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IKITOELAGI, Rev Don                    BTh(Hons)., MTh., Dip.Min.
w Ere Talaga (see separate entry)
Raised in Niue where his father was a Congregational Minister
University of the South Pacific, Fiji, studying towards a Bachelor of Science degree
After arriving in New Zealand he worked for the Inland Revenue Department, gaining
a Diploma in Accounting
Ordained 1995
Joint Ministry West United Parish Wanganui Wellington Presbytery January 1995
Co-ordinator Pacific Island Mission Resource Team Auckland   September 1998
Mission Director, Pacific Island Synod
Minister within the Bounds Auckland Presbytery 31 December 2005
Lodged Certificate, Auckland Presbytery 16 May 2006
Director for Cross-cultural Mission and Ministry, Melbourne 2006
Pasifika Misionare, Presbyterian Church, 2011
Director, Pacific Island Theological Reflection Centre 2015

IKITOELAGI-FAITALA, Rev Fieta I.                         B.Th., Dip. Min.
Hunterville Presb. Church  WgP   Mar 2001
Minister with Full Membership  WgP  13 Oct 2002
Henderson Pacific Islanders Church  AP  1 May 2003
(Refer entry for Rev F Faitala prior to 2004)

INE, Rev Ngatokoru (Toko)              Dip.Min., L.Th., BTh.
Cook Island member, 1972, and elder, 1975, Mt Eden Church
wife Ete  no further information.
Bible College, circa 1984-1985
Theological Hall 1987-89
Ordained Pacific Islanders Church,  Honorary Assistant,  Edinburgh St, Auckland  18 October 1990
Pacific Islanders Church, Mt Eden, Auckland Presbytery  11 July 1993
Cook Islands Special Ministry, Wellington Presbytery  February 2001
Cook Islands Presbyterian Church (Wellington Region), 21 December 2004

INGHAM, Rev J. Barrie
Ang Ch
Turangi Co-op BPP  9.5.1990 

INGLIS, Rev Dr David Jackson     B.A., M.A.(Hons),  B.D.(London),  Dip.Ed.,  Ph.D.
b. Glasgow, Scotland 13 August 1924
w. Joan Lynley Forder  m. 16 December 1953 (Joan a trained Nurse)
Educated at Carmunnock Primary School (1929-36), Rutherglen Academy as a Bursary Student (1936-1939),
Christchurch West High School (1939-1943), Trinity Theological College, Auckland (1947-1950), Ordained 1950, Lancashire
Independent College (1950-1952), Manchester University (1950-1952), London University – extra mural course (1956),
Victoria University, Wellington (1952-1955). Before Theological Training was a civil servant in the New Zealand Labour
Department. Steward on a ship for a short time.
Cambridge Terrace Congregational Church, Wellington, 1952-1962
Trinity Congregational Church, Christchurch,1962-
Also lectured in University extension studies departmentt, lecturer for the W.E.A. (Workers’ Educational Association), and
lectured in the Congregational College of New Zealand during absence of the Principal.
Congregational Church - on staff overseas of Council for World Mission to which our Church contributes.
Malua Theological College, Apia, Western Samoa – Lecturer January 1968
Received with Congregational Church and Ministers at General Assembly, 1969.
Left Western Samoa, 1973
To Fiji, February 1974, returned to New Zealand, 1975
Kohimarama, Auckland Presbytery, 1975
St Heliers, Auckland Presbytery,  8 May 1975 - resigned 2 February 1983 and to Sydney New South Wales
Minister Emeritus, 14 April 1993
Died 29 November 2015

INGLIS, Rev George B.
b 11.10.1854
w Melina P. b 13.5.1852 m 24.7.1883 d 27.5.1943
She went from Auckland to Otago with her mother and started the Maori school at
Wiltshire Bay near Port Molyneaux, resigning that position to marry G. B. Inglis.
Son of the Rev Robert Inglis, of Lochlee & Edzell, one of the leaders of the Disruption
of 1843 in Scotland. 
Licensed by the Brechin Presbytery of the free Church of Scotland 10.6.1879
Came to NZ as Probationer of the Free Church of Scotland.
Ord Warepa-Kaihiku Clutha Presbytery 30.6.1880
Ashburton 27.9.1893- resigned 28.9.1913 - President of the Ashburton Prohibition League
and leader in the campaign when No-Licence was won in the electorate.
Mt Albert (HM station) Auckland AP 1913; Ind 28.1.1915 (when it was raised to a fully
sanctioned charge) - retired 30.4.1920. 
On retirement he took an active interest in St Davids and was an elder on the St Davids Session.
‘He was throughout a most earnest and efficient minister of  the Word, with strong
convictions and a clear incisive message.’
Died 4.6.1936, aged 81years, after a brief illness.

INGLIS, Rev John    D.D. (Glasgow)
born 1808 (or 1807) at Monaive, Dumfriesshire.
wife Jessie McClymont  born 15 April 1821 at Minnigaff, Kicudbrightshire, Scotland  married 11 April 1844  died 3 August 1885
Educated at Glasgow University and Reformed Presbyterian Hall, Paisley.
From Free Church of Scotland, designated as Missionary to New Zealand at Paisley on 26 September 1843, to assist Rev J. Duncan in his work among the Maoris.
Arrived Wellington November 1844 and joined Mr Duncan on banks of Manawatu River.
During the Maori War he came to Wellington, and for 18 months ministered to Scottish settlers in Wellingtonn, and did excellent work prior to the arrival of successor to Rev John Macfarlane.
In 1850 Mr Inglis, who was known to some of the Session and Deacons of St Andrews Auckland, was employed to assist the Rev A.G. Panton.
Tamaki settlers proposed building a church for him and calling him, but Mr Panton took umbrage, and there arose the ‘Panton Controversy’.
For a couple of years after the departure of Panton, the church availed itself of the services of Mr Inglis. 
Editor of the “NZ Evangelist”, 1848-1850
In 1852 he went as Missionary to Aneityum,Vanuatu, where he laboured for many years. 
He translated the Bible into the language of Aneityum; he was Moderator of New Hebrides Missionary Synod in 1875.
Mr Inglis was not, as Missionary, under the jurisdiction of the New Zealand Church, but till his death he was ever ready with his advice and help for our Mission and Mission Committee.
Wrote two important books on Aneityum covering the period he laboured there.
Returned to Scotland in 1877.
He busied himself with proof-reading and publication of the Aneityamese Old Testament in two volumes.
The people of Aneityum themselves had raised £700 to pay to have these works published.
Attended and spoke at the first General Council of the World Presbyterian Alliance in Edinburgh in 1877 and represented New Hebrides Synod at Second Conference in Belfast 1883.
Awarded Honorary Doctorate by Glasgow University in 1883.
His wife died in 1885 : “Mrs Inglis possessed many excellent qualities which admirable fitted her for the duties of a Missionarie’s wife…. She excelled in training young women, many of whom afterwards became efficient servants and teachers’ wives in their own and other islands of the group.
The wives of new Missionaries found her a true friend and counsellor.

Dr Inglis was honoured by the New Hebrides Synod upon his death : “Synod, having heard of the death, in July last, of the Rev Dr. Inglis, one of the founders of the Mission, hereby places on record its high appreciation of the work that he by power of God was enabled to do in the way of evangelizing these islands. Forty years ago he landed on this island to join the late Dr Geddie…..Retiring to his native Scotland and editing the Old Testament and Pilgrim’s Progress, in Aneityamese, he spent the remainder of his life in quiet retirement while still aiding the work by voice, pen and prayer….
Died  Scotland 18 July 1891, aged 84 years.

INGLIS, Rev Robert                M.A.(Hons. Glasgow)
b 15.1.1858 Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland
w Jessie b 16.12.1867 m 18.1.1887 d 23.8.1952
Educated at Glasgow University (MA Hons.)
Licensed by the Paisley Presbytery of the Church of Scotland July 1882
He was chosen by the Church of Scotland to go to Australia for evangelistic work.
To Australia –
Evangelist for the Presb. Church of New South Wales 1882
Ordained by Wagga Wagga Presbytery 1883
Ordained Cootamundra 5.4.1883 to June 1885
Lismore 1886 to 1890
Kogarah 1890 to May 1894
Taralga 25.7.1894 to 1898
Shoalhaven 23.11.1898 to 4.6.1907
To New Zealand –
Inducted to Onslow (Khandallah Parish) WnP 1907
Knox Church Parnell Auckland AP 25.7.1913 (one record states 24.7.1913) - resigned 15.7.1917
During World War I he supplied for Ministers away on War service at Masterton and Carterton.
Seatoun Wellington WnP 29.7.1920 -  retired 12.2.1924
He was a Minister for 66 yrs of which 42 years were in parish ministries.  He was a member of the
Red Cross; the League of Nations Union; the Metropolitan Relief Organization, Clerk of Wellington
Presbytery. In retirement he lived in Kelburn Wellington.
Died 6.3.1949, aged 91

INGS, Rev James
b 13.4.1873
w Jessie E. Hercus  b 15.8.1876  m 8.4.1904  d 11.1960
From Baptist Church
Theological Hall 1898-1900
Licensed Dec 1900(?)
Ordained into the Baptist Church 1901
Received by the PCNZ General Assembly 26.11.1917 without the need to undertake
one year’s probation.
Onehunga AP (supply) 1917
Inducted Parnell Auckland AP 30.1.1918 - resigned 30.6.1922
Teviot COP 8.4.1924 
Te Aroha WkP  15.4.1927 - retired 30.4.1929 to Auckland.
His Father was a Baptist Minister, a Brother, Joseph was our pioneering Medical Missionary
to China, another Brother, Robert was a Minister in Melbourne, and a Sister had Missionary
experience in India.
Died 25.2.1954

INGS, Dr Joseph                M.B.,Ch.B.(Edin)
w Jessie M. Wilson the daughter of the late John Wilson of Aberdeen, b. 1875  m.20.7.1905 at St Stephen's
Church, Edinburgh,  d 15.3.1950
The fifth son of Rev William Ings, a Baptist Minister of St. Clair, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Our pioneer medical Missionary to Canton.  As a youth in St Clair Dunedin he took great interest in the
Chinese near his own home and while still a youth he opened a class in his Father's house to teach these men,
and at the same time began to study their language with considerable success.
From 1897 he gave valued help in the Chinese Church Dunedin for 3 years.
A tour with the Rev Alexander Don among Chinese Missions in California, British Columbia, Honolulu, Japan,
and then three months in Canton China intensified his desire to give his life to the betterment of the Chinese,
and immediately upon his return to Dunedin in May 1898 he commenced study in the Technical School.
After two very successful years there he passed the medical preliminary examination.
Left Dunedin for Edinburgh in March 1900, now quite fluent in Cantonese.
Studied medicine in Edinburgh, graduating MB ChB Edinburgh in July 1905.
Without foregoing his Baptist principles, he offered his services to the Presbyterian Church of NZ Canton Villages Mission.
Prior to sailing for New Zealand married Jessie Wilson in July 1905, a young Scotswoman with considerable experience
in hospital work.
After some time at St Clair in Dunedin and deputation work sailed for Canton, arriving 29.12.1905.
He was endowed with many gifts and graces, and a long and useful service was hoped for, but while inspecting a
Hospital near Canton, a fatal illness developed and he died after 6 months service.
Mrs Ings stayed on and did valuable service in 1907 as Nursing Superintendent of the Medical Missionary Association,
Canton; from 1.1.1908 she was put on the staff of the Association and lost to our Mission. Mrs Ings noted as working in
Canton Hospital in 1923.
His Father was a Baptist Minister, Brother of Rev James Ings. Another Brother, Robert Ings was a Minister in Melbourne,
and a Sister had Missionary experience in India.
Dr Ings died 16.8.1906 of a virulent attack of dysentry, after serving for only 6 months.
Buried at the Canton Christian Cemetery (just outside the East Gate of Canton City)

IRELAND, Rev George
b 31.1.1880; w Agnes b 31.3.1878 m 21.8.1914 d 3.7.1943
Came fr Scot to do HM work in NZ 1911.
HM Patea TkP 9.1911
Toko TkP 1912; recommenmded to Ass 1912 that he be recd as HM in full standing
(=Ord HM?); he presented Diploma from Glas Bible Inst, had high marks.
Patea TkP  1913
Inglewood TkP 1916
Bulls WgP 1920-7; granted full status by Ass 1927.
Ord Min Island Bay WnP  23.2.1928
Died 8.12.1932 Wn after an operation, in office

Came out in HM scheme under Dr Gibb.
HM Whangamomona TkP 1921, Ord HM 1921 res fr HM serv 1923, wthd & left NZ  

IRVINE, Rev Archibald (Archie) Grassam             M.A.
b 23.4.1886 at Kilsyth by Glasgow.
w Mary b 25.4.1889 m 24.10.1916  d 19.12.1982
Came to NZ from Glasgow in 1900 when aged 14; after education entered a promising business career with the
Union Steam Ship Company in Dunedin;
Keenly interested in the work of the Y.M.C.A. and the Sailor's Rest.
Heard the Call to Ministry and then studied for the degree of Master of Arts at Otago University also distinguishing
himself in Philosophy. Entered the Theological Hall where he proved himself to be an able and diligent student.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1914-16
Ordained Waiareka NOP 14.11.1916
Chaplain NZ Expeditionay Force,  war service from 28.3.1917 to 25.5.1919, served in United Kingdon and France.
Ashburton AsP 4.9.1924
Hawera TkP 7.3.1933 - retired 31.5.1950
Retired to Christchurch where he maintained his interest in Church affairs, becoming a member of St Paul's Session
and gave valuable assistance in filling vacant pulpits including St Stephen's Bryndwr.
Mr Irvine was very popular with young people and specialised in Bible class work.
"Mr Irvine became very much endeared to his people, not only to those under his special spiritual care, but also to
others in all walks of life. His spiritual influence was widely felt. Mr Irvine took his full share in all Church activities
not less in his Presbytery than in his parish. He will be remembered for his deeply evangelical preaching, which
was both scholarly and forceful..." (From Obit.)
Died 14.6.1952 suddenly at Christchurch, aged 66 years.
Interred at Bromley Cemetery, Christchurch, Block 12, Plot 133

IRVINE, Rev S.J. William
Recd as HM 1909
HM Hikutaia WkP 1909
Waitara TkP 1910
Hobsonville  1911
Eketahuna WpP 1915
Hunua 1917, Ord  HM 1917
Waikato East  1918
Takapau HBP 1922
Renwick NMP 1924
Pongaroa WpP 1928 res 1931 & wthd fr HM serv.

IRWIN, Rev Hugh                          B.A.
b. 2 January 1846 in County Monaghan, Ireland
Matriculated at Queens College, Belfast gaining a BA 
Theolgical Education College Belfast
Licensed by the Presbyterian Church of Ireland Presbytery of Bally Bay 1873
Ordained and inducted into Cross Roads Parish, Presbytery of Derry 30.6.1874
Came to New Zealand (late?) 1884
Assistant to Rev J.  Macky - Howick AP 1884
St Peters Ferry Road Christchurch (supply) Jan 1886, then Inducted 11.10.1886 – resigned July 1893    
Clerk of Christchurch Presbytery 1889 to 1893
Died 20.8.1893 following a long severe illness.

IRWIN, Rev James (Jim)              M.Litt.(Aberdeen)  PhD (Victoria)
b 2.7.1916 born at Tamar, Plymouth, England (during a German Zeppelin raid). 
w (1)  Alice Mary Nicholson b 16.3.1915 m 19.4.1941 d 16.12.1980 
w (2) Mary Jean Grant b 3.2.1922 m 28.11.1986 d 17.4.1999
Educated at Clydach, Wales. Came to New Zealand with his parents in 1922 and
continued his education at Auckland and Petone.
He was confirmed into the Catholic faith at age 11. Wishing to become a Priest,
he was discouraged by the local Priest due to the family’s poor circumstances
due to the economic depression.
Came to Wellington where he became an active member of the Baptist Church.
Attended the Auckland Bible Training Institute in 1939, being influenced by the
revolutionary ideas of Ronald Allen about indigeneous churches and he was
increasingly drawn to work among the Maori people.
Maori Mission Worker at Whakaki  1.1.1941
Ordained 1944
Nuhaka-Whakaki  1946 (Whakaki being added to his pastoral responsibilities in 1946)
Te Whaiti-Murupara  1948
Home Missionary North Taieri (while undertaking Hall studies) DnP 1952-54
Theological Hall 1952-54  (the first student admitted with no University experience)
St Andrews Wairoa (Maori parish)  16.3.1955
Auckland Maori Pastorate 1.2.1956
Whakatane 31.1.1962
Moderator of the Maori Synod 5.5.1962
Principal, Te Wananga a Rangi  (Maori Theological College), Whakatane 27.2.1964
Transferred to staff of Trinity Methodist College Auckland 1.2.1971, with Maori
Theological College students, joining with other Maori and Pacific Island students.
Appointed Lecturer Polynesian Studies, Theological Hall Dunedin, Act of Recognition 23.2.1972;
Appointed first Dean of Maori and Polynesian Studies, Hall Dunedin from 1.2.1975.   
Retired to Whakatane 31.1.1982
In 1988, at age 71, with encoragement from his wife, embarked on his PhD studies at
Victoria University and graduated with his PhD in May 1994.
Fluent in the Maori language.
“[Rev Jim Irwin] contributed a great deal to the Church…. Men like [Jim] Orwin are a
reminder that the living church need more than ‘normal’ procedures to accommodate
the richness of human personality’ (Prof I. Breward)
Father of Rev KG Irwin
Died 15.3.96 at home in Ohope.

IRWIN, Rev Kenneth (Ken) Gerard                 QSO., B.A.,  B.D.
born 21 April 1942, Wellington
wife Sheila Lindsay McKerchar married 19 December 1964
Auckland Grammar School; Otago University 1962
Theological Hall 1964-1966
Ordained Assistant, Chaplain Dunedin Hospitals, 11 December 1966
Internship, Clinical Pastoral Education, Dunedin Hospital, then Chaplain, Dunedin Hospitals, 28 August 1967
Assistant Director, Otago Presbyterian Social Service Association, Dunedin 18 November 1973
Director, Otago Presbyterian Social Service Association, Dunedin, 11 September 1975
Chief Executive, Presbyterian Support Services Northern, 11 February 1993
Awarded Companion Queens Service Order for Community Service, May 1994
Consultant Advisor, Organisation Design and Strategy, Wellington, 1998-2003
Minister within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery, 31 March 1998
Honorary Associate, St Andrews on the Terrace, Wellington, 12 December 1998
Mentor Moderator, Te Kakano O Te Aroha, Wellington, 30 June 2000
Manager Consulting Services, SBG New Zealand School of Business and Government, 2003-2009
Independent Advisor, Human Relations, 2009-2010
Interim Minister, Khandallah Presbyterian Church (Stated Supply, three-quarter time), Wellington Presbytery, 2010-2011
Other Recognised Minister, Wellington Presbytery, 2012
Independent Advisor part-time, 2013
Advocate for Te Ao Maori, fluent in Te Reo, and appreciative of tikanga Maori having spent his younger years in Nuhaka and Te Whaiti
died 2 September 2022 in Wellington aged 80
Son of Rev J Irwin.

IUPELI, Rev Senetenari  (Sene)             L.Th.
w Rosettastone  m 26.12.1975
Hall 1972-4  (private student 1972 only) 
Ord PIC St Davids Rotorua 27.2.1976
St Davids Petone WnP  Assoc PIC 4.12.1980
res  31.10.1990; res fr PCNZ 13.12.1990 

IVES, Rev Richard Dudley
b 11.8.1930 at Ilford, Essex, England
w Joan Mary (also an English immigrant) b 7.6.1930 m 5.11.1955
Spent a year studying at Southland Polytechnic before moving to Wellington, where he continued
his studies. After working for four seperate organisations, he joined Verrall and Associates, Architects
of Napier. Commenced attending St Andrew's Presbyterian Church following advice in the Ethics
Studies for his degree in Architecture where it was stated that "It is better for an Architect to be seen
regularly in a church, not just at Christmas and Easter". Became an Elder in 1966.
"He did wonderful work with the young people in Boy's Brigade and Bible Class, with his wife Joan also
active in a variety of church work. He was also a member of a hard working Church Building and Finance
Committee, planning a church building for the St Andrew's congregation who to date only had a hall for
its many activities. He was also able to design a communion table and font in this new building, later
designing the communion furniture at St David's. In 1968 he felt a call to the ministry."
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1969-71
Ord Lyttelton Union ChP 29.6.1972
Te Kauwhata SAP 14.12.1978 
Minister Emeritus  14.8.1987
Retired to Auckland for 5 years, then to Rotorua in 1992.
In retirement Interim Moderator at St David's Owhata for two years.
"Dudley's enthusiasm is well remembered. How he greeted everyone at the church door on a Sunday
morning, his hearty chuckle, his readiness to assist with working bees, church galas and projects around
the church. His skills as an Architect and builder were an asset."
Died 23rd November 2006

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