Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

McLeod to McWilliam

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McLEOD, Rev D. Ian
Meth Ch
Inglewood Union TkP  2.1975
Motueka-Riwaka Uniting NMP  2.1981 

MACLEOD, Rev Duncan W.                      BA., BD.
b. Winton 22.02.1962
w. Ennis Anne Roche  m. 31.8.85
Youth Director North Invercargill Presb. Church  SP  1984-1985
Theological Hall 1989-91
Licensed  Winton SP 15.12.1991
Ordained St Marks Tokoroa WkP  31.1.1992
National Youth Ministry Co-Ordinator 12.9.1994 - resigned 31.1.2001
Lodged Certificate Jan 2001
Transferred to Uniting Church in Australia, 1.2.2001
Minister at Robina-Surfers Paradise Uniting Church Australia

McLEOD, Rev Dr. John             M.D.; D.D.
b. 1844 in the Highlands of Scotland
w.(1) Mary Manson née Ewing (a widow) m. 13 July 1872 at Sydney, NSW, Australia
w. (2) Mary E. Cameron m. 8 May 1889 at St Louis, Missouri, United States of America.
To New Zealand :
Came to Napier when still in his teens, taking up a share in a sheep run with a relative. After growing
tired of sheep farming he sold his share some time later.
To Australia :
Moved to Melbourne Australia, attending a Scotch Church and taught in the Sunday School.
Studied at the University of Melbourne and the Theological Hall of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.
To New South Wales c.1868
To Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia, Licensed 6.11.1868
Supply on Hastings River 1869,
Ordained but not inducted by the Synod of Eastern Australia at Grafton 12.11.1869
Admitted as Minister at Grafton early 1870 following call - Resigned July 1872
Married a "widow of means" 1872.
To Presbyterian Church of New South Wales : admitted without charge
To USA and Canada 1872 :
Studied medicine for four years at Montreal.
To Scotland :
Received into the Free Church of Scotland 1878
Inducted Tiree (Free Church of Scotland) 1878-80 - resigned after his health broke down.
[Dr McLeod himself stated that he served in a Free Church Parish in Glasgow for 3 years, being succeeded
by the Rev. Prof. Drummond - this information appears to be spurious]
Travelled round the Highlands of Scotland for some time, preaching in Gaelic and English.
Returned to Canada 1880 : [?]
To New Zealand :
Ind Devonport Auckland AP 20.7.1882 - Resigned 27.2.1883 due to a difference with the congregation.
Set up a medical practise in Auckland.
To Australia :
Set up a medical practise at Woolahra, Sydney circa 1887.
Opened a Church in the neighbourhood and "laboured" there for some time. Left suddenly with a serious
legal charge brought against him, a warrant being issued for his arrest. This warrant was finally executed at
Napier in 1890.
To New Zealand :
In Dunedin at one stage, "where he preached medicine and expounded in the Queen's Theatre on Sunday
Preached at Newton Presbyterian Church, Wellington WnP c. 1888
To United States of America c.1889 :
While still legally married to his first wife he married Miss Mary Cameron of St Louis whom he deserted some
6 months later.
To New Zealand :
Surgeon Superintendent of the Totara District Hospital, West Coast of the South Island.
Set up a Medical practice in Napier in early 1890.
Charged with bigamy (plus another very serious charge) at Napier April 1890, the family of his first wife having
made strenuous efforts to investigate the matter after suspicions had been aroused.
Formally charged and found guilty of bigamy at Sydney Australia 29 May 1890
A Decree of Divorce was granted to his legal wife 1890
d. (?)
[NB : This information has been pieced together from a number of sources however information and dates
occasionally conflict]

McLEOD, Rev John Gordon
b (?)
w Nellie Naomi b 13.9.1876  m(?)  d 17.8.1963
He grew up in Dunedin, attending Knox Church.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1898-1900
Student Supply at Hindon  CoP 1898-1900
Ordained Pukerau MtP 28.1.1901
Weston-Totara NOP  8.1903, resigned 12.1905 through Weston being  raised to a fully sanctioned charge.
Cromwell COP  20.2.1906 - resigned 11.10.1908 
“cut off in his prime.”
Died 26.9.1910 in office

McLEOD, Rev Norman             M.A.
b 29.9.1780 Stoer Point, Assynt, Sutherlandshire;
w Mary nee McLeod, a friend of his youth b -  m c 1816  d -
He entered Aberdeen Univ, was a brilliant stud, grad MA; went to Edin Univ (CS) for theol;
won a gold medal for moral philosophy; had marked independence of thought, & was openly
critical of his Profs & the CS; he was rusticated in his final term (& so could not be lic or ord
or ind).  He returned to his home parish, & preached there without authority, as he was not
associated with the CS in any way.  The cong  disapproved of their regular Min, & McLeod
soon had a strong body of people attending his (private) services. In 1815 he opened a parish
school ar Ullapool, receiving his salary from the SPCK.  The local CS Min led a conflict that
arose against McLeod, which resulted in the SPCK reducing their grant to half his salary only.
McLeod cut himself off from the CS, & finally proclaimed his own brand of Calvinism.  He
married & found that his half salary was insufficient to live on. Seeing no prospect of earning
a living in Scot he joined in 1817 a large party of 400 Highlanders who sailed who sailed on
14.7.1817 to settle in Pictou, Nova Scotia.  He held family prayers every day on the ship &
by the time they landed he was accepted as their Min & leader.  2 yrs later his family joined
him. In 1819 they accepted an invitation from a Highland colony in Ohio to join them, & they
laid the keel for the ‘Ark’, planning to sail up the Mississippi to Ohio,  They sailed, but
encountered a heavy storm which blew them off course completely; they eventually returned
to Cape Breton Is in Nova Scotia, & settled at St Anns Bay.  Shortly afterwards the Ark was
lost at sea.
In 1825 McLeod spent a yr in New York in Miss work, while he prepared himself for ord. He
was ord on 29.8.1826 by Pr of Genesee (NY area).  He returned to St Anns in his old position
of preacher, teacher, law-giver; he was  app Govt schoolmaster, & a JP.  McLeod’s
independent views brought him into controversy & litigation.  His supporters had to meet
heavy damages; serious defection followed. In 1847 he received a letter from Aust advising
him to go to Sth Aust, which sounded particularly attractive in the light of the potato blight
which had struck their crops.  In 1851 the ‘Highland Lass’ & the ‘Margaret’ were launched.
300 settlers embarked & they sailed for Aust.   The Highland Lass became frozen in &
crushed, so all had to go on the Margaret.  They arrived in Adelaide, but were not satisfied
with conditions there.  McLeod negotiated with the NZ Govt for a large block of land at
Waipu - 47,600 acres.  The first party (123 persons) arr at Ak on board  the ‘Gazelle’ on
17.9.1853; the 2nd group, including McLeod & family, arr in Manukau Harbour on the
Gazelle on 26.1.1854.  Services were begun immediately in a hall in Symonds St, Ak. 
This was the 2nd Pres cong in theProvince.
The settlers landed at Waipu on 1.9.1854.  Altogether 6 ships, built, owned. mavigated, &
provisioned by the migrants came from Nova Scotia.   (authoritative history in ‘The Gael
fares forth’ by Norman McKenzie.).  The remainder of the settlers came over on the ‘Ellen
Lewis’ from Aust in 1860 
McLeod was essentially an individualist.  Rebelling against loose discipline & the personal
character of many Ministers in Scotland he declined to associate himself with the CS.  In effect he
formed a free Ch of his own, before the Disruption of 1843.  His religious views were
extremely strict. During the whole time in Nova Scotia he did not admin  ister Communion &
rarely Baptism, on the ground that few were worthy of the sacraments. Rev R. Sommerville,
Clerk of AP at the time wrote, ‘Mr McLeod was a wonderful man.  There was an aloofness
about him that made him a wonder to many.  His word was law in Church & state. No one dared
to contradict him.  The Waipu people looked upon him as almost divine. His influence upon
them was marvellous.  They were most obedient to his  commands.  He kept them in such
restraints that the younger people were glad to breathe a little of the air of liberty
occasionally.  He would have nothing to do with the AP, & yet one of his dying requests to
his people was to keep united under Mr Aeneas Morrison (senior elder) until the AP
appointed a successor.  He would not baptize children, because no parent was good enough
to receive baptism for his little ones.  It was the same with the Lord’s Supper.  Yet, with all
his peculiarities he was a genuinely good man.’
Waipu NP 1854 till death (but the charge was never part of AP during his lifetime.)
Died 14.3.1866 Waipu

McLEOD, Rev William Hewat (Hew)  (Emeritus Professor)  M.A.(Hons), Ph.D.(London)
b Feilding
w Margaret Ruth Wylie b Invercargill  m 14.5.1955
Educated at Nelson College where he became Head Boy and won a University National Scholarship.
Studied for his M.A. in History at Otago University
where he gained his M.A with Honours.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1955-57
Licensed for Ministry 12 Dec 1957.  
Appointed to succeed Dr Ryburn in India 1957; took special training in printing, accounting etc.
Ordained and set apart for Overseas Missionary work 3.12.1957,  left for India by sea 14.4.1958
“Own Worker” of the Bible Class Movement.
Appointed to Kharar India in 1958 to teach English at a Church High School.
Manager of the Masha’l Press at Kharar then engaged in special research on Sikhism
To United Kingdon in July 1963 for 2 years to undertake Ph.D. Studies in Sikhism at the University of
London's School of Oriental and African Studies.
Returned to India 6.1965
Taught the history of the Punjab (in Punjabi) at Batala near Amritsar.
It was during this period that he came to the realisation that he no longer believed in God.
Institute of Sikhism, Batala 1966 resigned mid 1969 to return to NZ
Resigned from Mission service 30.9.1969 and withdrew.
Took up the Smuts Fellowship at Cambridge University, England, also lecturing at Sussex University.
Returned to New Zealand 1971
Appt. Associate Professor History Dept. Otago University, Dunedin 1971
Professor of History at Otago University.
He experienced a concerted campaign from a group of fundamentalist Sikhs who actively sought to
discredit his work on Sikhism and Guru Nanak. Although he did not convert to Sikhism, he appreciatedZ
the faith's principles and respected those who genuinely lived up to them.
He suffered a life-threatening stroke in 1987 while in New York to give lectures at Columbia University.
After recuperating he continued to split his teaching between Otago University and Toronto.
Retired 1997.
Convener of Presb. Church of Aotearoa NZ Historical Records Committee 1998 to 2000.
Member PCANZ Historical Records Reference Group from 2000
Author of about 20 books, and was always ready to help any Sikh Scholar.
Received a Doctorate of Literature from the University of London in 1990.
A conference was held in his honour at Michigan in 2004.
A Member of the Knox College Council Dunedin for 31 years (retired from this position in 2004)
"He was metoculous, impeccably fair, calm, clear, determined and encouraging."
An international authority on Sikh history and religion.
Died 20 July 2009 aged 76 years, after a long illness, his funeral service being held at Knox College, Dunedin.

b. 1890
w Sarah Nelson Buchanan McLuckie  b (?), m (?)
Previously a Miner, having undertaken a Mining Engineers Course at the Royal Technical
College, Glasgow. BTI Glasgow.
HM Pokeno SAP 1923 - resigned  9.11.1923 and withdrew.

McMASTER, Rev James            B.A.
b 15.2.1890 in London.
w Sarah Isabella P. b 27.11.1898 m 22.10.1919
HM Hinds AsP  1912
Hornby ChP 1914
Rona Bay (Eastbourne WnP) 1915
Tasman NMP 1916
Theological Hall 1917-1919
Ord Mataura 23.11.1919 - resigned 1924
To Australia :
Traralgon 17.4.1924
St Andrew’s, Box Hill 1926
St Georges, Geelong (Presb. Church of Victoria) 1932
Ascot Vale 1939
Ross Memorial Church, Perth (Western Australia) 1947
Willaura (Presb. Church of Victoria) 1955 – retired 1961
Brother of Rev L. McMaster.
Died 17 Nov 1972 at Balwyn.

McMASTER, Rev Lendrick  (Len)            B.D.
b 13.2.1892
w  Alice Catherine b 16.9.1888 m 14.2.1922 d 9.3.1960
HM Waimate Outfields SCP 1913
Hunua 1914
Hornby ChP 1915,  Ord HM 1915
Rona Bay (Eastbourne WnP) 1916
Spreydon (Barrington St ChP) 1917
Wadestown, Wellington WnP 1918
Beaumont ClP stud 1919
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1919
Princeton Seminary USA 1920-22
Licensed by Presbytery of Newcastle, Delaware, USA 6.6.1921
Ord Brooklyn Wellington WnP  27.3.1923 - resigned 9.2.1926
St Peters, Christchurch ChP 29.7.1926
Onehunga AP 13.9.1934 - resigned 31.8.1936 ill-health
Leeston ChP  24.5.1938
Lyttelton ChP 19.6.1947
Brother of Rev J. McMaster above.
Died 7.1.1950  in office

McMEIKAN, Rev Murray Ware                  B.A., M.Min.
w Kathleen  m 17.3.1962
Cong Ch, entered with Ch & Mins at Ass 1969.  -   Ord 1961
Tokoroa WkP  PIC  1969                  
Mangere PIC team  AP 22.7.1976 
St Margarets Belmont NSP 28.7.1991
St Pauls Manurewa  SAP  9.12.1993
Minister Emeritus  12 Oct 2001 
Onehunga Co-Operating Parish Auckland – (transitional Minister -stated Supply)  Ap  Oct 2001 – term
Completed 31 Oct 2002.

b. 1812 Ireland.
Educated at Old College, Belfast GC 1847.
Licensed by the Presb. Church of Ireland at Balleymena 1850
Ordained at Cavanaleck 29.6.1858 to 5.9.1863
Inducted to Benvarden Secession 4.11.1863 to 19.2.1864
To New Zealand - arrived Port Ahuriri 4.1865
Meanee, Napier 1865 - resigned 4.8.1868 and left for Victoria, after the disastrous floods of 1867
had interfered  with his work seriously, and left him badly discouraged.  He expected the conditions
in Victoria would be better.
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of Victoria –
Inducted as Home Missionary, Belfast (Port Fairy) Victoria 9.3.1869 – demitted  8.3.1876
Died 5.2.1877

McMILLAN, Sr Agnes Dick
b 28.8.1885
PWTI 1912-3; leave 1914; PWTI 1915; Ord Deac 1915
Childrens Home Chch, sub-matron 2.2.1914 to 31.12.1914
Cong Deac Milton ClP  21.12.1915 res 31.12.1919
Cong Deac Knox Ch Chch 2.2.1920  ret 31.1.1952
Died 31.5.1972 Chch, aged 86 

McMILLAN, Bruce                    M.A.(Otago)
wife (1) Nanette married (?) died 1993 aged 50 years
wife (2) Elizabeth married 1998
Southland Boys High School, accepted by Southland Presbytery as a candidate for ministry 1961
Knox College, 1962, then resident in a cottage with South Dunedin when his girlfriend Nanette became pregnant. Southland Presbytery terminated his candidacy for ministry
Accepted by Dunedin Presbytery, 1967
Theological Hall 1968-1969
Lecturer in Education, University of Otago, 1970-2012
Taught Christian Education, Theological Hall, 1971

MacMILLAN, Rev Donald Iain (Iain)                    M.A.(Glas), B.D.(Glas), S.T.M.(Union)
Church of Scotland
born 23 June 1923
wife Margot Jean born 25 August 1922 married 10 July 1950
Ordained Minister, South Bearsden, Scotland, 1951.
Inducted St Andrews, Palnerston North, 16 August 1966
Knox Church, Dunedin, 25 May 1972 - resigned 31 January 1983
Moutere Hills Uniting, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 3 February 1983
Minister Emeritus, 3 February 1988
Died February 2013

MacMILLAN, Rev Ian               B.A.
b 14.9.1922; w Myrie b 25.11.1929 m 4.2.1953
Hall 1949-51
Ord Cromwell COP 6.3.1952 res 14.3.1954
Fortrose SP 26.6.1956
Post-Graduate study at Edinburgh and Oxford.
Waitati DnP 24.5.1961 - resigned 28.2.1963 & withdrew 

McNAUGHTON, Rev Alistair
Youth and social work, and nursing
wife: Catherine
Massey Presbyterian for 7 years
Intern Kaikoura
Ordained 2013
St Pauls - Kaikoura, Alpine Presbytery, January 2013
St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Geraldine, Alpine Presbytery, 9 January 2017

McNAUGHTON, Rev Allan Thomas        M.A.,B.D.(cum laude)
b 11.11.1900 at Dunedin
w Helen Mary b 16.8.1906 m 2.8.1935 d 13.6.1974
President Young Men’s Bible Class Union (YMBC) 1929-30  
He went to USA, 3 years at Yale Divinity School; was student pastor in country parish
and Chaplain at numerous camps for boys from difficult areas of NewYork. 
The 1934 NZ General Assembly authorized Dunedin Presbytery to licence him.
To Australia :
Ordained Director of Board of Religious Education for the Presb. Church of Australia, Jan 1935 -
Retired 1952 after holding the position for 17 years.
Executive Chairman of the Joint Board of Graded Lessons of Australia and New Zealand 1940;
also Chairman of the Australian Council for  Christian Education.
Returned to NZ :
Appointed General Secretary of the National Council of Churches, Christchurch 1.2.1952
Sumner, Christchurch ChP 3.2.1955
Died 14.11.1962  suddenly

McNAUGHTON, Sr Elizabeth Jean
b 15.2.1917
Deac Coll 1954-6
Ord Deac PSSA Home Gore 15.4.1957 res30.6.1960  to look after aged parents.
Died 27.9.1990

McNAUGHTON, Rev James H.
Studied at University of St Andrews & the Free Church College Edinburgh.
Licensed by the Free Church Presbytery of Dumfries in 1851; 
He went to Nova Scotia after he was licensed & was ordained in Canada.
Ord Southampton, Presbytery of London, Canada 1855
Received by the Synod of Otago & Southland 24.6.1863.  
Ind Andersons Bay (DnP)  9.7.1863 - First Minister of the new parish just formed.
Resigned Nov 1876 and returned to Scotland due to failing health.
Moderator of the Synod of Otago & Southland 1874
Died 30.5.1886 at Brechin Scotland

 McNAUGHTON, Mr Robert
b. Victoria, Australia
w. Jessie Gillan b. Victoria, Australia   m. (?)  d. Ambym, New Hebrides 3 Oct 1902
From the Presb. Church of Victoria, Australia.
Mr McNaughton engaged by the Presb. Church of New Zealand as an Assistant to
Dr Bowie at Ambym Hospital at Dip Point on Ambym (Ambrim) Island in 1902 for a
four year term on a Salary of £140 per annum.
Mrs McNaughton died at Ambrym on the 3 October 1902 due to an unspecified
illness. Mr McNaugton returned to Australia with their three children.     

McNEIL, Rev David            (or McNeill - In Australia name spelt with Two L’s)
b. circa 1858
From the Presbyterian Church of Ireland, came to New Zealand as a Probationer.
Newtown WnP  (Student Preacher) 1882-84
Ordained Springburn (Methven) AsP 25.5.1885 – resigned 23.2.1887
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of Victoria 14.6.1887
Inducted to Donald 31.1.1888 to 1.11.1888 (died in office)
Died at Ballarat 1.11.1888 having preached but six Sabbaths at Donald.

MacNEILL, Rev John                    BA.
b. 19.10.1854  Dingwall, Scotland
w. Hannah Thomas  b.(?)  m. 23.4.1884  d.(?)
To Victoria, Australia 1860. Educated at University of Melbourne 1871 to 1874 (BA),
New College Edinburgh 1876 to 1879.
To South Australia May 1879
Ordained Belalie-Jamestown 1.10.1879 to 1.2.1881
Then Evangelist in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales to 1885.
Waverley (later MacNeill Memorial) 26.5.1885 to July 1888
Received by the Presb. Church of Victoria 1889
Appointed as Assembly Evangelist 17.11.1889 – Officially began 1.8.1891
Inducted to Abbotsford (Simpson’s Road) 5.5.1890 - demitted 21.4.1891
He was one of those who founded the Geelong Convention 1891
Evangelist 1891 to 1896 (including in New Zealand 1891 and 1894 and in the Western Australian
Goldfields but resigned 1895 over prevalence of Church raffles, continuing as unattached Minister
and Evangelist.
Had a number of publications including “The Spirit Filled Life”.
Died 1896 suddenly at Brisbane, Queensland. Buried at Melbourne.

Brought out fr UK by Dr Gibb
Knox Gonville Wanganui 28.6.1921
Nelson 10.10.1923  -  retrurned to Canada
Calgary, Canada  27.1.1927  

McNEILL, Rev Peter
wife Beverley Grace, married 4 January 1964
Theological Hall, 1964-1966
Ordained Central Westland, Westland Presbytery, 7 March 1967
Putaruru, Waikato Presbytery, 5 March 1970
St Giles, Kilbirnie, Wellington Presbytery, 14 August 1975
Hospital Chaplain, Wellington, 9 July 1981
Chaplain, Scots College, Wellington and Honorary Associate, Roseneath, Wellington, Wellington Presbytery, 5 February 1986
As Roseneath closed 1987, this Honorary Association with Roseneath Parish ended also. 
Minister Emeritus, 21 May 1995.
Died 20 July 2017.

McNEISH, Mr James
Miss Volunteer - New Caledonia 1986

McNEUR, Rev Alexander                M.B.E.
b 6.8.1883; w Margaret b 22.5.1893 m 23.12.1919 d 7.1946
Hall 1914-6
War service from 29.9.1916 to 2.5.1919. He was stationed in the Sinai and Palestine with
the First New Zealand Machine Gun Squadron.
Ordained Central Ridges ChP 4.12.1919  -  Parish extended from Wanaka through Canterbury,
Marlborough to Nelson, Takaka, West Coast to Haast Pass. (whole of central area of Sth Island
from Wanaka to Nelson East and West of the Southern Alps).
St Andrews Cant SCP  13.3.1924
Linwood ChP 31.1.1929
Amuri ChP 11.2.1937  ret 30.4.1954
Brother of Rev Arch McNeur, D. McNeur, G.H. McNeur, W. McNeur, Deaconess Sr. Mary McNeur.
Died 22.2.1972 Christchurch 

McNEUR, Rev Archibald
b 23.9.1878; w Lily b 20.4.1884 m 25.8.1914 d 7.4.1963
He had studied at Glas BTI; was recd as HM
HM Glenomaru ClP 1908
Hokitika Outfields WsP 1909
Ashburton Outfields 1910
Opoho DnP 1911 (while in Hall)
Hall 1911-4 (classes clashed & he took a 4th yr voluntarily).
Ord Knapdale MtP  12.6.1914
Winton SP 6.3.1918
Milton ClP 24.6.1925
St Andrews Cant SCP  2.7.1937  
Westport WsP 28.4.1942  ret 13.6.1945
Morven AsP supply 1953
New Brighton ChP supply 1954-5; then they moved to Palmerston North.  Brother of Rev
Alex McNeur, D. McNeur, G.H. McNeur, W. McNeur, Deac Mary McNeur
Died10.11.1961 Palmerston North

McNEUR, Miss Areta Hazel              (Mrs AH Milne)
b 22.5.1919 ;  h  Dr GA Milne, b 4.12.1918  m 12.5.1943
Hazel applied for Foreign Mission Service as  christian worker in 1941. Special permission
was granted for her to attend lectures at the Knox Theological Hall to further her studies.
Knox was then only for the training of (male) Ministers however she strongly felt that
courses at the (Women’s) Deaconess College did not adequatly fulfil her needs.   
She married Dr Graham Milne in 1943 and joined him in China in 1946.
Resigned from the South China Mission in 1950.
Retired to Takaka NZ
Died (?)

McNEUR, Rev David
b 15.1.1887;
w Eva M. nee Orange (sister of Rev E.J. Orange) b 17.3.1887 m 17.10.1918 d 1.8.1968
He was the youngest of the five McNeur brothers; he was handicapped by faulty eyesight;
he was granted a non-Latin course.
Theological Hall 1916-18
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin Oct 1918
Ord Kaurihohore NP 18.12.1918
Takaka NMP 3.5.1922
Fordell WgP 11.6.1925
Mataura MtP 19.6.1931
Lansdowne Masterton 13.3.1936; Chairman of Solway College Board.
Waipu NP  2.12.1943 - retired 31.7.1951
Died 19.1.1956, aged 69

McNEUR, Rev Dr George Hunter             D.D.(Aberdeen)
b 24.12.1871 Inchclutha (Clutha District);
w Margaret S. nee Sinclair b 1.10.1869 m 12.11.1903 d 25.3.1957
He spent his youth at Wairuna then had periods of training at Belair Mission Training Institute at
Adelaide, BTI Glasgow, and Theological Hall Dunedin. Accepted by Otago Synod as Missionary 1899.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1900-01
Ordained by Synod of Otago & Southland as first Missionary to Canton Villages 31.10.1901
Spent some time with the Rev Alexander Don, Missionary to the NZ Chinese, prior to his departure which
included visiting the Chinese as well as some Cantonese language preparation and study.
Arrived China 19.12.1901 and began a work that has been “truly apostolic”.
Kong Chuen, Canton, Evangelistic and Educational work from 1901.
Retired from Overseas Missions 31.12.1940.
In 1911 he began teaching in Fatei Theological College Canton, and from then on that has been no
inconsiderable part of his work besides the usual preaching, pastoral & administrative work of the Miss. 
He has been a member and chairman of important Committees in connetion with Chinese Mission work. 
In 1920 he was threatened with the loss of his eyesight. Rev McNeur taught for 25 years at the Union
Theological College, Canton.
Retiring to Dunedin and after the death of Rev AL Miller, he was asked to accept an appointment with the
Chinese Church in Dunedin, working together with Mrs EE Miller. His knowledge of Chinese and of the
Cantonese language was of great assistance.
Degree of Doctorate of Divinity conferred on him by the University of  Aberdeen in 1948.
Retired from Dunedin Chinese Church after appointment of the Rev YT Fong 31.1.1951
In 1903 he married Margaret Sinclair, of Milton, who was working in the Mission, and they were married in
Canton. She was a public school teacher who was one of the first 3 studs at the PWTI in 1903 when it
was taken over by the Presb. Church.  Their only daughter, Jean, was a Missionary at Canton until she
married  Dr S.H. Moore, Medical Superintendent of the English Methodist Mission Hospital at Shiuchow, China.
‘An outstanding personality who gave outstanding service.’   
Moderator of  General Assembly 1926
He was brother of Rev Arch McNeur, Alex McNeur, David McNeur, Wm McNeur, Deaconess Mary McNeur.     
Died Dunedin 27.4.1953 after a period of ill health.

McNEUR, Sr Margaret Jean               M.A.              (Mrs Moore)
b 21.1.1907 Canton China
h. Dr Samuel (Mooi) Hollingsworth Moore  b (?) m 1936 d. suddenly  Hong Kong 31 Dec 1969, aged 64.
(Dr Moore was, at the time of his death, the Medical Superintendent of SARDA’s Rehabilitation Centre at Shek
Kwu Chau, Hong Kong. He came to South China from Ireland as a Missionary Doctor in 1931 to act as
Superintendent of the Methodist Mission Hospital in Kwantung Province in 1933.) 
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institure Dunedin - left to depart for China 17.7.1931
Set apart as Missionary for China 12.9.1931;
Missionary – South China, Evangelistic Worker 1931; 
Resigned 1.5.1936 to marry Dr  S.H. Moore of the English Methodist Mission. Lived at Shiuchow, 100 miles from
Canton, where Dr Moore was Medical Superintendant of the Methodist Mission Hospital.
As they remained in Free China during the Second World War, Mrs Moore was able to act in a  liaison capacity
(handling both Mission news from occupied South China as well as financial funding) between our Church in NZ
and the Church of Christ in China (temporarily removed to Free China) as well as our own Mission which
continued in a much reduced role in Japanese occupied South China. 
Resided in Hong Kong until returning to New Zealand after the death of Dr Moore.
Daughter of the Rev G.H. McNeur.
Died Auckland 20.9.1992 after a period of ill-health (stroke)

McNEUR, Rev William
b 12.3.1881;
w (1) Annie b 13.5.1887 m 17.4.1918 d 9.8.1940
w (2) Hazell nee Bruce b 22.4.1885 m 13.3.1945 d 10.4.1976
After school he went farming for some yrs; then to Otago University & then to the Hall.
Theological Hall 1914-16
Licensed by Clutha Presbytery 15.12.1916
Ord Whakatane BPP 28.2.1917
Westmere WgP 1.12.1921
Pleasant Point  SCP 2.12.1926
Clutha Valley ClP 9.6.1939 - retired 31.10.1945 for health reasons. 
Brother of Rev Alex McNeur, Rev Arch McNeur, Rev David McNeur, Rev George McNeur,
Deaconess Mary McNeur
Died 1.7.1946

McNEUR, Mrs W.            see               Bruce, Hazell

McNICHOL, Rev Derek V.
Meth Ch
Ngaio Union WnP 2.1982
Tawa Union WnP 2.1986 term completed  31.1.1992

McNICOL, Rev John
A Gaelic speaker.
Ord Waihola 19.8.1858 as their first Minister. Preached among the Gold Miners. Resigned 24.12.1863
Moderator of the Presbytery of Otago (prior to the Synod of Otago & Southland being formed); remained a
member of Presbytery untill 1865, and he received the equal dividend of the Sustentation Fund.
After resigning he went teaching in South Tokomairiro (Moneymore-Southbridge, Milton), then Forest Hill;
finally settling on a small farm till his death, but continued serving asan Elder and supplying.
Noted as assisting the Rev W Bannerman at Warepa Bush 1864-65 then worked alongside the Rev Bett in the
Papatowai District centred on Wairuna 1866-68
"Laboured with unwearied zeal, amid great difficulties".
Died 1879, aged 58

MACNICOL, Rev Robert Fergusson
b Mar 1838.
Educated Glasgow University 
From Church of Scotland, Licensed by Presbytery of Lorne 1863
Assistant at St Lukes Glasgow
Ordained by Presbytery of Lorn 1865;
To New Zealand :
Arr New Plymouth 23.11.1865.
Ind New Plymouth  1865; Church Built 1866
St James Auckland 3.2.1869 - ministry 30 years;  interrupted by stroke which caused
him to resign on 30 June 1902, but at request of congregation he was retained as Senior
Minister. He moved to Epsom, and for a time ministered to the young congregation at
Epsom when the Church was built, 1902.
Rep 1903: He has been restored to health, resides in the district & takes services every week.
Rep 1905: He went to reside in Epsom after a serious illness; he was asked to preach after he
recovered, & did. The response was great & he arranges 2 services each Sun. (It is implied
that he does not take all the services himself.)
Rep 1906:  Rev Macnicol preaches at Epsom in the new Church; they expect it to be a fully
sanctioned charge soon.
He moved to Sydney, Australia for family reasons.
Mod Ass 1880
Died 11.3.1915 Sydney, aged 77

McNIECE, Sr Mavis Esther
b 11.3.1917
PWTI, grad 1946;  Ord Deac 25.9.1947
PSSA Childrens Home Timaru 8.10.1946 to 1952
PSSA Boys Home Chch 1845 to  9.1946 & 1952 to res 9.1954 & wthd.

McPHAIL, Rev Mr John               M.A.
Arrived in Otago in 1894 with a commission from the Colonial Committee of the Free
Church of Scotland.
As he was unwell from the time of his arrival, he took a Teaching position as a Tutor
in the Upper Waitaki area.
As at November 1895 the Dunedin Presbvytery had heard nothing from him and
assumed he was still tutoring. He was then removed from their roll. 

McPHAIL, Rev  Leslie Robert           B.Th., A.C.A., A.C.I.S., ACCM.
w Patricia Jessie  m 19.1.1963
Missionary - Overseas Worker
Gilbert Is, Kiribati, on staff of Council for World Mission 1974
Rep 1978: transferred to Joint Boord as base, but still paid by CWM (to which PCNZ contributes).
Theological Hall 1979-81
Ordained Pine Hill St Marks DnP 17.2.1983 - resigned 30.6.1990 -
Lodged Certificate
Chaplain Green Gables Rest Home, Nelson  Jun 2000
Minister Emeritus 30 Jun 2005

McPHAIL, Rev. Dr. Robyn Gray M.                B.A.(Hons), Ph.D., B.D.
h Neil Alexander Charles, McPhail  m 3 February 1979
Theological Hall 1986-1987
Licensed Musselburgh Dunedin Presbytery, 22 November 1987
Ordained Alexandra-Clyde-Lauder Union, Central Otago Presbytery, 28 January 1988 (Term completed 31 January 1993)
St Johns Methven, Ashburton Presybery,  22 August 1993, and  Resource Minister for Rakaia  Ashburton Presbytery, 2002
International Rural Churches Association, 2000
Convener of Canterbury Ecumenical Rural Ministry Unit of Mission Resource Team
Kaeo/Kerikeri Union Church, Northland Presbytery, 30 June 2004
Secretary, Churches Together Northland

McPHEAT, Mr William
b 27 November 1902, Edinburgh, Scotland
w. Sr Nancy Astbury,  m. 1925 in China, d. (?)
To New Zealand when young; grew up in Mosgiel and attended Mosgiel Presbyterian Church.
Rugby International, Architect.
Home Missionary, Opoho, Dunedin Presbytery, 1924
Missionary in Training for China
Training not completed - went to China to marry Sr Nancy Astbury then moved to
Brisbane Australia c. 1925.
Home Missionary Rockhampton North, Innisfail, Presbyterian Church of Queensland
Educated Emmanuel College;
licensed Presbytery of Brisbane 16 December 1936
Ordained and inducted Longreach 3 March 1937
Cairns, March 1940-15 October 1942
World War 2 Chaplain:, Papua New Guinea, Solomons, 2/3 Convalescent Hospital 27 September 1942-20 May 1946
Mowbraytown 25 May 1946
Townsville 31 May 1946
Nambour 2 April 1959-1 April 1968
Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Queensland 1953
Father of Rev W. Scott McPheat.
d 1987

McPHEAT, Mrs              see                  Astbury, Nancy

McPHEAT, Rev Dr William Scott             M.A.,B.D.,M.Th.,Ph.D.
b 8.8.1929 in Brisbane, Australia to William McPheat and Sr Annie M. W. (Nancy) Astbury (Deaconess)
w Margaret Jean  m 3 January 1959 
His Mother was a Deaconess, Sr. A.M.W (Nancy) Astbury, and his Father had been a Home Missionary
in New Zealand (refer seperate entries).
Queensland University, studied at Princeton University USA
Licensed by Brisbane Presbytery, Presbyterian Church of Queensland 2 February 1954
Ordained and inducted Maranoa, 24 June 1954
Australian Inland Mission: Mount Isa, 24 July 1957
Australian Commonwealth Literary Fellowship 1960
Epping, Presbyterian Church of New South Wales, 28 February 1962-28 February 1969
St Andrew's, Brisbane, Presbyterian Church of Queensland, 14 March 1969-31 January 1977
Called from St Andrews Church Brisbane Queensland to -
St Davids Khyber Pass Road, Auckland Presbytery 3 February 1977 - resigned 3 April 1988, resigned and went to -
St Stephens Church Macquarie Street Sydney New South Wales, Uniting Churhc of Australia 1988
Retired to Queensland 1999
John Flynn: Vision of the Inland (London 1963)
John Flynn (Melbourne 1964)
Come from the four winds: six studies on the Holy Spirit (Melbourne 1973)
Coping with Life--but not alone (Auckland 1979)
Died 29 September 2010 in Melbourne, Australia

b. Clyde Street, Glasgow  22 Nov 1839
w Margaret McQueen  b 1835 in Dumfries Scotland m 1864 in Liverpool  d 31 March 1916
Moved to Liverpool with family c.1842. Attended the Caledonia Church School in Liverpool.
At age 12 he went into rope works with his Father and was apprenticed at age 15. Attended
the Mechanics’ Institute at night. At age 19 left for New York, arrived Apr 1859. First worked
for an undertaker then on a garden farm. When the US Civil War broke out he joined “The
Naval Brigade” manning boats on rivers to capture Confederate towns. Paid US$18.00 a day
plus a share of any prize money. Returned to Liverpool and the rope works. Married Miss Margaret
McQueen. Returned to New York with his wife and one child then headed overland. Found work
in St Louis but due to family illness returned to New York thence back to Liverpool and to the rope
Works after his own health improved.
Emigrated to New Zealand on the “Loch Fleet” about August 1879, arrived Auckland a few days
before Christmas. Obtained employment as Foreman at Auckland Ropeworks for almost 2½ years.
Did occasional Lay Preaching among sailors.
Appointed to the Auckland Presbyterian City Mission in 1884, visiting door to door, finding out the
lapsed Presbyterians and the children not attending any Sunday School., also the Gaol, Hospital,
Veteran’s Home, Mental Asylum, Hospital, Nurses’ Home, and newly arrived immigrants.
Acted as Auckland City Missionary for 29 years, retired at age 74 to look after his invalid wife.
Carried on some visitation work in the public institutions.
(This information extracted from his biography “A Faithful Standard Bearer – Life of Duncan MacPherson”
HM Morningside Auckland  AP 1906
Richmond, Auckland  AP  1917; then not mentioned till 1921.
Richmond, Auckland  AP  1921 (he offered to serve at 80 years of age)
Resigned & retired 1924
Died 16 July 1931, both buried at Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland

MacPHERSON, Rev Hugh
b 1.12.1901;
w (1) Hannah Anderson b 1898 d 1935 at Rotorua 
w (2) Nellie Parata b 25.12.1899 m 31.3.1941 d 9.4.1959
He began study at an earlier period, but was deflected by family ties.  He resumed study in middle age.
To Wananga, Maori Theological College at Whakatane 1953-4,  one of the first students at Te Wananga.
Ord Nuhaka 21.11.1954; Ind again 17.2.1957
Died 31.3.1959 suddenly,  in office.

McQUEEN,  Sr Mary
Deaconess from Melbourne Australia  -  Ordained as Deaconess 1902
Ordained Deaconess Knox Church Dunedin 1902-07
She was a friend and fellow-student of Sr. Christabel Duncan, the first Deaconess in NZ
at St Andrews, Dunedin. When Knox Church decided to have a Deaconess they secured
her from Melbourne
Presbyterian Support Services Childrens Home Dunedin 1907-22.
Died  Brisbane Australia either 30.5.1945 [a family record states 31.5.1945]

McQUEEN, Rev Peter
b. Stirling, Scotland
w. (?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Educated at Edinburgh University.
Assistant at St Clement’s Dundee (Established Church of Scotland)
Missionary Ladyburn, Greenock
Ordained Thornton, Fife 29.4.1875 to 1876 (resigned)
To the West Indies –
St Thomas (Reformed Presb. Church)
To South Africa –
Roma (supply) 1884
To Australia –
Admitted to the Presb. Church of New South Wales 9.7.1889
Armidale 1892 to 1895
Mimmi Mar. 1895 to 20.4.1896
To New Zealand -
Received by (Northern) Presb. Church of New Zealand 15.2.1897
Auckland (supply) 1897, left same year.
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Chucrh of New South Wales 15.5.1897
Without charge, then –
Dungog 19.12.1900 to 12.9.1904 (died in office)
Died 12.9.1904

McRAE, Rev Brendon
w Catherine
From Gore, Mataura
Youth Work and Youth Director, Cromwell; East Taieri Mosgiel; Praxis
Intern St Marks Pine Hill Dunedin 2013
Licensed Southern Presbytery 1 December 2014
Minister Flagstaff Community Church, Southern Presbytery 11 December 2014

McRAE, Mrs Daphne Winifred  (nee Trevana)
b. 1911 in Dunedin
h. Murdoch McRae  b.(?)  m.1948  d. 1955
Headmistress of Queen Margaret College 1946-1948 – resigned to marry.
Principal of St Oran’s College 1961-68
“Mrs Macrae’s faith was the lynch pin of her life and she sought answers to life’s problems
within the pages of the Bible and in the New Testament in particular. But her understandings
of Christ’s teachings were not set in concrete, for she had an open and enquiring mind,
always willing to discuss differing theological opinions.” (From Obit.)
Died 13 July at Woburn Presbyterian Home, Lower Hutt, aged 92 years.

McRAE, Mr Donald Gair
b. 6.12.1912, England; unmarried.
From Tuakau, formerly a Waiter, Waterside worker, labourer and Student.
Gained Matriculation in 1928 and has four subjects of BA degree 1933, studying
To enter the ministry.
Joined the Home Missionary service 7.3.1934
HM Whangamomona TkP (student) 7.3.1934 (1 year term) – resigned 31.10.1935
No further mention.

McRAE, Rev George
b 6.1.1882 Christchurch
w. Elizabeth b 1879 m 5.1.1921 d 26.11.1946 
HM Raetihi WgP 1912
Rona Bay Wellington (Eastbourne WnP) 1914
Takapau HBP  summer 1916
Theological Hall 1916-8 (war service WW1 1917)
Licensed by Christchurch Presbytery 11.2.1919
Ord Waiuku SAP 24.6.1919
Featherston WpP 23.7.1925
Lincoln ChP 16.4.1931
Maheno-Incholme NOP 5.8.1941  ret 30.4.1949
Died 8.6.1965

McRAE, Rev Kenneth Donald                      LL.B., B.D.
b 2.4.1915
w Rae Watson nee Russell b 3.1.1921 m 20.9.1941
Educated at Mt Albert Grammar School and Auckland University, garduating LLB in 1939.
From 1940 served with the Royal New Zealand Navy. Commissioned as a Lieutenant (radar)
in 1941, serving on HMS Warspite and HMS Valiant.
Theological Hall 1946-48 
Licensed by Presbytery of Auckland 17.11.1948
Ordained Assistant Minister Knox Church Dunedin 8.2.1949 - resigned 31.12.1949
Kohimarama AP  2.2.1950
St Pauls Invercargill 7.10.1954 - resigned 31.1.1961
Director of the Marriage Guidance Centre, Lower Hutt WnP 1.2.1961
Supervisor of Conciliation Services for the Dept. of Justice 1969
Elder, Kohimarama 1973-1977
Director Marriage Guidance  Auckland 1976 - retired 31.3.1981
“The overriding influence in Ken MacRae’s vibrant life was his absorbing trust in the
goodness and providence of God. It was this which led him to a life of service which
included pioneer work in the field of marriage guidance and conciliation – a challenge
which drew on his legal training, his keenly developed analytical ability and his strong
Christian convictions.” (from Obit.)
Died 26 May 1997

MACRAE, Rev William
b. (?)
A good Gaelic scholar who was brought to New Zealand by Rev David Bruce, as Probationer of the
Church of Scotland.
Ordained Waipu Northland Presbytery 29 May 1872; a manse was built for him.  He found it difficult 
to follow the Rev Norman McLeod, and resigned 19 June 1883.  He returned to Scotland and was
inducted to a charge under the Church of Scotland.  Later he came back to New Zealand and
preached to the dissatisfied in a local hall at Waipu for a time.
He was drowned in Sydney Harbour on his way back to Scotland.
Died 12 May 1897 aged 56

MacRAILD, Rev Graeme Norman         B.Sc.,B.D.,Ph.D.
Lectured in Botany, University of Canterbury
wife Elizabeth (Liz) Margaret  married 22 May 1971, social worker
Hall 1983-1985
Ordained Brockville Union Dunedin Presbytery, 30 January 1986 resigned 13 January 1991 to Australia - Uniting Church

McSKIMMING, Rev William
b 12.11.1902 (or 11.11.1902) Eltham
w Meta Louise b 13.9.1900 m 18.6.1947 d 3.6.1970
He became a leadlight maker; at outbreak of World War Two he went to Fiji as
Young Men’s Christian Association Secretary; on return
entered the Home Missionary service 15.4.1945
HM Tokomaru Bay GP 194,  Ord HM 5.9.1945
St Davids Gisborne 1949; in 1950 took Hall corresp course - first HM course to be offered. 
Kaiti 5.2.1950 Raised to full ministerial status 1952 (one record says 1956)
Ind St Davids Gisborne 18.12.1952
St Andrew’s, Suva, Fiji 4.1.1957 - returned to NZ in poor health.
Mangapai NP  8.1.1962
Waipukurau HBP  8.8.1963  - within 2 weeks had a severe heart attack.
Died 23.6.1966  in office

McSPORRAN, Mr Robert                  B.A.
MH Coromandel WkP 1908 
Rep 1910: admitted as 2nd yr stud in Hall 1910, having done 1 yr at UP Coll Glas.
Rep 1911: took course last yr (1910), but did not turn up this yr, & Com, has no knowledge
of his whereabouts or his intentions.

McWILLIAM, Rev Lional Cockburn Robb          M.A.(Aberd)
b 3.7.1911 Fraserburghm Scot; w Mary Margaret Holt b 8.11.1913 m 25.7.1936
(remarried, Andrew Cooper 12.1961)
Educ Aberdeen Univ, Christs Coll Divinity Hall Aberdeen; Ord 1935;
came to NZ under Home Min Com 1951
Ind Ellerslie AP 21.3.1951
Died 11.3.1956  in office

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