Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Winiata to Wyness

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Maori Mission
Turakina Maori Girls College,  Teacher  1929
Died 1931 in a tragic accident.

WINSKILL, Rev Neville Adrian                         Dip.Th., ATCL.
w  Christine  Mary   m  28.1.1967
Theological Hall Dunedin 1966-68
Ordained  St  Enochs New Brighton Christchurch  ChP  5.12.1968 - resigned  31.1.1974
Mauku  SAP  20.6.1974 - resigned  31.12.1978  and withdrew.
Drury (supply) concurrently with service at Mauku  SAP 1977 to 1978.
Minister within the Bounds  DnP  Dec 1978
Minister Emeritus  DnP  Sept 2003

WINSTANLEY,  Rev Daniel (Danny) T.                      B.A., B.Th.
Theological Hall  1986-88
Ordained  Knox  Waitara  TkP  26.1.1989
Minister within the Bounds  TkP  Sept 1997

WINTER,  Rev  Edwin  Allan                                B.A.
b  27.10.1914  Nelson;  w  Iris nee  McGlashan  b  16.4.1915  m  19.1.1946
In WW2 he was overseas with a mobile surgival Unit;  he returned to NZ
1944, & went back to Italy;  returned to NZ 4.1945.
Hall  1948-50
Ord  Opunake  TkP  8.12.1950
Grey LYNN  AP  4.3.1956
Tahunanuin  Nelson NMP  24.10.1963
He conducted services the day before he died.
Died  4.10.1976  Tahunanui  in office.

WINTON,  Rev  Frank  William                   B.A.,B.D.(Melb)
b 23.2.1911 Dunedin
w (1) Eileen Isabella nee Gray  b 22.2.1908 m 22.12.1936. d 17.8.1973 
w (2)  Maureen Dorothy b 12.9.1927  m 1.2.1975
He was first a primary Teacher for a time.
Theological Hall  19343-6
Ordained  Lawrence  ClP  8.12.1936
St  Peters  Christchurch  ChP  23.4.1942
Petone  WnP  4.2.1948
Onehunga  AP  8.3.1956 - retired 28.2.1975
St Andrews Suva, Fiji  SS  1.3.1975
He pioneered Industrial Chaplaincy in NZ when he was in Petone & Onehunga;
he worked in Freezing Works as an employee and on  the wharf to obtain entry to
these fields, doing Chapaincyl work there as opportunity offered, so demonstrating
the value of such service.  The value of his work was recognized both by the
company officers and by the men employed.
Died 24.5.1977

Maori Miss - teacher
Matahi Miss School, Assist 4.2.1958

WIREMU, Rev Wi Tu  (also known as WILLIAMS)
b 31.10.1902 at Gisborne
w Margaret Watene of Waimarana, Hastings  b 2.7.1918 m 22.4.1938 d 2.9.1979
Educated at Nuhaka. Worked as a dairy farmer then turned to carpentry. 
In 1946 he suffered a disabling accident while hunting; he was bedridden for
a long period.  He pondered deeply on the Bible readings of the Minister, and
became a new-born man.  He studied hard and applied for training for the
ministry at the Maori Theological College where he began in 1953, transferring
his whole family to Whakatane.  He was given a special course.
Te Wananga, Maori Theological College Whakatane (post-graduate course)1953-54 
Ordained 18.7.1954
Te Whaiti 10.6.1956 - confirmed after probation
Taumarunui Maori Pastorate 21.2.1960
Opotiki Maori Pastorate 12.2.1964 - retired  30.11.1968
Died  23.12.1969 at Opotiki.
Father of Mrs EM Raston & Father-in-Law of Rev T Raston.

WISHART, Rev. Donald Scott                       BSocSc., Bed., DipT.
Ordained 1982
Presbyterian Church of Australia, received June 1997
St. Andrew’s Rotorua, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, August 1997
Stated Supply Minister, Reporoa St Stephens
Member, Kaimai Presbytery, 28 December 2014
Minister, Te Aroha Presbyterian Parish, Kaimai Presbytery, 28 April 2015
Minister Emeritus, Kaimai Presbytery, 1 June 2019

WISHART, Rev Peter Robert                B.A.(Hons)
b. 1.12.1942
w Janet Dorothy  nee Madill  m 23.11.1974
Theological Hall 1966-68
Ordained Assistant Minister Knox Church Dunedin  DnP  13.2.1969
St Davids Invercargill   SP  14.9.1972
Teviot Union COP 21.4.1977
Roslyn Dunedin  DnP  27.5.1982
Chalmers, Timaru  SCP  22.5.1994 
Moderator of South Canterbury Presbytery 2000
Minister Emeritus, Dunedin North Otago, 6 December 2007
Son of Rev S.R. Wishart.

WISHART, Rev Stanley Robert                   M.A.
b 7.9.1913 at Port Chalmers
w Phyllis Johnston Wood (a Teacher from Auckland) b 13.1.1919 m 13.1.1940
Educated at Hornby, Pukeuri then Timaru. Attended Otago University,
intending to train as a Teacher but felt the call to ministry.
Theological Hall 1937-39
Ordained Lyttelton ChP  21.5.1940
Huntly WkP  28.10.1943
Waipawa-Otane HBP  2.2.1950
Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt  WnP  28.10.1959  
St Pauls, Devonport Auckland NSP  24.6.1965
Foxton Union Parish MnP  5.2.1974 - retired  31.12.1978
After retirement lived in Auckland, Dunedin then Timaru.
Father of Rev P.R. Wishart.
“Stan Wishart was essentially a Pastor. Regular visiting in the parish was the
back bone of his ministry. He did not seek the limelight or any prominent
position in the Church, although he served as Moderator of the Presbytery
of Waikato, and as the first Moderator of the Presabytery of North Shore in
Auckland. Stan avoided gimmicks and showmanship and self display. He
put his people first and served them.” (from Obit.)
Died 13 Feb 2002 at Timaru, aged 88 years.

WITHERS, Miss Faye
Overseas Worker
Spain 1984

HM Northcote NSP  1903

WONG, Dr Ross
Came from the Hackett Medical Centre, Canton.
Acted as temporary Superintendent of the Kong Chuen Mission Hospital from
1936 to 1937 and assisted with major surgical operations.
Arrangement with our mission ended in 1937 with the arrival of Dr OL Eaton.  

WONG, Miss Sau K’an
b. China
A Christian convert who was educated as a Teacher at the Union Normal School, Sai
Chuen, Canton. Miss A Hancock (of our Mission) enabled her to obtain a bursary to
complete her course in return for giving the equivalent years’ service in the NZ Mission
Girls’ Boarding School at Kong Chuen which was then being planned.
Teacher at the Tak Kei Girls’ Boarding School at the NZ Presbyterian Church Mission
Compound at Kong Chuen from 1921.
Appointed Principal of Tak Kei Girls’ Boarding School from 1931
She moved with her students and fellow Teachers to Portuguese Macau in September
1938 due to the risk from bombing and operated there as the Tak Kei School until 1942.
In 1943, the school was reopened at her home town of Sam Kong in Lin Yuen (Free
China) and operated there until 1946 as the Lin Yuen Tak Kei School.
She returned with her students to Kong Chuen once hostilities had ceased.
Retired 1951 after the Communist Authorities effectively took over control of all schools
in the area and placed many obstacles in the way of Christian Schools.
She received a sum of money from the NZ Church so that she could purchase a house
for herself as well as an annual annuity.
Continued to live at Kong Chuen until 1969 when she moved to live with relatives further
North. At this stage she asked that her annuity be stopped as it could become a cause
of embarrassment to her (ie, receiving money from an overseas source).
Died (?)

WOO, Rev Kwang Jin
Removed from the Ministerial Roll, 20 September 2019

WOOD, Rev Antony John (Tony)
Intern, St Barnabas, Plimmerton, started 2010
Licentiate, Wellington Presbytery, 9 December 2011
Minister, Titahi Bay - St Timothy's Presbyterian Church, July 2014
Minister Johnsonville Uniting Church, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 16 February 2023

WOOD, Rev George
b 24.2.1885 England
w Cicely Lois  b 26.9.1893  m 5.4.1923  d 15.9.1964
Formerly a Farmer. Undertook a full course at the Bible Training Institute in
Glasgow 1911-13, then a Missionary Assistant in Inter-denominational Missions
in England, Scotland and Ireland.
Came to NZ from Scotland in 1913 and joined the Home Missions service.
HM Seddonville WsP  1913
Granity WsP  1914,  Ord HM 1914
Owhango  WgP  1915
Shannon for (1 year)
Off staff for war service with the 1st NZ Expeditionary Force and due to
ill-health 27.6.1916 to 5.12.1919
Re-entered HM Service  2.3.1922
Oxford West ChP  2.3.1922
Springburn AsP  1928
Belfast-Styx ChP  1930
Hunterville WgP  1932
Opunake  TkP  1933 ( 9 years)
Otaki (1½ years)
Taradale  HBP 1946 - retired 24.2.1949
Died  9.1.1954

WOOD, Rev Gillian  M.
St Lukes Waiwhetu half-time  WnP  for 2 yrs  20.7.1995

WOOD, Rev Ian Ellis                            B.C.A., B.D.
w Barbara Stella  m 21.1.1978
Theological Hall  1977-79
Ordained Assist Plimmerton WnP  3.2.1981
Associate Minister Plimmerton WnP  8.2.1987
St Giles Te Atatu AP  14.2.1991
Joint Ministry Director of “Renewal Ministries”  Feb 1998
Resigned from Roll of Ministers (Reg. 203) 30 Apr 2003

WOOD, Mr J.               M.A.
fr FC Scot
On Otago Ch Ex staff for few months 1882, then returned to Scot. 

WOOD, Mr Joseph
Received as Probationer by the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland 12.1.1869.
Left for Australia _
Received by the Presb. Church of Victoria
Ordained North Carlton 20.2.1873 to 12.10.1875 – resigned.
Returned to New Zealand –
Received again by the Presb. Synod of Otago and Southland 15.1.1876
On the Church Extension staff from 1.1876 to 1881, after which there is no further mention of
his name.
d. (?)

WOOD, Sr Mavis McLachlan                      Mrs B. van Dalen
b 6.4.1930
Deac Coll 1952-4
Deac PSSA Boys Home Berhampore  Wn began 1955,
Ord Deac 19.2.1956 res 4.1957 to be married
Died July 2012

WOOD, Rev Robert
born 22June 1853
wife (1) Grace Tytler Miller married 20 March 1888 Invercargill died 24 March 1901 aged 47
wife Charlotte E. born 3 February 1875 married 5 January 1907 died 28 January 1966
He came to Dunedin from Leith Scotland in 1878 as Assistant at First Church Dunedin. He took services at South Dunedin & Mornington; his task was to form congregations in these places; at the same time he pursued his theological studies.  He continued this work with First Church until 1884 (end Hall course)
Hall Dunedin 1882-1884
Ordained Wyndham Mataura Presbytery, 6 April 1885
Masterton, Wairarapa Presbytery, 7 September 1890 — resigned 1906 to become Organising Secretary and Agent for Otago Sustentation Fund.
Waikare, Christchurch Presbytery, 1 June 1909 — resigned 13 April 1913, then did Church Extension work in the Wellington district —
Island Bay and Seatoun (Home Mission station), Wellington Presbytery, 1913 — retired 23 June 1918
He was sub-editor of the 'Christian Outlook' appointed 1895 at honorarium of £20 a for expenses.   He had great facility as a writer and controversialist — notably in connection with Bible-in-schools, and the 'Ne temere decree' (Catholic repudiation of marriages not solemnized in Catholic Church).
Died  11 August 1931 Wellington, aged 78

Overseas Volunteer - Vanuatu
Vanuatu - rebuilding after Cyclone Una 1987

WOODFIELD, Rev Owen T (Methodist)
Corstorphine 1952 - 1954

WOODS, Mr George E. and Mrs Eva
born at Feilding.
wife Miss Smith (of Pleasant Point)  m.(?)
Educated at Morven.
Maori Mission -
Appointed Master and Matron of the David Hogg Memorial Hostel at
Whakatane 1960 — resigned 8 March 1962
Parents of Rev (Sr) IE Woods.

WOODS, Rev. (Sr.) Iris Eva
born 7 August 1935, Te Awamutu, daughter of George & Eva Woods
Educated at Putaruri High School (5 years). A member of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand since 1950.
Deaconess College Dunedin 1957-59 — Ordained Deaconess 14 December 1959
PSSA Eventide Home Ashburton 1959 — resigned 31 December 1962
Gained her Primary School Teacher’s Certificate, 1963
Milton, Clutha Presbutery, 17 July 1963 — resigned 31 May 1967
Accepted for Missionary in Papua New Guinea by the Paua Ekelasia 1 June 1967
To All Saints Training College Sydney for short preparatory mission training course, 27 June 1967
Arrived in Papua, 1 December 1967
Returned to New Zealand, 27 June 1973, and resigned form Missions Service
Off Missions staff, 31 July 1973
Ordained Minister, Tahunanui Nelson, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery,  26 May 1977
Maniototo, Central Otago Presbytery, 21 October 1982
Lyttelton Harbour Union, Christchurch Presbytery, 29 March 1990 — resigned 2 November 1992
Minister Emerita, November 1992
Died 6 August 2018 at St Andrew's Home, Dunedin

WOODS, Rev William Thomas                    B.A.
born 28 December 1931, in Waiuku
wife: Patricia Margaret, married 23 October 1959
Pukekohe Primary and High Schools; Bachelor of Arts, Auckland University
Teacher, Waiuku College and at St Stephen’s College
Theological Hall 1958-1960
Ordained Te Kauwhata, South Auckland Presbytery, 15 December 1960
Glendowie, Trinity, Auckland Presbytery, 17 June 1965
Trinity Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 18 April 1968 (same charge; name change)
St Andrews, New Plymouth, Taranki Presbytery, 2 September 1971
Minister Emeritus, September 1996
Died 16 November 2016.

WOODWARD, Rev. Gillian M.               B.A., B.D., Dip Phys., Dip.TESC
Theological Hall  1991-1993 
Licensed by Wellington Presbytery at St Johns, Wellington  6 March 1994
St.Luke’s (Stated Supply), Waiwhetu Wellington, Wellington Presbytery, December 1994
Minister within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery, February 1999
Minister within the Bounds, South Auckland Presbytery, 2 February 2005
Minister Emerita, Kaimai Presbytery, 31 December 2014
Resigned and removed from roll, 10 June 2021

WOOLLASS, Rev William
A Minister of the Primitive Methodist Church – Ordained 1892
Received by Assembly 16.11.1905
Pahiatua WpP supply 1905; Ind 1906
Waikato West 7.8.1908 - resigned 4.2.1913
It was stated later that he ceased to have any connection with the PCNZ
(no further explanation given)

WORBOYS, Rev Charles
From United Free Methodist Church  -  Ord 1864 (by UF Meth Ch)
He petitioned Asembly in 1887 to be received into the Presbyterian Church, but not
eligible for Call for 12 months to ensure his relations with the body he is leaving are
Received by Assembly 1887, having satisfied all requirements, 14.2.1888.   
Ordained & Inducted to Avondale  AP 17.5.1888 (one record indicates 25.5.1888)
Opotiki BPP 4.4.1893 - retired 1902
Lived Auckland during retirement
Died 1907

WRIGHT, Rev Albert Clement
b. 3.3.1880 on the Taieri Plain, Otago, New Zealand.
w(1) Alice Gordon Niven  b.(?)  m.29.9.1915  d. in Korea 1927. - Alice the Daughter of the Rev James Niven and had
served in Korea as a Missionary of the [Australian?] Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union since 1905.
w(2) Jane Elizabeth McCague b.(?) m. 25 Oct 1940  d.(?) – Jane had served as a
Missionary since 1918.
(no children from either marriage)
After completing his education he farmed for some years. At the beginning of 1904
he felt a call to become a Missionary. Studied at Otago University, Dunedin.
Assembly Report 1907: he had been in training at the Missionary Institute Adelaide for
Some time, and desires to enter the Theological Hall  on return to NZ in preparation for
service in the Mission field as a volunteer.
Theological Hall, Dunedin  1908-11
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin
Home Missionary North East Valley - Opoho Parish, Dunedin  DnP  1911
There was no opening for a Missionary within the Presbyterian Church of NZ at that
time and so the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, having heard good reports of Mr Wright,
contacted him and appointed him as a Missionary to Korea.
To Australia :
Worked briefly as an Assistant to the Minister at Horsham.
Ordained at Horsham by the Presbytery of Wimmera 9 Sept 1912
Ordained as Missionary to Fusanchin, Korea and sailed for Korea 25 Sept 1912.
Initially stationed at Masan 1912-1914
Transferred to Pusan 1915 and both worked there until Dec 1926
Moved to Chinju Jan 1927 (Mrs Alice Wright died Dec 1927)
Rev Wright returned to Pusan and continued work Sept 1928
Married Jane McCague 1940 
Mr & Mrs Wright deported back to Melbourne Australia by Japanese occupying forces
in 1942 (this may have been part of a joint repatriation of  foreign civilian nationals).
Quambatook (Presb. Church of Victoria) 1943
Ernabella Aboriginal Mission 1946
Framlingham Aboriginal Station 1950 – resigned 1956
Died 7 July 1971

Please Note :
The Haeundae Church on the outskirts of Busan, South Korea, who were celebrating
their 75th anniversary during 2007, have made enquiries to ascertain if there are any living
relatives of the Rev Wright still in New Zealand or Australia).
PCANZ Archives Ref 363/07/REF 28/3/07)            

WRIGHT, Rev Alexander Maclean                  M.A.
fr CS Scot,  recd as prob 1877
Waikato  West (Te Awamutu WkP) stud prch 1877
Ord Palmerston Nth  1879
Wing added to Palm Nth Ch, & Ch erected at Awahuri.
Lincoln & Prebbleton ChP  9.2.1892
Died  16.9.1900

WRIGHT, Rev Colin G.
Anglican Church
Hospital Chaplain Cherry Mental Hospital Farm Dunedin  Feb 1982

WRIGHT, Sr Ellen (Nellie) Evelyn                  Mrs A.L. Miller
(Chinese name Lai Koo Neung)
b Appleby, Invercargill 7.8.1882;
h. Andrew Lindsay Miller b. 7.5.1883 m. 16.10.1919 d. 20.7.1944
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute (PWTI), 1909 - 1910
Ord Deaconess for Missionary service in China  10.11.1910
“Own Missionary” of St Pauls, Invercargill.
Sth China Miss, Canton 1911-9,  resigned from staff to be married.
They lost a little daughter (Nancy) in  July 1927.  In 4.1928 the serious condition of their
only remaining daughter (Jean) constrained them to return to NZ urgently, and her husband
accepted a Call to Oreti in 1930. 
Chinese Church Dunedin  1944-50
After the sudden death of her husband in 1944,  she was employed by the Church Missions
Committee as an Evangelist (working with Dr Goerge McNeur) to the local Dunedin Chinese
and actively assisted the local Chinese community in many practical ways until her retirement
in 1951 when Rev Fong took up the work.  
“Mrs Miller’s special contribution lay in the help she was able to give the Chinese women
and children, and on her departure from Dunedin left behind a large circle of grateful people
who will always remember her Christian care of them”.
Died  10.5.1959 

WRIGHT, Miss Mary Struthers                                          (Mrs Thomson)
b. 28.1.1885
h. George M.C. Thomson  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?) Artisan Missionary at Dip Point, Ambrim (refer
separate entry)
From Christchurch.
Attended the Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute, Dunedin 1910
She applied to the Foreign Missions Committee to be accepted  for Mission work (Rep:1910)
Ambrim Hospital, New Hebrides (Vanuatu) - she was appointed to succeed Mrs Morris on
24.5.1913. A volcanic eruption on 7.12.1913 destroyed the Hospital and all work there. 
All her posessions were lost. She was released by the Mission Committee until the way
should open for further service in the Islands. At a later stage she was living at Lenakel on
Tanna with her husband where he had purchased a plantation while she was Matron of
Lenakel Hospital under  Dr Nicholson.
No further mention.

WRIGHT, Rev Jack
Meth Ch
Rongotea-Sanson Co-op MnP  2.1978
Te Aroha Co-op WkP  2.1982  ret 31.12.1988

WRIGHT, Rev Kelvin P.                B.D.
Ang Ch
Waihao Co-op SCP  7.1982
St Francis Co-op Hamilton WkP  1.1986  Term completed 31.1.1992

WRIGHT, Mr Robert                 B.A. 
Te Aroha stud prch 1898
Res 3.1898 to pursue his theol studies in UK (Rep 1899).
No further mention of his name.

WRIGHT, Rev William
b 4.9.1849
w Bessie B.C. Speid  b 5.7.1845  m 7.12.1882  d 2.11.1925
Owaka (Temporary Supply) 6 months  1879
Home Missionary, Catlins River  Dec 1880
Otago student 1880-82
Ordained Knapdale MtP  21.2.1883
Otepopo-Hampden NOP  13.4.1889  -  owing to a breakdown in health he sought a better climate.
Columba Oamaru  1895 - retired 30.9.1914.
After retirement he took up dairy farming at Waimate, later at Awamoa.
Retired to Oamaru.
“A lover of books, he was generous in the gift of them both to students and to missionaries.”
Died  11.1.1930

WRIGHT, Dr W.L.      & Mrs
Miss - Indonesia
of the Brethren Assembly, app for 6-9 mths
Immanuel Hosp Bandung Indonesia - to fill the vacanvy left by the withdrawal of
Dr Hill for a short period 1972; he left NZ on 11.8.1972; o'seas serv ended 1973.

WRIGHT-TAYLOR, Rev Sandra Kaye                 B.Th.
Legal executive in Dunedin for six years
husband: Geoffrey McLaren Taylor, married 26 January 1985, accountant, studied French and commerce
Theological Hall 1984-1986
Ordained Otago Peninsula, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 3 September 1987, for nine and a half years
Locum Hospital Chaplain, Dunedin Hospitals, until 1999
Youth Co-ordinator, Knox Church, Dunedin
Minister within the Bounds, Christchurch Presbytery, June 2000, when the family moved to Christchurch
Faith Educator, St Mark’s Presbyterian Church, Avonhead/Upper Riccarton, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, January 2003
Part-time Ecumenical Hospital Chaplain, Presbytery of Christchurch, 1 August 2013
Hospital Chaplain, Burwood Hospital, Alpine Presbytery, 30 September 2016

HM Mangaweka WgP  1928  res fr HM serv 1929

WYLDE, Rev Leslie Rich
b 22.7.1931 Greymouth - unmarried
He was employed by Shell Oil Co, when in 1956 he heard the Call to serve
in the Ministry. Joined the Home Missionary service.
HM Rangitaiki Outfields (Matata BPP) 14.8.1957
Otematata 1959-62
Bayleys Beach 1963 - ill-health forced him to resign.
The General Assembly of 1963 directed that he resign (from HM service) and
be accepted as a student at the Theological Hall for 3 years from 1964;
he didn't enter Hall 1964 on account of his health.
Died  19.10.1964   

WYLIE, Rev John Izatt
born 7.11.1871 Scotland
w Margaret born 5.9.1872 married 4.6.1897  died (?)
Formerly a Master Draper. Had three years private study with a private coach
after leaving school. Had many years experience in preaching in Scotland.
Joined the Home Missionary service 1922
Home Mission Denniston Westland Presbytery 1923, Ordained Home Missionary  1923
Athol Southland Presbytery 1926
Orepuki Southland Presbytery 1929
Stewart Island Southland Presbytery 1931 - resigned from Home Mission service 30.4.1934 to take up business.
Died 1951

WYLIE, Mr Stephen Alexander (Lex)
b. 2 Jun 1936 at Riverton
Heavily involved with the Western Southland District Bible Class and, with others, helped to
initiate the Longwood Bible Class Camp at Riverton.
Clerk of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland, retired 2002
Served on the Presbyterian Church Council of Assembly.
Served as one of the first Team leaders of Riverton Union Parish when they embarked on a new
model of Local Shared Ministry in 2005.
Retired to Riverton, buying and converting the old Longwood Bible Class Camp buildings to a
holiday park.
"We give thanks for his gift of administration; his eye for detail and accuracy; his wisdom, integrity
and vision. He was a loyal member, a friend and a peacemaker in some of the most challenging
times in the Church. Change never threatened Lex. He, with others, recognized the changing
environment in which the Church found itself and during his tenure as Clerk of the Synod, he had
a vision for a different and more open kind of Church. His paper 'In My Opinion', written after taking
study leave in Australia, was a response and basis to initiate change from being focussed on
buildings to being outward focussed communities of faith... He was a person who didn't mind who
got the credit as long as the job was done. We are all the richer for having known him and he will
be remembered by many with thankfulness, as one who made a difference for the sake of the
Gospel." (From Memorial Minute)
Died 10 Feb 2009 at the Southland Hospice.

WYLLIE, Rev Robert
b 30.7.1851
w -  predeceased him
He was educated at Edinburgh University & the United Presbyterian Church Hall Edinburgh.
Licensed by Edinburgh Presbytery of the UP Church 1882
Ordained Jan 1894 (one record says 1884) by Cupar(?) Presbytery of UP Church.
Min Canongury London (Presbyterian Church of England) 
To New Zealand 1897
Ind Onehunga AP  25.11.1897
Resigned active duties through ill-health 3.12.1901 & became Senior Minister; did supply
work as able, including Morningside.
Auckland 1908 for 6 months - retired 12.11.1912
Died  20.1.1923, aged 71

WYNESS, Rev Stuart Winter
b 18.3.1913;
w Jean Mildred b 1.1.1917 m 12.4.1939  -  remarried 5.1981 (Mrs Power)
Ordained by Baptist Church Presbytery of Taranaki 1937.
Baptist Church Minister, applied Assembly 1950 to be received; it was decided he be given
period as Home Missionary and one year Hall course.  
HM Patea TkP 1951
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1954
Inducted Patea TkP  25.11.1954 
Huntly WkP  24.5.1956  -  Pastoral tie dissolved 31.3.1962
Henderson AP  28.3.1963 - resigned 13.3.1971
Sayreville NJ USA 1971 - resigned 19.3.1978
Interim Pastor First Presbyterian Church, Union NJ USA;
In NZ on holiday from USA when he died.
Died  21.8.1978 Auckland, on holiday

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