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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

O to Owen

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O, Rev Charles Chu-Chen                   B.D.,M.Th.
Presbyterian Church of Taiwan  
born Kaohsiung, Taiwan
wife O Fang-Huei Hueng married 17 September 1974
Master of Divinity 1976 Taiwan Theological College; Master of Theology 1981 South East Theological Seminary
Ordained 30 March 1980
Shin-Shuang Presbyterian Church August 1976
Chin-Suan Presbyterian Church January 1978
Bin-Ho Presbyterian Church April 1982
Keelung Presbyterian Church December 1989
Howick Taiwanese Church Howick Auckland Presbytery  1 August 1991
Taiwanese Auckland (Stated Supply) Auckland Presbytery July 1995-8 April 1996
Resigned 9 April 1996 and returned to Taiwan  

OAKLEY, Rev Norman Eric               B.A.
b 27.6.1893  Overdale; w Margaret Doyle b 9.11.1890 m 11.1.1922 d 7.4.1977
Had sec educ at Ashburton, then went farming.
NZEF War Serv 14.1.1918 to 18.5.1919
He began studies for min in OU,  & theol in New Coll Edin.
Ord UF Ch Kelso Scot 1923; then Dumfries.
Ind N E Vaalley DnP  27.11.1934
Pleasant Point SCP 26.4.1945  ret  30.4.1953
Springburn AsP supply 1953  res 26.6.1956
Conv Theol Hall Com
Died 15.9.1957 Ashburton 

OATES, Rev Roger Graham
b 10.8.1941; w Heather Belle  m 29.4.1972
Hall 1974-6
Ord Maraaroa (Te Anau-Mossburn SP) 10.7.1977
res 31.1.1981
Died 12.11.1982

OATRIDGE, Mr Desmond (Des) Frank
b. 23.3.1929
Artisan Missionary (Plumber) - New Hebrides (Vanuatu) – appointed from 23 Oct 1951
Left Auckland 27 Oct 1951 to do plumbing work on Mission houses.
Returned to NZ 31 Jan 1952 due to ill health.
He had language training at Wycliffe School of Linguistics, Melbourne.
Rep 1954: he plans to be used as Lay Evangelist to bush tribes of Santo, New Hebrides
No further mention.

OCK-YOUN Jang, Rev David                   M.Th.(Otago), B.Th., M.Ed.
wife Jung-Ock Jang (Ihm)  married 27 February 1975
From the Presbyetrian Church of the Republic of Korea.
Educated at Ghisung Primary School (Yool Jin, Kyung Buk) until 1961, Phung He Middle School (Yool Jin, Kyung Buk) until 1964, Hyo Pho High School (Yool Jin, Kyung Buk) until 1967.
Bachelor of Theology 1971 Han Kook Theological Seminary, Seoul; Master of Christian Education 1974 Yeoun Sei University, Seoul, Korea; Master of Theology 1985 Otago University
Preacher at Su Won Presbyterian Church 1971-74
Ordained 11 November 1975
Imposed hands Preacher 1975
Chaplain, Jin Ju Girl’s School 1975-1976
Chaplain and Professor , Jin Ju Technical College 1977 to ?
Concurrently with –
Preacher at Han Gil Presbyterian Church 1982 to ?
To Dunedin, New Zealand to study for Doctorate at Otago University in Minjung Theology 1987
Korean Community Church Auckland, (meets in St Davids) Auckland Presbytery, 23 February 1989 
Korean Presbyterian Church Auckland, Auckland Presbytery 23 February 1997
Removed from Ministerial Roll of PCANZ 6 September 2013

wife Alicia
Anglican minister
Inducted to Beachlands Cooperating Parish, Northern Presbytery, 20 November 2020

OGG, Rev Charles Simmers                  M.A.
fr CS Scot  -  Ord 1860; he had a pastorate in Canada;
arr Wn 15.12.1872 to be Min of St Andrews Wn.
St Andrews Wn 12.1872; he read himself into the charge soon after his arrival. The
original Ch was in Lambton Quay; sold to Colonial Bank & aan elegant new Ch built.
From 1840 when it was founded St Andrews had been a parish of the CS (Pr London)
& not part of NZ Ch. Charles Ogg obtained the consent of the CS, then organized a
petition to the NZ Ass from him & his cong desiring to be received into the PCNZ. 
They were cordially accepted by Ass on  5.12.1874.   When WnP became the Ch Ex
Com, Ogg became Hon Treas.   During the last yrs of his life he suffered much.
ret 1903.   Mod Ass 1891
Died  1904

OGIER, Rev Ian
Ch of Christ
Whau Valley-Raumanga Union NP 1973

OGILVIE, Miss Frances Gordon             B.A.
b 3.4.1895 Adelaide South Australia. Educated at home until 12 years of age then Hobart
Ladies’            College (5 years) , the University of Tasmania then came to NZ and entered
Canterbury University College where she gained her B.A. Degree with 2nd grade
honours in English (1917)
Taught for three years at Craighead Girls’ School, Timaru.
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute  1920 
Dedicated for Mission service in China as an Educational worker 19.8.1920
Fong Ts’uen  1920
Kong Chuen  1922
Initially placed in charge of the Tak Kei Girls’ Boarding School at Kong Chuen.
Rep 1926: she has been asked to delay return from furlough, & if unable to go to Kong
Chuen, she has been invited to the LMS school in Hong Kong.
Asked by the Kwantung Synod of the Church of Christ in China to become Principal
of the Shung Kei Bible Training School for Women Workers.
Shung Kei School, Hong Kong 7.1939 to 3.1940
Sha Tin, New Territories Hong Kong 4.1941;
Interned in Stanley Camp, Hong Kong 25.12.1941.   On release in 1945 returned to NZ, arr 21.2.1946.
Returned to China 14.2.1947.
Shung Kei Bible Training School 1947 –  Had responsibility for overall planning and directing,
lecturing in Old and New Testaments and Chinese Church history, and sharing in practical
training. Her duties included speaking and preaching in many Churches and villages,
Committee responsibilities both in the local Church and in many spheres of the Church’s
activities, especially of its Women’s work. 
After all foreign Missionaries were asked to leave China in 1951, Frances was appointed as a
Missionary teacher at the Chinese School in Suva, Fiji. Experience there led her and the
Overseas Missions Committee to believe that there was not a continuing responsibility for
our Church in that area and the work ceased at the end of 1953.
At the request of the Sixth District Association in Hong Kong, she was appointed to relieve
Rev EG Jansen at the Hoh Fuk Tong Training Centre at Castle Peak during his furlough in 1953.
Early in 1954 she again took up the training of women for leadership in the Chinese Church :
Castle Peak, New Territories 1954, Principal, Women's Training School;  ret 31.12.1960;
Sister of Sr Noel Ogilvie.
“Frances was educated in Australia and moved to NZ with parents in 1914; she completed her
university studies at Canterbury University with BA in English. Taught at Craighead Girls School,
Timaru.  She offered in 1920 for service as Missionary in China.  Following training at PWTI she
sailed for  China, arriving at Kong Chuen in Sept 1920 and became Principal of Tak Kei Boarding
School for Girls.  Within a few years she had persuaded the authorities that it was ridiculous for a
foreigner to occupy such a position when there were Chinese capable of the task.  From then on
Miss SK Wong was Principal.  This was a view well ahead of its time. Frances then spent the next
decade or so in village evangelism and deaconess work.
In 1938 the Kwangtung Synod appointed Frances Principal of Shung Kei Bible Training Institute,
training Deaconesses for the whole Synod area. Shortly afterwards the Japanese occupation
drove them from Paak Hok Tung in Canton, to become refugees in Hong Kong.  In 1941 Frances
was interned with other 'enemy aliens' in Stanley Bay Internment Camp, where her gifts as
teacher, preacher, counsellor & friend were highly valued.
With peace in 1945, Frances returned to Canton where she was responsible for rebuilding work
of training Deaconesses at Shung Kei Bible Training Institute.  By Oct 1949 the Communist regime
was in control of mainland China and by 1951 was ready to challenge the Christian Church to get
rid of foreign support in money and personnel.  In order not to embarrass her Chinese friends
Frances left China.
Arrived Hong Kong 23 Mar 1951 and travelling via Australia, returned to NZ Aug 1951.
So great was her commitment to mission service that she took up work in Suva, teaching for two
years in a Chinese School there.  Appointed as from Jan 1952.
Assistance to the Chinese School in Suva discontinued Dec 1953.
By 1953 the Hong Kong district of the Christian Church in China had regrouped and wanted to
get women's training re-established.  Frances returned to New Territories and continued training
women, as leaders for Chinese Church.  She was truly gifted as Teacher and Preacher and fluent
in Chinese language, reading and writing, as well as speaking it.
In 1960, after 40 years of service in China, Frances retired and returned to NZ, living in
When the APW was inaugurated, her clear vision, cheerful enthusiasm and complete commitment
to Jesus Christ enabled her to allay the fears of women throughout the Church that overseas
missions would be forgotten.  She also spent some time as relieving Principal of the Deaconess
College, Dunedin.
“Own Missionary” of Knox Church Christchurch
Sister of  Sr. Noel G Ogilvie
Died 3.5.1993  Wellington. 

OGILVIE, Sr Noel Gordon
b 25.12.1907 Hobart Tasmania
Moved with her family to NZ 1914; educ at Chilton St James School, but missed some
years because of polio; trained as a Karitane Nurse, and worked as such in Gisborne
and Hawkes Bay.
Deaconess College, Dunedin (PWTI)
Ordained Deaconess at St James Wellington
Appt by Wellington Presbytery as City Deaconess 22.2.1939
PSSA Wellington City Deaconess 1940-3
PSSA Christchurch City Social Work 1946-9
PSSA - Deaconess Otaki WnP  1954
PSSA Wn City Deaconess Newtown  1959 - retired  1962, moved to Otaki for a time.
Sr Noel worked chiefly in the Newtown area, which following the Depression was the
most distressed part of the city.  She was to many who knew her the Mother Teresa of
Newtown. At that time the housing conditions of many peop[le were extremely bad, &
there were no welfare services.  During her time there Noel lived in a one bedroom flat
in Riddiford St & because she often took girls off the street, she slept on the couch or
the floor & the girls slept in the bed.  A number of women from the Church were
appalled at the accommodation Noel had & it was mainly through their efforts that the
PSSA bought the property in Nikau St Newtown which later became Deaconess House.
There were during Noel's working career, several gaps because of ill health, but she
never doubted the Calling as a Deaconess & the ministering to folk in the name of
Christ.  Noel was a good listener, never too tired or too busy to stop & share.  She won
the deep affection of many people.  She understood & had a deep love for children. 
She walked with God & brought his blessing on all she did. (Obit)
Sister of Frances Ogilvie above.
Died 7.7.1992 Woburn Home, Lower Hutt

OGILVY, Rev Henry
Ordained 1997
Gisborne Maori Pastorate - Amorangi  (Te Aka Puaho) Oct 1997

OH, Rev Eric
Master of Divinity, Fuller Theological Seminary
Assistant Professor, Mongolia International University, June 2008-May 2012
Assistant Pastor, Korean Presbyterian Church, Christchurch, September 2012

O'HAGAN, Rev Brendan Eamonn
born and raised in Christchurch, ninth of thirteen children in a Catholic family of Irish descent
wife Ingrid married 1996, met at Easter Camp 1995
Insurance company, 1983, eight years
After Christian conversion experience of his eldest brother, responded to invitation at Easter Youth Camp c 1983
Youth Worker, North Island, 14 years
Theological degree, 2006-2007
Intern, St Margaret's Bishopdale, Christchurch, started 2008
Licensed 6 December 2009
Blenheim / Wairau Presbyterian Parish, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery, 13 December 2009
Other recognised ministry, Alpine Presbytery, 30 June 2019
Hospital chaplain, Palmerston North Hospital, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 20 January 2020
Commissioned Hospital Chaplain, Mid-Central District Health Board Spiritual and Pastoral Care team, Palmerston North Hospital Chapel, 11 August 2020
Inducted minister, minister Palmerston North - St Albans Presbyterian Church, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 21 August 2022

OLDS, Rev  J.S.
Meth Ch
Upper Hutt Co-op WnP  2.1977

OLDS, Rev Josh
Bachelor of Theology, Laidlaw College
Commissioned National Ordained Ministry Intern, The Village Church (Christchurch) / Prestons Seedling, Alpine Presbytery, 31 January 2022
Licensed Alpine Presbytery, 3 December 2023
Ordained and Inducted national ordained minister, Christchurch - The Village Presbyterian Church Papanui (Stated Supply), and leader, Local Shared Ministry Team, Prestons New Mission seedling, Alpine Presbytery 3 December 2023

OLDS, Rev Norman W.
Meth Ch
Sumner-Redcliffs Union ChP  2.1975

OLEN, Rev Frank
Meth Ch, recd into PCNZ Ass 1987.  no further mention.

OLIVER, Mr Charles Samuel Lewis
b. 2.9.1906 
w.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Formerly a Draper and Farmer. Undertook 3 years Theological study at the
Church of Christ College in Dunedin.
HM for Methodist Church at Patea 1939-45
Joined the PCNZ Home Missionary service 1.2.1946
HM Taumarunui WkP as Probationer for 12 month term from Feb 1946
(appointment not renewed by the Presbyterian Church so resigned from
HM service Jan 1947).
Received into the Anglican Church 1947. 

OLIVER, Rev J. Allan               M.Sc.,L.Th.
Meth Ch
Pahiatua Union WpP 2.1986
Taupo Union BPP 1.2.1992

OLIVER, Rev Jack Hamilton
b 14.9.1930
w Helen Marjorie Challis (the daughter of an LMS Missionary in the Pacific) m 10.5.1958
He was brought up in Tauranga in a farming family. After leaving school he began
journalism; worked on several papers, rising to sub-editor; then worked in papers in
Canada for a number of years before returning to Tauranga.  Feeling the Call to the
ministry he went to Auckland University for a 4 year Arts course; then to the Hall; study
was not easy for Jack.  He was a regular contributor to the Outlook and reporter to the Ass.
Theological Hall 1961-63
Ord Raglan Union  WkP 12.12.1963
St Giles Mt Roskill AP  14.3.1968 - resigned  31.1.1976 to study further.
Paeroa WkP 19.5.1977 
Te Aroha (St Andrews)
Resigned  31.10.1985
'He was sensitive to people and their vicissitudes in life. Although on  the surface he
pretended not to show it, he himself was sensitive to the way he was treated by others.
The people of his congregations remember him for the vigour of his ministry, for his
tenderness, and for his love.'
Died 10.10.1987

OLIVER, Rev Peter Robert           B.Sc.(Hons).,  B.Theol
wife: Agnes Anne Oliver married 19 January 1985
Worked around New Zealand as a forester
Bachelor of Forestry Science (Honours) 1984 Canterbury University; Bachelor of Theology 1993 Melbourne College of Divinity
Ordained Hospital  Chaplain, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 31 January 1999
Minister within the Bounds, Dunedin Presbytery, May 2001
resigned from the ministry of the Presbyterian Church and removed from the presbytery roll 3 June 2009

OLLIFF, Rev Lindsay James
born 28 November 1936
wife Terri-Ann married 15 August 1964
Hall 1964-1966
Ordained Assistant Chaplain, Dunedin Hospitals  11 December 1966
Assistant, Te Awamutu, Waikato Presbytery, 12 March 1968
Hillcrest, Hamilton, 4 February 1971 — resigned 29 Octover 1974 and withdrew
died 29 September 1990 aged 77, interred Whenua Tapu Cemetery, Pukerua Bay, Wellington

OLLIVER, Rev James Walter                   B.A.
b 16.12.1913; w Phyllis June b 15.2.1917 m 28.1.1941 d  6.6.1995
Hall 1937-9
Ord Wallacetown SP 6.12.1939
Green Island DnP 28.3.1946
Southbridge-Dunsandel ChP 24.5.1956   res 31.10.1963 –
ret fr active min thr illness as from 16.12.1968
Died  28.10.1988

OLSEN, Rev  F. Anne
Meth Ch
Wainuiomata Union  WnP  part-time  1.2.1995

OOSTERBROEK, Rev Adair Kirsten
nee Sutcliffe
Laidlaw College, 2020
Minister (part-time), Co-operating Parish of St Clare, Hamilton 17 February 2020 to 31 December 2020
intern, St Paul's Presbyterian Church Napier, 2021-2022
licensed St Paul's, Napier, Presbytery Central, 4 December 2022
ordained and inducted to Nawton Community Church, Hamilton, Kaimai Presbytery, 8 January 2022

intern, St John's Presbyterian Church, Hastings, 2021-2022
licensed St John's, Hastings, Presbytery Central, 4 December 2022
ordained and inducted to Nawton Community Church, Hamilton, Kaimai Presbytery, 8 January 2022

ORANGE, Rev Albert John Edward (Bert)
b 11.1.1913at Dunedin
w Aveleen Mary Wilson b 25.2.1918 m12.12.1946   
Educated at Duendin, distinguished himself in athletics. Completed an
apprenticeship in plumbing. Associated with the YMCA for 12 years.
Attended the Bible Training Institute in Queen Street Auckland in 1940.
Served in the Medical Corps. (24th Field Ambulance) in the Pacific during
World War Two. Returned to his plumbing career but felt the call to work
in the Maori Mission field. 
Maori Missionary - Artisan Missionary appointed 1.1.1946
Te Whaiti, Nuhaka etc 1946 - resigned 31.1.1949 to commence studies
for the ministry.
Waikaremoana 1950
Helped build a marae at Ohope and a Boy’s Hostel at Whakatane.
Taupo 1.2.1953 :
Ordained Home Missionary under the Maori Mission 17.5.1953 :
Resigned 24.1.1957 to enter the Hall
Theological Hall  1957-59
Waikaka (Stated Supply)  MtP  1960-63 – during this period he completed
his studies for ministry.
Inducted to Katikati BPP  11.6.1964 - resigned 1.7.1970
Pokeno SAP 1.10.1970 - retired 30.6.1978
“Bert Orange was a fearless and patient teacher of evangelical Christian faith,
communication his love for and appreciation of God’s creation in all its tones,
colours and moods. With care, persistence and good humour, he never missed
an opportunity to witness to his Saviour and Friend.”
Died 7 February 1997 

ORANGE, Rev Ernest Kenneth (Ken)                  MA., BD.
b 19.2.1924
w Jennifer Joan nee Milne  m 16.2.1957
Trained as a teacher and taught at Orakei Primary School, M.A. at Wn
Theological Hall 1949-51 President of KCSC 1950
Ordained Assist Knox Ch Dunedin  DnP  12.12.1951 - resigned 31.7.1952
Westminster Coll Cambridge  1952-3
Locum Tenens supply Trinity, Crown St, Aberdeen  1953-54
St Andrews Wanganui 18.11.1954
St Davids Upper Hutt WnP 5.4.1962
Cambridge Union WkP  22.5.1973
St Georges Takapuna NSP  1.5.1979
Convener, Council for Mission Wellington (part-time) 1.6.1987,
also Eastbourne part-time 1.6.1987;
Kelburn (3 days a week for 2 years ) from 1.2.1988 - retired 31.12.1989
Wellington Presbytery Executive Officer.
Son of Rev E.J. Orange
Died 1.1.2012 aged 87

ORANGE, Rev Ernest Joseph
b 28.10.1893 Taieri;
w Florence Phillips neé Smith b 27.6.1894 m 3.11.1921 d 22.2.1955
Hall 1919-21
Ord Eltham TkP  2.12.1921
Kilbirnie WnP  25.3.1926
St Johns Papatoetoe SAP 24.8.1938
First Hamilton (Frankton WkP)  1948
Hunterville WgP 26.9.1957   ret 23.4.1961 to Chch
Father of Rev E.K. Orange above; Brother of Mrs David McNeur.
Died 28.9.1983 Chch, aged 89

ORANGE, Rev Wilson James           B.Theol., L.Th.(Melb), Dip.Re.
wife Shirley Ann Wright married 13 January 1973 qualified nurse
bank officer
Diploma of Religious Education 1972 Melbourne College of Divinity; Licentiate of Theology 1973 London School of Religion; Bachelor of Theology 1978 Otago University
Theological Hall 1976-1978
Ordained Toi Tois, Tokanui Southland Presbytery, 10 December 1978 
Taranaki East Co-operating Taranaki Presbytery, 25 October 1983
St James, Pukekohe, South Auckland Presbytery,  28 January 1988
Glenfield, Auckland, North Shore Presbytery, 30 January 1997 to 2005
Knox Church, Morrinsville, Waikato Presbytery, 27 January 2005 - 31 July 2015
Minister Emeritus, Kaimai Presbytery 1 August 2015
Moderator Kaimai Presbytery, 1 January 2024

ORMSBY, Miss Ethel
Maori Missionary - left Turakina College (ex pupil) 12.1918
Ruatahuna School 2nd Assistant to Miss Monfries 2.1919 - resigned  12.1919

ORR, Mr Allen Francis
b. circa 1918
w.(?)  b(?)  m. 1.7.1943
Joined the Home Missionary service 14.2.1940
Student for ministry under Westland Presbytery from Oct 1939.
HM Pio Pio WkP 1940
Plimmerton WnP (Stud Supply) 1941
Student Assistant, St Stephens (Lower Hutt Outfields) WnP 1942
Granted leave of absence by the HM Committee from 31.1.1943 for military service.
Served with the YMCA in NZ then entered the Air Force.
His certificate as a Student for Ministry was subsequently withdrawn by Westland
No further mention

ORR, Rev Dr. James Fleming G.           M.A., B.D., Ph.D. (London)
born 1874 Glasgow
Glasgow University 1891-1895 Master of Arts with special distinction in Greek and Hebrew
Ordained Horndean, Berwickshire 1896
Married Grace Ellen Mann 1897
Following an appeal made by the Presbyterian Church of Zealand for young and active men, he emigrated in 1903 until 1910
Inducted Warepa and Kaihiku, 1904 — resigned 31 December 1909
His parish was two churches about ten miles apart and involved long journeys on horseback through bush country
While in New Zealand he studied and obtained the Bachelor of Divinity of London University, 1908
Admitted to the Church of Scotland, 1910
Assistant, St Cuthbert's Edinburgh, 1911-1912
Minister, St Margaret's Broughty Ferry, March 1912 to 1921
Chaplain in Flanders for a short time during World War I
Minister, St Andrew's, Nairobi, Kenya, 1921-1935 sole minister to the "the scattered Scots of Kenya and Uganda"
died 4 May 1935

ORR, Rev Samuel Robertson (known as Robertson)
b 20.8.1883;   
w Grace Ellen b 9.9.1882 m 18.11.1911
St Andrews Theological College Sydney Australia 1906
Theological Hall Dunedin 1909-10
Resident of Knox College 1909-10 and member of Knox College Student Executive 1910.
Ordained Waikaka MtP  10.1.1911
Assistant to Dr Waddell St Andrews Dunedin DnP 27.4.1913
Milton (Tokomairiro ClP) 11.6.1914
St Andrews on the Terrace Wellington WnP 5.3.1918 - resigned 18.2.1926
Suffered a long period of ill health in 1920 and was obliged to take six months' leave.
Granted leave of absence from St Andrew's Feb 1925 (one record states Feb 1924)
Left for USA late Feb 1925
Bethany Presbyterian Church, Seattle, Washington State, USA 1925 (pulpit exchange with Rev Van Der Kley)
"The Bethany Church appreciated Mr Orr's stay with them, and wrote to say the experiment had been an
entire success. Mr Orr endeared himself to them as a preacher, as a pastor and as a man. They sent back with
Mr Orr a silk Stars and Stripes [flag], as a presentation to St Andrew's."
Returned to New Zealand Nov 1925 but resigned from St Andrew's as from 18 Feb 1926
and made his final departure.
Called by the Central Presbyterian Church Vancouver Canada 1926.
Retired to Santa Monica, California, USA
Died in California October 1978 aged 95

OSBORN,  Rev  Beverley
Meth  Ch
Buller Union WsP  1.2.1995

A Hamilton man app HM on probation.
HM Wairenga WkP  1912  res  1914

OSBORNE, Rev Samuel Smith
born: Londonderry, Ireland, 1850
Wife: (?), sister of Sir Robert Hart, Inspector General of Customs in China, died some years before him
Manager, linen factory, Belfast
Came to New Zealand for health reasons and settled in Auckland, c. 1880
He was in business and took an active part in Christian work; he wished now to devote his full time to the ministry.
Whangarei District, and Hastings, supplied up to 1892.
Report 1892: Auckland Presbytery recommended that unfinished part of University course be waived – rejected by Assembly.
Ordained, St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, New Plymouth 31 October 1894 - resigned 31 May 1911
Moved from New Plymouth to Auckland, 1926
Died 15 July 1930 at a private hospital in Mount Eden

OVERTON, Mr Robert       & Mrs Yvonne
Miss Volunteers
Navota Farm, Vanuatu - served as volunteers during furlough of MacFarlands 1985

HM Geraldine Outfields SCP  1909
Waikato West Outfields  1911-2

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