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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Stiles to Symons

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STILES, Rev Mrs Gladys May                 B.A., L.Th.(Hons) 
born 6 March 1931
husband Glenville Gordon Stiles married 4 July 1953
Teacher, Saint Andrew's College Christchurch; Assistant Principal, Christ the King Catholic School; Strathmore Remand Home for Girls; Bollard Remand Home Auckland
Hall (St Johns College Auckland) 1978-1980 Bachelor of Arts specialising in world religions and L.Th. Diploma (Hons)
Ordained Assistant Minister, St Johns-St Philips, Papatoetoe  South Auckland Presbytery, half-time 1981
Good Shepherd Church, Otara-East Tamaki, South Auckland Presbytery, Pacific Island Church, 14 May 1982
Orakei Presbyterian Church, Auckland Presbytery, 11 February 1987 — retired in 1996 aged 65, also Co-ordinator for Council for Mission and Ecumenical Affairs.
Appointed chaplain, Meadowbank Home and Hospital, — retired 2002 to Hokitika, Westland
Minister Emerita, Auckland Presbytery, March 1997
West Coast Uniting Church Council, 8 May 2003
Minister Emerita, Westland Presbytery, 2004
died 5 June 2022

STINSON, Rev Thomas                   B.A.
b 8.2.1864 Ballymograne, Co Tyrone, Irel;
w Ethel  b 25.3.1868 m  10.11.1902  d 13.3.1941
Ord Ballymograne 1887, as successor to his Father; he was son of Manse.  After his
Father's death, the cong had waited 2 yrs until the son was lic & able to be ord &
ind to his Father's charge.    He came to NZ 1902 with commission fr PCI.
Ind Trinity Timaru 13.5.1902  (Wm Gillies was Sen Min at the time).  This was his
only charge in NZ, where he served 26 yrs,  ret 31.3.1928
He took an active interest in Timaru BHS; active in Temperance Movt; spokesman
for Prohibition Party in Sth Cant; under his guidance the PSSA Sth Cant was
formed & Children's Home in Timaru established; champion of Bible-in-schools.
In ret lived in Peel Forest.
Died 30.12.1937

wife Lisa
Licensed by Christchurch Presbytery to National Ordained Ministry
Ordained Hornby, Christchurch Presbytery, 12 Janunary 2012, and social worker
Other recognised minister, Alpine Presbytery, 27 March 2020
resigned from the ministry of the Presbyteian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand 29 February 2024

STOBO, Rev Andrew Hamilton
b 28 Aug 1832 at Strutherhead, Parish of Avondale, Lanarkshire, Scotland
w.(1) b. (?)  m.(?)  d. 1884
w.(2) J.R.  b 13.1.1859   m -   d 13.5.1928 – There were three sons by this second
marriage, one being killed during World War One. 
Attended Sandford Village School, Lesmahagow Parish School then finally
Strathaven Parish School.
Entered Glasgow University in 1847 with the intention of entering the Ministry
of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland. Ill health caused him to temporarily leave
his studies, starting at the Free Church School in Strathaven.
Entered New College Edinburgh in Nov 1852.
After completion of his studies he was engaged as a Missionary at Uddingstone.
Licensed to Preach by the Free Church Presbytery at Hamilton 4 Nov 1857 
Appointed to the Territorial Mission (now Free Church St Andrew’s), Castle Street, Montrose.
Resolved to go to the colonies and was appointed by the Colonial Committee
of the Free Church of Scotland in 1859 to proceed to Invercargill, New Zealand,
a new settlement which was applying for a Minister. 
Left the Clyde on the “Storm Cloud” and landed at Port Chalmers 27 April 1860.
Came to New Zealand as Probationer.
First 6 months “Preached in various places up and down the Presbytery [Otago]”
Ordained at Invercargill 29.6.1860
Resigned 31.12.1879 due to ill-health. 
Invercargill Outfields (easier task - on account of his health)  1882 
(charge included Appleby as centre, Clifton, & Georgetown.)
Retired  23.12.1898 
Moderator of the Synod of Otago and Southland 1868
Took a trip back to the “Homeland” in 1896, his health gradually declined thereafter.
Died  24.12.1898,  aged 66 years.

STOBO, Miss Catherine Elizabeth Douglas
b 9.1.1891
She was admitted to the Beneficiary Fund on 1.2.1939 and retired 31.1.1950. This indicates
that she was employed by the Presbyterian Church, but in what capacity or field is not known.
Died  22.4.1970

STONE, Mr David R.
From Canada.
P D & M Consultant Hamilton (exchange) 1981

STORKEY, Rev Douglas William                           B.A.; M.A.
b 20.7.1917 at Napier (one of twins).
Educated at Central High School Napier, Napier Boy’s High School and then attended the
Auckland Teachers Training College and Auckland University to train as a Primary Teacher.
Held teaching posts at Hastings Street School and Putorino School before he decided to join
the Ministry. While at Teachers College he was very active in the Student Christian Movement.
He was strongly influenced by the Rev Bower Black at St David’s in Auckland and earlier by
the Rev John Asher at St Paul’s in Napier.
Theological Hall 1941-43
Undertook extra study at Otago University, graduating with his B.A. in 1942
Licensed to the work of the Ministry at St Pauls Napier 1943
Ordained Locum Tenens Knox Masterton WpP 17.11.1943
Inducted Knox Masterton 2.5.1945 - resigned 16.5.1947
Chaplain  to NZ Occupation Force in Japan (J-Force) 17.5.1947 to 1948
St Mungo’s & St Peters, Grey Lynne, Auckland  AP  24.2.1949 - resigned 31.7.1952
(Studied part time at Auckland University, graduating with an M.A. in 1950)
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Clapham, London, UK (Stated Supply) – 6 month term
Kent Terrace (now Mt Victoria) Wellington WnP  15.12.1953
Knox Church Dunedin  DnP  8.6.1961  
St Andrews on to he Terrace, Wellington  WnP  27.5.1971 - resigned 4.3.1974
Chaplain Lindisfarne College Hastings 10.3.1974 - retired 31.1.1983
“Doug Storkey is a very sound theologian, a brilliant orator, a wide reader, who is well steeped
in good literature, and the possessor of a sense of humour which he knows how to use with
penetrating effect in all his preaching” (Rev Dr. H Ryburn)
“He also influenced a wide community of readers throughout Otago and Southland through his
weekly religious articles in the Evening Star, and an even larger audience through his regular
broadcasts. He had a genius for relating to people from a huge variety of backgrounds. He also
had a glorious sense of humour which helped. He had a great ability to draw on his own experience
and to never patronise people. (He) also had an interest in broadcasting. As well as convening the
Presb. Church Broadcasting Committee, he spoke out on apartheid. He sparked off the
anti-apartheid campaign with a sermon at Kent Terrace in Wellington. A tremendous orator,
whose sermons (at Lindisfarne College) inspired many a student. A caring and compassionate
man who was always available for wise and considered counsel. Doug’s warmth and genuine
concern has influenced the life of many.
Doug Storkey was too honest a thinker to divorce himself from the modern trends of thought
in the theological world, but convinced by what he always regarded as the basic truths of
scripture, and influenced by the brilliant theologians of his day, as a theologian he remained to
the end what might be termed a balanced and wholesome traditionalist, and as a preacher of the
Gospel he consistently presented his message as a warm-hearted evangelist.” (From Obit.)
Retired in Hastings before moving to Longview Rest Home due to failing eyesight and health.
Died 7 Jan 2003 at Longview Rest Home, Tawa, Wellington after a short illness.

STOUT, Rev Laurence Douglas (Doug)
b. 1932 on Fair Isle, Shetland Islands
Became Postmaster on the Island at age 18 after the death of his Father. Came to NZ with other
family members at age 27. Became an Accountant in Wellington.
Theological Hall  1967-69
Cromwell-Arrowtown  COP  2.10.1975
East Gore MtP  13.9.1983 - retired 31.12.1992 due to ill-health
Shared voluntary Ministry to the Chinese Presbyterian Church Dunedin  DnP 1994 – while here
he began to learn Mandarin.
“No manse could have been more fully open, not hospitality so readily given, not holidays so
seldom taken. Doug Stout was a faithful, caring minister of the church. With his great heart
and christian humility, he could reach all people, and especially the less privileged. To all
who lived or worked with him, he was a brother – and a saint.” (from Obit.)
Died 26.12.1995

STOWELL,  Rev George K.
b 15.7.1858
w. (?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
From Scotland - arrived 1878
Helensville (Lower Kaipara) - student preacher 1879
Mangapai, Kaiwaka, Maungakaramea and district NP (supply) 1880
Picton- student preacher (supply)  1882
Ordained and Inducted Picton NMP  17.4.1884
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of New South Wales
Gladstone (supply) circa 1887 to 1890
Returned to New Zealand -
Kumara WsP  2.1891 - resigned 2.1893
Riwaka NMP  (supply)  1893
Waikari ChP  1895
Waitaki NOP  1897
Hunterville WgP  1901
Waipawa HBP 8.1902
South Wairarapa (Featherston)  5.2.1909 - retired 15.7.1916
Died 16.12.1929 at Cairo, Egypt (while on a trip to the Holy Land)

STRANG, Rev John Stanford (Jack)               B.A.
b 23.4.1909; w Helen Reid  b 3.9.1910  m  11.9.1934    
Hall 1931-3  -  He began as private stud; was accepted as stud  for min 1932.
Ord Catlins (Ratanui ClP) 22.11.1933
Fairlie (Mackenzie County SCP)  10.9.1936
Chapl 2NZEF  8.8.1940
St Ninians ChP  25.2.1942
Trinity Nelson NMP  19.5.1953
Assoc Knox Ch Chch  11.12.1969  ret 30.11.1973
Died 7.11.1984

Local Ministry Team, Knox Presbyterian Church, Invercargill, Southland Presbytery 2009

STRANG, Dr Peter James Harvey            M.B., Ch.B., Dip.Obst.
b. Dunedin
w Marion Ruth Freeman b. Dunedin  m 19.12.1964 (Secondary School Teacher, B.Sc., Dip. Teaching)
Educated at Kings High School. A Comminucant member of the Presb. Church of NZ since 1958.
Appointed Medical Missionary, Papua New Guinea
To All Saints College Sydney for short Missionary training course 24.8.1970
Arrived at Iruna, Papua New Guinea 22.10.1970, took place of Dr N. Thomson
Gemo Island, Co-ordinator of  Ch health services in liaison with Government 1973
Resigned From Overseas Mission staff  30.6.1974 and withdrew.
Munda, Solomon Islands  -  left NZ 1.1987 - replaced Easons as Medical Superintendent at Helena
Goldie Hospital 1987-88.
Father of Mrs Jan Hamill (wife of the Rev Dr Bruce Hamill)

STRICKLAND, Rev Dr David Robert       B.A.,M.Div.,Ph.D.(Edin)
w Ellen Artinian   m 17.12.1967
From USA, United Pres Church
Licensed by the Presbytery of Le high, Pennsylvania, USA 13.6.1972
Also studied at Edinburgh, Strasbourg & Munich
To New Zealand –
Received by the PCNZ General Assembly 1974
Cromwell (Stated Supply) COP  1.12.1973
Ord Titirangi AP  28.3.1974 - resigned 23.6.1989
Returned to USA –
Palo Christi Presb. Church, Paradise Valley, Arizona USA

STRICKSON-PUA, Rev Muamua S.                 BSW. (Ed)., CQSW.
STRICKSON-PUA, Ms Linda Ann                   B.Ed., Post Grad Dip
married 20 November 1982
Mua worked previously as a detached youth worker with King Cobra gang (1980-81); Radio DJ and Producer at Otago FM for Pacific Island programmes (1987-89); Radio Reo Atumotu 1593 AM Breakfast Show Host, Sports Commentator and DJ (1993-1998). 
Theological Hall 1986-89
Ordained  Pacific Islanders Church Com, Youth Consultant Auckland 16 August 1990 — Term completed 31 January 1994
Minister within the Bounds (Muamua) Auckland Presbytery, January 1994
Chaplain and Pasifika Development
Tutor for Tagata Pasifika Resources and Development Trust.
Pacific Island Church Synod Executive for the English Speaking Group.
Both working in an urban Pasifika Community development and Ministry Outreach programme.
Working with Pasifika Artists, Gay and Lesbian communities, networks of Educationalist, Youth Workers, Unionists, and Unemployed. From sports and healing to social services, also serving diverse Pasifika communities including Cook Islands, Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tokelau, Tonga, and Tuvalu. Also working with Tangata Whenua and Treaty of Waitangi groups. This shared Ministry has been covered the areas and communities that the traditional Church do not pastor to, their role being supportive and as a presence of love and peace.
Began walking tours of Karangahape Road (K Road) and Ponsonby recalling Pasifika urban stories circa 2007

STRINGER, Mr Charles Richard
B. 28.4.1900
He was a public school teacher at Orawia Sthland; volunteered for Miss & was app
for 2 yrs in New Hebridess (Vanuatu);
Dedicated for Miss serv at St Pauls Oamaru 21.3.1928,
arr Vila  7.5.1928
He commenced teaching at school at  Wuro, Ambrim & started to learn the Ambrim
language.   He continued teaching in Vanuatu till 12.1928, when the Miss buildings
were  destroyed & he lost his personal effects.  In 1929 most of  his time was spent            
in Nth Ambrim & bush villages, & Mansfield's serious illness in 1929 threw an
extra burden on Stringer.   He res 30.9.1929 & returned to NZ.

STRINGER, Rev J.A.                   Dip.Theol.
Meth Ch
Wairoa Union GP   2.1975

STRINGER, Rev Robert
Meth Ch  -  Miss Solomon Is
Solomon Is 1971  -  returned to NZ 1977 after 6 yrs serv.

STUART, Rev. Dr. Donald McNaughton                   D.D. (St Andrews)
b 5 February 1819  Styx  Perthshire  Scotland
w Jessie nee Robertson b (?)  m 1850  d 1862
He was educated at St Andrews University; with others he purchased the 'Edinburgh Witness' newspaper.
The Senate expelled him for campaigning (in his paper) for the election of a Rector  in opposition to the
Senate candidate; he was later restored as a student by a Royal Commission. In 1837 he began an
adventure school at Leven, Fifeshire.  It began with one pupil, and in 2½ years the school had 70 pupils. He then
began  his theological studies at New College in Edinburgh.  In 1844 he became a class teacher at a
school near Windsor; and in a short time became Principal.   While there he continued his theological
studies privately under three leading theological scholars in London; he completed his theological
studies with a final year in Edinburgh
Licensed by the Free Church Presbytery of Kelso in 1848 then called to Falstone, Northumberlandshire.
Ordained by the English Presbyterian Church at at Newcastle on Tyne in 1849, remained there 10 years.
In 1858 a second congregation was established in Dunedin (Knox Church) New Zealand and they appointed
a commission of three Churchmen in the UK to select a man for them; it so happened that one of the three
had been his tutor in London and knew him well; Stuart's was the name they recommended as Minister for
On 27 January 1860 he, along with wife and family, arrived in Dunedin on the 'Bosworth'. Rev Thomas Burns at First
Church generously left his pulpit for seven weeks while he made a trip South to assess the need for further
charges in Southland, leaving his pulpit to Stuart to allow him time to become known to all who wished to
join the new congregation at Knox Church.
Inducted Knox Church, Dunedin Presbytery, 16 May 1860
Stuart was keenly interested in education, and a strong advocate for the Theological Hall to be established.
In its first year he was Tutor in Curch History.  In 1875 he was a member of the Board to recommend reforms
to the High Schools in Dunedin;  2 years later he was on the Board of both Boys & Girls High School; he
was an original member of the Otago University Council; in 1871,74, 77 was Vice-Chancellor of Otago
University, and Chancellor from 1879 untill his death; he was a member of the NZ University Senate 1873-81;
Editor of the "Evangelist" 1874-78; in 1872 St Andrews University conferred on him the honorary degree of DD.
“He stood in every pulpit (Presbyterian) from Waitaki to the Bluff, and there are reminiscences of some
homely word kindly spoken, or some timely service ungrudgingly rendered in every congregation.  His name
is still a household word throughout the land, linked by bridal or baptismal or funeral  to many a fireside.
Memories of some little oddity in manner, or quaintness in speech, or outburst of emotion, are still fondly
cherished. His plaided form seemed always to remind one of the breezy hillsides, the swaying pinewoods,
the bee-haunted heather of his native land.  His sunny face, his cheery manner, his forceful talk, bore with
them a kind of inspiration.' (Rev J. Chisholm)
Died 16.5.1894  in office. 

STUART, Rev Henry Cooke
b 18.12.1885
w Esther b 21.2.1891 m 6.10.1915
Licensed & inducted by Neury (?) Presbytery, Ireland Oct 1915
From Scotland (?)  -  obtained by Dr Gibb.
Ind Matamata WkP  21.4.1921 for 1 year
Inducted and confirmed as full Minister of Matamata 14.5.1922
Tuakau SAP  5.12.1923
Waverley TkP  28.5.1928 - resigned 6.4.1935 and withdrew.
Father of the Rev WS Stuart.

STUART, Rev. Dr.  William James III (Jim)
born 1936, New York City
wife (1) Ingrid married Germany separated Auckland died ????
wife (2) Gillian Southey married 1984
From Methodist Church — ordained 1963, Stuttgart, Germany, first ministry appointment USA 1964, came to Aotearoa New Zealand 1978
Served US Navy; Professor of Religion and Philosophy, Grenville College, Illinois; Wesley Lecturer in Systematic Theology, St John's Theological College; Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon, USA; Chaplain, Universities of Canterbury and Lincoln; columnist, Touchstone Methodist magazine
Senior Minister, St Andrews on the Terrace Church, Wellington, Wellington Presbytery, 23 February 1995-2001
Co-ordinator of Association of Reconciling Congregations and Christians.
Wainoni Methodist Church 2001 — retired 2008
died 29 May 2021 at Christchurch Hospital

STUART, Nola              MNZN
Helped form Riverton Union Parish, 1972
First woman moderator of Southland Presbytery
President, Association of Presbyterian Women (APW) of New Zealand
First woman to chair the Council of Assembly
Moderator, Synod of Otago and Southland
Chairwoman, Riverton Community Charitable Trust, c 2004
Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit, New Year, 2009

HM Rakaia AsP  stud prch 1885-6, no further mention.

STUART, Rev William (Bill) Samuel               B.A.
b 25.7.1918 in Ireland, a son of the manse.
w Esther b 6.4.1921 m 1.10.1947
Received his B.A. from Trinity University, Dublin
Licensed by Presbytery of Coleraine, County Derry, Ireland 1947.
Came to NZ in 1948 as Probationer, recommended by Rev Tulloch Yuille.
Received by the PCNZ 1948
Ordained Reefton-Totara Flat WsP 15.6.1948
Taihape WgP 19.4.1951 (During the time of the Tangiwai Rail Disaster)
Kohimarama AP  10.2.1955
Tokoroa WkP  21.2.1961
Knox, New Plymouth TkP  3.9.1964
St Cuthberts East Coast Bays NSP  11.9.1969
Waipu NP  27.10.1977 - retired 20.2.1983
After retirement served for a 3 month term of Ministry in Winton Parish, Central Southand SP
Retired to Auckland.
From time to time took services at Conifer Grove in Manurewa and at Iona in Blockhouse Bay.
"Bill was avery conscientious minister who liked to be well-prepared for services and who saw
the value of pastoral visiting. He had a great love of preaching and enjoyed working with the
scriptures of the Old Teastament. He had been trained to project his voice and shunned the
use of microphones. His strong voice with an Iirish lilt was very compelling. He was not afraid
to do some straight-talking when the need arose, and was able to get alongside people from
all walks of life and of different deniminations. He and his wide Edith worked as a team,
frequently undertaking pastoral visiting together. He was committed to his calling and his
ministry bore much fruit."
[from Memorial Minute]
Son of the Rev HC Stuart.
Died 21 July 2007 at Auckland

Received into the Ministry at the General Assembly 1940 with 1 years probation.
No further mention.

STUBBS, Rev Frederick                F.R.G.S.
born 1855 London England
wife Emma Morgan born 1854 married 1883 died 1905
From Presbyterian Church of England, Ordained 1880; came to New Zealand with a commission from the Free Church of Scotland in 1895
Inducted Feilding, Manawatu Presbytery 18 August 1896
Cust, Christchurch Presbytery, 27 October 1898 — resigned 1902
Rotorua 1903 — was never formally inducted, but worked zealously under Church Extension Committee (Report 1905).
In 1907 chronic throat trouble necessitated giving up ministry. He travelled extensively especially in the East, for some thirty years and wrote accounts of his travels as a journalist.  
Mrs E.W. Kirk (China) was his daughter.
Died 1942 Sydney (Report 1945)

STUBBS, Miss Winifred Mary (Winnie)             Mrs E.W. Kirk
born 8 April 1885.  
Missionary to the Canton Villages Mission China
She arrived at Canton to be a Nurse at —
Ko T'ong Hospital in November 1913
“Own Missionary” of Knox Church, Christchurch.
Married Dr E.W. Kirk in Canada 10 April 1918; daughter of Rev F. Stubbs.
Died London 1957  (Refer also entry for Dr. EW Kirk)

STUTTER, Rev Malcolm Roger                       B.Sc.(Lond), F.R.G.S.
b 3.7.1920 Edmonton, London
w Mary Rhoda b 21.11.1924 m 23.7.1960
Joined the Royal Navy at 19 as a Naval Airman, second class. He left in 1962 with
the rank           of Lieutenant-Commander. Read for ministry for five years through the
New College, London.
Ordained 1964 as Minister of the Congregational  Church at Plymouth in Devon,1964
Emigrated to New Zealand with his family in 1967 as a Minister of the United Reformed
Church of England and Wales.
Taught at Wanganui High School, Opotiki High School, and at St Matthew’s, Masterton;
During this period he undertook preaching most Sundays.
Moved to teaching at the Correspondence School in Wellington to be able to devote
more time to the Church.
Applied to and received by the Presb. Church of NZ as a Minister in 1975.
Matawhero Gisborne 5.2.1978 - retired 31.12.1983 due to ill-health
Retired to Mt Maunganui.
“Retirement for Malcolm meant helping the Church of God wherever that help was needed,
be it Presbyterian, Anglican, Methodist, Union or Baptist part of the Church.
Malcolm’s ministry is remembered for many reasons, but especially his strong pastoral
work and his acceptance of all people. He had a keen interest in the healing ministry of the
Church, and a love for younger people.” (from Obit.)
Died 2.6.1993

STYLES, Rev Charles Thomas                  M.A., B.D.
b 16.8.1924
w Jean Goodlad  m 24.1.1953 d March 2005
Came from a farming life in the Waikaka area of Southland and in his youth worked with teams of horses.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1952-54
Ordained Malvern ChP  9.12.1954
Pine Hill Dunedin DnP 9.6.1960   
St Giles Kilbirnie Wellington WnP  19.9.1968
Brooklyn Wellington  (part-time)  WnP 17.10.1974
Carterton Union Parish WpP  7.2.1978
Awatere-Flaxbourne NMP  17.11.1983 - retired 30.4.1985
Awatere-Flaxbourne (Stated Supply) 1.5.1985  to  30.4.1987
Served the National Church as one of the Church Property Trustees and through his Ministerial life he
maintained a considerable grasp of the Book of Order.
Minister Emeritus Apr 1985
Retired to Masterton
"Charles enjoyed learning, literally until the day he died. Study leave included an extended trip to the
Ecumenical Institute in Bossey, Switzerland.
In these later years [at Masterton] Charles returned to the farm, in that he and Jean had enough land in
a quiet spot to keep a sheep or two, a few hens, some well grown trees and a productive vegetable garden.
From within that rather arcadian setting Charles continued to be a wise, often shrewd, but always kindly
mentor to younger ministers who needed a little help along the way.
He trusted in this old prayer :
[from Memorial Minute]
Died 13th May 2008

SU'A, Rev Iona                        L.Th, Dip.Min, B.Theol
Theological Hall 1991-93  
Licensed at Pacific Islander's Church, Otara, South Auckland South Auckland Presbytery 9 March 1995
Ordained Pacific Islanders Samoan Church Invercargill Southland Presbytery February 1998
Minister within the Bounds South Auckland Presbytery 6 April 2005
Removed from the Ministerial Roll 6 October 2011
part time Minister, Orakei Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery 27 February 2013

SU'A, Rev Talosaga Matautia Titi (Terry)                    B.A., B.Th, PG Dip Arts, Dip Min
Born 1 September 1960; Edinburgh Street Pacific Islanders Church
Theological Hall 1990-92
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 3 June 1993
Ordained St Davids Taihape, Wanganui Presbytery, Stated Supply, 24 June 1993
Minister in charge  Taihape, 3 May 1994
Taihape-Waimarino, 3 July 1994
St. James Presbytery Church Wanganui, Wanganui Presbytery, January 2000
Mt Albert, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 22 July 2004
Volunteer chaplain at Unitec
Died 2 Jan 2012 in Auckland aged 51, after a long battle with cancer

Commissioned Mission Facilitor, St John's Opotiki, Kaimai Presbytery, 14 April 2024

Commissioned Mission Facilitor, St John's Opotiki, Kaimai Presbytery 14 April 2024

SULLIVAN, Rev Charles McNeil
b Ireland 13.12.1896; grew up in Ravensbourne.
w Marion M. nee Gray (daughter of Rev A. Gray) b 9.11.1897 m 3.11.1925
d 4.1.1992
HM Hindon DnP   1920-5
Gladstone DnP  1926-7
Hall 1925-7  
Ord Pembroke (Wanaka COP) 8.2.1928
Caversham DnP  28.2.1935
Waikouaiti DnP 18.11.1954   ret 31.12.1961,  ret to Alexandra, & served
parish of Lauder
Died 1.12.1965 suddenly,  aged 68

born Ironbridge 1815
Missionary to a London Congregation; then in Norfolk, Bridgeford.
Came to Victoria, Australia in 1858.
To New Zealand —
Assisted Ravensbourne
First Church, Invercargill, supply, 1877
Hampden, North Otago Presbytery, 1879
Port Chalmers
Died 8 September 1881, suddenly, at choir practice

SUN, Hokyee (Daniel)
From Hong Kong, China
wife: Chinhung Ng
On a holiday to Vancouver felt a "spiritual burden to work with overseas Chinese students", c 2000
Graduated, Bethel Bible Seminary, Hong Kong, 2008
Arrived Dunedin, January 2017
Lay pastoral worker, Chinese Church, Dunedin

SUNMAN, MMr Nick          & Mrs
Overseas Workers  -  Malaysia  1981

SUSABDA, Rev Jusak                B.D.(Sarjana Theologia)
born 23 October 1936 in Indonesia
wife Ruth nee Setiawati  married 4 March 1963
From Indonesia; Chinese, has lived in Indonesia all his life.
A life-changing encounter with God led him into full-time ministry
Ordained 1963.  
Gereja Kristen Indonesia Taman Cibunut, Bandun, Indonesia, 1963-1978
After serving fourteen years in pastorate he studied at Internat Training Institute, Hong Kong; in 1973 he went to Graduate School Bossey, Geneva; from 1972-1974 studied at Roman Catholic Seminary, Bandung, Indonesia.   Called to -
St Davids Kaiti, Gisborne, 10 September 1978
Associate Minister, St Andrews Auckland (Indonesian Congregation), Auckland Presbytery, 21 June 1990 
St. Andrew’s First Presbyterian Church, Symond’s St, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 1995-2000 — sole charge minister for Indonesian and English congregations
Asian Ministries Work Group, 2002 
Minister Emeritus, Auckland Presbytery, 21 October 2002
died 28 March 2022

Miss Carpenter - New Hebrides (Vanuatu)  1925-6

HM St Peters Grey Lynn Ak (was Assist, Hon Worker) 1942,
Ord HM  1942   res 1947

SUTHERLAND, Rev Alexander (Alex) Eric            B.A., B.Theol., L.Th.
w Nicola Anne  m 9.2.1974
Theological Hall  1971-3 
Ordained Assist Knox Ch Dn  11.2.1975
Epsom Auckland  AP  17.3.1977
Suva Fiji  8.11.1981- resigned 31.12.1984 - study leave to Melbourne
Associate Minister  St Andrews Collegiate Hastings 23.1.1986 
Resigned 31.7.1986 and withdrew, working in Justice Department Auckland.
Lodged certificate  Nov 1986

SUTHERLAND, Dr Angus Leslie             M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.E., D.O.M.S.
b Kaikorai, Dunedin 1.12.1900
w Margaret Elizabeth Massie (of Church of Scotland Mission at Sialkot, Punjab) b 19.6.1903 m 21.11.1928
Educated at Kaikorai Primary School, Otago Boys’ High School & Otago University,
Graduated M.B., Ch.B. in 1923.
Ordained as Medical Missionary, Jagadhri Hospital India 8.7.1924
“Own Missionary” of St David’s Presbyterian Church, Auckland.
Sailed for India 1925
Post-graduate study in Edinburgh and London 1929;  they lost an infant son in Edinburgh and an infant
daughter in India 23.11.1932. Ill-health compelled a visit to England in 1934. 
Served in World War Two with Indian Medical Unit as Surgeon with rank of Colonel in mobile Medical
unit from 15.2.1941 to Oct 1945.
In 1946 moved from Miraj Mission Hospital to Jagadhri Hospital. 
Resigned 1950 for family reasons and returned to NZ; he began practice as eye specialist in Christchurch 1951.
Son of  R.R.M. Sutherland; Brother of A.F. Sutherland.
Died 27.9.1976 Christchurch

SUTHERLAND, Rev Angus Mackay
Born in the Highlands of Scotland. 
Came to NZ 1926.  He was prevented by ill-health from training for the ministry,
but gave  himself to service as an Elder, Bible Class Leader, and Lay Preacher
at St Mungos and St Peters in Auckland -  in effect he was an Honorary Home
Missionary from 1926.
Ord as Honorary HM to St Peters, Grey Lynn (incl. Richmond) Auckland  AP 28.5.1942 -
Resigned 31.5.1947
HM Henderson AP 1952  - ill-health
Te Atatu AP 1955
Died  27.7.1956,  aged 76

SUTHERLAND, Rev Arthur Francis                    B.A.
b 5.8.1896 Dunedin
w Annie Helen Kelly b 25.1.1893 m 18.11.1924  d 1976
HM Hindon DnP (Student) 1918
Theological Hall 1922-24
Ordained Rangitaiki BPP  9.12.1924
Pahiatua MnP 18.7.1929
Te Kuiti WkP  5.10.1932
Morven SCO  14.8.1935
Oreti SP  7.1.1944
Knapdale MtP  23.3.1950
Waiareka NOP 21.2.1957 - retired 30.6.1962
Son of R.R.M. Sutherland; Brother of A.L. Sutherland.
He was one of a family of eight.  His Father, the Rev Robert Sutherland, was
Minister in Kaikorai Valley for 45 years.  Arthur received his secondary education
at Otago Boys High School. Following the death of his twin brother, Clair, at
Passchendale in World War One he determined to enter the ministry to take up
the work his brother had earlier decided on. He studied at Otago University,
gained BA; then the Theological Hall; he married Anne Kelly of Dunedin.
For 26 years he and his wife gathered news from Overseas Missionaries, compiling
and distributing news letters to parishes throughout NZ.
One of Arthur's favourite pasttimes was walking and later jogging. When in his 80’s
he entered the Christchurch City to surf run, 3 years in succession, he was awarded
three certificates for completing the circuit.  He had a lifelong interest in technology.
His hobby was radio; and in the 1960’s he built his own television set. One of his
later interestests was computers studies. (from Obit.)
Died  20.11.1993 

HM Toi Tois Outfields SP  stud 1915,
res 1916 & joined NZEF as combatant.
Killed in action 1917

SUTHERLAND, Rev Ewen Francis                 Dip.Th.     
born 12 September 1927, fourth son of Donald Campbell Sutherland and Georgina Sutherland;  unmarried
Hall 1971-1973
Ordained Waikari, Christchurch Presbytery, 13 February 1974
Richmond Nelson, Nelson/Marlborough Presbytery, 22 November 1985 — retired 10 February 1991
died 16 December 1997, buried Waikari, Waikari Cemetery, Canterbury

SUTHERLAND, Rev George                             MA., DD (Montreal)
b. 1830 New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada
Son of Charles Sutherland; trained at the Presbyterian Free Church College Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Licensed by the Free Church Presbytery of Halifax 1852
Ordained Halifax Nova Scotia 1854
Lawrencetown, Lake Porter and Musquodobolt Harbour 1854 to 1856
Inducted Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island 27.8.1856 to 21.11.1866
Member of Board of Education.
To New Zealand –
Received by the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland 19.9.1867 
First Church Dunedin  DnP - Inducted as Colleague and successor to Dr Burns Dec 1867 (one record states Oct 1867),
sole Minister from 1871 - Resigned 1872
Called to Sydney Australia Aug 1872
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of Eastern Australia
St George’s Sydney 4.11.1872 to 27.7.1893
Given Doctorate of Divinity Presbyterian College in Montreal 1890
Editor of "The Australian Witness and Presbyterian Herald" (weekly) November 1872 to 1874, the publisher joined the
Presbyterian Church of New South Wales. Sutherland continued the paper as "The Witness and Australian Presbyterian"
(weekly) 1874-1877, then “The Witness” (weekly) June 1877 to 1884;
Piblications include : “A Manual of the Geography and Natural and Civil History of Prince Edward Island”
(Charlotteltown 1861); “The Magdalen Islands” (Charlottletown 1862); “Urgent Appeals to the Unsaved”
(Canada 1867, Dunedin 1869); “The Lord’s Supper” (Dunedin 1869); “Christian Psychology” (Sydney 1874);
“The True Church : Letters to the Roman Catholics of Australia” (Sydney 1877); “Important Original
Documents establishing the High Character of Pastor Chiniguy when in the Church of Rome…” (Sydney 1879);
“Papal Domination… (Sydney 1879); “Moral Training in our Public Schools : A Letter to the Minister of Public 
Instruction in New South Wales…” (Sydney 1893).
Brother of the Rev JAF Sutherland (Canada)
Died 27.7.1893 in office

To the Presb. Church of Canada from the Free Church of Scotland.
To New Zealand -
Riwaka NMP - supply for 6 mths during 1882
To New South Wales, Australia c. Sept 1884 through the invitation of Rev Isaac Mackay.
Barrington PCEA (Presb. Church of Eastern Australia) – brief supply but not formally received by the PCEA. 
Received by the Presb. Church of New South Wales Jan 1885
Apparently held no charge.
To Scotland 1889

Rep 1908: accepted in full standing on doing an exam on Westminster Confession
of Faith & Church History. Did he do this?  He is reported as accepted as HM in 1912,
which presumably means he did not sit (or did not pass) the required exams.
HM Whakatane BPP 1907
Northern Wairoa (Dargaville NP) 1911-2
No further mention,

SUTHERLAND, Rev John Mouat                 M.A.
b Lybster, Caithness 1845, the son of a fish curer.
w Jane Phillips Borrie b 3.1.1852   m 29.4.1884   d 4.3.1934
After being educated at the local Parish School he apprenticed himself as a pupil Teacher,
completing his term with credit to himself. Then entered the Free Church Training College
at Edinburgh where he successfully completed the course of study to pass as a Teacher,
and obtained the Privy Council’s certificate for same. Chosen from a number  of applicants
as assistant in Watson’s Institution, Edinburgh, and during the time he filled this position he
attended classes atb Edinburgh University, obtaining the degree of Master of Arts.
Being felt called to the Ministry, he then entered New College Edinburgh.
Licensed in Scotland 1873.
Came to New Zealand with his elder brother (who was advised to come to New Zealand for
health reasons but unfortunately died shortly after arrival) on the “Treveleyan”
Arrived at Port Chalmers in March 1874.
Called and Ordained to North Taieri DnP Sept 1874
He quickly got to know his congregation and an absence from Church ensured a speedy visit
from the Minister enquiring of their health. His training as a Teacher assisted him greatly in
Bible studies with the younger folk where he emphasized thorough and systematic Religious
and Secular reading and learning.
Rev Sutherland also regularly supplied at Mosgiel which at first included many other
denominations including Baptists, Wesleyans and Episcopalians.
After his marriage in 1884, he returned to Scotland for a visit, returning home to NZ at the end
of that year with his only remaining Brother.
Due to the increasing size of Mosgiel Parish, it was disjoined from North Taieri. Rev Sutherland
subsequently carried on at North Taieri with increased attention and sympathy to his remaining
“He was impulsive, and at times impetuous, especially when exposing wrong, or supporting a
righteous though weakly cause. Even those who differed from him, or resented his warmth of
expression, must always have seen how purely unselfish his aims were. Mr Sutherland had the
true Highland conservative spirit, and paid great attention to leaders in theology and other
departments of knowledge. While liberal towards other opinions, he yet upheld firmly those of
men whom he regarded as guides in wisdom, and of experience, being truly a devoted and loyal
follower. He kept himself well abreast of the thought and speculations of the times, being a
careful reader of the best literature, periodical and other. He had much to contend against in
preaching in a troublesome and painful affection which compelled him to speak too slowly to
give his excellent matter due effect. His manner was dignified and curteous….  Mr Sutherland
was a strong supporter of the Taieri Amateur Horticultural Society, and was for a time its
President. (From Obit.) 
Died  22.10.1893  in office after a short illness    

SUTHERLAND, Rev Robert Rose McKay                M.A.
born 10 October 1846 at Caithness Scotland
wife Catherine Juliet daughter of the Hon. J. Fulton born 23 September 1862 married 13 April 1893 died 14 July 1946
He arrived in New Zealand in 1862, and later returned to Scotland to study at Edinburgh University and New College Edinburgh for Theology studies. 
Licensing by the Free Church Presbytery of Edinburgh 1878
Returned to New Zealand
Inducted and Ordained Kaikorai, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, April 1879 - retired 30 April 1919 after 40 years service
A vigorous preacher and diligent pastor; took a prominent part in Presbytery and Assembly.
A well-known controversialist.   He took a valuable part in Bible Society work, and in Temperance Reform. The Roslyn and Kaikorai Gospel Temperance Union was formed, 1892, and he was its first chairman. He was a founder and active member of the Roslyn and Maori Hill Prohibition League, formed 1895 
Moderator of  Synod of Otago and Southland 1894
Father of A.F. Sutherland, and of A.L.Sutherland, and of Miss V.J. Sutherland.
Died 24 December 1931 at Wellington, aged 85.

SUTHERLAND, Sr Violet Jessie
b 22.7.1903 at Kaikorai Dunedin - Daughter of the Rev R.R.M. Sutherland.
Educated at Columba College, Dunedin.
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute Dunedin - shortened course 1925-27 
Ordained a Deaconess for Mission service 10.8.1927
Appt. Missionary on staff of Punjab Mission; sailed for India 13.9.1927
“Own Missionary” of St Andrew’s Dunedin
After her 1st year of language study she went to Kharar to take charge of the work among women
in town and district. The work involved giving Christian teaching to village women and children,
supervising a village school of 65 girls at Naya Shahar, visiting the sick, taking part in camping
tours of the villages in winter, and itinerating by bicycle and car.
She spent all her 29 yrs in India in this district.
On her 1st furlough she went to Selly Oak College in Birmingham, and did a course for  the needs of
Those working with village women and girls. Passed all examinations with credit but as she did not
hold an Arts degree she was not entitled to hold a Diploma.
She started a primary school in a village a few miles from Kharar, with Christian teachers.  She was
deeply interested in a hostel for girls attached to the Henderson Memorial High School for Girls,
Kharar.  She was an elder in the Church of North India.   
Returned to NZ on retiring furlough 10.1.1955    
Retired 30.4.1955 and settled in Karori Wellington;
She worked in the Education Department & National Library Service.
Died  4.2.1978

Maori Miss
Matron Pentland Ave Hostel Ak 21.1.1962

SUTHERLAND, Rev William Donald Morrison
b 22.4.1866
w Katherine Andrea b 29.4.1871 m 30.3.1898  d 30.8.1939
Educated at Aberdeen, Edinburgh University, New College Edinburgh;
Licensed by Edinburgh Presbytery Feb 1898
Ord. Lansborough (Free Church of Scotland), Saltcoats by Ardrossan Presbytery 8.2.1898
First Free Church, Kirriemuir 1918
Came to NZ in 1923 and received by General Assembly 1923.
Ind Mt Albert Auckland  AP  27.5.1924 - retired 27.5.1932
In retirement supplied at Te Awamutu, Thames, and Birkenhead NSP 1936-41.
Retired 31.1.1943
Died 25.12.1958,  aged 92

SUTTON, Rev A.W.                  Ll.B.
Ang Ch
Hillcrest Co-op Hamilton  2.1976

SUTTON, Miss Elizabeth Helen                  L.Th           (Mrs B. Smith)
b. Invercargill
h. Bernard Smith (refer separate entry)
Educated at Southland Girls’ High School, Massey Extra Mural Studies, L.Th. Melbourne,
General & Maternity Nursing in Southland 1963, Bible Training Institute Auckland 1965,
Midwifery course Auckland 1966, Plunket Course at Auckland 1968.
A member of the Presb. Church of NZ since 1956.
Missionary - New Hebrides  (Vanuatu)  -  Nurse, appointed 1969
On staff from 1.3.1970
Set apart for Mission service, Coromandel Presbyterian Parish  15.2.1970
Left for New Hebrides via Fiji  3.3.1970.
Vila, Paton Memorial Hospital  1970
Silimauri Health Centre Tongoa, in place of H. Shears 6.1970;
“Own Misionary” of the Busy Bees, June 1971 
Overseas Service ended 1973; married Bernard Smith, carpenter on Tongoa 1973.
Left Tongoa 13.4.1973
Off Staff 27.7.1973
They returned to New Hebrides after a short spell in NZ 1973, but not under the NZ Presb. Church.

SUTTON, Sr Marion Jill                                         Mrs N. Whimp
h. Rev Neal John Whimp  m. 14.11.1964
Deaconess College Dunedin 1962-4
Ord Deac PSSA Dn, Hostess Emergency Lodge Dunedin Nov 1964 to Feb 1966
Wellsford ChP (With Rev Neal Whimp, Parish Minister) Feb 1966 to Sep 1969
New Hebrides (Vanuatu),  Sep 1969 to Dec 1980
Invercargill, Dec 1980 to May 1989
Tauranga, May 1989 to Mar 2000

SUWANTIKA, Rev Johannes T
Born Surabaya, Indonesia
wife: Decy married 18 June 1994 at St Andrew's First, Symonds Street
lived in Singapore 1971 to 1979 (primary and secondary education)
arrived in New Zealand 1980
6th and 7th Form at Francis Douglas Memorial College, New Plymouth
Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems and Computer Science 1986 Auckland University
22 years in New Zealand before entering ministry; computer consultant
Bachelor of Divinity 1999 Bible College of New Zealand
Tertiary lay chaplain, Auckland University (first non-Catholic appointed lay chaplain in the Catholic Tertiary Chaplaincy in New Zealand)
Ordained Titirangi Parish, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 5 June 2003
Stated Supply, Massey/Riverhead Presbyterian Church, 31 March 2012
Minister stated supply, St Andrew's First Church, Symonds Street, Auckland, Northern Presbytery, 21 March 2016
Inducted Minister, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Indonesian Congregation, Northern Presbytery, 6 September 2018

SWADLING, Rev Dr Harry Campbell                 B.A., B.D., Dr.Sc.Rel. (Strasbourg)
b. 1935
w. Gladys Irene  m 1 November 1958
Educated at Wellington College.
A member of the Island Bay Church youth group and the Island Bay Surf Life Saving Club.
Trained in pharmacy, running his own business at Karori.
Both Harry and Irene active in St Ninian's Church Karori.
Offered himself as a candidate fior the ministry.
Graduated B.A. from Victoria University before proceeding to the Theological Hall.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1970-1972
Awarded the Begg Travelling Scholarship.
Licensed by the Presbytery of Wellington 1972
Ordained St Magnus, Duntroon North Otago Presbytery Stated Supply 15 December 1972
Overseas study 1 July 1973 to 9 January 1976
Studied at the University of Strasbourg where he graduated in 1975 with the Doctorate of Science of Religion.
St Lukes Union Nelson Nelson Marlborough Presbytery 10 February 1976
Mt Albert AP 5 February 1981
Exchanged Ministry with the Protestant Campus Minister from Bloomsburg University Pennsylvania USA in 1987
Khandallah Wellington Presbytery   21 February 1991 
Exchange Ministry with the United Church of Canada at sauble Beach Ontario in 1996-1997
Retired from Khandallah December 2000
Moderator of Wellington Presbytery July 1999 to July 2000 (one records states 1998-1999)
Continued to serve the church with short term ministries at St Andrew's Hastings. St Andrew's Gisborne, and a
return ministry to the Amabel Sauble Church in Ontario Canada in 1996-1997.
Both Harry and Irene served for 8 weeks as volunteer workers with the Iona Community in Scotland.
Minister Emeritus  December 2000
Served on the General Assemby's Church Union and National Assessment Committees.
"Harry's concern for the witness of the church in the community involved his work as a Marriage Guidance Counsellor,
Chaplain to the Dept. of Scientific and industrial Research at Mt Albert (1980s), along with terms as visiting lecturer
at the Theological Hall and St John's College, Auckland.
For 7 years until his death in 2008 Harry was Senior Presbyterian Chaplain to the armed forces where his personal
insights and wise judgement were held in high regard by the military authorities, as well as the service personnel
Harry's preaching with its central theological emphasis happily melded faith and life for his parishioners. Harry's
concern for visible unity of the church arose from his conviction as to the New Testaments church imperative, rather
than simply an economic strategy.
Died 2 October 2008

SWAN, Sr Alice Robina                       B.A.
b 6.6.1907 Fifeshire, Scotland
Came to NZ at 6 years of age. As the eldest of six children, she developed,
from an early age, a sense of responsibility and caring for others. Completed
her schooling in Masterton, then worked in Wellington, Invercargill then as
a Secreatry with a grain and seed merchant in Christchurch.
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute (PWTI) , Dunedin 1944-46 
During a vacancy she assisted at Te Teko.
Ordained as Deaconess 1950
St Andrews Christchurch 1948-51
Solway College Masterton 1952-53
Knox Church Masterton WpP  29.4.1953 to 1959
North New Brighton Christchurch ChP  1959-65
Knox Church Christchurch 1965 -  retired 31.8.1969
“In each of these places she is remembered with affection by those who knew her.
Her thoroughness in her preparation for worship, the quality of her children’s talks
will be long remembered. Alice appled herself equally in her pastoral work and her
small sensitive gifts, especially chosen, touched the recipients deeply.
In many ways Alice was a private person. She was sensitive and felt things deeply.
But though retiring by nature, she gave herself fully in her parish work. She was
generous to others and demanding on herself.” (from Obit.) 
Died  31.8.1994.

Ch  ot Christ
Counsellor, Campbell Centre Chch  1976 

SWETS, Rev William  (Bill)
w. Ethel Swets
From Florida USA for fixed term (3 months)
Invercargill North  S.P. 1988

SWINDELLS, Mrs P.            see                 Ker, Nellie

SWINERD, Rev  Ebenezer
HM Huntly WkP  1916,  Ord HM 1916
Colac Bay SP  1917
Ida Valley COP  1920
Cheviot ChP  1923
Spreydon ChP 1927;  wife died 1929
Opunake TkP supply 1930 

SYMONS, Mr  Bruce           & Mrs
Overseas Workers  -  PNG
Summer Institute of Linguistics, Medang PNG 1978-84-

SYMONS, Miss  M.
Maori Mission
Waiohau,  relieved for some months 1936

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