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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

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WELCH,  Rev  Marilyn
Ang Ch
Assoc Bucklands Beach Co-op  AP  2.1989, term completed 31.1.1991

WELLS,  Rev  A.  C.
HM  Ida  Valley  (Oturehua  COP)  1923,  Ord  HM  1924
Mokoreta-Redan  MtP  1927
Orawia  SP  1930 ` res 1931  thr   ill-health.

WELLS,  Miss  Helen
Overseas Worker  -  with  Overseas  Miss  Fellowship
Thailand  1980-90-

Secondary school teacher, advertising and copywriting
Professionally involved in fundraising, 1988
Campaign Director, Millenium Centre
Consultancy for 12 years
Presbyterian Support 2004, culminating in Development Director
PressGo Catalyst, 2014

WELLS,  Rev  Russell  Hunter
b 4.4.1917;  w  Iona  b 18.5.1917  m 12.10.1944
Hall  1955-7
Ord Halkett  ChP  20.2.1958
St Enochs Chch, New Brighton  30.1.1964
Amuri  ChP  29.8.1968
Toi Tois  (Tokanui  SP)  7.8.1975  ret 15.11.1977
Russell went to Ak Bible Coll for 2 yrs as a teenager, but as he was too young
for Miss serv  he began a carpentry apprenticeship.   This training was followed
by 4 yrs in the Medical Corps in the Middle East during WW2.   He then
married & they worked for 8 yrs in Sudan United Miss among the Nuba people
in the hill villages of Central Sudan.  Returning to NZ he went to the Hall
1955-7 & served in 4 charges before ret.
Died  25.3.1991  Oxford.

WELLS, Rev Stephanie Margaret   B.Min., B. Ed., C.P.E., Dip.Min., Dip.Theol.
born New Plymouth
Teacher and primary school principal for fifteen years
husband (??) farmer, divorced
Ordained and inducted Maniototo Parish, Central Otago Presbytery, 10 December 2006
Transitional Minister, St James Spreydon, Christchurch Presbytery, 1 March 2012
Transitional Minister, Malvern Co-operating Parish, Christchurch Presbytery, 22 February 2014
Other recognised ministry, Alpine Presbytery, 1 March 2016
Stated supply minister, Plains Presbyterian Parish
Kaiapoi Co-Operating Parish, Alpine Presbytery, 1 December 2016-19 December 2021
Presbyterian Church Schools Resource Office Director, July 2019
Other recognised minister, Alpine Presbytery, 26 December 2021 (also still Presbyterian Church Schools Resource Office Director)

WELSH,  Rev  Robert
b 30.8.1861 “Craigyeray”, Belfast, County Down, Ireland.
w. (?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Educated at Belfast where he trained as a pharmacist and followed that occupation for
7 years in Belfast.
To Australia 1885 –
Studied at Carlton College and at Ormond College Melbourne as a Student Missionary
for the Presb. Church of Victoria.
To New Zealand 1893 –
Entered the Presb. Church of NZ Home Mission service
Home Missionary Ngaruawahia WkP  1893
Student Preacher  Fordell WgP 1894
(it may be during this period that he studied for two years under the Rev John Ross at
Returned to Australia 1895 - Went to Ormond College in Melbourne to continue his
studies for the Ministry.
Returned to New Zealand and did his final year at the Theological Hall in Dunedin.
Theological Hall  Dunedin  1897
Licensed by Wanganui Presbytery 26.1.1898
St Paul’s Christchurch (supply) 1898
To New South Wales, Australia 1899
Waverley – admitted May 1899
Ordained Deniliquin Australia 1900 to 31.3.1905
Returned to Ireland 1905 to 1906
Returned to New Zealand –
Received by the Presb. Church of New Zealand 10.11.1906
Inducted Arrowtown  COP  17.6.1908
Opunake  TkP  20.12.1912 - resigned 31.3.1916
Pahiatua MnP  22.6.1916 - retired 28.2.1926 due to failing health.
“quiet and faithful ministry.”
Died  21.7.1930  Wanganui.

WELSH,  Rev  Robert  Rae  (Bob)
b 2.2.1912;  w  Margery Morrin Bird  b 12.12.1917  m 29.8.1946 d. 2011
Hall  1943-5
Ord  Ida  Valley  (Oturehua  COP)  27.3.1946
Tahunanui  Nelson  5.10.1950
Patearoa-Waipiata  COP  24.4.1956
PSSA Assoc Chapl Ak Hosp 26.2.1970  ret  2.3.1977
Bob was born in Scot, but received his educ at  Lawrence District High     School,
& OU before entering Hall.   Because of his deep concern for people suffering
from mental stress, he started the psychiatric chaplaincy at Nelson when the Ch
was only beginning  to develop this area of ministry.   In 1956 Bob was    called
to Waipiata, which included chaplaincy to the then Orangapai  Tb  Sanitorium.
Following its closure he was app as first Chapl to Waipiata Youth Centre, where
he made a significant contribution to the concept of  penal chaplaincy. In 1970
he was app Chapl to Oakley Hospital Ak.   After his ret to Patearoa,  Central
Otago, he continued his work in drug & alcohol abuse, including counselling &
educ,  especially in local schools.
Died  6.10.1990  Ranfurly  Hosp

WEN, Rev Mark
Some sources say WUN
Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan
Inducted Minister, Taiwanese – Auckland Presbyterian Church, Auckland Presbytery, 9 February 2010—officially retired 31 December 2017
Recognised Partner in Mission, 20 May 2010

WENDELBORN,  Rev  Brian  J.                       Dip.Th., ACPE(US).
Church of Christ Minister
Ordained 1965
Applied to be received by PCNZ at Assembly 1973;  accepted.
Inducted North Invercargill February 1974   (This seems doubtful and perhaps was supply
for short period. He seems to have been there only a short period.)
Motueka-Moutere Hills Co-op NMP  10 July 1990 -  term ended  19 July 1993.
Minister within the Bounds  Christchurch Presbytery 9 Augut 1994
Minister Emeritus, Christchurch Presbytery, 8 August 2006

WERSTEIN, Rev. Dr. T. Susan    B.A., BSN/BA., M.Div., D. Min., M.A., Ph.D.
husband: Paul F Wertstein, lecturer in Computer Science, married 2 June 1980
Holds a B.A. in liberal arts; BS Nursing, M.Div. from Austin Presbyterian Theological
Seminary in Ministry, Austin Texas; D.Min from the Perkins School of Theology;
Doctorate in Religious Education from Dallas Texas, M.A. in Medical Ethics and Ph.D.
A BD in Medical Ethics, both from Rice University, Houston, Texas, United States of America.
A Registered Nurse in A&E and Psychiatry, Tutor ond Lecturer at Secondary and Tertiary levels in Texas USA and the Bioethics Centre, Dunedin Hospital
Associate Pastor, Sagemont Presbyterian Church, Houston, Texas, United States of America, 10 September 1990 to January 1995
First Church, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, ( Stated Supply) May 1995 to October 1995
Roslyn, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, October 1995
Appointed Lecturer in Mission Leadership and Ministry at School of Ministry, Dunedin, November 2001
Returned to the USA c.2006
Minister Emerita, Dunedin Presbytery, 31 December 2007
Registered Nurse, Memorial Hosptial of Colorado Springs, 2008

WESCOT, Rev Tony
Anglican Church
Minister, St Francis CV, Waikato Presbytery, 21 April 2007

WEST,  Rev Donald  Sloan
Student Preacher, Dannevirke 1894 - Resigned  Sept 1896 to be free to better pursue his studies.
Student Preacher, Patea 1899
Theological Hall  Dunedin 1900-01  -  Reported 1901: completed Hall course for 1901.
Ordained in the United States of America.
Died in the USA as a result of a motor accident.

WEST,  Rev  Hector Williamson            B.A.,Ph.D.(Edin)
b 6.5.1909 Dn;  w  Janette  Forrest  b 9.1.1915  m 10.10.1939  d 12.7.1988
Hall  1935-7
Ord  Alexandra  COP  15.12.1937  res    13.2.1941
Chapl WW2  -  Fiji, Hosp Ships, Middle East; at end of War went to Edin,
studied for Ph.D.
Assoc First Ch Dn  25.11.1947
Dannevirke  HBP  10.2.1949
St Pauls  Oamaaru NOP  5.3.1953
Died  8.3.1959

WEST,  Mrs  Jane
St Heliers Ak,   Elder 1971, Parish Worker  4.1978

WEST,  Rev  N. J.
Meth Ch
Mangapapa Union Gisborne, Meth Assoc  2.1967

West, Rev Norman
Methodist Church (same as above?)
Minister, St Albans Uniting, Christchurch Presbytery, until February 2008
Stated Supply, Kaiapoi Co-operating, Christchurch Presbytery, 1 March 2008

WEST,  Rev  Peter  J. L.
Meth Ch
West Dn Union  2.1984  Wakari (name of parish changed to Flagstaff Union in
1987,  term completed 31.1.1990

WEST,  Rev. Dr. Robert  Scott                              D.D.(McGill)
b. 13.8.1860  Perthshire, Scotland
w.. Annie McDonald  b.(?)  m.(?)  d. 1929
Son of Peter West. Educated at Glasgow University and the Free Church College.
Awarded his DD by McGill 1926.  
Licensed by the Presbytery of Dundee (Free Church of Scotland) June 1887
To New Zealand, arrived with commission from Free Church of Scotland Aug 1887
Ordained St Davids Auckland  AP  18.10.1887
To Australia 1899 –
Translated to Sydney 1 Aug 1899 and received by the Presb. Church of New South Wales
Called to Burwood Sydney 25.8.1899 to 31.5.1930
Lecturer in Practical Theology 1907 to 1918
Senior Chaplain CMF (Commonwealth Military Forces?)
Moderator of General Assembly of the Presb. Church of New South Wales 1915
Home Chaplain, World War One
Moderator of the General Assembly of Australia 1926 to 1928
Publication : “The Story of the Holy Communion” (Sydney 1922)
Died 27.3.1933

WEST,  Rev  William
b. Kilcush, Dalry, Ayrshire, Scotland 12 July 1836.
w. Elizabeth  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.1920 
He received his primary education at the parish School where he became a Parish
Teacher. Moved to Edinburgh where he studied at the Normal Academy of the Church
of Scotland, 1856-1858. After completing his curriculum there, he obtained an appointment at
Maybole where he also met and married his wife. He left for New Zealand with his
family on the “War Spirit” in 1863, initially residing in Auckland.
Soon after their arrival he was offered an appointment to the headmastership of the
Grammar School at Wanganui where he continued to work for the next 11 or 12 years. During
this time he regularly undertook religious services.
About 1878, Mr West left teaching and decided to serve the Church full time. His first
appointment was at Kumara, a position which the Presbytery had been unable to fill
for some time. The Westland Presbytery with a “royal disregard of formalities”
ordained him at once. Thereafter he was called to the newly formed charge of
Ordained  Kumara, Westland Presbytery, February 1879 - his work stretched from Reefton to
Ross, Westland.
Southbridge, Christchurch Presbytery, 21 September 1882 
“There was a spiritual revival in 1886 chiefly among older people, and in 1891 chiefly
among young folk”'  (Howes)
“His best talents he brought to bear with something like an all-consuming zeal on
the work of pastoral evangelism”. (Obituary).
Grandfather of Rev Hector Williamson West and Rev James Nicol Reid, great grandfather of Rev
Lester Reid and Rev. Peter Wedde
Died  24 June 1894

WEST,  Rev  William  Henry
b 23.7.1905 Rongotea
w Marion b. 1.5.1909  m. 3.8.1927  d.(?)
He began work farming, also spent 6 months working in a newspaper office.
Had experience in Sunday School, Bible class work and Preaching.
Joined the Home Missionary service 1.7.1929, took the HM course.
HM  Hauraki Plains  WkP 1.7.1929
Kihi Kihi  WkP 1930,  Ord HM 29.4.1932
Pio Pio WkP 1933
Mangere AP 1937
Morningside AP 1938
Mangere AP 1939
Brighton DnP 1941 (while at the Hall)
Theological Hall 1941-43
Ordained Brighton  DnP  13.12.1943
He was here while in Hall; he built up the parish to a fully sanctioned charge, and
was its first Minister as a full charge.
Leeston  ChP  4.12.1947 - declining health from then on -
Fordell WgP  4.7.1953
Waiheke Island AP 1.6.1960 - retired 31.5.1965 due to ill-health.
Died  7.4.1972

WESTBROOKE,  Rev  Brownlow  James            F.G.S.
w. Mary b.(?)  m.(?)  d. 15 Jan 1908 aged 65 years.
He was originally a Minister with the Primitive Methodist Church
Received by the PCNZ 1879 & Ord by WsP 1879
(in Presbytery list  of Ministers his Ordination date is given as 1872)
Rakaia  AsP  18.3.1880
Greymouth  WsP  14.9.1882 - resigned  4.1891
Methven  (Springburn  AsP)  5.7.1892  - the charge was divided in 1904,  &
Westbrooke took the Methven portion, 
Ret 27.6.1911 through a distressing & lingering illness.
Died  17.7.1912, aged 66 years.   

WESTON, Rev Brian William                   BSocSc., Dip.Th., Dip.Tchg.
born 19 February 1939
wife Sandra married 28 January 1967
Theological Hall  1967-1969
Ordained  Paeroa, Waikato Presbytery, 29 December 1969
Waitara, Taranaki Presbytery, 31 October 1975 — resigned 13 March 1987 to go teaching. 
Minister within the bounds, North Shore Presbytery, 7 November 1991
St Pauls Devonport, North Shore Presbytery, 4 February 1994  
Minister Emeritus June 1999
Removed from Roll 1 May 2007
died 13 November 2022, at Telford Life Care, Taranaki, aged 83

WESTRA,  Rev  Rintje Willem (Rinny)  
B.A., B.D. (Geelong), Th.Grad., ThM. (Westminster), DipTchg.
born Holland
wife Barbara  McKean married 4 January 1973  (Barbara a fully qualified Medical Practitioner)
Studied for his B.D. at the Reformed Church College, Geelong, Australia.
Reported 1971:  He did theological training in another denomination, and is doing a special course this year in anticipation of being accepted into the ministry of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.
Although from a Theologically conservative background and training, his views moderated prior to his entry to the Presbyterian Church.
Ordained Assistant Minister, St Peters, Napier West, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 21 May 1972
Tamatea Community Church, Napier, 9 October 1975
Parish Development and Mission Consultant, Auckland, 14 November 1979 — resigned  31 July 1984 and withdrew.
His views on war, given in a Public War Memorial Service, aroused considerable controversy and led to his decision to withdraw.
Minister within the Bounds, North Shore Presbytery, 7 November 1991
St  Pauls, Devonport, Auckland, North Shore Presbytery, 4 February 1993
Minister within the Bounds, North Shore Presbytery, August 1998
Minister within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery, January 2003
St Aidan's, Northcote, Auckland (Stated Supply), North Shore Presbytery, 28 July 2004
St Aidan's, Northcote, Auckland, North Shore Presbytery, 21 April 2005
Other Recognised Minister, Auckland Presbytery, 24 April 2008
Other Recognised Minister, North Shore, 2 June 2008
Retired 2009

WEYERS, Rev Dr Mario                      B.A., B.D., MTh, PhD, Theology and Missiology
Bosmansdam High School, South Africa, 1987-1991; Stellenbosch University 1992-1997 South Africa, Afrikaans
wife Mitsi
Pastor, Dutch Reformed Church-Cullinan, Stutterheim, Meyerton-Park, Hopefield, and Secunda-East, January 1998
Emigrated to New Zealand, 2014
Minister, St Andrew’s Te Puke, Kaimai Presbytery, 3 April 2014
Other recognised minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 1 October 2018.
Pastor, Afrikaans Christian Church, Tauranga and Rotorua, October 2018
Inducted Minister, St Andrew's Presbyterian Parish Hamilton, Kaimai Presbytery, 29 November 2020 — July 2022 moved to minister in Bonn Germany
Other recognised minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 22 July 2022

WHALEY, Rev  Graham          &  Mrs  Marion
Miss  -  joint  appt  with  Ch  of  Christ.
Dadaya, Zimbabwe,  High  School  Chapl  1985-8
After NZ furlough He went by invitation as Min of Meth Circuit, Zimbabwe.
Kadoma  Circuit, Harare, Zimbabwe  1.2.1988
A multi-racial congregation with small European community, & large &
growing African membership, - 29 preaching places.
Hatfield, Harare, Zimbabwe - Lecturer at United Theol Coll  1992,
returned  to  NZ  12.1992
Birkenhead  Meth  Ch  31.3.1993

WHARERIMU,  Rev  Tame  Taupaki  (Tom)
b  15.9.1920;  w  Winnie  Waiarani  b 9.3.1930  m 27.10.1956
He went to school at Te Whaiti; he worked as a driver at Waimana; he was
brought up as Ringatu, but the influence of Pres Ch people at Waimana
brought him into Pres Ch.
Maori Theol Coll  Whakatane  1963-5
Kawerau  2.2.1966
Ord  Nuhaka  21.12.1966;  from  1969  he served the Ch at Wairoa as well
as Nuhaka.
Putauaki (Kawerau)  5.2.1974  ret  31.1.1986  -  he suffered illness & pain
during the latter part of his work & in ret.
Died  21.6.1986

WHEATLEY,  Rev  Jeremiah  Gerald
b 13.5.1879  Reading, England.
In early life he went to South  Africa, and later served with the YMCA there during
part of the Boer War. Masy have also served with the YMCA in New York.
During World War One he served again with the YMCA in England. He came to NZ
on account of his health, and continued to serve with the YMCA as General
Secretary at Hastings, and in other positions. 
Then was received into the PCNZ Home Missionary Service 1.4.1929
HM Opunake TkP 1929
Port Ahuriri  HBP 1931,  Ord  HM 18.5.1931
Upper Aramoho, Wanganui  1933 - retired 1.6.1935 due to ill-health
'He bore the onset of a fatal disease with patience and courage'.
Died 1940    

WHEELDON,  Rev  Alfred  Hadfield
b  15.8.1873
w  Mary  J.  b 22.4.1876  m  5.6.1905
Ord  1902  -  Received by Assembly  19.11.1912
Ind  Arrowtown  COP  25.6.1913 - resigned  21.11.1913
Matawhero, Gisborne  21.12.1914
Shannon  MnP  30.10.1918 - resigned  1921
Strath Taieri (Middlemarch)  26.6.1923
South Molyneux  ClP 1.12.1932
Kumara  WsP 18.11.1934 to 18.11.1936
Retired 14.8.1938
Died  7.12.1954  Christchurch

WHIMP, Rev Neal John                      B.A., B.D.
born 3 June 1937 Whangarei
wife Marion Jill Sutton  (refer entry for Sr. MJ Sutton) married 14 November 1964
Educated at Whangarei Boy’s High School, Victoria University Wellington (BA) and Otago University (BD). A member of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand since 1960.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1963-1965
Ordained  Wellsford, Northland Presbytery, 9 February 1966 — resigned 17 August 1969
Accepted for Overseas Missions service, New Hebrides 1968
Marine Department Course Auckland July 1969
Commissioning Service at St Andrew’s Whangarei 13 August 1969
Appointed as District Pastor on Lamenu Island, New Hebrides 18 August 1969
Left Auckland for New Hebrides 2 September 1969   
Clerk of General Assembly, Presbyterian Church of New Hebrides 1972-1973
Principal Pastor Training, Aulua, Malekula Island March 1977
Returned to New Zealand, 8 December 1980
Off staff 31 July 1981
St Stephens, Waikiwi, Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, 2 August 1981
St Enochs, Tauranga Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 4 May 1989
Acting Executive Secretary, Council For Mission & Ecumenical Co-Operation (COMEC), 6 March 2000
Acting Global Mission Secretary Auckland February 2002
Minister Emeritus, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, August 2002
Active supporter of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu
died 21 April 2021

WHIMP, Mrs N.J.                  see                       Sutton, Jill

WHITE,  Miss Barbara Maud
b. Greymouth
educated at Greymouth Technical High School (1951-54), Christchurch West
High School (1955), and University. Hold a Teacher’s ‘C’ Certificate. 
A member of the Presb. Church of NZ since 1955.
Accepted as Missionary Teacher to New Hebrides.
Appointed to Lamenu for 3 year term from 10 June 1962
Set apart for Missions Service by Timary Presbytery 10 June 1962
By Sea to All Saints College Sydney for short Missions training course 22 June 1962
Arrived Auckland from Sydney Nov 1962
Left Auckland for New Hebrides via Fiji 2.3.1963
Lamenu, Vanuatu 1963  - her appointment completed end 1965
Arrived back in Auckland via Fiji 13.12.1965
Off Missions staff 6.3.1966

WHITE, Miss C.M.
Maori Miss
Assist Maori Synod Office Whakatane  6.1.1958

WHITE, Rev Duncan                    M.A.(Glas),B.D.(Toronto)
b 24.4.1929; w Sheila Mary  m 20.3.1954
fr United Ch of Canada
Director of Chr Educ Chch  16.8.1966  res 31.10.1969 & wthd

WHITE, Miss Geneva
Maori Miss
Maori Girls Hostel Ak, Assist 1949

WHITE, Rev Graeme R.                   L.Th.
Methodist Church
Associate ClP  1978
New Brighton Union ChP 2.1985 - Term  completed 1.1993
Te Atatu Union Church  AP  2001

WHITE, Mr  Henry
Miss - A member of Ang Ch who served as Hon Supt of Pres Chinese Ch Dn.
He assisted and when Rev A.L.  Miller had to withdraw he took charge.   He
visited Chinese gardens, laundries, stores  etc & Hosp.
Chinese Ch Dn Hon Supt  1888-1924  -  36 yrs.

WHITE, Rev  Joseph
b 25.5.1839;  w  M.  b 14.9.1852  m 6.1.1868  d 16.9.1932
He began his ministry in Eng with the Free Meth in 1869;  Ord 1869; 
recd by OSyn on 27.10.1887.
Ind  Kelso  MtP  1888  res  1890
Cromwell  COP  supply  1891
Pleasant Point  SCP  5.4.1892,  recd by Nth Ass  1892
Levin  MnP  1908  ret  31.1.1911
Cambridge  Outfields  WkP  1911
Died  15.3.1919  Levin

WHITE, Miss  Jessie  Irene
b 9.9.1916
Deac  Otago  PSSA  fr  25.3.1943

WHITE, Rev  Neil  Oliver
b 4. November 1879
w  Anna L. b 18 May 1889  m 16 December 1912 at Minto, USA,  d 31 March 1934 of cancer at Takapuna
In student days supplied at Hokianga, Dannevirke, Hunterville.
Theological Hall, 1908-1909
Completed studies at Knox College, Toronto, Canada, 1910-1911.
Licensed and Ordained by Pembina Presbytery at Minto, North Dakota, USA, 1911
He returned to New Zealand in 1914 and accepted call to :
Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay Presbytery,  Inducted 29 April 1914 - resigned 31 March 1916
Chapain, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, war service 25 March 1916  to  24 March 1917 – invalided home 1917.
Assistant Minister, Riccarton, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, began 1917;  Ind 16 July 1918
Helensville, Auckland Presbytery, 30 August 1922
Dargaville (Northern Wairoa  Northland Presbytery)  16 February 1927
Takapuna, Auckland, North Shore Presbytery, 8 March 1934 - resigned 30 April 1935
Morningside, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 1935 - resigned  30 May 1937
Worked in Government Office, Auckland
Northern Manaia, Northland Presbytery, 1940-1941
He ministered in Natal, Port Alberni Britsh Columbia (Canada), Nova Scotia; returned to New Zealand and supplied Greymouth, Tasman and Moutere.
Retired to Te Kuiti,1958
Died  19 September 1962 at Te Kuiti

WHITE, Rev Shuford Stanley
w Susan McEachern   m 13.12.1986
fr USA  -  Ord 1986
Clutha Valley ClP  22.12.1988  res  9.11.1993  & returned to USA.

WHITE, Rev Stephen
Ang Ch
Waikohu Co-op Gisborne  28.7.1994

WHITE, Rev  William                      M.A.(Queens Univ. Belfast)
b 10.12.1856
w Agnes  Jane  b 24.11.1856  m 28.1.1879  d 15.10.1942
Originally from County Antrim, Ireland
Studied at Queens University, Belfast, Ireland.
Licensed by Belfast Presbytery of Presbyterian Church of Ireland 1 Apr 1885
Came from  Presbyterian Church of Ireland as Probationer.
Ord  Pleasant  Point  SCP  9.11.1885
Wallacetown  SP  21.12.1890
During part of his time at Wallacetown he assisted in teaching at the Boy's High School in Invercargill.
Waverley  TkP  20.1.1903
Waihi  WkP  4.2.1908 - retired  3.1914
He was a scholarly man, an expert mathematician, took a keen interest in secondary education. For many
years he set and marked the New Zealand University Mathematics examination papers. He had heart
trouble which compelled him to give up active ministry in March 1914.
Died  22.8.1914 at Waihi.

WHITE, Rev  Wallace Stuart (known as Stuart)
b 26.4.1917 at Gore.
w  Paula Edith  b 13.4.1929  m 24.11.1951 [one records states 20 Dec 1951]
Educated at Edendale Primary School and at Southland Technical College, Invercargill. Completed
an apprenticeship in motor engineering. Then took up studies at the Bible College in Auckland with
the intention of going into Mission Service in the Pacific Islands with the ability to maintain the
mission vehicles. Unfortunately World War Two intervened and was drafted into the Army, serving
in the 3rd Division Workshop Regiment, rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant, with overseas service
in Fiji, Solomon Islands and the New Hebrides. Due to adverse health effects caused by the tropical
climate, decided instead of missions service to apply to be received as a student for the ministry.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1949-51
Licensed by the Presbytery of Chitschurch.
Ordained  Cust-Oxford  ChP  20.12.1951
Amuri  ChP  14.6.1955
Centre  Bush  SP  25.4.1963
Opunake  TkP  20.5.1969
Hinds  AsP  19.2.1976
Minister Emeritus  28.2.1979
"Stuart was a faithful minister and preacher, hardworking and conscientous. His quiet demeanour,
practical nature and no-judgemental outlook made him an effective and loved pastor. He was a loyal
Presbyter, disliking division and argument but ready to suggest compromise solutions. Stuart was
also a family man, never balancing the needs of Church and family in the way he would have preferred
so leaving more on the shoulders f his wife, Paula, than he wished. His family, however, paid tribute
to his non-judgmental outlook, his quiet wisdom and his support of them as true efforts to put his
faith into practice.
[from Memorial Minute]
Died June 2008 at Wanganui, aged 91 years. Interred, as per his wish, at Edendale in Southland.

WHITEHEAD, Rev  Leonard  George  Burdett           M.A.
b  11.6.1901  Hastings
w Shiela MacDonald Barr b 30.5.1908  m 19.12.1932
HM Lake Coleridge  ChP  student  1924
Roseneath  WnP  student  1925
Frasertown  GP  student  1927
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1927-28
St Andrews College Sydney Australia 3rd year 1929
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 12.11.1929
Ord  St  Davids  Palmerston  North  9.4.1930
Wallacetown  SP  28.9.1933
Southbridge  ChP  27.10.1938
St  Andrews  Suva  Fiji AP 1.5.1944
Paeroa  WkP  14.5.1946
Taradale  HBP  9.6.1955
At Taradale he served Lindisfarne College as lecturer in Scripture & General Knowledge; he edited a
religious column in Southland Times for some years under nom-de-plume of “Popokatea”.
Died  13.9.1961 in office.

WHITEHEAD, Rev Nancy Jean M.                   Dip.ThSt., LTCL.
Born Lower Hutt.
husband: Arthur, 1972
Greatly influenced by her grandmother and her father and mother who instilled a strong sense of social justice in her which as guided her throughout her life and ministry.
Piano lessons from age seven, and singing in the choir at twelve, obtained a teacher's diploma in the theory of music, piano teacher, secondary school librarian.
Four-year Education for Ministry course, later 1980s
Clinical Pastoral Education; Pastoral Skills Training, Waikato Hospital; chaplain, Trevellyn Rest Home; trustee, D. V. Bryant Philanthropic Trust
Ordained, St. Stephen's, Lower Hutt, 1995
St.Clare’s Co-operating, Hamilton, Waikato Presbytery, November 1995, for seven years
Morrinsville Methodist Church for five years
Convener of the Nominating Committee, 2003
Knox Parish, Cheviot / Kowhai Parish (Waipara / Amberley / Sefton) / Wakari Parish Christchurch Presbytery 21 August 2008
Minister emerita, Alpine Presbytery, 2 December 2018
Two year transition ministry, St Alban's Uniting Church, Christchurch, Alpine Presbytery, 1 October 2022
Great-neice of the Rev. Alex Thompson.

WHITELAW, Rev Alan  Campbell                   Ll.B.
b  19.11.1893 at Auckland 
w Mary (Molly) Dorothea Shannon  b 1.8.1895 m 25.9.1930  d 31.3.1964
He practised law in Hawera for a time before studying for the ministry
War  sericev  from  6.2.1917  to  23.11.1918
Theological Hall, Dunedin  1925-27
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 18.10.1927
Ord Youth Agent (YMBC Travelling Secretary)  21.11.1927
Te Awamutu  WkP  19.2.1931
Blenheim  NMP  22.9.1937-  resigned 25.9.1945 - to  Scotland 1946-48
Johnsonville, Wellington  WnP  2.6.1949 - retired  31.12.1960
Supply in retirement
Son-in-law of Rev  J.W. Shannon
Died 30.5.1972

WHITELAW,  Mrs  Mary  Dorothea  (Molly)  neé  Shannon
b  1.8.1895  Hawick  Scotland 
h  Alan  Campbell,  Whitelaw  b 19.11.1893 m 25.9.1930  d 30.5.1972
She came to NZ with her parents in 1921 to Morere,  &  later Matawhero;
when her Father died she carried on his work as Minister  there for 3 months.
Interim Travelling  Secretary agent  for the PWMU.
Traelling Secretary for the YWBC Movement 1928-30
Married Alan Whitelaw in Edinburgh  25.9.1930;  lived at Te  Awamutu, Blenheim, 
Johnsonville;  Ord elder 1960; attended World Council of Churches (WCC)
Assemblies,  served on press Committe; Church Union Committee;  Joint
Commission on Church Union.
Died  31.3.1964 at Auckland.

WHITTINGTON, Rev James Neville
b 3.3.1902
w Winifred  b 4.4.1911  m  30.1.1946  d 20.6.1978
He was the son of a Congregational Minister in Monmouthshire, England.  
He began life as a sailor but left because of ill-health; he was handicapped throughout
his ministry by persistent illness.
Joined the Home Missionary service Apr 1934
HM Johnsonville WnP 1934
Roseneath WnP  1936
Napier  Suburbs  HBP  1937 – resigned 1.3.1939 to enter Hall.
Theological Hall 1939-41
Ord Balclutha ClP 4.12.1941
Died  20.4.1953 in office.

WHYTE,  Rev Alexander                M.A.,B.D.,B.Sc.,F.L.S.
b  8.2.1864 in London
w  Helen Inglis Shanks  b(?)  m(?)  d(?) married prior to leaving for New Zealand
He began studying the classics in his primary school at 8 years of age. Won the Hutcheson
Grammar School University Scholarship.
He studied at Glasgow University and the United Presbyterian Church Hall at Edinburgh.
Also began the medical course, passing his first professional examination simultaneously with
his Divinity Course at the United Presbyterian Hall. The strain of the two courses at once was
too much for his eyes and he gave up medicine.
held and assistant-ship to the Professor of BOtany at Glasgow university for 5 summer session 1884-1888.
Again, upon his return from New Zealand, he rejoined the Botany Dept. for a time.
Elected a Fellow of the Linnaean Society in 1882.
He came to NZ as a probationer of United Presbyterian Church, arrived 16.9.1888. 
He established  South Wairarapa  Charge,  preaching  at  Carterton,  Gladstone, Greytown.
He returned to Scotland and was Ordained there in 1890.
During his time in New Zealand he cerated a collection of New Zealand plants, which, upon his return
to Britain in January 1889, were placed in the Bristish Museum.
Served as Assistant Minister at East Campbell Street Church, Glasgow, followed by a pastorate at Craigs
and Duntocher Church from 1890 to 1894.
Called to North Kelvinside U.P. CHurch, Glasgow 1894.
Three strenuous years as a City Pastor and the building of a new church caused a breakdown in health
which forced Rev White with his wife and four children to return to New Zealand in June 1897.
On  returning  to  New Zealand he was received  by  the Northern Presbyterian Church
Assembly on 13.2.1898. Upon his health being restored :
Inducted  Havelock  North  HBP  7.6.1898
Horrified by the 'pagan' nature of the national education system, he began battling for the religious
education of the young. He commenecd, in conjunction with an Anglican clrergyman, daily half-hour
religious studies in school, followed by a written examination every Friday. With the assistance of other
Protestant Clergy, similar classes were established at Port Chalmers in 1910. He carried out this work until
his death in 1919.
Port  Chalmers  DnP  1.2.1910
In 1911 he moved in Assembly that the site offerred for a Girls School in Havelock North be accepted; Iona
College was established on it; he also founded Columba College Dunedin;  he took a leading part in
establishing Church Colleges.
Another matter dear to his heart was Church Union between the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational
Churches, the first motion towards such a move being passed at the 1918 General Assembly.
At his funeral service in First Church Dunedin, the Rev Balfour spoke of his eloquence and related that a
leading New Zealand Minister once said to him that he had never heard anyone either in this land or in the
homeland who had such a power of expression. Rev Balfour also commented on the combinationn of the
visionary and the practical man,a combination which made him able in large measure to realise his dreams :
""He saw what he ought to do and tried to do it. He said what he felt without consideration of the consequences.
If he was beaten he took his defeat unperturbed and he cherished no resentment against those who opposed
him. He was gentleman, a meek man, but he had the courage of a lion, and the persistant strength to carry
through what his convictions prompted him to undertake."
"A unique presence has vanished from among us, a presence whose beauty and value will become only the
more clearly apparent as the years move on. His scholarship and culture, his attention to form in manner and
speeches and in the worship of God, his energy and ardour, his so Christ-like meekness, self-scarifice and charity
will ever be remembered."
Died  8.11.1919

WHYTE,  Miss Diana
Overseas  Volunteer  -  teacher
Jubilee  School, Kharar  India  1984

WHYTE,  Mr  Ken     &  Mrs  Pauline
Principal, Mustard  Seed  Boys'  Trade  School  Mendi,  PNG  1991-3-

Maori  Miss
In  1930  he asked  for  Baptism  &  expressed  his  willingness  to  help in 
services;  he  was  later  ord  elder  &  remained a  faithful witness  till  his
death.   A  memorial  tablet  was dedicated  by Rev J. G. Laughton  & Rt
Rev W. H. Howes on his moderatorial  visit to Matahi on  4.1938.
Died  25.12.1936

Maori  Miss
He had been Sec of Waimana School  from  its  beginning in 1921; he did everything in his power to help Sr Aileen in her work.
Died   11.1927

WICHMAN, Rev Enere             B.Th.
Cook Islander, came to New Zealand circa 1974; Social and Community Work, Manukau Polytechnical Institute; Elder, Lay Preacher, Sunday School Teacher and Secretary, Uapou Taokotai Fellowship, Edinburgh Street Pacific Islanders Church
w Mii
Ordained 1997
Assistant Minister (Part Time) First Church of Otago Dunedin  Dunedin Presbytery, November 1997 to 2004
Minister within the bounds, Auckland Presbytery, 26 July 2005
Associate Minister, Newton Pacific Islanders Church, Auckland Presbytery, 8 September 2005

WICKS,  Kay - Deacon
Methodist  Church
Tuakau Union SAP 1.2.1992, Term completed 31.1.1994

WICKS,  Rev  Raymond  G.
Meth  Ch
Tuakau  Union  SAP  2.1987,  Term completed  31.1.1994

WIGGINS,  Mr  Brian      &  Mrs  Shirley
fr  Thames   -   Miss  PNG
Menduli, Southern  Highlands of  PNG  1990
Brian employed by United Ch of PNG as Manager of United Ch business
'Menduli' 1990.   Menduli's bulk store was one of the first businesses in the
Southern Highlands (began 1966).   It is the business arm of the Ch, & has
grown to include retail, trucking, sawmilling, hardware, wholesale, &
contracting activities.     Returned to NZ  10.1992.

WIIG, Rev Roger Lindsay Dennis                      B.A., Dip.Th.
wife: Carole Ann, married 8 January 1966
Theological Hall, 1967-1969
Ordained Assistant to Ernie Johnston, Cambridge, Waikato Presbytery, 11 December 1969 — resigned 1 June 1971
Christian Education Worker, Parish Development and Mission Consultant, Auckland, 8 June 1971 — resigned 31 August 1978
A key figure in the foundation of the Presbytery of North Shore, Roger was its first Clerk until his move to Melbourne.
Senior Editor, Joint Board of Christian Education, Melbourne, Australia, 1 September 1978
Honorary Associate Minister Toorak Uniting Church, 1979 to 1981
Part-time lecturer in the Post Grad. Dip. Ed. Admin. at State College of Victoria at Hawthorn, 1979 to 1981
St Andrews, Palmerston North, 31 January 1982
Editor of Written Word, Dept of Communication, Wellington, 20 June 1989
Lodged Certificate on moving to the Queensland Synod of the Uniting Church of Australia, January 1996
Minister of the Word, Saint Andrew’s Uniting Church, Brisbane City, Queensland, Australia, 1 February 1996 to 30 June 2001
Minister, West Wickham, Bromley Circuit, Methodist Church in the United Kingdom, 1 September 2001 to 31 August 2009
Superintendent Minister, Bromley Circuit, Methodist Church in the United Kingdom,1 September 2006 to 31 August 2009
Minister (stated supply) Khandallah (with Ken Irwin), 2011 to 2012
Convener of Presbytery of Wellington Commission on St Martin’s Ranui, 2013
Minister (stated supply), Otaki Waikanae, Wellington Presbytery, 1 June 2013 to December 2014
Minister (stated supply) Johnsonville, Central Presbytery, February to August 2018

WIKI, Rev Shirley
Te Taitokerau Maori Pastorate Ak 6 Feb 2012

WILCOX,  Rev  Charles  Gilbert
b 15.2.1883 at Melbourne, Australia 
w  Essie Sarah Lopdell b 22.10.1886  m  25.10.1915  d  17.8.1967
He was trained as an electrical engineer in England; he served YMCA in Brisbane (Aust.),
& Invercargill; later he entered the Home Missions service for a short period; special
pre-Hall course set  19.11.1915.
Theological Hall Dunedin  1917-19
Ord  Owaka  ClP  28.4.1920
Fairlie  (Mackenzie  SCP)  16.8.1923
Opoho, Dunedin  DnP  27.2.1930
Eastbourne, Wellington  WnP  24.10.1935 – retired 15.2.1948 due to ill-health.  
Brother-in-law of Rev J.E. Lopdell
Died  29.11.1950

WILDE,  Rev  Arthur
b  29.10.1898, NZ
w  Dorothy  Jean  b 24.5.1906  m 22.6.1933
Formerly a Farmer, took the Home Mission course including two years in the
Missionary Bible Training College in Sydney. Undertook eleven months of
Home Missionary work in Queensland for the Congregational Church of Australia.
Joined the PCNZ Home Missionary service in May 1926. Took part of the HM course.
Mamaku WkP 1926,  Ord HM 3.7.1928
Kawhia WkP 1928
Mangapai NP 1937 (4 years)
Awhitu (3 years)
Kaitaia NP 1940 (4 years)
Taumarunui (2 years)
Woodville MnP 1946, raised to full status 1946
Apiti MnP 27.5.1947
Waikato East  3.6.1954 - retired 31.10.1963
Died 22.4.1990

WILDING, Rev Tekura
Licensed South Auckland Presbytery 30 November 2006
Associate Minister, Central Southland Presbyterian Parish Southland Presbytery February 2007 — Sole Minister from 2008
Minister Emerita, Southern Presbytery, 27 November 2023

WILKES,  Rev  Frederick  Alexander
b 3.6.1901  Invercargill
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
He was a motor mechanic for some years. Trained with the Salvation Army
including 12 months special study; Salvation Army Officer 1922 to 1927.
Entered the PCNZ Home Mission service 1.8.1930, took the HM course.
HM Broad Bay (Otago Peninsula Outfields) DnP 1930
Athol SP 1930
Orawia SP 1935;  Ord HM 19.3.1935
Waikaia  MtP  1938
Sefton  ChP 1946
Belfast-Styx  ChP  1947
Hedgehope SP 1951 - he had a serious illness in Apr 1952, granted 10 months
sick leave, and finally forced to retire in 1957.
Died  2.11.1964  Invercargill

Junior Voice Production  Tutor, Hall  Dn  1906-10  (probably earlier, but
tutors  were  not  listed  before  1906).
Voice  Production  Tutor  (all studs)  1910  res  30.11.1913

WILKIE, Rev John
Local Ordained Minister, St John's, Hawera Taranaki Presbytery 11 December 2007 — concluded December 2023
Resigned from Roll of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, 26 December 2023

WILKIE,  Rev  Robert  F.                    M.Div.(Yale),B.A.
b  1925
From the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America; served 20 years in ministry in the USA,
mostly in 'Campus Ministry'. Western Oregon State College 5 years, and from there to NZ.
Kelburn, Wellington WnP 15.11.1984 - resigned 31.3.1987 and returned to the USA.

WILKINS,  Miss  L.
Maori  Miss
Matahi  1949

WILKINS, Rev Norman Harvey                    B.Tech.(Hons), BD.
wife Linda Joy married 30 March 1968
Theological Hall 1980-1982
Ordained Manhonui County Union, Northland Presbytery, 3 February 1983
St Georges Linwood Christchurch and Aranui-Iona, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 4 February 1988
Kapiti Uniting Parish, Wanganui Presbytery, June 2000
Minister emeritus, 25 December 2008
Minister emeritus, Alpine Presbytery, 1 September 2021

WILKINSON, Mrs A.C.H.                   see                          Luke, Marilyn

WILKINSON,  Mr  Alfred H.
Unordained HM  Ruawai (supply) NP 24.2.1937 to 1.12.1937
Ormond 17.4.1938 to 31.10.1938
Denniston  (supply) WsP 1939-40
He also helped with supply for several years at Tuakau, Taumarunui and Kati Kati.

WILKINSON,  Rev  Frank  Howitt                           M.A.
b  5.12.1891  Dunedin 
w  Helen  Margaret  Cameron  (daughter of the Rev. Andrew  Cameron,  Dunedin )
b  19.2.1890  m  11.8.1920 d  12.1960.
He  spent a summer holiday touring Bible Classes in Taranaki; as a  result he was appointed
Young Men’s Bible Class  Travelling  Secretary in 1914
In  1915 he  left for Egypt with the Young Men’s Christian Asssociation (YMCA);  he later
trained for active service.  
War service with NZ Expeditionary Forces  1.2.1916  to  4.11.1919.
After  the  Armistice he studied at New College  Edinburgh, then completed his Theology
course in Dunedin on his  return in  rder to prepare for Missionary service in China.
New  College  Edinburgh  1919
Theological Hall  Dunedin  1919-20.
Ordained for Missionary service in  Canton Villages Mission  9.8.1920
Sailed for China  11.10.1920
After furlough (leave) in NZ during 1926, they returned to China in Jan 1927.  Due to political
unrest in China and changes to the structure of the Mission effectively handing over control
to the local Chinese Synod, he felt that he could not continue his work as before and returned
to NZ Aug 1927.
He resigned from Mission  work  30.9.1927.
Inducted  Wadestown  WnP  2.2.1928
Trinity  Timaru  SCP  21.11.1935 - retired  9.5.1946 on account of his health.
In retirement he lived in Dunedin & Lower Hutt.
Died  5.9.1965

WILKINSON,  Rev  Harry  Lloyd                 B.A.
b  21.9.1905  unmarried
Studied at Auckland University then attended Teachers College Auckland, spending a short
period as a Primary School Teacher
Theological Hall, Dunedin  1929-31
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 10.11.1931
Ord  Fordell  WgP  15.12.1931
Westport  WsP  2.7.1937
Lincoln  ChP  18.12.1941
Morrinsville  WkP  10.5.1951
Tirau  WkP  4.10.1952 - retired  31.12.1969 due to failing  health;
From  4.1970  till death was Chaplain at Waikato Hospital.  
His Mother lived with him until her sudden death.
Died  6.9.1970  suddenly

WILKINSON, Rev  Margaret  Stewart                     Dip.Th.
b  9.5.1927
h  Ross  Stanley, Wilkinson  b  30.11.1921  m  6.3.1948
Lay Pastoral Assistant, St George’s, Takapuna  NsP  1974 to 1982
Inducted as a Lay Preacher in the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand at St George’s, Takapuna 
NsP 1980
Theological Hall, Dunedin  1983 (her final year)
Ordained  Knox, Parnell, Auckland AP  15.3.1984 
Part Time Chaplain to Mater/Mercy Hospital, Auckland (Presbyterian Support appointment) 1988
to 1995
Minister Emeritus 12.3.1989
Died 25 October 2009 at North Shore.

WILKS, Rev Graham John                   M.A.,B.D,
wife Wendy Elizabeth Stokes, a Nurse in Dunedin, married 14 November 1964 died (?)
born 6 March 1941, Westport
Commenced employment in the Greymouth Public Trust Office in 1959. In the ensuing three years, Graham undertook night classes for his accountancy certificate, graduating with the equivalent of the University Commerce degree. Felt the call to Ministry. He was required to undertake an Arts degree course at Otago University, graduating MA in Education, then graduating BD in 1974. 
Theological Hall, 1968-1970
Ordained  Moutere Hills, Nelson, 2 March 1971—resigned 12 May 1974 Lodged Certificate
Independent  Church St Michael’s, Melbourne, 1975-78. Also acted as consultant with the Cairnmillar Institute.
Uniting Church of Australia, Adelaide, South  Australia, 1978
Director of “Relationships Australia (South Australia) Inc.”, dealing with marriage guidance, September 1978 – 1997
Acted as a guest lecturer at the University of South Australia and occupied key positions in the South Australia Psychological Board.
Suffered a stoke in 1997.      
Clinical Psychologist in private practise, also holding a consultancy in clinical psychology and psysiotherapy up until his death.
Died Adelaide, 17 July 2001

WILL, Rev James  A.
b (?) New Zealand.
w  Agnes Allan Oliver  b  26.2.1859  m -  d  26.5.1937
(Her cousin was Janet Finlayson, wife of the Rev A Finlayson)
He went to Scotland for his Theology training.
Ordained Waiareka  NOP  22.6.1883
Lawrence  ClP  1894
Son of Rev the William Will.
Moderator of the Synod of Otago and Southland 1904 at the time of his death.
Died 22 June 1904  in office, aged 47 years.

WILL, Rev  William
b  27.4.1825  Collace, Perthshire  Scotland
w.(1) Louisa Wishart b. Edinburgh. m. Sept 1853, d. 17.11.1871 very suddenly at the Waihola manse after an attack of apoplexy.
w.(2) Mary Callender b.(?) m. March 1874, d. 23.2.1875
w.(3) Annie Irvine Jardine b.(?), m. April 1879, d.1903, aged 60.
Educated at Edinburgh University and the Free Church College Edinburgh.
He offered his services to the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland
Licensed and ordained by the Free Church Presbytery of Irvine as second Minister in Otago Aug 1853
Sailed for New Zealand  Sept 1853 in the 'Stately' in which the Rev Wm Bannerman was
a Fellow passenger;  arrived Port Chalmers  8.1.1854.
Inducted to East Taieri  DnP  19.2.1854  (Inducted by the Rev Thomas Burns along with the
Rev William Bannerman) - served 45 years in the one parish;
Retired march 1899 and became Senior Minister. 
Father of Rev J.A. Will. 
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland 1867 & 1897; Convener of the
Sustentation Fund Committee for many years.
Died  26.10.1912,  aged 87.

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