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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Hope to Hyslop

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HOPE, Rev John W.                M.A.
FC prob fr Scot, late Assist to Ian MacLaren; arr early 1889 on acct health;
took up work at Amberley
Amberley ChP  1889
Ord Lower Hutt WnP 29.4.1890; new Ch opened 1890
Died  29.6.1892

HOPE, Rev Linda Teleo           BA., BTheol (Pastoral Studies)
from a Tokelauan family; in New Zealand since six months old; Sunday School Teacher and Elder, Grey Lynn Presbyterian Church
State Insurance New Business Supervisor for five years
Bachelor of Theology 1991 Otago University; Bachelor of Arts 1993 Otago University
Ordained Khandallah Wellington Presbytery, Assistant/Youth Worker 31 July 1994- appointed extension 7 January 1996
Chaplain and Teacher at St Oran's College, Lower Hutt (concurrent with above position)
Lodged certificate 17 July 1996
Base Chaplain, New Zealand Defence Force, Woodburne 19 February 1997
Senior Base Chaplain, New Zealand Defence Force, Ohakea Wanganui Presbytery 10 May 2001
Base Chaplain, New Zealand Defence Force, Whenuapai Auckland Presbytery 15 March 2005-2007
St James' Auckland Central, Auckland Presbytery, 8 February 2008 to 8 February 2009
studies for Masters of Ministry (MMin) at Otago University 2009
Tokelau and Tuvalu National Community Minister (part-time unpaid voluntary position), Pacific Islanders Synod, Presbyterian Church fo Aotearoa New Zealand 2009
Chaplaincy Co-ordinator, Auckland University of Technology (part time) 2015

Meth Ch
Opunake Co-op TkP  1.1976
Foxton Union MnP  SS  1981

HOPKINS, Rev Jacques Frederick
b 18.11.1920
w Margaret b 21.2.1924 m 31.5.1944
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1957-58 (special course)
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin 27.11.1958
Ord Waiheke Island AP 7.1.1959 - resigned 31.10.1959

HOPKINS, Miss Kathryn Louise                 (Mrs Ed  McDaniel)
b. Matamata.
h. Dr Ed. McDaniel  m. Thailand 26.2.1978   (Dr McDaniel a UPCUSA Missionary Doctor
and Head of the Obstetrics-Gynecological Dept. of McCormick Hospital in Chiang Mai
and also Head of the McCormick Hospital Family Planning Programme.)
Kathryn educated at Matamata College. Holds a NZ Library Association Certificate.
Overseas Worker - through Overseas Volunteer Service Committee of PCNZ.  
She worked under the Church of Christ in Thailand but was supported financially by the
Church in NZ.
A qualified Librarian; to  University, Payup College; offered to go to Theological College
at Ujung Padang, Indonesia end of 1973 for 6 months to catalogue books and to establish
library in form it could be used.
Thailand Theological Seminary, Chiang Mai, Thailand 1974,  returned to NZ 1978, after three
and a half years in Thailand.
Off Staff  28.2.1978
(Refer subsequent entry for Dr E & Mrs KL McDaniel)

PD&M Consultant, 1980 

HOPKIRK, Mr Donald
b. Wellington  w. Thelma Grimes  m. 1957
Educated at Karori West Primary School and Wellington College.
A Sunday School Teacher, Bible Class Leader, Football Coach and qualified Carpenter.
Appt. Missionary Carpenter to New Hebrides (Vanuatu) 22.2.1955
Arrived New Hebrides April 1955
Onesua High School 1955 (Mrs Hopkirk joined him in New Hebrides May 1957) 
Returned to NZ 22.1.1958 & resigned 30.4.1958

HOPKIRK, Mr Robert
Rep 1884:  an evangelist who supplied Riwaka NMP for 6 mths 1883 & was most acceptable.
He res his appt owing to affliction in his family.
Riwaka NMP  1883 & 1885

HORMAN, Mr Ian (Jerry)
Formerly an employee of the Australian Presbyterian Board of Missions in New Hebrides.
Appt as Carpenter to the NZ Presb.New Hebrides Mission.
Commenced 22.9.1958, ceased upon completion of Tongoa Teachers House 14.3.1959

HORN, Mr David Morrison          & Mrs Ruth Nora Horn
b. Utiki 11.9.1922  w. Ruth Nora Horn (Holds a Teachers Certificate)
Educated at Wanganui Primary School.
Missionary Vanuatu 
Appt. Manager of Navota Farm 1.1.1982
Service completed & returned to NZ 17.12.1982

HORNBURG, Rev D. Marianne
Chaplain Waikato Hospital Hamilton  April 1989
Chaplain: Greenlane Hospital (Anglican Appointment) Auckland Presbytery 3 June 1996

HORNER, Rev William Hancock
w. Margaret b. 12.7.1832 Coleraine Ireland d. 7.10.1880 Papanui
See obituary in NZ Christian Record 29.10.1880
Came from Ireland
Arrived in Oamaru on “Hydasper” Oct 1872
recd by Ass 13.12.1872
Saltwater Creek ChP  SS  12.1872
Sefton ChP  11.6.1873 - resigned 18.4.1876
Remuera AP  SS  1876
Papanui Chch 14.3.1878 res 14.7.1881 and returned to  Ireland after his wife’s death. 

HORREX, Rev Philippa Kathryn
husband Glenn Arthur Horrex married 29 February 1996
Bachelor of Arts 1983 Victoria University; Bachelor of Arts with Honours 1984 Victoria University; Doctor of Philosophy 2000 Victoria Unversity
Industrial Chaplain, ITIM Wellington 1984 to 1992; School Counsellor, Feilding 1993 to 1994; Social worker, Palmerston North 1995 to 1998
Community Based Ministry Student 1994-1997
Ordained Assistant Minister (non-stipendary) St Mark's Palmerston North, Manawatu Presbytery 12 December 1997 — resigned 13 July 1998
Stated Supply, St Andrew's Levin, Manawatu Presbytery, 2 July 1998 to 15 December 1998
Stated Supply, St James Wanganui East, Wanganui Presbytery, 15 May 1999 to 31 January
Stated Supply, St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Wanganui Presbytery, 16 February 2000
St Paul's Wanganui, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, June 2000 and St Mark's Wanganui, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery from 2009
Minister emerita, 31 March 2016.

HORTON, Rev Stephen (Steve) G.               L.Th.
Theological Hall 1987-89
Licensed Waihi 20.12.1989
Ordained St James Union Greerton, Tauranga  BPP  5.4.1990
Minister within the Bounds  BOP Oct 1997
Resigned from Ministerial Roll 4 Dec 2004

HORWELL, Very Rev Arthur Dowdall             B.A.
b. 15.11.1898
w. Agnes Mary b. 12.11.1890 m. 21.9.1920 d. 11.9.1980
He was farming near Dacre, Invercargill; then short period in Government Tourist Bureau
Wellington, where he joined St Johns Bible Class; next position in motor transport firm in
Kaikoura; he was more interested in the mechanical side, than in the office.  After marriage
had 2 years at Oxford, Canterbury; then joined the Home Missionary service.
HM Waikiwi Outfields SP 1922
Purakanui DnP 1924 and during time at the  Hall until 1929
Theological Hall 1927-29
Ordained Rangitaiki BPP 12.12.1929
Greymouth WsP 31.8.1939
Chaplain to Military Forces 15.6.1943; after WW2 Chaplain in UK to NZ wounded soldiers and
prisoners of War.
Assistant Director of Missions  4.12.1946
Director of Home Missions 1947
He had great concern for the unemployed, visited Public Works Camps. 
Retired 31.12.1963.
Moderator of  Assembly 1959; Father of Rev A.G. Horwell
Died  15.12.1969 suddenly 

HORWELL, Rev Arthur Graham                  B.A.
b 25.11.1921 at Oxford, NZ.
w Margaret Helen Scott of Riwaka b. Motueka 23.9.1919 m 10.1.1948 Margaret a trained Nurse
who also took training as a teacher.
Graham educated at Purakanui Primary School, Port Chalmers and Edgecumbe Primary Schools,
Takapuna Grammar School and Canterbury University College where he graduated with a B.A. degree.
Commenced work with an accounting firm but felt the call to Ministry.
Theological Hall 1945-47
Appt. as Missionary to New Hebrides 1.12.1947
Licensed by Nelson – Marlborough Presbytery 2.12.1947
Ordained as Missionary to New Hebrides (Vanuatu) by Bay of Plenty Presbytery 10.2.1948
Departed for New Hebrides 25.3.1948 via Sydney, arrived April 1948
Settled on Emae, their district including Makura, Lamenu Island and Epi. Headquarters transferred to
Lamenu at northern tip of Epi.
Elected Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of the New Hebrides 1956
Returned to NZ 16.11.1968
“Own Missionary” of the Bible Class Movement
Appt. Associate Secretary of Overseas Missions Committee 1.2.1969, resigned 30.4.1979
South Urewera BP 12.7.1981
Minister Emeritus 31.12.1986
Awarded the National Medal of Merit in 1998 by the Government of Vanuatu in recognition
of his 21 years’ contribution to the well being of the community and the country’s progress
towards independence.
Son of Rev A.D. Horwell above.
“Graham and Margaret arrived in a country [The New Hebrides] where the war in the Pacific
had left a tribal, primitive and disunited population…. Graham’s first gathering of the
Australian and New Zealand Missionaries and Church leaders in 1948 guided the formation
of the independent Presbyterian Church of the New Hebrides. In hindsight, clearly God’s
leading provided, in Graham Horwell, a new generation of Missionary, not influenced by the
paternalism so common with pre-war missionaries. Here was a man of vision with an urgent
attitude to co-operate with, not only the village folk of the islands in his own district, but
throughout the Group.
Graham’s responsibilities for the Central islands district with its many islands and villages
required him to be away from home for long periods. The small launch ‘Break of Day’ was
the backbone of Graham’s work. Graham loved the sea and came to respect its moods,
learning to live and survive on it. At Christmas 1951 Graham and Margaret found
themselves marooned on their tiny island home of Lamenu spending Christmas Day foraging
along its coast for bits and pieces left from the launch, smashed by the power of the
hurricane which struck on Christmas Eve. The heartache and concern for the family’s safety
and frustration in trying to meet the needs of his people, could well have persuaded a less
determined team than Graham and Margaret to seek another field of service.
[His] most valuable contribution to the merging nation of Vanuatu was his leadership with
the Presbyterian Church of the New Hebrides. His facility with Bislama, the universal
language for the whole country, as well as a couple of the indigenous languages, made him
the obvious spokesperson for the Church with officialdom in the British-French
Condominium – where he was highly respected as an advocate for the New Hebrides people.
Graham had frustrating negotioations with the British Administration in getting Vaemali
Hospital on Epi Island established. That hospital, serving three to four thousand people is
surely a monument to Graham’s concern for the islanders and his determined diplomacy.
On his return to NZ in 1969, Graham was appointed Associate Secretary for the Overseas
Missions Committee. His main responsibility was the South Pacific Churches where he
travelled extensively in the area familiar to him and among the people who were dear to
In retirement at Ohope… he served on Parish Council, led a Home Study Group, conducted
worship services and was a valued pastoral visitor. Graham was also a Trustee of the Ohope
Christian Camp and Treasurer for 15 years.
[Graham] has created a permanent memorial in the history of the Christian Church in Vanuatu
And also in the hearts of the generation with whom they worked and worshipped.
‘Ito, ito, mifala sore tumas’ (Go well, go well. We are all very sorry).
Many in Church and community both on Aotearoa and the Pacific remember Graham with
affection and with love. This kind, loving, resourceful, loyal and determined man has
served his God well, never diverting from what was honest, true and good.” (From Obit.)
Died 3 August 2004 at home in Ohope (suddenly)

HOSKIN, Rev Claude Cannell
b 11.5.1901 Kaiapoi; e Ena Louisa b 4.6.1906 m 8.1.1930
He was HM in Meth Ch & served Wakefield, Timaru, Harwarden; then in Cong Ch at
Devonport, Raglan (Ord at Raglan), Whangarei, Wn;  he was Chmn of Cong Union for
a term in 1941.
Bulls  SS  WgP  1946 - Hall Corresp Course 1950
Tasman NMP (Moutere Hills) 20.1.1953
Picton NMP  20.8.1959 res thr ill-health 31.5.1962 & ret.
Supply in ret.
Died  19.5.1986

HOSKIN, Rev John Willman                 B.A.,B.D.(Toronto)
b 20.5.1918; w Erin May b 11.5.1916 m 10.8.1946
fr United Ch of Canada  -  Ord 1946; served as Miss in India 1946-52; recd by Ass 1963
Opunake TkP 17.12.1963 res 20.8.1964 & returned to Canada.

Meth Ch
St Lukes Masterton  Assoc WpP 2.1975

HOSKING, Rev John S.
Meth Ch
St Johns Raumanga Co-op  NP  1.2.1992

Maori Miss -  nurse
Nuhaka Hosp 21.1.1924-5
‘Many of our Maoris willingly trust their sick to our Hosp because of their trust  in Sr
Beresford & her colleague, Nurse Hotop.’

Ang Ch
Clive-Haumoana Co-op HBP  5.1977

HOWARD, Rev Leslie Allen              B.A., B.D., M.Th.  
w Robyn Hamilton  m 19.9.1964
Theological Hall 1970-2
Ordained Clutha Valley 30.11.1972
Glendowie AP  2.2.1978
Northern Regional Officer, Mission Resource Team Auckland  9.2.1984
Mission Resource Team, Regional Officer 5.1990
St  Giles Mt Roskill  AP  5.8.1993
St.Andrew’s Te Kauwhata SAP Aug 1995
Minister Emeritus Aug 1999
Died 4.1.2012 in Queensland

HOWAT, Rev Bruce Campbell               B.A., B.Theol., Dip.Bus.Admin.
wife: Suraya Helen Dewing, married 20 August 1988
Theological Hall 1987-1989
Licensed Knox, Hamilton, 15 November 1989
Ordained St. Marks, Palmerston North 3 December 1989 - resigned 20 January 1993 -
Lodged Certificate
Minister within Bounds, Auckland Presbytery, 21 December 2006
Other Recognised Minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 6 October 2016
Son of Rev JC Howat

HOWAT, Rev James Campbell
b 29.11.1913
w Agnes Falconer Cleland b 22.8.1921 m 26.2.1941
Attended Whakatane District High School to form 3; formerly a farm worker.
HM Rangitaiki Outfields BPP 20.1.1940
Mangapai 1942, Ord HM 20.10.1942
Hauraki Plains WkP 1946
Ohakune-Raetihi WgP 1948
Mangere AP 1952
David Hogg Memorial Hostel Whakatane, Master & Matron 20.3.1957; raised
to full Ministerial status by the 1963 General Assembly.
Assistant Minister, St Andrews, New Plymouth 9.2.1964
Waihi WkP 15.10.1964
Knox Eltham Co-op TkP 7.2.1974 - retired 15.8.1978 due to ill-health
“Jim was one of that band of Home Missionaries who a generation and more
ago served the Presbyterian Church loyally and courageously, mostly in remote
country places, often in difficult situations with little local support, in manses
that were frequently not up to standard, with minimal training for ministry, and
with constant worries about the financial viablility of the Home Mission station.
Jim went from being a young farm worker, deeply involved in the Presbyterian
Bible Class movement,  to be Home Missionary in the Rangitaiki Outfields Station. 
That was in 1939.  When he and Agnes married, they lived in a bach on a farm –
place that was only half-lined and without facilities. Jim was provided with an
old Ford Beauty car to get around this extensive parish.  In his second Home
Mission Station he had only a bicycle to cover a vast rural area.
In later years he served at Mangapai (Northland), Hauraki Plains,  Ohakune-Raetihi
(later called Waimarino) and Mangere Stations.  From there they went to serve
with the Maori Synod at the David Hogg Memorial Hostel in Whakatane.
Later they moved to Hamilton where Jim worked in a steel factory and did Sunday
supply in many Waikato Parishes. With the help of some of his ministry colleagues,
concerned that there seemed no place for Jim in the ministry, arrangements were
made for him to be assistant to the late Very Rev Stan Read in New Plymouth,
where he was at last recognised as a minister in full standing.   He was called to the
Waihi Parish where he and Agnes spent nine and a half happy years.  His final
appointment before retiring was at Eltham. 
In retirement in Hamilton Jim was in demand for conducting Sunday services and
especially for funerals”(from Obit.)
“I had the the greatest admiration for the work that this conscientious and totally
dedicated if virtually untrained minister put into his work in a difficult and  far-flung
parish.  I particularly admired his love and concern for the people of the parish,
church-goers or not.  He always had a pastor's heart. Most  ministers of our Church
today will not have heard of him. He must be one of the last of that generation of
former Home Missionaries who worked under conditions that no one today would
countenance, and often with minimal support” (Rev L Hampton, 2001).
Father of Rev B Howat.
Died 31st August 2001, aged 87 years.

HOWE, Rev H.
HM Titoki NP 1952,  Ord HM 1952

HOWELL, Rev John Albert               B.A., B.Sc., B.Th.,  Dip. Bus Studies (Massey)
w Alyson Ruth France  m 9.2.1974
Theological Hall 1971-3
Ordained New Lynn AP 30.1.1975 
Upper Hutt Co-op WnP 2..8.1979
St Stephens & St Aidans Lower Hutt WnP 28.11.1985
Resigned 30.4.1993 - to Tauranga where Alyson has appointment.
Minister within the Bounds  BOP
St Paul’s Union Church, Taupo  BPP  2004
Minister Emeritus 2013

HOWELL, Miss Naomi Ida
born Wellington, 21 January 1922
Missionary New Hebrides (Vanuatu) — (Shorthand Typist)
Appointed Secretary-Treasurer of Tangoa Training Institute, Tangoa 15 July 1961 (short-term appointment)
Departed for Tangoa New Hebrides, 7 August 1961 — returned to New Zealand, 27 September 1965
Office Secretary, Overseas Missions Committee Office (Auckland), 18 August 1965 to January 1975
Office Secretary, Joint Interim Board For Mission Overseas (Auckland and Wellington), February 1975 to October 1977
Office Secretary, Joint Board For Mission Overseas (Auckland), November 1977 to July 1984
Session Clerk, Onehunga Presbyterian Church — retired to Te Kuiti
Died 24 January 2020 at Hillview House, Te Kuiti, aged 99 years

HOWES, Rev George Gibson                  M.A.
born 10 May 1879
wife Lilian (Lily) nee Scollay born 8 February 1875 married 21 June 1905 died 11 September 1925 in Christchurch
Master of Arts 1901 Otago University
Theological Hall 1902-1904
Ordained Waikaka, Mataura Presbytery 28 June 1905
Cust Christchurch Presbytery, 12 May 1910 — resigned 1 August 1925
Followed the teaching profession both during his ministry at Cust, and for some years after.
Headmaster, Stillwater School West Coast 1925
Schoolmaster, Elgin School, Ashburton 1933
Received again by Assembly as Minister 13 November 1935; occasional supply;
Brother of Rev W.H. Howes below.
died 1960 aged 81

HOWES, Very Rev William Henry                B.A.
b 6.11.1874 at Dunedin;
w (1) Louise M. b 27.10.1873 m 9.10.1900 d 12.9.1924
w (2) Elizabeth Adam b 23.4.1893 m 4.11.1925 
Theological Hall Dunedin 1895-7
HM Waikawa-Mokoreta 1896-97 (while at Hall)
Ord Pukerau MtP 25.1.1898
Waihola ClP 2.10.1900
Milburn ClP 31.1.1906
Manaia TkP 1.9.1910
Rangiora ChP  4.5.1916
Carterton WpP  10.2.1925
Otautau SP  15.11.1929 - retired 31.3.1938
Moderator of the General Assembly 1937
Moderator of the Synod of Otago & Southland 1936
Convenor of the Bills & Business Committee 1923-30; Clerk TkP 4 yrs; Clerk ChP 6 yrs;
Clerk WpP 5 yrs; Clerk SP 9 yrs; he kept his minute books beautifully –
they were exhibited at Assembly annually as models of how books should be kept. He
compiled ‘Register of Ministers 1840-1940’ of which an abbreviated version is printed at the back
of Elder’s ‘History of the Pres Ch of NZ’ 1940;
Brother of Rev G.G. Howes above.   
Died 7.6.1955 at Invercargill

HOWIE, Dr Alfred Tennyson (Tennie)          M.B.,Ch.B.
b 18.11.1902 at Waikiwi Invercargill;
w Edith Leila b 13.4.1908 m 30.12.1931 d. 2000 (daughter of Rev Mr Seamer, Methodist Church)
Graduated from Medical School at Otago University Dunedin 1930
Set apart as Missionary 17.12.1931
Sailed for China as Medical Missionary 8.1.1932
Spent 1st year in language study; owing to shortage of staff in the Kong Chuen Mission
Hospital he commenced Hospital work in his 2nd year.
Doctor at Kong Chuen Mission Hospital 1933.
Ill-health overtook him (tuberculosis) in 1936 and he was forced to return to NZ.  A few
months at Pembroke (now Wanaka) seemed to help greatly, but there was a sudden change for
the worse in Oct 1936.
He was a scrupulous observer of Chinese etiquette; showed ability as administrator and won
the devoted support of staff.
‘He had an ardent enthusiasm for his work, and it may be said that his zeal consumed him. 
A friendly man, of sensitive nature, he won the affection of all who knew him. By his insight
and tactfulness he won his way with the Chinese people.  His life was one of promise, and
though short, of real achievement.’
Died  4.11.1936 of Tuberculosis at Cromwell Hospital, Central Otago.

HOWIE, Mr Bruce D.
b. at Morrinsville.
Educated at Patetonga Primary School, Papakura Normal School & Pukekohe High School.
Maori Mission -
Appointed Artisan Missionary (Carpenter) 1960 - retired Feb 1961

HOWIE, Dr Beryl Overton      Q.S.O., M.B., Ch.B., D.R.C.O.C., M.R.C.O.G., F.RA.C.S.
b 7. November 1924 at Invercargill.
Educated at Epsom Girls’ School, Auckland University, and Otago University.
Graduated M.B., Ch.B. in 1949, D.R.C.O.C. in March 1953, M.R.C.O.G. in January 1955,
Sat her primary F.R.A.C.S examinations at Auckland in 1964, then sat final in 1970.
House Surgeon in New Zealand for 2 years then seven years Post Graduate work in England (with 5 years at Oxford).
Left Britain for Ludhiana in January 1959.
Ludhiana Medical College Punjab India – In charge of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
Missionary India – Professsor at Ludhiana Medical College. First woman graduate of Otago University to be appointed to a Chair. At request of the Ludhiana Medical College, support for her was undertaken by the Missions Committee from 1 August 1963 (along with Sr Jean Hanning). Learned Punjabi while at the Medical College. The local newspaper described her as "the most trusted and sought after gynaecologist". Only expat on staff after 1971.
“Own Missionary” of Mount Eden Church, Auckland.
Left India 20 October.1980. Returned to New Zealand via Great Britain, 18 October 1980.
Honoured with the and deputation work, completed Mission service, 30 May 1982.
Medical Advisor in the International Office of the Bible and Missionary Fellowship, 1984, later Interserve.
Honorary Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, 1984
Retired 1990. Visited Ludhiana 2001.
Died late 2012.

HOWIE, Very Rev Robert John  (Bob)                  B.A.(Syd)
b 3.1.1892 at Mt Kembla, New South Wales, Australia.
w Elsie Myra b 4.11.1893 m 23.11.1918
Educated at the University of Sydney.
Welfare Officer with the Royal Air Force in Palestine
He was trained in Sydney, a fellow student with Rev  J.R. Blanchard;
Ordained Corowa (Presb. Church of New South Wales) 1919
Orange, NSW 1921
To New Zealand : 
St Andrews Wellington  WnP  16.9.1926
Returned to Australia :
Malvern (Presb. Church of Victoria) 20.4.1934
Convener of the Theological Education Committee
Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria 1949
Died 13 June 1949

HOWLEY, Rev Andrew            B.Theol. (Otago)
from Christchurch, Canterbury, mother was a Sunday School teacher
wife Rosalie Evans, rural doctor and medical advisor for National Assessment Committee, married 14 April 2018
drifted away and reconnected to the church through friends from the Salvation Army and Sunday School
apprentice painter and decorator
Community and Families ministry, Salvation Army
Children and Youth Worker with 120 intermediate-aged children, St Margarets Bishopdale, Christchurch
Applied to National Assessment, 2012
Intern, St Philips Grants Braes Waverley, Dunedin, 2013
Licensed Southern Presbytery, 1 December 2014
Ordained Minister (Part-time), Alexandra Clyde Lauder, Southern Presbytery, 4 February 2015, (Full-time) February 2016

HOY, Mr Eric Raymond
b. 25.4.1923 at Wellington
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)
HM Taupo BPP 21.8.1953  res 1955

HUBBARD, Rev John             M.A.,B.D.(Melb)
b 30.1.1900
w Annie Alexandra b 6.4.1901 m 5.2.1930 d 7.1.1980
Theological Hall 1922-24
Licensed by Oamaru Presbytery 4.11.1924
Ord Drury-Bombay SAP 5.3.1925
Kelburn Wellington WnP  27.2.1930
St Andrews, Palmerston North 27.6.1934 - retired 4.10.1965
New Church built in mid 1950s; interested in liturgical renewal; member of Rotary,
later President; member of the High School Board.
“That a Minister has been able to retain the whole-hearted respect , love and support
of his people, speaks for the calibre of the man and his devotion to the service of our
Master.” (From St. Andrew’s Minute of Appreciation)
Died 30.6.1987, aged 87 

HUCKER, Rev Bruce Mervyn           B.A., M.A., B.D., Ph.D.
w Judith Ann  m 16.1.1965
Theological Hall 1966-8
Ordained Associate Minister St James Auckland 12.6.1973
Auckland Maori Pastorate 20.7.1978
Auckland city councillor since 1986, and member of the national council of the Labour Party
Lodged Certificate Feb 1995
Deputy mayor, 1998-2001; senior lecturer, Auckland University planning department

HUDSON-OWEN, Rev  Sandra May       B.A.,B.Th.    (Refer entry for Rev. SM Warner)
h Anthony Craig Campbell m 16.8.1986 (Divorced 15 Dec 1989) 
Theological Hall 1984-86
Ordained St Giles Mt Roskill Auckland AP 4.12.1986
(refer later entry under Rev SM Warner for subsequent details)

HUGHES, Rev Dr Graham Robert          M.A.,B.D.,Ph.D.(Cant)
wife (1) Mary Vanita married 6 February 1964
wife (2) Judith, a minister of the Uniting Church of Australia, married 1994 died 2002 to breast cancer
wife (3) Donika born Albania, German citizen married 2003 in Australia retired 2010
Hall 1964-1966
In United Kingdom, three and a half years
Ordained Waikaka Valley, Mataura Presbytery, 28 May 1971 — resigned 31 January 1976 back at Knox College
Lecturer New Testament, United Theological College, Sydney, New South Wales, 1 June 1977 (name changed to Centre for Ministry, 1987) for twenty five years
Lecturer in Liturgy and Preaching, and New Testament scholar — retired in 2002
Resident in Leura, Blue Mountains, near Sydney, and Mainz, Germany
Died 16 February 2015 after a long illness with cancer

HUGHES, Rev G. Trevor
Born Wales; had pastorates in NSW before coming to NZ, finally Barry NSW, then to -
Waihi WkP  22.6.1944 res 31.3.1950 thr ill-health, & returned to Aust.
Died  12.1954 in Australia

HUGHES, Rev Herbert Bomford       M.A.,B.D.(McMaster, Toronto)
b 13.12.1880 Dunedin
w Ruby May b 30.9.1888 m 28.1.1914 d 2.10.1981
Theological Hall Dunedin 1907-9 as Baptist student
Ord in Baptist Church 7.2.1910; served in several Baptist Chrches then went to
Canada to McMaster University, Toronto. 
Returned to NZ and Received by the PCNZ.
Ind Port Ahuriri HBP 11.2.1927
Te Aroha WkP  28.8.1929
Thames WkP 28.6.1934
Otahuhu AP 28.11.1940 - retired 28.11.1948
Died 19.9.1968 Ak, aged 87

HUGHES, Miss Ngaire
Overseas Worker  PNG
Ukarumpa PNG 1972, member of Wycliffe Bible Translators team. 

HUGHES, Rev Percy Gladstone             B.A. (Wales)
b 28.7.1879;
w (1) Elizabeth Davies  died of tuberculosis in Sydney on their way from Wales to New Zealand, 1921. 
w (2) Grace Leitch Johnston b 18 May 1895 m 19 June 1922 d 18 June 1978
He was trained in Wales.
Ordained by Presbytery of Anglesey, 1915.
Influenced by Dr Gibb to come to New Zealand.
Chalmers, Timaru, South Canterbury Presbytery, 16 June 1921 - resigned 2 May 1933 and went on trip to United Kingdom.
St Andrews, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 21 February 1935
St Johns, Wellington, Wellington Presbytery, 21 November 1940 - retired 11 October 1947 - and lived in Stokes Valley Wellington.
‘To his work in Presbytery and Assembly .... he gave unsparingly of his time, his energy and gifts of heart and mind.  Independent
in judgement, and eloquent in maintaining his stand on questions at issue, he still found grace to walk humbly before God and his
fellowmen. He counted the making of another friend a dearer prize than the winning of another vote.’
Died 2 January 1950 at Timaru

HUIE-JOLLY, Rev Mrs Mary Rebecca         B.A.(Hons), M.Div., PhD., Th.M.
h Morrison, Jolly   m 15.8.1971
From Georgia USA
Oreti SP  SS 1.12.1987
Inducted Oreti SP 16.10.1988 - resigned 3.9.1989 and left NZ
Lecturer in Biblical Studies, School of Ministry, Knox College, Dunedin Feb 1997 
Lodged Certificate
Other Recognised Minister, Southern Presbytery 21 January 2014

HUMBLE, Rev Walter
b 24.9.1894  England
w Alice Raine b 26.8.1896 m 14.2.1927
Formerly an Engineer. Attended Night School for 3 years and 2 years at the Bible
Training Institute, Glasgow. Undertook Home Missionary work for the Presbyterian
Church of Victoria in Australia for 2 years.
HM Dargaville NP 1926
Tasman NMP  1927
Granity WsP 1929,  Ord HM 24.7.1930
Arrowtown COP  1931
Orepuki SP  1935
Stewart Island  SP 1938
Pukemiro WkP 1940
Ormond Gisborne 1946
St Johns, Hastings 1947
Kati Kati
Taneatua BPP 1948
Tokomaru Bay GP 3.1952 res 1955 & wthd.
Stewart Is SP  SS 1960

HUME, Rev Fergus Allan                B.A.
b 4 October 1912, Takaka, Nelson
w Annie Bell b 8 July 1915 m 16 December 1944  
Bachelor of Arts, University of Otago
Hall, 1941-1943
Ordained Lumsden, Southland Presbytery, 28 January 1944
Southbridge, Christchurch Presbytery, 1 March 1951
Opotiki, Bay of Plenty Presbytery  2 February 1956
St Peters, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 28 January 1965
Minister Emeritus, 31 October 1977
Founded Get Smart Tauranga, formerly known as Drug Arm, with Pastor Russell Turner, 1991
Well known for a wicked sense of humour, suggested locating new brothels opposite the homes of
politicians who supported decriminalising prostitution, 2001
Chaplain at Hodgson House, Tauranga, for about 20 years after his retirement, resident for 5 years
Avid rugby fan, tennis player, and life member of Tauranga IHC
Died Thursday 21 May 2015, aged 102

HUME, Rev William Roger
born 12 July 1865 unmarried.
He grew up in Edinburgh; studied at Edinburgh University then Theological studies at New College Edinburgh; came to New Zealand as Probationer in 1917.
Ordained Oteramika, Southland Presbytery 22 February 1917
Clutha-Warepa, Clutha Presbytery, 10 July 1919 — Died in office 1932.
When at College he devoted much time to Hebrew and Old Testament studies, and kept this knowledge in his ministry; for several years he was Exit Examiner in Old Testament.
Clerk of Clutha Presbytery
Moderator Designate of the Synod of Otago and Soputhland at time of his death. 
Died 3 March 1932 in his sleep at Timaru, on his way home to Toiro, near Balclutha, after attending the 1932 Presbyterian Church General Assembly.

from St Giles Presbyterian, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
husband: Paul, South Island camps consultant, Scripture Union
Calvin Centre, Georgia, USA, 2001
Felt the call to ministry and entered Columbia Theological Seminary, Georgia
Outreach and children's ministry, Georgia
Community children's worker, St Ninians, Blenheim, 2012-2014
Pastor, Oakdale United Presbyterian Church, Pennsylvania, USA
Kids Friendly coach (part-time), Christchurch, Alpine Presbytery July 2017; director, Children and Families Ministry 2020 — left 10 April 2023
Beckenham Methodist Church, Christchurch, April 2023

HUNGER,  Rev Walter Christian
b 24.2.1911
w Rita Mary b 28.10.1909 m 3.8.1932
Rep 1962: Com, intereviewed him, a farmer in Taranaki, 50 yrs old; recommended he be
admitted to Hall for 2 yr course.
Hall 1963-4
Ord Maheno-Incholme NOP  18.2.1965
Assoc St Johns Hawera TkP 20.6.1968
Mahurangi (Warkworth NSP) 2.3.1972
Minister Emeritus 15.7.1976
Assistant Minister St Andrews New Plymouth 1981-83 in retirement.
Died 19.6.2012 at New Plymouth, aged 101.

HUNIA, Rev Paora Paatu
Licensed Te Aka Puaho 24 February 2007
Ordained and inducted Amorangi Ministry Putauaki Maori Pastorate, Te Aka Puaho 10 March 2007 — removed from Roll 15 March 2014

HUNKIN, Rev Graeme John
Nuhaka/Wairoa Maori Pastorate (Amorangi) Maori Synod  Nov 1997 
Died 15 June 2014 buried Te Mimi o Te Hiki urupa

HM Huntly WkP 1912

HUNT, Rev Archibald Ernest
b 24.9.1861 St Heliers Jersey, Channel Is;
w Leonora Beatrice b 15.8.1880 m 5.1.1920 d 26.6.1955 (He evidently had 1st wife also).
He had theol training at Hackney Theol Coll (affiliated with London Univ).   Ord 26.4.1887; 
app by LMS to Port Moresby, New Guinea as Miss 1887; in 1890 app for 5 yrs to Samoa,
where he was a friend of R.L. Stevenson; in 1895 he returned to Port Moresby for 7 yrs; in
1902 his wife’s health compelled them to leave PNG, & they came to NZ.  He was in charge
of Cong Ch Timaru for 11 yrs; then Cambridge Tce Cong Ch Wn for 8 yrs; he was Chmn of
Cong Union 1911;  Ass recd him as Min of PCNZ on 18.11.1921.
Ind Ormond Gisborne 5.4.1923
Takapau HBP 29.5.1924
Johnsonville WnP 8.5.1930  ret 31.10.1933
Died 27.10.1943

HUNT, Rev George Leland
w Loretta  Louise  m 20.6.1964
USA theol stud.
Cobden-Runanga WsP Acting Supply 22.6.1966 res 7.1967 & returned to USA

HUNT, Rev George William              Dip.Soc.Sci.
b 11.8.1881 Dunedin
w Roberta b 1.9.1884 m 14.4.1915 pre-deceased him.
He was first a grocery assistant.
HM Ross WsP 1903-05 (included Woodstock, Kokatahi, Bluespur). 
Wanaka & Hawea COP 1906 - res, then applied to be recd again 1909.
Glenomaru ClP 1909
Catlins area ClP 1910
Theological Hall 1912-14
Ord Lower Waitaki (Peebles) 17.12.1914 
Maheno NOP 13.5.1920
Upper Hutt WnP 16.3,1928
Miramar WnP  18.10.1938  ret 31.3.1947
While in Wellington charges (last 2) he gave valuable help in prisons, Wi Tako,
Mt Crawford, for 18 years;  after retirement he gave valuable assistance at Titahi
Bay Wellington;  they lost a son in World War Two and a daughter died in adulthood;
Brother of Rev L.H. Hunt below.
Died 2.8.1959

HUNT, Miss H.
Maori Miss
Tokaanu Assist 1.2.1955 res 31.1.1956

HUNT, Rev John Burton              B.A., L.Th., Dip Couns., TC.
born 2 September 1945 at Timaru
wife Lesley Margaret married 24 May 1969
Educated at Timaru Boy's High School and Otago University.
His faith was nourished at Chalmers Presbyterian Church Timaru under the ministry of the Rev Ed Farr and the Rev Walter Hendrie.
He felt the call to Ministry at a young age.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1969 - 1971
Worked for one year as a Teacher in London.
Ordained Te Kuiti Waikato Presbytery 17 May 1973
St Giles Papanui Christchurch 29 February 1981 — resigned 2011
died 2 January 2024 at Cashmere View Hospital Christchurch aged 78

HUNT, Rev Leonard Henry (Len)
b 3.8.1882 Dunedin
w Mary E. b 27.8.1897 m 27.8.1918 [div]
He was first an engineering apprentice.
Theological Hall 1912-14
Licensed by Dunedin Presbytery Jul 1914
Ord Marton WgP  3.10.1916 
Mt Eden Auckland AP  7.7.1921
Karori Wellington WnP  6.10.1932 - retired 3.7.1936 due to ill-health
Brother of Rev G.W. Hunt above.
Died 22.11.1945

HUNT, Rev P. Anne
Meth Ch  -  Deacon
Hillcrest Co-op WkP  2.1987,  term completed 30.11.1990

HUNT, Mrs E.J.         see              Melrose, Ada

HUNTER, Andrina
Local Ministry Team, Pukerau Waikaka, Southland Presbytery, 2009-

HUNTER, Rev George Paterson              M.A.
Born Galloway district, Scot; studied Edin Univ, arts & theol for Min in CS; came to NZ
in middle life, as prob.  Recd by OSyn 31.10.1887
Ord Cromwell COP 3.10.1888 res 5.10.1890
Amberley ChP 1894, under Ch Ex Com; ret 1926 to Ida Valley, till extreme infirmity
compelled his removal to Dn where he died.
‘A homely man with conservative leanings, a vigorous preacher.'
Died 10.8.1928 Dn, aged 90  

HUNTER, Rev Ian Gilliert
Ord Edendale MtP 24.11.1987

Maori Miss, app Hon Assist Maori Boys Training Farm Te Whaiti 1.3.1943

HUNTER, Rev James Thomas (Jim)               BA., L.Th., Dip Min.
w Nargaret Joan nee Melrose  m 27.8.1960
He had taken considerable part in assisting with Maori Mission work in Rotorua district.
Ordained Rotorua Maori (Amorangi)  1.12.1981
TheologicalHall 1985-86
Knox-St Marks Wanganui 13.11.1986 - appointment terminated on amalgamation of both
parishes - resigned                
Associate of WgP 1.1.1991
Kaikoura NMP 9.7.1991
Minister Emeritus Jun 2000
Died 14 August 2013

HUNTER, Rev Murray             B.D.
fr Pres Ch USA,  recd by Ass 28.11.1928.   No further mention.

HUNTER, Rev R.C..                M.A.
fr CS Scot, recd 1914 with 1 yr probation
Denniston WsP  1914
Queenstown COP 22.8.1917  res 14.7.1919

HUNTER, Rev Samuel Fowler       M.A.(Glas),D.D.(Melb),D.D.(Glas)
b 2.7.1880 Glas; w Marguerite b 18.3.1890 m 22.5.1912 d 5.12.1948
His family emigrated to Queensland where he was educated, & he became a teacher.  He
returned to Glas Univ in 1903 & grad MA; then to FC Coll Glas.  He went back to Qld Aust
& was ord at Ipswich 1911.  He was app 1st Lecturer in OT at Emmanuel Coll Brisbane,
when it began.
Ind St Pauls Oamaru 1915
Essendon Vict Aust  12.6.1923
Prof of OT Studies Hall Dn  Ind 12.3.1929  ret 31.12.1946
He served on NZ Alliance (anti-liquor); NZ Leper Trust Bd; Dn Art Gallery.
Died 6.10.1963

HURRICKS, Rev Peter B.
Ang Ch
Mackenzie Co-op SCP  7.1983 res  9.1987

HUSTON, Rev Archie John            B.A.
b 28.6.1902
w Janet Isabella b 6.5.1906 m 31.12.1930 d 3.3.1983
Grew up at Kakaramea in South Taranaki. Trained as a Teacher.
Bible Class Movement Travelling Secretary 1939
Extra-mural Theological Hall studies 1942 then at Hall 1943-44
Licensed by Wanganui Presbytery 5.12.1944
Ordained Assembly Youth Agent by Wanganui Presbytery 21.2.1945
Otahuhu AP  16.3.1949
Christian Education Dept Christchurch, staff 20.2.1958
Associate Minister North Invercargill  SP 31.1.1963
Waikouaiti  DnP  25.10.1967 - retired 31.7.1970
“These ten years [1939 to 1949] represented an outstanding contribution to the
life of the Presbyterian Church and its youth work. It was a life in which he was
constantly on the move – and it was one which was accepted willingly by Archie
and supported warmly by his wife, Janet. It is not an exaggeration to say that
throughout the Presbyterian Church in this country the name of Archie Huston
was a household one in that era.
In his Parish ministries and in his life as a whole he will be remembered in many
ways. There was his personal faith which he shared with others, simply and
naturally. There was his commitment to Christian nurture and education. There
was the rare quality of his sense of humour. Their was his love of people and the
importance he attached to friendship and caring. There was that special and
infectious love of music.” (from Obit.)
Died 31 May 1994

HM Waikawa & Mokoreta MtP 1906, wthd to study for matric.
Assistant Tamaki/Otahuhu/Howick 12.1906-3.1908
Plimmerton WnP 1908
Cheviot ChP  1909

HUTCHINSON, Rev John Glen          L.Th.           
b. Australia
w. Robyn Kathleen Hutchinson  m. (?)  (Holds a General Primary Teachers’ certificate &
a Diploma of Multi Cultural Education). 
Licentiate of Advertising 1957-58, Certificate of Extra Mural Theology 1963-69,
Licentiate of Theology.
Hospital Chaplaincy Course 1969
Ecumenical Institute Chicago 1970
Missionary Indonesia – appointed 1.11.1981
Medan, North Sumatra Indonesia (Educ & Development Ministries) 1982 (at Namorambe, 22 km fr Medan).

HUTCHISON, Rev Jack Keith           &  Mrs Beverly
b. 6.9.1921 at Merridin, West Australia   m. (?)   w. Beverly Muriel Hutchinson, b. 25.9.1927
From Geraldton, West Aust. Educated at Northam High School. Holds a West Australian
Teachers Certificate.
Licensed 18.3.1951
Missionary - New Hebrides (Vanuatu) - Onesua High School, 1st Assist Teacher appt. 17.10.1960
Arrived New hebrides Nov 1960
Resigned from 7.3.1964 and returned to Australia.

(one report names him as Rev M Hutchison)
Church of Scotland as an Ordinand ?
To Australia —
Admitted to the Presbyterian Church of Queensland 25 April 1893
Goodna (supply) — disjoined 19 September 1893
To New Zealand —
Brunnerton Westland Presbytery (supply) 1893 and part of 1894
died 28 July 1901 at Brunner aged 92 years.

HUTCHISON, Rev William Ramsey
b 12.9.1879 Coimbatore India;
w (1) Margaret E.H. b 30.7.1880 m 30.1.1913  d  2.1950 
w (2) m in ret; no information.
His Father was a Miss with LMS in Coimbatore, India.  From an early age he lived in Aust,
when his Father  was a Pres Min in Sydney, & then in Cootamundra.  He began work in the
Union Bank of Aust at Cootamundra; then Ak; Palmerston Nth.  As stud he was HM at -
HM Foxton MnP  1904
Ashburton Outfields  1905
Purakanui DnP  1907
Hall Dn 1910-2
Ord Maraekakaho HBP  8.1.1913 res 31.3.1916
Chap NZEF  31.3.1916 to 28.5.1919, in Egypt & France.
Kaikorai DnP 18.9.1919
Rangiora ChP  2.7.1925
Waipukurau HBP 6.7.1933   ret 7.4.1939 ill-health
Died 1.3.1959

HUTSON, Rev Benjamin
b 3.12.1854 Sussex England
w predeceased him - no other information.
He left school at 10; went to work and attended night classes. At 16 he went to sea on a collier,
and about 2 years later ( late 1872) he landed at Port Chalmers. Having mislaid his purse on the
vessel, he landed as a penniless stranger. Worked in the Otago area for the next 8 years. 
Decided to study for Ministry at Otago University and the Theologival Hall. In 1883 he was
obliged to move North for his health.
He became a student preacher at Helensville, where he completed his studies.
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 6 June 1884
Ordained Waikato West (Te Awamutu) 16.10.1884
Whangarei NP 29.6.1887
Ravensbourne DnP 29.4.1890 (one record states 27 May 1890)
Reefton WsP 22.9.1891
Stratford TkP 5.3.1895
Fordell WgP  1905
Brooklyn WnP  14.9.1909  ret 16.10.1922
Granity WsP 1923 res 1924
Picton NMP  1926 
Napier Sth  1928
‘He was an evangelical preacher, a faithful worker, a strong advocate of temperance, and a
keen debater.’  He published several booklets presenting religious issues in a popular way.
Died 1.1.1941 at Northcote

HUTTON, Miss Mary
Maori Miss
Maungapohatu 1.2.1940 res 31.8.1940 ill-health.

HYUN, Rev Soon-Myung
From Korean Presbyterian Church
North Shore Korean Church  (on secondment) NSP  Jun 2001 

HYSLOP, Rev Ian Gilbert          B.Ed., Dip.Tchg., B.D.
w Jacinta Frances Tanner  m 19 May 1989
Grew up in Mosgiel, primary school teacher in Mount Maunganui and Invercargill, felt called by God to
train for ministry in mid 20s through prayer and reading scripture
Theological Hall 1985-1987, in the Mosgiel-North Taieri parish during John Brook's ministry while at the Theological Hall
Ordained Edendale, Mataura Presbytery,  24 November 1987, for eight years
St. Andrew’s Co-operating Parish, Geraldine South Canterbury Presbytery, March 1996-8 November 2015
Board of Trustees, Carew Peel Forest, and Geraldine High School; Board of Governance, Presbyterian
Support South Canterbury
Upper Clutha Presbyterian Parish, Wanaka

HYSLOP, Rev John Robert              B.A., B.D.
b. Khandallah, Wellington 27.4.1928
w. Lois Jean Bishop b. Levin 12.8.1923  m. 4.2.1956 in Salvation Army Hall, Levin, d.2004
(Lois Bishop educated at Wellington South and Ohau Primary Schools, Levin District High School,
Horowhenua College, Vistoria & Otago Universities. A Songster then Envoy for the Dunedin Fortress
Corps of the Salvation Army. Lived at the Deaconess College for three years while she studied at
Knox College in Dunedin for her B.D. Degree. Also holds an M.A. degree and a Diploma of Education.
She remained a member of the Salvation Army)
John educated at Marlborough College Blenheim. Worked in the Public Trust Office in Blenheim and
then in Tauranga. Became involved in the Youth for Christ Movement in Tauranga. Decided to become
a Missionary which first involved six years of study at Victoria and Otago Universities and at the
Theological Hall.  He supported himself during this time by working in the freezing works and as a milkman.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1953-55
One year’s travelling scholarship to study anthropology at Sydney University 1956 in preparation for
work in New Hebrides.
Appointed as Presbyterian Missionary to Tongoa, New Hebrides 1.1.1957
Ordained as Missionary to New Hebrides (Vanuatu) by Presbytery of Wellington 7.3.1957
Tongoa, New Hebrides 1957
Mission Service terminated 30.4.1967
St Andrews Blenheim 31.8.1967 - resigned 31.8.1968 and withdrew.        
Remained Associate of Wellington Presbytery.
Probation Officer, Wellington 1968 to 1974
Department of Health, Research and Management Unit 1974 to 1986
Retired to Levin 1987. Shared in the Salvation Army activities and did voluntary work as Secretary/Treasurer
to several organisations.
Minister Emeritus 29.9.1988
Died at Palmerston North 10 June 1999

HYSLOP, Mrs Lois Jean             nee Bishop
b 12.8.1923
Theological Hall Bachelor of Divinity student 1953-55; post-graduate study in Sydney;
married Rev J.R. Hyslop above and served on Tongoa in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu).
Chaplain for the National Executive of the APW 2000-2003
Died 2004

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