Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Paea to Paulin

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PAEA, Rev Afele Roma                               L.Th.
b 23.1.1930 Hakupu, Niue Island
w Makelina Emma Paea  b 4.4.1934 Hapuku, Niue Island  m 4.8.1954  d 24.12.1987
Educated at Government Primary School Niue, CIS Theological Hall 1977,
Diploma Theological Hall 1977, Diploma Licentiate in Theology 1977.
A member of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand.
Trinity-St Johns Auckland, preliminary year for Hall 1974
Theological Hall 1975-77
Otara-East Tamaki SAP (supply) 1.1978
Ordained 13.5.1978 – resigned form Otara-East Tamaki 29.9.1981
To Niue under the Ekelasia Niue 1981
Associate of  South Auckland Presbytery Nov 1981 to Dec 1987
Left Auckland for Christian Education training in Fiji and Samoa, arrived Niue 24.11.1981
Director of Christian Education Education for Ekelasia Niue 1981
Afele is a Niuean who lived in NZ for 25 yrs before going back to serve the Church there.
Returned to Auckland Dec 1987 Makelina died soon after their return to Auckland.
Otara-East Tamaki, Church of the Good Shepherd  SAP  SS 20.6.1988
Kihikihi WkP 29.6.1989 - resigned from the Presb. Church of NZ 30.11.1990 and returned to Niue.

PAGE, Mrs              see                           Keen, Dorothy

PAGE, Rev Dr Ruth Inez Leslie            M.A.,B.D.,D.Phil.(Oxon)
Teacher, Tauranga Girls College
Hall 1969-1971, President of the Theological Hall Students Union, second woman to be invited to attend Annual Dinner at Knox College
Summer Supply, Waikaka Valley, Eastern Southland and Howick, Auckland
Licensed, St Enochs, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, November 1971
Doctor of Philosophy at Oxford University
Ordained Warden, Salmond Hall of Residence, Dunedin, 4 March 1976 — resigned 31 December 1979
to Scotland: Lecturer in Apologetics and Christian Doctrine, Faculty of Divinity, New College, Edinburgh University, 1 January 1980 to 2000
Author of The Web of Creation, 1996
Associate Dean, Faculty of Divinity, Edinburgh University, 1988
Principal, New College, 1996-1999 - first woman to serve as principal
Died 15 September 2015, her 80th birthday

PAKU, Mrs Ngatai O Wharekura
licensed at Te Aka Puaho Presybterian Synod on 9 April 2017

PAKU, Mr Okeroa Jack
licensed at Te Aka Puaho Presybterian Synod on 9 April 2017

PALA'AMO, Rev Fosi                     L.Th.
w Latai  m 19.9.1970
Hall -1971 (final yr)
Ord Southern Urewera (in Maori Synod) 26.4.1973
Taumarunui Maori Pastorate 2.7.1978 
res 23.11.1980 - to Samoa.

PALENAPA-SOA, Rev Loimata-O-Puapuaga Ta'afulisia (Loimata)                  BA(Hons)., MA., BD.
husband Fuamaila Soa Junior married 25 January 1997
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 1990 Canterbury University; Master of Arts 1993 Canterbury University; Bachelor of Divinity 1995 Otago University
Licensed St Paul's Trinity Pacific Church, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery 25 November 1995
Ordained Stated Supply Picton Union Parish, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery 11 June
Lodged Certficate, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery, 31 December 1996
Overseas — Windward Samoan Congregational Christian Church, Hawai'i Conference, United Church of Christ

PALMER, Rev Arthur Wesley                B.A., B.D., Th.G.
born 27 February 1933
wife Edna Margaret nee Shaw born 26 August 1932 married 14 January 1956 died 17 January 2024 aged 92 years old
Bible College of New Zealand Auckland; then Reformed College Geelong, Victoria, Australia — graduated 1965;
Ordained into Australian Presbytery of Reformed Church of Northern Ireland — pastorate in Victoria 1965-1969; then in Reformed Church, Mangere Auckland 1969-1979;
Applied to be received into Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, further information sought, 1980
Stated supply, Mangere East, Auckland Presbytery 1 February 1980; Inducted 3 May 1984
Minister Emeritus, 29 February 2000
died 23 September 2021 in his 89th year

HM Mangapai  NP 1908-9

PALMER, Rev Miss Elizabeth Beryl               R.N.Z.N.
b 9.3.1924 in Wellington
At Brooklyn Church, later named Calvin Church
State Registered Nurse from the Wellington School of Nursing, and State Registered Midwife
Deaconess Coll 1954-6
Ordained Deaconess PSSA Kilmarnock Home Wellington  4.3.1957
PSSA Duart Home Havelock North  1958-60
PSSA Ross Home Dunedin  1.8.1960 to 15.6.1965
PSSA Woburn Home Lower Hutt - Nurse  8.2.1966
PSSA Medical Social Worker Wellington 1970
Ordained Minister as Medical Social Worker with Presbyterian Support Services Wellington 13.4.1975 
Listed as an Organist for St Matthew's Cooperating Parish, Brooklyn Wellington WnP 1975
Member of the Outreach Committee at Brooklyn WnP 1977
Music Director at Brooklyn WnP 1986
Minister Emerita 16.10.1986
Honorary Joint Assistant Brooklyn Wellington WnP  1990
Moved to Irwell Rest Home in Island Bay and retired from the Brooklyn Ministry Team 2000
'Beryl could be blunt at times but was generous, cheerful and served others and her Lord.
She was courageous in her long working life and faced the challenges of change in the role
of women in the Church's ministry and in the PSSA.'
Died 2 Sept 2011 at Wellington.

PALMER, Rev Robin Ernest
From Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
wife Sheilagh Marjorie Drew
Bachelor of Theology, 1983, Master of Theology, 1987, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Bachelor of Arts, 1991, Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, 2001, Bachelor of Arts with Honours, Teaching English as a Second Language, 2006, University of South Africa, Post Graduate Certificate, 1995, University of Pretoria, Post-Graduate Certificate (Education) (Restorative Practices), 2018, University of Waikato
Probationer / Assistant, Stella Presbyterian 1987
Ordained Durban Presbytery, Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa 11 December 1987
Minister, Durban, Rustenberg Presbyterian 1988 to 1990, St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Witbank 1990 to 1997, and Port Shepstone 1998 to 2005, Thekwini Presbytery, Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa, January 1987-March 2006
Music Teacher and Religious Education and English Teacher
Received from the Uniting Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa
Commissioned as full-time Chaplain, Scots College, 7 April 2006
Received into Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and inducted as Chaplain, Scots College, Wellington, Wellington Presbytery 20 June 2006
Called to Browns Bay, 2010
Inducted minister, Browns Bay/Torbay Presbyterian, Northern Presbytery, 7 April 2011

PANGANIBAN, Rev  Eduardo B.
w Anita Gonzales  m 26 October 1957
fr United Ch of Christ, Philippines
Cambridge Union WkP  SS  8.2.1987; Ind 1.10.1987
res 10.12.1989 - to Canada. 

PANIORA, Rev Tengaru-Pokipoki-Ki te Ii Matetapu (Tengaru)
Cook Islander, born Arutanga, Aitutaki, Cook Islands
wife Anne, a qualified caregiver
Chaplaincy work for a youth group, Newton Pacific Island Church 2010 to 2014
Worked on Auckland Harbour Bridge doing bridge maintenance 1985 to 1990; process worker in Auckland and Sydney Australia; Mail Sorter, Airport security
Takamoa Bible College 2006 to 2007 Ministry Training; Bachelor of Theology 2014 Laidlaw College
Internship, First Church, Dunedin, 2015
Licentiate, Southern Presbytery, 1 December 2016
Ordained Minister, Dunedin North Pacific Islands Church, Southern Presbytery, 28 November 2017
Other recognised minister Southern Presbytery, 22 December 2022
inducted minister St Luke's Pacific Islanders Presbyterian Church, Tokoroa, Kaimai Presbytery 18 February 2024

Purakanui DnP  stud prch  1904-5
Hindon & Lee Stream DnP alternate Suns winter 1905, 1906
No further mention.

PANTON, Rev George Ann
He was sent out by the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland, and arrived
In Auckland 15.1.1849, stipend to be 150 pounds ($300) for the first two years, then 300
pounds ($600).  After some vexatious delays and financial troubles a Church was opened
on 7.4.1850.
St Andrews Auckland 1849 
The Colonial Committee paid passage for him and his family, 50 pounds ($100) for outfit,
And was responsible for another $300 for the first 2 years for stipend. The new Church,
St Andrews, cost 3,500 pounds ($7,000).
“Mr Paton was a spiritually minded man, possessed the affection of his people, and
seemed likely to have a career of increasing usefulness as a pioneer minister, but
disagreement crept in between him and his office bearers (the Panton controversy),
and he returned to Scotland in October 1850.

PAPAU,  Rev Maheu                   B.Theol., Dip.Grad., J.P.
born 25 May 1945 on Niutao, Tuvalu
wife Judith Anne Wills married 3 November 1973 at Eventide Home Chapel Dunedin, a registered nurse
Leulumoega Fou College, Samoa; motor mechanic in Samoa
Travelled to Dunedin, New Zealand to start a family, 1973
Welding Certificate, Otago Polytech 1974
Welder and boiler-maker in Dunedin, several attempts to be accepted for ministry training due to his English not being good enough
Later able to speak Tuvalu, Samoan, Tokelauan and English, and studied Rarotongan, Cook Island Maori and Maori languages
Served as an Elder, Lay Preacher, and Clerk of the Samoan congregation, First Church of Otago, Dunedin
Maori and South Pacific Arts Council; and Justice of the Peace 1984
Bachelor of Theology, Otago University, 1991
Diploma for Ministry, Theological Hall, Knox College, 1992
Licensed First Church, Dunedin 6 December 1992
Ordained and Inducted St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, South Canterbury Presbytery, 10 June 1993 — resigned 17 May 1998
Moved to Auckland to be closer to children — Minister within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery 1998
St Andrew's Union Parish, Wairoa, Gisborne Presbytery, 4 February 1999, travelling frequently to Auckland to set up the Niutao (Tuvalu) church community
Moderator, Pacific Islanders’ Synod, 2004
Minister within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery, 14 December 2005 transfered to Pacific Islands Synod, September 2013
Ekalesia Kelisiano Niutao Tuvalu Pacific Island Presbyterian Church, Pacific Presbytery, established in 2016 — retired 2017
died 20 December 2019 at home in Auckland, aged 74

Maori Mission - Wairoa HBP from (?) - resigned 30.11.1960  

PARFITT, Rev George
Recd 1907
HM Riwaka NMP  9.1908
Oxford West ChP  1910, Ord HM 1910
No further mention.

PARIS, Rev Nyalle Gordon
wife: Sophia
Assistant Teacher of Economics and History, Southland Boys High School Invercargill 1985 to 1996
Head of Department of Social Sciences, Aparima College Riverton 1997 to 1998
Assistant Principal (Head of Senior College) Mount Anglem College South Invercargill 1999 to 2004
Bachelor of Theology (Hons) from University of Otago
Intern, St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Invercargill, 2009-2010
Licensed by Southern Presbytery to National Ordained Minister, Southern Presbytery, 3 December 2010
Ordained minister, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, 15 December 2010
Inducted minister, First Church, Invercargill, incorporating Pacific Islanders Church Samoan, Southern Presbytery, 5 February 2016

PARK, Mr    & Mrs
Maori Miss - Turakina Maori Girls Coll 1923
Matron & Handyman, temporary successor to Preece

PARK, Rev Chung-Seung (Daniel)
born Kyungsangbukdo South Korea
Bachelor of Arts 1989, Master of Divinity 1996, Master of Arts 1998 Presbyterian College and Theological Seminary
ordained associate pastor, Seoulbuk Presbytery, Presbyterian Church of Korea 26 October 1999
Associate pastor Jeongreung Jeil Presbyterian Church, Pyeongyang Presbytery April 1999
Worldwide Mission Ministry Department, Presbyterian Church of Korea 1 January 2001 to 17 April 2006
Associate pastor, Dong Il Presbyterian Church, Seouldong Presbytery, 17 April 2007
United Korean Presbyterian Church, Christchurch New Zealand 21 April 2009
received 15 September 2011
Other Recognised Minister, Northern Presbytery March 2017

PARK, Rev Ji Woon (Daniel)
Hanouri Korean Presbyterian Church
Ordained 2018
Other recognised minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 9 December 2021
Resigned from Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand roll, 16 August 2022

PARK, Rev Jae Sun (John)
born Koh Heung, Korea
wife Hannah Park
at Kaikorai Presbyterian Church 2003 members 5 February 2004 to June 2008 and 2011
Granted New Zealand Citizenship 5 October 2005
Diploma of Biblical Studies 2006 Bible College of New Zealand; Bachelor of Theology 2008 Otago University
Ordained The World Mission General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, Korea, 3 December 2010
Minister (Asian), Mornington Parish, Southern Presbytery, August 2012 inducted 30 January 2014
Other recognised minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 25 May 2015
removed from roll, 1 December 2020

PARK, Rev James Alexander                     M.A.
b 25 November 1924 Balclutha, South Otago;
w (Sr) Jessie Merle Saunders b 24 February 1921  Geraldine  m 17 December 1949  d. Died  18 April 1991
(Refer separate entry for Sr Jessie Saunders)
Worked for State Fire Insurance Company, Wellington
He was RNZAF navigator in Pacific War 1943, Warrant Officer; convalescing in Rotorua from
war injuries he decided to enter the ministry;  studied Arts, then Hall; was dogged
by ill-health for 20 years in ministry; cancer 15 months before death.
Theological Hall 1949-1951
Licenced at Stirling
Ordained Rangitaiki (Edgecumbe Bay of Plenty Presbytery) 11 December 1951
Waipukurau Hawkes Bay Presbytery 31 January 1957
Andersons Bay Dunedin Presbytery 15 May 1963
St Davids Palmerston North 2 December 1965  resigned 31 March 1969
Churchill Fellowship award; studied housing in Melbourne;
returned to assist housing in Palmerston North, briefly with the Palmerston North City Corporation.
St Ninians Kareori Wellington Presbytery   9 December 1971
PSSA Chaplain Havelock North Hawkes Bay Presbytery  24 July 1980 - retired 9 March 1984
Died  18 April 1984

PARK, Mrs J.A.             see                   Saunders, Merle

PARK, Rev Ji Yong
wife Im Sum Park Do married10 8 February 1984
Korean Church in Christchurch, Stated Supply, 23 September 1994
Lodged Certificate January 2000, when he moved to Taupo to begin new studies and move in a different direction.

PARK, Miss Nance A.                                      (Mrs Jackson)
Missionary – Canton Villages Mission, South China
Canton, appointed as Nurse for 5 years, arrived China 6.11.1923
Rep 1925 - After a very serious illness (typhoid) was invalided home to NZ 4.2.1925
Ordained Deaconess Missionary at St Peters Grey Lynn by AP on 5.9.1929;
Returned to China on 10.10.1929; resigned for family reasons 6.1935 and accepted
position as Deaconess at Grey Lynn.
Deaconess St Peters Grey Lynn Auckland AP  1935
She frequently gave relieving service in the Missions Office in Auckland.

Richmond Grove Invercargill, on exchange 1981

PARKER, Rev Nancy nee Maslin
Baptised at St. Giles, Papanui, Christchurch
Husband: Ron Parker
Bachelor of Theology, University of Otago, by distance study; Presbyterian Support
Ordained 2002
Waiareka-Weston Parish (limited Local Ministry), North Otago Presbytery, 3 March 2002, for fifteen years licensed (National Ordained Minister) 11 November 2007
Retired 27 December 2015 aged 69
Active Retired and Minister Emerita, Southern Presbytery, 29 Feburary 2016

w Nancy Parker
Waiareka-Weston (Stated Supply), February 1993, for seven years

Maori Miss - helper at Matahi 1921

PARKES, Rev Jonathan David (Jon)
Wife: Vivienne Jean married 30 June 1990 volunteer St Johns Ambulance officer (EMT)
Farming in Blenheim, Marlborough with several hundred cows before ministry training.
Discipleship Training School, Youth With A Mission, Europe; youth work in Blenheim; theology degree at Bible College of New Zealand, 1997
Evangelical outlook
"To be fully human, we must have a good relationship with God, with other people and with the environment."
Licensed Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery 17 January 2002
Minister to Families, St Columba Otumoetai, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 31 January 2002
Teaching English and accountant for Talua Ministry Training Centre, Santo Island, Vanuatu, 2006-2007
St David's Presbyterian Church, Richmond, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 12 February 2009
Minister, Whakatu Presbyterian Parish, Alpine Presbytery, 8 February 2015 - a new Presbyterian Church for Nelson and Districts — resigned 30 June 2024

PARLANE, Rev James
b 13.2.1866 Milton
w Euphemia McGuigan, of Milton, b.(?)  m.1934 d.(?)
Educated at Tokoito School, Milton Grammar School, Dunedin Teachers College and Otago University.
Home Missionary Waikawa & Mokoreta MtP 1901
Ashburton Outfields AsP 1903
Eketahuna WpP  1905
Ross WsP 1906
Runanga WsP 1910
Dunsandel ChP 1911
Cheviot ChP 1912                                                                                         
Gisborne Outfields  HBP 1917
Norsewood HBP 1921
Clydevale ClP 1924, raised to full Ministerial status 1928
South Molyneux (Romohapa ClP) 1928
Ordained 28.12.1931
Retired 30.6.1932 and married in his retirement.
He began as a pupil teacher and after a few years decided to study for the Mininistry; he began his studies,
but a breakdown in health caused him to discontinue,  and he joined the Home Mission staff in November 1894.
Hhis early stations were Ratanui and Kurow, but the dates are not clear till 1901.
He was Editor of "The Outlook" Knots & Puzzles section; puzzles whose solutions were found in the Bible,
arranged in sections according to the age of children; he had the services of others to take other sections (age
groupings), but he did one section through his 30 years of editorship of the OKP page. He was well known
throughout the Church in this capacity.
Died 16.11.1938

PARR, Rev Dr  Al
from  USA
Otaki-Waikanae (Stated Supply) for 1 year from  8.1993        

Maori Mission
Assistant Pentland Avenue Hostel Auckland 25.5.1061 to 6.6.1961
Assistant Dominion Road Hostel Auckland 7.6.1961  to 15.12.1961
Assistant Matron David Hogg Memorial Maori Hostel Whakatane 1963

PARRY, Rev Nathan Richard                 B.A., B.Theol.
born Port Vila, Vanuatu.
wife Amber Frances Parry Strong, 2006 research dietitian
The son of Chris Parry and Judith Parry née Dick (Presbyterian Missionary – refer entry under Dick).
Baptised on Lamen Island, spent most of his early years in Papakura, South Auckland.
BA in Anthropology, Auckland University, 1993-1995;
Bachelor of Theology through Carey Baptist College, Auckland, and Mount Saint Mary's Seminary, Auckland, 1996-1998
Commenced training at School of Ministry, Dunedin, 2004
Ordained Island Bay, Wellington, Wellington Presbytery,  22 February 2006

PARSONS, Rev Charles Thomas
b 7.7.1917 at Atiamuri, near Rotorua.
w Joyce Ellen Bullin  b 25.11.1917 m 8.6.1938 d 14.7.1995
Brought up on a farm at Atiamuri. Attended school at Rotorua then worked on
the family farm for 2 to 3 years before serving a plastering apprenticeship,
eventually owning his own business. Involved in the Bible Class Movement,
acted as Sunday School Superintendent at St John’s Rotorua, and their youngest
ever Elder. Served in Norfolk Island and New Caledonia as an ack-ack gunner
during World War Two. After the war he sold his plastering business and for a
year owned a store at Maketu before deciding to enter Home Ministry.
HM Eketahuna-Pongaroa WpP 3.11.1949 –and completed extra-mural studies.
Ordained Home Missionary 1953
North Taieri DnP 1955 – while studying for ministry
Theological Hall 1957-59
Ordained Waitara TkP  3.3.1960
St Johns, Palmerston Nth 17.2.1966 - resigned 14.2.1971
Field Secretary for the Leprosy Mission, Hamilton  14.2.1971
Waimarino WgP 2.6.1976 - retired 7.7.1979
Helensville (Stated Supply) - in retirement
Taihape (Stated Supply) - in retirement
St Andrew’s Gisborne (Stated Supply) - in retirement
“A man of very strong convictions he would never compromise what he believed to
be true. He had a real passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ whom he served
wholeheartedly. His preaching was firmly based in the Scriptures and he had a real
desire to see young teenagers come to Christian commitment. To this end he taught
senior Bible Class in his parishes. Since his wife died in 1995 he could not sleep for
more than four or five hours so rose early to pray for up to three hours before
breakfast. He prayed daily for every minister in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa
New Zealand, for many Missionaries, for his extended family and his friends.   
Died 20 August 1998 at Balclutha after a short illness.

PARSONS, Rev Margaret
Anglican Church
Chaplain, Waikato Hospital, 2006-14 May 2007

Local Ministry Team, Maheno Otepopo, North Otago Presbytery, 2009-2013

PASCOE, Rev Mrs Joan Merrilees                  B.A.,B.D.
b 29.2.1922
h (1) Gustav Deimel  (A Czech refugee)  b - m 3.3.1950 d 27.4.1955 (suddenly)
h ( 2) William (Bill) Arthur, Pascoe b -  m 3.5.1958
Grew up in Dunedin and Brighton. Attended Otago Girls’ High School where she
gained a University Scholarship. Studied for a BA degree at Otago University
during the war years. Commenced Library training then worked in the Country
Library Service and the Invercargill Public Library. After marriage, moved to Stoke,
Nelson where she taught at Nelson Girls’ College and then was appointed as a
Child Welfare Officer in 1951. Moved to Pukekohe where she remarried. After the
1964 Assembly had decided to obtain women and  feeling drawn to the Ministry,
she undertook five years of extra-mural studied towards a BD degree. Despite
major surgery, moving home, spending 4 weekends a year at Knox, learning
Greek and Hebrew and being very involved in her local church she felt that it was
only God’s grace that enabled her to complete her studies.
Licensed at  St Aidans Hastings by Hawkes Bay Presbytery  HBP 12.1970
Ordained St Aidans Hastings (part-time supply) HBP 11.3.1971
Associate minister St Johns, Hastings (part-time) 15.7.1973 - retired 1.2.1981
Lodged Cert HBP 1978
“Joan is remembered and much loved for her period of stated supply at St Aidan’s,
Hastings where she assisted the parish to unite with St David’s. She was founding
Chaplain of the Hastings Chapter of St Luke’s – the ecumenical healing ministry –
and active in hospital chaplaincy. For several years Joan was half-time assistant
Minister at St John’s. They were exciting years in the midst of the renewal
movement and involved Life in the Spirit seminars. She held most positions in the
Hawke’s Bay Presbytery. It was in the field of personal individual growth that
appealed to her most; helping people to healing and wholeness in the widest
possible sense. When Spiritual Growth Ministries began to train Spiritual Directors
she was able to do their second pilot course and was accredited in 1991.
As the fourth woman to be ordained by the Presyterian. Church of Aotearoa New
Zealand and the first to train extra-murally, Joan paved the way for community
based training movements within our church. When Joan reflected on her life
she realised how pioneering she was, yet at no time during the process did she
consider it in that way. She simply responded to God, took each step in obedience
and expected to be able to do what God thought necessary and then got on with it.”
(from Obit.)  
Died c.1999-2000

A Maori preacher, a faithful labourer for many yrs among his Maori brethren;
assist to Mr Blake during 1869-72, & thereafter the only resident agent of our
Ch at Otago Heads.
Died  1877

Maori Mission
Principal,  Turakina Maori Girls Coll Marton 1980

PATE, Rev John Smith
b 5.4.1880 Motherwell, Scotland
w Marion b 15.6.1882 m 13.9.1906  d.(?)
He began as apprentice in the steel industry; in NZ he served in the NZR Addington
Workshops; he offered for Home Missionary service, accepted 1908. 
HM Waimumu MtP 1910
Tuapeka West ClP 1912
Brighton DnP 1916
Sumner ChP 1917
Theological Hall 1922 (prelim yr), 1923-25
Ordained Oreti SP 24.11.1925
Levin MnP  5.6.1930 - resigned 31.7.1933  - He was an enthusiast for the British-Israel theory.
St Davids Palmerston North12.12.1933 - resigned 10.4.1938
To Australia for health reasons; on return had a period of service in the Congregational Church
at Port Chalmers, 1938-45.
Lower Waitaki (Peebles NOP) 2.5.1945 - retired 30.4.1951
Died 29.11.1969   

PATERSON, Mr Edward B.
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Student HM Upper Aramoho WgP 1.3.1932 to 1.3.1934
Sawyers Bay, Dunedin
Resigned form the HM service 13.7.1934

PATERSON, Rev George
b 1863 Glasgow, Scotland
Studied at Glasgow University then to Free Church College; a severe accident
prevented his completing his studies, and for many years he worked in a business
career.   Later, after 11 years as Secretary of the Tract & Colporteur Society, he
resumed his theological studies.
Licensed by the Edinburgh Presbytery of the United Free Church May 1915
Ordained by the Annan Presbytery of the UF Church, Scotland 17.2.1916
United Free Church Highgate & Dalton, Dumfriesshire for 11 years.
Came to NZ in1921.
Ind St James Auckland AP  26.7.1921 [one record gives date as 28.7.1921]
Died 10.10.1923 in office, at Honolulu on sick leave from St James where he was
still Minister.

PATERSON, Very Rev James              M.A.
born 28.5.1830 at Kirkoswald, Ayrshire, Scotland.
wife (?) married (?) died July 1911 after a long illness.
Educated at Grammar School, Girvan and later at the Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and New College, Edinburgh.
Licensed in 1854.
Took to teaching and held the position of tutor to a number of families.
Ordained and Inducted into St Peter's Liverpool, 8 April 1857
Formed a new parish in Everton Valley where he established a large congregation.
The Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland recommended him to the Presbytery of Wellington as a suitable person to fill the vacancy at the Willis Street Church (Now St. John's).
Arrived Wellington 24 August 1868 to take up the call but stipulated that he would prefer a 3 months trial.
Call renewed and accepted after 3 months. Inducted by the General Assembly on 27 November 1868.
Minister of St John's for 36 years. 
Church enlarged in 1871 however by 1875 a new Church was built at a cost of $8,000 [£4,000]. Nine years later on 9 May 1884 it was burnt to the ground and a new Church and Hall were then built at a cost of $10,938 [£5,439)
New Church opened 6 December 1885
Retired 19 May 1903 and became Senior Minister — his final service on 26 July 1903
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (Northern) 1876 and again after Union in 1902.
Convenor of the Foreign Missions Committee, 1872-1884
Convenor of the Church Extension Committee for 25 years
Convenor of the Church Board of Property for 11 years
Member of the Wellington Education Board; Member of the Board of Wellington Boys and Girls Colleges and of Iona College; Member of the University Senate.
Governor of Wellington Boy's College 1877 to 1903.
In retirement Senior Convenor of the Church Extension Committee and worked in areas of the Hawkes Bay Presbytery, Ormond and elsewhere. He did much travelling and hoped to visit all Presbyteries; has written accounts of Church Extension for "The Outlook". 
Clerk of Wellington Presbytery for 11 years; Church Property Trustee for 40 years.
'He made the congregation a power in the community.'
Paterson Street in Wellington named after him in 1917.
Died 21 July 1926 aged 95 years.

PATERSON, Rev James Crawford                     M.A.
b 16.9.1870 Largs Scot; w Margaret b 2.10.1875 m 14.9.1911 d 22.2.1962
He studied at Glas Univ; Assist to several Mins in Scot, then to NZ as prob.
Ord Flemington ChP  8.9.1902
Maheno & Incholme NOP 22.2.1907
Albury SCP  24.9.1914
Lincoln ChP 29.3.1917
Owaka ClP  12.6.1924  res 30.6.1925 ill-health, long illness of 9 yrs. 
Ret 6.4.1926
He rendered excellent service as Conv of Ass Sun Sch Exam Com.
'Of a quiet & somewhat reserved nature, he was  a man of gracious personality,
true piety, exact scholarship & genuine Christian character.'
Died  16.7.1933 Oamaru

PATERSON, Rev John Fraser (Fraser)                 B.A., B.D., M.Th.
born 15 August 1945 in Scotland
wife: Janet Elizabeth  married 14 December 1974
wife: Cathy Drummond
Ordained 14 January 1975 — serving in churches in South Africa and Zimbabwe
Scholarship to the Theological Hall, Knox College, 1988
Inducted Maori Hill, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 26 January 1989
Parish Mission Assistant, Caversham, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, September 2000
Khandallah Presbyterian Church, Wellington, Wellington Presbytery, October 2002
Minister Emeritus, Wellington Presbytery, 30 January 2009
Interim Minister (Methodist appointment), Kapiti Uniting Parish, Wellington Presbytery until 30 January 2011
Member, Wellington North Rotary Club and the International Fellowship of Cricket Loving Rotarians
Gisborne Presbyterian Church, Gisborne Hawke's Bay Presbytery, 2013
died Thursday, 28th March 2019, in his 74th Year

PATERSON, Rev James Gillie
b. 1841 Forfarshire, Scotland
w. (?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d. 1928
Attended Averdeen University then the Free Church Divinity Hall.
Licensed in 1873
Arrived in New Zealand 1874
Ind & Ord Waihola  18.3.1875
St Pauls Invercargill  15.11.1876
St Pauls Napier 6.1.1884
Gisborne  12.6.1898  (retired 1905 ?)
Died 10.8.1906 – a possibility that he may have died in office.

PATERSON, Rev John                  M.A.(Syd)
born 1885 Kempsey New South Wales; he had a brilliant scholastic record at Sydney Boys High School, and Sydney University. He did theological study at St Andrews College, Sydney, and then called to Broken Hill, 3 years; from there to Chalmers Church, Sydney, and from Chalmers he was called to Christchurch, New Zealand.
Inducted St Pauls, Christchurch, 9 July 1914
St Pauls, Wanganui, 26 June 1924
Stratford, Taranaki Presbytery, 14 August 1936 - ill-health, moved to have a lighter load.
'Apart from many public interests, he was an able Church leader, with balanced judgement, and sound administrative qualities. .. Of earnest evangelical fervour, with fine pulpit and platform gifts, he was also a faithful pastor, a loyal presbyter, and a good friend.'
Son of the Rev John Paterson 1833-1912, minister of Kim Church, Duncan, Scotland (1859-1862), and St Stephens Ipswich, Queensland, Australia (1869); Brother of the Rev Theodore Paterson & Uncle of the Rev RM Paterson.
Died 29 September 1939 Wanganui, after trying illness.

PWTI  -  1930
PSSA Chch, Sub-Matron Boys Home Papanui 1931

PATERSON, Dr R.J.E.                    M.B., Ch.B.(Edin)
b 7.9.1877
w Catherine  b 26.6.1878  m 3.7.1912
Medical Missionary - appointed and Ordained for Missionary servive in South China 1912.
Arrived Canton 10.1912
Canton Hospital Doctor from 10.1912
Military Service in Samoa 1918-19; returned to Canton after furlough on 14.10.1919.
Resigned for personal reasons, and left Canton for Scotland 22.9.1920,

PATERSON, Rev Robert Mackintosh            M.A., B.D., Th.M. (Princeton)
born 7 February 1934, Darfield, Canterbury
Member of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand since 1950
Educated at St Andrew’s College, Christchurch (1947-1951)
Canterbury University (2nd class honours in Latin) Master of Arts 1956
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1956-1958     Begg Scholar 1958
Stated Supply North Invercargill (Southland Presbytery) December 1958 – July 1959
Otago University Bachelor of Divinity 1959
Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey, USA (1959-1960), Master of Theology degree 1960
Ordained Pukerau, Mataura Presbytery, 22 March 1961 — resigned 31 January 1965
Lecturer, Biblical Studies, Theological Hall, Dunedin 18 February 1965 — resigned 31 January 1972
Overseas 1972-1973
Cromwell-Arrowtown, Central Otago Presbytery, Stated Supply, 22 March 1974 to 30 April 1975
Appointment to Overseas Missions Staff 19 May 1975 — retired 1 December 1999
Theological College of Eastern Indonesia (STT Intim); doing language study Auckland and Wellington while waiting for visa 1975.
Left for Indonesia, 8 February 1976 — concluded in Indonesia 15 Septembert 1999
Lecturer in Old Testament at STT Intim, Ujung Pandang (Makassar), Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia, from February 1976.
To USA for study at Princeton, June 1980. Returned to Indonesia October 1980
Books published in Indonesian language : Commentaries on Jeremiah, Malachi, Zephaniah, Leviticus & Daniel (with Dr. SM Siahaan), Leviticus, Lamentations, Exodus, 1 and 2 Samuel, “Firman Hidup” (Living Word) 49 and 58 (a collection of sermons), The Bible as the basis for the sermon, 2010, accepted as an Indonesian government publication.
Chapters in books: The essence of the relationship between the prophet and God in A shaft of light on the eastern horizon, STT Intim Makassar, 2000; Ebenezer in Ebenezer, celebration of 60 years of the Toraja Mamasa Church, 2007; The leadership of Jeremiah, in The Invisible Hand, life and service of the Rev Soleman Batti, Gunung Sapai Yogyakarta, 2015
Books published in English language: A history of the Pukerau Presbyteran Church, 1962; Kowhai and Orchard, Life of two Islands, 2009 self published autobiography
Son of the Rev Theodore Paterson & Nephew of the Rev John Paterson.
Repatriated to New Zealand 25 September 1999
Minister Emeritus, Dunedin Presbytery, 1 December 1999

PATERSON, Rev Susan A. (Sue)               L.Th.
Meth Church
Ngaio Union, Wellington Presbytery  1 February 1992 — Appointment completed 31 May 1995/p>

PATERSON, Rev Theodore (Theo)    M.A.,B.D.(Melb),Th.D.(Calif)
b 24 December 1899 Sydney;
wife K. Marjorie Judd born 23 March 1900 married 16 April 1929 died 21 June 1987
He came to New Zealand along with other members of his family when his brother (Rev John Paterson) was called to St Paul’s Christchurch in 1914; he was educated at Christchurch Boys’ High School and Canterbury University MA (1st  Class Honours in Philosophy);
Theological Hall 1922-1924
Ordained Halkett, Christchurch Presbytery, 5 November 1924
He prepared himself by study for ThD from Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California; after taking a full session there, he was one of seven who gained the degree that year, 1937-38.
He returned to Halkett Parish.
Inducted to -
St  Pauls Oamaru, 29 June 1939
'He made a great appeal to youth. ... He is remembered for his kindness and thoughtfulness, his earnestness and insight, his transparent character and cheerful humour.'
It was a severe blow to Oamaru that the Ministers of the two town Churches died within a week of each other.  The Rev Lawson Marsh died on 8 April 1944.
a week of each other.  The Rev Lawson Marsh died on 8 April 1944.
Son of the Rev John Paterson 1833-1912, minister of Kim Church, Duncan, Scotland (1859-1862), and St Stephens Ipswich, Queensland, Australia (1869); Father of the Rev RM Paterson and Brother of the Rev John Paterson.
Referee and selector for Rugby, and president of Tennis Club
Died 2 April 1944, aged 44, early Sunday morning after a brief  illness, while still in office.

PATERSON, Rev Victor James
b 29.10.1930 at Waikaka, Southland.
w Moira Agnes  m 30.12.1959
Educated at Gore High School. Left School at age 15 to become a farmer. A keen
participant in rugby, athletics and Bible Class. His call to ministry came at a
Keswick Camp in Southland at age 21. Attended Otago University then two years
at the Bible Training Institute in Auckland.
Joined the Home Missionary Service 1958.
HM Maungaturoto NP  1.11.1958
Matata BPP 1960;  Ord HM 1960
Hall 1962-4
Inglewood TkP  3.12.1964
Taihape WgP  2.7.1969
Waipukurau HBP  30.1.1975
Mataura MtP  1.6.1989 – retired 1994 due to ill-health.  
Minister Emeritus 30.6.1994
“Vic was a faithful, no-frills parish minister with a heart for people, especially
the disadvantaged. He was a very good pastor and a solid bibliocal preacher.
He lived out a strong Christian morality but was not judgemental. He was sincere
and earnest but with a dry sense of humour and a greats sense of fun.’ (From Obit.)
Died 26.5.2004

PATON, Miss Elaine
Overseas Worker - with  Internat Christian Fellowship at Pune, Maharashtre,
India 1977-83

PATON, Rev Francis Edwin Hacker
b 2.12.1893 New Brighton;
w Helen Muirean D. b 22.9.1901 m 5.2.1929 d 5.9.1980
He entered banking; family then moved to Ak; through Bissett (Ass Evangelist)
& Dr Gibb he was moveds to enter the min; began as HM.
HM Cheviot ChP  1917
Spreydon ChP  1920
Assist St Pauls Chch stud (special responsibility for Linwood), ChP 1922
Linwood ChP 1923
Hall 1925-7
Ord Shirley-Richmond ChP  9.2.1928
Pukekohe SAP   18.7.1940
Belmont NSP 31.1.1957  ret 30.6.1961
Died  30.5.1977

PATON, Sr Noeline
b 10.2.1910
Lay Assistant St Ninians Christchurch  ChP  1944-46
Deaconess College, Dunbedin 1947-49, completed probation & ordained 1950
Chalmers Timaru 6.3.1950 - resigned 1955 and withdrew.
Teachers Training College Christchurch 1955-
Cerebral Palsy Centre Dunedin -  later retired.

PATRICK, Rev William John                              B.Com       
b. Dunedin
w. Sibyl ThorntonPlatt  m 25.8.1959
Educated at Otago Boys High School (4 years), Dunedin Training College, and Otago
University (3 years). Holds a Teachers ‘C’ Certificate.
A member of Epsom Presb. Church from 1948.
School Teaching for 6 years.
Missionary Teacher - New Hebrides (Vanuatu), appointed 18 March 1956
Left for New Hebrides via Sydney 2 Apr 1956
Nguna, District Teacher  4.1956
Havannah Harbour  1959
Resigned  from Missions service 31 Dec 1959
Applied for married Teachers position at Ulei School Havannah Harbour, accepted and
asked to undertake a years training in Theological Hall.
Theological Hall 1959 (special 1 year course);
Te Kuiti (supply) Nov 1959 to Feb 1960
Transferred to Kawenu Teachers Training College from beginning of 1964
Resigned and rteturned to NZ Oct 1965 to enter Theological Hall to train for ministry
Undertook deputation work Nov 1965.
Off Mission staff 19 Feb 1966
Theological Hall 1966-67 (additional years) 
Ordained Mangonui Union (Kaitaia NP) 30.11.1967
Waiuku SAP  5.10.1972
Matamata WkP  5.2.1981 
Resigned 31.1.1984 and withdrew.

PATTERSON, Rev Bruce McNair               B.A.
b 4 October 1926
w Judith Loel Hope  m 18 October 1952
Theological Hall 1953-1955
Ordained Mangakino, Waikato Presbytery, 15 December 1955
Motueka, Nelson Marlborough Presbyytery,  6 July 1962
Turangi Joint Parish, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 18 June 1966
Hobson Bay-Parnell, Auckland Presbytery, 4 February 1971
South Bay of Islands Co-operating, Northland Presbytery, 6 September 1983
Minister Emeritus, 30 June 1987
Died 17 April 2016

PATTERSON, Miss Grace Marion                                   B.A., Dip.Ed.
b 17 May 1899 Wellington
Grew up at Khandallah, Wellington. Educated at Wellington Girls College, Wellington
Teachers Training College then Victoria University College. As a University student,
she was involved in questioning and protest to the extent that her church connection
became marginal.
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute 1925-6  (left at end 1st Term 1926)
Missionary - Educational
She had an aunt [Miss Helen MacGregor] who had been in Church of Scotland Mission
in Madras for many years, she was in touch with her aunt, but it was at a student
conference that she heard of the need for talented people to offer their skills to meet
desperate social, educational and medical needs in India and she was then and there
enlightened as to her life’s work. After completing her training she taught in a variety
of NZ schools as she waited for an opening overseas.  
Volunteer for Mission Service - In 1926 she was ready to go to Jagadhri India but was
turned down by the Presb. Church of NZ Foreign Missions Committee on medical
grounds, and went on teaching in NZ. She applied again later to the Church of Scotland,
and her Doctor gave her a certificate for a hill station only.   On receiving her medical
certificate the Church of Scotland cabled  'Come at once'. 
Sailed for India in Friday 13th April 1928 and went to -
Darjeeling, Eastern Himalayan Region 1928, for 11 yrs.  She learnt Nepali in the evenings
for her first 2 years.
Kurseong, Darjeeling District for 12 yrs.
Gangtok, Sikkim - she took over the High School being pioneered there in 1948; this was
a joint effort with the State.  She was there for 12 years and during that time was the only
European in Sikkim. Soon after she went there Sikkim was closed to Christians. In this
joint venture she was a state official also, as the state was jointly master of the school.
The school was a small girls school of 100 which was used to develop a High School for
girls with the help and cooperation of the state.
She retired in 1959 (after 12 years in Sikkim). After one years retirement furlough, she was
asked to go back to Sikkim for one year during 1961 to relieve another Missionary going
on furlough. Also spent 9 months at Bhawan Girls High School at Katmandu in Nepal to
relieve another Missionary on furlough and a year in Scotland.
Finally retired back to Khandallah, December 1962.
At age 80 she moved into an independent unit at Woburn Home, Lower Hutt.
“She continued her active life enjoying meetinf people, listenign to music, going to the
beach, swimming, attending talks and seminars especially those related to India or the
church. She loved her God and served him well throughout her life, and her church gives
thanks to God for her faithful and dedicated service” (from Obit.)
Grand-Daughter of Rev James McGregor and Niece of Miss Helen McGregor.
Died 5.1.1996 a week after suffering a stroke.

PATTERSON, Rev James MacGregor             M.A.
b 26.4.1900 Wellington;  unmarried
He studied Arts at Victoria University Wellington; attended Teachers College
Wellington; then taught Carterton, Patea District High School, Palmerston North
Boy’s High School; then studies for the Ministry.
Theological Hall 1929-30
New College Edinburgh - served in an Edinburgh parish for short time.
Ord Teviot (Roxburgh COP) 14.4.1932 - resigned 30.11.1935 
St Andrews Canterbury SCP 1936
Taranaki East (Travelling Minister in the region, based at Whangamomona TkP)
1.3.1937 (or 1.3.1938) - resigned 28.2.1940 as Whagamomona closed.
He did Stated Supply at many places - Tuakau, Hokitika, Patea, Martinborough,
Whakatane; he felt that by Stated Supply he was able to help Ministers to go
overseas, or to serve in World War Two as Chaplains.  In 1948 he had a clerical
position with the State Advances Corp; later with CNL Ina; retired 1966
Died 4.9.1974 Brooklyn Wellington.

PATTERSON,  Colester Mavis (Sr Mavis)      Mrs Kaarup
b 4.1.1908 at Pahiatua
h Marius Carl (Charles), Kaarup b 28.2.1896 m 9.1.1952 d 13.7.196 (canvcer)
Involved with Bible Class, she made a commitment to Jesus Christ at age 14.
She desired to serve as a Missionary in China but this avenue of srvice did
not eventuate.
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute 1935-38
Ordained Deaconess at Knox Church Dunedin 2.11.1938
Congregational Deaconess Knox Curch Dunedin  DnP 22.11.1938 – her duties were
to establish and maintain Sunday School work.
Congregational Deaconess St Andrews Ashburton 1942 to 1948
Congregational Deaconess St Andrews Hamilton 1948 - resigned in Apr 1951 due
to health reasons (TB infection) which neccesitated hospitilization for an extended time.
During this time she was regularly visited by Marius Kaarup, whom she had met at
Ashburton and to whom she was then married to in 1952.
Gave 3 months voluntary service to United Church of North India, Punjab, India
during a world trip in 1965, assisting Sr. Lorraine Saunders with literature work.
Deaconess at the Presbyterian Support Services Association Nikau House in
Wellington, working as a counselor and social worker 1966 - retired  31.3.1973
“She extended her love and compassion to the lost and lonely, with a practical turn
of mind too.
During her time at Nikau House Mavis joined St James’ Church in Newtown and
was quickly elected to Session. She was at the forefront of the move to welcome
the Niuean congregation who joined the establishe Palagi congregation in 1977.
She shared her love freely with both cultures, her wisdom and spirituality being
widely appreciated.’ (from Obit.)
Died 16 Feb 2001

PATTERSON, Mr William Gibson
b. 9.3.1915
Hold a Teachers Training “B” Certificate and attended the Theological Hall in
Dunedin for two years. Formerly a Civil Servant for 6 years and a Teacher for 3 years.
Joined Home Missions service as an unordained Home Missionary 1.2.1947
HM Orawia  SP 1947

b 15.8.1866
w Annie J. b 15.3.1880 m 23.10.1902 d 29.5.1966
From Australia-
Licensed and Ordained by Brisbane Presbytery, Queensland 1890
To New Zealand -
Received by the PCNZ General Assembly 17.11.1902
Akaroa ChP 8.1.1903
Waipukurau HBP  27.6.1905
Rep of Assembly 16.11.1910: Committee had accepted his offer to become an
Assembly Evangelist.
Assembly Evangelist  28.2.1911 - resigned  12.12.1912
Stratford TkP  19.12.1912
During World War One supplied at Dannevirke and Port Ahuriri
Somervell Memorial, Auckland AP  4.5.1916
Pukekohe SAP  1.10.1929 -  retired 29.2.1940
Suva, Fiji AP  supply for 3 months 1935
Port Ahuriri (in retirement) 1.3.1945 – resigned 1.3.1946, at age 80.
'An evangelist of outstanding power.'
Died  13.8.1947

PATULLO, Rev James Leburn
Born Perthshire, Scotland, the son of a well-known Dundee Solicitor.
Educated privately then attended Edinburgh University where he studied law and
for some years practised as a Solicitor in partnership with his cousin in Dundee.
Came to New Zealand in the early 1880’s and was for several years engaged in
farming in Otago.
He applied to be received by the Presbyterian Church as a Home Missionary,
which was granted by the General Assembly on 19.2.1901, provided he pass
sermon tests.
HM Tauranga BPP 1901 
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 6.10.1903
Ord as HM by Auckland Presbytery 16.12.1903 
Ind St James, Waihi WkP  16.12.1903, 
Whangarei NP 1907 - resigned 30.11.1911
Ngaruawahia WkP 1913
Kaurihohore (Kauri-Hikurangi NP) 7.7.1914 - retired 30.4.1917
Lodged Certificate 1917
Resided in Waihi 1923 till death.
“During his charge of St James’ Church, Waihi, Mr Patullo endeared himself
to his congregation and won respect and esteem of all sections of the
community. In his retirement his chief pastime was bowls and books.”
(From Obit.)
Died at Waihi, 1934, Interred in O’Neil Cemetery, Auckland.

PA'U, Rev Douglas (Doug) Nathaniel Etuati         B.Th., B.A.
b Avondale, Auckland
w Elizabeth  m 9 February 1980
Theological Hall, 1982-1984
Ordained, Youth Outreach Ministry, 29 August 1985
Assistant Minister - Youth Ministry, Knox, Lower Hutt, 12 August 1988
Associate Minister - Youth Ministry, Knox, Lower Hutt, 9 December 1990
Served 28 years, Knox/St. Columba Presbyterian Church, Lower Hutt, Wellington Presbytery
Took the greater responsibility for the transition of St. Columba becoming part of the Knox Parish
Chair, Team Naenae Trust
Died Wednesday, 9 November 2016, following surgery at Wellington Hospital

PAUL, Miss Robina
Formerly Matron of General Hosital, Singapore.
Acting Matron of Kong Chuen Hospital, Canton for 2 years from 1.1.1924 to 31.12.1925.

PAULGER, Miss Irene D.
Govt Teacher Nuhaka 1922-24 (& earlier )
Maungapohatu, volunteered and was transferred here in 1925
Rep 1947: she has given signal service as state school teacher and voluntary worker
at Maungapohatu for 23 years - resigned for health reasons 1947.
She served in Government Maori Schools - Nuhaka, Maungapohatu; in her long period
of service she not only taught, but was Teacher, Farmer, friend, general advisor & helper,
Postmistress, Bush Nurse, Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages, and Preacher. Later
she was a member of the Auckland Maori Hostels Committee.
Died 1966

PAULIN,  Mr  Allan
wife Celia
Principal, John McGlashan College, Dunedin, for 17 years, 1978-1995
Commissioned Co-Director (Southern),  Mission Resource Team at Maori Hill Presbyterian Church, Dunedin Presbytery, 19 July 1995 — retired 2001(?)

PAULIN, Rev Miss Rachel Elizabeth           B.A.(Hons),B.D.
Hall 1984-7  -  lic 22.11.1987
Ord Assist Whakatane BPP 10.12.1987 - later Assoc
St Columba Taradale HBP  23.1.1992

PAULIN, Rev Thomas
b 18.5.1859 Irvine Scot;
w Ellen Shaw Peter b 17.12.1876 m 8.4.1909 d 2.12.1955
Educated at Edinburgh University and the Free Church New College Edinburgh.
Licensed by teh Free Church Presbytery of Edinburgh 1891
Came to NZ as Probationer.
Ord Queenstown COP 20.10.1891
North Taieri DnP 11.6.1895
Knapdale MtP 6.7.1902     
Supply Stewart Island SP (part of) 1903
Kelso MtP  14.4.1909
'Loved for his genuine goodness.'
Died  31.1.1921 at Dunedin after a long illness

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