Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Anderson to Ayers

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ANDERSON, Rev A. [Andrew?]
Cameronian; came  out with Pollock settlers.
Ind Pollock 1865 res 1867 & returned to Scot.
Rev Andrew Anderson noted as being Minister at 'The Whau' (Avondale) Presbyterian Church,
Auckland from the 7th Feb 1865 to 15th Oct 1866.

ANDERSON, Rev Bruce Steven
w Wendy Lee  m 6.6.1981
Ord Edendale MtP 30.1.1986 res 31.8.1986.

ANDERSON, Rev David Arthur
born 30 November 1838. Never married – his Sister kept house for him.
A native of the Shetland Islands; in early life went to sea as a sailor, being engaged in the fishing industry. Became a Christian in a revival movement in the Shetland Islands.
Left home for New Zealand as a young man, accompanied by (Rev) Robert Shaw, another Shetlander. On arrival both followed the gold rush to the West Coast.
Became a Preacher for the Methodist Church for a short time, possibly on the West Coast where he is known to have preached to various groups.
Colporteur for the Otago Bible Society in the late 1870’s.
Became a Home Missionary for the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.
The (Northern) Presbyterian Church was in great need of ministers, and recognizing his great gifts had him licensed and Ordained while at Totara Flat.
Home Missionary, Kelso, 1879
Brunnerton, Westland Presbytery, June 1886
Totara Flat, Westland Presbytery, 1890
Grey Valley (Totara Flat), Westland Presbytery, ordained April 1895
Sefton, Christchurch Presbytery, 12 January 1899 - the new Sefton Church was offically opened 11 March 1906 - retired 30 September 1906 due to failing health
Died 8 September 1911 at Greymouth.

ANDERSON, Mr  David  D.
HM  Totara  Flat  WsP  1893

ANDERSON, Rev David William                  BTh.
born Dunedin into a missionary family serving in Bolivia, South America
wife: Jean Renee Rutherford, BCapSc(Otago), cutter for Adventure Outfitters married 15 November 1997
Kings High School 1986; Trade Certificate Electrical, Otago Polytechnic 1989; Bachelor of Theology New Testament, Otago University 2000, Diploma of Ministry, School of Ministry, Knox College 1999
Apprenticeship, AT&T Burts Dunedin 1986-1990; Marine Electrician and Electrical Officer, Operation Mobilisation M/V Doulos; Industrial Electrician, Otago Electrical and Communication (OEC), Dunedin and Queenstown 1994-1996
Licensed Dunedin Presbytery, 21 November 1999
Ordained Pukerau/Waikaka Presbyterian Church, Mataura Presbytery, 30 November 1999
Knox, Fitzroy Presbyterian Church, New Plymouth, Taranaki Presbytery, 5 December 2004
Other recognised minister, Southern Presbytery 1 July 2014
Coffeefix, Tansley Electrical 2014-201s7; and Caversham Baptist Church
Stated supply, Clinton Presbyterian Church, Southern Presbytery, July 2017
Minister, Clinton Presbyterian Church, Southern Presbytery, 30 November 2021
Interests include vehicle restoration

ANDERSON, Rev Douglas William (Doug)      M.Sc.,B.D.,M.Theol.
born Winton, Southland
wife Beryl Florence Beaton married 7 May 1966 Presbyterian Missionary, New Hebrides, see separate entry
Master of Science (Chemistry) Otago University 1960; Bachelor of Divinity, Otago University 1960; Master of Theology (Hinduism), South East Asia Graduate School of Theology 1979
Research Chemist, DSIR, Gracefield, Lower Hutt
Theological Hall, 1961-1963
Ordained Woodville, Manawatu Presbytery, 11 February 1964 — resigned 30 June 1968
Overseas Worker under Overseas Missionary Fellowship with Discipleship Training Centre, Singapore, 16 July 1968 — including three years as Pastor, Princess Street Presbyterian Church Singapore (English-speaking Chinese); Kuala Lumpur 1978 to 1981
St Pauls-Trinity-Pacific Associate, Christchurch Presbytery, 28 January 1982
Knox Lower Hutt Wellington Presbytery, 13 February 1986 — resigned  31 May 1994
Minister, Union Church of Istanbul, UCI, Turkey, 1 June 1994 — returned to New Zealand, May-June 2001
Minister within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery 22 August 2001
Minister Emeritus, Wellington Presbytery 2 December 2001

ANDERSON, Gregors Poul (Poul)
wife: Wilma
Lay appointment, St Mark’s Tokoroa, Waikato Presbytery, 2006
Lay minister, St John’s Waipawa, Gisborne-Hawke’s Bay Presbytery, 29 March 2009

Meth Ch
Oxford District Union ChP  2.1976
Tuakau Union SAP  2.1980

ANDERSON, Mrs Joan Marian    C.B.E., M.A.
b 8.1.1921; h Howard Pellew, Anderson A.C.A., M.P.N.I.
b 12.11.1920 m 21.3.1947 - RNVR(NZ) Lieut; Exec
Sister of Wynne Benton
Director Ang Ch Ak 1972 res 1984
Joan an elder, served on Broadcasting Com; Ch Worship & Arch Com; Public Questions Com;
Ch Union Com; Conv Ecumenical Affairs Com 1972-4.
Mod Ass 1979 - 1st woman to be Mod;
Pres Rep on Joint Commiss on Ch Union 1968-76;
Memb Exec Nat Council Chs, Pres 1981-2;
Represented PCNZ at 5th Ass WorldCouncil of Chs Nairobi 1975;
Memb Central Com of WCC 1975-82;
Rep PCNZ at 7th Ass of Chr Conf of Asia, Bangalore 1981
Died May 2013   

b 28.11.1879; w Margaret b 21.6.1875 m 4.12.1901 d 10.9.1957
HM Mamaku 1915
Tuapeka West ClP 1916, Ord HM 1917
Orari SCP 1920
Cheviot ChP 1927; lic authorized 18.11.1927
Ord Min Waikari ChP  20.3.1938
Lower Waitaki (Peebles NOP) 26.5.1933 ret 31.12.1944
Hornby 1946 - in ret
Chap Templeton Lodge & Gaol Chch 1949
Died  5.8.1954

ANDERSON, Rev John Duncan Campbell    B.A.(Theol Sth Afr)
w (1) Rosemary b - m 23.2.1957 
w (2) Marie b - m 1980
fr Nth Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) - Pres Ch of Sth Afr; Ord 1957; recd 1963
Ind Assist Green Island DnP 25.6.1963
Lookout Point-Saddle Hill (Fairfield DnP) 1966
Eastbourne WnP 10.9.1970
Lansdowne WpP 2.12.1982
John grew up & was educ in Sth Afr  He was ord in 1957 and served his first parish in
Zimbabwe, during a period of great unrest & political turmoil.  As a compelling preacher &
speaker & imaginative writer he was in constant demand. John used his ability with
language to help his congregation to worship in a more meaningful way, by writing
hymns & updating others. It was as a pastor & friend that people remember him most.
For the last years of his ministry he was ITIM  Chapl for the Fire Service, where he
became a respected counsellor & friend.   (fr Obit)
Died 9.5.1990 in office    

ANDERSON, Rev Kennedy Stratford
b 3.2.1918; w Vera Emily b 28.1.1919 m 17.12.1949
HM Murupara 4.1955
Hall 1958 (emergency scheme)
St Peters Mt Wellington AP 4.4.1957
He does not appear to have returned to Mt Wellington after Hall yr,  but possibly did; he wthd
fr Ch serv formally on 31.12.1959; he does not appear to have been ord (no record or report of
it), & in that case his title should be Mr not Rev.  

ANDERSON, Sr Margaret    see  Davies, Mrs H.

He was Miss in Jamaica for 20 yrs with CS, & then Miss to cabmen in Glas;  came as prob
fr CS to NZ; recd Pr Otago (DnP) 22.9.1864.
Assist Knox Ch Dn 4.1865
(with HM status, & worked in N E Valley, Wakari etc assisting Min.)
Died 5.12.1867 in office

ANDERSON, Rev Peter      B.Sc.(Lond), A.I.C.
b 1.1.1895; w Constance Mary b 10.1.1895 m 10.11.1936
He was brought up in London & was an analytical chemist; in 1935 he left for Amoy China
as an educ miss of PCE in Kulangsu, Sth China. On his furlough in 1941 he came to NZ,
as he had been forced to leave by the Jap invasion. He was recd by DnP as stud for min,
& granted permission to take a 2 yr course in Hall. (Rep 1942)
Hall 1941-2
He planned to return to China, but this proved impossible, & he stayed in NZ.
Chap Ord McGlashan Coll Dn 25.2.1943, also science master.
Queenstown COP 17.5.1944
Strath Taieri (Middlemarch DnP) 2.9.1948
Methven AsP 15.10.1953 ret 19.11.1960
In ret he relieved Hosp Chaps Dn
Died 11.2.1966 Dn   

ANDERSON, Rev Robert Henry     B.A.,B.D.
born Stratford, a farmer
wife Gloria Ruth Quarrell married 25 February 1967
Bachelor of Art, Massey University 1973; Bachelor of Divinity, Otago University 1975
Theological Hall 1973-1975
Ordained Kihikihi, Waikato Presbytery, 12 February 1976
Riversdale-Waikaia Presbyterian, Mataura Presbytery 4 February 1982
Green Island Presbyterian Church, Dunedin Presbytery 13 September 1987
Ecumenical Chaplain Taranaki Base Hospital, Taranaki Presbytery, 29 May 1995 to 31 July 2011 
accredited hospital chaplain, 22 August 1997
Minister Emeritus Taranaki Presbytery 2012

ANDERSON, Rev Robert Stewart                                   B.A.
b 29.12.1915 Dunedin;
w (1) Phyllis May Ferguson b 6.5.1915 m 21.11.1939 d 3.6.1964
w (2) Anne Jane Hollister-Jones b 13.2.1923 m 20.5.1967 d. 24.3.2006 (divorced) –
refer entry for Sr A Hollister-Jones
Musselburgh Primary School, Otago Boys High School.
Responded to "a fire and brimstone evangelist" at age 13 with the reservation "I didn't
think it fair of God but didn't dare tell anyone."
University Otago and Auckland, studied law, commerce and philosophy
Law clerk, Dunedin 1932
Home Missionary from 1941.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1946-48
Ord Mangaweka-Rewa WgP 15.12.1948
Naenae WnP 22.7.1954
North Invercargill SP 30.7.1959
Study leave 1972
Kaeo-Kerikeri NP 8.4.1976
Minister Emeritus NP 31.1.1981
Associate Secretary of the Tamarillo Growers Assn for 13 years
Secretary of the Northland Uniting Church Council to 2002
Retired to Stokes Valley 2004
Minister Emeritus WnP 21 Mar 2006
His life was packed with action in church, community and sporting activities.
Died 4 July 2010

ANDERSON, Mrs R.S.       see    Hollister-Jones, Sr. Anne

fr USA  -  exchange
Edendale MtP 30.1.1986

ANDERSON, Rev William
b. 1870
m. (?)  w. (?) [a Daughter of the Rev Peter Milne of Nguna]  d. (?)
Appointed by the JG Paton Mission, Glasgow to Hog Harbour, Santo, New Hebrides.
Missionary at Hog Harbour, Santo 1921
Ordained Missionary by the Presbytery of Melbourne North, Victoria, Australia.
Retired to Canterbury, New Zealand 1951
(No record of having been entered onto the official roll of NZ Presbyterian Ministers)
Died 22 May 1953

ANDERSON, Rev William Archibald
b. 16.7.1891 Stirling NZ
w. Ella Clara Salisbury  b.(?)  m. 8.12.1926 at Shanghai   d. 1948
Formerly a Farmer. At a Mission in 1910 he decided to give himself to service in China.
He was preparing for this when War broke out; he joined the Medical Corps and served
as a stretcher-bearer at Gallipoli, Egypt and France. After the Armistice in 1918, being
unfit, he returned to NZ, and back to the farm. Undertook a Scofield Bible Training
Course from Moody Bible Institute. After further training at the Melbourne Bible Institute
he was accepted by China Inland Mission and sailed to China on 4.4.1921 till his furlough
in 1927.  In 1934 he returned to NZ on acct of his wife’s health after having spent 13 year
in China under the CIM.
Applied for and accepted as unordained Home Missionary for supply circa May 1935
HM Beaumont (supply) ClP 1935
Catlins (Ratanui ClP) 1937, Ordained into Home Missions 16.7.1937     
Waihola-Milburn ClP 1940
Waiuku-Awhitu SAP 1946
Henderson-Hobsonville AP  1947
Pukemiro WkP 1949-1951
Chaplain Waikato Hospital and relieved in vacant parishes in Waikato and South Auckland
Retired 1959
Died 15.9.1972

ANDERSON, Mr W.D.     
O’seas Worker -  Singapore  1974

Meth Ch
St Andrews Rotorua BPP Hon Assist 4.1990

ANDREW,  Mr D.E.       B.A.
fr PCI; did univ work & began theol in Irel; came to NZ 1891 to finish theol in NZ.
Stud prch at station in Waikato 1892
Helensville 1893, 2nd yr Div stud.
Kereru WnP 1894 stud. - no further reference.

ANDREW, Rev James Newbold Lea
b 10 September 1905;
w Eileen Marion nee Samson b 8 September 1907 m 28 January 1931 d 21 November 1975
He was the son of Salvation Army parents. While he was at Salvation Army Barracks he
married Eileen Samson, and they worked for the Salvation Army for 13 years in many places
in the Auckland province.
Joined the Home Missionary service 15 December .1940
Home Missionary, Avondale, Auckland Presbytery, 1940 for brief period
Mangaweka-Rewa Wanganui Presbytery, 1941, Ordained Home Missionary, 15 April 1941  
Johnsonville Wellington Presbytery, 1943
Gladstone, Dunedin Presbytery, 1946
Theological Hall, 1947-1949
Otago Peninsula 13 December 1949
Brooklyn, Wellington Presbytery, 2 July 1953 - resigned 30 June 1961
Hospital Chaplain, Wellington, 6 July 1961
Hauraki Plains Union, Waikato Presbytery, 9 February 1967
Father of Pr. M.E. Andrew
Died 11 November 1970, suddenly on eve of his retirement.               

ANDREW, Rev Maurice Edward            M.A.,B.D.,D.Theol.(Heidelburg)
wife Gisela Ingeberg  married 25 July 1959
Theological Hall 1954-1956; awarded scholarship by the German Government for study in German
University 1956; went  to Heidelberg
Ordained Ngaio Wellington Presbytery 2 December 1959 — resigned 17 March 1963
Assisant at Theological College of The Rhineland, Wuppertal, Germany 1 October 1963
Ibadan Nigeria 1965
German Department, Massey University Palmerston North June 1968
Professor of Old Testament Studies Theological Hall Dunedin  23 February 1972 — retired  May 1989
Principal Theological Hall 2.1986 (as well as Prof of Old Testament studies) — retired 31 January 1990
Son of Rev J.N.L. Andrew above.
‘Critically, but deeply sensitive to the cultural values of his contemporaries, he has been able,
on behalf of us all, & especially his students, to explore the opportunities & obligations of
faith within our own modern context, frequently voicing sharp, uncomfortable reminders of
the goodness & severity of God.’ (Com)  
Minister Emeritus DnP   

ANDREWS, Rev Edward Ernest    M.M.,M.A.
b 19.9.1888 Dunedin
w Ivy Annie b 4.8.1892 m 15.9.1920 d 6.1971
He was brought up on a farm at Winton; studied privately;  to Otago University 1910. 
Enlisted in NZEF when a university student 1917
Served from 16.7.1917 to 21.7.1919, Gallipoli & France.
Free Church College Glasgow 1918-19
Theological Hall Dunedin 1920 (final year)
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin Sept 1920
Ord Waipu NP 22.2.1921
Waitahuna ClP 3.12.1926 - resigned 15.3.1932
Herbert-Kakanui NOP 19.7.1932
Albury  SCP 18.5.1937
Alexandra-Clyde COP 10.9.1941
Morven SCP 15.6.1944 - retired 28.2.1946 due to ill-health caused by war injuries.
Died 11.7.1982, aged 93 years.   

ANGUS, Rev George Colville Menpes (Col)                 BSc
b 10.4.1916 at Dunedin.
w Janet (Jen) Catherine Cowan b 12.3.1915 m 10.4.1948 d.(?) - pre-deceased him, c.2000.
(Mrs Angus, a historian as well as giving great support in the parish, wrote several histories including that of the
Waihemo County Council. She was also a relieving teacher at the then Palmerston District High School.)
Attended Musselburgh High School, Otago Boys' High School and then Otago University where he graduated
BSc in chemistry. As a conscientious objector during World War Two he was "manpowered" to work on the West
Coast and in Wellington.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1945 - 47
Ordained Fortrose SP 2.2.1948
Palmerston NOP 17.2.1955
Grants Braes Waverley Union Dunedin DnP 3.2.1966
Strath Taieri (Middlemarch) DnP 6.2.1975 - retired 15.8.1979;
Father of the Rev T.R. Angus below. 
"Mr Angus was a greatly liked and respected Presbyterian Minister [with[ a particular affection for Palmerston where
his late wife Janet (Jen) had grown up. Mr Angus had a reputation for being able to talk to anyone on any subject....
He was also very sympathetic and helpful listener at a time when social workers, particularly in rural areas, were few
and far between. ....Mr and Mrs Angus retired to Waikouaiti, where he was heavily involved with the Waikouaiti
Presbyterian Church. For many years he was a member of an ecumenical group at St John's Anglican Church. He
believed strongly in church union and church co-operation.
He... trained as a Scientist and htroughout his life he had a fascination with how things worked, both natural and
man-made.... He loved maps and read widely, particularly non-fiction. he often persuaded the [Wakaoiaiti] Library
to buy books he had just read about in the Otago Daily Times.
He was a "great improver", leaving his mark on the churches in which he preached, the hosues where he lived and
in the gardens he established. But the most important nmarkers he left throughout his life were in people's hearts.
...he had agreat ability to see the good in people, to deraw it out and to enjoy the erlationship that followed."
[From Obituary]
Died 17 June 2010, aged 94 years 

ANGUS, Rev Timothy Rae     B.A.(Hons)
Degree in English, and worked in a variety of jobs, including managing a Third World craft shop
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1982 - 1985
Ordained Associate Minister St Stephens and St Aidans, Lower Hutt Wellington Presbytery, 28 November 1985
Resigned 24 November 1986 - to Australia for further study.
Helensville (Uniting Church of Australia, Victoria) 1 July 1988;
Son of the Rev G.C.M. Angus above.

ANSELL, Miss Barbara F.
Maori Mission - Matahi Mission School, teacher 5.2.1957
Deaconess College Dunedin  (advanced stud) 1959 to 7.1960

ANSELL, Rev David H.
Meth Ch
St Albans Chartwell Co-op WkP  2.1981

ANUGRAHA, Rev Johnvin Ko Kiki
born Bandung, Indonesia
wife: Inggrid Inggria
Bachelor of Theology, Duta Wacana, Indonesia 1970
Bachelor of Divinity, Duta Wacana, Indonesia 1972
Certificate of Merit from Sino British Trust, Selly Oak Colleges, Birmingham, England 1979
Master of Theology,Chicago Theological Seminary, USA, with a scholarship from the World Council of Churches, 1985
Ordained Indonesian Christian Church, West Java, Bogor, 4 August 1975
Orchard Road Presbyterian Church, Singapore, 1989
Received 14 August 2002
Minister Within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery
Associate Minister (Indonesian Fellowship), Symonds Street/St Andrew's First Presbyterian Church, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 14 August 2003 — retired 20 March 2016
Minister emeritus, 14 February 2016

ARBUCKLE, Miss Shirley
b 31.7.1924  -  Maori Miss
Waikaremoana app 1.11.1948
Nuhaka Hostel, Matron  1950  res 31.5.1951

ARCHIBALD, Rev Alexander Spring    M.A.(Aberd)
b 11.11.1904; w Margaret Rendall b 20.5.1909 m 17.3.1936
fr  Pr of Jedburgh-Kelso Scot, recommended by Tulloch Yuille; recd by PCNZ 1948
St James Wanganui  9.6.1948
res 30.6.1951 & returned to Scot 

ARCHIBALD, Rev James Graham (Graham)
wife: Helen Agnes, married 20 August 1958
Home Missionary, Howick Outfields Assistant, 1959
Hall 1962-1965 (After one year his suitability was questioned; Assembly ruled Presbytery to decide; evidently Presbytery decided favourably.)
Ordained Rakaia, Ashburton Presbytery, 25 November 1965
Calvin, Gore, Mataura Presbytery, 6 September 1970
St Martins, Papatoetoe, South Auckland Presbytery, 2 February 1978
St James, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 18 May 1989 — retired  31 October 1993
Living in Christchurch according to Presbytery Clerk's correspondence, 2001
died 5 May 2018, in Christchurch, aged 85 years

ARCHIBALD, Mr John Elmslie
fr FC Scot, came as prob, recd Ass 1887;
there is no word of his app anywhere, but he is listed as prob in ChP 1888;  in SCP 1895-8;
perhaps he did supply, but seems not to have had a charge nor to have been ord.

fr FC Scot as prob, arr NZ 1886, to ChP - no further mention.

ARCUS, Mr Graham W.
O’seas Worker  -  teacher
Awaba PNG teacher  2.1972
Balimo PNG 1975
Bible Coll of NZ Ak  1978
Tari PNG  1980-4

ARGYLE, Mr Bruce & Mrs Maureen
Miss PNG;  Bruce took position of Assist Treas, Unitrf Ch of PNG 1987.
After return to NZ he was invited to go back for a further term as Assist Treas United Ch,
Port Moresby 1990-2.

Maori Miss - Assist Pentland Ave Hostel Ak for Maori Girls 13.9.1958

ARMOUR, Rev Thomas White
b 29.7.1880 Kirkintilloch Scot;
w Mary Campbell b 29.7.1880 m 31.8.1909 d 4.10.1963
He was educ Glas; after some yrs in business he decided to enter min; went to Glas Univ;
ord in Scot 1909, then served in Pres Ch Leeds Eng; to Fort Augustus, later to Ness Bank
CS Inverness. In 1924 he was called to succeed Dr R. Erwin ar Knox Ch Chch.
Ind Knox Ch Chch 25.11.1924
In 1939 he was Conv Maintenance of Ministry Com, which he led with energy & vision;
To him more than anyone else must be given the credit for raising low  stipends.’
He gave up his parish to be Ass Special Commissioner to MM Com in ret. 
Memb Bd of Govs St Andrews Coll Chch;
PSSA Com Chch;  ret finally 14.5.1947
Died 24.8.1947

ARMSTRONG, Rev Archibald Alfred
b 28.7.1885 at Sydney NSW Australia;
w (1) Alice b. 26.7.1890 m. 9.10.1913 d. 1919
w (2) Maud Allison b. 10.3.1887 m. 27.3.1929 d. 21.8.1968
He came to NZ from Sydney in early teens. Converted to Christianity at the Auckland Central Mission.
Ordained into the Primitive Methodist Church at Timaru; served in four parishes under that denomination.
Te Kuiti WkP (supply) 1911
Received into the PCNZ 16.12.1913
Ind Te Kuiti WkP  12.1913
Picton NMP 10.6.1914
Te Aroha WkP   5.4.1918 - resigned 14.3.1920 due to ill-health.
Went farming for the next five years before becoming the Taranaki Organiser for the New Zealand
Alliance (for the suppression of the liquor trade) for whom he raised a considerable amount of funds
throughout the Wellington, Nelson and Marlborough districts during 1923-24. He remained a
prohibitioner all his life and regularly wrote of the subject.
Seatoun WnP 18.4.1929
Pahiatua WpP 9.12.1937
Drury SAP 29.8.1940
Morrinsville WkP 9.5.1944 
“A toiler all his life, he did not spare himself in the service of the Master.… His ministry was marked
for his keen interest in the spiritual welfare of his people, and for his kindly sympathetic care for the
sick and those in trouble.” (from Memorial Minute)
Died 11.10.1946 at Morrinsville.

ARMSTRONG, Rev Alan Weir
b 5.6.1928
w Evelyn Lesley b 7.10.1930 m 19.8.1961
Theological Hall 1966-68
Ordained Waipawa-Otane HBP 28.11.1968
Stoke, Nelson NMP 4.2.1975
St Pauls Oamaru 7.10.1982 -  retired  30.9.1990
“Entered the teaching profession, which he did for 17 years, then, [felt] called to Christian ministry.
Each of his ministries was distinguished by his depth of preaching, his outgoing love of people and
his pastoral responsibility.  [After retirement] he served Presbytery in various ways, especially as
Interim Moderator of three parishes…. His guidance, preaching and visiting were greatly acceptable
to the people and his warmth, humour and positive attitude won their hearts. 
(From Memorial Minute – edited)   
The son of Rev AW & Mrs SE Armstrong
Died 4 Nov 2004 

ARMSTRONG, Rev Alexander Weir
b 7.8.1882; w Sarah Ellen b 31.7.1886 m 11.6.1913 d 25.11.1985
He came to NZ in the HM scheme under Dr Gibb
HM Brydone MtP 1921, Ord HM 1921
Brighton DnP  1925-7
Ord Min Knapdale MtP 1.11.1929
Green Island DnP 14.12.1932
St Giles Kilbirnie WnP 17.5.1939 ret 30.9.1947
He was born in N Irel, & became Chief Inspector of Belfast Gas Dept;
relinquished his position & came to NZ to Brydone.  
Ret to Levin.
Father of Rev AW Armstrong
Died 21.3.1957, aged 74  

ARMSTRONG,  Rev Peter James       M.A.,L.Th.,CTEFLA
wife Ina Merilyn (Meri) Carter married 22 March 1974
Hall 1970-1972
Ordained Assistant minister, Glenfield, North Shore Presbytery, 5 April 1973 — resigned 10 May 1976
Study leave overseas (six months) in England and at L'Abri, Switzerland 10 May 1976
Mahurangi (Warkworth, North Shore Presbytery) 10 March 1977 — resigned 30 June 1993
Minister within the Bounds, North Shore Presbytery — resigned from the ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and removed from the ministerial roll, 14 October 2011.

HM Waitara TkP 1911

ARNDT, Sr Helen  Christina
b 22.8.1907 near Hunterville.
Educated in Morrinsville and Hamilton. Involved with Girl Guides, Sunday School,
Bible Class and assumend a leadership role in the Waikato East Bible Class
Deaconess College, Duunedin - graduated 1946
Ordained Deaconess 1947
Presbyterian Support Services Association City Social Worker, Wellington 1.2.1947
PSSA Berhampore Home Wn 1953-8
Deaconess St Lukes, Remuera Auckland  AP  1959
Deaconess St Andrews, Rotorua   BPP 11.7.1967 - retired 31.12.1972
“For ten years she was President of the NZ Deaconess Association, serving on the
Bible Class Dominion Executive and the Dominion Executive of the Presb. Women’s
Missionary Union. Sr Helen was one of the first women members of the Public
Questions Committee.
‘By Love Serve’, was the motto of the Deaconess Order – Sr Helen lived that motto
in all that she said, did and was – to the end of her life’s journey.” (from Obit.)
Helen had warmth, an exuberance for life, and a phenominal memory for people.
Died c. 2001-2002

ARNOLD, Sr Henrietta (Hetty) Marshall
b 16.10.1884 at Inchclutha, the eldest of 5 children. Father related to Arnold of Rugby.  
Undertook Nursing training at Timaru Hospital 1915; served as District Nurse until 1919.
Presbyterian Women's Training Institute Dunedin 1919
Went as Young Women's Bible Class [YWBC] Own Missionary to India
Arr Jagadhri 9.1.1920 then 8 months language study. 
Nursing Superintendant of NZ Presb. Mission Hospital, Jagadhri
"She did splendid work during her term."
"She pioneered child welfare and maternity care for women. She began training midwives
giving special attention to teaching them to advise mothers on feeding and caring for their
babies, at a time when the death rate among women and babies was appallingly high."
In 1921 the 'Break of Day' gift enabled opening of centre in town for women & children,
teaching child care.
Took over welfare and maternity work at Jagadhri on 1.7.1924 (in addition to her duties as
Hospital Matron.
Resigned from Mission staff 31.12.1927 as she was required at home in Langmhor near
Ashburton where her Father was farming and her Sister Jean was severely crippled with
During World War Two Hetty was a member of the Mid Canterbury Red Cross and led the
Langmohr Church Bible Class. Her Father died while on Home Guard exercises. The two
sisters then moved to Christchurch. In 1956 Hetty became one of the first woman Elders at
St Pauls Presbyterian Church in Christchurch, careful in visiting, wise in counselling, loyal
to her Minister and friendly to all. Hetty served as Editress of of the PWMU magazine 'The
Harvest Field" from 1947 to 1956. Hetty also served on the New Settlers Committee of the
National Council of Churches for 25 years.
She nursed her Sister for nearly 40 years, till Jean's death, and in 1973, having become
frail herself, moved to Woodchester Home.
Her Minister at St Paul's described Hetty thus : "Whenever I felt distressed or downhearted
I would say to myself. 'I must go and see Miss Arnold', for a visit with her always restored
me. Love, joy, peace and faith shone from her face".
One of those associated with her at Woodchester Home recalled "She was an amazing
person. We never thought of her as old. In spite of tremendous difficulties health-wise she
never gave up. Interested in everything. She lived her mission."
Died 1.10.1981, aged 96 years, at Woodchester home, Christchurch.

ARNOT, Rev Alfred Broadhurst    M.A.
Grew up in Portmoak, Scotland. Attended Dollar Academy and gained degree at Edinburgh
University. Worked in Free Church Home Missions around Scotland.
From the Free Church of Scotland.
Ordained Waiuku SAP 3.3.1866 - resigned 1869
received by the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland as Probationer 12.1.1869
Balclutha ClP 1870 - resigned 1872
Did Church Extension work for many years - Hokonui 1875 (Mataura Plain);
and as Missionary (Home Missionary) to First Church Invercargill 11.6 to 17.12.1874. 
Waitahuna supply 6 months.
Prepared students to matriculate at Otago University.
Died 14 June 1884 at North East Valley, Dunedin aged 53 years.
Interred in Northern Cemetery, Dunedin.  

ARROWSMITH, Rev David    M.A.
Meth Ch
Taita Union WnP  2.1984

ARROWSMITH, Sr Doris Mary                                M.A.(Durham)
b 26.1.1902 at Stockton-on-Tees, England
fr PCE.   After MA she took Cambridge Post Gradute Teachers Certificate;
spent 7 yrs teaching in Eng. In 1929 she studied at Carey Hall (MissTrain Coll of Pres, Cong
& Bapt Chs at Selly Oak Birmingham). Miss with PCE at Amoy Sth China; Head of
Girls School, Sec & Prim 1930 for 11 yrs.   Following the Jap occupation, she came to NZ
in a very frail state of health 1941. She  taught at Queen Margaret Coll Wn, & assisted at
PSSA Home at Berhampore Wn.
Principal Deac Coll Dn 1.1.1943 to 11.1945. 
She returned to Eng at end 1945 & accepted a position assisting Chinese wives of
British servicemen & other immigrant studs. When Hungary came under Communist rule
she paid a visit there, encouraging the Ch which had gone underground, & liaising with
families having members in Eng.  She taught for a period at St Colms, Edinburgh
(Deac Coll of CS).  After returning to NZ volunteered for 1 yr in Vanuatu. 
Appointed to relieving position at Onesua High School, New Hebrides Oct 1968
Appt. Onesua High School 26 Jan 1969
Returned to NZ 4 Jun 1969
Retired to Auckland where she continued her inner-city work at St James Ak.
‘Innumerable lives in countries of different political culture, religious denomination,
economic conditions, have been enriched by the life & work of this quietly spoken,
intellectual Englishwoman, whose scholarship was matched by her practical commitment
to those in need, whose friendship had given fresh vision to us who have known & loved
Died 24.1.1989

ARTHUR, Jessie Shaw (known as Sr Aileen)
b 5.12.1891  -  fr N E Valley Dn
PWTI 1919-20  Ord Deac for Maori Work 18.11.1920
Te Whaiti 19.4.1921
Waimana 1922  -  Te Teko; to Waimana; to Taupo.  
She was a volunteer secured by Sr Jessie Alexander for Nuhaka;
became assist at Native School there & assisted in Miss Work.
Went to PWTI & thereafter one of Miss staff. 
Ret 5.12.1946.
Died 3.6.1982  

Sister of Sr Aileen above  -  Maori Miss
Waimana  1923  res 12.1925 on death of her Father in Dn.

ARTHUR, Rev James     M.A.
Wyndham MtP  -  listed 1901 as Min of Wyndham;
no further mention of his name.  
(Is he the Father of the two sisters above?)

ASH, Rev William Henry
b. Cornwall, England 1857. Came to NZ.
Educated at the Otago Boy’s High School and at the University of Otago, Editor of University
Newspaper, studied Law then 3 years in a law office, then to the NZ Loan and Mercantile Agency
Company in Dunedin. Active member of St Andrew's Dunedin Superintendent of Walker Street
Mission Hall. 
Theological Hall Dunedin 1892-94
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin Nov 1894
Ordained Ravensbourne-St Leonard’s Dunedin  DnP 11 Dec 1895 - Resigned Oct 1898
He went to Australia in 1898 for health reasons, arrived 11.5.1898
Admitted to the Presb. Church of New South Wales May 1899.
Supply then –
North St Leonard’s-Crow’s Nest 1899-1909
Dubbo (Presb. Church of NSW) 1909-1914
Werribee (Presb. Church of Victoria) 1914-1919
Alphington Melbourne (Presb. Church of Victoria) 1919-1925
Died in Melbourne Australia 1940  

ASHER, Rev John Alexander     B.A.
b 8.7.1864 Invercargill;
w Jessie nee Kitchin, of Morayshire (daughter of John Kitchin builder)
b 8.10.1864 m 28.3.1891 d 30.9.1929
OU grad BA 1886; started Hall 1886,but had been awarded scholarship to Scot 1883;
went to New Coll Edin to study theol 1886; lic by FC Scot & returned to NZ; 
recd by OSyn  1890.
Ord Gore MtP 26.11.1890
St Pauls Napier 18.1.1899  ret 31.3.1935
A scholar, outstanding preacher & notable leader. 
Mod Ass 1919;
Clerk HBP many yrs;  Conv many Coms (Ass & Pr); 
memb Bd of Govs Napier High Schools, &  of Iona Coll;
Chmn Hawkes Bay Centennial Historic Com.
He played an important part in Maori Miss & Educ; 
Conv Maori Miss Com 1920-8, supported development of Turakina Maori Girls Coll; 
St Pauls Napier destroyed by fire 5.4.1929;  services held in hall till Ch rebuilt;
wife d 30.9.1929;  new Ch destroyed in Napier earthquake 3.2.1931 (he was due to ret 1931).  
‘Faced now with disaster in his own life, he never considered the possibility of defeat.
With the Ch gone, he conducted services in the open air.  As soon as the churches
surviving in the city were reopened, he was pressed fellow-ministers to use their
buildings - which he did with all his style & eloquence undiminished.  He set in motion
plans to build a third Ch which, while not equalling in beauty the brick building of 1929
would at least be adequate for his beloved congeregation. Such was his standing that
sufficient funds were collected to erect a third Ch, This time in wood, & also  a
Sunday School Hall, which was appropriately named ‘Asher Hall’.  Pressed by his
congregation to delay his retirement, he stayed on until the parish was fully restored.
He ret 31.3.1935 at the age of 70.’ 
In ret he lived in Khandallah Wn, &  was in great demand for supply.
Died 16.3.1948  

ASHFORD, Rev Dudley Bright
b 31.10.1883 London
w Beatrice May b 27.9.1881 m 18.7.1908 d 23.11.1954
Brought up in Congregational Church; he began a business career, then went to
Congregational College to train for ministry;
Ordained London 1908.
After marriage was sent by Col Miss Society to NZ;
For a time he ministered at Kawhia & districts; subsequently he left NZ;
he had ministry in Australia, Newfoundland, USA & Great Brit.  He returned to NZ 1931.
Nelson supply 1931
New Brighton ChP supply 1932
He was recd as Min of PCNZ on 1.3.1933
Ind Rakaia AsP 9.10.1934
Kaitangata ClP 30.11,1030 resigned from ministry 31.1.1941;
He resigned during World War Two and managed his son’s business, while son was at War. 
After War he supplied many vacant parishes.
Died 12.5.1968, aged 84  

ASHTON, Rev Graham Glen    B.Theol.,A.N.Z.I.M.,A.I.S.M.
w Angela Jeannette m 6.10.1962
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1984-86
Ordained Associate Minister North Invercargill  Southland Presbytery 15 February 1987
Inducted North Invercargill  (in sole charge)  Southland Presbytery  24 September 1989
St Columba's, Pakuranga Auckland Presbytery 21 February 1991 – resigned 18 April 1998
Minister within the Bounds Auckland Presbytery
Served as a Minister in the Elim Church.
Minister Emeritus February 2000
Minister Raglan Union Waikato Presbytery 4 March 2007
Died 29th May 2010 (suddenly)

ASHTON, Rev Robert
HM Huntly WkP 1910
Frankton Junct WkP 1911
Cambridge Outfields WkP 1912, Ord HM 1912
Seddon NMP 1914
Te Kuiti WkP 1916
Hobsonville AP 1917
Northcote NSP 1919 res 1921 thr ill-health.
Reentered HM service 1922
Katikati WkP 1922 wthd 1924;  returned to HM serv 1929
Mangaweka WgP 1929
Kutarere BPP 1930

ASHWIN,  Rev Allan
b 24.3.1899, Cambridge, NZ.
w Hazel Robina Mary b 9.9.1899 m 27.6.1928 d  13.4.1984
Formerly a Harness and Bootmaker, completed the HM course.
Supplied the Methodist Church at Ohaewai for 10 months 1924-25.
HM Reefton WsP 1.4.1930; Ord HM Nov 1931
Stirling ClP 1933  (12 months supply)
Waitara TkP 1934
Pukemiro WkP 1937
Taradale HBP 1940
Otaki WnP  1946, raised to full Ministerial status by Assembly 1946
Knox Fitzroy TkP 4.9.1947
Te Puke BPP  27.10.1955 - retired 26.4.1964
Died 16.4.1986 Wanganui

ASI,  Rev  Saiifaleupolu  Si-itia
Hall  1992-4
Ind Opoho DnP 11.1995

ASIATA, Rev Alofa
Minister of the Methodist Church of New Zealand
Minister, Hauraki Plains Co-operating Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 6 February 2011

ASKIN, Mr T.C.     B.A.
Maori Miss  -  teacher
Te Whaiti Maori Boys Farm School  1948  res 31.10.1956

ASPLAND, Rev Arthur Leopold Macdonald
b 29.10.1869 Channel Islands
w Agnes b 17.2.1866 m 25.12.1890  pred h.
His Father was an Army Officer; he spent his younger years in India, Nova Scotia,
and parts of Europe.  He was trained in England for the Congregational Church; 
Licensed & Ordained 1901.  
He was noted for his evangelistic fervour; he toured most parts of England as an Evangelist.
Came to NZ to be Minister of the old Courtenay Place Congregational Church Wellington
(Cambridge Terrace Church) where he served for 11 years; then to Palmerston North for 5 years
Received  into the PCNZ by General Assembly 2.1919.
Ind Ormond Gisborne 19.3.1920
Frankton Hamilton 10.1.1923   
Parnell AP 6.10.1926  [one record gives date as 5.10.1926] - retired 31.8.1934
HM Belmont AP 1939
HM Morningside AP 1939
In retirement PSSA Assistant Hospital Chaplain,  Brit Sailors Society, supply.
Died 6.12.1951

ASTBURY, Miss  A.M.W. (Sr Nancy)                           [Mrs McPheat]
b. (?)
h. William McPheat b (?)  m. 1925  d. (?)  
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute, Dunedin 1922-24
Ordained Deaconess for Mission service China 28.8.1924
Canton Villages Mission, arrived China 24.10.1924 
Resigned 31.8.1925 to marry Mr William McPheat (refer separate entry) 
Movde to Brisbane Australia.
Mother of Rev Scott McPheat.

ASTIL, Mr  & Mrs
Maori Miss  -  teachers at Whakaki Native School  & assisted with Miss work 1923

ATKINS, Rev Samuel Joseph
b 1883 Tasmania. 
w. (?),  m.(?), d.(?)
Trained Ormond College Melbourne Australia, licensed 1920;
Inducted by Presbytery of Seymour Victoria 16.3.1920 served in six spheres then
in 1926 exchanged with Minister of Rotorua so that his wife might have treatment
at the Baths. Treatment was so beneficial that he decided to come to NZ permanently. 
Rotorua (exchange) 1926
Appt. Belmont Church Extension Charge; after 3 years charge had so progressed that it
became fully sanctioned, and he was called as Minister of :
Belmont Auckland (Church Extension) AP 30.9.1926; 
Inducted to fully sanctioned charge 8.10.1929
Frankton Hamilton WkP 22.12.1931 - resigned 10.9.1940 due to ill-health. 
Then, owing to failing eyesight and health, he was unable to take settled charge,
except for short periods. 
A singer; he had a fine voice.
Tasman NMP 1941 (appointed but not accepted)
Mauku SAP 20.1.1942 – not reappointed after 20.1.1943 but supplying.
Died 10.12.1947     

from Scotland, export industry
Lay appointee, Greymouth District Uniting, West Coast Uniting Church Council, February 2000
National Party candidate for Tasman-West Coast electorate, entered New Zealand Parliament as list MP, 2005
Member for Parliament, Tasman-West Coast, 2008 — stepped down 2014
moved to Dunedin, 2023

AUKUSO, Rev Uili Lemalu               L.Th.
Theological Hall 1980-82
Ord Honorary Assistant Grey Lynn Auckland  AkP  30.6.1988 (two-thirds time)
Ord St. David’s, Gisborne 2.6.1994  (one-third time)
Died July 2013 in Gisborne

AUVA'A, Rev Enosa               Dip Ministry (Knox), Grad Dip of Applied Theology, MEdLM, High Dip Tchg
born in Samoa, son of a Methodist minister; holds two Matai titles, fluent Samoan speaker
wife Felicity, school teacher, Local Board Councilor, pianist, worship leader and choir conductor
migrated to New Zealand, 1970
Gave his life to the Lord at a church camp at Ngaruawahia in 1982; Sunday School Superintendent for 12 years, elder and home group leader for over 30 years
Mount Albert Grammar; Auckland University; Teacher, and Principal for 26 years; Fulbright-Cognition Awardee in Educational Research 2010; Graduate Diploma in Theology, Carey Bible College
Intern, HopeWhangarei, Northern Presbytery, 2020-2021
Graduated and licenced, HopeWhangarei, Northern Presbytery, 5 December 2021
Ordained and inducted St Peters-in-the-City Presbyterian Church, Tauranga, Kaimai Presbytery, 30 April 2022
Sportsman, especially rugby and cricket, and has represented Auckland

AVERY, Mr Arthur Gilbert
He was a student for the ministry — at university, enlisted in New Zealand Expeditionary Force in World War One in May 1915; he was killed in action.
His estate made a gift of £200 ($400), to be spent in assisting by pecuniary gifts to students at university preparing for the ministry.
Died of wounds in France 3 October 1916

AXELSEN, Rev Edward Andrew (Deposed From Ministry)
b 15.9.1870
w Jeanette K. b 28.7.1876 m 7.4.1902 d 23.7.1921
Reported he had supplied at Ratanui during 1900;
Resigned Dec 1900 to accept appointment with Patient & Prisoners Aid Society, Dunedin
Theological Hall Dunedin 1902, last half of year
The General Assembly gave leave to Ordaining him as agent of PSSA Dunedin;
Ordained 2 April 1908
Deposed from Ministry for gross misconduct 14.8.1922
Served time in Prison.  
Noted as living in Sydney Australia in later years.

AYERS, Rev Barry Richard        B.A.,B.D.,Dip Tchg.
wife Clare Diane married 21 January 1981 a nurse
Bachelor of Arts Otago University 1975; Diploma of Teaching Dunedin 1976; Bachelor of Divinity 1982
Primary School Teacher, Invercargill and Sheffield, Canterbury (four years)
Hall 1980-1982
Ordained Albury-Pleasant Point, South Canterbury Presbytery, 2 February 1983
Richmond Grove Invercargill 29 January 1989
Pohutakawa Coast Presbyterian Parish (Beachlands / Maraetai) South Auckland Presbytery, 9 February 2003
"New Face" cross-cultural programme (7 weeks), Guyana, South America, 2011
Leadership Training and Resourcing programme, Congregational Church, Guyana, 2012
Executive Officer, Alpine Presbytery 7 July 2014-30 June 2020
Presbytery Moderator, Alpine Presbytery, 12 September 2020-3 October 2021

AYERS, Rev Dr J.R.
Ang Ch
Bucklands Beach Co-op Ak 1983

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