Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Willetts to Wilson

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WILLETTS,  Miss  Inez                                (Mrs Morgan)
Maori  Missionary  -  before going to Presbyterian Women's Training Institute, she spent some
time working at Maungapohatu in an unofficial capacity (Rep 1936).
PWTI Dunedin  1934-35  (her course was delayed by ill-health).
Maungapohatu  13.6.1936  to  1938 (&  further ?)

Maori Miss
Rangiahua  -  Govt teacher;  Rep: she did faithful work in the pah, as colleague
with Miss Harlow, 1919-24.

WILLIAMS, Rev Annie Kate nee Rea
from Crookston
husband Cecil Williams
Prayed to God that she would 'not to be a minister or a teacher' aged seven years old
Bachelor of Theology, University of Otago, 2010 — knew then that she would end up working as a minister, Camp Columba ministry co-ordinator for three and a half years
Graduation, First Church, Dunedin, 4 December 2019
Licensed, East Taieri Church, Southern Presbytery, 5 December 2019
Ordained minister (half-time stated supply six months), Mornington Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, Southern Presbytery, 23 February 2020
Parish Minister, Mornington Presbyterian Church, Southern Presbytery, 6 December 2020

Maori Miss  -  Kawerau
Waimana Miss School, Assist Teacher  27.5.1946
Tokaanu  temp  position  1947

WILLIAMS, Rev Catherine (Cate) nee Burton
husband Robert Williams 2016
Grew up in Katikati, Western Bay of Plenty, raised on kiwifruit orchard, middle child of three with an older sister and a younger brother, attended St Paul's Presbyterian Church
Felt call to ordained ministry at age 24
Bachelor of Ministries, Laidlaw College
After-school programme and children's pastor, St Paul's Presbyterian Church
Intern, St Paul's, Katikati, Kaimai Presbytery, 2012
Intern, St Peters Tauranga, Kaimai Presbytery, 2013
Children and Families Pastor, St Paul's, Katikati
Ordained Kaimai Presbytery
Assistant Minister, St Peters in the City, Tauranga, Kaimai Presybtery, 9 December 2013
Other recognised minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 30 September 2019
Inducted Parish Minister, Rotorua District Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 21 February 2021; 0.5 FTE 21 January 2024

WILLIAMS, Rev David Noel                             B.A., B.D., M.Ed., Dip.Th.
wife Dorothy Jean married 12 May 1979
Bible Training Institute (Henderson) 1975-1978
Youth Director, St Heliers 1979-1980
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1981-1983
Licensed St Heliers
Ordained  Assistant Minister, Pakuranga, Auckland Presbytery, 12 February 1984
Chaplain, St  Kentigern’s College, Auckland, 1 March 1987
Principal, St. Kernigen’s College, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, June 1997
Lodged Certificate, Auckland Presbytery, April 2002
Executive Headmaster, Kinross Wolaroi School, Orange, New South Wales, Australia
Assistant Principal Dilworth School, Auckland — Head of Pastoral Care August 2007
Removed from Ministerial Roll, 21 November 2011
Stated supply minister, St Andrews First Presbyterian Church, international congregation, Northern Presbytery, 1 June 2019
Minister, Auckland Central, St Andrew’s First Presbyterian Church, International Congregation, Northern Presbytery, 1 August 2020
Son of Rev NC Williams

WILLIAMS, Rev  Earle
Ang  Ch
Pukaki  Co-op  DnP  1.2.1994 

WILLIAMS, Rev Ellis Llewellyn                   B.A.
b  7.6.1886
w  Blodwen  b  15.9.1888  m  30.7.1913  d (?)
From  New  York, USA
Chalmers  Timaru  23.11.1933 -  resigned  8.1.1938 and returned to the USA.
Died (?)

WILLIAMS, Rev Evelyn May                              B.A.,L.Th.,Dip.Tchg.
h. Stuart Williams  m.1957
Brought up in Wanganui then after marriage lived in Johnsonville.
Taught in Fiji and at Taita Intermediate School (Hutt Valley) and Viard College (Porirua).
Studies for the Licentiate of Theology from St John’s College, Auckland and then
applied for entrance into the Presbyterian ministry. In this respect she was a real trail
blazer, as this was not the normal past; but special and developing forms of ministry
were gaining acceptance at this time, and when St Martin’s Presb. Church in Porirua
offered her the 3 year “Perry Memorial Ministry” in Christian Education, she was
licensed and ordained in 1979.
Ord  St  Martins  Porirua  East  WnP  12.2.1981 - resigned  31.1.1984 
Then listed as Min within bounds WnP
At St Martin’s, Evelyn task was Christian growth for adults and children amongst the
Churches of the Porirua agreement, and in her community ministry.
In 1989 Evelyn took over the work of Coordinator of the Cannon’s Creek Opportunity
‘Evelyn’s spiritual journey led her to break new ground theologically as well as in
ministry. Her services of worship, preaching and teaching had always made people
sit up and think; she was known for treading on toes and awakening minds and hearts.
In her search for the good and for the truth, she encountered the forces of evil and
destruction, yet she continued her search with courage and determination. She came
to know that the spirit of good in the universe (call it God) not only longs to live, but
does give whether or not people acknowledge such giving; and that God is able to
give fully to those who are open to his good. Evelyn’s own ministry of caring for,
enlightening, and empowering a wide range of people and groups became a testimony
of integrirty for ten years in that community setting; a legacy which will continue in
the work of the Centre and the lives of the many she touched. As one who worked
with her said ‘she created a place where people learn to stand tall in who they are,
where no-one does for them but where someone will stand beside them, whatever
their circumstances…And that it (this place) was a good place because it was God’s
place’ ”. (from Obit.) 
Died 12 Aug 1999, at home in Porirua only a few months after her retirement.

WILLIAMS,  Rev  Henry
b 23.3.1858;  w  Martha  b  11.5.1873  m  29.12.1897  d  15.8.1963
He was born near Bangor, Wales.  Until he left school he knew Welsh only.
As aspiring to become a teacher, he found it essential to know English, which he acquired in a short time.  
Studied at Aberystwyth University Wales.
He belonged to the Calvinistic Methodist Church in Wales, and while a teacher did some local preaching. 
Licensed by the primitive Methodist Church 1890
He left for NZ in 1890, and after some study entered the ministry of the Primitive Methodist Church.
Ordained 1894 (one record states Jan 1895)
He served in several congregations.  His old Church (Calvinistic Methodist) in Wales was Presbyterian in
creed and polity, and so in 1903 he applied to be received into the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.
In 1904 he was admitted as Minister in full standing, provided he did 1 year probation. He did the
probation at Glen Murray HM station, and was therefore in full standing from 30.6.1905.  
He had been Ord in 1894.
HM Glen Murray  1904  -  probation
Ind  Patearoa-Waipiata  COP  10.10.1905
Waiwera-Clydevale  ClP  15.2.1907 -  retired  30.6.1919 owing  to eye trouble.
'He was genial, kind, and sympathetic.'
Died  1.12.1927 at Dunedin.

WILLIAMS, Rev  Henry  Pritchard [Pritchard-Williams]                        B.A.(Wales)
b  4.9.1901
w  Mary  Anne  b  18.7.1900  m  25.2.1928 Predeceased him.
From Church of Scotland,  Ord  1927;  arr in  NZ  11.1950
Ind  Pt  Chevalier  AP  30.11.1950; also  Chapl  at  Avondale  Hosp.
St Andrew's Te  Kuiti  WkP  15.9.1954
During his Ministry it was one of the first Parishes to have a Stewardship Programme
Undertook Chaplaincy work at Auckland Mental Hospital to Aug 1954
PSSA  Hospital  Chaplain Auckland  3.12.1959 - retired  31.12.1968
Before coming to NZ he had been a Church of Scotland Misionary in India;
also a Chaplain in the British Army.
"In the leading of public worship, Mr Williams brought dignity and form to the service , and his scholarship and careful
preparation were minifest in his preaching and teaching. As a faithful Pastor, his help given to those in need and
sickness was well appreciated. Not given to much over-speaking in Presbytery meetings, Mr Williams was nevertheless
faithful in attendance and he participated in Presbytery Committee deliberations with an energetic mind.
Mrs Williams ably guided the work of the women's organisations in the parish and organised and commenced Sunday
Schools at Kopaki and Rangitoto. A Girls' Auxiliary was also inaugurated in St Sndrew's through her initiative.
President of the Auckland Welsh Society.
Died  15.10.1979, aged  78

HM  came from Tasmania  to  NZ  1913.
HM  Gisborne  Outfields  1913
Opotiki  Outfields  1916  res  fr  HM  serv  1917  to  serve  in  the  Army.

WILLIAMS, Rev  Kenneth 'Ken' Burton                               B.Ed., B.Min., Dip.Theol.
born Wanganui
wife: Jennifer 'Jenny' Susan Koch , Indiana, USA
Bachelor of Education, Massey University, 3 June 1994
Bachelor of Ministries, Pastoral Studies, Bible College of New Zealand, 16 April 1994, Diploma in Theology, Auckland, 8 May 1997
Licensed at St Ninian's Church Blenheim, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 10 April 2001
Ordained and inducted Associate Minister, Wairau Parish, Blenheim, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, at St Ninian's Blenheim, 26 April 2001
CAIRA Formation Programme in Pastoral Supervision, 2004
Senior Minister, Wairau Parish, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 8 February 2005 
Other Recognised Minister serving in Vanuatu, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 2010
Associate Minister, Calvin, Gore, February 2011

WILLIAMS, Mr Laurence Ernest (Laurie)
born 20 November 1929 Dunedin
wife Valma Williams married 13 September 1952 Organist at Musselburgh-Tainui
Baptist and Congregational background
Temperance and General (T&G) Insurance, Wellington, until returning to Dunedin, 1967
Senior Clerk, 1966, and Office Manager, 1975, Presbyterian Social Service Association, until 1980 — 13 years
Member, Musselburgh Presbyterian Church, 1967, Elder, 1968, Session Clerk, 1977
Clerk, Synod of Otago and Southland, July 1981 — retired 1992, first non-ordained Clerk of the Synod
Convener, Assembly Local Arrangements Committee, General Assembly, Dunedin, 2000
died 14 February 2019 at Ross Home, Dunedin

WILLIAMS, Rev Dr Martin
Baptist Church
Local Ordained Minister Probationer, Tokomairiro Co-operating Parish, Clutha Presbytery, 27 January 2008
Inducted and ordained Local Ordained Minister, Tokomairiro Church, 12 October 2008 — completed term 20 November 2011

WILLIAMS, Rev  Noel  Charles                      B.A.
b  26.10.1920 Grey Lynn  Auckland
w  Aldwyth Holmes  b  23.12.1918 m  4.12.1948
He served in Army in NZ during World War Two.
Theological Hall, Dunedin  1946-48
Licensed by Presbytery of Auckland 17.11.1948
Ord  Wakari, Dunedin  DnP  16.12.1948
Paterangi  WkP  5.6.1953
St  Johns  Whangarei  NP  20.11.1958
St  Pauls  Wanganui  WgP 2.9.1965
St  Heliers, Auckland  AP  17.6.1971 - soon after his arrival at St Heliers he had surgery for
a serious medical condition.
Father of Rev DN Williams
Died  4.9.1974 in very distressing circumstances, in office, at St  Heliers.

WILLIAMS, Mr  Peter        &  Mrs  Mary
Missionaries –to Solomon  Islands,   -  from  Wellington.
Mary a Teacher at Helena Goldie College, Munda;  Peter as Administrator at Tabaka Youth
Training Centre;  Solomon  Islands  1992-

WILLIAMS, Rev Robert (Rob)
born Rotorua moved to Tauranga at age of three; youngest in a Catholic family with four brothers and a sister; hockey rep; first aid instructor and restaurant duty manager
wife: Cate
Enrolled Bible College of New Zealand, 2003
Youth Worker, St Peters Tauranga for fourteen years
Graduated Knox Centre of Ministry and Leadership, 25 November 2020
Licentiate, St Paul's Cooperating Church Papamoa, Kaimai Presbytery, 13 December 2020
Stated Supply, Rotorua District Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 4 January 2021
Ordained and inducted Parish Minister, Rotorua District Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytgery, 21 February 2021; 0.5FTE 21 January 2024

WILLIAMS, Rev Sandra
born Levin, attended Shannon Primary, Fairfield School, Levin Intermediate, and Waiopehu College; trained as a teacher in Wellington
husband Glen, accountant
A parish priest in Tokoroa suggested training towards the priesthood in the Anglican Church
School chaplain
Porirua, 2009
Ohau congregation, St Mary's Anglican Church, Levin, 2014
Inducted Levin Uniting Church (Methodist-Presbyterian), 14 October 2018

b. Clyde, Central Otago 17.9.1873 
w. (?)  b. (?)  m. (?)  d. (?) She trained as a Nurse at Otaki.
Robert was brought up at Nevis, a coal and gold mining town where his Father owned a
gold dredge. With support from his Mother, he attended educational and music courses
which were organised in the district. He excelled in  music, dancing, and oil painting.
With no chance of attending any School or University, he achieved his educational
qualifications with the Dunedin School of Correspondence including private tuition for
some years.
To please his Father, who wished him to take a practical education, he also passed his 1st
and 2nd grade Stationery Engine Drivers certificates for operating a gold dredge.
Brought up by his Mother as a Christian, he then arranged a position as a Home Missionary
for the PCNZ, also marrying at this time.
HM  Ross  WsP  (1 year & 5 months) 1902 - resigned 1903
Toko  TkP (6 months)  1913 - resigned  1914
Tokomaru  Bay  GP  (3 years & 5 months) 1915
Ordained as a Home Missionary after taking part of the Home Mission Course 1915
Morere  HBP (2 years & 6 months) 1918
Rewa  WgP (3 years) 1921
Coromandel (3 years) WkP  1924
Shannon  MnP  1927-30
Died  8 Nov 1931 in office

WILLIAMSON,  Rev  William (Bill) Thompson
b  26.3.1918 England
w  Mary  McGregor  b  24.7.1923  m  6.11.1952
He came to NZ at an early age with his parents. Educated in Dunedin then worked in
an office until war service with the Royal New Zealand Air Force in the Pacific.
Worked in a law office before attending the University of Otago and entering the Hall.
Theological Hall  1950-52
Ordained  West Taieri  DnP  10.12.1952
Caversham Dunedin  DnP  26.5.1964 - retired  31.1.1984
In retirement served as relieving Minister at Alexandra, Lawrence, Sterling-Kaitangata
and interim Moderator for St Clair Parish Dunedin.
“His full-time ministry was served in the Dunedin Presbytery, of which he was twice
Moderator. He also served as Moderator of the Synod of Otago and Southland.
While stationed at West Taieri/Outram, he retained his link with the RNZAF by serving
as part-time Chaplain to the Air Force station at Taieri. He also joined the local Volunteer
Fire Brigade and Lodge Outram. Throughout his Ministry Bill continued his association
with Freemasonry and the RSA, being for many years Chaplain to the Montecillo Home
in Dunedin.
Essentially a very modest and self-effacing man, Bill was nevertheless a bold and fearless
preacher who frimly believed that the pulpit was for the proclamation of the Word of God.
His preparation was meticulous and this, coupled with his outstanding liturgical skill
resulted in the conduct of very satisfying church services. To him ministry was his
vocation which could not be confined to regular hours. Bill’s absolute integrity and
compassion endeared him to many, both within and beyond the church”  (From Obit) 
Died  6.2.1993  Mosgiel

WILLISCROFT,  Rev  Brian  Phillip                    QSO., B.A., Dip.Th.
w  Noeleen  m  16.1.1960
Theological Hall, Dunedin  1962-64
Licensed as Probationer by Presbytery of Auckland 10.12.1964
Ordained  Takapau-Norsewood  HBP  11.2.1965
Otorohanga  WkP  30.7.1970
Brockville-Half Way Bush  (W  Dn  Union)  12.2.1976
St  Andrews  Levin  MnP  30.1.1983
First  Church  Invercargill  SP  15.9.1991
Minister Emeritus  Nov 2000
Moderator of the Synod of Otago & Southland 2000
Convener of the Administration and Finance Policy Group of the Council of Assembly to 2004

WILLITTS, Rev  Marcus  Richardson                           BA.
b  15.8.1924;
w Joyce  Lilian Willitts b  21.4.1925  m  12.3.1949  d 15.5.2002 at Masterton 
Home Missionary  Normanby  TkP  25.7.1956
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1961-64  (He had to repeat 1st year - results still unsatisfactory.)
Rep 1963 - he was to be helped to find another occupation.
HM Lumsden-Kingston (Stated Supply)  SP  2½ years from late 1964
Parish work in Lumsden-Kingston and elsewhere during 1965-66 while undertaking
additional Theological studies under the oversight of Southland Presbytery as per
an Assembly resolution of 1963, to be re-accessed by Assembly in 1966.
Received by Assembly 1966 as Probationer for ministry.
Ordained  Lumsden-Kingston  SP  15.12.1966
Wairau  Blenheim  NMP  11.6.1968
Secretary Leprosy Mission Dunedin  20.11.1974  - retired 31.10.1980 due to ill-health.
Minister Emeritus Oct 1980
Died 8 July 2005 at Blenheim

WILLOUGHBY, Rev Alfred William
b  12.1.1910 at Palmerston North
w  Helen Muriel Dunn  b  29.10.1918  m  30.10.1943   d 1990
Educated at Grafton Primary School Auckland and Auckland Grammar School.
Worked in a Chemist’s shop then in Smith and Caughey’s Department Store until
he lost his job because of the Depression. Eventually finding work in insurance,
he became District Superintendent for Provident Life Insurance in Southland.
Felt the call to ministry.
Student Home Missionary at Otakia, South Taieri 22.2.1944 to 1.2.1946 while
studying for the ministry.
Theological Hall  1945-47
Ordained  Becks-Lauder (Omakau COP) 10.12.1947
Roseneath, Wellington  WnP  23.8.1951
Mayfield  AsP  23.5.1957
Christchurch North  ChP 12.4.1962
Bluff  SP  30.9.1965
Limestone Plains  SP  14.10.1969 - retired  31.1.1975
In retirement at Blenheim he helped in St Andrew’s Parish as a hospital visitor
and acted as unofficial Chaplain to Bursill Home.
Died 13 Sept 2001 at Blenheim.

WILLS,  Rev William
b 31.10.1874
w  Lucy  Ann  b  29.9.1874  m  24.4.1902  d  18.8.1956
HM  Little  River  ChP  1903,  Ord  HM  1904
Motukarara  ChP  1905
Hinds  AsP  1910
Cheviot  ChP  1911
Scargill  ChP  1912
Sefton  ChP  1918
Died 15.11.1918  in flu epidemic  of  1918-19.

WILLSMAN, Rev Peter Humphrey                     B.A., Q.S.M.
wife: Beryl Clarkson, born 4 April 1937 married 29 January 1967 died 2 June 2020 at home, Queenstown
Raised in Woking, England; travelled to New Zealand aged 14 to work in farming; diploma of agriculture, Putaruru, Waikato; farm work, Waikaia, Southland; Laidlaw College, Auckland; University of Otago, Dunedin
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1967-1969
Ordained, Mataura, Mataura Presbytery, 5 February 1970
East Taieri, Dunedin Presbytery, 8 September 1977
Advisor, Presbyterian Renewal Ministries; served on Boards of Scripture Union and Bible College of New Zealand
Moderator, General Assembly, 1996
Minister Emeritus, Queenstown, August 2001
Founding chairman, Wakatipu Wilding Pine Control Group
Queens Service Medal in New Years Honours for services to conservation and Queenstown-Wakatipu, 2016
Senior active minister to minister emeritus, 7 June 2021

Maori Mission  -  Nurse
Assistant Matron, Nuhaka Hospital April 1922

fr  PCI,  arr  NZ  1878  as  stud
Waipukurau  HBP  1879  -  ret  fr  Ch  work  1880

WILSON,  Rev.  Andrew Gordon
b. 1885 at Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.
w.(?)   b.(?)   m. 1910 at Canton   d.(?)
A Wesleyan from Victoria, Australia. He was a qualified Architect who left a lucrative
position in Australia to enter Missionary work. He held the position of General Manager
of the Medical Missionary Society’s Hospital in Canton from approx. 1908 until 1913
when the position ended. After furlough in Australia in 1913-14, he arrived back in Canton
on  31.8.1914,  and was then employed by our Mission (after being recommended by Rev
GH McNeur) as Architect and Building Supervisor to oversee the design, construction
and maintenance of our new Mission Hospital,  residences and School at Kong Chuen.
He proved of very great service to the Mission; his contract was extended twice and then
he was put on the permanent staff in 1919 as Treasurer and Building Supervisor. 
After 11 years he resigned on 31.12.1925 and returned to Australia with his wife and children.
He again assisted the South China Mission in 1938 by drawing up plans for a Nurse’s Home
at Kong Chuen.
Trained for the Presbyterian Ministry in Australia (Presumably at Ormond College, Melbourne)
Ordained Woomelang (Presb. Church of Victoria) 1934
Dartmoor 1937
Died 2 January 1965 at Coburg.
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WILSON,  Sr  Anna  L.
Deac  of  CS;  to  NZ  &  recd as  Deac  on  28.11.1924
Otira  Line  1924  res  1927 - she was compelled to res through ill-health .

WILSON,  Mr Arthur
b 1876
Arrived from Melbourne 1890’s. Worked at Bible & Tract Book Depot.
Sunday School Union Bookshop, Auckland, 1913
Manager presbyterian bookshop, Christchurch 1925 to 1937.
Died 1937

WILSON,  Rev Bryan Cleland                           BA
born  19 November 1927
w  Moreen Betty Gibbs  m  6 February 1954
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1953-1955
Licensed as Probationer by Presbytery of Auckland 22 November 1955
Ordained  Eketahuna-Pongaroa  WpP  13 December 1955
St  Columba  Tauranga  BPP  5 December 1960
Paraparaumu  WnP  26 September 1968
St  Andrews  Blenheim  NMP  16 December 1975
St  Johns Mt Roskill, Auckland AP  2 December 1982 - retired  31 January 1988
Minister Emeritus August 1988
died 24 September 2010

WILSON,  Rev Challis  Rudd                     B.A.
b  15.6.1918
w  Margaret (Peggy) Mary (Thornhill ?)  Dyson b  1.2.1919  m  30.1.1947
After losing his parents, he had only two years of Secondary education. His first job
was driving a six-horse team. Left with the 9th Reinforcements to serve in Italy with the
6th Field Ambulance during the Battle for Casino.
Returned to NZ and studied for his BA at Canterbury University before entering the Hall.
Theological Hall  1949-51
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin 1951
Ordained Lumsden  (Taringatura  SP)  19.12.1951 – This extended rural Parish included
Garston, Athol, Kingston, Five Rivers, Te Anau, Manapouri, and Milford Sound.
Waikari  ChP  6.12.1956
Orewa  NSP  23.5.1963
Blockhouse  Bay, Auckland  AP  31.8.1967 - retired  30.6.1983
In retirement served as Chaplain at the Whenuapai Air Force Base and at the Lady Allum
Home and Hospital.
“He was a caring Pastor, fine Preacher and undertook his ministry in a disciplined way.”
Died  28.7.1992 at Mt Maunganui

WILSON, Rev  David  Joseph                       B.A.
b  20.3.1928 Flag Swamp, North Otago
w  Florence Cecilia  b  28.2.1929  m  13.12.1958
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1954-56
Ggranted a scholarship to Austin Theological Seminary in Texas, to study Religious
Education and Pastoral Counselling.
Ordained St  Stephens Invercargill  SP 29.10.1959
St  Lukes Waiwhetu WnP  11.11.1965 - resigned  17.9.1967 due to his wife's health.
For the rest of his ministry David developed new and caring forms of community
Corstorphine-Concord  Union  DnP  7.7.1971 - resigned  31.12.1977
Chaplain to Unemployed Youth, First Church  Dunedin  DnP 22.7.1979 - retired  31.3.1984
As a Chaplain to the Unemployed youth he showed his ability to work
alongside the disadvantaged, arranging work schemes and offering support.
From 1984 to 1994 he went on to develop a unique ministry on St Martins Island in
Otago Harbour.  As Warden he brought together his farm skills,his love of people,
and his infinite patience with the broken in mind and body, also his love of nature
and a deep spirituality, expressed in his wood-carving  and his earthly liturgies. 
Shortly before his death he made a tour of religious communities in Europe, and
returned with a renewed vision of St Martins Island as a spiritual centre.
[From Memorial Minute]
Brother of Rev TC Wilson.
Died  20.2.1994

WILSON, Rev  Donald  (Don) Rutherford                     B.A., B.D.
w  Nancy  Rose   m  26.9.1959
Canterbury  University  1949-51 - then  taught Timaru  Boys  High  School 1952;
Went overseas and studied urban evangelism at Bossey, Switzerland, and at  Iona,
Ordained  Baptist  Church  Miramar  Wellington  1957
Baptist  Church  Balclutha
Chaplain  Canterbury  University  Christchurch  2.1961
Received  from  Baptist  Church  as Minister into PCNZ by 1968 Assembly.
St  Margarets  Christchurch  6.2.1969 -  resigned  15.3.1973
Warden  Carrington  Hall  Dunedin  4.1973 - resigned  19.5.1974
Principal, University  Hall  Christchurch l  12.1974  and withdrew.
Minister Emeritus  Jan 1996 Amberley
Died 23 May 2014 in Christchurch after being hit by a van

WILSON, Rev Dugald Eric John                               BArch., BD.
wife: Janet Ann Dunn, married: 19 January 1985
Theological Hall 1982-1984
Ordained Assistant Minister, St David's, Palmerston North, 17 February 1985
St Paul's, Ashburton, 7 February 1988
Avonhead / Upper Riccarton-St.Mark's Church, Christchurch Presbytery, April 2000
Other recognised ministry, Alpine Presbytery, 22 November 2015
Stated supply minister, St Martins Presbyterian Parish, Alpine Presbytery, 31 July 2016
Inducted Minister part-time 66 percent, St Martins Presbyterian Church, Christchurch, Alpine Presbytery, 13 August 2017
Son of Rev Ian Wilson, and nephew of Miss N. E. Wilson.

WILSON,  Sr  Flora  McDonald                             B.A., M.A.(Hons)
b  Petone 3.11.1905. Educated at Petone District High School, Wellington Girls’
College, Victoria & Canterbury Universities, and the Wellington Teachers’
Training College. Matriculated in 1922 and was Dux of Wellington Girls’ College.
She took her M.A. degree with 2nd Class Honours and her “B” Teachers’ Certificate,
becoming a Secondary School Teacher, her speciality being mathematics.
Took a shortened course at the PWTI.
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute (PWTI) Dunedin  1935-37
Accepted for Mission service in the Canton Villages Mission (CVM) as an
Evangelistic Worker qualified to teach 1936
Ordained Missionary for CVM 1937,  arrived  China  1.1.1938
Language study on Cheung Chau Island (with Sr Annie Lilburne) 1938
Later stationed at the Kong Cheun Mission Compound near Canton.
Interned in Internment Camp, Honam Island, Canton  25.2.1943
Arrived NZ 23.12.1945 after release from Internment Camp.  
Departed NZ for South China Mission 14.2.1947, arrived China 3.5.1947
Taught at the Tak  Kei  Girls’ Boarding School & Junior Middle School,  Kong
Chuen  1949 – took  place of  Miss  Yansen  who retired. After the removal of
English from the curriculum, she taught arithmetic and handwork. Extra curricular
activities included a few English classes, helping with the Sunday School,
morning prayers, and the “Spreading the Light” club. Lead one of the weekly
Bible Classes for nursing students and was on the rota for preaching at the
Hospital’s Sunday evening services.  She was one of the few foreigners to master
the abacus and used it to teach Primary School children.
Arrived Hong Kong 12.4.1951 after all Missionaries were required to leave Communist China.
Arrived back in NZ 27.4.1951
Obtained a temporary appointment to a Chinese School at Suva Fiji 1.9.1951 – returned to
NZ at end of 1951.
Returned to NZ to care for her elderly parents in 1952 and resigned from Missions service
effective 30.4.1953 – accepted with regret.
Congregational  Deaconess St Pauls Napier (part-time) 1952 - resigned 10.11.1960
Appointed to Hong  Kong for short term 15.8.1963
Teacher at the new Hoh Fuk Tong College, New Territories, Hong Kong 1964 - retired  1971
Arrived Auckland NZ 20.9.1971
Off Misssions staff 31.3.1972
Secretary of the National Busy Bee Committee late 1970’s and taught in the “Bible in Schools”
programme. After her return from Homg Kong she assisted with classes at the newly
established Hawkes Bay Polytechnic, using her expert knowledge of the Chinese language
and its dialects to assist young Chinese students. She also spent a considerable amount of
time helping new arrivals and their families from a number of Asian countries, to adjust to their
new environment.
In her eighties she found that because of some memory loss that she needed to go into care. 
Died  4.11.1988  Woburn  Home  Lower  Hutt.

WILSON,  Rev  Fred  H.
From the  USA,  United  Presbyterian Church in the USA;  has  served  in  Ministry in the USA,
and in the Mission field.
Received by the General Assembly into the Ministry of the Presb. Church of NZ 1966.
No further reference.

WILSON,  Rev  Ian  Bendall                     B.A.
b  9.7.1912; 
w  (1)  Elsie  Catherine  Cecil  b  26.9.1910  m  12.3.1942 d  2.6.1982  
w (2)  Elizabeth  b  -  m  11.6.1983
Theological Hall Dunedin  1938-40
Ordained  Hanmer  Springs  ChP  21.2.1941
Seacliff-Warrington  DnP  21.11.1946
Queenstown  COP  2.12.1948  (This was the only parish and period when he was not
involved in Hospital Chaplaincy work)
Hanmer Springs ChP  5.2.1953
Hospital Chaplain Christchurch  28.10.1954
Hospital Chaplain Dunedin  8.2.1961
Hospital Chaplain Christchurch  24.10.1968- retired 5.10.1974 due to ill-health.  
His work was mostly in  Hospitals, even before his appointment as a Hospital  Chaplain.
Father of Rev Dugald Wilson.
Died  28.6.1983  Wellington,  aged  70.

WILSON,  Sr  Iris  Rosalie  (Sr Iris)
b  21.6.1902  Petone
PWTI  Dn  1929-31
Ord  Deac  Youth  Worker  &  Youth  Sec  Chch  1832-40,
Ord  Deac  13.7.1935
Deac  St  Andrews  Palmerston  Nth  1941
Youth  Worker  part-time   5.1943
Acting  Youth  Sec  Chch  24.1.1945  to  12.1950
Assist  Supervisor  Otago  &  Southland  Branch, NZ  Council  for Chr 
Educ 1.1951
Cong  Deac  St  Pauls  Chch  8.1953
Died  28.9.1955  in  office

WILSON, Rev James
fr FC Scot,   arr 1875 as prob
Ord  Lincoln-Prebbleton  ChP  1.9.1875  res  12.10.1876

WILSON,  Rev  James              M.A.
b  15.8.1865 Fifeshire  Scot;
w  Jane  S.  b  14.2.1871  m  16.2.1903 d  31.3.1963
Educ  Edin  Univ,  St  Andrews  Univ,  UP  Divinity  Hall  Edin;  he
served at  Bellshill  Lanarkshire 1 yr;  Windmill  Hill, Northumberland
5  yrs;  came  to  NZ  end  1901;  recd  17.11.1902  as  prob.
Reefton  WsP  supply  1902,  6  mths.
Ord  Queenstown  COP  28.1.1903
Mayfield  AsP  22.12.1908
Turakina  WgP  10.2.1914
Waitati (Blueskin & Merton  DnP)  23.7.1925  ret  31.10.1930  -
ret  to  Lower Hutt.   Father  of  Rev  M.W. Wilson.
'He  was a man of strong convictions, but of a kindly disposition.  He excelled as
a pastor & was always a welcome visitor in the homes of his people.   A good
minister of Jesus Christ.'
Died  24.8.1936  Wn

WILSON,  Rev  James  Duncan  McLennan               E.D.
b  14.3.1882  at Dunedin, son of James Campbell Wilson & Annie Paterson Wilson;
w  Mabel  Cooke (Sister of Sr AM Cooke)  b  16.4.1878  m  14.3.1912  d  25.2.1969
At first he worked in Dunedin, then went to Otago University.
Theological Hall  1909-11
Ordained  Weston  NOP  11.1.1912
Chaplain NZEF,  war service 9.6.1916  to  27.2.1919 - in England, Greece, Middle East.
Chaplain at Trentham Military Camp NZ,  Apr 1919 to Aug 1919.
Waimate  SCP  28.8.1919
St Andrews New Plymouth 10.3.1926 - retired  31.5.1945
Nephew of Mr John Reid Wilson.
Died  24.11.1966, knocked down by a vehicle during the 1966 General Assembly.

WILSON,  Rev  James  Henry
b. 1.3.1897 (or 2.3.1897) Northern Ireland 
w  Mary  Martha (May)  b  13.11.1899  m  6.3.1944 d  6.1975
Undertook HM work for the Presbyterian Church of Ireland Belfast City
Mission for 3½ years; then to NZ.
Joined the PCNZ Home Missions service 1920 – resigned 20.11.1928
Served as HM in Canada :
Ordained as HM by the Presb. Church of Canada, Manitoba, Canada, 10.4.1932
HM Aria WkP 1932 (1 year)
Matangi (?) 1934 
Waikato East (3 years)
Palmerston North Outfields (3 years)
New Plymouth Suburbs (8 months)
Returned to Canada - Toronto and Vancouver; later he spent some years in Australia;
then returned to NZ Feb 1944.
Re-joined HM service 1.4.1944
HM  Ruawai  NP 1945
Ormond  Gisborne  1948
Coromandel-Whitianga  WkP 1950
Pio  Pio  WkP  2.1954;  raised to full Ministerial status by Assembly 1958
Hedgehope SP 1958
Reefton  WsP  13.4.1960 - retired  31.10.1963
He played the violin, and had a collection of old violins.
Died  4.11.1984  Trevellyn Hamilton, aged 87 years.

WILSON,  Rev  John                       BA., MA.
b. 1840 County Antrim, Ireland
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?) 
Educated at Quuen’s University Belfast and at Cork (BA 1865), and at the University
of Edinburgh (MA 1866).
To New Zealand –
Turakina  WgP  1869 - resigned 1871 after serviong for 18 months.
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church Of New South Wales 1872
Bombala 1873 to 1876
Kiama 1876 to June 1889 – left because of “moral failings not of a sexual nature”.
Joined the Church of England –
Deacon 16.6.1889
Priest 1.6.1890
Curate, Bathurst Cathedral 1889
Curate, Sunny Corner 1890
Gulgong-Millthorpe 1891 to 1892
Newtown 1892 to 1893
Assistant at Singleton
Curate, Helensburg 1896 to 1907
Pialba, Queensland 1908

WILSON,  Mr  John Henry
HM  Mangaweka  WgP  1902
Waimangaroa  WsP  1903  -  coal-mining  centres  in  Granity Westport  area.
Opunake  TkP   3.1904   res   11.1904.

Came fr  UK  to  NZ  in  HM  scheme  under  Dr  Gibb.
HM  Aria  WkP  1921
Waikato  East  1922
Palmerston  Nth  Outfields  1925  res  1929  &  wthd  fr  HM  staff;
left  NZ.

WILSON, Rev  John Lewis (Lewis)                                   M.A.,B.D.
born 8 April 1916 at Coalgate, South Canterbury
wife(1): Mary Marguerite Thomson, born 2 November 1913, married 4 December 1948, died 15 July 1984
wife(2): Morven Cree Brown, married 1989
Primary education at Glentunnel then secondary education at Christchurch West High School, travelling from home each day by train and bus.
Employed at the pottery works at Glentunnel at age 18 then, after six years, he went to study at the Auckland Bible Training Institute.
After a year, joined the Army in 1942, serving for three years in the South West Pacific area with the 22nd Field Ambulance, then a year in the Middle East.
Attended Canterbury University, 1946 to 1948, on a rehabilitation bursary.
Having been a member of the Presbyterian Church at Glentunnel then the Open Bretheren, he returned to the Presbyterian Church in 1946.
Spent three years as Travelling Secretary with the Crusader Movement, based in Dunedin, from 1948.
Theological Hall, 1952-1954
During his time at the Hall in Dunedin, he acted as a Student Assistant at Anderson’s Bay Church with responsibility for the Waverley and Tomahawk Areas.
Ordained Rangiora, Christchurch Presybytery, 16 December 1954
Papakura East, South Auckland Presbytery, 10 February 1959 - resigned 26 July 1964
Studied for a doctorate, London, ill health prevented him from completing it, two and half years
Mosgiel, Dunedin Presbytery, 16 March 1967
Herbert-Kakanui-Hampden, North Otago Presbytery (Otepopo, Light duty), 18 April 1978
Approached a couple of times by the Bible College of New Zealand to join the staff, it did not seem right to him at the time. He believed in the importance of parish ministry, where God is at work in people's lives. His prayer life, his scholarship inspired by by his love of Scripture, his respect for people, his pastoral care, his communication skills, his sense of humour, helped many people open their lives to the work of God's Spirit and grace.
Served on a number of the Church's national committees, played an important role, which he found difficult to accept in his modesty, at the time of the Geering controversy, when there was a threat of the Church dividing. His integrity and his stance helped people work through their differences and continue to serve God in one church.
Retired, 1 July 1981
Died 23 April 2001. Interred 27 April 2001 in the same plot as his wife at South Malvern Cemetery

WILSON, Rev John P.
Licensed by the Presbytery of Dunoon and Inverary c.1873
To New Zealand –
No record of holding a charge in New Zealand
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of Victoria 17.4.1877 – suspended for three months by
the Presbytery of Melbourne for intoxication 30.7.1877. Suspension lifted 2.4.1878 but
on account of defects and peculiarities of his character it was recommended to the
Home Mission Committee that he not be employed as a Minister of the Church,
reaffirmed 3.12.1878   

WILSON,  Mr John Reid
b. circa 1854, arrived in Dunedin circa 1878.
w. Alice Ann Donald  b. England  m. Dunedin 30 Dec 1881   d. (?)
A Carpenter by profession with a practical knowledge of house-building.
Mission Carpenter -  New  Hebrides  (Vanuatu)
Travelled to Nguna with the Rev Peter Milne in June 1892 to assist with the enlarging
of the Nguna Church and construction of other Presbyterian Mission buildings belonging
to the Station. Enjoyed good health until about February 1893 when he suffered sunstroke
on the 4th Feb from running 1½ miles across the Island carrying a hastily written note to
his wife in order to catch the steamer which had arrived unexpectedly early. His condition
was undiagnosed and a walk through long wet grass to the Church on Sunday 5th and
consequently sitting in damp clothes did not aid his recovery. His condition deteriorated
each day from initially feeling unwell to later suffering from fever and delirium until he died.
His condition had not been considered life-threatening until near the end.
Died 13 Feb 1893 of the effects of sunstroke, leaving a widow and family in Dunedin.
Buried in the Mission Station Cemetery on Nguna. Mrs Wilson sent over a headstone for
the grave. The Synod of Otago and Southland sanctioned a grant of £25 to Mrs Wilson
as an expression of their sympathy with her in the loss of her husband while in the service
of the Church in the New Hebrides.  .
Uncle of Rev JDMcL Wilson

Riwaka  NMP  stud  1902  res  1904  on  acct  health.

HM  Ohura  WkP  1916

WILSON, Rev  Jack  W.                  B.A.,B.D.
fr  Pres  Synod  of  Alaska,  Nth  West  USA,  Ord  1952
Opotiki-Waimana  SS  BPP  1990  (Maori  Pastorate)
He is a retired Min fr USA & is working on a voluntary basis with the Maori
Synod  for  2  yrs.

WILSON, Miss  Mabel
Maori  Miss  -  fr  Ashburton
Nuhaka, work with Maoris began here 1926
Waimana  1928
Opotiki  1929
Reporoa  1933
Taupo  1937  res  31.5.1945 ill-health & returned  to Ashburton.
'Aunty'  alike  to Maori & Pakeha,  she came as Assist to Sr  May in  1925.
'Our  musician, & takes charge of the musical part of our services.'  
Died  27.6.1966  Ashburton

WILSON, Rev  Malcolm  William  (Mac)            M.A.
born 5 October 1904, Queenstown
wife: Elinor Mary Richards (from England) born 22 April 1909, married 3 March 1934 (in England), died 30 December 1978
He entered the Public Service, worked there for 5 years; then went to Otago University, Master of Arts 1933, and Theological Hall.
Hall 1929-1930; Westminster College, Cambridge, England for final year of theology, 1930-1931
Ordained Huntly, Waikato Presbytery, 19 November 1931 - resigned 23 October 1933 to -
York, England, 1934-1938 - returned to New Zealand.
Chalmers, Timaru, South Canterbury Presbytery, 27 October 1938
Knox, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 13 September 1951
Kowai (Sefton), 20 December 1966 - retired 31 December 1968 due to ill-health.
Son of Rev James Wilson.
Prominent in ecumenical affairs, education, and public affairs. Interested in marriage guidence and the Heritage Movement.
Royal New Zealand Air Force Chaplain, 1942-1943
Convener, Presbyterian Board of Education, associated with St. Andrew's College, and chaplain 1951, and chairman, board of governors 1955, Rangi Ruru School.
Member, University of Canterbury Council, 1966-1969.
President, Canterbury Council of Civil Liberties
Moderator of General Assembly, 1962
His special interests - Christian Unity (through Church Union - president, National Council of Churches; Commissioner, Joint Commission on Church Union; deeply interested in Halls of Residence at Univercities
Early in 1968 a fire damaged the Sefton manse. The Wilsons moved to Leithfield beach to stay at parishioners' holiday bach. The new manse was built at Amberley. Mrs Wilson cut the ribbon to open the new manse while the Rev. Mac. Wilson watched from the car. He died a few days later.
Died 23 July 1969

WILSON,  Miss N.
Maori Miss
Nuhaka, teacher Native School 1925-8; assisted Miss.

WILSON, Miss Nancye Ellen                  M.A.
born 2 December 1917, Lyttleton
Educated at Lyttelton Primary School (6 years), Rangi-Ruru Girls’ School, Christchurch (6 years),
Christchurch Teachers’ Training College (2 years), and Canterbury University College (3 years
full time and 2 years part time) where she gained her M.A. degree in Philosophy, with her thesis
focusing on the plight of female employees in the clothing trade in Christchurch.
Taught for five years in Primary Schools in New Zealand.
Appointed as Missionary Teacher to the South China Mission 1 July 1947
Left for China, November 1947
Appointed to the Union Normal School at Canton - finished 9 months Cantonese language
in study 1948; Taught senior middle English from 1948.
“Miss Wilson makes personal contact with the students through individual teaching, through various
hospitality programmes and through her participation in activities of the nearby Church, which
include student prayer meetings and a young people’s fellowship”.
When Missionaries had to leave China, she was asked for by the Anglican Diocesan Girls High
School in Hong Kong, commenced May 1951 - finished August 1952
Then went to United Kingdom; returned to New Zealand, November 1952
Resigned from Mission service to return to the Diocesan School, Hong Kong, July 1953.
Accepted into the Anglican religious order of the Holy Paraclete, based at Whitby, England, 1960.
Teacher, and later principal, teachers training college, Mampong, Ghana, 1963.
Returned to England, 1975, hospital chaplain.
Retreat leader, St. Oswald's Centre, 1982.
Aunt to Rev. Dugald Wilson
Died March 2015, at St. Hilda's Priory, Whitby

From Scotland.
HM  Clive  HBP  1915

WILSON,  Rev  Peter
b  24.9.1857
From Scotland
Ordained  1895;  received  17.11.1902
Inducted Papanui  Christchurch  ChP  15.1.1903
Manaia  TkP  13.7.1906
Albury  SCP  4.8.1909
Mayfield  AsP  18.6.1914 - resigned 3.12.1916 and returned to Scotland.

WILSON, Sr.  Reita  Jessep            (See also entry for Rev RJ  Linklater)
b.  20.8.1927  m.  1959
Deaconess  College Dunedin 1953-55
Ordained  Deaconess  St  Davids  Palmerston  North  23.11.1955  - resigned  15.3.1959
to be married to Mr J. Linklater.
Died 9th April 2009

WILSON,  Rev  Robert                        M.A.,B.D.
b  3.9.1927;
w  (1)  Patricia  Ann   m  8.12.1951  div       
w (2)  Clare  m  27.10.1979  rem  3.9.1985
Theological Hall, Dunedin  1950-52
Ord  Waverley  Invercargill SP 2.2.1955 - resigned  20.4.1964
Corstorphine  Union  DnP  14.8.1968  for  5  mths
Associate Minister First Church Dunedin DnP 4.2.1971 - resigned  20.8.1976  -
To  USA  for experience, Immanuel Lutheran Hospital,  Omaha  USA
Died  14.8.1982

WILSON, Rev  Thomas  (Tom) Corbett                         MA., BA.
b  28.3.1922 at Palmerston, Otago
w  Joy Doreen Windsor b  14.6.1926  m  7.10.1950
Raised on a farm in the district, attending the Flag Swamp Presbyterian Church and the
local Primary School. Seconday education at Otago Boys High School in Dunedin.
At age 16 felt the call to Ministry.
Studied at the Bible Training Institute Henderson from 1945 to 1945 then undertook studies
for a degree at Otago University.
Both Tom & Joy accepted for Christian work in Japan.
Central Japan Pioneer Mission 1951-55
Undertook deputation work upon return to NZ.
The intial motivation to undertake studies at the Theological Hall was to better equip himself
for a return to the mission field in Japan.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1957  (special student)
Licensed at St Andrews Presbyterian Church Gore by the Presbytery of Mataura 17 Dec 1959
His first preaching took place at Shannon (Manawatu Presbytery) in 1960.
Between 1961 and 1963 completed his B.A. degree at Otago and Auckland Universities.
Kumeu (Stated Supply) AP 1963
Ordained  Kumeu (Massey-Kumeu Parish)  AP  6.2.1964
Tuakau  Union  SAP  15.4.1973  Res  31.1.1974
Knapdale-Waikaka  MtP  13.11.1975
St  Andrews  Helensville  (supply)  AP 11.7.1982,  Inducted  14.4.1983
Retired  31.3.1985 due to ill-health - Lodged  Certificate.
Undertook occasional preaching at Riverhead, Te Atatu and Waiheke Island.
Minister Emeritus  Jan 1993
Brother of Rev DJ Wilson.
"A good musician, he helped organise many church choirs and small orchestras and played five
instruments including the clarinet and saxophone. Tom was passionate about Japanese Character
and language study, spurred on by the time spent living there. He would spend hours refreshing
his knowledge and would always jump at the chance to communicate with Japanese tourists...
These years [in retirement] were also spent teaching English to new immigrants. He had a
passion to help those in need and a lifelong desire to serve others in whatever capacity he could.
Tom was characterised by his warm smile, powerful preaching, compassionate heart and
encouraging manner to those who needed it.
[from Memorial Minute]
Died 23rd Feb 2007

WILSON,  Mr  T. F.
HM  Clive  HBP  1916
Otorohonga  WkP  1917
Pongaroa  WpP  1918  -  Died in flu epidemic while at Palmerston North to
sit for his matriculation examination.
Died 1919 during the flu epidemic

WILSON, Rev  Warren  Geoffrey                          B.A.
w  Gaye   m  20.1.1962 
Theological Hall, Dunedin  1963-65
Licensed as Probationer by Presbytery of Auckland 22.12.1965
Ordained  Pokeno  SAP  10.2.1966
Knox  New  Plymouth  2.7.1970
St  Andrews-St  Davids  Wanganui  WgP 2.9.1976  res  31.12.1987  ill-health.
Warden  Glenfield  Bethel  Retreat  &  Study  Centre  Karaka, Papakura
SAP  1.2.1988  res  30.9.1991
Glendowie  AP  13.3.1992 - retired 30 Sept 1999
Minister Emeritus  BOP  Sept 1999
Moderator of Bay of Plenty Presbytery 2003

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