Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

McAdam to McDowell

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McADAM, Sr Evelyn                      (Mrs F. Jeffreys)
b. (?)   m. (?)
h. Rev FR Jeffreys  b. 5.7.1877  m. 28.3.1911  d. Jan 1939
Emigrated to New Zealand with her parents and 10 siblings in 1878. Her Father had
been a shareholder in the Bank of Glasgow and lost most of his money (as
shareholders became liable for the bank's debts) when it collapsed in Oct 1878.
Her Father was then aged 64 years.
Evelyn previously a teacher at Middlemarch as well as a faithful worker in the Church.
After seeing the good work of Sr Christabel at St Andrews in Dunedin, First Church
Desired to also have a Deaconess, and sought Evelyn McAdam for the post.
Appointed by First Church Dunedin to be their Deaconess. 
Ordained as first Deaconess of First Church Dunedin   DnP  1902  -  resigned 1911
President of the Young Women’s Bible Class Union
She also laid the foundations of the Presbyterian Support Services Association
when her and Sr Mary from Knox Church took into their private home a family of
children who were in dire need. She also addressed the Duendin Presbytery on
the need for a children’s orphanage in Dunedin. When the Clyde Street Children’s
Home was purchased both Sisters moved in, a work they carried out without
assistance, but with loving perseverance.
After her marriage to the Rev Frank R Jeffreys in 1911 and his appointment as
Superintendent of the newly formed Presbyterian Social Support Services
Association in Auckland, it was felt that Mrs Jeffreys had unique qualifications
for this important branch of Christian duty.
“Possessed of a strong personality and forceful in speech, her temperament was
sweetened with a true Christian humility.
She was a tireless worker, and, through naturally giving her main energies to the
Church that employed her, she was always willing to do her share in the religious
and social work in the community. She had decided opinions of her own, but was
ever ready to listen sympathetically to the views of others, and give help and
encouragement to those less experienced. She possessed a love for children, and
won their affection.
She possessed a noticeable flexibility of mind. Conversation would wander easily
into the field of history or literature, or theology.” 
Died Auckland 2nd March 1926 

MacALLISTER,  Mr [Rev] John Ferguson    [Deposed From Ministry 1915]
b. Scotland (probably Glasgow), c.1861
Educated at Normal School, Glasgow.
Emigrated to NSW, Australia with his family in 1884.
Lay Missionary at Glebe Presb. Church, Sydney for some years.
Returned to Scotland.
Returned to Australia.
HM, Leederville Presb. Church, Perth WA 1897
To New Zealand :
Received by the Pres. Synod of Otago & Southland, Nov 1899
Ind Owaka ClP  end 1900,  Ord  1900
Waiwera South & Clydevale ClP  1902 - resigned 1906
Returned to Australia :
Junee Presb. Church, NSW 18.1.1911 to 24.11.1911
Berry 13.2.1912 to 3.8.1914 – Resigned
Deposed from Ministry by the Presbytery of Sydney 14.9.1915 for falsehood
and contumacy [contempt of the authority of an ecclesiastical court]. He falsely
claimed to have attended and graduated MA from the University of Glasgow
and to have been licensed by the Free Church of Glasgow.
Died (?)

MacANN,     see       Macann  (not under Mac )

McARA, Rev John
b -
w Miss Forsythe (of Dunedin) b 28.12.1846 m. d 23.4.1929
Ord Balclutha 1872 ClP
St Andrews Gisborne  HBP 14.5.1879; his ministry was cut short when he was fatally injured after
being thrown from his buggy.
Died 25.1.1890.

McARA, Very Rev William
b 28.11.1847
w Jessie R. b 2.12.1849  m 15.11.1871
In his early years he intended to do Foreign Mission work, and studied at Glasgow University
in preparation; he also acquired some medical knowledge.  He worked for some time in the
Glasgow City Mission; his experience here gave him deep sympathy with the poor and
afflicted.  The Call came from the New Zealand Church for qualified men for Hone Missions
work.  He responded and came to NZ as a Probationer with a Commission from the Free
Church of Scotland in 1877. Appointed to Kaikoura where he ministered for 41 years. 
Friends said it was premature to start a congregation at Kaikoura, but in spite of
discouragements he persevered.  His parish extended 100 miles along the coast, and
required much travelling on horseback.  After a brief rest he was appointed to Sumner.
Kaikoura NMP  11.1877; Ord 9.1.1878 - resigned 30.6.1919. 
He was at Kaikoura when it was raised to a fully sanctioned charge on 17.5.1880
Sumner ChP  10.1919 - retired 30.4.1930
Moderator of the General Assembly 1913
Died 29.6.1930 at Sumner, aged 82

McARTHUR, Rev John
He served for some yrs in the Canadian Pres Ch; came to NZ & was recd 17.11.1902
Paeroa WkP supply  1903
Opunake TkP  began 1906,  Ind 1907
Motukarara 1912
Died 7.12.1918 Otahuhu 

MacARTHUR, Rev William Watson
b 9.3.1886 Pollockshields Glasgow
w Marion Paton McEwan b 7.5.1884 m 24.4.1914  d.13 Oct 1968
He was educated at Glasgow University; worked as Chemist and Assayer, later as cost Accountant.  
His work with slum boys and girls led to an approach by Dr Gibb who put the need for Home
Missionaries in NZ.
Arrived New Zealand 13 March 1921.
Appointed HM St Peters Auckland AP  27.3.1921
Applied to become a student for the Ministry Sept 1921.
Transferred to Purakanui (DnP) as HM while student at Hall 1922
Theological Hall Dunedin 1922-24
Ordained Otago Peninsula Parish 2.12.1924 - resigned from ministry 28.2.1939.
He was troubled by the Church’s attitude to War.
Resigned from ministry to join the Society of Friends.
Died 5 Sept 1961

McBRIDE, Rev Alistair John      B.Sc., B.D.,M.Th. (Edinburgh), Dip. in Theology & Mission (Sheffield)., MTH Miss.    
born at Oamaru
wife (1) Denise Kay born 8 July 1952 married 13 January 1973 died 21 July 2013
wife (2) Alison Lucy Gilbert
Attended Rutherford High School, Auckland and Riccarton High School, Christchurch, University of Canterbury and Christchurch Teachers College training as a secondary teacher finishing in 1973. Taught at Tawa College and Huntly College. While teaching at Tawa and attending Newlands Union Parish, he responded to a call to ministry
Theological Hall 1977-1979
Licensed by Waikato Presbytery, November 1979
Ordained Ahuriri-Putorino Hawkes Bay Presbytery 18 December 1979 - resigned, 22 August 1982 to study overseas.
Calvin, Brooklyn, Wellington Presbytery, 5 September 1984
Chaplain, Victoria University, Wellington, Wellington Presbytery — began April 1986, inducted 8 June 1986
Picton Union, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery, 22 May 1991
Scots Church, Hamilton, Waikato Presbytery, February 1996
Scots and St Stephen's (part-time), Kaimai Presbytery 22 March 2012 — 31 December 2015 when resigned from St. Stephens and continued with Scots — retired 24 November 2019
Co-Convener of “Resourcing For Mission”
Moderator of Waikato Presbytery
Co-Moderator of Kaimai Presbytery
Son of Rev Ian McBride

McBRIDE, Rev Ian Gray
b 31 October 1927 at Oamaru
w Ngaire Grace Stringer b 28 November 1928 m 6 May 1950 d 5 April 1992
Became actively involved with St Peter’s Presbyterian Church Woolston Christchurch.
Attended Christchurch Technical College then Christchurch Teachers College, finishing his training in 1948. Taught at Kerikeri, Oamaru South Primary School then to Courtenay in South Canterbury. Ordained as an Elder in Halkett Parish. At this time he experienced a calling to serve the Church. 
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1959-1961
Licensed by Presbytery of Christchurch 1961
Ordained St Giles Te Atatu, Auckland Presbytery, 1 February 1962
Chaplain, Royal New Zealand Air Force Wigram,1 September 1966
Chaplain, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Whenuapai, 5 February 1974
Chaplain, Royal New Zealand Air Force, Wigram, 24 February 1977  
Rangiora, Christchurch Presbytery, 1 February 1979
Minister Emeritus, 31 January 1988
Father of Rev Alistair McBride
“[Ian] joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force as Chaplain in June 1966…. It was a difficult time for the New Zealand Military because of New Zealand’s involvement in the Vietnam conflict. There was some suspicion of military chaplains given the strong anti-war stance within the churches at the time. Ian’s work in supporting the men and women who served in the forces was highly regarded by those to whom he ministered…. Ian’s ministry both in parish and chaplaincy work was characterised by a firm belief in the love of God and the practical application of that in both preaching and in pastoral care.... Ian served the Presbytery of Christchurch as a member and convener of standing committees and also served as convener of Presbytery Commissions. At the national level he served as a representative of defence chaplains on the Ministry Committee then on the Parish Development and Mission Board.”  (From Memorial Minute)
Died 18 Aug 2006

McCALLUM, Rev Alexander Murray              M.A.
b. 1832 Glen Almond, Perthshire, Scotland
m. Margaret Thomson 1863 (a Daughter of the Rev Andrew Thomson)
Graduated from St. Andrews University.
Licensed by Perth Presbytery of the Free Church of Scotland 1860
Ordained and inducted into Free Church at Shandon, Dumbartonshire 17 July 1862
To USA :
Ill health and went to California 1875
To New Zealand :
Arrived in New Zealand 1878
St David’s Auckland (supply)  AP  13.4.1878
North Shore (supply) 1880 (supplied in parishes over whole of North Shore)
North Belt Church, Christchurch (supply) ChP 12 month term from April 1882
Returned to Auckland
Received a ‘call’ to Devonport
Devonport NSP 19.6.1883 - retired 31.12.1888 (one record indicates resigned 27 Dec 1888)
An enthusiastic orchardist, retired onto his property “Mount of Olives” at Lake Takapuna,
North Shore, Auckland.
Mangere AP (supply) 1892
Mentioned 1896 as Minister Emeritus in AP
Father of 7 Sons and 2 Daughters.
Died 3rd March 1897. Interred in Birkenhead Cemetery, Auckland.

McCALLUM, Mrs D.          see                Murray, Isobel

McCALLUM, Rev Hugh Miller
b 22.6.1883  Helensburgh, Scotland
w Catherine Emily Gillanders b 10.3.1893 m 30.12.1919 (refer separate entry)
He came to NZ 1912; worked 15 years as a clerk in a clothing warehouse, then joined
the Home Missionary staff. Had a knowledge of shorthand and had undertaken an
Ambulance Course. Took the HM course.
HM Titoki NP 1.7.1928,  Ordained Home Missionary 10.7.1930
Whakapara NP  1931
Mangaweka & Rewa WgP  1936
Waitara TkP  1941
Mauku SAP  1946
Awhitu SAP  1948 - retired  1953
Father of Rev Ian McCallum
Died 6.3.1969 Middlemore Hospital, Auckland

wife Yvonne  married 15 September 1956
born 4 January 1931
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1955-1956 and 1960
Licensed by Presbytery of Auckland, 17 November 1960
Ordained Coromandel-Whitianga, Waikato Presbytery 8 December 1960
Kamo, Northland Presbytery, 8 February 1967
St Lukes, Waiwhetu, Wellington Presbytery, 1 February 1973
Minister Emeritus, 7 July 1993 
died 1 March 2018 at Stokeswood Home and Hospital
Son of Rev HM McCallum.

McCALLUM, Rev Neil
b 1840 Campbelltown Scotland
w. (?) b.(?) d. circa 1876
Studied at Glasgow University & Heidelburg University Germany;
Commenced his Ministry (in Scotland) under the Free Church of Scotland 1869
Appointed to New Zealand by the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland 18 June 1872.
Left for NZ 1872 as Probationer.
Ord Waikato West 1873, left same year  on account of family affliction.
Patea TkP 1874, to a few families in Patea, and reaching out to include Waverley & Hawera;
Left 4.1876 on account of losing his wife.
Cust & Oxford ChP 5.4.1877 - resigned 9.3.1886 to United Kingdom,
Halkett  ChP  SS 15.4.1888 - retired 15.4.1897
In retirement did supply till failing health led him to give up.
Died  14.5.1927, aged 87 years.

McCASKEY, Rev Murray Raeburn           B.A., B.D.
w Judith m 16.5.1964
Theological Hall 1963-5
Ordained Ormond Gisborne 12.9.1968 
Kaikohe Union NP  28.2.1974
Te Awamutu WkP  28.1.1982  - resigned 20.11.1990
Richmond Nelson  SS 1991  - Inducted 30.1.1992 
Minister Emeritus Nov 2000

McCASKILL, Rev Charles
b 21.9.1911 Greenock Scot; w Stella Emmaline b 27.6.1912 m 30.11.1940
He came to NZ in 1924; sec sch Dn, OU, Hall
Hall 1938-40
Ord Fortrose SP 17.12.1940
Waikouaiti DnP 31.8.1944
West Taieri DnP  20.9.1947   
Trinity Ashburton 15.11.1951
St Peters Chch 19.2.1959
Kennington SP  31.8.1967
Died  18.10.1968 Invercargill suddenly in office

McCASKILL, Rev Frank W.
Hall 1929 & 1sr Term 1930, then to New Coll Edin 1930-2. He was lic & ord in Scot after
marrying a Scottish girl.  He served his whole min in CS Scot.

McCAULEY, Miss Minnie
Maori Miss  -  She was ex-pupil of Turakina Coll.  
Matahi School, teacher 1925 res 1926 ill-health; returned to Waiohau where her people lived.

Miss  -  loc ten for Dr Bowie at Ambrim Hosp 1904, New Hebrides (Vanuatu) when Dr Bowie
was forced to return on acct of wife’as health;   McCauslands returned to NZ 9.1904.

McCAW, Miss Isa Jean
PWTI 1918 intending to serve in Maori field.  During the yr in the great ‘flu epidemic she had
to return to Lower Hutt to care for her Mother & Aunt; she was not able to return to PWTI next
year. Daughter of Rev Jas McCaw.

McCAW, Rev James
b 25.8.1861 Dumfriessh Scot;
w (1) Agnes Finnie nee Rankin b 1.6.1867 m 31.3.1893 d 6.6.1934
w (2) Isabella McDonald, neé Ross,  b 28.1.1867 m 17.3.1936
He came to NZ with his parents & family, arr 1880; they took up farming at Glenmore near
Milton.  Rev Hugh Kelly persuaded him to do HM work.
HM Oteramika SP 1.10.1891
Forest Hill (Browns) SP  6.3.1894
Pahiatua MnP  10.1898 - completed his studies 1902, lic & -
Ord Pahiatua 25.3.1903
Martinborough WpP 1905                
Knox Lower Hutt WnP  8.7.1909  ret 31.12.1932.
During WW1 he kept open house for soldiers from Trentham Camp; He conducted the first
Church Parade at Trentham Camp; in 1934 his wife died; in 1936 he married Mrs Ross,
widow, of Wyndham.  He was brother of Rev John McCaw; a son died in the ‘flu epidemic
1918 while he was studying for the min.   When Scots Coll & Queen Margaret Coll were in
need of support, he conducted a most successful canvass on their behalf;  for 30 yrs he
served on PSSA;  memb of Beneficiary Fund Com; Ch Ex Com; Board of Scots Coll.
‘Greatly loved & revered.’
Died 28.9.1944 Palmerston North
Father of Rev JC McCaw

McCAW, Rev James Crawford
b 17.12.1901 Pahiatua; w Lorna Marion nee Woolf b 27.7.1900 m 22.2.1928 d 9.2.1970
Hall 1925-7
Ord Akaroa ChP  14.3.1928
Te Puke BPP  27.7.1934
Knox Lower Hutt WnP  10.5.1939
Raumati-Paraparaumu WnP  15.12.1955  ret 16.4.1968
Son of Rev James McCaw.
Died 15.8.1975

McCAW, Rev John
b 17.6.1859  Cormilligan, Dumfries Scot;
w Margaret Anderson b 27.11.1865 m 25.5.1894
He came to NZ with his parents in 1880, & they settled at Milton. Later he went to Gore, &
with his brother William carried on a successful business as master-builder. In 1892 he offered
himself as HM - accepted.
HM Tuapeka West 1893 - for 13 yrs
Levin MnP 31.3.1906 res 1908 ill-health
Norsewood HBP  1908;  raised to full status 11.1912
Ord Min Mangaweka WgP  25.6.1913 res  30.4.1920 ill-health
Upper Hutt WnP  1921  ret 31.1.1923
Brother of Rev James McCaw, above.
‘He was an engaging personality with a strong sense of humour, a marked gift of speech &
writing, made attractive by a certain quaintness of expression.  For yrs he was ill & suffered patiently.’
Died 21.2.1943

McCAY, Rev Samuel (Sam) James Daniel                 M.A., M.Th.(UNISA)
w Olive Gwendolyn Robertson QSM, m 26 November 1955, d 7 March 2006
Olive held the office of President of the Auckland Presbyterial of the Association of Presbyterian Women for some time as well as serving on the Howick Borough Council, later serving as Deputy Mayor of Manukau City for nine years. Awarded the QSM in 1996 for her public service.
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1953-1955 
Ordained Wairoa East, Gisborne Presbytery, 15 December 1955,
"Confident and well-rehearsed in the Scriptures, and remembered for the beauty of his voice especially when it came to singing hymns with the congregation" (Wairoa Star, 14 June 2016, page 7)
St Enochs, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 26 June 1963
Howick, Auckland Presbytery, 4 February 1969
Convener Doctrine Committee, 1971-1977
Minister Emeritus, July 1996
Joint member Special Committee on [constitution] for the Pacific Islanders’ Synod.
Honorary Associate Minister, Kohimarama, September 2006
Died 31 January 2013

McCHESNEY, Rev (Miss)  Molly Elizabeth
b 29.6.1925
Deaconess College 1953-55
Ordained Deaconess at  Aranui (Iona)  ChP  1.2.1956
Waipukurau HBP  1959
St Stephens Lower Hutt WnP  11.6.1970
Ordained Assistant Minister at St Stephens Lower Hutt WnP 6.4.1975
Patea TkP  3.7.1979 -  retired 31.8.1985 to Levin.
Molly was born in Marton where she received her education. She attended Teachers College
in Christchurch, then taught in a number of schools in Wanganui district. She entered
Deaconess College in Dunedin, and was ordained as a Deaconess and inducted to the newly
developing suburb of Aranui in Christchurch.  Later at St Stephens, Lower Hutt, she was
ordained as a Minister, becoming Assist Minister at St Stephens.  Then she moved to Patea,
and served the Parish with great credit as Moderator and Presbytery Clerk. Molly served her
Lord with characteristic energy in meeting needs of the people in her area and beyond.  
She had a sense of rightness and an appreciation of decency and order.   Molly's warmth,
friendship and sense of humour are cherished by those who knew her.    (from Obit)
Died  14.2.1994 

McCLEAN, Rev Robert    M.A.(Edin)
born 9 January 1855, Wigtonshire, Scotland
wife Margaret J. born 18 December 1865 m ???? died 14 December 1953
From Free Church of Scotland; studied New College, Edinburgh; then Home Missionary, New Luce, Scotland; came out as Probationer.
Ordained Waipawa, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 7 June 1887 — resigned 31 December 1889
Appointed to Riwaka, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery, supply, 1890 — health forced him to resign immediately
c.1895 went for trip to Scotland.
Shannon, Manawatu Presbytery, 1901
Halcombe, Manawatu Presbytery, 1903
Pongaroa, Wairarapa Presbytery, 1907
Springburn, Christchurch Presbytery, 1913 — retired 1913
Died 15 September 1914

McCLELLAND, Rev E.E.K.             M.A.,Ll.B.
Pr Assoc, living in Browns Bay NSP 1974

HM Taringatura Outfields  SP 1904

McCLYMONT, Rev Douglas
b. 2.2.1870
w.(?)  b.(?)  m(?)  d.(?)
Formerly a Methodist. Has taken Theological examination.
HM Ross WsP  12.5.1929,  Ordained HM 26.9.1930
Brydone MtP  1932-34
In Feb 1935 the HM Committee could not find a station for him so he resigned.  

A young Scottish Missionary engaged by Dr Porteous in Jagadhri India for 3 yrs from 1.10.1921; 
Acting Superintendent Sabathu Leprosy Asylum India 1922, engagement terminated 31.3.1924.

McCOLL, Rev Duncan
b 16.2.1873
w Mary D. b 30.1.1872 m 22.1.1904
He came to NZ with parents when he was 14;  they settled at Owaka; he went to Otago University
and then to the Hall.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1900-02
Liecensed by Presbytery of Dunedin 1902
Ord South Taieri DnP  4.2.1903 (he was handicapped from boyhood by deafness.)
Pukerau MtP  3.12.1915
Oteramika SP  18.8.1926 - resigned 30.9.1934 & for some years was resident in Invercargill;  then
went to the United Kingdom on extended tour.
‘He was a thoughtful evangelical preacher, a sympathetic pastor, & a very humble Christian
whose supreme desire was to do what he believed was the Lord’s will.’
Died 4.8.1940 after a long illness

McConnell, Rev Doug
wife Sharon
grew up in East Christchurch
Pastor, Linwood Baptist Church
St Andrew's New Mission Seedling (two year contract), East Christchurch, 5 July 2021

McCOSH, Rev David             M.A.(Trinity Dublin)
b 18.4.1894; w Helen b 23.9.1900 m 12.11.1919  rem 5.1964
fr PCI; he was one obtained for NZ by Dr Gibb, & was called to East Taieri
Ind East Taieri DnP  2.12.1920
Nelson NMP  3.5.1927 res 31.3.1932 ill-health
St Andrews Suva Fiji - he had been granted 1 yr’s leave for health, which he spent at Suva,
before accepting app; he was compelled to res 31.5.1935; Suva Fiji taken into AP 1935.
Died 22.1.1954

McCRACKEN, Mr Alfred.F.
HM Mangapai NP 1883
Birkenhead NSP  1923-30  (Is  this the same man? He has the same name; is not listed again.)
Died 20.5.1938 

fr PCI arr  1880, but ret after 2 or 3 mths service

McCROSTIE, Mr Keith Ross
b 14.12.1929; w Sandra Marilyn b19.11.1940 m 17.10.1959
Chr Educ Field Worker, Taranaki St Wn (Wesley Ch Blds) 1.2.1970  res 28.2.1974 & wthd.

MacCUISH, Rev James Barrie          B.A., B.D., Dip.Soc.Sc.
w Elizabeth Robin  m 18 May 1957 
Theological Hall 1956-1958
Licensed by Presbytery of Auckland as Probationer 20 November 1958
Ordained Helensville AP 12 February 1959
Panmure, Auckland AP 3 October 1963 - resigned 8 February 1970
PSSA Auckland Social Worker 1974
PSSA Auckland Community Services Director  October 1977
Minister Emeritus  9 April 1995
Resigned from ministerial roll, 25 October 2006

McCULLOCH, Mr Ronald Neil
born 1932
w Shirley m ??
Elder Knox Church Feilding 1964
Choirmaster 6 September 1964 in new church until the late 1980s
Lay Assistant during two and a half year vacancy 1978
Clerk MnP 1980 24 years; listed in ‘others on roll’ 1980; then name dropped
Session Clerk December 1982-December 2003
Lay leader Bulls-Turakina 2000-2008
Sunday School superintendent, board of managers, House Group, Silver Jubilee Organising Committee, session and parish council
Church services, communion, weddings and funerals: Knox, St James-Kimbolton, Kirwitea, Halcombe and Waituna West
died 20 October 2008 suddenly at Feilding

McCULLOCH, Rev John Cecil       B.A.,B.D.,Ph.D.(Queens Belfast)
w Dorothy Irene  m 10.8.1965 
fr PCI; Academic Dean, Near East School of Theology, Beirut, Lebanon
Ind Prof of NT Hall Dn  19.7.1984 res 31.1.1988.

McCULLY, Rev Robert               B.A.
b 21.11.1867 Co Down, N Irel; w Alice M. b 25.9.1869 m 16.9.1896 d 19.8.1944
Came to NZ in 1889 to join parents in Sth Cant.  He decided to enter min & while studying
for matric, supplied  at St Andrews-Otaia HM station.   In 1890 he entered OU & the Otaia
Ch gave him financial assistance while studying; he did BA at OU & then Hall.
Hall Dn 1893-5 
Gladstone Dn 1896
Ord Sefton ChP  27.8.1896
Riverton SP  1.6.1898
Turakina WgP 31.7.1904
Frankton WkP  7.10.1913
Waihola  2.4.1914
South Taieri DnP  15.2.1917
Hinds AsP  14.12.1921
Maraekakaho HBP  4.2.1926  ret 30.11.1932
In ret Chap Dn Hosps 1933 till 1945
Died 1.7.1949 Dn, aged 81

McDANIEL, Dr Edwin  &   Mrs Kathryn    
Overseas Workers - Thailand 1981 - resigned  12.1986
North Thailand, rejoined staff in Honorary appointment; Dr Ed McDaniel continues in very
active retirement; Kathryn, prior to marriage was volunteer Librarian in Indonesia, and now
staff member in North Thailand,  1987.
In 1987 Kathryn part-time administrative Assistant to Community Church at Chiang Mai, Thailand;
Ed relieving his son at Hospital, Kwai River, Thailand 1987 -  both resigned 12.1988 and returned to
New Zealand for personal reasons; then later back to Thailand.  Both there 1991;
Ed Died 18 March 1999 Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Kathryn acting as Honorary Assistant at Chiang Mai Community Church,Thailand 1992 onwards. 
Undertaking a Ministry to Foreign Prisoners in Thailand 2004, being supported by the Thailand Trust.
(Refer also entry for Miss Kathryn Hopkins)           

McDANIEL, Mrs E.             see also entry for :                   Hopkins, Kathryn (Miss)

McDERMID, Rev William  
From Scotland.
Pokeno SAP Student Missionary 1879
Rep 1880: While resident in AP he had discharged his duties to their satisfaction, but he
had left the country without their consent.  He had found the heavy riding was affecting his
health (dyspepsia) & he required a change to easier conditions in Victoria.  
Sailed for Melbourne on the  “Hero”.
Gone to Victoria Australia 1880.

MacDIARMID, Very Rev. Donald Neil  (Don)           M.B.E., B.A.
b 28.2.1886;
w Dr. Phoebe Ann nee Harrington    D.Litt     b 15.8.1892 m 27.7.1920 d 1971
(Phoebe awarded D.Litt based on her studies of the Nubian language)  
Don went to sea at age 17; left sea to study at Otago University for ministry 1910-11;
he became Organizing Secretary for the Sudan United Mission and went to the Upper Nile
area Africa.  During WW1 he served as YMCA Secretary in Africa.  After War he worked
in the Nuba Mountains of the Sudan;  for his work there he was awarded MBE.
Staff of Sudan United Mission 1912-30.
Received by PCNZ and granted status of probationer  5.6.1931
Ordained Opotiki BPP  29.9.1931
St Pauls Napier 10.7.1935 - resigned 20.6.1937
Director of Missions (including Home, Maori, and Foreign Missions)  1.7.1937
St Andrews Suva Fiji AP 8.2.1949
Northcote NSP  3.3.1954 - retired 31.1.1957
Moderator of Assembly 1954; wife a sister of Mrs J.W. McKenzie.
Died  26.7.1973 Kerikeri at home.

McDIARMID, Rev Peter James             M.A.(Glas)
b 22.9.1913; w Maud b 7.9.1911 m 17.9.1941
Parents came to NZ fr Scot; Peter was born in NZ; on Mother’s death Father returned to Scot
with family; Peter was trained in Scot, served 2 yrs in Glas Ch, then in Orkney Is, then
Aberdeenshire.  He was called fr there to Nightcaps NZ. Ord 1941.
Ind Nightcaps SP 16.4.1953 res 4.7.1961 to teach at Southland Boys High Sch, Invercargill,
so that his children could have their sec educ in Invercargill.
Lincoln ChP 28.2.1963 res 12.4.1968 ill-health.
Died 13.2.1975

Maori Miss - Nuhaka Hosp 1923

Was supply at St Andrews, Auckland, 1850
The New Zealander reported the opening of a chapel under the pastoral care of the Rev. Alexander Macdonald opened 15 February 1852

MACDONALD, Rev Alexander                M.A. (Hons)
b 2.5.1858 Coupar Angus, Scotland.
w Rachel W. b 21.12.1869 m 25.10.1899 d 28.10.1947
Educated at University of St Andrews and New College Edinburgh, completing studies in 1886.
As a probationer he was Assist Minister at Gretna Green, and other charges. He had 2 years in
Buenos Aires before coming to NZ; he came as probationer and was received by the Synod of
Otago and Southland in 1891.
Otautau SP supply 1891
Ordained Otautau SP 16.3.1892  (His parish had been divided  into 4 parishes by 1930.)  
Resigned 31.3.1925 due to ill-health;
Moderator of the Synod of Otago and Southland 1915
‘A vigorous preacher and a diligent pastor.’
Died  10.3.1930 Otautau, aged 71

McDONALD, Rev Andrew David
Vicar Mackenzie Cooperating Venture South Canterbury Presbytery 30 April 2013 — ended 28 February 2022

MacDONALD, Rev Angus                 O.B.E.
born 14 February 1871, Keose, Island of Lewis, Scotland 
wife Lucy born 5 February 1873 married 25 June 1902 died 16 November 1946
To Canada from Scotland :
Licensed and Ordained by the Presbytery of Qu’Appell, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1908
To New Zealand : received by the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, 19 November 1912
Pokeno, South Auckland Presbytery (supply), 1912; called to -
Waipu, Northland Presbytery, 17 December 1912
Chaplain to Forces, New Zealand Expeditionary Force, 1 December 1914 to 28 March 1919
Avondale, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 23 September 1920
New Lynn, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 13 April 1922
Richmond, Auckland, 18 December 1924 - retired 31 March 1931 due to ill-health
Hospital Chaplain in retirement 1931 -
‘He enlisted in army and was sent to India in 1896, later serving in the South African War; was mentioned in despatches and received decoration; left army and went to Canada where he was ordained in 1908; served as Chaplain at Gallipoli and Egypt; invalided home, but insisted on rejoining his unit; gassed in France (effect of this ultimately caused his death); again mentioned in despatches; became Senior Chaplain, Lieutenant-Colonel; awarded OBE.
After his retirement he did valuable work as a Hospital Chaplain. His familiarity with his mother tongue (the Gaelic) made him a source of infinite comfort to thousands of Highland exiles throughout the world.’
‘A native of Lewis he had the Highlander’s emotional temperament, and his preaching was a moving and powerful thing, richly illustrated from his experience.’
Died 10 April 1934

McDONALD, Minnie Anne  (Sr Anne)                Mrs A Rudduck
b 11.3.1921 at Oamaru.
h. Alan H. Rudduck b.(?) m.circa 1951 d. 1997
Educated at Totara Primary School and Waitaki Girls' High School before beginning work on the small
family farm. Chronic Asthman precluded her hopes of going overseas as a Missionary Nurse.
Presbyterian Women's Training Institute (PWTI) Dunedin 1943
Ordained Deaconess 8.7.1947
PSSA Family Home Christchurch 1.11.1946 (probationary year)
St Andrews Ashburton 1948-51 She was quite devastated when her service here ended after Ashburton
was formed into three parishes and not being able to afford a Deaconess.
Appointed Matron of Waitaki Boy's High School 1951
While attending the local Easter Camp she met co-leader and widower Alan Rudduck whom she married.
"They shared a deep involvelment in church work. Anne also worked 'in every department at Columba
Church with the dedication of a Deaconess'. Alan was a Session member, Bible Class Leader and
promoter of Camp Iona at Herbert where he spent every Saturday morning working voluntarily.
After retirement in 1973 worked at the Orari Gorge Sheep and Cattle Station for three and a half years.
"I loved the country life and caring for the single men of the station and cooking for the shearers. It was
a welcome break from church meetings."
After Alan's death in 1997 moved to Retirement Homes in Christchurch, then in 2007 to "The Wood" in Nelson.
"Anne lived a long and good life. She was a pilgrim. her life took her in various directions. A true Presbyterian
lady, Anne loved people, was warm and demonstrative. Never afraid to say her piece she contributed well to
everything and was fun. True to her ordination vows "Amore Servite, By Love Serve", Anne served God and her
fellows with love that was open handed. We are thankful for all that she shared most generously with us."
[from Memorial Minute].
Died 2006-2007

McDONALD, Rev Alister Neil             B.A.,B.Theol.
Hall 1977-9
Ord Knapdale-Waikaka MtP 17.2.1983 res 8.4.1989 to Aust.

MACDONALD, Rev Charles                  M.A.
fr FC Scot as prob; lic by Strathbogie Pr at Huntly Scot 1887;       
owing to ill-health he was not then able to accept a charge; he came to NZ in 1891 & was ord
at New Plymouth.     After 3 yrs he res through breakdown in health.   After a yr’s rest he was
called to - 
Ord New Plymouth 15.10.1891 res 8.1894
Waverley TkP  1.8.1895
Temuka SCP 1903  ret 31.5.1923
‘Retiring, & a wide reader.  Earnest & able preacher, & most conscientious pastor.’
Died 11.4.1926 Wanganui

McDONALD, Rev Donald Raeburn
b 6.9.1884 Waipu
w Constance Marguerite b 7.9.1892 m 19.12.1917 d  9.11.1993 (age 101) 
He was the son of a Nova Scotia pioneer in Waipu; after leaving school he entered the
grocery trade.  He entered the Home Missionary service in 1909.
HM 1909 – Hokitika, no information on any other places served.
Theological Hall 1916, 1919-20
NZEF - war service from 7.4.1917 to 5.6.1919
Licensed by Waikato Presbytery 5.10.1920
Ord Te Puke BPP  24.10.1920 (one records states 24.11.1920)
Clevedon SAP 11.10.1923
Feilding MnP 6.12.1928
Ellerslie Auckland AP 25.4.1935 res 31.5.1942
Chaplain to Forces during World War Two 1942
Matangi WkP  4.6.1946 - retired 31.5.1949
Died 10.12.1954

McDONALD, Miss Elsie I.
Overseas Worker  -  Indonesia
Miss with O’seas Miss Fellowship, Indonesia 1978-84-

MACDONALD, Sr Flora Maclennan
b 6.5.1912 – grew up in Auckland as an adopted child.
Educated at Epsom Girls’ Grammar School then worked f or 8 years in an office. 
PWTI  -  Ordained Deaconess 1941
Home Missionary & Church Sister, Wakari Dunedin 1.3.1941 (HM new housing area)
Mt Albert Auckland AP 1.3.1944 to 28.2.1945
Dominion Secretary Girls Life Brigade Auckland 1.7.1945
Congregational Deaconess St Lukes Auckland (part-time) 1.2.1951 - resigned 17.3.1952 to
look after her Father.
Cong. Deaconess Penrose AP (Mt Wellington)  5.1056
Cong. Deaconess Papakura East SAP 4.1957
Cong. Deaconess First Hamilton (Frankton)  1959
Cong. Deaconess Knox Hamilton 1963 - retired 21.9.1971due to ill-health.
“Flora MacDonald was a woman of strong evangelical faith – a faith which issued in
practical and loving ministry to people in need. She was a tireless visitor, always welcomed
for her friendship, cheerfulness and sanctified common sense. She found in the Church
and in its ministry the support, opportunity and encouragement that made her a good and
faithful servant.” (From Obit)
Died 4.12.1992 Hamilton.

McDONALD, Rev Frank
b 13.5.1877 Selwyn;
w (1) Olive Maud b 12.10.1876 m 24.11.1898 d 30.11.1929 (suddenly at Ashburton
after an operation)
w (2) Winifred b 26.2.1889 m 12.8.1930 d 14.11.1986
He had private tuition in University subjects; later studied extra-murally under the
Theological Hall Committee. Ordained by the Baptist Church in Dunedin 1904;
served Palmerston North 9 years; Mosgiel 2 years; Linwood Christchurch 1 year. 
Received into the PCNZ 1916
Taihape WgP  1916
Paeroa WkP 25.6.1919
Foxton MnP  3.8.1922
Pahiatua MnP  28.7.1926 
Kaitangata ClP 7.2.1929
South Clutha (Romahapa ClP) 31.5.1935
Hornby Christchurch ChP (supply) 10.10.1940 – retired 31.12.1945
He began preaching at age 14.
Died 30.10.1946

McDONALD, Rev George
b 11.12.1863
w Helen B. b 12.2.1861 m 23.11.1893 d 3.9.1948
Educated at Glasgow University & the UP Theological Hall Edinburgh.
Ordained 1892 as Missionary to Old Calabar; the tropical climate proved unsuitable, and he came to NZ.
Received by the Presbytyerian Synod of Otago & Southland 2.11.1900
Ind Forest Hill & Hokonui SP 12.12.1900 
Mataura MtP  25.3.1903
N E Harbour (Otago Peninsula) Dunedin 18.12.1912
Tasman NMP  2.6.1925; he soon showed signs of failing health, but carried on till near the end.
Died 23.7.1926

MACDONALD, Rev George A.J.
HM Takapuna & Belmont  NSP 1914,  Ord HM 1915 res 1917

HM Kanieri WsP  1910  -  He intimated that he intended taking univ course & then Hall.
Renwick NMP  1912 res 1914 -  He did not go on to Hall.

MACDONALD, Rev George Mann              M.A.,B.Sc.(St Andrews)
b 19.7.1862 Lawrencekirk, Scotland
w Margaret A.D. b 9.3.1860 m 2.6.1902 d 25.1.1940
Educated University of St Andrews (MA, BSc.)
Licensed 1890
Ordained at George Square Baptist, Greenock, his 1st charge, 16.3.1890
His health made it necessary to seek a warmer climate so he resigned and went to Victoria, Australia.
To Australia :
Clifton Hill Baptist 1895 to 1897
Presbytery of Melbourne North (Presbyterian Church of Victoria) received application from Rev
MacDonald who had recently resigned from the Baptist Ministry 5.10.1897. Recommended by
Presbytery to the PCV General Assembly which received him 17.11.1897 subject to usual one
Year’s probation.
Inducted to Heidelberg-Templestowe 23.2.1899 to 4.3.1902
To New Zealand 1902 –
Received by The Presb. Church of NZ General Assembly 17.11.1902
Inducted to Opotiki BPP 6.1903 (one record gives Ind date as 18.12.1902) - resigned April 1909
due to ill-health
Retired 1.11.1909.
‘He was a man possessed of great scholarship, and by his transparent sincerity and warm-hearted
kindness had a wide circle of friends among all classes an creeds.’
Died 24.1.1938 Epsom Auckland

HM Hamilton West, 1st Assist 1910

MACDONALD, Rev Ian Cairns
b 24.6.1913
w Cynthia Rita m 27.1.1979
Brought up at Rototuna, north of Hamilton. Active in the Bible Class Movement and the
Rototuna Mission Band and carried out lay preaching. Worked on the family farm.
Joined Home Mission staff. 
HM Kumeu AP 13.5.1954
Ordained as Home Missionary 1957
Theological Hall 1963 (special student - 1 year course); raised to full ministerial status by
Assembly 1963.
Inducted to Whakapara-Hikurangi Union NP 19.3.1964
Akaroa (Banks Peninsula) ChP 19.5.1974 - retired 31.12.1978
Chaplain for a period at Melrose Home, also took services at rest homes and local churches.
“Ian served with great acceptance. Not only was his preaching simple and direct, but as a
visitor he listened and responded with understanding and compassion. His pastoral gifts
were effective in bringing about the healing of personal relationships, and in challenging
people to enter into a committed relationship with Christ.” (from Obit.)
Suffered a massive stroke in 1990 but was able to return home with nursing care.
Died 13 March 2000

McDONALD, Rev Jill
husband: Chris Lambourne
from Wyndham, Southland; marriage celebrant; Pastoral Worker for Seniors at Highgate
Began exploring her faith while studying for a Bachelor of Arts after she left school
Manager, Buddy programme, Presbyterian Support Otago for eight years
One year at Iona Community, Scotland: "While at Iona I was still searching and the hardest thing was Jesus—I just couldn’t get my head around his divinity. What became important to me was his humanity—reaching out to those who were marginalised and bringing them into community. Through his humanity I came to see his divinity"
Bachelor of Theology, c. 2012
Two-year ministry intern, Waitaki and Presbyterian Support Otago, 2013
Licensed Alpine Presbytery, 1 December 2014
Minister Waitaki, Southern Presbytery, 12 February 2015
Co-founded North Otago Tonga Engagement (NOTE), 2016
Inducted first woman minister, St Andrew’s Hastings, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 27 July 2017
Jill McDonald and Chris Lambourne seeded Manaaki Energy in Flaxbourne, 2018
"I have been taught to look at where God is working in the community and where we are as a faith community—I can go and join in. One of my favourite quotes is from Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was martyred in World War II. ‘The church is the church only when it exists for others . . . not dominating, but helping and serving’."

MacDONALD, Rev John 
Waikato West (Te Awamutu) Student Preacher 1890
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 1 December 1891
Ordained Waikato West 8 June 1892
Mangere Auckland Presbytery, 9 February 1898 resigned 4 December 1900 and returned to Scotland.
"Rev J. Macdonald was a man of the type of Norman McLeod, of Waipu—stern, dominating, conscientious, kind-hearted. For games he has no time; dancing especially came under his ban. Then, as now, the "cow" dominated the Waikato, and the Sunday labour attached to its well-being caused Mr. Macdonald's conscience much concern, which he was not slow to express in forceful ways. His preaching was of the old, stern type, but practical kindness flowed from him and found expression in financial help given to strugglers. He was keen on all temperance work, but woe betide anyone who ventured on a humorous recital at Band of Hope meetings. Nevertheless, he and his gracious wife were well beloved by the settlers. Sunday School and Bible Class work made great progress in their time." (St Andrew's Te Awamutu Jubilee Souvenir 1929 page 10.)

McDONALD, Rev J. Bain            M.A.
(One record spells name as MacDonald)
Licensed by Dundee Presbytery Scotland 1906
Recd by the PCNZ General Assembly 1909
Ord by Auckland Presbytery Feb 1911
Ind Mangere-Otahuhu AP 28.2.1911 – resigned 31.8.1912

McDONALD,  Sr M. Anne
PWTI  - grad 1946,   Ord Deac 1947
PSSA Chch, Children’s Home Chch 1947 res 1952

HM Te Awamutu Outfields 1909
Waikato West Outfields  1912
Marua AP  1914
Richmond Ak 1915 res 1916 to go to Hall, but repoprted he left 1916 & did not go on with
the ministry.

MacDONALD, Rev Thomas
b 19.6.1855 Edin Scot; w Agnes A. b 9.8.1867 m 20.7.1893 d 26.8.1944
He entered the railways in Edinburgh as clerk.   Shortly after, he decided to train for Ministry. He studied
In the University of Edinburgh and the Free Church of Scotland College at Glasgow.
Appointed as a student Evangelist in the Glasgow City Mission.  His work brought on acute rheumatism,
and under medical advice he came to NZ. Arrived by the steamer “Mararoa” via Melbourne from Glasgow
in 1887. 
He was stationed as a student Missionary at Petone on arriva for 12 months prior to taking license.
After being licensed by Wellington Presbytery in1889 he was called to Waverley. After some years he paid
a visit to Scotland; on his return he was called again to Waverley.
Petone WnP student Missionary 3.1888
Ordained Waverley TkP 13.6.1889 res 1891 and went to Scot owing to his wife’s illness.
Waverley TkP 3.1892  (on return from Scot)
Hawera TkP  4.12.1894
Waipukurau HBP  1900
St Peters Chch 12.1.1905 res 14.9.1919
Sefton ChP  SS 1.1829  ret 18.6.1920; supplied after retirement until his death.
‘In all pastorates his work was richly blessed, for he was possessed beyond many with the gift
of personal evangelism.’
Died 9.4.1921 Sefton

McDONALD, Rev Thomas Morrison            M.A.
b 8.7.1898 Wyndham
w Georgina Bruce Blaikie b 20.12.1904 m 28.12.1914 d 5.1959  (Georgina wrote “The Flame
Unquenched”, being the history of  The Presbyterian Church in Southland up to 1956. She also
won the Otago Centennial Novel Writing Contest in 1948 with her book “Grand Hills for Sheep”,
also a talented leader of various St Stephen’s Women’s Groups).
Brought up on a farm at Brydone. He was a teacher for some years at Mosgiel, Balclutha and New
Plymouth Boys’ High School. Felt called to enter the ministry.
Theological Hall 1932-4
Ordained Waiwera South ClP 7.12.1934 
Green Island Dunedin DnP 5.10.1939
St  Stephens Invercargill  26.4.1945 - when his wife died he resigned the charge and was appointed
Hospital Chaplain.
Hospital Chaplain Invercargill 4.8.1959  ret 28.2.1970
In retirement Tapanui-Crookston MtP 14 months.
“At the schools in which he taught, he coached the Rugby teams. He had cycled through Europe,
England and Scotland. His knowledge of astronomy and scientific advances was astonishing and he
loved music, poetry and books.
Despite his quiet unassuming manner, he had a disarmingly direct approach. His sermons were scholarly
but appealed to the congregation, especially so with his children’s talks”.
He was immensely proud of his wife Georgina’s achievements.
Died 18.5.1987

McDONALD, Rev William            B.A.,B.D.
b 4.6.1868
w Mary b 29.4.1876  m 6.6.1907  d 29.9.1951
From Scotland; as a young man went to Australia then later came on to NZ. For a time he lived in the
North Island then at Gore in the South Island. He set his mind on the ministry and diligently prepared
himself to face the study required.  He was attracted by languages - Hebrew, Greek & Latin - and showed
remarkable perseverance.  In the pulpit he spoke with freedom, grace and fervour.
Rep 1898: "On retirement of [the Rev] Duncan from Foxton, Foxton was made the centre of a Church Extension
district including Orua Bridge, Jackeytown, Linton, Tokomaru, Shannon and Levin.  Mr McDonald had for
some time occupied the field and done good work.  He wishes now to withdraw to study for the ministry as
soon as a successor can be found." 
He was a young man, and built a Church with his own hands at Orua Bridge.
Orua Bridge - Student Preacher 1897-98
Turakina [Locum Tenens] while Rev Ross on trip to UK 1899
Eltham TkP  1900
Theological Hall Dunedin 1901-3  
Licensed by Wanganui Presbytery 28.10.1903
Ord Kaiapoi ChP  17.3.1904 - resigned 13.2.1906 due to ill-health – a visit to Scotland restored his health.
Maori Hill Dunedin DnP  9.5.1907; first Minister of the new charge.
Waipukurau HBP 26.7.1911
Epsom Auckland AP 28.10.1913 - resigned 24.3.1932 due to ill-health.
Retired to Inverness, Scotland 1933.
Called to Beauly Parish but died before his induction.
Died 7.9.1933 at Inverness, Scotland

MacDONALD, Rev William John             B.Th.
from Paeroa
Paeroa College; University of Otago
wife Deidre Ann married 20 January 1979
Theological Hall 1979-1981
Ordained St Johns Union, Opotiki, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 14 December 1982
Cambridge Union, Waikato Presbytery, 6 September 1990   
Minister within the Bounds,  Waitako Presbytery, April 1996
Minister, Auckland Central - Quay Street St James' Church and Community, Northern Presbytery, 7 April 2013
Appointed Chaplain at large, Methodist Aotea Chapel and St James Presbyterian

McDOUGAL, Rev D.                B.D.
fr USA, recd by Nth Ch 14.2.1896
Whangarei supply 1895
On official list of WnP as Min (no charge given) 1897, & after that his name drops out.

McDOUGALL, Rev John Norman             B.A., B.D.(Glasgow)
b 29.1.1911
w Elizabeth Grace b 17.6.1904 m 7.3.1940
Bbrought up in Auckland as a member of St Davids. Completed his B.A. degree in Auckland before leaving
for Scotland in 1931; trained there for ministry.  He was ordained by Presbytery of Glasgow in June 1935,
and went as Missionary to the Punjab and North Western Frontier Province (the part that became Pakistan
after the partition of India in 1947) with the Church of Scotland - which was disbanded in 1957 and
became part of the United Church of North India.
Returned to NZ and received by the General Assembly 1959.
Inducted Pokeno SAP 24.3.1960
Greytown WpP 3.6.1965  - retired 28.2.1970 
Minister Emeritus Jan 1976. Worshipped at Mt Albert for many years.
Died 21 February 2009 aged 98 years.

McDOUGALL, Rev Phillip Ross (Ross)
Methodist minister, and served in the Anglican Church
wife Julie
Ordained 1980
Received as a Presbyterian Minister from the Anglican Church, 1 June 2013
Appointed to Inglewood Uniting Church (Methodist appointment), Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 5 June 2016
Minister emeritus, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 3 March 2019
died 4 April 2022 aged 68

McDOWALL, Very Rev Robert George              M.A.
b 27.12.1898 Riverton;
w Frances Mary  (sister of Mrs R.N. Alley) b 23.4.1900 m 5.11.1926 d 1.10.1976
At 14 he worked on family farm; 8 years later he heard Call to ministry; he went to Southland
Boy’s High School, then to Otago University, Theological Hall for 2 years, then to Edinburgh.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1923-25; left 2nd term 1925 & went to New College Edinburgh
to complete training.
Licensed by Southland Presbytery Aug 1925
Ord St Clair Dunedin DnP  30.11.1926
St Lukes Remuera Auckland AP  30.9.1937
Chaplain to Forces during World War Two – Taken as Prisoner of War and interned 1941-45,
released late 1945 and returned to St Lukes
St Lukes Remuera Auckland  AP 1.1946 - retired 31.12.1959 due to ill-health.
Moderator of the General Assembly 1957
Hobby cabinet-making.
“Robert George McDowall who passed away on the 21st August 1963, was one of the best
known and most trusted and loved Ministers of our Church. He was born at Riverton in 1898
and on reaching the age of twelve left Primary School to work on the family farm. Eight years
later he felt the Call to the Ministry, went back to his studies and after a year at Southland
Boys’ High School, passed his matriculation. Natural ability and disciplined attention to his
Work enabled him to complete his M.A. at Otago University in 1923, and for the next two
and a half years he was a student in the Theological Hall in Dunedin. He then entered New
College, Edinburgh and after travelling on the Continent, was
ordained, and inducted into the charge of St Clair, Dunedin, in 1926. Here he proved
himself to be a  thorough and faithful Minister, taking full part in the life of the Parish and
in the wider work of the Presbytery. In 1937 he was called to St Luke’s Church, Remuera,
Auckland where he remained a beloved and esteemed Pastor and friend of his people until
ill-health compelled him to resign on the 31st December, 1960.
In 1940, Mr McDowall left New Zealand as a Chaplain to the New Zealand forces, went
into action in November 1941, and was taken prisoner shortly afterwards. He spent the rest
of the war years in Italy and Germany, was released in 1945,
and returned a few months later to take up his Parish work at St Lukes.
Mr McDowall was a capable leader in the affairs of the whole Church, being called to
serve on many committees of Presbytery and Assembly. His most outstanding contribution
in this respect was his Convenorship of the combined Missions Committee and later the
Overseas Missions Committee, which positions he held for more than ten years.
Mr McDowall was ever a humble, dedicated servant of our Lord Jesus Christ, who
commended himself and the Gospel he preached, by his genuine Faith, his transparent
honesty, sincerity and frankness, his tolerance and goodwill, his wise counsel and far
seeing statesmanship, and perhaps above all his love for his people and for his God.”
Died 21.8.1963  

McDOWALL, Rev Robert Murray Grant
m . (?) w. (?)
b Launceston Tasmania; came to NZ when young, followed law, & was Sec YMCA Chch &
an elder at St Pauls. He was app Assist to Dr Lamb at Ambrim, New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
11.1892; he res 12.1894 & became a stud for Ministry.
HM Brunnerton WsP 1896; Ass admitted him to 3rd yr (1903) of 1st HM course in Hall.
Completed 1908
Ord Nightcaps SP 4.3.1909
Kaitangata ClP 8.10.1913
Shirley-Richmond ChP  1.7.1925 -failing health.
Died 6.9.1927 in office 

McDOWELL, Mr Thomas
HM Waikari Outfields ChP 1905

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