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Grätzer to Gwynne

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GRÄTZER (English spelling Graetzer), Dr George,   M.B., CH.B. (NZ), Dip. M. (China), M.D. (Vienna).
b. 1898 in Vienna  m. 1934  
w. Margarete Helena (Grete) Grätzer (English spelling Graetzer) née Reinold
b. 3 Apr 1901 m. 1934   d. Dunedin 22 Oct 1968, aged 66 years (cancer).
Dr Grätzer was Jewish by birth but Austrian by nationality. He matriculated from High School
in Vienna in 1916 then joined the Austrian Army fighting in the ‘Great War’. He saw active
service as a Lieutenant fighting against the Russians on the Eastern Front. After the Armistice,
he studied medicine in Vienna, graduating in 1924. From 1924 to 1929, he was an interne at the
Wihelminen Hospital where he gained practical experience both in medical & surgical fields.
During this period he also carried out original research in several fields & published articles in
various medical journals both in Vienna and Berlin. From 1930 to 1938 he was in private practice,
but additionally held an appointment from the Vienna City Corporation as a community Doctor
in connection with the City’s Social Security Co-operative.
After Austria was annexed by Germany in 1938, Dr & Mrs Grätzer, bereft of their wordly goods,
were forced to flee the country on racial grounds. They eventually arrived in Shanghai after much
hardship and suffering. Finding no means of livelehood, they then journeyed to Canton where the
International Red Cross gave Dr Grätzer a temporary appointment. A few months later the Red
Cross recommended him for the post of Doctor at the NZ Presbyterian Mission Hospital at Kong
Chuen to replace Dr Owen Eaton after his death at the hand of bandits.
Commenced 1.10.1939 for 3 months with the Red Cross paying half his salary for this time.
Appointed Chief of Medical Staff, Kong Chuen Mission Hospital 1.1.1940, the appointment to be
reviewed annually.
Served for over 6 difficult years during Japanese occupation of China and while NZ Missionaries
were interned in Canton from 1942. Being considered “German”, he was allowed to remain at Kong
Chuen during the war years where, with great dedication, he carried on the Hospital as best he could
with limited resources and funding. The NZ Church had no word of the fate of Dr Grätzer or of the
Hospital for over two years and were considerably surprised and relieved to find that he had managed
to keep it operating on such limited resources and that the buildings had not been taken over by the
Japanese or pillaged. The Japanese, however, did occupy the Hospital buildings towards the end of
the war at which point he transferred what remained of the hospital staff and some equipment to
temporary premises at the nearby market town of Ko Tong.
At the end of the war in 1945 they were offered a paid furlough (holiday) to New Zealand by the NZ
Presbyterian Church, but declined. He then went into private practice on his own account in Canton
where he qualified for a Chinese medical degree.
After all Europeans were asked to leave China in 1951, they sought and were granted asylum and
residency in New Zealand. Despite the fact that they were of the Catholic faith, the NZ Presbyterian
Church gave them every possible assistance in gaining residency in NZ due to their dedication to the
NZ Chinese Mission during the Second World War for which the Church owed them a profound debt
of gratitude. They then settled in Dunedin where Dr Grätzer first studied for 3 years to gain his NZ
medical degree before running his own private practice. He took a great interest in pathology and
was a noted diagnostician as well as carrying out research work. Dr Grätzer was also subsequently invited
to attend the Presbyterian Church General Assembly.
“He is a man of upright life, kindly disposition and courteous manners, his only crime against those who
have driven him from home and country being that he was born of Hebrew parents…..  Dr Graetzer’s
native ability and wide experience make him a proficient Doctor; his generous large-heartedness makes
him a good co-operator; and his sociable disposition makes him an acceptable friend.”  
Grete was a noted artist and portrait painter of some distinction and her work was exhibited in Dunedin
on more than one occasion. After matriculating from High School, she then undertook a 6 year course
of study at the Vienna School of Fine Arts, receiving the Honour of Special Prize woman in her
graduating year.
“The ten years in China have had a great effect on Mrs Graetzer’s work. Some of her paintings are
documentary in character, depicting the Chinese life and character”
Dr Grätzer died in Dunedin 25 March 1962, aged 63 years (cancer)
Interred at Anderson's Bay Cemetery, Dunedin  

GRAVES, Rev  Norma M.
Meth Ch  -  Ord 1974
Hokitika Union WsP  2.1973
Assoc Nth Invercargill  2.1977
Teviot Union (Roxburgh COP)  2.1983 to 12.1989 
res thr ill-health.

GRAY, Rev Andrew
b 8.1.1865; w Christina W. b 3.2.1866 m 5.9.1893 d 23.7.1946
fr Glas, stud Glas Univ & Theol Coll Glas; came out as prob of CS
Ord Lower Hutt  WnP  10.10.1893
Gore MtP 1899 
Ravensbourne DnP  10.5.1912  ret 19.11.1921
Mod OSyn 1917;  Clerk MtP for some yrs;  
Father-in-law of Rev C.M. Sullivan.
Died  23.4.1922

GRAY, Miss Beryl
Volunteer Overseas Worker, Papua New Guinea
From Australia. Acted as Librarian and Bursar at the Rarongo Theological College,
Kerevat, Papua New Guinea. Service with JBMO from Apr 1976 to Mar 1981
Previously taught at the Senior Primary School, Paama, New Hebrides, worked in
an Israeli kibbutz, and managed a garage in Australia.

GRAY, Mr B. & Mrs
Overseas Workers, Rabaul, Papua New Guinea.
Mr Gray working as Carpenter 1972

GRAY, Rev Charles A.             M.A.
b 27.2.1869; w Eleanor H.  b 5.7.1864 m 3.1.1905 d 16.12.1949
fr FC Scot with a Commission, as prob  
Ord Oteramika SP 14.2.1900 (erected to fully sanctioned charge 1903)
Riverton SP  21.12.1904 res 16.1.1923 & returned to Scot.
Died  4.12.1940

GRAY, Dr David Templeton             M.B.,Ch.B.
w Marie Cordelia Magill b. Napier 11.2.1929  m. 11.8.1956 (Registerred Maternity Nurse)
David educated at Auckland Grammar School and at Otago University from 1950 to 1956,
Graduating M.B., Ch.B. Then did two years post graduate work at Auckland Hospital
Missionary Indonesia, set apart 1959
Bandung, Rumah Sakit Immanuel Hosp app 1.1.1959;  Left for Indonesia 13.3.1959
‘It was a big Hosp, situated mainly among poor people, & so short of trained medical
personnel that David found he had to be prepared to tackle any kind of treatment that came
his way.  For instance he had  only small experience as a surgeon, as a  surgical registrar in
NZ, but certainly would not have been considered equipped to deal with any but the
simplest surgery. In Bandung he was often the only doctor available & had to be ready to
undertake even the most major surgery. .... But what could he do?   If a man needed major
surgery & would die without it, & if there was no one else, how could he refuse?  So, being
a man of deep faith, he would commit his problem to God, & then do his best.  To his
surprise he discovered he had a gift for surgery & achieved so much success that his
colleagues were amazed.  .... When he came on furlough to NZ & spoke to medical
gatherings, the things he told them simply staggered them. It was not only that the need was
so great, but that this young man should be willing & able to tackle these fearsome 
responsibilities.... ‘
“Own Missionary” of the Bible Class Union
Returned to NZ 10.8.1971, off staff 23.11.1971
Son of Rev J.L. Gray

GRAY, Mr George Tasker
b 27.10.1899
w Jean Leslie Stewart b 18.3.1902  m 11.4.1929  d (?)        
Educated at the Wellesley Street School, North East Valley School, Otago Boys’ High School,
Hawera District High School and Auckland University College. Completed a course in Civil Engineering.
Industrial Missionary India  -  dedicated 19.12.1930
Union Industrial School, Saharanpur, appointed as Instructor in mechanics -  has qualifications in mechanical
and civil engineering, and motor mechanics  This school is one in which we co-operate with the American
Presbyterian Church, the School being jointly owned and operated.
Returned to NZ 16.7.1944 and resigned 31.3.1945
Member of the Overseas Missions Committee 1962 to 1969
Brother of Rev J.L. Gray and son of Rev HB Gray.
Died 29 Jan 1977

GRAY, Rev Henry Begg
b 22.1.1862
w Jessie L. b 26.8.1863 m 10.6.1891 d 1930
Educated at Glasgow University and the UP Theological Hall Edinburgh.
Licensed by Glasgow South Presbytery of the United Presbyterian Church 1889
Ordained by Paisley Presbytery of UP Church at Lochwinnoch 18.11.1889
Received from UP Church with Commission.
Ind St Andrews Auckland  AP 17.4.1901
North East Valley Dunedin DnP 5 July 1906 - resigned 6 Dec 1916
Hawera TkP  7.2.1917 -  resigned 18.2.1923
Waihi WkP 16.10.1923 - retired 12.7.1925;  after living in retirement in Thames for some
time, he went to Scot in 1932.   Father of Rev J.L. Gray & of Mr G.T. Gray.
‘essentially an evangelist, fervent in spirit, instant in season & out of season.’
Died 21.2.1933 Scotland  

GRAY,  Mr Ian Lundie                  B.A.
b. Jagadhri India 9.11.1924 
w. Lesley Forbes nee Riach  b. Auckland 29.1.1926  Educated in the Waikato and in Auckland.
Lesley took a book-keeping course at Auckland University and gained a Diploma in Agriculture
at Massey Agricultural College.
Ian educated at St. Andrew’s College Christchurch, Takapuna Grammar School, Auckland Grammar School,
Auckland University (gained B.A.), Auckland Teachers Training College and Diploma of Agriculture at
Massey College in 1946. Completed his teacher’s training course in 1951.
Missionary New Hebrides  (Vanuatu) – appointed for three year term as teacher.
Teacher in charge of  new Onesua High School on Efate; left for New Hebrides 28.2.1953; Lesley and the 3
children followed when hopuse ready in 5.1953.  Language school on arrival.   High School opened 8.1953
Their daughter Shirley died tragically 21.12.1953
ret 12.1960.
Son of Rev JL Gray

GRAY, Mr James (Jim)      & Mrs Ethel
Miss New Hebrides  (Vanuatu)
Tanna Vanuatu  1982
Onesua High Sch - teacher;  returned to NZ 1992.

GRAY, Very Rev James Lundie            B.A. (Otago)    &   Marion Wilson Gray
b. 7.8.1892 Lochwinnoch Scotland.
w. Marion Wilson Scott b. Glasgow, Scotland 12.11.1898 m. 10.3.1921 d. 31 Jul 2001 aged 103
[a graduate from the renowned English Physical Training College at Dartford , she met the Rev James Gray in
England. She fully supported and actively shared in her husband’s Missionary work in India, despite the
deprivations and extreme climate. A forthright and inspiring person, a gifted speaker and a perfectionist in all
that she did. Always a great supporter of the “Busy Bees” and held the position of National President. In her
latter years Marion resided in Lady Allum Home, being our longest lived Missionary].
Rev Gray’s parents came to NZ to Dunedin where he was brought up. His Father was
the Rev H.B. Gray.
Educated at North East Valley Public School, Otago Boys’ High School and Otago
University (graduated B.A.).
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1915-16
YMBC Travelling Secretary 6.1916
Enlisted in NZEF; war service from 17.10.1917 to 19.10.1919 with the Medical Corps in France;
Post-graduate study at New
College Edinburgh and United Free College Glasgow.
Licensed by Dunedin Presbytery 1919
Ordained Eltham TkP 8.1.1920
Missionary India - appointed 1.8.1921 as Evangelistic Missionary at Jagadhri
"Mr Gray's message, though strongly evangelistic was also esentially practical. He wrote devotional material, much of
it translated into Indian languages; he taught and trained Pastors for christian leadership; he visited villages preaching
but also ministered to the sick who could not reach Jagadhri Hospital; he spoke at conferences; he encouraged villagers
to build the House of God in their villages as a tangible witness to their faith. Perhaps one of the most influential
opportunities he had was as Pastor to the Kellogg Church Interdenominational congregation in the hill station of
Landour. There, for nine years, he was asked to preach Christ to the assembled Missionaries and their families, who,
re-inspired, returned to their own mission stations throughout India."
The Coronation medal was bestowed upon the Rev Gray by HM the King in 1937 for services
rendered to the Jagadhri Town Council.
Author of ‘The Conquest of Gloom’ and other devotional studies.
“Own Missionaries” of  Somervell Church, Remuera, Auckland.
Returned to NZ 1941 and resigned 3.8.1943
Somervell Memorial Church Auckland  AP  1941 (Supply) Inducted 3.8.1943
St Pauls Napier HBP 14.2.1950
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1953, co-inciding with the visit of Queen
Elizabth II. "Mr & Mrs Gray carried out their exacting duties with thorougness and dignity".
In 1956 returned to the Punjab for 3 years to head the "Synod Forward Campaign" at the invitation of the United
Church of Northern India 1.11.1956 The objectives were three-fold, to further Bible study, to encourage evangelism,
and to promote stewardship.
"While Mr Gray's energies were directedmainly towards pastor guidance, Mrs Gray took the opportunity to work among the
Indian women and to form "busy Bees" or "Children's Societies"."
Returned to NZ via Indonesia 18.3.1960.
Retired 15.10.1960
In his retirement Mr Gray continued to preach and to write. He became the first chaplain at the PSSA Lady Allum Home
on the North Shore, Auckland.
"James Gray was the type of man who would have excelled in any profession he chose. He was an able administrator,
methodical and thorough in all he undertook. He was a wise counsellor and so sensitive to the needs of others."
(From Memorial Minute)
Grandfather of Rev Richard Gray
Died 21.5.1982, aged 89

GRAY, Rev Kenneth McLaren
b 10.10.1920 Milton
w Alberta Annie b 11.7.1923 m 28.8.1954  d 31.12.1976
He served in Navy 1944-45; then trained as teacher & taught in School for the Deaf,
Sumner Christchurch
Theological Hall 1958-59 (emergency course)
Ord Cust-Oxford ChP  11.12.1959 till death
Died  29.3.1963 in office.

GRAY, Rev Mary Alison              B.A.; M.A., L.Th.
b 27.7.1922 at Matamata.
Educated at Tirau Primary School, Matamata District High School (where she was Dux
& Head Girl in 1940) & the Auckland Teachers’ Training College.
Served as a Teacher with the Education Department, teaching at Tirau and Hodderville
before training and graduating from the Bible Training Institute in Auckland.
Appointed Teacher at Turakina Maori Girls’ College, Marton 3.2.1950
Appointed 1st Assistant at Turakina Maori Girls’ College, Marton 1.8.1955
Undertook a two year break to teach at a remand school in Birmingham, England
Resigned from Turakina Maori Girl’s College 31.1.1964 to do full-time study at Auckland University.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1971-73
Ord Onerahi  NP  12.2.1974
Te Aroha Co-operating Parish  WkP 14.12.1978
St Aidans Northcote NSP  7.7.1983 - resigned 3.12.1985
Kihikihi WkP 19.10.1986 - retired 31.1.1988 but continued as supply for further 6 months to 31.7.1988
Retired to Matamata.
Always a keen student, Alison was part way through a thesis on women’s leadership in the
church with Otago University at the time of her death.
Died 2 June 2006 (Suddenly) at Matamata, aged 83 years.

GRAY, Rev Richard John               T.T.C., B.A., B.Th.
w Morag Jane  m 17 December 1983 
Grew up in a Christian home, grounded firmly in the Presbyterian Church
Theological Hall, 1987-1989
Licensed at St James Pukekohe, 14 December 1989
Ordained Wairoa Union, Gisborne Presbytery, 17 December 1989
St Christopher’s Seatoun-Strathmore,  Wellington Presbytery,  January 1997and;
Chaplain at Scots College, Wellington,  Wellington Presbytery, February 1997
Moderator of Wellington Presbytery, July 2000 to July 2001
First Church, Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, February 2006
Moderator, Southland Presbytery, 2009-2010
Moderator, Synod of Otago and Southland, 2011-2012
Southern Regional Chaplain, Order of St John, 2006
Member of Invercargill Area Committee, Order of St John 8 years, Chairman 6 years
Member Order of St John, 2010
Assembly Business Work Group, 2012 ( - 2016)
Minister, Waiuku and Districts Combined Church, Northern Presbytery, 16 February 2015
Member of the Waiuku Area Committee, and Northern Regional Chaplain
Officer of the Order of St. John, 2015

GRAY, Rev Richard Scott                 M.Sc., B.D.
wife Helen Patricia, married 28.11.1981
Theological Hall 1979-1981
Ordained Assistant, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 11 March 1982
Winton, Southland Presbytery, 9 December 1984
St Stephens, Timaru, South Canterbury Presbytery, 22 November 1990
Moderator, Presbytery of South Canterbury, 2001 to 2002
Minister within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery, 1 July 2007
Minister emeritus, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 31 August 2017.

GRAY, Rev Robin J.G.
Methodist Church
St Davids Union Marchweil Timaru  9 February 1988
Nelson, Methodist-Presbyterian Hospital Chaplain 28 August 1992-1994

GRAY, Mr Thomas
HM Mangaweka WgP  1897-8
Opunake TkP  1899-1900,  described in list as lay missionary.

GRAY, Rev Weston
Exchange - Otahuhu AP  1981

GRAY, Rev William Herbert
b. Quebec, Canada, circa 1844
w. Catherine Horniman  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Ordained by the Presb. Church of Canada 1879 (one record says 1878)
Annapolis (Presbytery of halifax) 1880 to 1881
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of New South Wales 1881
Church Extension Agent, Hunter Presbytery 1881-1882
Inducted to Hamilton 20.11.1882 to May 1883
Grenfell (supply) 1883-84
Left NSW 1884
To Melbourne, Victoria Feb 1885
Received by the Presb. Church of Victoria 1885
Minister without charge 1885 to 1887
Received by the Preb. Church of Queensland 1888
Bald Hills – North Pine, Presb. Church of Queensland 23.2.1888 to 5.11.1889
To New South Wales :
Junee (Presb. Church of NSW) 1890 [inducted Jan 1891] to 1894
To New Zealand –
Received by the Presb. Synod of Otago and Southland  1.11.1894
Waikaia MtP - supplied for most of 1895
St Paul’s, Oamaru (Locum Tenens) during 1895 or 1896
Inducted Owaka ClP 1896 - resigned 1899  
Returned to Canada –
Ainsworth (Presbytery of Kootenay), British Columbia, Canada 1901

Maori Mission; received a small allowance for work during 1918

GREEN, Rev Francis John  (Frank)         M.B.E.,M.A.,C.F.
b 4.4.1912
w Isabella Jane b 26.10.1906 m 16.9.1937  d 26.6.1997
Theological Hall 1935-37;  he was an All Black 1937.
Licensed by Presbytery of Timaru 1937
Ordained Chaplain to Forces 3.12.1940
Rotorua 7.12.1944 - resigned 2.1.1952
Chaplain Waiouru WgP  2.9.1952; service as Chaplain included Waiouru 8 yrs, Malaya 2 yrs,
Burma 1 yr, Korea period. 
Orakei AP  6.12.1962 - resigned 30.9.1974
St Johns, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland for period.
Died 18.2.1978 suddenly on holiday at Taupo

Local Team Ministry, Maheno Otepopo, North Otago Presbytery, 2009-2011

GREENBANK, Rev John Cyrus  (Barney) 
b 29.8.1918 Hawera
w Ellen Ferris b 14.7.1919 m 9.5.1941
He was apprenticed to a radio & electrical firm; later went farming. He served briefly in
the army, then had electrical business at Kawakawa. He offered himself for Home Missions
service, but entered the Theological Hall instead.
Theological Hall 1956-58
Ord Hauraki Plains WkP (Turua) 3.2.1959
Taranaki East  14.12.1966
An experienced climber who had completed 160 summit climbs, six of them in the week
prior to his death.
Died 19.1.1974 aged 55 years, on Fantham's Peak (suddenly) of natural causes, while
descending Mt Egmont with a fellow climber, both having previously reached the summit.

GREENE, Miss Dale
Missionary Volunteer  -  India
Jubilee School, Kharar 1982

GREENSILL, Mrs              see                   Cartwright, Mabel

GREENWAY, Rev Dr Alfred Lacey             M.A.,B.D.,D.Theol.
b 29.2.1904 Skewen South Wales
w (1) Avvron m 30 yrs, details not known. 
w (2) Ruth Mary  m 19.1.1962
Educated in South Wales then undertook extra-mural Theological studies in London, Oxford,
and in Indiana (USA).
Served in pastorates of the Apostolic Church in the United Kingdom, Australia, and in New Zealand.
Engaged in full time Inter-faith Bible College work in Japan, Wales, Australia & New Zealand.
Principal of Bible Training Centre (of the Apostolic Church) Hamilton 1955-61. 
Applied to PCNZ for admission 1964
Received as a Probationer at the 1964 General Assembly in Auckland.
Mangapai (Stated Supply) NP 1965-66
Ord Mangapai NP 14.4.1966
St Andrew's Greerton BPP 11.7.1968 - retired 31.1.1973
From 1970-83 he lectured in Faith Bible College; retired then went to Baptist Church at Otumoetai.
The author of several books, and active as a convention speaker and Bible Teacher, prinicipally
with the Keswick Movement.
"He has made a tremendous impact as a Teacher, Preacher, and expositor of the Gospel, not only
within the Parish, but among people of every denomination. His knowledge of ancient texts and his
command of English have helped ensure logically constructed explanation and a more precise
understanding of the Word of God. These things have been supported by the obvious strength of his
own faith in God through Christ, and of his every endeavour to bring others to an awareness of God,
to an understanding of his ways, and to an acceptance of Christ as a personal Saviour. His love of
communicating Christ is not confined to the adult world. He seeks always to bring the joy of Christ
to children - through song (like any Welshman) and story (told to their understanding)." (1973)
Died 24.2.1984 at Tauranga, aged 79 years.

GREENWOOD, Rev Robert Robertson
b 1864 Scotland
Left home to study 1883; preached in England, Wales, & on the Continent until 1912.  He
was engaged in Mission work in India & Fiji
Minister of  Noble Street Presb. Church, Brooklyn NY, USA 5.12.1912
To New Zealand :
Papakura (Supply)
Received by the General Assembly 17.11.1924
Papakura SAP supply 1924, Ind 1.4.1925 - resigned 31.8.1929 & returned to the USA.
Died  1929, soon after arrival in California USA.

GREER, Rev Michael W.              L.Th.
Meth Ch
Tawa Union WnP  2.1979

GREIG, Rev Alexander                  M.A.
b 18.8.1838 Durris Kincardineshire Scotland.
w Jane Philip Greig b 15.3.1836 m 23.8.1867 d. 14.1.1917
He entered Kings College Aberdeen 1858 on bursary, MA 1862; studied theology at the Free Church
College at Aberdeen (now College of the Church of Scotland) 1862;
Licensed by the Free Church Presbytery of Turriff 1866;
Supply & locum tenens in various places in North East Scotland.
Ordained at Free Church Nairn 8.8.1867 prior to leaving for NZ.
He had planned to go out as Missionary to China, but was debarred by health; he then, on suggestion
of Principal Lumsden, volunteered for service in Otago.;
Sailed for Port Chalmers Otago with his bride, arr 14.12.1867;
Ind Otago Peninsula (NE Harbour) 8.4.1868 - Resigned April 1904
Moderaor of the Synod of Otago & Southland 1884; he was a Hebrew prizeman.  
‘The last of the pioneer ministers of Otago.’
Died 10.2.1938, aged 99 years, interred in Portobello cemtery.

HM Motukarara 1814 res 1914

GREY, Mr Oliver
HM Nightcaps Outfields (Wairio SP) 1915 student,  resigned 1916

GREY, Mr  W. Thomas
HM Denniston WsP  1896
Waimangaroa WsP  1897
Ohingaiti WgP  1898

GRIERSON, Rev Ian Douglas               B.A.
born 9 November 1934
wife (1) Elizabeth Jill Stringer married 2 January 1963  divorced 1986
wife (2) Catherine Anne Richards / Ferguson born 4 March 1941 married 27 November 1987 died 2003
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1961-1963
Licensed by Presbytery of Waikato November 1963
Ordained Associate minister, St George's West Edinburgh, Free Church of Scotland, while attending New College for two years teaching Geography and Religious Studies part-time at an secondary modern state school in Edinburgh, 1965
Inducted Point England Auckland Presbytery 3 March 1966
Te Aroha, Waikato Presbytery 4 March 1971 — resigned 30 August 1977
Chaplain St Andrews College Christchurch 16 September 1977
Twizel, South Canterbury Presbytery, 1 February 1984 — resigned 31 May 1984
Oxford District Union (Stated Supply) Christchurch Presbytery 1985
Mayfield Ashburton Presbytery 11 June 1987
Associate Minister Waitaki, North Otago Presbytery, 13 February 1994
Greymouth District Uniting Westland Presbytery February 1997  
Minister Emeritus, North Shore Presbytery February 2000
Moderator of Presbytery of Nelson-Marlborough 2002
17 March 2023 at Burwood Hospital, Christchurch aged 88

GRIEVE, Sr Jessie Campbell                     Mrs A.R. Ward
b 1895 Riverton
PWTI Dn 1918-20, volunteered for Maori Miss; Ord Deac at Wn
Ass 18.11.1920
Maori Miss Maungapohatu, teacher 1.2.1921
Waikaremoana 12.1924 res 12.1925 to become -
Head Teacher at Govt Native School at Rangihua 11.2.1926
Rep: she has been doing excellent work as publicity agent 1937.               
Married Albert R. Ward & lived at Wairoa; at the time of death she was elder & Sun Sch
teacher at Wairoa.
Died 24.8.1970 Wairoa

HM Whangamomona TkP 1914

from Cullowhee, North Carolina
wife Jocelyn
Youth worker, East Taieri Church, Southern Presbytery, 2017-2019
Lay Pastor, Calvin Community Church Gore, Southern Presbytery, February 2019
Affirmed locally ordained ministry probationary appointment, Calvin Community Church Gore, Southern Presbytery, 25 November 2020

GRIFFITH, Rev Jane Langley           B.A.,B.D.,Dip.Ed.,F.R.G.S.
h Thomas Roy   m 22.7.1972
Ord  Chap Arohata Borstal Wn & Hon Assoc St Andrews Ch
Wn 21.2.1985

GRIFFITH, Mr Timothy       & Mrs Suzanne
Miss - Accountant with SPAN Enterprises
Port Moresby PNG  with United Ch of PNG  1985
Term completed, returned to NZ 12.1986  

From the Presbyterian Church of Wales.
Educated at Trevecca Presbyterian College, South Wales, 4 year full course, 1890-1893
To Australia –
Welsh Presb. Church of Victoria 1894-96
To New Zealand –
Received by the Northern Presbyterian Church (Presbytery of Wanganui) 14.2.1896, and
by the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland 28.10.1896
Inducted  Strath Taieri (Middlemarch)  12.1.1897 - resigned 7.6.1898
Returned to Australia –
To the Presb. Church of New South Wales, petition dated 4.9.1900, admitted 15.5.1901
To Tasmania 1902, no further mention.

GRIFFITHS, Rev Robert John  (Bob)            M.B.E.,M.A.
b 26.7.1905
w Isobel Otto b 10.3.1907 m 29.3.1933 d 24.2.1994
Theological Hall Dunedin 1930 - 32
Ord Paeroa WkP  8.11.1932
Waimate SCP 29.7.1937
Chap 2NZEF 1939; Pris of War  1942; returned to Waimate 1946
St Ninians Riccarton Chch 6.10.1953
Waikari ChP 4.2.1971  ret 31.12.1972
Conv Chr Educ Com 7 yrs
Died 17.1.1977 

Rep: supplied Ohingaiti & Mangaweka WgP 1st half of 1896

GRIMES, Mr Trevor
Apprentice Carpenter sent out to New Hebrides.
Appt. 1.1.1952
Returned to NZ Sept 1952

GRIMSHAW, Rev Frank Graham
born 2 August 1934, at Auckland
wife:  Alison Margaret Clark  married 2 February 1963
Employed in a Customs Agency, becoming General Manager of the firm at an early age.
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1968-1970
Licensed by Presbytery of Auckland 12 November 1970
Ordained Queenstown, Central Otago Presbytery, 3 December 1970
Geraldine, South Canterbury Presbytery, 29 April 1976
Associate Minister, St Andrews, Hastings, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 13 December 1984
Especially strong as Pastor; served on Church Union Committee.
Died 23 February 1985 in office at Hastings, 2 months after Induction.  

GRINLING, Mr Alfred Henry B.
w. Emily Grinling b.(?) m.(?) d.12 Feb 1928 after a "lingering illness".
Editor of "The Outlook" from 1902 - resignation accepted by Assembly 28.11.1928 through ill-health.
Mr Grinling came to the "The Outlook" at a time of crisis, no other Editor being available - or willing - to take
on the role during a difficult time.
With wide, varied and therefore valuable journalistic experience behind him, Mr Grinling offered to collect
and prepare matter and to see "The Outlook" through until things settled down and permanent arrangements
could be made. Thus almost by accident Mr Grinling began a period of many years of devoted and honourable
service for the Church. He had a wide acquaintance with literature, possessed a retentive memory, was eager to
express his thoughts in writing, and with his training as a journalist he had his eye on world movements and
possessed the power to see whither they were tending. His interest in social questions was as real as his desire
that they should be discussed and the problems they represented should be solved from the Christian standpoint.
He placed his points clearly and concisely before his fellows, put them in simple phraseology, and then was
willing to abide by the result.
As with the previous Editor, the Rev R Waddell, Mr Grinling sought to make "The Outlook" not merely a
denominational organ but a religious weekly such as "The Southern Cross" of Melbourne. That neither achieved
his object was not due to lack of ability, but to the fact that the Church as a whole failed to realize the opportunity
which presented itself. Borth men were subject to unfair and, at times, carping criticism.
As with Rev Waddell, Mr Grinling suffered it all cheerfully and carried on [his] work patiently and earnestly.
Hardly an Assembly passed without severe criticism of the Church's paper and of its Editor. Much of this was quite
unfair and not a little the outcome of personal bias. Yet Mr Grinling heard it and, as far as he could in fairness to
the Church and to his own convictions, sought to meet the wishes of his opponents. His courtesy was not allowed
to decline even when it was manifestly hard to maintain an unruffled demeanour. His desire was ever to work with
the Church, not to forward his own wishes nor to propound teaching which was likely to cause pain to others.
Shortly before his death Mr Grinling expressed his gratitude to those whose patience with him was unabated even
when they could not understand his point of view.
A communicant member of the Church and an Elder.
Took leave of six months to visit the Home Country May 1914
Died 26 June 1929, aged 69 years. Interred in Anderson's Bay Cemetery, Dunedin.

Secretary in the Foreign Missions Office in Auckland for many years.
Resigned due to ill health 1939.
“Miss Grocott had a sound knowledge of, and a deep interest in the work of our Church abroad,
which knowledge and interest were deepened by her visit to the Indian field.”

GROCOTT, Alexander Barclay
b 14 August 1938
w (1)Prudence Butler m 1960s
w (2) Chris
Member of St Andrews Hamilton, and Optometrist
Life and Work Committee 1970
Council of Assembly 1974-1979
Co-convener Mission Resource Team 1991
Department of Parish Development and Mission 1975
died suddenly 7 July 2012

GROSSE, Rev Lawrence  Albert (Larry)           Q.S.M.
born 19 January 1925
wife Valerie Joan  married 1 November 1958
Home Missionary, Te Atatu, Auckland Presbytery, 1956
Titoki, Northland Presbytery, 1959
Theological Hall 1964-1966
Ordained as Minister at Otaki-Waikanae, Wellington Presbytery, 23 February 1967
St Pauls, Devonport, North Shore Presbytery, 18 December 1986
Minister Emeritus, 31 December 1991 
Died 11 June 2010 aged 85

Meth Ch
Marchweil Union Timaru SCP 1959

GROVES, Miss Joan
Deac Coll 1958 (special social service course)
Rep 1959:  married.

GRUNDY, Rev Clive
Ch of Christ
Chap Levin Psychopaedic Hosp  1975
Hosp Chap (Cherry Farm), Dn 14 2.1988
app  completed 31.1.1994

GRUNDY, Rev William
b 31.3.1871 England;  unmarried
He had one year at the Bible Training Institute in England and one year as a Student
Pastor under a Minister at Bath England; served in China under the China Inland
Mission for 13 years; he was forced to resign due to health reasons; came to NZ
and joined the Home Missionary service May 1909.
HM Wanganui East (Eastbrook)  1912
Gonville Wanganui  1913, Ord HM 1913
Greytown WpP (incl Pongoroa)   1916-19
Tasman NMP  1920
Gisborne Suburbs (Mangapapa-Kaiti)  1921
Ormond GP  1925
Palmerston North Outfields  1928
Pongoroa WpP  1930
South Taieri DnP  1931  -  after a prolonged and serious illness he was forced to resign
in July 1935, effective 31.8.1935.
Retired 22.8.1935; ill-health dogged his closing years.       
Applied to be raised to full Ministerial status 1915 - declined.
Died 17.12.1939  

GUALTER, Rev William Henry M.A.
born Perth, Scotland 1832
wife Helen M Burns born (?) married 1861 died (?)
Attended University of Glasgow and New College Edinburgh (one records states Free Church College, Aberdeen)
Ordained at Hawick 1859
Trinity Church, Aberdeen, 1864
St Mark’s Church, Glasgow, 1877
Selected for First Church, Dunedin, New Zealand by a Commission of the Free Church of Scotland.
Inducted to First Church, Dunedin, 1 January 1885 — died 5 months later.
Introduced the use of Communion cards in lieu of tokens and re-opened Prayer meetings.
Died in office, 20 July 1885. Interred in Northern Cemetery, Dunedin.

GULLICK, Rev John                 B.Th.
born 22 November 1949 in Winton, Southland, son of Fred and Dorothy Gullick
Made a deep commitment to Christ at age 16, moved around various churches, sense of call to ministry, 1971
Educated Winton Primary School and Central Southland College 1965, leaving at the age of 15; University of Otago 1982
wife Heather Grace married 18 August 1973
Admitted to full communion in the Church at Mosgiel North Taieri Church, 1980
Studied privately at Holy Cross College and began Bachelor of Theology in 1984
Theological Hall 1985-1987
Licensed Musselburgh, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 22 November 1987
A year working in Mosgiel Parish before he moved into the Riversdale-Waikaia parish, 12 December 1988
Ordained Riversdale-Waikaia, Mataura Presbytery, 15 December 1988, for 30 years
Influential in Christian formation and training due to a residential discipleship training ministry focused on young people. He was the driving force in establishing parish-based charitable trusts to provide buildings for discipleship training and an early childhood centre.
Moderator of Mataura Presbytery, 2000; served on committees of the Synod of Otago and Southland
A committed runner and played club rugby until aged 64 years old
died 19 December 2018

GUNN, Rev Arthur Graham                B.A.
b 7.12.1912
w (1) Alice Vera Green b 2.12.1924 m 21.7.1945  d 1975  
w (2) Peggy Pike b -  m 17.3.1979
Studied at the Bible Training Institute Auckland from 1936 where he gained the top
marks ever recorded : an average of 97%. Thereafter followed an outstanding work in
the Auckland YMCA. He also began the Christian Men’s Business Association with
Mr RA Laidlaw (Founder of the Frarmers Trading Co.). Over 300 people attended the
first meeting.
Served in China from 1939  for 2½ years with the China Inland Mission. During this
time he nearly lost his life several times and created the most ingenious ways of
sharing the Gospel with the Chinese.
Left China after War declared on Japan. Trained as a pilot in India under the Royal Air
Force then served in Egypt for 5 months and then Britain for 10 months. This included
flying Wellington Bombers in the latter part of the war with hair-raising experiences.
In all this he maintained a strong Chrsitian witness.
Returned to NZ
To Edinburgh for BD studies at New College, Edinburgh 1948 ?
Possibly undertook one year at Theological Hall Dunedin 1949 ? 
Ordained 1950
North Berwick, Midlothian, Scotland
St David’s, Glasgow
Returned to New Zealand :
Inducted  Manurewa SAP  9.2.1961 - retired 31.1.1978 
Manurewa (supply) from 1.2.1978 for a time.
Editor of the ‘Evangelical Weekly’; played a prominent part in the life of the Westminster
Fellowship during the 1960’s; taught Church History in the Bible College of New Zealand;
in retirement taught evening classes at Rangitoto College and conducted many tours to
the Holy Land.
“With some quite exceptional gifts there are joined in him a humanity, consideration for
others, a great friendliness that surely stems from an inspiring faith, things are always
happening where he is. His church in news. His abounding energy is ever exploring new
avenues of Christian service.” (from Obit.)
Son of Rev JT Gunn (Snr) & Brother of Rev J.T.Gunn.
Died c.1999-2000

GUNN, Rev James (Jim) Thomas             B.A.
b 17.11.1919
w Margaret Valentine b 10.7.1922 m 31.5.1947
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1951-53
Licensed by Wellington Presbytery 1 Nov 1953
Ord Titirangi, Auckland AP 3.12.1953
Mornington, Dunedin  DnP  6.10.1966
Orakei AP 29.5.1975
Waiheke Island (shared with Orakei) AP 1.7.1980 
Minister Emeritus 31.1.1985
Latterly a resident in Glendowie Retirement Village and an active member of Glendowie
Presbyterian Church.
St Andrews Hospital Chaplain Glendowie 2001-2006
Son of Rev JT Gunn (Snr) & Brother of Rev A.G. Gunn
Died on 20th September 2008 in Auckland.

GUNN, Rev James T.
b 14.8.1875
w Annie Elizabeth b 20.12.1878 m 26.12.1905  d 3.8.1965
Studied at Victoria University Wellington, then -
Theological Hall Dunedin 1904-6
Ord Mangaweka WgP  22.5.1907
Waipawa HBP  11.8.1909
Teviot COP  12.2.1914
Pleasant Point SCP 25.6.1919
He took a Sunday service then died while on the way to another service.
Died 20.7.1919 at Pleasant Point, in office.

GUNN, Rev Lewis Farquhar Fraser             M.B.E., E.D., M.A., B.D.
b 19.10.1909
Jean Bagley b 16.5.1913 m 12.5.1938 d 2.5.1982
Educated at Otago University & melbourne College of Divinity.
Theological Hall 1933-35
Ord New Plymouth as Locum Tenens 12.2.1936
St Ninians, Riccarton,  Christchurch  ChP  3.2.1937
Te Awamutu WkP  27.11.1941
Chaplain NZ Territoial Forces, 2nd Army Regiment, Italy 1942-45
St Andrews Christchurch  ChP  15.4.1948
To Australia :
St Andrews, Gardiner, Melbourne (Presb. Church of Victoria) 14.8.1955
Stated Clerk of Assembly, Presb. Church of Victoria 1976.
Moderator of the Presb. Church of Victoria 1976
Clerk of the General Assembly of Australia 1970-77
He was highly respected, able Clerk of Assembly.
Died 16.12.1996

GUTHARDT, Rev Dr Dame Phyllis M.            M.A.,Ph.D.(Cantab)
born 1 August 1929 daughter of Amelia Guthardt and Johan Detlef Guthardt
Christchurch Teachers College; Diploma, Trinity Theological College, Bachelor of Arts in English, Auckland University; Master of Arts (First Class Honours) Canterbury University 1959; awarded Doctor of Philosophy, Cambridge University, 1963
Taught in Nelson and Christchurch; Tutor, Homerton College, Cambridge
Methodist Church — Ordained 1959
Methodist Minister, Hamilton; Chaplain Waikato Hospital; Council of Waikato University; tutor in English and Lecturer in Religious Studies Waikato University, Ecumenical Chaplain Canterbury University, Christchurch
Knox Church Christchurch 29 January 1976 — resigned 31 March 1984
Superintendant Minister, Riccarton Methodist Parish — retired 1989
President, World Methodist Council; Working Group on Women, Church and Society, World Council of Churches, Geneva; Theological Commission, Christian Conference of Asia, Hong Kong; Canterbury University Council 1981-2002, Pro-Chancellor 1992-1998, Chancellor, Canterbury University 1998-2002, Honorary Doctor of Laws, Canterbury University 2003; Foundation member, Honourable Order of Jerusalem, World Methodist Council
"Try to explore all kinds of ideas, while you are here and in your later work. We live in such exciting times and we are just on the fringes of knowledge - about one another and the wider universe. We try to arrange mere fragments of truth into a mosaic that will reveal the meaning of life...." (Graduation address, Canterbury University 2003)
died 29 June 2023 at WesleyCare, Christchurch

GUTHRIE, Rev Ernest G.            M.A., B.D.
The son of Mr Henry Guthrie of Dunedin.
Graduated Bachelor of Arts from Otago University
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1902-1903
Left to complete his studies at Yale University, USA, 1904
Associate Pastor of the Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester, New York, USA, 1905-1907 — for 2 years.
Reported as having had "a distinguished career" in the States.
Returned to New Zealand approximately 1907
Knox Church Dunedin (for some months, presumably as Locum Tenens), Dunedin Presbytery, circa 1907
Chalmers Church, Timaru (as Locum Tenens for Rev Jackson), 6 month term, South Canterbury Presbytery, circa 1907-1908
Returned to the United States of America, 1908
First Congregational Church, Burlington, Vermont, USA, 1908-1914 — appointed upon the recommnedation of Professor Bruslow, one of his professors at Yale University.
Union Congregational Church, Boston, 1914-1926
Chicago Congregational Union, Chicago, 1926 — retired 1942
died 1944 in Florida, buried in Chicago

GUY, Rev Ian M.                    B.Min.
wife: Amanda
A follower of Jesus in his teenage years
Management experience, BMin at Bible College
Kaikorai Presbyterian Church, Dunedin Presbytery, 2000
Convenor of the leadership Sub-Committee 2007
Wakatipu, Southern Presbytery, 2 February 2012

GWYNN, Mr Peter Jonatan
b. Feilding. Educated at Levin then undertook an NZCE electrical course.
Missionary – Appointed as Technician serving New Hebrides Mission (Vanuatu) 1979
Attended Faith Bible College Tauranga early 1979and an Orientation Course in Australia Aug to Sept 1979
Left for New Hebrides 24.2.1981
Resigned 8.4.1981

GWYNNE, Rev Kevin W.
Anglican Church
Ruawai Co-operative, Northland Presbytery April 1983 — appointment finished 31 January 1986 
Associate Minister Wairau Parish (St Ninian's Blenheim / Wairau / Renwick) Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 11 April 2006

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