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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Gilliland to Grant

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GILLILAND, Rev Thomas M.
fr Redstone USA
Ind Waimana & Opotiki Maori Pastorate 12.3.1992

A retired art teacher from Glas, who was visiting NZ, offered to undertake any kind of Miss
serv, preferably in New Hebrides (Vanuatu).  After consulting with the Field Council it was
arranged that she would go to Nguna & Tongoa - for approx 4 mths. (Date not given;
presume it was about the turn of the century.)

GILMOUR, Rev Bryan
From Uniting Church of Australia
Interim Minister Wakatipu Parish (stated Supply)  COP  2001
Transitional Minister St Paul's Timaru SCP 2009

GILMOUR, Rev William Black             A.C.I.S.
born 20 November 1912 He grew up and was educated in Whanganui
wife Ruth Constance (Connie) born 7 August 1913 married 26 December 1938 died 25 February 2002
Moved to Auckland and worked as an Accountant with New Zealand Insurance Company. An active Bible Class leader and lay preacher in Henderson until he felt called to the ministry
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1957-1958 (special course)
Ordained Assistant Minister, First Church, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 2 December 1958
Tokomairiro (Milton Clutha Presbytery), 30 November 1960
St Andrews-St Davids Wanganui Wanganui Presbytery, 12 November 1969
Assistant Minister St Andrews New Plymouth 3 June 1976, later Associate Minister.  
A conscientious pastor and leader. Both he and Connie were respected and loved as a ministerial couple
Retired 21 January 1978
Died 30 November 1985

GILMOUR, Rev William                 B.A.
b 3.3.1879
w Mary Elizabeth b 25.3.1885 m 24.12.1907 d 25.2.1980
Licensed & Ordained by the United Church of Canada Presbytery of Saskatoon 7.3.1920
Served several charges in Canada, came from Vancouver to New Zealand.
Received by the PCNZ General Assembly 22.11.1927
Roxburgh (supply) COP  1927
Ind Balmoral (Edendale) Auckland AP 9.2.1928
Kent Terrace Wellington (now Mt Victoria)  WnP 15.3.1934
‘He exercised a most fruitful a popular ministry.’
Died 28.7.1938 in office, at Wellington.

GILSON, Rev Kelly
minister Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) USA
Stated supply, Hamilton - St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 7 August 2023

GIRVAN, Miss June
Deaconess College  Dunedin 1959 (Special Social Service Course)
Married 1960

GLASGOW, Rev Adam Dickie
Born 1815 at Clough, Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland.
w. Jane Thompson (formerly of County Down, Ireland) b. 1822 m. (prior to 1843)
d. 28.10.1912, aged 90 years.
A Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland (PCI) at Berry Street Presbyterian
Church, Belfast.
Having a Brother who was a Missionary in India, he too resolved to offer himself for
Missionary work with the PCI in 1842.
Served for 15 years, (without furlough) at Rajkot in India until his health gave way
and he was compelled to return to Ireland. Later on he resolved to come to Otago,
in New Zealand :
Arrived in NZ with certificate from the the Presbytery of Belfast. As his health had
improved, he offered his services for the Ministry.
Received by the Presbytery of Otago as an ordained Minister 18.12.1861. 
In March1862 Dunedin Presbytery reported that the Deacons' Courts of First Church &
Knox Church had agreed to secure the services of Mr Glasgow for six months "to meet
the spiritual wants of the numerous body of miners and others located in Stafford Street
and Walker street, and to erect a place of worship sufficient to afford between 400 to
500 sittings". 
He commenced work in a canvas Church, and not withstanding the unsuitability of the
accomodation, the congregation prospered. A new wooden Church was opened for
public worship on the 4th May 1862.
"The Rev Mr Glasgow, glad no doubt to remove from the canvas Church to a substantial
building, continued in charge of the new congregation, and his pulpit ministrations were
highly appreciated. There is no doubt that Mr Glasgow would have been the first ordained
Minister when the Church received the status of a sanctioned charge, but his health again
gave way, so that he was forced to retire from service, and very soon afterwards, in March
1863, he was called away to his rest, leaving behind him the record of a useful life in
many spheres, and much regretted by all those who knew him."
His Brother, Dr James Glasgow, who was also a Missionary for over 20 years, later
became Professor of Oriental Languages at The Presbyterian Church Assembly
College, Belfast.
A son, Mr WT Glasgow, became the Commissioner of Customs for the Dominion, later
residing at "Bishopscourt" (now part of Columba College) in Dunedin.
Died 15 March 1863, aged 48 years, interred in the Southern Cemetery, Dunedin.

GLASGOW, Rev Neville Bruce
b 23.6.1930
w Diana Grace  m 15.5.1954
Theological Hall, Dunedin1963-65
Ord Knox Wanganui 8.12.1965 - resigned 12.12.1967
Assistant Minister Cambridge  WkP  6.2.1968 - resigned 8.9.1969 & withdrew.

GLASSEY, Rev William Boyd              B.A.
b 29.11.1927 at Darfield.
w(1) Gladys Wynne Benton b 1.11.1927 at Dunedin m 12.2.1955  d 30.1.1983
(refer also entry for Sr Wynne Benton)
w(2) Judith Cecilia Hatton b.(?) m. 1989
Completed his secondary schooling at Ashburton District High School, commenced
tertiary studies for his B.A. at Otago University in 1946.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1951-53
Ordained Associate Minister Caversham Dunedin DnP 4.3.1954 (holding particular
responsibility for the newly formed Union Parish of Corstorphine)
St Davids, North East Valley Dunedin  DnP  21.2.1957
Lansdowne Masterton WpP 1.9.1960 - resigned 29.1.1967
Methodist - Presbyterian Chaplain Porirua Hospital  WnP  9.2.1967
During 1975 he took an exchange with the Chaplain of Pentridge Prison Melbourne.
Associate Minister St Andrews Christchurch ChP 7.11.1976 - resigned 31.8.1981
Chaplain Addington Prison Christchurch 29.4.1982
Later served as Chaplain at Rolleston and Paparua Prisons.
Minister Emeritus 7.8.1987
Moved to Wellington in 1999 to enable Judith to take up a teaching position.
Honorary Associate Minister of St Andrew's on the Terrace, Wellington
"Wynne and Boyd shared a love of writing poetry and it was this which sustained him
following her death in 1983. He discovered singing whilst at High School and derived great
joy from his singing and theatrical achievements....
Early influences in his life grew into a compassion for the underdog and the marginalised
in society. Boyd often spoke out when he saw or encountered injustices. It is not
surprising that much of his ministry was spent as Chaplain in the mental health and
prison services. [In 1968] he was introduced to the Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
programme and from this developed his enduring passion for psychotheraphy. This not
only enabled him to focus on things that moved him in ministry but provided the
opportunity to pass on his skills and knowledge to others.
Following his return to Porirua [Hospital Chaplaincy] he felt the need to "get out of the
hospital world and back into the community", as training and psychotherapy had given
him "quite a different approach to the scriptures and to the ministry in society in general."
In retirement continued his involvement in the CPE professional organisation (gaining
accredited supervisor status in 1991 and continuing to run courses until moving to Wellington.
He is remembered [at St Andrew's on the Terrace] as a free spirit and an independant
thinker, a valued, caring and often out-spoken member of that community."
[From Memorial Minute]
Died 1st June 2008

GLASSEY,   Mrs W.B.            see                Benton, Wynne

GLEN, Rev Dr Frank Grenfell      [refer below for qualification and decorations]
B. 20 September 1933 at Invercargill
C.F., F.A.I.H.A., Fellow Australian Institute of History and Arts), M.Phil., Dip.Theol.(NSW), Dip.Soc.Wk.(NSW), PhD.,
w Kathlyn Margret Eleanor Hamilton  m 21 January 958
Trade certified Electrical Fitter, State Hydro 1953 - 1954
Trinity Methodist Theological College Auckland 1955 -1957
General Secretary NZ Missionary Aviation Fellowship (part-time) 1956 - 1957
Western Southland - Otautau Methodist (Probationer) 1958
Industrial Chaplain Manapouri Hydro Scheme (NZ Council of Churches) 1958 -1962
Ordained at Invercargill 2 November 1960 - received into PCNZ at Assembly 1987. 
Royal NZ Army Chaplains Department Commissioned 1961
Parish Minister Shirley Christchurch 1963 - 1966 Dual appointment with :
Chaplain, Royal NZ Infantry Regiment .
Also Consulting Chaplain to the Dept of Social Welfare, Female Detention Centre Christchurch.
Chaplain attached to Military Forces Fiji 1967 (3 month term)
North West Inland Mission, Moree NSW Australia 1967
Far West Inland Mission, Cobar, NSW, Australia 1968 - 1970
Established the Flying Padre Patrol Inland Ministry. Superintendent Pilot based at Cobar
Established association between the Missionary Aviation Fellowship and the Uniting Church of NSW for the training
of clergy as pilots.
Chaplain Royal Australian Air Force serving at Darwin, Point Cook, Wagga Wagga, Bankstown, Richmond and RAAF
Williamstown 1971 - 1977
Active service at Vung Tau South Vietnam 1971
Probation Officer NZ Department of Justice Invercargill 1978 - 1980 - With permission to serve as a secular clergy in the humanities.
Probation Officer Gore (sole charge) 1979 - 1980
Merit Grade Officer Nelson 1980 - 1985
Appointed Police Chaplain 1983 - Part time duties as required in Ministry locations between 1983 and 1997.
Transferred to the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1985
Chaplain Presbyterian Support Services Havelock North Hawkes Bay Presbytery  14 March 1985 to 1986 - Served 8 institutions with 600 residents and 350 staff
Thames Union Parish (Methodist - Presbyterian) Waikato Presbytery  October 1986 - resigned 30 April 1991
Retired April 1991 due to ill health.
Full-time student at Religious Studies Department, Waikato University 1991 - 1996
Editor of the "NZ Journal of Military History" 1997 to date.
Holds a private pilot's licence.
Doctor of Philosophy (Religious Studies) University of Waikato 1997
Author of a number of books and contributor to many journals and publications.
Died peacefully at home 4 February 2015

GLENNY, Rev  Donald              B.A.
b 23.12.1924
w Anne Marion nee Steven b 1.12.1928 m 18.11.1950
The Very Rev EF Farr was his parish minister when Don was working for NZR in Patea and supplied him with books from his library
Studied in Wellington
Theological Hall 1951-3
Ordained Te Aroha WkP 16.12.1953
St Stephens ChP 25.5.1961
Hobson Bay AP 7.2.1974
Prof of Pastoral Theology, Theological Hall, Dunedin 3.3.1977
Hillcrest Co-op Hamilton WkP 2.2.1984 
Minister Emeritus 1.2.1989 at Northcote Auckland, locum Chaplain at North Shore Hospital
"He was the best read minister in the Presbyterian Church"
Died 8.7.2012 in Auckland after a short illness

GLENSOR,  Rev  Peter.E.
Meth Ch  -     Ord 1976
St Lukes Assoc Masterton WpP  2.1976
Taita Union Assoc part-time WnP  2.1988
term completed 31.1.1992

GOFF, Mr Richard
"[Home] Missionary to Railway Men", The Catlins 1910 - He lived for over 6 months in the
tent camp ministering to the hundreds of men engaged in building the Catlins Railway,
as well as their wives and children. (source : "Break of Day" magazine Oct 1910).
Home Missionary East Taieri Outfields DnP 1911
Student Supply Roxburgh  ClP – died tragically.

GOLDSBURY, Mr Selwyn       &  Mrs Kathleen
b 6.5.1917 at Taihape
w (1) Kathleen Margaret Gould b 3.11.1916 m 15.7.1944 d 20.12.1980
w (2) Joyce Evelyn b -  m 15.5.1982
Selwyn educated at Marton and New Plymouth. Took a three years’ agricultural
Course at New Plymouth Boys’ High School then farmed for some years.
Maori Mission –
Appointed Manager & Master of the Te Whaiti-Nui-a-Toi (Maori Boys Training Farm)
at Te Whaiti (with Mrs Goldsbury as Matron) 19.7.1944 - resigned 31.1.1965

GOLDSCHMIDT, Jacoba Huberta (Sr Kos)     (Knight of the Order of Nassau)
b 31.1.1921 at Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Parents members of the Dutch Reformed Church. Working for a multinational company
when World War Two broke out. The family were able to continue living at Arnhem
during the war years. The family also took in and hid a Jewish man for two and a half
years despite the considerable risk to themselves. She was taught first hand that one
did not discriminate against people, especially those in danger, and one did what was
obvious and practical. This was no doubt an influence on her decision to give up
Secreterial work and to train in the field of social work.   
Trained for three years as a social worker and youth worker. Thereafter worked for
several years as a group leader in a home for children with educational and other
problems, then seven years as a social worker and youth leader in Brussels with the
French-Flemmish Protestant Church.
While working in Brussels, Kos responded to an advertisement for a Dutch Social
worker to come to New Zealand to take up work with Dutch migrants.
To NZ – Employed by the New Settlers Committee of the PCNZ.
Deaconess to New Settlers, Waikato, Auckland and Northland area 6.11.1961
Duties included liasing with Dutch immigrants and the Dutch authorities, meeting th
immigrants upon arrival, providing valuable practical assistance with assimilation into
NZ life, and also encouraging an ongoing Church interest and involvement.         
To honour Kos’ 20 years work with Dutch settlers in New Zealand, the Queen of the
Netherlands created Kos a Knight of the Order of Nassau in February 1984. This, the
highest Dutch honour, was a richly deserved and highly acclaimed recognition of
Kos’ professionalism, dedication, and sensitivity in her work.
Ordained Minister of the PCNZ 1974
Social Worker Auckland  8.10.1974 - retired 31.10.1982 to Hamilton.
“She was quintessentially Dutch, with that characteristic of straight-forward speaking
which others might interpret as blunt or rude. She would occasionally get frustrated
with the Anglo-Saxon inability to be direct in speech.
For much of her time in New Zealand, Kos struggled with her health. Early in her time
here she experienced a serious car accident…[which led to continuing ill-health].
Kos Goldschimdt brought to her work both as a Deaconess working with the new
settlers and their families, and as an Elder in two parishes, a deep commitment to
people and their wellbeing, a capacity for sustained hard work, common sense and
practicality, warm humour and direct speech, and an open, positive, enquiring and
lively faith. She made her lasting mark on the church and on New Zealand society
through the Dutch people she served and helped to settle in New Zealand, making
our church and society richer and more diverse for their presence.” (from Obit.) 
Died 14 Jan 1999 at Auckland Hospital, aged 79 years.

GOLLAN, Miss Linda
Overseas Worker - Youth with a Mission, Holland 1984

GOOD, Miss Barbara
Overseas Worker - Thailand, with the Overseas Missionary Fellowship

Missionary - recently Town Clerk Taihape.
Solomon Ilands region - Business Manager to assist Bishop 1985;
Returned to NZ 8.1986 for medical treatment.

GOODSON, Miss Elsie E.
b. 15.1.1900
Missionary to China – appointed  and set apart for Mission service 15.9.1926
Departure delayed because of trouble in China
Arrived Hong Kong 3.1.1927
Invalided home to Wellington on medical advice 31.8.1927
Resigned 31.1.1928. 
Her health did not prove satisfactory and her resignation was accepted from 31.1.1928

GOODWIN,  Mr  Cec  &    Mrs  Lola
Waimarino  Lay  Supply    res  25.12.1993  

GOODWIN, Mr W.A.B.       & Mrs
Maori Miss
Pentland Ave Hostel Ak, Master & Matron 13.2.1961 
res 31.5.1961

GOODWIN, Mrs             see                 Stewart, Marion

GORDON, Rev Clementina M.           B.D.(Lond)
St Isaacs Retreat House, Opononi NP 1980  -  Ord 1960
Listed by NP as Min within bounds.

GORDON,  Rev  Colin  R.               BTh
Theological Hall  1991-3
Ordained  Assistant Minister  Whakatane  BPP  8.2.1994
St. John’s Opotiki Union  BPP Mar 1999
Chaplain, Devonport Naval Base, North Shore, Auckland  NSP  23 July 2003

GORDON,  Rev David             B.A.
b 17 April 1835 in County Antrim, Ireland (one record claims at Sion Mills, Strabane, Ireland)
w. Martha Killen in Comber First Presbyterian Church, County Down, Ireland m. 14 March 1876
b. 13.6.1846 d. 10.6.1932
Baptised at Ballyeaston Second Presbyterian Church, County Antrim 23 Nov 1835
He came from a covenanting family who fled from Scotland.
Trained at Belfast University & Theological College.
Ordained 1873
Called to Conlig, County Down where he served for about 11 years, and then received an unexpected
invitation from the Colonial Committee of the Church of Scotland to minister in New Zealand.
Left on the Tongariro and arrived at Dunedin 20 Aug 1884 after a voyage of 44 days via Teneriffe, Cape
of Good Hope & Hobart. One of his children died of cerebral meningitis and was buried at sea.
Ind Marton WgP 11.6.1884 - resigned 8.1.1911 due to failing health. 
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (Northern) 1894;  Convenor of the
Maori Missions Committee 1895-1903; 
Father of Mrs Sara M. Mawson (wife of the Rev William Mawson).
Died 1.11.1915  

GORDON, Rev David                        B.A.
b. Doagh, Ireland 1837
Educated at QCB GC 1844;
Belfast Theological College;
Westminster, London. BA (Qui) 1864.
Licensed at Carrickfergus by the Presbytery of Belfast 1866
Ordained Sion Mills 30.3.1866 to 6.11.1878 
To New Zealand -
Inducted Clinton (Popotunoa ClP)  May 1879 to 1879
Temuka SCP  1.1.1880
St Pauls Invercargill   SP  3.12.1884 - resigned 15.6.1888
To Australia –
Inducted Brighton, Presb. Church of Victoria  25.6.1888 to 1901 (retired)
Died 15 June 1903

GORDON, Rev David Brian                 BTh.         
wife: Alison Anne  married 31 January 1976
Theological Hall, 1982-1984
Ordained Paeroa, Waikato Presbytery, 7 March 1985
Waverley, Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, 6 October 1991  
Moderator of Southland Presbytery, 2002
St Pauls-Trinity Union Parish, Cambridge, 1 December 2005
Minister emeritus, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 30 June 2017

GORDON, Rev Denis Gilmour             M.A., M.Th.
w Elizabeth Whiteside  m 2.12.1963
From Northern Ireland  -  Ordained 1962
Inducted to Southbridge-Dunsandel ChP  24.9.1964  - resigned 18.12.1967
Returned to Northern Ireland for a period of 18 months, returning to NZ in 1969.
St Enochs Tauranga BPP 24.7.1969 - resigned 29.8.1977 to Gilnahirk, Belfast, Ireland.
Kohimarama AP 11.2.1982
Knox New Plymouth  9.7.1992
Minister Emeritus  BPP May 2002 

GORDON, Rev Donald
wife Angela
Graduation 4 December 2019
Ordained Wadestown Presbyterian Parish, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 20 January 2019
Other recognised minister, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 3 June 2022

GORDON, Mrs G.            see                 Stiles, Gladys

HM Onga Onga 1911-2 

GORDON, Rev Ian Peter
b 10.6.1920; w Audrey Elizabeth b 2.2.1929 m 30.10.1948
Cong Ch - served in Cong Ch Lower Hutt; Napier; Mt Eden; Raglan Union; Green Lane;
Chmn Cong Union 1 yr; served many Coms; recd into PCNZ with Cong Ch at Ass 1969
Green Lane Ak 1969 (when it became Pres with Cong Ch & Mins; he had served here
St Johns-St Phillips Papatoetoe SAP 22.8.1974  ret 31.1.1981
‘He had great talent as broadcaster, preacher & pastor.’
Died  1987

GORDON, Rev John Campbell             M.A.
b 3.4.1906; w Letitia b 24.12.1915 m 5.6.1945 d 11.10.1983
fr CS Scot,  Ord 8.1930; ministered in Scot 22 yrs before called to Karori Ind Karori WnP
20.6.1952 res 21.6.1959 & returned to Scot; appt to Eng Language CS Ch in Amsterdam;
Mrs G’s health necessitated return to Edin - ret 3.4.1971
Died 5.10.1980

Maori Miss -  Farm Assist Te Whaiti Maori Boys Farm 1962

GORDON, Rev Dr Malcolm
wife: Vanessa
Grew up in the Presbyterian Church
Otago University, 2003-2006
Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, 2007-2008
Ordained St Paul's Katikati December 2008-27 October 2012
Stated Supply, St Peter's in the City, Tauranga, 21 January 2013-26 January 2014
Worship, Music and Arts Enabler, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership in Auckland, 1 February 2014
Albums: One Voice released August 2008
Ministry to the Exterior/Interior released October 2010
Into the Deep released April 2013
Inducted National Worship, Music and Arts Enabler, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, at St Columba at Botany, Northern Presbytery, 23 July 2015
Based at Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, Knox College, Dunedin, 1 February 2016
Inducted parish minister, Dunedin — First Church of Otago, Southern Presbytery, 8 September 2022
PhD in Theology 15 December 2022

Overseas Worker - Philippines 1982-4

GORDON, Rev Thomas
b 26.10.1930; w Shirley Delma Sproule m 6.8.1960
Hall 1965-7
Ord Featherston WpP 12.12.1967
Balmoral Balclutha ClP 3.8.1972
Porirua East Collegiate 6.9.1979 res 27.2.1986
Shoalhaven Uniting Ch NSW Aust 15.5.1986
Corrimal NSW  2.1987
Died 19 January 2013

of Conlig Irel.   Rep 1884: willing to come to NZ & expected to leave mid 1884 for Reefton. 
No further mention.

GORE, Rev Kevin   (Baptist)
Knox – Fitzroy, New Plymouth, TkP  1 Aug 2003

GOREHAM, Rev Norman J.              B.A.,B.D.
Methodist Church — Ordained 1955
wife Valerie
Arrived in Dunedin from England, c 1976
West Dunedin Union, Kaikorai  September 1976-1979
transferred to Whakatane Anglican-Methodist Co-operating Parish

GORONCY, Rev Jason              B.Ed. ,B.Th., A.Dip.Min., PhD
Dean of Studies and Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Knox Centre for for Ministry & Leadership, Dunedin, January 2009-2014
Hallowed be Thy Name: The Sanctification of All in the Soteriology of P.T. Forsyth, London/New York, T&T Clark, 2013
Descending on Humanity and Intervening in History: Notes on the Pulpit Ministry of P.T. Forsyth, Eugene: Pickwick Publications, 2013
Tikkun Olam - To Mend the World: A Confluence of Theology and the Arts, Eugene: Pickwick Publications, 2014 (editor)
Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology, Whitley College, University of Divinity, Australia, 2015
Other recognised ministry, Southern Presbytery, May 2017

Maori Miss, Honorary - Te Whaiti 1917
Matahi 1922
Ruatahuna 1925
Matahi 1927
Te Onepu 1930
Kawerau 1932 res 31.10.1934, but still (1939) gives help. fr Petone, Mrs G appt to Te Whaiti
in 1917; res 1919 for trip to UK; returned & took p;ace of Miss Te Kauru at Matahi  1922.
In 1925 she went to live with Sr Annie at Ruatahuna; went to Te Onepu in 1929 where she
built house at own expense, & took charge of school without salary. 
Died  1951

GORRIE, Rev John
From United Presbyterian Church of Scotland
He was the first Minister Licensed and Ordained by the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.
Ord Whangarei AP 8.1.1862
Mangapai Church built during his ministry. Rev Gorrie built for himself a two-storeyed Manse
on 17 acres of land at Waitangi overlooking the Whangarei River.
Died 9.3.1869

GOSLING, Rev Colin Leslie              B.A., B.D.
b 10.4.1913
w. Catherine Campbell b 1.12.1914 m 23.1.1943  d 19.2.2006, aged 91 years.
Brought up at Koromiko, later attending Marlborough College and Victoria University.
During his time in Wellington, he worked as a Journalist Cadet, learning much of the
‘know how’ of publishing and printing.
Theological Hall 1940-42
Studied for a B.D. by extension through the Theological Hall from the Melbourne
College of Divinity 1944-1947
Ordained locum tenens Waimate SCP 4.3.1943
St Stephens Dunedin DnP 12.4.1945
Dipton SP 11.5.1950
Island Bay Wellington WnP 31.1.1958  
Appointed Editor of the PCNZ Church magazine “The Outlook”, Christchurch 22.2.1968 - retired 11.4.1978
“Acted as Press Officer for each of the Presbyteries in which he served, also being
appointed Press Officer for the General Assembly. Along with the Rev Harold Scott
and Mr H McDougall, they instigated the “News and Views” publication. He also
worked on the production and editing of “Assembly News” which was always
published under some considerable pressure.
Chairman of the Westminster Fellowship, formed in 1950 to re-emphasize our roots
in the Reformed Faith, the primacy of scripture, and the significance, as standards,
of the ‘Confession of Faith’ and ‘The Larger and Shorter Catechisms’. He was the
first Editor of ‘The Evangelical Presbyterian’ – a journal to reinforce these
convictions and stimulate prayer and evangelism and testimony.
There appears something logical and inevitable in the progression of the years
which culminated in his appointment as Editor of the “Outlook”. The Church’s
official magazine in 1968. It was a notable, if at time turbulent period. …in the
face of onslaught from diverse viewpoints, and even from his friends, he resolved
‘since my appointment was a call of God to be offended by nobody and to keep
the pages open to all point of view!’. As to the kind of article and its form of
presentation, his firmly applied standards were governed by his considerations
for the ordinary member of the 450 congregations to whom the journal was
directed. “you write for your readers, not for yourselves!’ he insisted.
He loved to preach and his exuberant temperament was fully expressed in
affirming the riches of God’ Grace in the Lord Jesus Christ in whom he believed,
and to whom he devoted the warmth of his energy. He was an extrovert made
valiant for the truth by the spirit of truth, creating in him a growing appreciation
of the message of the scriptures as relevant for today.” (from Obit)
Father of the Rev LS Gosling
Died 27 April 1998

GOSLING, H. Alexander (Alex)
Theological Hall, 1968-1970
BA in Psychology
Minister (part time), Port Chalmers Presbyterian Church
Chaplain, Cherry Farm Psychiatric Hospital (three months)—joined the Cherry Farm Psychiatric Social Work Team.
Postgraduate Diploma in Pastoral Studies, Birmingham, England, 1972
Practice Teacher, Social Work Student Unit, Birmingham Settlement, Summer Lane Birmingham (four years)
Master in Social Work, University of York, 1977
Regional organizer, later Director, National Schizophrenia Fellowship, Newcastle on Tyne
Returned to New Zealand 2000, Blenheim (one year) then Dunedin
Seniors Community Worker, Dunedin South Presbyterian Church

GOSLING, Rev Leslie (Les) S.               B.Theol.
Theological Hall, Dunedin
Ordained 1997
Balmoral (Stated Supply), Balclutha Clutha Presbytery, May 1997
Tokomariro Co-operating Parish, Milton  Clutha Presbytery, November 1999 to 2004
Moderator of Clutha Presbytery, 2002, 2003
Minister Within the Bounds, Clutha, Clutha Presbytery
Minister Within the Bounds, Dunedin Presbyter, 1 October 2004
Mayfield, Ashburton Presbytery
Albury/Pleasant Point, South Canterbury Presbytery, 2 February 2006
Minister (Part-time) Albury Pleasant Point, South Canterbury Presbytery, 1 February 2014
Minister emeritus, Southern Presbytery, 30 July 2017
Son of the Rev CL Gosling   

GOSS, Rev Alan Montgomery                Exit Cert.
b 16.10.1922;
w Shirley Margaret  m 23.4.1955
Educated at Port Ahuriri School (1928-1935) and Napier Boys’ High School (1936-1940).  Military Service
during World War Two - served in Italian Campaign 1943-1945 (3rd Survey Battery and 9th Anti-Tank Regiment).
Employed by the State Advances Corporation 1940, 1941, 1946-1950, Hawke’s Bay Education Board 1950-1953,
Presbyterian Church of NZ Youth Staff, Christchurch 1953-1956.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1958-1959 (special emergency course)
Director of Christian Education PCNZ - 1 Mar 1957 to 1965
Ordained, Director Christian Education Department, Christchurch 3.12.1959
Waikaka Valley MtP  19.11.1965 to 1969
Reefton District Union WsP 1970 to 1972
St David’s, Napier HBP 1973 to 1983
Associate Minister St Columba Havelock North 12.11.1981 - resigned 31.1.1985
Minister Emeritus Jan 1985
Tao Fong Shan Ecumenical Institute, New Territories Hong Kong , voluntary service for 6 mths 1985 to 1986
Tamatea Community Church Napier 1987 - resigned 1.6.1989
Retired Port Ahuriri, Napier Dec 1989
Kowloon Union Church Hong Kong – Relieving Minister 6.7.1989 to 21.8.1989
Kansai Seminar House, Kyoto Japan – Voluntary service 22.8.1989 to 21.9.1989
Kowloon Union Church Hong Kong – Relieving Minister 1.1.1990 to 24.6.1990 and 11.3.1992 to 27.8.1992
Community service with the Hawke’s Bay Prisoners’ Aid & Rehabilitation Society and the Hawke’s Bay
Comminuty Work Trust.
Died 30 June 2014

GOUDGE, Rev Stanley R.               B.A.
Meth Ch
West Dn Union, Kaikorai  2.1974

GOULD, Rev Herbert Arthur
b 12.1.1882 England
w Ida Emma b 8.1.1884  m 6.12.1911 d 25.5.1960
Formerly a Cabinetmaker. Took training for Mission work in London. Studied
Yiddish and Hebrew for 2 years. Two years Jewish Mission work in East London
under the Anglican Church and two years Foreign Missions work in Tarsus, Asia
Minor (Turkey) under the Armenian Mission [undenominational].
Joined NZ Home Missionary staff 1917
HM Mahurangi (Warkworth NSP) 1918; Ord HM July 1918
Waitara TkP 1920
Apiti WgP 1922 - resigned HM service 1925 to work for the NZ Alliance.
Re-entered HM service :
Clive HBP 1926
Napier South 1930
Fitzroy TkP 1933
Mangapapa-Kaiti GP 1938
Palmerston North Outfields (Rongotea MnP) 1943
3 months leave of absence due to illhealth 1.2.1945 to 30.4.1945 
Retired 12.1.1947
Died 5.3.1960 Napier, aged 78

GOULSTONE, Miss Gertrude D.
PWTI 1924-5  - left end 1st term 1926 intending to serve in China.
No further information.

GOW, Rev Alexander  (Alec)
born 27 November 1870
wife Mary Reid Blair  born 17 March 1871 married 23 March 1897 died 5 September 1956
He was born in Sydney and came to Dunedin as a child with his parents;
Educated at Otago Boys High School and Otago University.
Home Missionary, Waikaia, Mataura Presbytery, 1903-1904
Theological Hall, 1905-1907
Ordained Paeroa, Waikato Presbytery, 14 February 1908
St Andrews, Hamilton, 7 December 1909 — resigned 30 April 1916  
Waikaka Valley, Mataura Presbytery, 19 September 1916 — retired 30 June 1921 owing to failing health.
Father of Rev Murray Gow; arduous in Temperance cause.
Died 4 April 1922 Waitara after lingering illness.

GOW, Rev John
Born 1815 at Law New Kilpatrick, Dumbartonshire, Scotland.
w ?? b ?? m ?? d ??
Studied BA at Glasgow University & New College Edinburgh.
Opened a small private school at Coatsbridge(?) to fund his studies until he
entered his Divinity course.
Licensed by the Free Church of Scotland Presbytery of Dumbartonshire 1846
Ordained by the Free Church of Scotland Presbytery of Arbroath 1848.
Supply ministry at Ferry Den
Served at Carmyllie 1849 prior to leaving for NZ.
Arrived New Zealand 1865
On arrival he was sent to one of the districts in Canterbury which was then vacant -
Lyttelton ChP 12.12.1865
Hokitika WsP 9.1.1867 (he inducted himself); new Church opened  3.2.1867
St Andrews Dunedin  DnP  10.1871 - Resigned July 1878 after receiving call to Opotiki. 
Opotiki BPP  22.9.1878 – resigned (retired?) 2 Feb 1892
Editor of the “Christian Record” c.1871 to 1879.
Director of the NZ Bible & Tract Society.
Moderator of the Synod of Otago & Southland 1877
Father of Rev W.J. Gow & Hon J.B. Gow
Died (according to Presbyteryof Auckland minutes) 17.2.1901, aged 86

GOW, Rev Murray Alexander
born 20 December 1897 Wairuna, South Otago.
wife Christine Jamieson Aldridge born 29 September 1910 married 17 August 1946 died 6 March 1993 
Hall 1921-1923
Licensed by Mataura Presbytery 5 December 1923
Ordained Waianiwa, Southland Presbytery, 17 July 1924 (another records gives date as 12 July 1924)
Waikaka, Mataura Presbytery, 12 July 1928
Grey Lynn — Richmond, Auckland Auckland Presbytery, 14 June 1934
Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 5 October 1939
Drury, South Auckland Presbytery, 12 October 1944
Knox, Hamilton, 22 December 1949
Roseneath, Wellington Presbytery, 10 July 1958 — retired 12 February 1968
St Andrews, Wellington, Wellington Presbytery — for 3 years assisted with pastoral work, till ill-health brought this to an end.
A member of the Associated Churches Temperance Committee; Dominion President of the NZ Alliance (for the suppression of the liquor trade; a member of the Dominion Executive of the Bible Society, and Dominion Chaplain for the Boy’s Brigade.
Son of the Rev Alexander Gow.
Died 28 September 1972 Tawa at home. 

GOW, Rev Dr Murray Donald                M.A., B.D., Th.D.   
wife: Margarita
(Minister Reciprocal)
Master of Arts, University of Auckland, 1978
Bachelor of Divinity, Melbourne, 1980
ThD from ACT 1995
Lecturer, Wellington Bible College, 1985-1994 (Principal 1986-92)
Editor, Stimulus, 1992-1995
Lecturer, Schloss Mittersill, Austria and Missionary Teacher, Eastern Europe, 1996-2000
Temporary Lecturer, College of St John the Evangelist, Catholic Institute of Technology, and Bible College of New Zealand, all in Auckland, 2001
Minister, Point Chevalier Co-operating Parish (Co-operating Venture, Associated Churches of Christ oversight) 2002-2005
Ordained Associated Churches of Christ, 2003
Minister, St Paul’s Co-operating Parish, Kamo (Co-operating Venture, Presbyterian oversight), 10 April 2005-31 August 2008
Pastor, Warsaw International Church 2008-2010
Senior Minister, St Andrews First Symonds Street, Auckland, Northern Presbytery, 17 February 2011
died 29 August 2023 in Auckland — funeral at Russian Orthodox Church of the Resurrection 1 September 2023

GOW, Rev William James
b 1.9.1852
w - b - m 18.11.1906 pred h
He was born Carmylie Scotland & came to NZ with parents in 1865; educated at
Christchurch Boys High School, & at Otago University. Spent 11 yrs in business before
entering the Hall.  He was a Northern Church student 1880-81, then -
Theological Hall Dunedin 1882-83
Licensed by Westland Presbytery 1884
Ord Reefton WsP  2.9.1884; supplied here from 12.1883 till Ordination.
Kaiapoi ChP  2.7.1891
St Peters Christchurch 2.12.1900
Northcote NSP 1904
Cambridge WkP  4.7.1905
Maraekakaho HBP 5.5.1916 - retired 28.2.1919
Son of Rev J. Gow
‘The outstanding feature of his life was his transparent goodness; he was a real saint.’
Died 21.10.1937 Papatoetoe

GOWER, Mr Ian Matthews
b. 14.7.1913
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Formerly a Grocer and a Salvation Army Officer for 4 years. Completed a Salesmanship
course with International Correspondence Schools (ICS). A student for the ministry
under Mataura Presbytery.
Joined the Home Missions service 1.2.1941
Unordained HM Brydone-Redan MtP 1941 (2½ years)
Belfast-Styx - resigned 30.9.1945

GOY, Rev Christopher  (Chris)
Minister of the Australian Presbyterian Church from Melbourne - retired;  brought
over to NZ to supply while Rev I.W. Fraser was on his Moderatorial tour.
St Stephens Lower Hutt WnP 10.4.1969 to 20.10.1969

Maori Missionar - Rep 1938: At short notice she carried on Mission School at Kawerau 1938,
during absence of Hazell Bruce through illness.
Ruatahuna 1.5.1940  
Matahi Assist 1.2.1941 - resigned 31.8.1945

GRAHAM, Rev Bruce K.                 B.A., B.D.
wife Carol Christina  married 11 September 1976
Theological Hall 1987-1989
Licensed Mosgiel Dunedin Presbytery, 4 March 1990
Ordained St Johns Palmerston North Manawatu Presbytery, 23 March 1990 — resigned  9 September 1993 
Oteramika-Kennington Southland Presbytery, 16 September 1994.
To Australia — Lodged Certificate July 1996
Removed from Roll under Regulation 212, 8 August 2006
Other Recognised Minister, Northern Presbytery, 24 March 2021, Supplementary Provisions Chapter 10 pursuant to the Book of Order Chapter 10.32B, Reinstatement to Ministerial Roll
Inducted additional minister to Clevedon Presbyterian Church, at St Aidans Presbyterian Church, Conifer Grove, Northern Presbytery, 22 December 2022

GRAHAM, Rev Hugh
b 24.4.1891 Paisley Scotland
w. Alice b 1.2.1892 m 20.6.1923  d 17.12.1991
At age 20 he emigrated to Canada; worked on clerical staff of the Canadian Pacific Railway.
At outbreak of World War One he joined the Army Medic Corps,serving in Hospital Camps in
the United Kingdon.  At last Camp he took classes in theology. On returning to Canada he
studied at Edmonton, Alberta, and took theology at Vancouver BC;
Assistant & then Minister in charge in British Columbia;  Ord 1922. 
In 1927 he was about to return to Scotland, but received an invitation to supply at Roxburgh,
& went to NZ, arr 25.2.1928.
Teviot (Roxburgh COP)  (supply from arrival)  Ind 17.5.1928
Mosgiel DnP  30.4.1931
North Invercargill SP 29.3.1939
St Georges Christchurch  ChP 10.12.1946 - retired 8.10.1952
Died 17.8.1971 Christchurch after several years ofill-health

GRAHAM, Rev John
b 4.8.1904 at Omagh, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.
w Mavis Jean b 11.3.1909 m 24.6.1934
His Father and Mother both died when he was young. After working on a relative’s
farm for three years he joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary as a Policeman.
Emigrated to New Zealand in 1926, working briefly for the NZ Railways then as a
Traffic Officer and Pointsman for the Auckland City Council. Felt the call to ministry. 
Student Home Missionary Hunua 1.10.1929 (while attending lectures at Auckland
University College).
HM Waiuku SAP  1935
Ordained  Home Missionary by South Auckland Presbytery 1.10.1935.
Also acted as South Auckland Presbytery Clerk for three years.
HM Taumarunui WkP  1939
HM Kaitaia NP 1946
“Mr Graham was a very self-sufficient man and kept a house cow which he used to
milk and also hives of bees for honey.” – Kaitaia Parish historical notes.
Successfully completed a course arranged by the Theological Hall for older men,
being raised to full Ministerial Status by Assembly Nov 1952.
Hellensville AP 18.2.1953
St Enoch’s, Owairaka AP 6.2.1958
Glen Eden AP 26.9.1963 - retired 31.8.1969 to Titirangi.
For several years in retirement he took services at Victoria Hall, Waterview.
“John will always be remembered as a Preacher, his thoughtful sermons pointing
the way to high ideals, and challenging young and old to commit their ways unto
the Lord. Bit it was in his pastoral work that he excelled. In quiet country areas
and in new housing areas of a busy city, he went from home to home, carrying a
message of comfort to the bereaved, hope to the despondent, and friendship to
the lonely. He won the esteem of all sections of the communities in which he
served, and in the sincerity and consecration, men and women saw his Master.”
(from Obit.)
Died 7 August 2002 at home in Titirangi.

HM Eastbrook WgP  1908

fr Ak - Maori Miss ; Te Whaiti, companion & helper to Miss Tweed 1922-3.

GRANT, Mr Alexander
From the Church of Scotland, came out as Student Missionary in 1877
Appointed to Hutt when Rev Moir asked to be relieved, 1877-79.
No further mention.

GRANT, Rev Alexander
b 18.1.1846,  fr FC in Nth Ronaldshay, Orkney  Is;  7 yrs service in Scot;  Ord 1877;
arr NZ  11.1883 with credentials fr FC
Waipukurau HBP supply since arr 11.1883.
Ind Waipukurau HBP  3.1884
Dannevirke HBP  7.3.1900  ret 30.6.1922
Mod Ass 1914; prominent memb of Hawkes Bay Educ Bd; one of founders of Dannevireke
High School & largely due to his persistent optimism that Iona Coll founded.
‘A strong resolute man, but with the heart of a little child.’
‘The best-known man in Central & Southern Hawkes Bay.’
Died 17.5.1924, aged 78

GRANT, Rev. Carol L. JP               TTC. B Th. PG DipTh
married: R Neil Grant, 20 January 1968
Secondary School Teacher, Industrial Chaplain, Central Otago, Paramedic (NAOTS)
Central Otago Presbytery Clerk, Lay Administrator of the Sacraments, Council of the Assembly.
Co Convenor Communications Committee
Licensed Central Otago Presbytery December 1995.
Ordained Mt. Pleasant/Heathcote/Ferrymead, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, January 1996
Co Convenor Leadership Committee. PCANZ Judicial Commissioner.
Spiritual Director, 1996. Professional Supervisor, 1998. Transitional Minister, 1999
Ministerial and.Judicial Justice of the Peace for New Zealand 2002
Inducted Otaki / Waikanae, Kapiti Coast, Wellington Presbytery, 1 March 2007
Book of Order Advisory Committee
Police Chaplain, Central and Wellington Districts, 2006-2012
Minister Emeritus, Southern Presbytery, 2013
Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand Judicial Commissioner.
Police Chaplain, Southern Police District, 2014
Presbyterian Women of Aotearoa New Zealand United Nations Convenor 2014 -
Presbyterian Women of Aotearoa New Zealand Transition Team 2015.
Presbyterian Women of Aotearoa New Zealand Executive 2016 -
Presbytery Ministry Committee 2017

GRANT, Rev Cornelia
Grew up in a German village; studied at Tübingen University
Methodist Church of New Zealand
husband Rev Stuart Grant
Minister, Ashhurst, Bunnythorpe and Pohangina Parish, and ordained to Dunedin Methodist Circuit
Minister, Kapiti Uniting Church, Wellington Presbytery, 10 February 2011 — retired 31 January 2020

GRANT, Rev David Roy        B.A., B.D., Th.M.(Princeton)
born 19 August 1940 in Rotorua
wife Alison MacArthur married 11 January 1964
Family moved to the Penrith dairy farm, 152 acres, on the Glen Eden River at Matakana, 1942
Matakana School, Warkworth District High School, building apprentice with Roke and Smith
Family moved to South Auckland, 1958, when he was 18 years old, completed apprenticeship in Papatoetoe
Theological Hall 1968-1970
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin, 1970
Ordained Locum Tenens, Mangere, Auckland Auckland Presbytery, 11 March-June 1971 — overseas to Princeton, New Jersey for an academic year, graduating 1972, then served in a parish, New Port Richey, Florida (three months) 
Returned to New Zealand, Fisher and Paykel (three months) putting freezer lids on freezers
Inducted Knox, Feilding, Manawatu Presbytery,  6 February 1973
Parish Development and Mission Consultant, Palmerston North, 22 June 1978, in Manawatu, Hawkes Bay, Wanganui and Taranaki Presbyteries
Parish Development and Mission Consultant, Hamilton, 1 March 1983, in Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Northland Presbyteries
Called to Scots Church, Hamilton, 27 November 1986 — resigned 17 July 1994, to Columba Theological Seminary, Atlanta, Georgia, USA auditing Walter Brueggemann's classes (four months);
and then Micklemass term at Westminster College, Cambridge, England, under Cheshunt Foundation scheme for hosting visiting ministers.
Application for teaching job in Zambia for Alison fell through, went to Italy
Inducted Knox Church, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, October 1995 — resigned 2003
Minister Emeritus 2004
Grant Us Your Peace: Prayers from the Lectionary Psalms published 1998
St Giles parish, Papanui for three months over two years, after Christchurch earthquakes
retired to Snells Beach due to developing polymyalgia rheumatica, writing history of Matakana, the little village over the hill where he grew up
died 4 June 2019 aged 78

GRANT, Rev George
w. (?)
From the Free Church of Scotland
Arrived Akaroa late 1862
Akaroa (supply) ChP   1862
St Pauls Christchurch ChP 20.4.1864, their first Minister - resigned 1868 and left in December
for the United Kingdon in poor health with his wife and four Children in the ‘Matoaka’, but this
ship was evidently lost at sea, as nothing further was ever heard of it. 
St Paul's held a memorial service for the Rev Grant, the Church hung with black, and the service
being conducted by the Rev JD Ferguson. He chose for his text "Today, if ye hear His voice,
harden not your hearts", and preached an eloquent and impressive sermon, many of the
congregation being moved to tears.
‘His ministry left a stamp of evangelicalism on the congregation which it has never lost.’   

GRANT, Mr George
He was a stud miss, as they called a stud who was supplying or in a HM station while he
was studying under the guidance of a neighbouring Min appointed to guide him.
Rep 1880:  This stud has been supplying vacant congs & carrying on his studies under the
WnP since arrival 2 yrs ago.  He is    supervised by Rev J. Moir & has completed his 1st yr
of study.  He will probably take a session under Prof Salmond in Dn. Hutt & district, listed
1879-80 Has there been confusion here with Mr Alexander Grant? They are given only as
A. Grant or G. Grant, & seem to cover the same area (Hutt) at the same time.
Ass 1882 suspended him for 12 mths on a charge of ‘untruthfulness’, but no explanation is
given of its nature or the occasion - simply ‘untruthfulness’ with no further information.
The charge was brought before WnP, but after considerable discussion the Pr made no
decision, but sent it on to Ass as a ‘reference’.  In Ass there was a motion to suspend him
for 12 mths; there was an amendment to suspend him indefinitely; & there was a further
amendment that in view of the publicity it had been given & the suffering it had caused him,
no action be taken.  The motion to suspend him for 12 mths was carried, but there is no
record of the voting. This meant he was unable to preach or serve in a HM station for 12
mths, so he decided to go to Dn to the Hall for 1883 (earlier than he had planned).  He
applied to the Ass in 11.1883 to be reinstated, which was granted. It was reported that G.
Grant went to Edin for study in 1887.  Was this the same man?  No other of that name is
mentioned at that period.  No further mention is made of him..  Did he remain in Scot &
serve his min there? or did he abandon the min?   Was it because people looked askance at
him, or even ostracised him, that he left the country?   Did he feel he could not  continue
his ministry when people silently criticised him, or even openly did so?

GRANT, Rev Gowrie Roderick                M.A.
born 4 February 1931
wife Elizabeth Jean Kessler born 3 July 1935 married 17 October 1959 died 21 August 2015 aged 80 years
Hall 1960-1962
Ordained Kaikohe, Northland Presbytery, 6 December 1962
Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 14 March 1968
Knox Hamilton, 4 March 1976
Birkenhead, North Shore Presbytery, 17 December 1987 
Minister Emeritus 4 February 1994  
died 15 March 2015

GRANT, Rev Ian                B.A.
b 21.1.1914; w Grace Knox b 22.3.1911 m 12.2.1947
Hall 1948-50
Ord Tuakau SAP  12.12.1950
Orakei AP  17.2.1955
Matamata WkP  12.12.1961 Ind 6.2.1962  ret 21.1.1979
Died  5.5.1994.

GRANT, Rev P.H.             B.Mgmt.Studs.
Meth Ch
Taita Union WnP   2.1980

GRANT, Rev S.C.              B.A.,Ll.B.,L.Th.(Hons)
Meth Ch
Greytown Union & Featherston Union WpP  2.1979

GRANT, Rev William     (Chaplain Major 3rd Class, 1st NZEF)
born 27 April 1859 Kirriemuir, Forfarshire, Scotland.
wife Isabella Blair born 11 January 1865 married 5 February 1891 died 5 September 1949
He arrived in New Zealand at age 11 with his family; lived first at Waipukurau then in Napier where he attended Grant’s School. The family returned to Waipukurau where his Father had entered business as a sawmiller. William worked as a clerk, bookkeeper, and subsequently as an accountant. Family later moved to Ormondville.
Reported 1880: he partly supplied Waipukurau, which is worked  under Rev R. Fraser, and pursues his studies with him and Dr Sidey.
Hutt, Wellington Presbytery, Student Preacher, 1882
New Plymouth, Student Preacher, 1883; he was sent because of his  good work in Hutt and he resuscitated New Plymouth which had been a declining cause.
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1884-1885;
To Edinburgh for further study 1886. Studied under Professor Henry Drummond.
St Johns, Wellington - locum tenens 1887
Ordained New Plymouth, Taranaki Presbytery, 7 February 1889
Leeston, Christchurch Presbytery, 1 June 1891
Convener of the Presbyterian Church (Northern) Missions Committee
St Andrew’s, Gisborne, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 24 September 1906
Joined Lodge Abercorn No. 76, Gisborne, 1 October 1907, proposed by Robert Alexander Mitchell, Draper, and Cornelius Griffin, Wesleyan Minister; Junior Warden 1913/1914, elected Senior Warden at the August 1915 meeting in his absence. The Senior Warden's chair was left vacant after his death for 12 months, his photograph was hung over the chair, and remained there for some 70 years.
Chaplain First New Zealand Expeditionary Force although already in his mid-fifties; left New Zealand 1914 - the first Presbyterian Chaplain to volunteer his services for overseas service in World War One. Appointed Senior Chaplain to the Main Expeditionary Force under the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade, with the rank of Chaplain-Major.  By May 1915 he reached Gallipoli, and gave assistance to any soldier who needed it, regardless of rank, or irrespective of whether they were ally or enemy.
A prolific correspondent, writing a series of letters to the Poverty Bay Herald, and to friends and family in New Zealand, giving a clear and concise picture of conditions at the battle front.
“During the last year of his life, his parish was the training camp, the troopship ‘Orari’, the Zeitoun camp in Egypt, and Gallipoli. He met his death in going ‘a little further’ into the enemy trenches, seeking a wounded man. Ministering to the wounded and dying, performing the last offices for the dead, cheering and inspiring our fighting men – thus his last days were passed.” 
Convenor of Northern Presbyterian Church Foreign Missions Committee 1895 to 1901.
He was Brother-in-law of Rev Thomas Smaill and Sister of Mrs Helen Smaill.
Mentioned in dispatches.
"Rendered most efficient service to our church by his devotions to Missionary work in the New Hebrides.
He took a warm interest in all the affairs of the Church at home and abroad. He was endowed with a happy and genial disposition and never failed to secure a ready hearing for the message of the Gospel which he presented with great fervour and clearness. He was a successful, unselfish, cheerful and painstaking Minister and endeared himself to all his brethren and to all the people connected with his various pastorates. His unwearied and heroic services among the soldiers in Hospital and in the firing line were warmly appreciated by all" (From Memorial Minute)
Refer publication “In memoriam – Chaplain-Major William Grant – His Letters From the Front”, 1915.
Killed on Gallipoli  28 August 1915, aged 56 years. During a firefight he had gone searching for wounded New Zealanders. Instead he found a trench full of wounded Turkish troops. He dressed their wounds, and crept forward to the bend of the trench. Suddenly there was a report and the chaplain fell forward. A rattle of rifle shots rang out making it impossible to reach him.
The war diary of Chaplain HL Blamires records that Chaplain Grant's body was recovered with his funeral being attended by a large number of men on Monday the 30th August 1915. His resting place, being "on a little flat in the middle of some foothills about half to three-quarters of a mile from where he fell" and covered by a cairn of stones with a wooden memorial cross. Chaplain Grant is now only commemorated on the New Zealand Memorial at "Hill 60".
A one pound note sent from Cairo on Grant's behalf to the Widows and Orphans fund arrived after his death.
The note was never banked and is held in the Abercorn-Tuahine Masonic Lodge No. 76 archives, along with Rev Grant's accompanying letter.

GRANT, Rev William
b. circa 1838 at Strathspey, Scotland
w. (?)  b.(?)  d. 1909
Went to Canada about 1842. Educated at McGill College, Ontario.
Ordained and served at Vankleek Ontario 1869 – 1879
To Australia :
Ind. Brushgrove (Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia) Aug 1879 – 14.1.1885
To New Zealand :
Arrived Dunedin, Province of Otago March 1885   
He acted as Minister to a group that broke away from First Church Dunedin due to
the introduction of instrumental music into Church Worship.  
Appt. first Minister of the group which later formed Chalmers Church Dunedin.
Held his first service in the Oddfellows Hall Dunedin 22 March 1885.
Believed also to have been a Gaelic Preacher.
Left New Zealand 31 March 1886 due to “The winters of Otago not being suitable to him”.
Returned to Australia :
Ind. Brushgrove (Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia) 1886 – 1888
Ind. Upper Hunter (Aberdeen) 3.5.1888 - retired July 1908
Retired to Sydney NSW.
Died 11.2.1919

GRANT, Rev W. Kerr
From the United Presbyterian Church Scotland
To Otago early 1893 as Probationer
Ord Wanaka 28.3.1894 -  resigned 31.3.1899

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