 2010
Dutch Reformed Church / Nederduitsch Hervormde Kerk van Afrika
husband Edward, electrical engineer married 17 November 2018
Pretoria, South Africa, six years
Minister, Johnsonville Uniting Church, 1 October 2019

LEMUELU, Rev Aotofaga Tupulua             L.Th.; Q.S.M.
born 12 January 1943, in Leulumoega Tuai Aana, Samoa
wife Gafatasi Manuluafuimaono born 20 September 1945 married 13 November 1971 died 2009 Extramural Hospital Social Worker
Leulumoega Primary School, Samoa College, and Leulumoega High School to Fifth Form; warehouse worker and truck driver, Carruthers department store.
Immigrated to Wellington, New Zealand, 1967
Attended Newtown Pacific Islanders Church and leaders in the Autalavou (youth)
St John's College and Trinity Ecumenical Theological College, Parnell, Auckland, 1969, two years
An Island student at Trinity College (Methodist) Auckland, in his final year 1971.           
Theological Hall, Knox College, 1971-1974
Ordained and inducted Pacific Island Church Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, 9 February 1975
Acted as adviser and Chaplain for the Invercargill Pacific Island community at local workplaces.
Moderator, Southland Presbytery
St Pauls-Trinity-Pacific Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 2 March 1985
Rev Ned Ripley conferred the title "Toeaina" (Elder Minister) to Lemuelu to provide pastoral oversight over the "Faletolu" (House of Three) — St Paul's, St Stephen's and First Church, Dunedin, and Invercargill Pacific Islanders Church, 1985, which continued to be acknowledged after he moved to Auckland
Otara Pacific Islands Church, South Auckland Presbytery, 26 May 1989 — retired from active ministry 2018
Served on committees for South Auckland Presbytery; Moderator of Pacific Islands Synod, and Fono Samoa
Established the South Seas' Health Centre in South Auckland and also workshops and schemes for youths to gain skills and trades.
Awarded the Queen's Service Medal 31 December 2009 for long service as Minister.
died 8 September 2021 at home.

LENDRUM, Rev Douglas Alexander             B.Th.
born Auckland
wife Wilhelmina Willemsen married 14 November 1964
Motor mechanic and service manager; lay preacher, and youth co-ordinator, Wanganui Presbytery
Theological Hall, 1985-1987
Licensed St Andrews Marton, 22 November 1987
Ordained St Pauls Co-operative, Taumarunui, Waikato Presbytery,  10 December 1987
Upper Hutt Co-operative (Trentham), 29 January 1992
Co-Director (Northern), Mission Resource Team, Auckland Presbytery, 26 October 1995
St David’s Khyber Pass Road, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, April 2001 — retired 12 March 2020
Convener of the Nominating Committee 2004
Minister Emeritus, Presbytery Central – Nukuha Tapu, 31 March 2020

LENNON, Mr Wilfrid James (Parson Bill)
w.(?)  b.(?)  m(?)
Home Missioanry (student), Mohaka, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 1926
Had serious motor cycle accident in 1928 and resigned from Home Mission service, 31 March 1928
Took up bee keeping in Central Otago.

LENNOX, Mr Andrew Hunter
b. Rutherglen, Victoria, Australia 10.2.1874
w. Ethel Sarah Adair  b. 25.3.1881  m.c.11.1.1905  d. 6.1.1935
Worked as a Missionary among Aborigines Forrest River in Western Australia from 1897 to
1898. Received injuries to the head in the course of this work from which he never really
recovered. Founded the Northern Territory Native Industrial Mission at Kaparlgoo, Northern
Territory, Australia from 1899 to 1903 [Hyper Link]. During this time he travelled overland
twice from Darwin to Adelaide.
From 1907 to 1908, he served the NZ Presbyterian Church working among the men
constructing the North Island Main Trunk railway line.  Took the prescribed Home
Mission Course while at :  
HM Kaponga TkP 1909
Katikati BPP 1912 to March 1913.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1914 to 1916. Turned down for Ministry as unsuitable.
HM Warepa 1917 to 1918
Patearoa  COP 1919 
HM Waipiata (Supply) 1919 to Apr 1921
Suffered a nervous breakdown thereafter entering business for a time.
HM Denniston WsP (Supply) 14.3.1936 (1 year term); Ord HM (supply) 24.9.1936
HM Ormond Gisborne  1939 - retired 31.1.1943 aged 68 years.
Retired to Dunedin.   
“Mr Lennox has not been remarkable for his intellectual gifts but wherever he has gone
he has won the hearts of the people by a simple piety and a most generous and self-
sacrificing spirit.”
Unwisely he contributed towards his own slender Home Mission stipend from his own
pocket thus leaving him without any savings at his retirement.
Died 16.5.1962 in Adelaide, South Australia

Assistant at Otorohonga
HM Grey Valley WsP 1922 - resigned 1922 to study at the Bible Institution
in Australia.

LETHAM, Rev Jennifer (Jenni) Sybil       B.Th.   (See also entry under Rev J Elmes)
h Roland Grant Letham  m 19.4.1965   Div
Theological Hall 1986-87
Licensed Musselburgh Dn 22.11.1987
Ordained Musselburgh-Tainui DnP  as  SS 5.5.1988
Associate DnP 1989
Refer entry under Rev J Elmes for further entries.

LETOA, Rev (Miss) Moeafusia          B.Sc.(Hons), B.D.
b. Western Samoa
Educated at Wellington East Girls’ College and Victoria University.
Theological Hall 1976-78
Ordained for Mission Service to Papua New Guinea  19.4.1979
Appointed by United Church to Goroka PNG as Chaplain 4.1979;
Top Australia for orientation course 28.4.1979
To Port Moresby as Assembly Research Secretary & Secretary M.C.C. Sept 1980
Returned to NZ July 1982
Off Staff 31.7.1982

LEUNG, Mrs Eileen            see                  Toi, Eileen

LEVACK, Rev William Larnach             M.A.(Glas)
born 20 September 1912, Scotland
wife Deborah Alice Constance born 23 February 1919 married 17 July 1939 died 12 May 1985
From the Church of Scotland
Ordained 1938
Minister at Mauritius 1938-1946, then to NZ.
Inducted Waipu, Northland Presbytery,  6 March 1952 — resigned 14 April 1964
Charters Towers - In service of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland Australia
from 15 April 1964 to 16 September 1964
Returned to NZ :
Titoki, Northland Presbytery, 17 September 1964 — retired 30 October1977 (retired Foxton)
For a period during World War 2 he was Lieutenant in infantry in charge of Indian and African troops on Island of Mauritius. In 1946 and 1947  he worked in the north of Scotland, but finding the weather too cold he returned to Mauritius.
He had a good knowledge of the Gaelic language.
Died  18 May 1990
His diaries of his Waipu ministry years were published by the Waipu 150 Trust, A Conscientious Bloody Clergyman, (2018)

LEVI,  Rev  Fogatia Lavea                 B.Th., Dip.Min.
born 10 June 1949, Saleufi, Samoa
wife Ioana Tumaua married 17 July 1976
Agricultural/Fishing/Forest/Environment Advisor 1967 to 1972; Officer in Charge of Freight New Zealand Railways 1973 to 1987; Student St John's Theological College 1987 to 1989; Section Officer, Justice Department 1990 to 1991
Licentiate of Theology 1989; Bachelor of Theology 1994 Otago University; Graduate Diploma 1995 Otago University
Licensed St Marks Pine Hill Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 7 August 1994
Ordained Oxford District Union Christchurch Presbytery 15 August 1997
Minister Within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery, 17 December 2003
Kihikihi, St. David's Otorohanga & Te Kuiti Parishes Waikato Presbytery 13 July 2006
Minister Emeritus, Northern Presbytery, 31 December 2013
died 28 November 2023

LEVY, Rev Paula Elsie
Husband: Roger, background in mechanical work, built a kindergarten with the local community in Vanuatu
Youth pastor, Wanganui
Bachelor of Ministry 1998 Bible College of New Zealand; Bachelor of Science 2000 Massey University
Voluntary Service Association, Onesua High School, Vanuatu, February 2008
Teaching English to Diploma of Ministry students, Talua Theological College, Vanuatu, December 2010 — six years in Vanuatu including four years at Talua Theological College
Intern, Palmerston North, Presbytery Central — Nukuhau Tapu, December 2015
Completed studies, December 2017
Licentiate, 8 December 2017
Ordained and inducted, minister, Mangapapa Union Church, Gisborne, Presbytery Central — Nukuhau Tapu, 8 June 2018 — resigned September 2021
Other recognised minister, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 1 October 2021
New Zealand Defence Force Chaplain, Linton Military Camp, 12 January 2023

LEWIS, Rev Henry J.
Ordained by the Timaru Presbytery of the Congregational Church Feb 1873
Received by the Northern Presbyterian Church 14.2.1896
Ind Woodville MnP  7.1896
Patea TkP 1902
Paeroa WkP 31.8.1904  - retired 1907
Lived at New Plymouth till c.1915

LEWIS, Miss May
Maori Miss  -  Nuhaka
Born 1926, daughter of Mr & Mrs Lewis, Maori co-workers with Sr May (Gardiner).
‘Mrs Lewis has given little May into our keeping absolutely.’   Bright member of the Nuhaka
Miss Home.

LEWIS, Miss N.
Maori Miss, Assist Teacher
Matahi Miss School 19.2.1956 res 31.1.1957

LEWIS, Rev Ratu
b 2.9.1902 Nuhaka
w Kui nee Wairea b 16.6.1913  m 7.1928 d 17.5.1975
Educated at Nuhaka, his family were Mormon, but he became a Presbyterian at an early age
under the ministry of Sisters Jessie & Edith. Later ordained as an Elder.
Student  Te Wananga (Maori Theological  College) Whakatane 1954; given 1 year course, but
Asked to have a further year - granted, 1955.
Taupo 1956; Ordained Taupo 28.2.1957
Assistant Minister of Whakatane Maori Parish 12.2.1961  -  2 years
Appointed Moderator of the Maori Synod before it was constituted as a full court of the NZ
Presbyterian Church.
Died 17.7.1962 after lengthy illness Whakatane, in office

LEWIS, Rev Ratu David
Ordained Amorangi Minister, Rotorua Maori Pastorate Te Aka Puaho, 2 October 1994  
Lodged Certificate 2 November 1998
Died 2 March 2006    

LEWIS, Rev Thomas William Ieuan         H.N.C.,M.Th.
w Betty  m 26.9.1959
Trained in Aberystwyth, Wales, UK.
Received from the Presbyterian Church of Wales as Probationer.
Ord Assist Knox Masterton 5.5.1962
Wallacetown SP 30.1.1964 - resigned 18.7.1967 and went overseas.
Woodlands SP  20.10.1970
St Marks Mangere East AP 22.5.1975
Mataura MtP  1.2.1979 - resigned 31.10.1980
Kurow NOP 3.2.1982 - resigned 27.12.1984
To Beacon Hill Presbyterian Church Sydney, Australia.
Died 1995 at Beacon Hill.

LEWIS, Rev William
b. 19.2.1869
HM Waianiwa SP supply 1918
Oxford West ChP 1918,  Ord HM 1920
Spreydon ChP 1922  res fr HM serv1925

LEWIS, Rev Watcyn Leslie           B.A.
b 23.11.1903 South Wales
w Winifred Betty b 5.3.1910 m 17.6.1933
Educated at Cardiff (BA 1930); entered Theological College Aberystwyth; took course
at Livingstone Medical Mission College to equip himself for Mission service; went as
Missionary to Assam.  At outbreak of World War Two returned to Wales and was Minister.
Licensed Sept 1933
Ordained in Liverpool Sept 1933
Ind Preb. Church, London Road Neath  1940-47
Came to New Zealand in 1947
Ind Ellerslie, Auckland AP  23.10.1947
St Paul’s Oamaru NOP 13.2.1951
Died 7.9.1952 in office, at Dunedin Hospital.

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