Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Tofilau to Tylee

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TOFILAU, Rev Tauinaola (Ola)                LTh., Knox.Dip.
Factory worker
wife Tiuteso'o (Tiute) Fa'asegi  married 22 October 1971, nurse
Theological Hall 1983-1985
Ordained Opotiki-Waimana Maori Pastorate, 26 January 1986
Gisborne Maori Pastorate, 8 February 1990 — resigned from Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, 9 October 1990
Wellington Maori Pastorate (Te Aka Puaho), June 1997
Newtown Pacific Islanders, Wellington Presbytery, January 2000 — retired 10 December 2017

TOFILAU, Rev Uaita                     B.Th.
w Beatrice Havana  m 19.5.1972
Hall 1981-3
Ord PD&M Consultant Ak 23.2.1984
Assoc PIC Edinburgh St Ak (to Samoan group) 14.5.1987
res 31.8.1990  res fr min 9.10.1991

TOGIATAMA-OTTO, Rev Penetekoso Vaione        L.Th., Dip. Min., Dip. Tchg., Dip. A.E.B.C.
born Niue; Session Clerk Mangere Pacific Island Church; Teacher's Certificate, Niue; Diploma, Bible College; licensed lay preacher; assistant charge hand-mill hand
Ordained Honorary Assistant, Pacific Islanders Church Otara, South Auckland Presbytery, 24 February 1994
Minister within the Bounds, South Auckland Presbytery, July 2002
Executive Officer, Pacific Presbytery — ended 31 March 2024
Pacific Islander’s Presbytery Church (PIPC) Parish Development Unit (Niuean), South Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, February 2003
Local Ordained Minister, Takanini Niue Pacific Islanders Church, Pacific Presbytery, 22 May 2019

TOI,  Sr Eileen Wong                 O.B.E.                    (Mrs Leung)
b. 2.2.1930  m. 1969
h. Kwong Leung m. 18.1.1969 in Auckland (a Theological Student training at
Chung Chi College with the Chinese Methodist Church in Hong Kong, later a
Methodist Minister in Hong Kong)
Deaconess College Dunedin 1963-65  -  Ordained Deaconess 1.2.1966
Chinese Church AP  1.2.1966 - appointed as Field Worker amongst the Chinese
in Auckland City and provincial areas for one year.
Ordained and Inducted Chinese Church Auckland 3.2.1966 - resigned 12.1967
Left for Hong Kong on extended leave 25.2.1968
Appointed to Kung Lee College, Hong Kong as a Teacher from 1968. She
received a contribution towards her wages from the NZ Overseas Missions
Committee until Dec 1970.
Off staff 31.8.1970
Removed from Roll 20 February 2007

TOLEAFOA, Mr Alexander
wife Ali'i Tasi Elaine nee Aoina married 20 December 1980
Hall 1982-1984
Ordained Assistant, St James, Auckland 19 November 1986
Associated St James Auckland 8 December 1986 — resigned 30 April 1992 (Minister within bounds)
Youth Co-ordinator Pacific Islanders Church, Southern North Island Region, 22 June 1995 — concluded 23 June 1998
Suspended from ordained ministry, Wellington Presbytery, 30 October 2001
Removed from Roll of Ministers July 2007

TOLEAFOA,  Rev Ali’itasi (Tasi) A.               BTh., Dip.Min.
h Rev Alexander Toleafoa  m 20.12.1980
Theological Hall  1989 to 1991
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 17.12.1992
Ordained 1995
Green Island Dunedin  DnP
Lodged Certificate Dec 2001
Minister within the Bounds  DnP  1 July 2002
First Church of Otago, Dunedin DnP
Minister within the Bounds DnP 30 Nov 2005
Minister within the Bounds SAP 6 Apr 2006
Other Recognised Minister SAP
Resigned from the PCANZ 28 Aug 2008

TOLEAFOA, Rev Wayne Saunoa Moegagogo         B.A., B.Theol., MTh.(Oxon)., Pgrad.DipTh.
born Mangakino, New Zealand
wife (1) Sina  married 26 July 1979 divorced 2005 primary school teacher
wife (2) Jenny Malcolm married 22 March 2008
Joined the Polynesian Panther Party at age 16; teacher, Maluafou High School Samoa 1979 and Mount Albert Grammar School Auckland Term One only 1980, and police officer 1980 to 1985, Auckland and Dunedin, during the 1981 Springbok Tour
Theological Hall, 1977 to 1978 and 1983 to 1984
Ordained Kurow, North Otago Presbytery, 8 September 1985
Army Chaplain, Trentham, Wellington Presbytery, 10 March 1988 and withdrew from Church employment.
Army Chaplain, Waiouru, 30 January 1991
Mt Albert, Auckland Presbytery, 19 March 1992 until 5 February 2001
Chaplain, Royal New Zealand Naval Base, Devonport, Auckland Presbytery, 6 February 2001 six months basic training while associate member North Shore Presbytery — inducted Chaplain Navel base North Shore Presbytery 23 August 2001 — resigned 18 February 2007
Reinstated on Roll, 20 December 2013
Ordained Deacon, Anglican Church 18 February 2007; ordained priest 29 April 2007
Anglican Church Defence Chaplain to Minister, Te Atatu Union, Northern Presbytery, 13 March 2014
Minister, St Columba’s Presbyterian Church, Havelock North, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 4 March 2019

TONGATULE, Rev Leomana Leonard                   BA., BTh.
from Niue; in Army; left Niue 1953
wife Marama  married 3 May 1958
Theological Hall (St Johns College, Auckland)  1977-1979
Ordained Pacific Islanders Church (PIC) Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 10 December 1981
Henderson Pacific Islanders Church, Auckland Presbytery, (Niuean)  10 December 1987
Minister Emeritus, January 2001
died 23 April 2018 in Auckland

TONSON, Rev Paul          & Mrs Gillian
Miss -   Rarongo Theol Coll, Rabaul, PNG, Lecturer in OT Studies 1991

b. 1916 at Hastings
Meth Ch  -  Ord 1951
Ngaio Union WnP  2.1971
Died 1976, interred at Wellington

St Pauls Ch Chch  1901-4
Died  -

TORRANCE, Rev Dr Alan James    M.A.(Hons Edin),B.D.(Aberd),Ph.D.
b Dundee; w Jane Margaret nee Bartholomew (B.Sc.) m28.8.1982
He studied Univ Edin & Aberdeen; research Cambridge, Erlangen-Nürnberg
Germany;  Ord 1984.
Prof of Systematic Theology, Hall Dn, Ind 19.3.1987  res 31.1.1993
Son of Prof Torrance, Edin  (Theol)

TORRANCE, Nurse Jessie
b 15.2.1874
Knox Church Nurse Dunedin 14.4.1919  to 1942  (retired 31.5.1943)
Made an Honorary Deaconess some time pre 1942 (date unknown)
Died 12.12.1949   

TORRY, Rev James
Ind Hawera TkP  17.11.1877
Died  19.7.1885

TOURANGI, Rev Maui                   LTh.
w Tereapii  m 26.7.1966
Theological Hall 1977-79
Ordained Pacific Islanders Church Auckland  10.12.1981
Assoc Otara PIC SAP 13.6.1985
Manukau PIC SAP  26.10.1988

TOUT, Rev Richard  (or Robert ?)
b Withypoole Eng;  educ Bristol Cong Coll; came to NZ 1874, & became min of
Cong Ch  Ferry Rd Chch 1874; He worked for Cong Ch in Eng 6 yrs & after came
to NZ; in Cong Ch Chch 6 yrs, then supplied & served in Pres Ch Sefton 3 yrs.
Sefton ChP  stud prch 1880
Rev 1880: he is a stud evangelist, has been entered as         theol stud, but not yet
appeared before ChP for examination.
Rep 1881… agreed to receive him as prob whenever ChP is satisfied with his
literary & theol attainments.
Ass 1882 agreed to receive him on the application of ChP.  He had not been ord
by Cong Ch at his own request, but he had passed in 1867-8 the required course
at Bristol Coll.  He was recd without further study or probation.
Ord Sefton ChP 10.9.1883  res 12.3.1895 to farm in the Nth Is.
Died  1931, aged 92

TOVERY, Rev John H.
Ang Ch
Amuri Co-op ChP 10.1990, term completed  3.1994

TOWNROW, Sr Alice Margery
b 18.6.1895
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute 1931-33
Congregational Deaconess South Dunedin  DnP 1.11.1933;
Ordained Deaconess 6.9.1934 – resigned 1.3.1942
Congregational Deaconess Balmoral, Auckland  AP 1.3.1942 to 9.12.1946
The Young Women’s Bible Class Movement contruibuted £100p.a. towards her salary.
Organising Secretary Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union 1947 - resigned 5.1951
Organising Secretary Otago & Southland Bible Society May 1951 - retired 28.2.1958
In retirement lived in Christchurch, being a member of St Stephens Bryndwr for 20 years.
Died 22.6.1983

TOWNSEND, Rev Arthur Ronald (Ron)               B.E.
born 10 October 1933 to Arthur Charles Edgar Townsend and Florence May (Eastlake) living in the railway village of Otira
The family moved to Christchurch; West Spreydon Primary and Christchurch Boys High School; Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical), University of Canterbury. wife Jessie Anne Margaret (Margaret) Jensen married 7 April 1958, Apiti, Manawatu
Theological Hall 1959-1961
Ordained at Te Karaka Church, Ormond Gisborne 10 July 1962
First Hamilton (Frankton) 16 July 1968
St Andrews, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty Presbytery 6 December 1973
Waverley Invercargill 3.2.1977 — retired 30 April 1991 due to ill-health.
Moderator, Gisborne Presbyery, 1966; convener, Nominating Committee; moderator, Southland Presbytery, and moderator, Synod of Otago and Southland
Interim minister in Southland, shifted to Feilding and took regular services in and around Rangitikei and Manawatu, especially Knox Feilding
A ready volunteer for the committees and commissions of Presbytery
'One of the mighty totara of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.'
died 16 February 2022 at home in Feilding aged 88

TRAILL, Mr Arthur  
Listed as far back as 1875, as 'our Missionary at the Neck, Stewart Is & the
teacher of the half-caste & native children there.'  He res after many yrs of
devoted service up to 1886, Mrs A. Traill was the daughter of Pastor Wohlers,
the Miss of the Bremen Socy who spent some 40 yrs among these Southern
Maoris.  Mrs Traill was herself revered & beloved by all the Island residents;
she & her husband were the Mother & Father of the Presby Ch on Stewart Is.

TRASK, Rev Ernest Edwin (Ernie)               B.A., B.D., Dip.Th.
wife Bethalie Ann nee Pedersen married 29 January 1966
Theological Hall 1963-1965
Ordained Owaka Clutha Presbytery, 3 March 1966
Shannon, Manawatu Presbytery, 21 September 1974
St Andrews, Rotorua Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 2 February 1984
St.Mark’s Presbyterian Church Tokoroa Waikato Presbytery
Minister Emeritus, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, January 2003 Minister Emeritus, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 9 March 2024

TREADWELL, Rev Archibald Hamilton              B.A.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1888-91; Health broke down and he missed 1889; back in 1890
but health broke down again.
Ordained Lyttelton ChP  16.6.1892 - resigned 12.4.1904
Clerk Christchurch Presbytery 1893-
Hawera TkP  1905
Son of Rev James Treadwell.
Died  25.8.1906 after much suffering

born 1835, Gloucestershire, England
w. Helen Anderson  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Educated at the University of Edinburgh, and at Divinity Faculty New College Edinburgh, attending 1854-1858.
No formal graduation recorded in University of Edinburgh records, which was not uncommon at that period.
To Australia –
Received by the Presbytery of Portland (Presbyterian Church of Victoria) 3 January 1861
Ordained Balmoral-Harrow, 6 June 1860 to 17 October 1864 – resigned
Returned to Scotland –
Stevenson (Free Church of Scotland)  1867 to 1876
To New Zealand –
Inducted St Pauls, Wanganui,  Wanganui Presbytery,  November 1876
Moderator of the (Northern) Presbyterian Church General Assembly, 1885
He took a leading part in the general work of the Church, especially in Missions in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu),
education, and in Church Union; he was a member of the district Education Board; member of Churches Board of
Father of Rev AH Treadwell.
Died  24 January 1897

TREBILCO, Rev Paul Raymond       B.Sc.(Hons),B.D.,Ph.D.
Lecturer in Bibilical Studied, Hall Dn  3.3.1988
Prof of N.T. Studies, Hall Dn 26.2.1991
Lecturer in Religious Studies Otago University

Meth Ch
Tokomairiro Co-op (Milton ClP) 28.11.1993

Miss  -  Volunteer
Navota Farm, Vanuatu - especially service during furlough of MacFarlands 1985.

TROTTER, Rev William
b 1865 Border Country Scot; educated at Glasgow University
w (?)  m (?)  d (?)
Licensed by Paisley Presbytery
Ordained Bannockburn (one record gives Presbytery as Stirling) United Free
Church Scotland 1897, served 10 years.
Came to NZ and received 12.11.1907.
Appointed Epsom Auckland AP, then HM station; soon raised to full charge, then
Inducted as Minister 29.1.1908
Greymouth WsP  18.6.1913
Mornington Dunedin DnP  2.3.1916 -  retired 2.3.1930
Served on many Committees of Synod of Otago & Southland & of the General Assembly;
Convenor PSSA Dunedin for several years.
'A counsellor for sound judgement in the Courts of the Church, and served on many
Committees of Presbytery, Synod of Otago and Southland, and Assembly.'
Died 9.8.1937

TROUGHTON, Rev Hessel William Forster
b 11.8.1907 at Thames;
w (1) Salah Alison b 17.8.1907 m 28.10.1933 d 7.11.1981 
w (2) Thyra  Elizabeth no info.
His Father was a dairy farmer at Thames, later the family moved to another farm in the Matamata area where Hessell
attended the local District High School. While there he won an Agricultural scholarship for two years tuition to the Ruakura
Agricultural Farm. Due to the illness then death of his father he did not complete the course.
At the Ngaruawahia Camp in 1928 Hessell felt the call to Missionary work, particularly to work in Japan.
Feeling the need for further training, attended the Bible Training Institute Auckland 1930, graduating with Honours.
Left for Japan In 1934, learning the language and teh customs of the Japanese and ministering to the local people.
Returned to New Zealand on furlough Dec 1939 after five and half years service. The last few years in Japan were years of
tension, war was evident and they were being continually followed by the military police. They did not return due to the war.
Worked on a dairy farm at Walton until the opportunity came up to supply as a Home Missionary at Tirau.   
Tirau-Putaruru WkP (supply) 1942-43;  Ord HM 12.10.1943.
Chaplain, Featherston Prisoner of War Camp (2½ years) – working among the Japanese Prisoners.
In 1943, during his second year at Tirau, he asked to become Chaplain to the Japanese prisoners of war at Featherston Camp.
One event stands out in this period, he walked unescorted, at his insistence, into the compound at Featherstone where a large
complement of dispirited, angry Japanese prisoners of war were confined. His ability to listen with real sympathy to grievances
stemming from cultural differences was a vital factor in defusing potentially dangerous situations. Through his ministry at the
camp some of the Japanese were converted to the Christian faith, notably one who later became the Principal of the Tokyo
Bible Seminary.
Greytown 1.4.1946
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1949-51  -  supplied Ravensbourne - St Leonard's while at the Hall
Ravensbourne - St Leonards DnP supply 1950
Ind Ravensbourne - St Leonards DnP 11.12.1951
Orewa NSP 14.12.1967 - retired 31.12.1972 in Orewa
Father of Dr WD Troughton
Died 8.11.1985, peacefully at home in Orewa.

TROUGHTON, Dr William David (David)         M.B., Ch.B., M.R.A.C.P. 
born Osaka, Japan
wife: Rosemary Ruth Burgess (Church Missionary Society candidate) married 22 August 1964
Educated at Wairarapa College, Otago Boy’s High School, University of Otago and Medical School.
Undertook medical research at Greenlane Hospital, South Auckland, 1965
Left for The United States of America 12 June 1966
Wisconson, USA – Research Fellow in Gastroenterology.
From 3 July 1967 in New Mexico.
Returned to New Zealand, 22 September 1968
Appointed as Medical Missionary to the Christian Medical College and Hospital at Ludhiana, India, October 1968
Set apart for Mission Service, Manurewa South 23 October 1968
Left Auckland by air 11 March 1969
Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, March 1969-
Returned to NZ 2 March 1974 and resigned 30 April 1974
Off Mission staff, 22 April 1974
Living in Christchurch, according to Presbytery Clerk's correspondence, 2001
Son of Rev. HWF Troughton

TRUMAN, Miss Edith Mary
b 5.1.1895
Maori Miss
Turakina Maori Girls Coll, teacher 1.3.1920 res 30.6.1923 owing to illness of
Mother; resumed teaching 1.1.1926.
Turakina Maori Girls Coll, Matron 1.2.1929 
ret 28.2.1950, after nearly 30 yrs service.
Died 8.3.1971

TSE (Sutjiadi), Rev Hing Kwong (Albert)  M.B. Ch.B., M.D.,M.Div.(Hong Kong)
b 25.11.1947 Makassar Indonesia;
w Stephanie nee Kurniawati  m 28.11.1981 remarried 18.12.1986
[Stephanie studied at the Aletheia Theological Institute at Lawang, Java (Dip.Theol.),
and at Talbot Theological Seminary, La Miranda, California, USA (M.A. in Christian
History). Assistant Pastor at Church of Christ, Kediri, East Java (1975-76), Internship
at Evangelical Free Church, Monterey Park, Califiornia, USA 1975-76, with American
Missionary Fellowship 1979-81, Christian Educationalist in Pontianak Indonesia] 
Albert’s Indonesian surname ‘Sutjiadi’.
The son of a Cantonese Christian pastor working in Indonesia.
Medical School, Hasanudin University, Ujung Pandang, Indonesia 1964-73,
graduated MB.Ch.B
Assistant Lecturer and lecturer at Medical School, Hasanudin University 1969-74
In 1975 he gave up medicine to study Theology in Hong Kong.     
China Graduate School of Theology, Hong Kong, 1975-79, graduated M.Div.
Private Medical Practice (presumably while studying) 1977-78
Ordained equivalent of Home Missionary at Hong Kong June 1979.
Senior Pastor, West Kalimantan Christian Church, Pontianak, Indonesia (working under
The Indonesian Council of Churches) 1979-82
At various times also acted as part-time Lecturer at several Bible Colleges in East Java
and West Kalimantan.
He applied to come to NZ in 1982, hearing of the need for Cantonese-speaking Minister
in Dunedin.
Ordained Minister of Chinese Church Dunedin  22.11.1983 (supply from 20.6.1983)
Died 8.1.1984 at Dunedin, suddenly and tragically.

TSOI, Rev San Kiu Sunday
Commissioned to part-time ministry to Chinese Students at Auckland University and Auckland University of Technology, 23 October 2003
Received as a Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, 30 August 2005
Ordained Chaplain to Central Ministry Board of City Region, Auckland Presbytery, 8 December 2005
Member, Auckland Presbytery, 11 December 2011
Removed from the Ministerial Roll, 20 September 2019

TUAI, Rev Pelu                 B.Th.
w Funaki  m 12.8.1969
Theological Hall 1977-81
Ordained Pacific Islanders Church Te Atatu  AP  19.12.1982  (Ranui)

TUAITI, Rev Kora            BTh.
born 2 June 1940, Vaipae, Aitutaki, Cook Islands
wife Upokoina (Poko) Joseph married 11 April 1966
Trained as a teacher, moved to Tokoroa, appointed Secretary to the General Manager, Kinleith Mills; member of St Luke's Pacific Islanders Presbyterian Church
Active in Boys Brigade movement in Cook Islands and New Zealand
Theological Hall, 1978-1981
Ordained Gisborne-Nuhaka-Wairoa Maori Pastorate, 7 February 1982
Associate minister, Westside Pacific Islanders Church, Hamilton, 14 January 1989
Westside, Hamilton, 18 August 1990
Hamilton Cook Islands Association, Te Rapakau Health, Te Punanga o te Reo Cook Islands Maori Language Nest, Uapou Fellowship, a consultant on Cook Island Church issues for Presbytery and national church bodies
Minister Emeritus, Waikato, 13 April 2006
Retired to Aitutaki until health issues brought them back to settle in Hamilton
died 9 April 2019 at home in Hamilton

TUCKER, Rev Frank
b 3.10.1869
w Elsie b 2.6.1872 m 6.7.1895 (?)
Received into PCNZ  2.11.1909
Inducted Taradale-Clive HBP  2.3.1910
Seacliff DnP  19.8.1915 to Jan 1918 (position terminated as parish status altered
to a full charge)
Waihi WkP  24.3.1919 - resigned 31.1.1923;
Resigned from ministry of the PCNZ 6.3.1923 and joined the Congregational Church.
Died ?

TUCKER, Mr Robert  (also listed as W.R. Tucker)
HM (evangelist in Rep 1887; term = HM now)
HM Brunswick Wanganui 1887
Fordell & Okoia WgP 1888
Wanganui County 1899-1901

Meth Ch
Joint Sec of Overseas Miss 1979

ex Ekalesia Niue
Partner in Mission, St Andrews, Suva, Fiji  20.2.1994

TULAGI, Rev L.            see                  Talagi, L.

TULEIA, Rev Uea E.N.S.                          BA., Dip.Min.
Elder and Assistant Session Clerk, Edinburgh Street Pacific Islanders Church
Ordained 1999
Pacific Islanders Church Otara, South Auckland Presbytery, May 1999
Clerk of the Pacific Islanders’ Synod from 2002
Moderator of the Pacific Islanders’ Synod, 2003

TUPE, Rev Awatea Dawn
Ordained 1994
Amorangi Ministry - Taumaranui Maori Pastorate (Te Aka Puaho) Oct 1994
Secretary/Clerk Te Aka Puaho 8 Apr 2005

TUPE, Rev Hieke Dick
b 11.4.1918.
Ordained Amorangi Ministry - Putauaki Maori Pastorate (Waiohau - self-supporting) Te Aka
Puaho 24.5.1981

TUPE, Rev Tom T.
Putauaki Maori Pastorate, Te Aka Puaho 2009

TURBOTT, Dr Harold Bertram                   M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H.
born 5 August 1899
wife Eveline Lilian born 26 January 1901 married 1 August 1923
He was Ordained as a Medical Missionary for Canton 28 August 1923.
He left with his wife for Canton on 7 September 1923; arrived 11 October 1923.
He became ill and was invalided home, leaving Hong Kong on 2 September 1925.
Medical advice was firm that he should not return to China. 
Resigned from Foreign Missions 31 December 1925.
On return to New Zealand he accepted position as Assistant to Professor of Bacteriology Dunedin.
Later he entered Health Department, and was Director-General of Health when he retired.
He was well known throughout NZ in later years as “The Radio Doctor”.
“The Mission lost one whose high qualifications professionally and fine spirit eminently fitted him for foreign service, and his ability in acquiring language and readiness with which he entered into friendly relations with the Chinese gave promise of valuable service.”
died 1988.

Maori Miss  -  Maori Synod Office Whakatane, bookkeeper- typist 24.5.1961
res 20.1.1962
Maori Synod Off Whakatane, Bookkeeper 27.8.1962`

TURNBULL, Miss Barbara
Nurse Tutor - Miss PNG for 2-3 yrs 1990
St Marys Hosp Kokopo PNG 1991

TURNBULL, Rev Desmond Harold
b 29.7.1921
w Gladys Eleanor b 7.10.1924  m 28.12.1946
Theological Hall (special course)  1958
Ordained Matawhero Gisborne  10.12.1959
Bulls WgP  6.8.1963
St James New Plymouth 22.5.1969 - retired 31.1.1987
died 5 September 2008

TURNBULL, Rev Graeme Douglas              B.Ed., B.Th., Dip.Min., Dip.Tchg.
wife Ruth Har Kheng  married 8 April 1989
Theological Hall, 1985-1987
Licensed St  James, New Plymouth, 9 February 1988
Overseas 1988.
Ordained at St James, New Plymouth, 18 June 1989 to work at Taranaki East Co-operative, 18 June 1989;
Inducted 4 April 1991
St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Fielding, Manawatu Presbytery, July 1996
Minister emeritus, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 30 September 2017.

HM Riwaka NMP  1905
Katikati BPP  1908
Morrinsville WkP  1911

TURNER ,Rev B.           & Mrs
Miss PNG 1973,  res 1977 after 4+ yrs in PNG

TURNER, Rev Brian
Methodist Church
Minister (Methodist Appointment) New Brighton Union, Christchurch Presbytery February 2004 - January 2008
Oxford District Union Christchurch Presbytery April 2009
Kaiapoi Coop 2011

TURNER, Rev. Dr. Harold Walter   M.A., B.D.(Melb), DD. (OtagoUni-Hon)., D.D. (Melb).
b 13.1.1911 Napier
w Maude Yeoman b 21.2.1910 m 1.2.1939 d. 1.7. 2010, aged 99 years.
Educated at Napier Boy’s High School and at Auckland Grammar School.
Baptised in his final year at High School. Commenced engineering studies at
Canterbury College. He was active in the Bible Class profoundly influenced
by the Rev Bower Black and the Rev Alan Watson at St Pauls in Christchurch.
Experienced the Napier Earthquake while home on vacation in 1931.
Commenced studying for an Arts Degree at University studies in preparation for
Ministry. Deeply involved in the Student Christian Movement.
Theological Hall 1936-38
Student Assistant at Knox Church Dunedin DnP  1937-38
“His not uncritical involvement in Moral Rearmament (MRA) helped shape his
commitment to the pursuit of truth and the rights of conscience which found
expression throughout his life. The opportunity in 1938 to attend an MRA
meeting in Switzerland was combined with a term’s study at New College,
Edinburgh under John Baillie”.
New College Edinburgh (one term) 1938
Ordained Assistant Minister Knox Church Dunedin DnP  1.2.1939
Ecumenical Chaplain Otago University and Teachers College Dunedin 1942-47.
Founded University Bookshop 1945.
Founder & first Warden of Stuart House, Arana Hall & Carrington Hall, Dunedin 1941-51
Minister Opoho Dunedin  DnP 1951-54.
Emigrated to United Kingdom 1954.
Goldsmith’s College London University (part-time) 1954-55 : taught Religious Education,
Arithmetic and Divinity.
Lecturer in Old Testament Studies, Fourah Bay College Sierra Leone 1955-62,
Jordan Travelling Fellow, Camparative Religion, University of London 1961-62,
Senior Lecturer in Religion, University of Eastern Nigeria 1963-66,
German Academic Exchange Fellow, Marburg University 1966.
Founding Lecturer in Religious Studies, University of Leicester UK 1966-70.
Professor of World Religions, Emory University, Candler School of Theology
in Atlanta Georgia, USA 1970-72.
Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, University of Aberdeen 1973-76.
B.B.C. consultant for Africa, “The Long Search” TV series, 1974-6..
Retired 1976. Honorary Research Fellow, University of Aberdeen 1976-81.
Honorary Research Fellow Birmingham University 1981-89.
Founding Director, Centre for New Religious Movements, Selly Oak College, Birmingham,
then Hon Research Fellow, 1981-89. Initiated and secured funding for Microfiche Project
of Centre, 1981-89, whereby its documentation, on sets of some 1250 microfiches, was
donated (with readers) to over 50 Theological Colleges in the Third World.
Visiting Fellow: University of Malawi 1978, Victoria University Wellington 1980, University
of Papua New Guinea 1981, University of South Africa 1984.
Many books and articles from ‘Halls of Residence’ (1953) to ‘Bibliography of New
Religious Movements in Primal Societies’ (6 vols.1977-92), Encyclopaedia Britannica
article 1974. Received Festschrift 'Interpreting New Religious Movements' from colleagues 1989.
Returned to NZ in May 1989. Waikato University -- introduced new course, one semester 1989.
Founded Deep Sight Trust for “deep mission to deep culture”1990; Published three books for
this: The Roots of Science (1998), Frames of Mind, and The Laughter of Providence
(semi-autobiographical) (2001). 
Shared with Emereritus Prof. John Morton, symposium in joint honour, with Festschrift, Auckland
University, 21.4.01, on ‘Science and Christianity’.
BD degree at Melbourne College of Divinity 1943, Doctor of Divinity 1963;
Otago University Dunedin Honorary DD 1976; Burns Lecturer Dunedin.
Brother of Rev. H.E. Turner below.
“A deep friendship with Lesslie Newbiggin grew out of a discovery of their shared
concerns and their parallel development of critical frameworks for the analysis of
religion and culture.
Harold Turner was a pioneer in the appreciation of African Indigenous Churches, a
scholar of international repute, a determined advocate of critical cultural analysis, and
an engaging mentor of students from around the world. His global documentation of
New Religious Movements laid the foundations for a new academic field of study.
Involvement in the study of religion was the product of Harold’s deep curiosity, his
desire to make sense of complex and diverse religious phenomena and an underlying
missiological concern. He recognised that most new religious movements were the
result of interaction of Christian missionaries with primal societies and believed that
it was the responsibility of Christians to understand them and thereby better
understand themselves.
Harold Turner never sought popularity but passionately promoted his concerns and
fiercely defended the truth in which he believed. He saw the pursuit of truth as an
expression of his Christian vocation as an academic, scholar, theologian, and minister
of the Gospel. This drivenness could sometimes provoke strong reactions by those
who disagreed with him and the resulting cost in personal relationships worried him.
Only if he could be persuaded theologically that he was wrong would he shift ground.
Some minorities never gained his sympathy or understanding yet he was a champion
of minorities others failed to understand. At his funeral a statement was read in
which Harold asked for forgiveness of those whom he had in any way offended.”
(from Obit.)
Died 5 May 2002 at Everil Orr Retirement Village, Auckland.

TURNER, Miss Hazel Ethel (Sr Hazel)
b Napier 12.12.1914
Educated at Napier Girl’s High School then a year in a Commercial College.
Entered a clerical career. Heavily involved with the Young Women’s Bible Class Movement.
Experienced the Hawkes Bay earthquake of 1931 and experienced first hand the family and
community trauma at the time.         
Deaconess College 1946-8 – paid for her own tuition and board for the last two years of her
Deaconess First Church Dunedin DnP - appointed 10.1.1949
Ordained Deaconess 14.9.1949
Deaconess  St Andrews Palmerston North 1954 - resigned 31.7.1958 to look after her Mother.
Editor of the ‘Harvest Field’ Feb 1960 to Dec 1963 – she made significant changes in format
and appeal. She did the editing, proof reading, and often wrote much of it herself.
Presbyterian Support Sevices Asssociation Assistant Secretary  HBP 1.8.1961
Deaconess St Andrew’s Waipukurau HBP 19.11.1970
Ordained Assistant Minister Waipukurau HBP 6.4.1975 - retired 21.1.1980
“Her first appointment was to First Church Dunedin where she served for six years.
Whilst [the parish paid for a telephone for her] little else was met by the parish except a
tram pass. Thus the Deaconess had to walk and mostly had to work on her own with little
or no professional support.
Ordained as a minister of the Word and Sacrament on 6 April 1975. Her preaching was
always thoughtful, her sermons well prepared and most acceptable.
She was a lady of culture, with many interests. Her home and garden were always in
immaculate condition consistent with her meticulous attention to detail in all other aspects
of her life.” (from Obit.)
Sister of Rev H.W. Turner above.
Died 20.1.97 at home in Havelock North.

TURNER, Mr Ian P.                   A.C.I.S.
b. Feilding
w. Nola Whyte  b.(?)  m.(?)
Educated at Dannevirke North Primary School and Dannevirke High School. Later studied 
Accountancy and sat his Institute of Secretaries examinations.
New Zealand Accountant for the British Phosphate Commission.
Served overseas in the Royal Navy.
Maori Mission
Apptd. Secretary and Clerk of the Maori Synod, Whakatane  Feb 1956 - resigned 11.8.1962

HM Oxford ChP 1907  -  Rep 1907: he is really Assist to Min of Cust, with
responsibility for Oxford area of parish.

TURTON, Rev John R.               BTh.
born: 6 July 1947
wife: Kim
A member of the Waipara Community in the late 1980s, joined St. Andrew's, Amberley, and decided to enter Presbyterian ministry
Theological Hall, 1990-1992
Licensed Amberley, 25 November 1992
Ordained Reporoa Co-operating, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 3 February 1993
St David’s Presbyterian Church, Owhata, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, November 2002
Hutt City Uniting, Wellington Presbytery, 5 October 2006
Minister Emeritus, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, 31 July 2013
died 31 December 2017, at his home following an illness

TURU, Rev Timote
wife: Mata (one source says Rouru)
Born and raised Cook Island Christian Church
Emigrated to New Zealand, nearly 10 years before entering ministry
Worked Ministry of Cultural Development
Licensed 17 November 2002
Licentiate, Dunedin Presbytery
Ordained St Andrew’s and Balmoral Parish, Balclutha, Clutha Presbytery, 14 September 2003
St Luke’s Tokoroa, Waikato Presbytery, 4 November 2005 — retired, 31 July 2017
died Thursday 31 March 2022 after a short illness

TURUWHENUA, Mr H.        & Mrs
Maori Miss  -  David Hogg Mem Hostel Whakatane,,
Master & Matron 1971.

TURUWHENUA, Rev Wharekotua
Amorangi Minister, Auckland Maori Pastorate, Te Aka Puaho 1 December 2013

TUSEGA, Rev Arona
wife Mativa Tusega
St Andrews Otahuhu, Northern Presbytery, 1 March 2012
Other recognised minister, Northern Presbytery, 22 May 2022
Minister Otara Pacific Islands Presbyterian Church, Pacific Presbytery 2 June 2022

TUWAIRUA,  Miss Rana
Maori Miss
Waimana  1947  res 31.1.1949

TUWAIRUA, Rev George (Hori)
Heretaunga Maori Pastorate - Amorangi (Te Aka Puaho)  13.11.1994
Died 3 July 2006 in office.

TUWAIRUA, Rev Tukua T. nee Tamati
husband: Rev. George Tuwairua
member of Heretaunga Maori Presbyterian Pastorate, trained as elder and Amorangi
Licensed Te Aka Puaho, 24 February 2007
Amorangi, Heretaunga Maori Pastorate, Hastings, Te Aka Puaho, 5 May 2007
Chaplain, Turakino Maori Girls’ College, 1 January 2011
Associate amorangi minister, Putauaki Maori Pastorate, Te Aka Puaho, 22 January 2017
Relocated to Tauranga; and Secretary of Te Aka Puaho
Te Aka Puaho, Leadership Sub Committee, Nominations Committee, and Council of Assembly (2018)
died 16 April 2021

TWEED, Miss Sarah Elizabeth
born 1878
Maori Missionary, Government teacher
from Lovells Flat, left to work under Sister Mary at the Presbyterian Orphanage at Andersons Bay 1912
joined Sister Annie Henry and Miss Abigail Monfries as first Assistant Teacher at the Ruatahuna School, October 1917
Te Whaiti School 1922 (listed in Mission staff)
Te Teko School 1934.
Left position at Te Teko in 1943 to care for her sick mother, who died in 1944
died 1959

TWEEDIE, Rev Albert (Bert)
b 10.5.1924
w Molly Boyd b 1.2.1925 m 19.5.1944
From Church of Scotland
Ordained by Presbytery of Kirkcaldy 1.9.1949
Ind St James Wanganui WgP 25.2.1952 - resigned 28.2.1955 - to Scotland
Lodged Certificate
Birkenhead NSP 27.3.1958
Knox Lower Hutt WnP  24.8.1967  ret 30.6.1984

TWEEDIE, Rev Thomas
b 3.12.1885; w Helen Alexander b 7.11.1883 m 26.10.1921 d 10.1.1939
Came fr Scot to NZ 1913
HM Runanga WsP 1913,  Ord HM 1914 
res 1916 to study at Univ. with a view to full min.  At Univ enlisted in NZEF;
War service 21.2.1917 to 9.2.1919. 
On return to NZ fr active service entered Hall.
Hall 1919-21
Ord Min Kelso MtP  15.12.1921
Popotunoa-Clinton ClP  28.10.1926
Lumsden SP 29.10.1936 - His services with the Holyford Camps were valuable,
& his reports refreshing.
Died  4.6.1939 His death certificate records him as Quigley AKA Tweedie which
appears nowhere else.

TWEEDIE, Rev Thomas J.
Fr USA  -  arr in NZ  8.1990 
Waimana-Opotiki Maori Pastorate 26.8.1990

TYLEE, Rev Frederick James
b 28.1.1877
w Aidrienne b 31.8.1871 m 29.3.1905 d 1946
Received by Assembly 1903 as 2nd year student in the first Home Missionary Course, and
given authority to dispense ordinances (Rep 1903).
HM Ormond Gisborne 1903
Stewart Is SP  4.1905
Waimumu MtP  1907
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1908-10
Ordained Owaka ClP  5.1.1911
Dipton SP  14.4.1914
Akaroa ChP  8.1.1925
Lyttelton ChP  26.4.1927
Howick, Auckland AP 19.12.1935 - retired 6.1.1946
Retired to Ellerslie; soon became ill; died in Hospital.
Died  3.5.1949  

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