Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Billinghurst to Bowie

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Meth Ch
Wairoa Union GP  2.1984  ret 31.1.1989

BISHOP, Rev Ebenezer
b 25.3.1867
w Cecilia b 22.2.1869 m 8.12.1890
Home Mission Service from 1.4.1905 to 8.3.1918
Undertook extra-mural course in theology from Theological Hall 1915-17.
Licensed & Inducted by Waikato Presbytery 1918
Ord Taumarunui WkP 8.3.1918 - resigned 31.12.1923
Howick Auckland AP 1.5.1924 - resigned 30.4.1928
Katikati BPP 16.8.1929 - retired 31.3.1931
Died 2.9.1954

BISHOP, Rev Edward
HM Ngaruawahia & Huntly WkP 1905
Report 1905: Mr Ted. Bishop served in Salvation Army for 20 years before being accepted
as Home Missionary. 
Taihape WgP 1907
Waitara TkP 1912
Inglewood TkP (supply) 1913
Morrinsville WkP 1914 - raised to full Ministerial status 1918
Taumarunui WkP 1918
Mauku SAP 1928 – retired 31.3.1931 due to ill-health.

BISHOP, Rev Ivo Gibson
born 11 May 1914
wife Elinor Mary born 17 April 1916 married 19 April 1941 died 29 September 2004
Home Missionary, Maungaturoto, Nelson Presbytery, December 1954
Dannevirke Outfields, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, January 1957
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1958-1960
Ordained Stoke Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 2 February 1961 — resigned from Presbyterian ministry 30 April 1974
Became Minister of the Orthodox Presbyterian Churches in New Zealand at Stoke
died 19 May 2012 aged 99 years

HM Hinds AsP 1914 - resigned 1916 to NZ Expeditionary Forces (WWI)
Brydone MtP 1919 - resigned from Home Missionary service due to ill-health 1921.

BISSETT, Rev Bruce Macdonald Turnbull    B.A.,B.D.(Melb)
b 14.2.1906 Leeds Eng;
w (1) Isabel Stevenson M.A.  b 3.6.1905 m 13.6.1933 d 16.9.1959 
w (2) Zillah Mabel Weston b. 26.7.1914 m 17.12.1960
His family came to NZ when Bruce was 8; educated at St Andrews College Christchurch;
entered joinery Trade and while working studied for his BA; married  Isabel Stevenson MA,
who predeceased him.
He was a scholar in Hebrew & Greek, and he kept up his facility in these languages and
used them in his ministry; he married Zillah Weston in 1960.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1931-33
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 17.10.1933
Ord Crookston MtP 19.9.1934
Brooklyn, Wellington WnP 6.8.1941
St Mungos Grey Lynn Auckland AP 26.9.1946
Kaurihohore NP 25.2.1949
Mangaweka-Rewa WgP 1.2.1955 res 28.1.1961
Manaia TkP 7.9.1961  ret 14.2.1971
Died 2.6.1977 at Hawera  

b 30.4.1852
w Jeanie b 27.11.1853 m 22.6.1882 d 13.9.1924
From the Free Church of Scoland, Ordained 1882.
To Australia -
Ordained into Cooma, Presb. Church of New South Wales 1882 – 1885
To New Zealand -
Supplied (part year) Riversdale MtP 1893
Assistant Minister Knox Church Dunedin DnP  7.1894
Long Bush (Woodlands SP) 24.11.1894- resigned 30.9.1913 and left for Scotland 6.4.1920.
Died 28.8.1927 Scotland

b 31.5.1868 Scot
w Mary Boyd b 16.2.1868 m 23.3.1893 d 17.8.1939
As a teenager he had interest in evangelism, and engaged in such work. In 1910 he accepted
a Call to NZ to Central Mission Auckland.
Assembly Evangelist from 1.1918 (app by resolution of the PCNZ General Assembly 24.11.1917)
Licensed & Ordained Evangelist of the Presbyterian Church (by AP under instruction of Assembly) 12.1.1921
Valedictory service held in Auckland 17.5.1934
Retired  12.6.1934.
Accepted a position at the Bible College Auckland, 1934.
Died 11.8.1943

BJÖRK, Dr Torgeny
Born in Lapland, Sweden, 20 miles within the Arctic Circle. At 15 years of age
his family moved to Upsala, the principal educational centre of Sweden. Here
he spent 4 years at High School and 6 years in Medical College. After graduating,
he moved to Stockholm where he was associated with various hospitals, gaining
experience both in surgery and medicine. In 1935, when Italy was at war with Abyssinia,
The Red Cross Society of Sweden raised funds to send a medical unit to the relief of
sufferers in the war stricken area. A large Red Cross Unit which included Dr Björk
served in Ethiopia for almost 12 months. The Unit suffered bombing by Italian planes
more than once including the destruction of much valuable medical equipment.
Early in 1939 the Swedish Red Cross again appealed for volunteers to go to the help
of war sufferers, this time in China which had been invaded by Japanese Military
forces. He was temporarily appointed by the International Red Cross to the NZ
Presbyterian Mission Hospital at Kong Chuen from the 28th April 1939 after the tragic
death of Dr Owen Eaton in April of that year.
“Here are people in Sweden so moved by the sufferings of Chinese whom they have
never seen, that they are willing to make the relief of that suffering their own concern.
And here is a man willing to let professional opportunities at home go by, in order to
use his healing gifts in the service of strangers who can repay him nothing”.
He transferred to Canton in approx Sept 1939 after feeling the strain of the Hospital’s
location. He felt life in a threatened war area a severe nervous strain, while his inability
to speak Chinese not only made complete co-operation with his Chinese staff difficult,
but also made it necessary for one of the foreign nurses to be always in attendance as
interpreter, thus adding considerably to organisational problems. However his temporary
service to the Hospital in their time of dire need was greatly appreciated.

BLACK, Mr Graeme Gordon
wife Margaret
Farm manager, Glen Innis for 25 years — retired 2015
died 24 October 2022

Maori Miss -  Assist to John Laughton at Maungapohatu 1925
Maungapohatu 1926; he took over when Laughton left;
res 1931.

Maori Mission
Report : To  be taught printing trade, for Mission Press now moved to Whakatane,
training to be under local       printer 1942.  
Report : she was diverted from her own work as seamstress to keep Waiohau staffed & open, 1941

BLACK, Rev William Bower      Ll.B.
b 29.2.1888 Auckland
w Laura Veronica nee Fisher, of Carterton, b 5.8.1886 m 27.5.1919 d 1976
Theological Hall 1914-16
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 13.2.1917
Ord Locum Tenens Carterton WpP 3.5.1917
Northern Wairoa NP 16.1.1918
Carterton WpP 13.12.1921
St Pauls Christchurch ChP 27.11.1924
St Davids Auckland  AP 11.11.1931 - retired 31.3.1953
He spent 10 years with a legal firm in retirement (he had qualified and worked in law before Hall).  
Nephew of Rev Robert Barr.
Died 2.10.1974

BLACK, Rev William George      M,A., BD., LLD.
Son of Samuel Black of Tulyallen, Ireland. Educated at Belfast, Edinburgh and Westminster;
MA (London), BD (Edinburgh), LLD (Qui 1886).
Licensed at Newry 1881
Ordained  into Newtonstewart 15.3.1882 – 4.10.1889
To Australia –
Inducted into Donald, Presb. Church of Victoria 29.10.1890 – 20.8.1894
Euroa-Strahbogie 19.9.1894 – 16.11.1896
East Brunswich 30.11.1897 – 2.7.1901
To New Zealand -
Received by Assembly 5.11.1901  -  Ordained 1888
Inducted into Fairlie (Mackenzie County SCP) 1902- resigned  2.4.1912

Commissioned as intern, Timaru Presbyterian, Alpine Presbytery, 19 February 2023

BLACKIE, Rev James M.
b (?)
w Jeannetta Margaret  b 19.6.1864 m(?) d 4.5.1955
Theological Hall Dunedin 1876-78
Ord Cromwell COP 19.8.1880
Lumsden (Taringatura SP) 8.11.1886 -  His wife was first Superintendent of the PWTI.
Died 22.11.1897

BLACKIE, Mrs Jeannetta Margaret
b 19.6.1864
h James m. b (?) m (?)  d 22.11.1897
Mrs Blackie appointed as the first Superintendent of the "Presbyterian Women's Training Institute" (PWTI)
formally opened on the 23rd June 1903 as a training home for Deaconesses.
Retired 31.12.1918; although relieved in 1925.
See fuller account of the "PWTI" under entry for Mr & Mrs Driver.
Died 4.5.1955

Bapt Ch
Apiti MnP SS 1976-85

BLACKWOOD, Rev G.D.      L.Th.,Dip.P.S.
Ang Ch
Mackenzie  Co-op  SCP 8.1979 to 1982

Maori Miss
Waimana 1926; left early 1927 to go to PWTI, but owing to unfortunate accident was
unable to do so.    

BLAIKIE, Rev Robert Jackson (Bob)    M.A.(Edin),B.D.(St Andrews)
b 8.10.1923 Kenya
w Patricia Anne b 18.3.1928 m 25.6.1955 rem 31.5.1980 becoming Mrs Eastwood.
Bob’s parents were Missionaries from the Church of Scotland in Kenya. He served in the Royal
Navy 1942-46, being commissioned in 1944;
Licensed by Presbytery of Edinburgh 1954.
Ordained for Missions service in Northern Rhodesia by the Church of Scotland at Edinburgh 1954
To New Zealand :
Received by the Presbytery of Dunedin 1958 and placed on list of those open to Call; his father
became a Field Officer with PSSA Dunedin.
Ind Lauder COP 12.2.1959
Associate Minister St Heliers, Auckland AP 29,3,1962
Mangere, Auckland AP 17.12.1964
Greyfriars Mt Eden, Auckland  AP 25.2.1971
On Doctrine Committee and was one of two (with R.J. Wardlaw) accusers of Prof. L.G. Geering at
heresy trial at Christchurch General Assembly in Nov 1967.
Died 8.2.1975 in office

BLAIKIE, Rev Susan
Received 6 August 2019, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu
Minister, Presbyterian New Parish Palmerston North, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, inducted 12 September 2019 — concluded 6 June 2021
Other recognised minister, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 6 June 2021
Resigned and removed from roll, 16 October 2021

BLAIN, Rev Thomas
Born and educated at Belfast Ireland
Licensed by the Presbytery of Dromorne 7.2.1865
Ordained for New Zealand 7.4.1867
To New Zealand –
Ordained and inducted into Waikato West (WkP) 1867
New Plymouth 1870 (TkP); left NZ 1870
To Australia –
Forbes, Presb. Church of New South Wales 1870 – 1873 (not formally inducted)
Mackay, Presb. Church of Quuensland 1874 – 1875 (not called).
Home Preacher, Presb. Church of Victoria 19.12.1876 (without charge)
Died (?)

HM Rewa WgP 1904
Waipawa HBP Assist summer 1905-6

BLAIR, Rev Dr. Fyfe
Roslyn, Dunedin Dunedin Presbytery, 2004
Minister Collegiate, Highgate Parish, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 2005 (after amalgamation of Roslyn and Maori Hill Parishes)
Other Recognised Minister, 2010
Removed from the Ministerial Roll, 20 September 2019

BLAIR, Rev George Washington
born 31 August 1869, Omagh, Northern Ireland.
wife Martha Annie H. Wilson born 25 October 1872 married 5 July 1899 at Castlereagh in the Parish of Knockbreda in County Down, Ireland, died 3 November 1944
Both George and his wife were Missionaries in India with the Presbyterian Church of Ireland Mission, serving for 20 years. 
Arrived New Zealand 1 January 1913
Home Missionary, Wanganui East 1913, Ordained 14 April 1916 when the Home Mission station became a fully sanctioned charge.
Ellerslie, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 29 April 1920
Waipu, Northern Presbytery, 28 April 1927
Featherston, Wairarapa Presbytery, 22 October 1931 — resigned 30 April 1935
Morningside, Auckland (supply), Auckland Presbytery, 1 October 1936 to 31 March 1939
Resigned 30 June 1947
Parents of Mary 'May' Wallace Blair, the wife of Rev Duncan McKellar Hercus
Died 7 January 1948

BLAIR, Rev Henry Thomas
b 5.5.1869 Brighton Dunedin
w Elizabeth A.I. b 14.5.1867 m 15.7.1892 d 9.7.1944
After several years farming he entered Otago University in 1896.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1900-02
Ord Waikaka Valley MtP 29.4.1903
Orepuki SP 17.4.1907
Matawhero Gisborne 21.9.1910
Dunback & Macraes NOP 5.8.1914
Milburn ClP  3.1926  res 31.3.1930
Assist St Pauls Oamaru (Eveline) 1.4.1930  ret 14.11.1934
Mod OSyn 1938; Clerk NOP since 1931
Died 9.5.1939 after long illness

BLAIR, Rev Robert      M.A.,M.R.E.(Boston),Ed.M.(Harvard),B.D.(Yale),F.R.G.S.
b 23.7.1881;
w (1) -  - b - m - d 1931 
w (2) Marion Gilchrist Thornton (daughter of Rev R. Thornton) b 7.4.1886
m 18.5.1937 d 17.3.1976
A farmer before joining Home Missions staff 1906
HM Tuapeka 1906
Ashburton Outfields 6.1906
Denniston WsP 1910
Ord Home Missionary 1913
Motukarara ChP 1913
Sunday School Agent 1914
World War One YMCA Secretary
To USA for  religious study.
Ordained by Presbytery of Boston 16.4.1930
Returned to NZ :
Received by General Assembly 1931
Ord Owaka ClP  11.11.1931
Otaki WnP 1939
Fitzroy New Plymouth 1939
Tasman NMP  10.4.1941  ret 21.4.1946
Founded Otago School of Religious Studies.
Died 14.8.1955    

BLAIR, Rev Robert Henry
b 1 November 1865, Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
w (1) Barbara Blair, m (?), d. 11 August 1904 at the Clinton Manse after a long and painful illness, interred privately;
w (2) Jessie Kelman Reid b 13 December 1868 m 1 November 1905 d 26 May 1962
Jessie was a gifted organist and acted as the Organist in the Queenstown Presbyterian Church from October 1882 until her marriage to the Rev RH Blair in 1905
He came to New Zealand, 1889; trained Otago University and Theological Hall
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1893-1895
Ordained Queenstown, Central Otago Presbytery, 12 February 1896
Clinton (Popotunoa), Clutha Presbytery, 28 February 1901
Leeston, Christchurch Presbytery, 5 July 1912
Hampden, North Otago Presbytery, 13 July 1917 - retired 31 March 1922
Died 8 June 1938 atTimaru, after 16 years of poor health

BLAIR, Rev William Crosbie
w. Isabella 'Isa' Hadfield Thresher, m (?) d 24 October 1959 aged 89 years at Gisborne, interred Taruheru.
In response to the call for Christian traders to establish themselves in New Hebrides (Vanuatu) as a counter to existing traders who were frequently unscrupulous and profiteers, Blair went out to be a Christian and fair trader in the islands. He was financially supported by St. Pauls Presbyterian Church, Wanganui. He became seriously ill with fever, which was almost fatal, being was nursed back to health by the Rev T. Smaill. On his return to New Zealand, and in gratitude for his recovery, he went to Victoria University, Wellington, and then to the Theological Hall, so that he could serve in the ministry of the Presbyterian Church.
Theological Hall Dunedin, 1905-1907
Licensed by Wanganui Presbytery, December 1907
Ordained Te Aroha, Waikato Presbytery, 25 February 1908
Wakanui, near Ashburton, 30 April 1914 - retired 31 March 1917
Southland Presbytery, November 1917, at Knox Invercargill in the absence of the Rev. H. MacLean
Died 22 November 1918, victim of influenza epidemic, aged 42, interred Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill. Grave stone erected by Knox Church Congregation  

BLAKE, Rev Alexander M.           M.A.
b 2 August 1836, Aberdeen;
Educated at Aberdeen University gaining MA in 1854 and then to New College, Edinburgh.
Licensed by the Free Church Presbytery of Edinburgh, 1859
Ordained by Free Church Presbytery of Edinburgh, 1859
Served at English Presbyterian Church, Monmouthshire.  
Went as Missionary to Free Church Madras Mission, Bangalore, India 1863-1868, served five years. 
At end of 1868 he had furlough and came to New Zealand then decided to stay.
Inducted as Missionary to Maori at Otago Heads, 23 March 1869
Inducted Kaikorai, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery 18 September 1872 - Resigned January 1878
Prebbleton (Lincoln, Christchurch Presbytery) 1 July 1879 - resigned 16 January 1883
Tinwald and Flemington 3 June 1884 - resigned 14 March 1894.
He was living at Mayfield 1894-1995; 
During 1896 he visited India where he had served as a Missionary.
Halcombe, Manawatu Presbytery, 1896 - retired 6 November 1901 because of infection in throat, and left again for India.  
Ill-health prevented his return to New Zealand.
Retired to Bangalore c 1905 owing to loss of voice, and engaged in temperance reform, including a monthly journal
Assisted on the work of the London and Wesleyan Missions in Banglore, and St. Andrew's Kirk.
Died 29 August 1920 in India aged 84 years, news of his death in the Pioneer Mail, Allahabad, of 3 September 1920, page 5, says his early labours were in Australia, presumably meaning New Zealand
His funeral was officiated by the Rev. J. D. Mitchell, of the Church of Scotland, assisted by Bishop J. E. Robinson, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Rev. D. A. Ross of the Wesleyan Mission, at St. Andrew's Kirk.
Interred Presbyterian section, Camoor(?) Road Cemetery

Oversea Volunteers
Onesua High School, Vanuatu, teacher  1980

BLANCHARD, Rev Julian Ralph     C.B.E.,D.D.(Hon Edin 1958), B.A.(Syd)
born 27 September 1892
wife Doris Rachel Raysmith born 2 April 1894 married 25 January 1919 died 1990 Melbourne
University and theology study at Sydney University and St Andrews College.
Ordained Ross Memorial Church, Perth Western Australia, 1917 — called to :
St Johns Church Wellington 17 March 1927
Returned to Australia:
Scots Church Adelaide South Australia 21 July 1939 — retired 28 February 1958
St Georges West, Edinburgh, Scotland circa 1964
Convenor of Presbyerian Church of New Zealand Assembly Church Union Committee; Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of South Australia 1941-1943; Moderator of the General Presbyterian Church of Australia 1948-1951.
Died 30 July 1980 at Melbourne Australia, aged 87 years.

BLAND, Miss E.
Maori Miss
Waimana temp position - res 4.5.1951

BLATCHFORD, Sr Bina       Mrs J. Taggart
b 12.10.1922
Deac Coll 1952-4  -  Ord Deac 1955
PSSA Chch Childrens Home Chch 1955  res 1956 to be married.

BLICK, Sr Dulcie Violet
b 20 January 1909
Deaconess College  -  Ordained Deaconess 1941
Boys Home Papanui Christchurch 1 November 1940
St Davids Christchurch 1943-1947
Caversham Dunedin 1948  ret July 1952, living in Invercargill
died 22 December 2006 aged 97 years
buried Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill, 29 December 2006

b 14.8.1873; w Clara E. b 16.2.1873 m 16.7.1898 d 15.5.1958
After working as a draper for some yrs he entered HM serv
HM Raetihi WgP 1909
Kiwitea WpP 1910
Pongaroa 1913
Purakanui DnP 1916
Hall 1916-8
Ord Middlemarch 19.12.1918 res 31.1.1923
Brisbane Q Aust  10.1923
Lauder COP 19.2.1924
Moree NSW Aust 28.4.1926 res 10.7.1935
Motueka NMP 31.10.1935  ret 31.12.1938
Greytown WpP supply 1939 res 1942   
Died 8.9.1956, aged 83 

BLOOMFIELD, Miss Marie Clare
b 14.5.1919
Matron Ak Boys Home PSSA Ak - res 31.1.1958

BLUCK, Rt Rev John W.     M.A.(Cant),B.D.(ETS)
Ang Ch  -  Ord 1984; worked 7 yrs with WCC in Geneva in Dept of Communications.
Prof of Pastoral Theology Hall Dn 19.7.1984
Dean of Chch Cathedral 1.1.1991
Bishop of Waipu 2002 resigned 2008

BLUE, Rev Francis Ritchie
b 8.9.1874; w Jessie b 26.11.1877 m 1901 d 12.8.1954
Hall 1909-11
Ord Alexandra COP 1.2.1912
Maheno NOP 24.5.1917
Died 18.5.1919 in office

BLUE, Mr James
Rep Ch Ex Com 1902: he supplied at Stewart Is after summer hols (when two miss had a
period of supply)  till c 8.1902

BLUNDELL, Rev A. Oscar
b 20.1.1873
w Janet b 24.2.1871 m 17.3.1899 d 18.4.1960
Entered service of the Church under the Salvation Army, then after some service as a Home
Missionary under the PCNZ entered the Theological Hall.
HM Dunback & Macraes NOP 1901
Lauder COP  1905
Purakanui  DnP (half share) 1908-9
Theological Hall 1908-10
Ord Mahurangi (Warkworth NSP) 8.3.1911
Te Aroha WkP 13.8.1914
New Plymouth 16.8.1917
Noted for his love of nature; had a reputation as astronomer & naturalist;
hobby of mountaineering; acted as probation officer for Taranaki.
Died 11.11.1925 on Mt Egmont, aged 52, in office at New Plymouth

Meth Ch
Riverton Union SP 1974

BLYTH, Rev David Alexander
b 30.8.1913 at Christchurch.
w (1) Hilda Francis b 14.3.1911 m 13.6.1942 d 1954 (leukaemia)  
w (2) Marjorie EllenPianter b 5.2.1913  m 18.6.1955  d. Mar 2000
Formerly a sheet-metal worker and air conditioning mechanic before
deciding to train for the ministry. 
HM (Student Home Missionary) Cheviot 19.3.1944
HM Belfast-Styx ChP 1946
Sawyers Bay DnP 1947 – while studying full-time in Hall
Theological Hall 1947-49
Licensed at St Martin’s Church by the Presbytery of Christchurch 1949
Ordained Maheno-Incholme NOP 2.2.1950
Kaiapoi ChP 14.7.1955
Rakaia AsP 3.12.1970 - retired 31.1.1979
Retired to Christchurch.
“Alex was a conscientious down-to-earth Parish Minister – sensitive to the
needs of his people, and devoted in his ministry to them. The effectiveness
of that ministry is reflected in the respect and long-term friendship he won
from those among whom he worked. He was not a Politician, being a little
too straight from the shoulder for that. But while rarely taking regional or
national office, he continued to honour God’s call to be a ‘good shepherd’
to the people entrusted to him.
He took quiet pride in maintaining the commitment he had made as a member
of the ‘Auld Lang Syne Club’ – to remember his collegues in prayer every
Saturday evening. And while being disenchanted with some of the
directions he saw the Church taking, he remained faithful to and supportive
of his own congregation and minister.”
Died 10 Aug 2001

BODY, Rev Edward (Ted) William           B.Com., A.C.A.
born 26 August 1933
wife Yvonne Margaret married 30 January 1961
Church of Christ, Ordained 1958; received into Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1 November 1967
Stated Supply, Lookout Point-Saddle Hill Dunedin Presbytery, 1966
Inducted Lookout Point-Saddle Hill Dunedin Presbytery, 29 February 1968
Tirau Waikato Presbytery, 2 July 1970
Hauraki Plains Co-operative Waikato Presbytery, 19 February 1976
Whangarei Uniting, Kamo Northland Presbytery 17 February 1983
St Pauls Co-operative Whangarei Uniting (Kamo) separate  parish established 7 October 1990
Instrumental in establishing Churches Together in Northland; served on the Uniting Congregations of Aotearoa New Zealand Standing Committee
Minister Emeritus, January 1999
died 24 November 2020 aged 87 years

Maori Miss;  artisan Miss 22.8.1955 for 6 mths

BOGGS, Rev Frank James      L.Th.
w Kathleen Erin  m 3.6.1974
Theological Hall 1979-81
Ord Hikurangi Union NP 3.2.1982 - resigned 12.12.1986
Southern Urewera 1.7.1987
Minister Emeritus 4 Oct 1989
“…spent the early part of his working life as an accountant, but felt called to full-time ministry
and, in 1978, gained a Lay preachers Certificate with the Presbyterian Church. He graduated
from the Theological Hall in 1981.
He ministered in challenging in challenging situations in the Hikurangi Union Parish and in the
Southern Urewera Parish at Murupara – a church administered under the joint leadership of
Presbytery and Maori Synod. Frank was a sensitive man with a gentle and caring ministry.
Frank and Kathy had a very effective ministry and touched many hearts through counselling,
teaching and encouragement.” (From Memorial Minute – edited) 
Died 30 Dec 2005

Appointed ‘Missionary to gold-fields’ at Tuapeka by DnP in 1862.  On acct of lack of ministers
willing to take turns at gold-fields, Bonard was recognized as Missionary by DnP.  He was
soon replaced by Forsaith.  Prior to 1862 they arranged supply for gold-fields, and a man went
for two Suns, doing pastoral work visiting in the week between Sundays.  They generally
received a cordial reception.  Conditions, however, were primitive and everything was wet, due
to sluicing.  Ministers found the conditions more than they were prepared to endure.

HM Reporoa 1955  res end of probation period 1956.

BOON, Rev Dirk.
born 21.12.1888 at Schoonhoven into a very orthodox sect.
w. (1) Finna Bartha van den Heuvel, an orphan girl in the home of the Ketel family in Utrecht
when he was 28, d. 10.1.1918
w. (2) Jacoba Cornelia "Co" Ketel of Utrecht m. 24.2.1921
Moravian Missionary to Saron, Surinam June 1930
Visit by cargo boat to New York 1934
Left Surinam due to mental and physical exhaustion 1937
In charge of a Rest Home for the Elderly in the Netherlands Reformed parish in Haarlem
In charge of 2nd Rest Home, Vredeveld, in Amstelveen near Schipol 1940
Sheltered 4 Jewish women, 4 elderly Jewish residents, a Dutch student and 2 Dutch families
hiding from the Nazis, including members of his own family
Protestant Church in West Indonesia 1947
Apeldoorn, Netherlands 1950
Emigrated to NZ to follow his family 1956, worked as an assistant in a Kodak shop in Wellington
Listed in 1959 as Emeritus WnP
Mangaweka-Rewa WgP SS 1963
In a retirement home at Oamaru before returning to Netherlands to be near his wife's family 1967
Ordained into the Moravian Synod of Bad Boll by Bishop Sieborger 3.10.1972
died 21.8.1974 at Utrecht, buried at Zeist 24.8.1974
Father in Law of Rev. Pieter De Bres
Jacoba C. Boon Ketel and Dirk Boon were honoured posthumously by the Commission to
commemorate the Righteous of the Nations of the Institute of Yad Vashem 5.6.1978
See also Yours Always, A Holocaust Love Story by Kitty Zilversmit (1995)

BOOT, Rev Sydney Levi
b 18.11.1885;
w (1) - no information. 
w (2) Sarah Jane         b 23.4.1877 m 8.4.1914 d 5.1946
He lost his first wife soon after marriage; he came to NZ 1910; entered the Home Missions
service in 1910 and completed an extra-mural course with the Theological Hall;  Ord 1924
HM Mangapai NP 1910
Takapuna NSP 1914
Richmond AP 1918; Locum Tenens Waipu HM 1919-21 while their Minister was at War.
Northcote NSP 1921
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 11.3.1924
Ord Northcote 24.4.1924 - resigned 10.9.1928 due to ill-health   
Balranald NSW Australia 10.9.1928
Helensville AP 18.9.1930 - resigned 31.12.1934 due to ill-health
Northcote supply 1.1.1936 (could have been from March 1935) - retired 1945
Leave of absence Mar 1938 to Dec 1938 to visit Great Britain.
Died 4.7.1950 in car accident.

BOOTH,  Rev Geoffrey A.    Dip. Min, NZCE (Civil)
Ord. 1995
Tauranga: St. Peter’s (Assistant) Feb 1995

BORLASE, Rev Stuart John
Lay Appointee, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Takaka, Nelson/Marlborough Presbytery, August 2011
Local ordained minister, Takaka St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Alpine Presbytery, retired 29 March 2015

BORNE, Rev David Stanley                                 B.A.
b 19.1.1929
w Violet Matilda b 13.12.1929 m 23.4.1960
Worked for the NZ Insurance company in Gisborne then in Jakarta, Indonesia. Felt the
call to ministry and returned to NZ to study at Otago University, graduating BA.
Theological Hall 1955-57
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin Nov 1957
Ordained St Cuthberts, East Coast Bays NSP 5.12.1957
St Johns, Papatoetoe SAP 29.11.1962
Exchange ministry in Maryland, USA from 8.1971 to 8.1972
St Pauls, Invercargill  SP  13.12.1973
Exchange ministry in Alabama, USA 1983-84        
Exchange ministry in Florida, USA 1990
Queenstown COP 24.10.1985 - retired  31.7.1992 
Assistant Minister St Paul’s Trinity Pacific, Christchurch  ChP 1993 – retired 1996
Moderator of various Presbyteries.
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland.
Member of the Liaison Committee, the Committee
Retired to Christchurch         
“…a direct descendant of one of the families who came to the Otago Settlement in 1848,
and he was very proud of his Scottish heritage.
More than half of his ministry was spent within the bounds of the Synod of Otago and
Southland. During this period he exerted considerable influence on Synod Policy. He was
instrumental in helping this body to re-order its priorities in the use of ecclesiastical funds,
diverting spending on buildings and property to mission and evangelism.
His ministry was marked by faithful pastoral work, effective preaching and well ordered
administration.” (from Obit.)
Died 6 June 2000

BORRIE, Very Rev David
b 1847
w Marie Eliza Borrie b 19.3.1854 m - d 13.6.1930
He came to Otago with his parents at age 10, in 1857; settled West Taieri and spent his youth there
on a farm; decided to train for the ministry.
Studied at Otago University
Theological Hall Dunedin 1875-77, early Otago student, one of first two to sit under Prof. Salmond.
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin 1876
Ordained Waihola 17.10.1877 - resigned 1880 ill-health, went to UK.
Returned to NZ approx 1882.
Lauder  COP and various other charges (supply) from end of 1882 until 1884.
North East Valley Dunedin  DnP Aug 1884 -  resigned 31 Dec 1905
As resident in Maori Hill helped to foster the new charge.
Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand general Assembly 1905; 
Moderator of the Synod of Otago & Southland 1895; 
Convener of the Theological Committee (Southern)
Convener of the Church Extension Committee (Southern);
For brief time Clerk of Assembly; became Junior Clerk of Assembly 1.3.1906.
‘He used his gifts unstintedly in the service of the Church he loved.’
Died 17.1.1912 at Dunedin, aged 65 years. Interred in Anderson's Bay Cemetery, Dunedin

BORRIE, Ian Donald (Don)      B.A.,M.A.,S.T.M.
born 8 March 1940 Dunedin, son of Ian Borrie
w Lyndel  m 4 January 1964
Attended Waimataitai Primary School, Wanganui Intermediate School & Wanganui Boys' College.
Active in Church youth work, foundation member of the locals Boys' Brigade Company and of the
local Bible Class District Committee.
Undertook at Arts course at Otago University 1959
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1964-1966
4½ months study at the World Council of Churches Graduate School at Bossey, Celigny,
Switzerland, October 1966 - February 1967
2 months at a World Council of Churces European Work Camp
3 months at the Church of England Sheffield Industrial Mission
1 year at the Andover Newton S.T.M. Programme studying Pastoral Counselling, Christian Sociology
& Church Mission.
Ordained General Secretary, New Zealand Student Christian Movement, Wellington, 26 September 1969
Porirua East (Methodist appointee) Wellington Presbytery February 1975 - resigned 30 June 1986
St. Martin’s, Porirua East (Stated Supply), Wellington Presbytery, October 1994
Minister Emeritus, 8 March 2005
Died 21 April 2016

BORRIE, Rev Ian Grant        M.A.,S.T.M.
b 6 November 1907
w Marion Birtwhistle b 12 August 1910 m 22 April 1936
Raised at Papakaio in North Otago on the family farm.
A resident of Knox College for 7 years (1927-1933), joining the College Executive
in 1930, becoming Vice-President then President.
Theological Hall 1931-1933
Ordained Patearoa-Waipiata  Central Otago Presbytery 8 February 1934 - resigned 24 July 1936
Left for Edinburgh with his wife, August 1936, to undertake post-graduate study, 1936-1938
St Clair, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 19 April 1938
St Pauls, Timaru, South Canterbury Presbytery, 8 April 1943
St Pauls, Wanganui,  Wanganui Presbytery, 6 Spetember 1951
Eveline, Oamaru, North Otago Presbytery, 20 May 1965 - retired 31 January 1973
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland, 1972 to 1973
Retired to Wanaka where he assisted the Upper Clutha Parish and the Central Otago Presbytery.
“His sermons were the product of education, thoroughness and diligence. A man of deep and
compassionate social conscience he abhorred injustice of any kind anywhere. He did not
become fossilised in the past, but remained alert to the changing circumstances and new
challenges ever facing the church.” (from Obit.) 
Great Nephew of the Rev David Borrie.
Died August 1999, aged 91 years.

BOSWELL, Mr Arthur     &   Mrs  Miriam Amelia
b. Auckland 3.3.1895
w. Miriam Amelia  b. Whangarei 6.5.1896
Both trained Teachers.
Missionary Teachers New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
Appt. by Australian Presbyterian Board of Missions to Tangoa to relieve
1st Assist at Tangoa Training Institute 1960;  then relieved others.
Left for Tangoa 13.2.1960
Resigned & returned to NZ 28 April 1961.

BOTT,  Mr S.
HM Mangapai  Ak  1911

BOTTING, Rev Desmond (Des) Arthur       B.A.,B.D., M.Min.
wife: Grace Margaret Bradley (daughter of a retired Church of Christ minister at Takaka), married 22 August 1970
Hall 1967-1969
Ordained Takaka, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery 10 February 1970 — resigned 9 February 1974
Duntroon, North Otago Presbytery, 26 April 1974 — resigned 30 September 1982
Served as Clerk and Moderator for Oamaru Presbytery, and Interim Moderator for Kurow
Ngaruawahia, Waikato Presbytery, Stated Supply, January 1983
Inducted Ngaruawahia Union, Waikato Presbytery, 19 May 1983
Convener, Christian Education Committee, Waikato Presbytery
St Davids-in-the-Fields, Hillsborough, Auckland Presbytery, 7 February 1991
Master of Ministry, University of Otago, 2006
Minister Emeritus, Auckland Presbytery, 31 January 2010
Six months in Scotland, including locum ministry at Tongue
Minister Emeritus, Kaimai Presbytery, 1 December 2010
St David's Presbyterian Church, Otorohunga (Stated Supply - part time, 1 December 2010 - completed 30 November 2012)
Supply minister, Putaruru St Aiden’s Presbyterian Church
Senior active minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 31 October 2015
Intentional Interim Minister, Scot's Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, for six months, 1 February 2020; extended for a further six months from 1 February 2021
Mighty River Harmony barbershop February 2016, Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Money Coach August 2016
Minister stated supply, Scots Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 1 February 2020—1 February 2022
Tramper, Presbyterian Harriers, marathon runner and cyclist

BOUCHIER, Rev Johanna M.
Meth Ch
Raglan Union  2.1978

Maori Miss
Compznion to teachers Miss Paulger & Roseveare at Maungapohatu 1926 till 1931
(or later?)

BOWEN,  Sr Lesley  Helen  (Deaconess)
b. 11.Dec 1929
Holds General and Maternity Certificates,
Midwifery Ceriticate (1956) and Plunket Certificate (1960).
Appt. to Helena Goldie Hospital, Munda, Solomon Islands by the NZ Methodist Church 1.2.1957
One years leave of absence 1964
Reappointed in June 1967 to go to field as M.W.F. Organiser in 1968, left Auckland 3.1.1968.
Based at Bilua – returned to NZ 22.12.1970
Deaconess Studies at Trinity College Auckland 1971 – ordained as a Deaconess by the Methodist
Church of NZ 1971.
Left NZ for Solomon Islands 8.12.1971  
Tonu Health Centre, North Solomons from 1975 – retired Dec 1980
Foxton Union MnP 2.1979 to 1980  (are there two people with the same name involved here ?)
Bouganville, Solomon Islands, Nursing Sister 1982

BOWEN, Rev Lewis A.
Meth Ch
Rongotea-Sanson Co-op MnP 1.2.1991  to  3199511

Wife Rev Wynne Bowers-Mason
Brooklands Co-operating Church, New Plymouth, Central Presbytery, 2017-2 February 2022
Installed Missioner for Central Taranaki, Archdeaconry of Waitotara, Anglican Diocese of Taranaki, at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Stratford, 25 February 2022

BOWIE, Rev Dr John Tait    M.B.,C.M.,D.T.M.,D.P.H.
b 8.10.1871 Orkney Is;
w Isabella Gray born 9.1.1872 Glasgow married 8.1.1897 died 29.8.1953 aged 81
They met doing slum mission work together in Glasgow when he was studying there.
He was brother of Rev F.G. Bowie, TTI New Hebrides (Vanuatu). He pursued theol &
medic courses at Glas  Univ & was accepted for miss work by the John G. Paton Miss
Fund of Pres Ch Vict Aust.
In 1896 he & wife sailed for Aust; he was ord for miss serv Melb 1897; settled Ororo,
Hog Harbour, E Santo Vanuatu 12.5.1897. After 2 yrs he was  transferred to Supt Dip
Point Miss Hosp, Ambrim, thus coming on the staff of PCNZ.  He served till he had
breakdown of health, & unable to use right arm - compelled to take furlough, in Scot.
He was restored to health & returned to Vanuatu 1905, bringing with him an oil launch,
gift of friends in Scot. He served on Ambrim until volcanic eruption swallowed up
miss station on 7.12.1913.  Staff barely escaped with lives, rescuing others.  Came to NZ
to recuperate.  During his absence Hosp closed while repairs being done & additions
made.  M. Frater did the other work of the station.  Bowie was listed as Miss on leave
till 1922. He resigned from mission on 23.7.1927.
For his research he won DTM (Dr of Tropical Medicine) Liverpool; he was the 1st to
gain DPH Dip of Public Health) in NZ. On recovery from eruption, he was Assistant
Medical Superintendent of Dunedin hospital he set up practice in Dn & worked there
for 15 yrs.  He retired in 1929, then took up farming at Edievale, W Otago. He was an
elder at Crookston for 20 yrs. "Their home became a haven for tired church workers and a
centre for hospitality." (from Obituary for Isabella Gray Bowie in Outlook 20.10.1953)
Died 9.6.1950 died suddenly at his home "Vementry" Edievale aged 78 years. Both are
interred together at Crookston Cemetery. There were no children from their marriage.

BOWIE, Miss M. Anne S.
PD&M Consultant, Invercargill 1982
Appt. Director of Christian Education at North Invercargill Church (SP) 1986
Greyfriars Church Auckland - (similar position to above) -  (AP) 1988

BOWIE, Mr William
w. Mary
A younger brother to John Tait Bowie and F. G. Bowie.
Miss New Hebrides (Vanuatu) - builder
He happened to be on a visit to Vanuatu to see his brother Dr J.T. Bowie, & was taken
on staff as temp lay assist 1900.  He built a Ch with strong wooden forms & very strong
wall plates & beams at Dip Point, Ambrim, to seat 200.  His appt terminated 1902. 
Later took up a plantation on Malekula.
Died c. 1927 from fever.     

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