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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Rothwell to Ryu

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ROTHWELL, Rev Leslie William                B.A.
b 1.6.1904 Nelson
w (1) Elizabeth Pauline Hogarth b 23.5.1906 m 18.7.1935 d 30.5.1982 suddenly 
w (2) Mrs Beth Davidson  (a widow - married in retirement)
He came to Wellington in Govt Service (Public Trust) and the influence of St Johns Bible
Class in Wellington led him to enter the ministry. Had been brought up as Anglican but
attended St John’s Presb. Church when he moved to Wellington. Joined the Student
Christian Movement.
Theological Hall 1932-34
Queenstown  COP  (6 months as Locum) 1935
Ordained Malvern ChP  14.6.1935 (Had been appointed to Masterton but was persuaded
to go to Malvern)
St Stephen’s, Waikiwi, Invercargill  SP  31.8.1939
Columba, Oamaru  NOP  31.8.1944
Roslyn, Dunedin DnP  19.9.1956 - retired 7.7.1970
Clerk of Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland 1965 to 1981
Moderator of the Synod of Otago and Southland.
Served on Board of John McGlashan College for over 15 years. An accomplished
“Possessed as he was of very able administrative gifts, and being very well versed in
church law and procedure, it is not surprising that Les made an outstanding contribution
to the wider work of the Presb. Church of NZ, and in particular to the Synod of Otago
and Southland. Throughout his ministry he showed himself to be a clear thinker, a
thoughtful preacher, a kind understanding and helpful pastor, and a caring friend to all
among whom he ministered. He had the ability to inspire people to action. Over the years
he oversaw many building projects, and enthused folk to get in behind and assist. He
related well to people of all ages, including young folk and people in the wider community
outside his congregations. He was always approachable, and ready to listen and help.
[He] held strong theological convictions, and while always respectful of contrary
viewpoints, he remained till the end of his ministry a firm and positive ‘traditionalist’.”
(from Obit.)
Died 21 July 1997, aged 93 years, just a few weeks before the 62nd anniversary of his

ROUGH, Rev John Stewart        M.A.(St Andrews), M.A.(Durham)
w Elizabeth Myrtle  m 20.7.1968
Theological Hall 1980-2
Ordained Andersons Bay DnP  10.7.1984
Chaplain Lindisfarne College Hastings 11.2.1990
St Kentigerns - Burwood United Christchurch ChP  2.1992
Missionary - Kiribati Protestant Church  (Teaching)   5.2.1995
Trinity Temuka (Shared Ministry) ScP Sep 1997
Minister Emeritus 14 Feb 2006
(Husband of Rev Elizabeth Rough below)

ROUGH, Rev Mrs Elizabeth Mrytle
h John Stewart, Rough  m 20.7.1968
Ordained Andersons Bay DnP 10.7.1984
St Kentigerns Burwood United Christchurh ChP  2.1992
Missionary - Kiribati Protestant Church (Pastoral Care)  5.2.1995
Trinity Temuka (Shared Ministry) ScP Sep 1997
Minister Emeritus 14 Feb 2006
(Wife of Rev John Rough above)     

ROUTLEDGE, Rev Rodney        B.A., Dip.Comm.Dvpt.(Manc),M.Ed.(Manc)
Theological Hall, 1968-1970
wife (1) Lois McCallum married 1971
wife (2) Jenny Smith married 1996
Ordained Waipiata-Patearoa Central Otago Presbytery, and National Council of Churches Chaplain, Waipiata Youth Centre (Prison), 1 April 1971 — resigned 31 October 1974 and withdrew.
Youth Activities Officer, Department of Internal Affairs, Christchurch, 1975
Community Development Officer, Rolleston Ministry of Works and Development, 1975-1976 overseas to study at Manchester, UK
Senior Youth and Community Worker, Corby, New Town, England, employed by the Northants County Council
Lecturer in Social Work, University of Canterbury, 1978-1979
Team Leader, Family and Community Division, Anglican Care, 1996-2006
Minister within the Bounds, Christchurch Presbytery, July 1999
Community Action Consultations: Principal, 2007
Co-ordinating Minister (Methodist Appointment three-quarter time) New Brighton Union Parish Christchurch Presbytery 3 February 2008 and —
Sumner / Redcliffs / Lyttelton Union Church (quarter time) 2009
Minister Emeritus 13 December 2011
Interim Moderator, St Andrews Rangi Ruru (half-time Stated Supply) 1 February 2012-2017
Retired August 2017, delivering courses to the Workers Educational Association (WEA)

HM Titoki NP  1952  res 1955

HM Ratanui ClP  1906 to 3.1908
Stewart Is SP  4.1908   

ROWLANDS, Rev William                       M.A.
b. 1879 at Anglesey, North Wales.
Attended Theological Hall at Bala, North Wales.
Left For Australia 1907
Ordained Welsh Church, Ballarat (Presb. Church of Victoria) 1908
Blackstone Welsh Church, Queensland (Presb. Church of Queensland)
To New Zealand :
Received by Assembly 15.11.1910
Ind Cromwell COP 14.2.1911 - resigned 30.11.1913
Returned to Australia :
Admitted to the General Assembly of Australia 1914
St John’s, Ballarat (Presb. Church of Victoria) 1915
Euroa 1918
Gardenvale East (Vic) 1927
Died 15 May 1951

ROXBOROGH, Rev. Dr. William John               B.E., B.D., Ph.D.(Aberdeen)
b. Morrinsville
w Jennifer Brett (Jenny) nee Jones born 26 March 1947 married 12 December 1969 died 17 June 2024
Educated at Morrinsville School, Haywards heath (Sussex, England) and St Kentigern’s College, Auckland.
Theological Hall  1972-1974
Ordained Assistant Minister, First Presbyterian Church, Papakura, South Auckland Presbytery  12 December 1974 — resigned 20 August 1975
Doctoral Studies on the Rev Thomas Chalmers (“Thomas Chalmers & the Mission of the Church with special reference to the rise of the
Missionary Movement in Scotland”) at the University of Aberdeen Department of Religious Studies, 1975 to 1979.
Inducted Kelburn-Brooklyn, Wellington,  Wellington Presbytery, 1 February 1979
Missionary – Overseas staff of the Council for Mission & Ecumenical Co-Operation of the Presbyterian and Methodist Churches of New Zealand, 1983
Lecturer in Church History and New Testament Studies, Taman Bandaraya Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 13.6.1983  (Methodist-Anglican-Lutheran
Churches of Malaysia). 
Bible College of New Zealand, 6 June 1991 to  1999 :
- Head of Department of Mission Studies, 1991 to 1997
- Dean of Studies,1997 to 1998.
Co-ordinator of Unit for Lay and Recognised Ministry Training at School of  Ministry, Knox College, Dunedin, Appointed August 1999 and inducted 5 September 1999
Executive member & Webmaster of International Association for Mission Studies from 1992 :
Retired 30 April 2008

ROXBURGH, Rev Irvine Owen                                 M.A.
b 19.5.1924  at Wellington
w Isabel Myrtle b 31.12.1927 m 29.12.1949
An able student, he studied economics at Otago University. His studies were interrupted
by World War Two. Served with the Fleet Air Arm until an injury whilst aboard ship
brought about his discharge on medical grounds in 1945. Returned to University to finish
his degree. Applied for and accepted as a student for the Ministry.
Theological Hall 1949-51
Orained Upper Clutha (Wanaka COP)  6.12.1951 - resigned 19.3.1957
Took a year off to complete his MA Thesis, and in 1958 he undertook teachers’ training
and was teaching until 1960.
Asst. Minister (to the Rev Jack Sommerville) St Andrews on the Terrace, Wellington WnP 12.2.1959 
Johnsonville WnP  23.11.1961 to 1968
Assist Secretary NZ Council for Christian Education, Wellington 2.3.1967 - retired 31.1.1974
Director of the National Council for Adult Education 1975 to 1982 (when Council was disbanded)
In retirement, established the ‘Sea of Faith’ in the Mana district and active in the University of the
Third Age (U3A). He has several publications to his credit.
“Irvine’s life touched many people and played a great part in their spiritual life and development”.
Brother of Rev RS Roxburgh
Died 25 July 1999

ROXBURGH, Rev Rymall Stuart       M.Com., B.A., B.D.(Melb), A.C.A.
b 31.10.1915 at Dunedin;
w Betty Manwell Carson   M.A.  b 27.3.1919 at Ashburton, m 13.1.1945
(Betty educated at Ashburton Primary and High Schools, Dux of Schools, University and
MacMillan Brown Scholarship, in 1940 gained M.A. with 3rd class honours in Latin. Trained
as a Teacher. She assisted Miss Beatrice Hardie at Jagadhri with English and Art classes
in the Girls’ School and with the new Children’s ‘Anjuman’ on the pattern of the Busy Bees
where the children of Jagadhri have an opportunity of learning of Christian work in other lands.)
Rymall educated at Northland (6 months), Lyall Bay (3 years) and Tawa Flat Primary Schools
(3 years) Wellington, Wellington College (6 months), Otago Boys’ High School (4 years).
Attended St Stephen’s North Dunedin Bible Class & Christian Endeavour at the invitation of
his High School friend, Rob Miller.
Studied Commerce and Economics at Otago University 1933 to 1940, taking the Degree of
Master of Commerce with Third Class Honours. Also attended University classes in Greek and
Philosophy. While at University became involved with the Evangelical Union, including serving
on their executive. Later admitted to the NZ Society of Accountants (A.R.A.N.Z.)
Worked in a Public Accountant’s office in Dunedin from 1932 to 1941, and rose to the position
of Chief Accountant in 1939. Then felt the call to ministry. As a committed Theological student
he was exempted from Military service.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1941-43
Ord Dargaville NP  2.3.1944 - resigned 27.7.1945
He felt a strong call to preach the Gospel in the Muslim world, being accepted for service in
India. Ironically, two years later India gained independence and most Muslims left the Punjab
for the newly created Muslim state of Pakistan.
Missionary - India
Sailed for India 15.8.1945
Stationed at Jagadhri 1945 to 1959
The work involved preaching in the bazaars and villages, undertaking evangelistic work during
annual rural camping tours, distributing Christian literature, teaching inquirers, building up the
church and provision of centres and buildings for worship, youth work and village schools,
practical help with close co-operation with the hospital and medical staff, and nurture and
development of the Indian helpers.
Undertook BA and BD studies while on furlough in New Zealand 1951-52
Stationed at Dehra Dun (a large City at the foot of the Himalaya Mountains), India 1961 to 1964
Also acted as Field Treasurer for the Mission Council.         
Returned to NZ 26.2.1965 and  resigned from Mission  due to ill-health Dec 1966
Epsom  SP (Supply) for part of 1966
Off Overseas Missions Committee Staff Jan 1967
St Albans Palmerston North  1.2.1967
Concurrently involved with Chaplaincy Committee for Massey University
St Pauls-Trinity-Pacific Christchurch  ChP  24.7.1975 – worked in a collegiate ministry with the
Rev Kenape Faletoese in a multicultural parish with Samoans, Niueans and Cook Islanders.       
“Rymall had a heart for Christian unity and while in Christchurh he was instrumental in bringing
together the inner City congregations (Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian and
Salvation Army) for combined services of worship on special occasions.
Minister Emeritus  31.1.1981
Served as Convener of the Assembly Book of Order and Judicial Committee.
“Rymall was a committed churchman and this flowed on from some of the great loves of his
life - a love for God, the Gospel, the Church and his wife Betty and family. Rymall was a keen
member of the Westminster Fellowship and had been greatly encouraged in recent years by the
work of Presbyterian AFFIRM.
He has ‘Fought the good fight, kept the faith and has now received that crown of righteousness…
Well done good and faithful servant”
(From Memorial Minute – edited)
Brother of Rev IO Roxburgh
Died 2 Aug 2006, in his 91st year. Interred at Geraldine.

ROY, Miss A.E.
Maori Mission - Maori Boys Training Farm, Te Whaiti
Domestic Assistant 4.3.1938

ROY, Mr James (Home Missionary)
b. at Begshill, Parish of Dunblade, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
w. Margaret Bagrie m. 20.9.1860 d.(?)
Attended both the Parish and the Free Church Schools then to the Grammer School in Aberdeen.
Took up farm labouring including Home Mission work in the district.
Later moved to the Parish of Drumdolls, teaching Sunday School and continuing with home Mission work.
Employed as a Home Missionary at Bonhill in August 1858, receiving a salary of £70 per annum.
Undertook Mission work for the Rev Alex MacKay, Free Church Minister at Rhynie.
Next undertook Mission work at Buckie, Portessie & Portgordon for 6 weeks.
Undertook a series of evangelistic meeting in the Parish of Grange during 1860.
Decided to come to New Zealand after hearing good reports from friends who had come out earlier.
His extended family later joined him in New Zealand.
Left Glasgow on the last day of Apr 1862 on the "Grassmere" bound for Port Chalmers New Zealand,
Arrived 6th September 1862.
Noted as Elder at First Church Dunedin, ordained Nov 1863
Appointed as 'Mission Preacher' [Catechist] by the Rev Thomas Burns of First Church, Dunedin, DnP,
receiving a salary of £200 per annum. HIs duties were to "find out and visit members and adherents of that Church".
Held a fortnightly service at Anderson's Bay, set up Sabbath Schools at Caversham & Mornington. Undertook
Sabbath Services variously in Roslyn, Russell Street, High Street, Brookville [Kaikorai], South Dunedin, set up
Bible Classes for young women and young men, also occasionally travelled to and took services at Blueskin,
Whare Flat, North & South Taieri, Green Island, Waihola, Tokomairiro & South Clutha.
Noted as "Mission Preacher" at North Taieri Aug to Sept 1864, coming out from Dunedin by coach. Mr Donald
Reid of "Salisbury" recorded "[Mr Roy] was a mission preacher appointed to ease Dr Burns".
Resigned at end of 1865 due to ill health (pain in his right side which hindered his ability to carry out his work).
Moved to Wairuna in January 1866 where he took up farming on 60 acres of land. Due to continuing ill health
offered his services to the Education Board as a Teacher and his house as the School, receiving a salary of
£75 plus £25 for the schoolroom.
Home Missionary at Waiwera, Kaihiku, Clydevale etc, as well as instigating a monthly Sabbath service at the
Kuriwao Settlement.
Home Missionary "Pro Tem", Pukerau MtP 1881-1885, serving an area bounded by Waipahi, Pukerau, Arthurton,
Otaraia, Slopedown & Kaiwera
Home Missionary Knapdale (Otama-Knapdale) MtP due to the ill-health of the Minister, Mr Wright.
Home Missionary Pomahaka Downs MtP
Continued occasional Home Mission services till 1905 when ill health prevented further such work.
Died (?)

RUA, Rev Libya (Libby)
From Murupara, educated Rangitahi College
Husband: James (deceased)
Licentiate, Te Aka Puaho, 21 July 2012
Amorangi Minister, Southern Urewera Māori Pastorate, 21 July 2012
Minister at large, missionary-special ministry, Melbourne, Te Aka Puaho, died 19 February 2016.

RUDDUCK, Mrs            see                      McDonald, Anne

RULE, Mr A.K.                B.A.
HM Sumner Chch 1915  res 1916

RULE, Rev Francis (Frank)
b 15.1.1863; w Lucy M. b 17.9.1867 m 28.12.1887 d 1.2.1953
Born Scot, & came to Queensland as a young man, & then to NZ. For many yrs he was
an officer in Salv Army both in Aust & NZ,  but when stationed in Hawkes Bay he
determined to study for the min in the Ch of his fathers.  After serving several Nth Is
HM stations, the newly formed PSSA appointed him  in 1909 as its first agent.   He
worked in this capacity for 22 yrs.   His work included probation officer at Juvenile &
Magistrate's Courts, Hosp Chapl, Official Visitor to Sanitorium, Mental Hosp & Prison. 
He conducted relig services in all these institutions.
HM Ormond Gisborne 1897-9
Paeroa WkP 1900
Edendale & Epsom AP 1901
Mangaweka WgP  1903      
Patea TkP  1904 to 31.12.1909
Ord PSSA Agent Chch 6.3.1910  ret 30.11.1930
Died  16.7.1933 Chch

HM Sumner Chch 1916  -   then to War work

HM Riwaka NMP  1899 (for short time) - resigned

RUMGAY, Mr James       
HM Halcombe 1902 - in winter mths
Eketahuna WpP  1904 -  few mths before in Univ vac
Rep 1904: to whom we have often been indebted for emergency help.
Upper Hutt 1907 - no further reference to him.

RUNCIMAN, Rev David Williamson                  M.A.
b. 26.6.1837 Scotland.
m. Isabella Agatha Leisham  b. (?)  m. 24.4.1866  d. 13.8.1917, aged 69. They had 14 children
Licensed by the Presbytery of Dunoon Dec 1862
Assistant to Rev Dr Caird, Park Church, Glasgow.
Assistant to Rev Dr Leishman, Govan
Ordained Leslie Fifeshire (Kirkcaldy Presbytery) 1 Sept 1864 
Visited New Zealand 'for the purpose of recruiting his health' on two year leave of absence.
Arrived Auckland Jan 1877
St Stephen’s Ponsonby Auckland (supply)  AP  from 14 Feb 1877
Inducted St Stephen’s Ponsonby Auckland  AP  14.2.1878 - resigned 4.6.1889
Resigned from the Church of Scotland 5 Dec 1877
Church opened at St Stephens 28.1.1880
Resigned from the PCNZ 1891   
He became Registrar of Auckland University, a post he held for 13 years.
Died 24 July 1910

Home Missionary Mahurangi (Warkworth NSP) 1924, Ord HM 1924
Taradale HBP  1928
Awhitu SAP  1930
Mangere AP  1931
Pukemiro WkP 1932 - resigbed from Home Missions service 30.11.1933

Maori Mission - took May Gardiner's place while Sr May was at PWTI 1921 

RUSBATCH, Sr Christina Emma
b 28.5.1915 Oamaru
Trained through Red Cross for VAD Hosp work during WW2
Deac Coll - grad 1952;   Ord Deac 1953
Ross Home, PSSA Dn 15.2.1953, Wing Supervisor. When memb of St Davids N E
Valley, she had soprano voice, sang in choir, taught Sun Sch, leader of Jun Dept Sun
Sch; she served in Ross Home 33 yrs, first as staff, & later as resident in wheel chair.
Died  12.12.1986, aged 71

RUSH, Rev. John Volney III
born 16 May 1955 to John and Trudy Rush in San Diego, California, USA
Ordained Episcopal priest. Minister Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, United States of America
Converted from atheism, author of The Man With A Bird On His Head (2007), educated at Fuller Theological Seminary in the United States
Missionary to the Pacific, Youth With A Mission, 1991-1998
Assistant Professor of Socielogy, LCC International University, Klaipeda, Lithuania, 2006-2010
Received 2009
Transition Minister, Rotorua – St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 1 January 2009
Other recognised minister, 5 December 2010
Tirau Presbyterian Parish, Kaimai Presbytery 31 July 2014
died 4 September 2020 at Hamilton Hospice after battling cancer

RUSS, Rev Rodney Bryan                      BA., BTh.
w. Shirley Scarlett
Theological Hall 1984-86
Ordained Waikari ChP   24.5.1987 - resigned 31.5.1989 - Associate ChP

RUSSELL, Rev Archibald
A Free Church Minister from Newburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
The congregation erected a Manse at Blenheim after the Call was sent and before
the Minister arrived. A stipend of £200 was offered.
Wairau (Blenheim NMP)   10.1864, including Picton, Havelock, Kaikoura.
After viewing the Rev Russell's credentials, the General Assembly of 1864 decided
to recognize him as Minister of the PCNZ.
Report 1864: Gold was found in Marlborough ; Church built at Picton ; Church at
Blenheim (Renwick) opened on 24.5.1868
Died 5.1868 of diphtheria - a few days after the new Blenheim Church was opened.

HM Okato TkP  1915
Hall 1915-6 - no further mention of his name.

RUSSELL, Rev. Dr. John (James?) Bonnar     M.A., B.D., PhD (Edinburgh)
b. Greenock, Scotland
m. Agnes Jane Monteath  b. (?)  m. (?)  d. 6.5.1941 (see note below)
Son of Andrew Russell and Elizabeth Bonnar. Educated at Highlander’s Academy Greenock,
the University of Edinburgh (MA Hons 1895, BD 1898), and the United Presbyterian Church College
at Edinburgh. Gained his PhD at Edinburgh in 1931.
Licensed by the Presbytery of Greenock (United Presb. Church of Scotland) 1898
Assistant at Palmerston Place Edinburgh 1898 to 1899
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of Queensland 3.10.1899
Ordained to Park Church, South Brisbane 18.4.1900 to 2.2.1904
To New Zealand –
Knox Church, Parnell, Auckland  AP 8.3.1904 - resigned 30.6.1907
To Scotland –
Aberdeen Bon-Accord (United Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland) June 1909 to 1916
Canal Street, Paisley 1916 to 6.5.1941
Died, along with his wife Agnes and daughter Effie, in an enemy air raid  6 May 1941

RUSSELL, Rev Judith Lynn             B.A., BD., Dip.Tchg.
Ordained 1995
Chaplain, Rangi Ruru School, Christchurch Presbytery, February 1995
St Margaret’s Presbyterian Church, Silverstream, Wellington Presbytery, February 2001
Minister emerita, 9 November 2014

RUSSELL, Rev John N.               B.A.
w Helen Crawford Young m 10 June 1869 d.(?)
Born Hamilton, Scotland 1836
from Banff Scotland       
Ind Caversham Dunedin DnP   2.1875. Worked closely with the Industrial School at Caversham
& published tracts for the children. 
Reigned from Caversham Sept. 1880 due to ill-health and returned to Scotland.
Inducted to Port Glasgow 1884.
Died Scotland 1907, aged 71

RUSSELL, Rev Kenneth H.
Meth Ch
Whangarei Uniting (St Johns-Leigh-Whau Valley)  2.1981 - 90-
Raumanga St Johns Co-op NP  10.1990

RUSSELL, Mrs Margaret (Maggie) Adams          (Refer separate entry for Miss Margaret Reid)
b.1871 at Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland.
h. Charles Russell  b.1875  m.1910  d.1932 at Palmerston North.
Lived in Waimate & Dunedin after her return from China (c.1908).
Noted as resident at Matapu School, Taranaki July 1930.
Returned to China with her foster daughter, Dr Kathleen Pih, in Sept. 1930.
Taught English at the Sun Yat Sen University in Canton.
“During the time when Japan was at war with China but not with Britain, Mrs Russell proved herself a real friend in
Canton, where she laboured unceasingly.
Then in 1940 at the outbreak of war between Japan and the Allies, Mrs Russell escaped to Rangoon and up the
Burma Road to Chungking, where the (Sun Yat Sen) University gradually gathered, the students having fled
hundred’s of miles overland, often in dire need of the merest necessities of life.
Mrs Russell spent three years teaching in temples and even in caves, until proper quarters could be erected.
Feeling the strain of years, she retired from the University, but was persuaded to act as Secretary to the Governor of
the Industrial Bank of China.
Subsequently placed in a Civilian Assembly (internment) Camp in Shanghai for the remaining duration of the war. 
She had apparenty been re-united in Shanghai with Kathleen (who had subsequently married Dr Chang).  
Upon cessation of hostilities at the end of World War Two she was released and was persuaded to return to New Zealand. 
Maori Mission -  Rep 1948: a veteran Christian, worked recently in China and just returned;
joined staff of Matahi School.
Matahi Maori Mission School 1.11.1947;  appointed Head Teacher 1.9.1948
Her foster daughter, Kathleen Pih (later Mrs Chang), later served as a Doctor In the Canton Villages Mission (refer
separate entry under Dr K Pih).
“She loved to recall old days, and her interest in her Church never flagged”.
Died 1 Dec 1956 at Dunedin, aged 85 years. Cremated and interred at Anderson's Bay Cemetery, Dunedin.       

RUTHERFORD, Sr Dorothy    D.C.S.  
Deaconess of the Church of Scotland.
Completed a full course of training in the Women’s Missionary College, then appointed
as Missionary under the Church of Scotland in Manchuria.
She was for a time Principal of K’un Kuang Girls’ School and Teacher Training College,
and also at one time Principal of the Shu Te Girls’ School. In 1931 she undertook
evangelistic work at Liaoyang and later in the North Moukden district, working under
the Manchuria Synod of the Church of Christ in China. While in the North Moukden
district she carried out very successful training of girls as junior evangelists.  
Set apart in Newlands South Church, Glasgow 28 Nov 1937.
“Since 1919 she has been working among women and girls connected with country churches
scattered over a large area, and is also responsible for the supervision of the training of
Bible-women. (Rep. 1938).
She served in Manchuria until all Missionaries had to be evacuated in 1941 at the
commencement of World War Two and it was impossible for her to return.         
She then went to New Zealand to serve as a Church Deaconess.
Presbyterian Social Services Association (PSSA) City Deaconess, Christchurch 1941-45
“Miss Rutherford had many gifts; she was keenly interested in literature and was a vivid
writer and a brilliant speaker. She was a frequent contributor to “Life and Work” and
“Other Lands”. She was a much-loved and stimulating friend to many.” 
Died 12th April 1961

Meth Ch
Hikurangi Union NP  1974

RUTHERFORD, Rev Robert Irving                 M.Sc.
born 13 September 1935 first son to Archie and Mavis Rutherford
wife: Jean Louisa Hunter, married 29 May 1965
Educated Mornington Primary School and Otago Boys High School, Master of Science in Chemistry (Second-class honours), Otago University
Felt call to ordained ministry while at university
Theological Hall 1960-1962
Teaching in South London
Ordained, Otematata North Otago Presbytery, 5 March 1964
Edendale, Mataura Presbytery, 12 April 1967
St Georges, Linwoood, Christchurch, Christchurch, Presbytery, 15 December 1977 — created a work skills programme for the unemployed, awarded Churchill Fellowship to study similar programmes in Australia, 1981
St Stephens, Bryndwr, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 26 June 1986
First Presbyterian Church, Ukiah, California, USA on exchange 1 September 1989 to 30 June 1990
Inducted St James, Spreydon, July 1996 - shared ministry with Cheviot - retired 4 December 2000
Minister Emeritus, December 2000
Moved to Woodend, then to a retirement village in Christchurch, 2013
Co-convener, Assembly Business Committee; Convener, Assembly Social Services Committee
died 14 May 2021 at Christchurch Hospital aged 85

HM Te Puke BPP  1908   -  to Univ
Wadestown WnP   -  Rep 1909; was granted non-Latin  course, but has not taken
advantage of the permission this yr, nor given an explanation.  Apparently he did
not go to Hall.
Raetihi WgP  1910
Weber & Wainui HBP  1911 
Hedgehope SP  1912  res fr HM serv 1915

RUTTER, Sr Dorothy                B.A.,B.D.
Miss - New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
A Deac of Aust Ch  app to theol position at -
Tangoa  TTI  1968

RYAN, Rev Jonathan (Jono)
wife: Julie, high school teacher
Licensed Wellington Presbytery 17 July 2008
Minister Stated Supply Highgate Presbyterian Parish Dunedin Presbytery 28 July 2008
Highgate Parish, Dunedin Presbytery 2009

RYBURN, Rev Hubert James     C.M.G.,Ll.D.,M.A.(Oxon & NZ),B.D.(Union),
b 19.4.1897 Gisborne;
w (1) Jocelyn Maud nee Dunlop (daughter of Prof Frank Dunlop)
b 6.2.1910 m 24.3.1931 d 5.4.1980 
w (2) Isabella (Ella) nee Paterson (formerly Matron of Knox College, later of St
Margaret’s College Dunedin) b(?) - married in retirement.
Son of Rev R.M. Ryburn, and educated at Wanganui first, then Invercargill where
his Father was Minister of First Church.  He entered Otago University in 1916 to
specialize in Mathematics. His course  was interrupted by World War One.
War service from 23.7.1917 to 25.4.1919.
After War he returned to Otago University, graduated MA 1921; he was rugby
representative at Southland Boys High School; Otago rep in hockey; always a
good tennis player; awarded Rhodes Scholarship; completed BA at Oxford
England1923 (MA followed in 1958); studied theology at Union Seminary New
York, grad BD in        1925; he took BD at Union to give him qualification for ordination
on return to NZ.
Licensed by Christchurch Presbytery 17.2.1926
Ord Kaikohe (Bay of Islands) NP 17.8.1926
St Andrews Dunedin DnP 26.2.1929 - resigned 31.1.1941
Master Knox College Dunedin Ind 6.3.1941 - retired  31.1.1964 
Member University Council Otago University Dunedin 1946-71; Pro-Chancellor l954-5;
Chancellor 1955-70; awarded CMG 1959; granted Hon Ll.D. by Otago University 1962;
author of 'Te Hemara', life of his great-grandfather, James Hamlin, one of NZ's early
Anglican Missionaries.         
'Hubert Ryburn was a man of strong conviction and sound churchmanship. He believed
implicitly in what he was doing and he possessed the mental grasp and training to put
his beliefs into action.  Many will remember the quality of his preaching.  It was
scholarly, expository and direct. ...He also believed in Knox College as an entity and
as an ideal. He subscribed to and built up the dream of the founder,           Andrew Cameron,
to develop a community of scholars where people of all faculties could learn from each
other by the discipline of living in  such  a place. ...
'Sometimes he found the courts of the Church less than scintillating but he did his duty
by them, and when he rose to speak everyone listened.   He was always prepared, lucid
and challenging.   He kept up his interest in his practical enjoyments as long as he was
able.  His workshop was a model of exactness, and his rod and line were familiar with
the streams of Upper North Otago.'
Died  30.6.1988 Waverley Dunedin, aged 91

RYBURN, Rev Ian Graham B.A.;  Reg No 13226, 6th NZ Field Ambulance Corp, 2nd NZEF.
b 18 September 1916 in India. 
w Marjory Helen Hercus  b 28 September 1917  m (?)
Grew up in Taranaki, attending Eltham Primary School and Stratford High Schools.
Studied for his BA at the University of Otago.
Knox Theological Hall 1939-1940 and part of 1946
Enlisted in the Army 1940 as as a member of the 6th Field Ambulance he left New Zealand
with the Third Echelon of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force and served in the campaigns
in Greece and Crete. Captured, along with many others, by Axis Forces on Crete to become a
prisoner of war. 
“The nature of his ministry [in a Prisoner of war camp] was such that the General Assembly
agreed that he be ordained in order that his ministry might be extended[made more useful].
Despite the formidable obstacles which the war in Europe presented, the German High
Command made it possible for the Rev RJ (Bob) Griffiths, a New Zealand Chaplain to the
forces and also a prisoner of war, to travel a considerable distance through Germany to
Genshagen Holiday Camp, Berlin. It was here that Ian was ordained to the Ministry of the
Word and Sacrament.”
Ordained Genshagen Holiday Camp, Berlin 2.10.1944 (This was on the basis that he
undertook some further Theological studies on his return to NZ after the war)
Released upon the end of the war in 1945
Theological Hall (briefly) 1946
Otepopo-Kakanui (Herbert), North Otago Presbytery  17 September 1946
Halkett, Christchurch Presbytery, 4 July 1951
Stirling Clutha Presbytery, 30 January 1958 - resigned 30 June 963
Hoon Hay Christchurch Presbytery 29.8.1963 
Minister Emeritus  9 January 1971
Joined St. James Spreydon 16 May 1971, over thirty years at St. James carried out his
ministry visiting the sick, elder and less fortunate.
“In the years of rehabilitation and peace as well as those of Ian’s war gifts for ministry
are remembered gratefully. He had the gift of relating quickly and sensitively to people
not only within the church but in the wider community. He will be remembered in many
ways.” (from Obit.)
In younger days excelled at hockey and cricket, then in later years at bowls, member of
the Barrington Bowling Club
The third son of Rev Josiah and Jessie Ryburn.
Died 6 August 2002 at Christchurch

RYBURN, Rev Josiah Archie
b 19.1.1878 Auckland
w Jessie Stewart b 27.5.1879 m 13.10.1910 d 30.9.1968
Served in Customs Office Gisborne till 1898 when he left for Poona; In 1898 he
went with other Missionaries  to the Poona Indian Mission.  After three years
returned to NZ to study for ministry.  Student at Victoria University and Otago
Theological Hall 1907-9 
Ordained as Missionary for India by Southland Presbytery 4.10.1910
Jagadhri Punjab India 1910 for 3 years, then -
Sabathu  Leper Asylum, Superintendent 6 years
Very ably acted as the Punjab Mission Council Treasurer during his time there.
In 1919 he returned to NZ for family reasons; after 3 mths rest and a period of
Work under Rev A. Don, then -
Inducted to Te Aroha WkP  14.10.1920
Eltham TkP  2.9.1926 - retired 28.2.1939 due to ill-health. 
Clerk Taranaki Presbytery for 12 years
Brother of Rev R.M. Ryburn, Father of Rev IG Ryburn.
Retired to Dunedin.
Died 17.6.1939

RYBURN, Rev Robert Middleton                  M.A. 
b 22.11.1865 Auckland
w Anna J. b 16.5.1865 m 3.2.1892  d 27.9.1952
Student Auckland University, MA Hons in Maths; student of Northern Presb. Church 1885; then -
Theological Hall Dunedin 1889 (3rd & final year only)
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 1 Apr 1890
Ord Gisborne HBP 11.10.1890
St Pauls Wanganui WgP  9.1897
First Ch Invercargill 10.2.1909
St Andrews Ch Chch  6.11.1918
First Youth Director 28.2.1921 - retired 30.4.1931
Sumner, Christchurch ChP 1931 in retirement, till death.
Moderator of Assembly 1916; Brother of Rev J.A. Ryburn; Father of Rev H.J. Ryburn; Uncle of
Rev W.M. Ryburn; Convenor of many important Church Committees.
Died  31.10.1932 at Christchurch.

RYBURN, Rev William Morton       O.B.E., M.A., D.Litt. (University of NZ)  
b. Wellington 4.12.1895;
w Hilda May Tizard b 14.9.1896 m 8.9.1922 d 20.5.1987. Hilda a trained teacher.
Morton was educated at Khandallah Primary School, Wanganui District High School, Auckland Grammar
School (Member of the 1st XI), Auckland University College and Otago University, winning the senior
scholarship in History and graduated with first class honours in History.
NZEF Infantry, War service with 13th reinforcements in France and the Persian Gulf  8.2.1916 to 4.6.1919
Gained his M.A. Degree at Otago University after the war.
Travelling Secretary Young Men’s Bible Class Union 1920
Theological Hall Dunedin 1921-22
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 8.8.1922
Ordained Missionary for India by Auckland Presbytery 22.8.1922
Principal, Christian Boys School, Kharar 1923
When on furlough in 1928 he took a post-graduate advanced education course at Selly Oak, Birmingham,
Awarded the Cambridge Secondary School Teachers’ Certificate 1929
Latterly appointed Vice-Principal of the Christian Boys School at Kharar in conjunction with an appointed
Indian Principal.  Duties included supervising the Technical Department, teaching English and Psycology,
and sharing in Religious Instruction. Manager of the Masha’l Christian Press at Kharar which published
Christian Literature for the Mission and other Christian groups. Has written over 30 books and pamphlets
and is regarded as one of the leading educational authorities in the Punjab. He also carries a heavy share
of committee work in Christian organisations outside the Mission.
Mrs Ryburn supervises the work of the Christian Boys’ Hostel associated with the Boys’ High School.   
Professor United Theological College, Saharanpur 1957 till retirement 4.12.1960;
Retired to Mairangi Bay Auckland.
After retirement made two trips back to India, as American Presbyterian Church appointed him to a
Commission to evaluate Christian educational institutions in India.
Studied Sikh religious thought and history.   Author of 'The Progressive School' 1937-8. 
Own Missionary of YMBC Union (appointed 1922); nephew of Rev R.M.  Ryburn.
“Appointed to work in the Punjab, India in 1922, and took charge of the Kharar Christian Boys’ School
with 270 pupils. Under his leadership it grew to be one of the best known High Schools in Northern India,
with a roll of over 1000, and an unusually high academic record. He established technical, agricultural,
crafts, and teacher training sections, and pioneered new educational methods that won acceptance in
Government as well as Mission circles throughout India, and through his conception andnpractice of
‘creative education’ has left an indelible mark on that land.
He was a prolific writer, chiefly through not exclusively, in the educational field, and published more than
60 books and booklets. His publication of a thesis on ‘creative Education’ in 1948 won for him the degree
of Doctor of Literature from the University of NZ….
Since his retirement from Mission work he has continued to take an active part in the youth work of the
Presbyterian Church, and it is a token of his extraordinary ability and freshness of approach that in spite
of his advancing years his help has been welcomed, sought after, and appreciated by hundreds of young
people forty and fifty years his junior. Dr Ryburn has, without doubt, been one of the ablest, most
outstanding, most creative leaders, not only of the Presbyterian Church of NZ but of our country as a
Died 28.3.1986 

RYLEY, Rev John
b 22.2.1835 County Tyrone, Ireland.
w Jane Cooper b 18.5.1879 m 26.6.1906 d 13.12.1960
As a young man he studied at Glasgow University and acted as town Missionary at Greenock at the same time.
Came to NZ in 1864.
HM Hampden NOP  1864;
Studied Theology under Presbytery of Dunedin.
Licensed & Ordained by Presbytery of Dunedin DnP 1867
Ord Hampden-Otepopo NOP 20.3.1867
Port Chalmers DnP Nov 1881 for 10 years - Resigned mar 1892, then was in business for many years;
Returned to ministry at advanced age at Wanaka.
Wanaka supply 1917,  Ind 2.3.1920 -  retired 31.1.1927
Moderator of the Synod of Otago & Southland 1882; interested in temperance; one of the first champions of No-licence.
Died  29.12.1928,  aged 93 

RYU, Rev Sook (Grace)
Received from the Presbyterian Church of Korea as –
Minister within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery 16 Jan 2006
Removed from the Ministerial Roll 20 September 2019

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