Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Eade to Eyre

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EADE, Dr J.J.              M.B.,Ch.B.
Miss - volunteered for miss during Univ course.
Rep 1908: had 8 volunteers for miss field, but hadn’t funds to send & support all.
(Was Eade one of those not 1909 as one accepted & expected to go to China in 9.1909.
Rep 1910: He has withdrawn his candidature.  

EAGLESON, Mr William D.       &  Mrs Jessie
b. at Whitlets, Scotland, educated in Scotland.
w. Jessie R Cowie  b. at Paihia  m.1941
Maori Mission
Appointed Master & Matron of the Dominion Road Maori Boys Hostel, Auckland 1960
Resigned (?)

EARLE, Rev William Thomas  (Bill)         B.Sc.,B.D.
b 20 September 1922 at Kawa Kawa
w Dorothea Mary b 25 September 1923 m 21 December 1957d. 2003 met at Beresford Congregational Church
Moved to Ohinewai, Waikato. Attended Whitiora and Hamilton High School (later Hamilton Girls' College).
Auckland University (BSc in Maths and Physics) – Meteorologist for 9 years at Paraparaumu and Wigram
Teachers Training College: science and maths teacher at Wanganui Collegiate.
Overseas service in Middle East and Italy, member of JForce and visited Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
Congregational College of NZ Auckland 1960-1963;
Congregational Minister serving the United Congregational Church, Albany St and Ravensbourne Dunedin.
Ordained January 1964
Received by Assembly with Congregational Ministers 1968
Picton Union (Supply) 1969;  Inducted 8 July 1969, chairman of the committee to build a new swimming pool
Tuakau Union SAP  1 September 1974, formed a new youth group, physics teacher at Tuakau College for a year
Morrinsville Waikato Presbytery 22 May 1979 
Minister Emeritus Waikato Presbytery 14 July1983 Moved to Hamilton and joined Chartwell Cooperating Parish
Trustee of Fairfield/Chartwell Community House Te Whare o Te Atawhere for seven years
Led a march against benefit cuts including prayer meeting on the street 1990
Suffered a stroke and moved to Johnsonville Rest Home Wellington 2007 and joined Johnsonville Uniting Church
Minister Emeritus Wellington Presbytery 30 October 2007
Died 5 November 2011

EARP, Rev Douglas William        LL.B., B.Com., B.Theol.
born 29 December 1928; wife Janet (Jan) Forrester married 5 March 1966
Law, Bible Society, orchardist
Indonesian Bible Society 1966 to 1968
Hall 1974-1976
Ordained Wairoa Union Gisborne Presbytery, 13 February 1977
Eltham-Kaponga Co-op Taranaki Presbytery 31 January 1985
Minister Emeritus 31 August 1990
Pastoral Assistant (Part time), St Andrew's Mount Maunganui, 1999

EASON, Dr Robert (Bob)                            B.A., M.B., Ch.B., B.Chir, F.R.A.C.P.
b. London
w. Josephine Ann Taylor (member of the Chartered Society of Physiopherapy; Daughter of
Rev V Taylor, Manchester, England).
Educated in London to A. level, B.A. at Canterbury
House Physician at St Thomas Hospital London June-Dec 1974, Carshalton Hospital London
Jan-Jun 1975, Birmingham Chn Hospital Jun-Dec 1975, Senior House Officer Christie Hospital
Manchester Feb-Aug 1976, Registrar Auckland Hospital from Dec 1976.
Both members of the Methodist Church of NZ.
Appointed by the Presb/Meth. Joint Board for Mission Overseas as Medical Missionaries to
Solomon Islands working under the United Church of PNG & the Solomon Islands.
Commissioning Service 23.May 1982
Left for Solomon Islands 25 July 1982
Dr Eason appt. Medical Superintendant of Helena Goldie Hospital, Munda, Solomon Islands,
Mrs Eason as Physiotherapist.
Completed service and returned to NZ. Feb 1987

EATON, Dr Owen Lamont                        M.B.,Ch.B., F.R.C.S.
b 23.8.1909 Johnsonville, Wellington;
w Mary Horne Mandeno (B.H.Sc.) b. 15.10.1913  m. 7.12.1938 A Post-graduate in Home Economics
from Otago University. She did her post-graduate work in Dietetics at John Hopkins Hospital,
Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She later remarried an American, Mr Wendt, of the American 1st Army
Headquarters in London on 16 February 1945. Mary served as a Lieutenant in the United States
56th General Hospital during World War Two.
Owen a son of Rev Clarence Eaton of Methodist Church; educated at Arthur Street Primary School
Dunedin (Dux 1922), Otago Boys’ High School, Wellington College (Dux 1927 & first in NZ in
University Entrance Scholarship Examinations) & Otago University. Winner of the Scholarship for
the highest all-round excellence in University work in 1931. Distinguished himself in hockey and
won his blue for the years 1930 to 1933. Graduated M.B., Ch.B. in 1933.
He was tutor in Anatomy at Knox College while resident for 3 years; 1 year Demonstrator at Otago
University Medical School; Passed the primary examination of the F.R.C.S. degree in England 1934.
In 9.1936 appointed as Medical Missionary to China; Ordained as elder, & service of Dedication as
Missionary at  St Davids Church Auckland  6.10.1936;  
Left for China 8.10.1936; after 2 years language study was appt. Supt. of the NZ Presbyterian Po Wai
Mission Hospital (“Hospital of Universal Love”) at Kong Chuen near Canton.
He was fatally shot in the Mission Compound in the early hours of Easter Monday 1939 when he
went outside with others to investigate a robbery.
During his short period of service his quality as a Christian Doctor made a profound impression on
his colleagues and on the Church at home.
‘The radiant goodness of his life, the catholicity of his outlook,his distinguished academic
career and high professional attainments, and his intense desire to serve in the spirit of Christ,
the Chinese people, combined to make him a  missionary of great promise.’
“Own Missionary” of Knox Church, Dunedin
A scholarship was set up by the Church by public subscription in his memory and a memorial plaque
being dedicated to him in the Chapel of Knox College, Dunedin.
Died 10.4.1939, fatally shot by bandits, Presbyterian Mission Compound, Kong Chuen, South China.
Interred in the Shameen Municipal Council's cemetery on Honam Island, Canton.

ECCLES, Mr [later Canon] John Charles
Assistant to Rev T Norrie at Papakura Parish AP being employed as a "Catechist", serving from Waiuku
(in the west part of Papakura Parish)
After the induction of Rev AB Arnott to Waiuku in Jan 1866 Mr Eccles was transferred to the eastern part of
the Papakura Parish, continuing to act as Assistant to Rev Norrie.
Received as a student for the ministry but did not continue in the service of the Presbyterian Church -
Resigned 5th Oct 1870
Joined the Church of England, being for many years the honoured Church of England Canon at Woodville
in Hawke's Bay

EDEN, Rev Paul
Baptist Minister
Minister (Methodist oversight) Ellesmere Co-op, Christchurch, 18 March 2008

EDGAR, Rev James Porter
b 9.7.1926 Invercargill
w Alice Catherine Patricia (Pat) McMaster b 26.11.1922  m 10.5.1949
Theological Hall 1961-63
Ordained Mackenzie County SCP  26.11.1963 - resigned 30.4.1966
A motor accident on the 20th February 1965 put him in hospital for 12 months and left
him paralized from the waist down. 
Clerk of Christchurch late 1966 to Sept 1972
Presbyterian Social Services Association Assistant Hospital Chaplain
Christchurch 23.11.1967 (full time from Sept 1972) - retired 31.7.1986
Moderator of Christchurch Presbytery 1982
“Jim’s long hospitalization had helped him to equip him well for work as a Hospita
Chaplain. It gave him an understanding of the patient’s perspective and countless
lives were blessed and many burdons eased not only in spiritual ways, but many
practical ways too, because he understood what it was like to be a patient. His own
courage, optimism and rehabilitation provided the necessary inspiration for many a
stricken patient. He retired from the Chaplaincy in August 1986 by which time he
had ministered, to some extent, at most of the Christchurch Hospitals.
Jim Edgar was a man who had a strong belief that if a job was worth doing, then it
must be done well. He was a gregarious soul; with a warm and friendly personality.
He was blessed with a phenominal memory for people, something which served
him well in his ministry. (from Obit.)
Died 28.5.1994

Maori Miss
Rep 1949: res fr Waikaremoana 30.9.1948

EGGLETON, Rev William Pringle         B.A.,Dip.Tchg.
born 19 September 1921 Balclutha and grew up in Southbridge, Canterbury.
wife Elza Olive Tull born 11 July 1921 married 16 November 1946 died 2020 at Waimate
Served with the New Zealand Railways, as a coal miner, with the Fijian Army during World War 2, and at a Home for Boys in Christchurch. Studied for his BA degree at Canterbury University College followed by a year at Christchurch Training College. His particular interest was teaching children with special needs. Additionally trained as a Clinical Psychologist.
Theological Hall 1958-1959 (special course)
Ordained Hoon Hay, Christchurch Presbytery 25 November 1959
PSSA Christchurch, Director Social Counselling Services, Inducted 7 March 1963
St Pauls Timaru 8 September 1964 — resigned 3 July 1967 to go to Cairn Miller Institute Melbourne;
Withdrew from Presb. Church of New Zealand  Nov 1968
Returned to NZ hoping to find a position as Counsellor and psycologist within the context of the Church however a suitable position was not initially available.       
Psychologist, South Canterbury Hospital Board.
Psychologist working with children for the Dept. of Education
Director South Canterbury Presbyterian Support Services, Timaru  July 1985 — retired 10 April 1991
He was still employed by Presbyterian Support as a Psychologist at the time of his death.
“Bill was a kind, gentle man, with a placid, warm and frinedly manner. His quiet, gentle,
humane way had a calming effect on others. Bill’s life was lived for other people. He found immense fulfilment through his work. All that he did was ministry; it was service in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.” (From Obit)
Died  13 December 1991

EGLI, Rev Bruno W.
Meth Ch
Bell Block Co-op TkP  2.1985; term completed 31.1.1994

Meth Ch
Chap Tokonui Hosp   1973

ELDER, Pastor David
wife Robyn married 1979
Member, Mairangi Bay Presbyterian Church, 1978; Christian since 1981; Youth ministry six years
Ordained Pastors, North Shore New Life Parish, 1991
Moved from Auckland to Invercargill circa 2002
Senior Pastor, Cornerstone New Life Church, previously Bethel New Life Church, Invercargill, 1994
Senior Pastor, Church@ Otatara and St Pauls, Invercargill, 2007 — retired 2022
Elder, Church@, Invercargill

Recd by Timaru Pr (SCP) 13.2.1898.   Ord 1892
Ind Dannevirke 14.9.1898 left 31.10.1899, though charge not declared vacant till 7.1.1900
Lower Hutt WnP  1900  res 10.1901

ELGIN, Rev Vernon L.
fr overseas
Banks Peninsula ChP  SS fr  6,1994

ELI, Rev Paulo Itione Fa’avae             L.Th.
w Lilia Pefia  m 8.12.1979
Ord Assist St Lukes Tokoroa 10.9.1981
Sanson-Rongotea Co-op MnP 6.9.1984
res fr PCNZ,31.12,1990 to Aust.

ELISI, Rev Elisi Sionetali
b 27.12.1921; w Sipeligi Sionetini b 5.6.1914 m 19.2.1950
fr Cong Ch, entered with Cong Ch at 1969 Ass.
Born Hakupu, Niue.  He went to W Samoa as a young man for 2 yrs, & returned to
Hakupu; he became a teacher; in 1955 he came to NZ; his wife came 2 yrs later.
He worked in the freezing      industry; responded to the challenge to help his own people,
& became a keen worker in the Ch. He felt the Call to the min; had 4 yrs at Cong Coll. 
Ord 24.11.1965. 
He has knowledge of Niuean, Samoan, & Eng  languages.
Ord PIC Ak 24.11.1965
Died 4.1.1977 suddenly  

ELLERY, Rev Geoff
From the Uniting Church of Australia
wife Marilyn Joan Ellery married 13 April 1974
Diploma 1973 Adelaide Bible Institute; Diploma of Religious Education 1974 Melbourne College of Divinity; Bachelor of Arts 1978 Flinders University
Home Missionary, Rocky Methodist Circuit (Laura), 1974
Ordained December 1980, Uniting Church in Australia
Western Eyre Uniting Parish (Lock) 1981
Mount Gambier and District Uniting Parish 1985
Summertown Uniting Church Parish 1990
Seaton Uniting Church 1998
Secondment Wakatipu Presbyterian Parish (Senior Minister), Central Otago Presbytery 7 November 2002 — resigned 28 February 2010
Known as Wakatipu Community Parish (Presbyterian) from 2003
Walkerville Uniting Church, South Australia, April 2010

ELLEY, Rev Reuben Donald (Don)      B.A., B.Sc., B.D., Th.M.(Princeton)
born 31 July 1925
wife Valerie Jean nee Brooker (Val) born 20 October 1928  married 3 September 1955 died 19 January 2020 (see separate entry)
Hall 1950-1952
Licensed Papakura Presbyterian Church, South Auckland Presbytery, 8 December 1952
Ordained Assistant, St Johns Papatoetoe, South Auckland Presbytery, 4 February 1953 — resigned 23 August 1953
to Princeton USA post-grad study.
St James Wanganui, 19 May 1955
Chaplain Porirua Hospital, Wellington Presbytery, 12 May 1960
Khandallah, Wellington Presbytery, 8 September 1966
Lecturer, Bible College, Bible Training Institute Auckland, 30 January 1974
St Andrews Church Kuala Lumpur, Malasia  1 January 1982
Assistant St Columba Pakuranga, Auckland Presbytery, 14 December 1989
Minister Emeritus, 15 August 1990
Died 5 August 2012

ELLEY, Mrs R.D.          see              Brooker, Valerie

ELLIFFE, Rev Archibald Macfarlane         M.B.E.,B.A.
born 29 January 1899
wife Kathleen Dorothy nee Roulston (Kath)  born 4 November 1903 married 11 February 1930 died 28 June 1975
Auckland Grammar School; Auckland University; Otago University (Bachelor of Arts)
Took services at his home circa 1920 at Taranaki Street, Kohimarama, Auckland Presbytery
Home Missionary, Maungaturoto, Northern Presbytery 1924
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1925-1927
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery, 9 August 1927
To New College Edinburgh (c.1927-1928)
Ordained Otahuhu, Auckland Presbytery, 19 December 1928
Inducted Devonport, North Shore Presbytery, 1 August 1935
Inducted Superintendant of Presbyterian Social Services Association (PSSA) Dunedin, 1 June 1939 — retired 31 May 1964 after twenty-five years
Clerk, Presbytery of Auckland 1934-1939, Presbytery of Dunedin, 1940-1955, Synod of Otago and Southland, 1946; Moderator, Presbytery of Dunedin, 1948, Synod of Otago and Southland, 1961
President, Dunedin Rotary Club, 1952-1953
Represented New Zealand at Eightth Assembly of the International Conference of Social Work: Munich, 1956; represented New Zealand National Council of Churches at the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches: Hungary, 1956
He was a University Blue in rugby, hockey, Auckland B. Representative in Rugby; worked for the Auckland Harbour Board before commencing his University studies. In retirement he served as Convenor of the Auckland Regional Committee of the Joint Commission on Church Union (JCCU) from 1970; Clerk of Auckland Presbytery; Convenor of the Bills and Business Committee; Convenor of the Auckland Joint Regional Committee c.1970.
Died 6 February 1975

ELLIOT, Rev Mrs Mary Christine (Chris)       B.Th., P.G.Dip.Th., Dip.Phys 
born Invercargill
husband John Kenneth Scott Elliot, married 23 May 1970 separated January 1992
Diploma of Physiotherapy 1969 New Zealand School of Physiotherapy; Bachelor of Theology 1987 University of Otago; Post Graduate Diploma of Theology 1989 University of Otago
Parish Councillor in two parishes 1977 to 1986 ordained an elder 1982
Theological Hall Dunedin 1986-1988  
Licensed Opoho Dunedin Dunedin Presbytery  20 November 1988
Ordained Musselburgh-Tainui Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 15 June 1989
Ecumenical Hospital Chaplain Dunedin, 17 June 1993 — resigned 23 November 2000
St Paul’s, Timaru, South Canterbury Presbytery, 22 February 2001
Convener of the Nominating Committee
St Martin's Parish, Christchurch Christchurch Presbytery 31 May 2007 — retired 1 July 2015

ELLIOTT, Sr Esther (Ellie) Hill             M.B.E.(1961)
b 30.5.1889 Lovell’s Flat, Otago
Educated at Lovell’s Flat School and Milton District High School; trained as nurse in
Christchurch, and came first in NZ finals.
Missionary India - appointed 12.10.1922
Jagadhri Hospital India 1922
Undertook one year of language studies before commencing Hospital work
Matron of Jagadhri Hospital 1924, holding this post for nearly 30 years;
During the years of World War Two she coped with a shortage of Doctors and additionally
shouldered some of the administrative burden, keeping the Hospital accounts and
supervising the construction of a new ward. She supervised the training of female and male
Nurses including midwives.  
“Own Missionary” of Papatoetoe Church
Returned  to NZ 30.4.1950 and retired from Apr 1951 
In retirement spent 10 years caring for aged at Ross Home Dunedin, for the greater part of the
time acting as Matron.
“Ellie was a great person, determined, capable and deeply spiritual…. To know her was a rich
Brother of Rev W Elliott.
Died 4.3.1968 Dunedin (motor accident)  

ELLIOTT, Rev Dr James Kennedy                     B.A.,D.D.(1912)
b 1845 Belfast
w Margaret nee Dickson b - m -  d 1887
He was educated at Queens Colege Belfast and the Assembly College.
Ordained 10.12.1872
He held three short pastorates in Ireland, including Randalstown and Magherafelt. 
On account of his wife's health came to NZ in 1884.
Ind St James Newtown WnP 16.3.1885
With the permission of Wellington Presbytery, he held services in the Lyceum Hall in
Tory St, and held Sunday School in the Mt. Cook School. Before long the congregation
decided to erect a Church in Kent Terrace. (site now occupied by commercial premises).
He resigned from St James 4.5.1886
Ind. Kent Terrace (now Mt Victoria) WnP 5.10.1886 – retired 1919
His Sister, who acted as “the Lady of the Manse” after the death of his wife, died in 1913.
Retired in 1919 due to failing health after 36 years pastorate and 48 years in the ministry.
His personal benevolence was widespread and he served for many years as a member
and Chairman of the Wellington Benevolent Trustees of the Hospital and Charitable
Aid Board, and of the executive of the N. Z. Alliance. A lifelong abstainer and an advocate
of total abstinence, he was a valued supporter of the N.Z. Alliance.  He was a zealous supporter
of mission enterprises; took a leading  part in the promotion of orphanages; was prominent in
Presbytery and Assembly;  was a fervent preacher and diligent pastor.  He was one of the first
Governors of Scots College Wellington; on a visit to Ireland in 1912 an Honorary Doctorate
was conferred on him by the Theological Faculty of the Assembly College of Ireland. He did
much to bring about the Union of the Northern and Southern Churches; in recognition of his
ability, graces and distinguished career he was elected the last Moderator of the (Northern)
General Assembly in February 1901 and he presided at the Uniting Service in Nov 1901.
“His largeness of heart and wide interests won the esteem and affection of members of
all denominations and classes in the community and an innumerable number of people
not connected with any Church, claimed his as their Minister.
Although a wide and incessant reader, a skilled debater and orator, a master of the
sciences – theology, he preached with a rare simplicity and directness. He was above
all intensely evangelical.” (from Kent Terrace Parish History)
‘He was an eloquent preacher, humorous, broadly tolerant and erudite.’ (From Obit.)
Died 5.5.1929

ELLIOTT, Rev Raewyn Judith              TTC., Csoc., StJCDip.
b 20.11.1928
Trained at Auckland Teachers College. A strong believer in continuing education and
her accomplishments in that area were wide and varied. She also gained accreditation
as a Lay Preacher, and received a diploma through the College of St John’s the Evangelist.
Lay Preacher Chinese Church Auckland (with Interpreter), later their Session Clerk.
Retired from Teaching in 1975.
St Johns College Auckland 1977-79 (under the oversight of the Theological Hall) 
Ord Assist Hawera TkP 29.3.1979
Roseneath WnP 3.12.1981
Otorohanga WkP  12.2.1987 
Minister Emeritus  30.4.1992
Retired to Hamilton.
“Many of her interests and hobbies were associated with the church including Brownies
and Guides. She was involved in Sunday School, Bible Class, and belonged to the Girls’
Auxiliary of the Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union, including time as President
of the Auckland Auxiliary for several years. Each time she became involved in an
organisation, Raewyn never hesitated to offer herself to serve on their committee in
whatever office she was able to do….In her time on the executive of the Sunday School
Union she was involved in the change of the syllabus.
Raewyn also served on the Mangere Inter-Church Committee, the General Assembly’s
Special Committee on the Position of Women in the Church, the Assembly Life and Work
committee, served for 6 years as Secretary on the Auckland Presbytery’s Education and
Ministry Committees.
Ordained an Elder in 1970. Also served as a regular Lay Preacher (through an interpreter)
at the Auckland Chinese Church. Her involvement led her to becoming their Session Clerk.
This association led her to serve on the Church Race Relations Committee.
After completing the Lay Preachers course the claims of Ministry were put to her. She
trained for ministry at St John’s College in Auckland.
In her ministries she engaged fully with the wider community in which she was serving.
Her education background had left her with a strong desire to reach out to the children in
her area and she developed a ministry with puppets- which delighted not only the children
she talked to but the adults who watched on.”
“She was a formidable no-nonsense woman with a lot of time for common sense and little
for idiots, but within that sometimes brusque exterior was a gracious and hospitable lady
who affirmed those she was with.”
(From Memorial Minute – edited)
Died 12 May 2006

ELLIOTT, Rev William (Tiny)              M.A.
b 11.9.1887; w Mabel Frances G. b 4.4.1886 m 28.12.1921 d 24.5.1974
After managing the farm until his next brother could take over, he went to WW1.
War serv fr 24.7.1917 to 13.9.1919, Field Ambulance.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1920-21
Licensed by Clutha Presbytery 6.10.1921
Ord Kaitaia NP 2.2.1922
Rev & Mrs Elliott travelled in a motor bike with side care attached when roads permitted,
but often rode on horseback or walked long distances. Monthly services were held  at
Victoria Valley, Takahue, Clough’s Road, Pukepoto, Herekino, Awanui, Kaingaroa,
Fairburns and Waiharara. Services were mostly held in private homes or school halls.
Rev Elliott was remembered as a good speaker and he bore the name “Tiny” Elliott
because he was tall – 6 foot 4 inches in fact. 
Gonville Wanganui WgP 2.12.1925
Whangarei NP 6.2.1930  
St James Wellington WnP 1.5.1941
Otaki WnP  31.3.1950  ret 31.12.1954
Brother of Sr E.H. Elliott; Clerk of Northland Presbytery; retired in Dunedin, supplied
North East Valley, Woodlands, South Taieri. On last day of his  life he was out visiting
and at a meeting in South Taieri.
Died  4.11.1957

ELLIS, Rev Terry C.
Ang Ch
Pio Pio-Aria-Mokau Co-op WkP  9.1986  Term completed 31.1.1993

ELMES, Rev Jennifer (Jenni) Sybil         B.Th.  (See also earlier entry under Rev J Letham)
born 6 November 1944, second of four children, baptised and confirmed in the Anglican Church, raised on the family farm at Lyndhurst, Mid-Canterbury
husband: (1) Roland Grant Letham married 19 April 1965 divorced
husband: (2) Rex Elmes married 23 October 1992 died suddenly 2002
husband: (3) Ian Robertson married 2 June 2012 at First Church of Otago
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1986-1987
Licensed Musselburgh, Dunedin, 22 November 1987
Ordained Musselburgh-Tainui (Stated Supply), Dunedin Presbytery, 5 May 1988
Associate, Dunedin Presbytery, 1989
Brockville Community Church, Dunedin Presbytery, February 1996
Port Chalmers, Dunedin Presbytery, May 1997 — resigned 2003
Minister within the Bounds, Dunedin Presbytery, 2004
Died Monday, 3 April 2017

Johnsonville Union WnP (Exchange)  1982

ELMSLIE, Rev John (Spelling Elmsley prior to 1867)          M.A.,D.D.(Aberdeen)
b. 1831 at Southfield, Keig, Aberdeen, Scotland.
w(1). Jessie Mitchell 1862, died during birth of seventh child in 19 December 1878.
w(2) Jeannie Harper Anderson b. 1853 m. Nov 1881, d. Christchurch 1936 aged 82 
Educated at Kings College, Aberdeen 1857
Licensed Keig 1861
Minister at Kenneth-Mont, Alford Scotland; Ord 1862
Arrived New Zealand on the “Caribou” 1867
Ind St Pauls Wanganui   WgP  Feb 1867  - Chaplain during Maori War; awarded medal years later
St Pauls Christchurch  ChP  4.5.1876 -  retired October 1903
Moderator of Northern General Assembly 1872 & 1892; a happy revival in his congregation  in 1875.
Died  Christchurch 1907
All three are interred at Addington Cemetery in same plot

ELPHICK, Rev Doris J.
From Methodist Church
Whangarei Uniting, St James Onerahi  2.1987; 
Appt. completed  31.1.1988
Riverton Union Church   SP  2000

ELPHICK,  Mr R.      & Mrs
Overseas Workers
Chr Leaders Conf staff,  Banz PNG  1973

ELVIDGE, Rev John Anthony      M.A., B.D., M.N.Z.Ps.S.; QSM
w Diane Elizabeth  m 20.2.1965
Princeton Theological Seminary USA 1963
Son of a stock agent who settled on a farm in Hawkes Bay
Hastings Boys' High School and Otago University
Theological Hall Dunedin 1964 - 1965
Ordained Assistant Minister St Pauls Timaru  SCP 9.12.1965 - resigned 31.1.1969
National Council of Churches Chaplain Canterbury University 9.3.1969 (app 1.2.1969)
Director of Human Relations Education, Campbell Centre Christchurch 28.7.1974
Director Campbell Centre 1983
Executive Director Presbyterian Support Services (Upper South Island) Christchurch  Apr 1990
Minister Emeritus 14 June 2005
Died 3rd May 2011 at Christchurch

EMSLIE, Rev Marian            L.Th.,M.S.R.(T)
Meth Ch
Riverton Union SP   1.2.1988

EMSLIE, Rev Neville             Adv.Dip.Theol (MCD); B.Theo (MCD); MAHons(Auck); NZCS(ATI)
From the Baptist Church.
Appointed Principal, School of Ministry, Knox College, Dunedin 2001

ENARI, Rev Soti                   BA., BD., CRK., Dip.Theol.    
born Western Samoa
wife Ardmore Iunivesete Enari married 31 March 1973 Bank Teller Bachelor of Arts 1999 Victoria University
from Congregationational Christian Church of Samoa
Certificate of Proficiency in Religious Knowledge 1967 London University Extra Mural Studies; Diploma in Theology 1968 Malua Theological College; Bachelor of Divinity 1971 Pacific Theological College, Suva, Fiji; Music Education 1972 Westmont College, Santa Barbara, United States of America; Bachelor of Arts 1985 University of Otago
Teacher, Leulumoega Fou College 1972 to 1976; Parish minister, Poutasi, Western Samoa 1976 to 1981; Teacher, Leulumoega Fou College 1982 to 1983; Bachelor of Arts, University of Otago 1986; Principal, Leulumoega Fou College 1987 to 1989
Ordained 1974
Honorary Minister Khandallah Church, Wellington Presbytery 8 October 1995
Retired to Australia for study 2010

ENGLAND, Rev John Carol            B.A., Dip.Theol., MTh. Litt.H.D
born 13 April 1930
wife (1) Rita Mayne  married 15 April 1954  d.2005 – refer entry below
wife (2) Helen married 2010
Educated at Napier before studying for his BA. Holds a P.P. Teaching Certificate.
Trinity Theological College 1950-1951, Theological Hall 1959-1960
Ordained Assistant Minister, St Columba Christchurch (Shirley-Richmond) 15 December 1960 
Christian Education Worker, Education Dept Field Worker 11 June 1964-1969
Secretary for Christian Education & Lay Training, East Asia Christian Conference 1969–1973
Secretary for Education & Ministry, Christian Conference of Asia 1973-1975
Study Leave (WCC Fellowship, Selly Oak) 1 Auguat 1975 to 31 July 1977
Visiting Lecturer Selly Oak Colleges, & Cluster of Theological Schools, Chicago (1976).
On staff of Presbyterian/Methodist Joint Board for Mission 1 December 1977-1993
Commissioning Service at St James’ Auckland  18 December 1977
Programme Co-Ordinator Tao Fong Shan Ecumenical Centre, Hong Kong 1977-1986;
Visiting Scholar, Edinburgh University, 1986-1987.
Associate Dean, Programme for Theologies and Culture in Asia (PTCA), based in Kyoto, Japan, (where Rita was Librarian for PTCA (refer below) 1987–1993, part-time 1993–1997
Returned to New Zealand August 1990 — retired 12 September 1990; working from NZ base on Theology and Cultures in Asia 1990-1993
Author/Editor Theology in Action (with Oh Jae Shik, 1973),
An Encounter with Education for Liberation and Community (1975),
Living Theology in Asia
The Hidden History of Christianity in Asia – the Churches of The East before 1500 (1996, 1998, 2002),
Ministering Asian Faith and Wisdom (with Rita M.England, 2001)
Chief Editor & Writer of Research Guide to Asian Christian Theologies (3 volumes) 1997-2004
Conferred Doctorate of Humanities, Honoris Causa, Silliman University (Philippines) 2003.
died 30 July 2021 at Windsorcare Village, Christchurch.

b 2.1.32 h. Rev John C. England m. 15.4.1954
Educated at Avondale College, Auckland.
Diploma in Religious Education (Dunedin) 1961
Trained as a Domestic Science Teacher, teaching in schools on Auckland, Taranaki &
Birmingham in England.
Acted as an East Asia Christian Conference (EACC) Secretary 1970-1973
Librarian at the Tan Fong Shan Ecumenical Centre, Hong Kong 1977-1986
Diploma in Librarianship, Hong Kong University 1980
On staff of Presb/Methodist Joint Board for Mission 1977 – 1993
Librarian for the Programme of Theology and Cultures in Asia (regional programme of training and
re-orientation for theological teachers 1983-1994
Developed specialist collections of Asian religious writings, along with staff-training courses in their
collection, study, preservation and publication
Founded the Asia-wide network of Theological Librarians (ForATL); key resource person in their
courses of training and communication
Based in NZ since 1990 with John, this work continued until mid 2004.
Member of the National Executive of the Association of Presbyterian Women 1991-1994
Joint writer, with John, of Ministering Asian Faith & Wisdom (2001); first complete manual for
theological librarianship in Asia
Joint writer/editor (with John ) of Research Guide to Asian Christian Theologies 3 vols. 2001-2004
Articles in publications (1979-1997) of PTCA, SEA Association for Theological Education,
Association of British Theological & Philosophical Libraries, the APW, Research Group on
Asia-Pacific Christianity (NZ)
Compiled Bibliography of Writings by or about Overseas Staff & Volunteers of the Council for
Mission & Ecumenical Co-operation
(NZ, 1996)
"In all her undertakings and commitments, in training of tertiary staff, the nurturing of others
and in her more personal research and writings, Rita remained a meticulous yet completely
modest teacher and scholar…. Her faith was to be acted out rather than spoken of and steadily
enlarging hopes to be lived by, rather than preached.” (From Memorial Minute – edited)
Died 13 June 2005  

ENGLISH, Rev Colin Lloyd          B.A., L.Th.
wife Barbara Eden married 17 June 1972
clerk, worked in a bank
Bachelor of Arts in History, English and Political Studies 1970 University of Otago; Licentiate of Theology 1972 Joint Board of Theological Studies
Hall 1969-71
Ordained Waihao, South Canterbury Presbytery 3 May 1972
Otorohanga, Waikato Presbytery, 30 September 1976
St Pauls Napier Gisborne Hawkes Bay Presbytery 25 March 1982 — and additionally from 5.2.2006 :
St Stephen's Napier GHBP 2007
Minister Emeritus 2011

ENNOR, Mr Frank      & Mrs Noreen
Volunteer Miss
Suva Fiji  PTC Library  1987

ENNOR, Rev Laurence Harrold        BMus, BD, MMin, LTCL, LTCL (GMT), NZIM Dip Mgt
born Mount Eden, Auckland
wife Georgina Mary Hill born Riccarton married 22 December 1973 Nurse
Music and teaching, and rehabilitation officer; organist and choir master at Greyfriars Church Auckland
Secondary Teachers College Diploma (Auckland) 1969; Licentiate of Trinity College in Singing Teaching 1971; Licentiate of Trinity College in General Musicianship for Teachers 1977; Bachelor of Music 1977 Auckland; Bachelor of Divinity in News Testament with Greek major 1984 Otago; New Zealand Institute of Management Diploma of Management 1999; Certificate in Human Resource Management 2000 Christchurch College of Education; Master of Ministry 2007 Otago
Theological Hall, 1982-1984
Ordained St Lukes Union, Nelson, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery, 29 November 1984
Hoon Hay, Christchurch, 14 April 1988 — resigned 4 December 2000
Minister within the Bounds, Christchurch Presbytery, December 2000
Chaplain, Nurse Maude Hospice and Hospital, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 11 June 2002 to January 2011
Malvern Co-operating Church (Stated Supply), Christchurch Presbytery, 2004 — Minister Methodist Oversight ended 31 January 2013 — Presbyterian Oversight (Part Time Stated Supply 6 months) 1 February 2013 — 30 August 2013
Interim Moderator (Part Time), Hanmer Springs St Andrews, Christchurch Presbytery 30 August 2013
Senior Active, Alpine Presbytery
Inducted two-year half-time appointment, Oxford Union Church, Alpine Presbytery, 10 February 2019 — extended a further twelve months December 2020
Senior Active Minister, Alpine Presbytery, 25 August 2022

ENRIGHT, Rev [Father] John J.
Born in Dublin, Ireland 21 May 1863 to devout Roman Catholic family, parents John and
Margaret née McGrath.
w. Gertrude Mary Lee b.1883 m. 12.9.1907 at Melbourne d.1948 (1 child born 17 July 1908)
Educated by the Patrician Brothers at St Patrick’s Boarding School in Tullow, Co. Carlow, 1871-77. 
Emigrated to Australia in about 1888.
Teacher at Narrabri, NSW, 1890-91.
Joined Passionist Order 25 March 1891, trained at Goulburn NSW monastery, professed as Brother
Andrew 18 April 1892 and ordained as Father Andrew in Goulburn 30 May 1896.
Marrickville (inner western Sydney) monastery June 1896 - March 1897, Glen Osmond monastery,
South Australia from March 1897 - September 1905, Goulburn monastery, 1905-07.
Conducting missions but also spending some time as the parish priest of Parkside, Adelaide, ca. 1901-1904. 
Briefly visited New Zealand in 1904; for about two months assisted the parish priest of Upper Hutt. 
He left the Goulburn monastery and the Roman Catholic Church on 11 September 1907.
In Western Australia, received into Congregational ministry and served Victoria Park,
November 1907 - July 1908, Leederville July 1908 - November 1909, Collie November 1909 - April 1910,
Fremantle April 1910 - October 1910; to Queensland: Southport November 1910 - April 1911, Broadway,
Wollongabba, South Brisbane April 1911 - July 1911; to Victoria: South Melbourne July 1911 - July 1912.
In Aug 1912 successfully petitioned General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia for
admission as minister. 
He served in Western Australia at Geraldton 1913-16, acting Chaplain Perth 1916, Subiaco 1916-1919.
To New South Wales and joined the Home Missions service :
Cootamundra (Locum Tenens) 1919, Inducted Bondi 24 February 1920 - 30 July 1925, Inducted St
Andrew’s Ballina 30 July 1925 - 31 July 1926.
He wrote three books (Let There be Light 1919, Breaking the Fetters 1921 and The Roman Tribunal 1925)
and lectured in defence of Protestant principles. 
He was invited to New Zealand by the Protestant Political Association and arrived in September 1926. 
Admitted to the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand by Assembly Nov. 1926.
He was genial and courteous with a gift of oratory.
Inducted St Enoch’s Morningside, Auckland  AP  25.11.1926
Died 4.12.1926 in office.  Buried at Waikumete cemetery, West Auckland.

ENRIGHT, Rev Dr Kerry Matthew          LLB. ,B.D., Th.M.,  D.Min.
born Waiuku, iwi Tainui, hapu Ngatiparewaitawa, marae Oraeroa Port Waikato
wife Dr Mavis Joy Duncanson, Public Health Physician, ordained elder 1984 married 22 November 1986 served on Assembly Lay Ministry Committee 1984-1988 and National Assessment Committee 1994-2000; Executive of Presbyterian Women Aotearoa New Zealand 2018 - United Nations Convenor with Presbyterian Women Aotearoa New Zealand until March 2022
Baptized 1971 at St David's Auckland
Youth Group Leader 1975-1979, ordained elder 1977; Barrister and Solicitor 1975 to 1980
Theological Hall 1980-1982
inducted elder, Anderson's Bay Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, 14 September 1980-1982
Bachelor of Laws 1975 Auckland University; Bachelor of Divinity 1982 Otago University; Master of Theology 30 May 1984 Princeton Theological Seminiary; Doctor of Ministry 1997 San Francisco Theological Seminary
Licensed Auckland Presbytery 27 February 1983
Ordained Waimarino, Wanganui Presbytery, Stated Supply, 4 March 1983 - resigned 6 September 1983 - to Princeton Theological Seminary, USA
Matamata, Waikato Presbytery Stated Supply, 1 October 1984 to 31 January 1985
Inducted St Pauls, Whanganui, 5 February 1985
Deputy Chair Whanganui Community Living Trust, President Whanganui Council of Churches
St Davids Union, Ashburton, 11 September 1994.
Southern Regional Health Authority Consultative Group Member
Assembly Executive Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, September 1996
Secretary of the Council of Assembly, 1 September 1996
Other Recognised Minister, Uniting Church in Australia Assembly, Australia, 1 February 2007-30 April 2014 — National Director of UnitingWorld, the international partnerships and development agency of the Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia
Knox Dunedin Parish, Southern Presbytery, 1 May 2014 — retired 20 November 2022
Minister Emeritus and senior active Southern Presbytery, 25 December 2022

ENTRICAN, Jennie Jack    (known as Sr. Grace)
b 3.7.1870
Congregational Deaconess St James Auckland  AP 1906 
Ordained Deaconess 1908 - resigned 31.12.1909
Home Missionary Pukemiro WkP  7.5.1926
Congregational Deaconess, St Lukes Auckland  AP  1.8.1929-  resigned 30.9.1937
Congregational Deaconess (Honorary Capacity), St Peters Grey Lynn Auckland  AP  1938-50
Visited in Hospitals and conducted services in the wards of Green Lane Hospital.
Sister of Rev S.W. Entrican
Died 1.9.1955

ENTRICAN, Rev Samuel Walter              M.A.
Licensed by the Strabane Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland
Arrived in New Zealand as Probationer 1898
Ord & Ind Waikato West  20.3.1902 - resigned  28.12.1905
Mahurangi (Warkworth NSP) 30.9.1908 - retired 12.4.1910.
Brother of Sr Grace Entrican

ERIKA, Rev Matatia
born 3 May 1940 in Western Samoa of Tokelauan descent, and raised in Malua.
wife Fagamalama Simanu born 1 February 1943 married 22 August 1968 died 17 July 2020, Porirua
Educated at Avele College, where he excelled in all aspects of schooling, academic, sporting, music and culture, being given the responsibility of School Prefect where his leadership skills were developed. Worked as a Meteorologist at the Samoan Natioal Weather Bureau.  With a desire to study and enter the field of animal husbandry he came to New Zealand in 1965 to study at Lincoln University. He did not pursue these studies. Became heavily involved with the Pacific Islanders’ Church (PIC) at Newton and then later with the Grey Lynn PIC in Auckland. Worked closely with the local Tokelauan community who were losing their identity in the Samoan dominated environment. Decided to train for the ministry and entered St John’s College in 1981 then to the Hall.
Theological Hall 1982-1984
Ordained Pacific Islanders’ Church Invercargill 1 September 1985 – worked also in introducing community based projects, including translating in judicial hearings and a work training scheme for Pacific Islanders with limited English. Also member of the Advisory Committee for the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs and the Pacific Island
representative for the Mission Resource Board.
Interim Moderator for Waverley Church, Invercargill
Pacific Islander’s Church Porirua, Wellington Presbyterian 31 Ocotber 1992
Became involved with the translation of the Bible into Tokelauan.
A member of the Pacific Islanders Synod.
“[At Porirua] he was instrumental in establishing a network that would set up the ultimate empowerment for the Pacific Island people; the word of God in their own langauge and freedom to govern their woship in their own culture. Matatia ministered until his final breath.” (from Obit.) 
Died 17 December 1999 at Pacific Islanders’ House, Porirua.

Maori Miss
Nuhaka - Rep 1951: resigned from temporary position 7.10.1950

ERVINE, Rev James
From the United States of America
Licensed at Benicia Presbytery, California, USA Apr 1902
Ordained by Central Washington Presbytery, USA July 1902
To New Zealand :
Recd 1905, on completion of his 12 months probation since date of arrival.
Ind Pukekohe SAP  3.7.1906 - resigned 4.8.1907

ERWIN, Mr Hugh             B.A.
Fr the Presbyterian Church of Ireland - unordained minister
North Belt (Knox Church, Christchurch)  1885
Ferry Rd Christchurch 1886

ERWIN, Rev John              B.A.
b 23 Nov 1866 in Belfast, Ireland.
Annie Robertson Jardine b.1878 Scotland m.5 Sept 1901 at Wanganui d.4 Dec 1947 at Dunedin.
A graduate of Queen's University of Ireland.
Licensed by the Belfast Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland July 1894
Ordained by Belfast Presbytery of PCI March 1899
Came to NZ as Probationer, arr March 1899.
Ind Cambridge  WkP  20.12.1899
North East Harbour & Portobello, Otago Peninsula  DnP 20 Oct 1904 - he felt the need to go to a
smaller and less demanding parish.
Limestone Plains SP  14.3.1912 - resigned 30.4.1915 & returned to Ireland for a 12 month visit
in order to regain his health in his native land. His wife and four children remained in New
Zealand. The war and increasingly ill health made his return to New Zealand impossible nor
could his family safely join him. He was cared for in his last illness by his sisters.
‘A man of ripe culture and fine scholarship and always gave of his best to the congregations to
which he ministered.... A man of such marked individuality as Mr Erwin could not but hold his
convictions very strongly. He was always fearless in the expression of them, whether they were
popular or the reverse. But he was never other than a high-minded, chivalrous, Christian
gentleman, more exacting in his demands upon himself than in what he expected of others."
Brother of the Rev R. Erwin.
Died 3.3.1917 at Belfast. Interred in Clifton Street Burying Ground, Belfast. Northern Ireland,
Annie interred in Anderson's Bay Cemetery Dunedin with her Daughter who pre-deceased her.

ERWIN, Rev Dr Robert             B.A., M.A., D.D.
b 21 January 1855 in Belfast, Ireland.
w. Esther Neill b.1853 in Belfast m.19 June 1884 at Otahuhu d. 9 August 1929 aged 76 years.
From Northern Ireland; for a time in business, probably with his Father who was a Butter Merchant. 
Studied at Queens College 1877 to 1878 then as a Senior Student 1880-1881. He received his
B.A. in 1880 and his M.A. in 1882. He was a scholar who majored in Latin, Mathematics, Greek,
French, Natural Philosophy, Logic, Political Economy, Metaphysics and English Literature.
He came under the influence of DLM Moody, the well known Evangelist, and decided to enter
the ministry. A personal bible dates My Covenant with God to 10 November 1880. Trained at
Queen's College and the Assembly College in Belfast with a view to becoming a Missionary to
China but his health prevented him from going to so he left for New Zealand in approximately
February or March 1883.
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery.
Worked in Auckland district as Assistant to the Rev J. Macky of Otahuhu (who was almost blind),
his first service being on the 1st April 1883.
Ordained and inducted to Otahuhu by Auckland Presbytery 13 November 1883 - 7 month term of service.
St Andrew's Church Christchurch Presbytery (for a short period only)
Ordained Knox Church (known as the North Belt Church) Christchurch Presbytery 13 November 1883
- retired 31 December 1922 after 39 years service.
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (Northern) 1897, and (after Union) 1904;
Convenor of many Committees; he gave distinguished service on public bodies; member of Board
of Canterbury College, University, which at that time controlled Museum, School Of Art, Boys & Girls
High Schools, & Public Library as well as University.  He was vigorous in the  No-licence (Temperance)
Movement; assiduous in visiting, evangelistic in outlook.  Chairman of the Board of Governors of St
Andrews College and Chairman of the Presbyterian Social Services Association in Christchurch.
The Degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred by the Presbyterian Faculty, Ireland on 1st January 1897.
‘A distinguished and trusted figure in the Church.’ 
Died 15 January 1932 at Christchurch aged 77 years (interred in Addington Cemetery, Christchurch).

ETUATA, Rev  Tom            B.Th., Dip.Min., N.Z.C.C., Q.S.M.
Niuean, born 14 October 1945, Tuapa Village, Niue Island
wife Akeletama Etuata married 24 April 1964
Moved to Wellington from Niue 1967, worked for IRD and as an accountant
New Zealand Certificate in Commerce 1974 New Zealand Qualification Authority; Bachelor of Theology 1989 Otago University, Diploma of Minmistry 1989 Knox Theological College
Niue Radio, Wellington Access Radio, 1986
Hall 1987-1989;  licensed St James Wellington Presbytery 3 December 1989
Ordained Tawa Union  Wellington Presbytery Stated Supply for six months 25 January 1990
Inducted Tawa Union Wellington Presbytery  27 September 1990
Established Niue Kaufakalataha to support smaller Niue community groups 2005
Member, Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs Advisory Group 2010
Titahi Bay: St. Timothy’s Wellington Presbytery 1 February 1999 retired 6 November 2012
Board Member, Whanau Centre 2012
Minister Emeritus Wellington Presbytery 7 November 2012
Queen's Service Medal, New Year's Honours List, 1 January 2015 for services to the Pacific community
died 10 December 2023

EVANS, Sr Amy Elizabeth
From Timaru
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute Dunedin 1904-05
Ordained Deaconess  Nov 1905
Missionary Madras India, under Church of Scotland 1906-39, being initially partially supported
by the PCNZ for the first few years until our own Mission opened in the Punjab.
Sailed from Wellington for Madras 8.9.1906
Rep 1906: went to Madras as colleague of  Alice Henderson in Church of Scotland Mission.
Died  ?

fr Scot as HM
HM Rewa WgP 1913
Wanganui Outfields (Kai Iwi) 1914  res  1916 & wthd fr HM serv.

EVANS, Rev David Charles               B.A.(Wales)
born London United Kingdom
wife Elizabeth McLean Marion Boyd Paton born 22 December 1933 Stirling Scotland married 25 July 1957 Cardiff Wales died 23 February 1999
Bachelor of Arts in Hebrew
From Congregational Church,  Ordained 1958, Inducted 10 June 1961, service back dated to 1 July 1961: Fairwater Cardiff Wales United Kingdom; Tokoroa Pacific Islanders Church; Lower Hutt Trinity Pacific Islanders Church;  entered Presbyterian Church of New Zealand with Congregational Church at Assembly 1969
Petone Wellington Presbyery, especially Pacific Islander Church  26 July 1970
St Stephens, Ponsonby, Auckland Presbytery 1 February 1977
Secretary Joint Board of Mission Auckland 4 February 1979
First Church Dunedin, 11 April 1985
Chartwell Co-operating St Albans Hamilton 4 June 1987  — retired  31 May 1994
Lodged Certificate (now resident in Australia) Auckland Presbytery  28 June 2002

HM Toi Tois Outfields SP  1903

EVANS, Rev Evan George
b 7.6..1872
w Williamina Mary b 12.4.1872 m 28.3.1900 d 18.11.1948
Born Riverton; spent early years in gold-mining, but under an earnest Minister was
inspired to enter the ministry. 
Theological Hall Dunedin 1902-4
Licensed by Dunedin Presbytery Nov 1904
Ord Mahurangi (Warkworth NSP) 19.5.1905 (one record gives date as 16.5.1905)
Bulls WgP 24.7.1907
Fordell WgP 6.1.1910
Hunterville WgP 18.12.1913
Raetihi WgP 10.8.1922
Balfour 21.3.1923
Fortrose SP 10.6.1925
‘He was a lover of quiet ways, a man of the country  rather than the town, and served
country parishes, often in remote areas.  He had musical talent which he used effectively. 
He spent the last months with a wasting disease which he endured with great courage.’
Brother of RevW.F. Evans; Brother-in-law of Rev J.G. McLeod.
Died 25.11.1933  Fortrose

EVANS, Mr Frank
fr PCE,  arr NZ 1879
Rep 1880: He has been employed as evangelist for some mths; is an undergrad stud, but has
not yet come up for exams.
Ngaruawahia WkP 1880
Son of Rev Wm Evans.  Rep: he also aids Father in giving more frequent services in
Waikato West area.
Rep 1881: he has seceded to Ang Ch.

EVANS, Rev. Dr. John Oliver            QSM., B.D., M.Div., D.Min..
w(1) Rachel Catherine b 13.7.1930 m 10.1.1959
w(2) Rita Ross b (?) m 3 July 2008 at Lambhill Evangelical Church, Glasgow
From United Free Church, Glasgow, Scotland  -  Ordained 1965
Inducted Plimmerton WnP 27.10.1971 - resigned 18.10.1976
Secretary of the Scripture Union Wellington  11.1976
Greyfriars Mt Eden AP 4.2.1982
Minister Emeritus May 2001 - returned to Scotland
Lambhill Evangelical Church, Glasgow, Scotland
Continued to visit NZ every summer, and was a member of Massey Riverhead Church, Northern Presbytery
Co-Convener of “Presbyterian Affirm” and Chairman of the “Westminster Fellowship” in NZ.
Moderator of the General Assembly 1993
Died 2013

EVANS, Rev Kenneth Harold                     E.D., B.A.
b 24.7.1908 in Rogerstone, Wales.
w Frederica Muriel Buck (Freda)  b 31.8.1906 m 12.12.1936  d 19.10.1991
With only two years of secondary schooling, he left to work for the GNK Ironworks at
Rogerstone as a labourer to support his family until laid off with many others following
the general strike. As the employment situation was desperate he decided to emigrate
to New Zealand.  Worked first for a building firm then took up a Home Mission
appointment where he earned a Scholarship to the Theological Hall. All his life he
recognised the importance of education and encouraged it in others.
Theological Hall 1934-36
Licensed by Wellington Presbytery 1936
Ordained Mahurangi (Warkworth NSP)  4.2.1937
Petone WnP 1.10.1941
Service as Army Chaplain service with the Scottish Regiment during Ministry at Petone.
Opotiki BPP  4.7.1947
St Johns Mt Roskill Auckland AP 9.6.1955
Minister Emeritus 31.7.1973
Moderator of Auckland Presbytery
In retirement at Amberley Home in Auckland he continued his ministry to other residents.
“Ken had a quiet and gentle manner. He was always polite. He was disciplined in his life
but underneath he was a strong person. The difficulties of his early life had tempered the
steel within him.
His final parish was Mount Roskill in Auckland from 1955 until retirement in 1973. Ken
exercised a long and fruitful ministry there. His enthusiasm encouraged members to move
forward in faith. Over the long period of his ministry there, once again as in other places,
there was a richness and depth in his teaching ministry and a special quality to his
pastoral care.”
Died January 2004

Sent out as Home Missionary by the United Free Church of Scotland; had considerable
previous experience in Scotland.
Arred NZ late 1912
HM Otaki WnP  1912

EVANS, Rev Robert Ernest
b 29.11.1875
w Annie b 23.8.1882 m 28.2.1911 d 3.6.1971
Born in England of Welsh parents; emigrated to NZ as small child, to Thames the to
Auckland University. Married before going to the Hall (at 35) and so lost the bursary
he had been awarded.
Assistant Tamaki/Otahuhu/Howick 1908-1910
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1911-13
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin 2.12.1913
Ord Waikaka MtP 30.12.1913
North East Valley, Dunedin DnP 17.5.1917
Hawera TkP 11.7.1923
Mt Albert, Auckland AP 15.9.1932 - retired 31.12.1940
Died 19.6.1968. aged 92

EVANS, Rev Walter Fairlie
born 9 September 1870, Glenquoich Station, Southland, the fifth of eleven children
wife Christina H. Hain (Daughter of Rev W Hain) born 12 April 1865 married 21 December 1897 at Orepuki died 6 March 1945
Began working at the age of 12 in 1883; continued in manual work for fifteen years on roads and railway, and clearing land and bush; gold miner for the Roxburgh Mining Syndicate at Lake Onslow, then called the Dismal Swamp.
Christina encouraged Walter to train for the Ministry when he felt he had a calling.
Profits from the family gold claim at Orepuki helped to pay for his studies.
Last surviving member of the Union Assembly as an elder on the Otago side
Home Mission Brighton Dunedin Presbytery (temporary student supply) 1902-1903
Theological Hall Dunedin 1902-1904; then to New College Edinburgh for a year
A student at Edinburgh University when the Free Church of Scotland joined the United Presbyterian Church
Ordained Woodville Manawatu Presbytery 17 January 1906
Waikaka Valley Mataura Presbytery 21 April 1908
Waihao Valley South Canterbury Presbytery  6 October 1915 - resigned 30 June 1916
St Stephens Dunedin Dunedin Presbytery  23 August 1917 - resigned 30 November 1924
Limestone Plains Southland Presbytery 15 September 1925
Stirling Clutha Presbytery 20 August 1929
Reefton Westcoast Presbytery 1 May 1933 - retired 19 January 1936
Assisted Rev WW McArthur in Otago Peninsula Outfields at one stage during retirement. 
Waihola-Milburn Clutha Presbytery (supply) 1938-1939
Wakanui Ashburton Presybytery (supply) 1940-1941
Cheviot Christchurch Presbytery (supply) 1946-1947
Lyttleton Christchurch Presbytery 1950-1951
Orawia Southland Presbytery
Stewart Island Southland Presbytery (supply) 1955-1959 
Retired to Peacehaven Resthome Invercargill
Brother of Rev E.G. Evans; son-in-law of Rev W. Hain
(An oral history interview of his life and his autobiography are held in the Presbyterian Archives).
Died  7 December 1966, aged 96 years.

EVANS, Rev William
w. Rachel Evans b.(?) m.(?) d. 22 Feb 1907 at Tauranga.
From Welsh Calvinistic Church
Ord 1846
Arrived New Zealand 1877
Ind Cambridge WkP  10.2.1878 - retired  7.4.1896 (one record indicates resigned)
In his last years he lived a quiet life at Tauranga. 
Father of Rev Frank Evans. 53 years in active ministry.
Died 2 May 1907 at Constitution Hill, Parnell, Auckland. Interred in Tauranga cemetery 

Cong Ch
Maungaturoto NP  1974

EVERITT,  Rev Alan K.
Ang Ch
Waverley-Waitotara Co-op TkP  2.1982
Okato Co-op TkP  4.1986  term completed 31.1.1991

EVERTS, Rev Anton            B.D.(Utrecht)
b 1.5.1914 at Amsterdam, Holland.
w Anna Helena Schaap  b 3.2.1915 m 13.6.1940
Ordained in the Netherlands 1940.
Served two years as Chaplain with Dutch troops in Indonesia during the nationalist disturbances.
After demobilisation served as a Minister with the Protestant Church of Western Indonesia in
South Sumatra for five years, living in Palembang.
To New Zealand 1955
Inducted as Minister to Dutch Settlers in South of South Island, Dunedin 27.3.1955
Te Hapara Gisborne 6.2.1958 - resigned 30.11.1961
Minister to New Settlers in Auckland area, and Associate Minister Greyfriars Mt Eden AP 15.4.1962
Waiheke Island AP 10.3.1966
Owairaka AP 11.11.1971
Minister Emeritus 28.2.1977
Anton was born into a family in Amsterdam where social concern was the main driving force. He met
Christ at a convention in Germany, and decided to train for the ministry. Anton’s first parish was a
small village in the South of Holland, Zuidzande in the Province of Zealand near the Belgian border.
He and Ana helped their sons and their Parishioners cope with war conditions and the Nazi occupation.
They sheltered a Jewish girl. The family and 60 others hid in a basement for three weeks while the war
front passed over their village three times.
Anton joined the Dutch Army as Chaplain, first in post-war Germany, then in Indonesia, helping free
that country from Japanese occupation. They stayed a year after Indonesia became independent. The
family returned to the Netherlands in 1951. Anton became a Hospital Chaplain in Utrech. He then
accepted an invitation from the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, to come and do ‘New Settlers’
work here. They arrived in Dunedin in 1955. Anton’s parish extended from Timaru to Invercargill.
He integrated new settlers into their local parishes and held monthly Dutch services.
Between 1957 and 1960, Anton pioneered a new Parish in Te Hapara, Gisborne. In 1961, the family
shifted to Mt Eden, Auckland, where Anton again took up work amongst the Dutch people. He held
monthly Dutch services and provided pastoral care for Dutch people in the Auckland District. This
included new arrivals and longer term Dutch settlers. The monthly Dutch services continued even
during his six years of parish work on Waiheke Island. After retirement, he continued with active
pastoral work, establishing a chaplaincy at the newly-formed ‘Ons Dorp’, the Dutch retirement village
in Henderson.
(Anton) was on the Race Relations Committee and forged links between Christians and Jews. The New
Zealand Jewish Council gave Anton the medal for Righteous Gentile for saving a Jewish Girl. He was
also involved with Life Line, including the Trouble Team which dealt with emergency situations. Anton
became Chaplain of Ranfurly Home for retired servicemen, while remaining an active member of the
Veteranen Legionen (The Dutch RSA)… His funeral was held on 18 March 2004, drawing Christians,
Muslims and Jews, involving Dutch, Maori, Pacific Islands, friends from Poland, Iran, Israel and ordinary
New Zealanders. He was a man who crossed boundaries of politics, religion, race and nationality.
He was truly a man of God. (From Obit.) 
Died 14 March 2004 at Hillsborough Hospital, aged 89 years.

EVERY, Sr Kathleen Ruth                       (Mrs KR Allan)
b 29.8.1908 Gore
h. Francis (Frank) Thomas Allan  m. 28.12.1950  d. Jan 1984
Taught Sunday School at 16, sang in the Church Choir at 17, and was Organist
and Bible Class Leader at 20. After moving to Milton in 1920, she studied the piano
to LTCL level, and was a music Teacher there for 7 years.
Presbyterian Women's Training Institute (PWTI) Duendin 1936-38
Ordained Deaconess  30.5.1939
Deaconess - Youth Dept Chch 1.11.1938 (1946 on leave) - resigned Dec 1949
As a itinerant Youth Worker with the PCNZ Youth Department, she travelled up
and down New Zealand organising Bible Class camps and training youth workers,
preaching in nearly every Presbyterian pulpit in the North Island and many in the
South.Together with the Rev Archie Huston, she was involved in Bible Class
Conferences, missions, working with Sunday School Teachers, and leadership
training programmes for young people with leadership potential.
Appointed to be the first woman Chaplain to the Forces at Trentham Military
Camp however the war ended before she had taken up the appointment.
Appointed Principal of the Deaconess College Dunedin 3.3.1950 – resigned 1.12.1950
After less than 12 months in the position, she met up again with Frank Allan, who
had attended School with her. In spite of much opposition from many sectors of the
Church, she decided to resign her position and marry Frank.  Moved to Wellington.
(Refer also entry for Mrs Kathleen Allen)
Died 21 Dec 1984 at New Plymouth

EWART, Sr Mary
b 9 December 1873
Presbyterian Women's Training Institute 1922-1924;  
Ordained Deaconess 18 September 1924 by Dunedin Presbytery
Congregational Deaconess, Knox Church Dunedin 1 September 1924
Resigned 31 August 1937; Sunday School Visitor for congregation
Resident at Flat 6, Castle Flats, 1950, later Union Court, University of Otago
Died 28 December 1952

EWART, Mr William Wilson
b 24.6.1871
w Ada Leah b 2.3.1892 m 9.4.1903
He had served in Queensland earlier; came to NZ from Tasmania 1903.
HM Halkett ChP  1905 - resigned 1907;  reinstated 1909
Taihape WgP 1909
Waikawa SP 1913
Invercargill South  SP 1916 - resigned 30.9.1918 to join Anglican Church.

EWEN, Rev Robert             M.A.
Waimate 1872-4 under Cant Presby Assn
Ord Limestone Plains SP 18.7.1878
He had been appointed in Scot to the new charge of Temuka, but through some error, it
was filled before he arrived.  (Ass Rep calls it ‘failure of communication’.)
Mod OSyn 1892
Died 4.5.1900

EYLES, Rev Dr Robert (Bob) James           M.Sc., B.D., Ph.D., Dip.Tchg.
wife Hellen Findlay Cumming born 11 May 1941 married 16 December 1961 died 22 February 2004 teacher and librarian
He was a secondary teacher and a university lecturer first, at Tawa, and later decided to enter the ministry, trained for ministry at the age of 42.
Master of Science 1963 Victoria University of Wellington; Diploma of Teaching 1962; Doctor of Philosophy 1969 University of Malaya; Bachelor of Divinity 1984 University of Otago
Theological Hall 1982-1984
Ordained First Church Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, 16 December 1984
Havelock North, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 14 March 1991
St. Andrew’s Levin Manawatu Presbytery, 26 November 1998 — retired 3 March 2004
Moderator of the Presbytery of Manawatu 2002
Minister Emeritus, Manawatu Presbytery, 28 February 2004
Author of ‘Voices of Hope in a Suffering World’ and 'From the Heart'

EYRE, Rev Richard Thomas
wife Dianne Kaye married 11 May 1974
Formerly Minister of Leigh, Geelong, Victoria, Australia;  Ordained 1981
Inducted Owaka Clutha Presbytery 16 July 1987 — resigned 24 September 2001
To Catlins Evangelical Church

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