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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Xowie to Yuzon

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XOWIE,  Pastor Jacob
From Eglise Evangelique, Kanaky; he has come to NZ to learn English prior
to Philippine Theol Coll training  1991  

YAM,  Miss
A blind girl educated at a Christian Blind School in Canton, South China.
Employed by the NZ Presbyterian Church Canton Villages Mission in the 1920’s (?)
as a Teacher at the Tak Kei Girls’ Boarding School at Kong Chuen where she remained
until the Mission was closed in 1951. Proficient in the use of the abbacus.
In retirement she continued to live in Canton where she received an annual annuity from
the NZ Presbyterian Church for her valued services.
Noted as still receiving her annuity payment in 1979
d. (?)  

YANSEN, Miss Agnete Natalie (Netta)
b 23.7.1892, Tumulgum, Tweed River, NSW, Australia
educated at Penrith Public School, Bathurst District School and at the Teachers’ College
Sydney. Gained a Teachers’ 3B Classification, also 3A Certificate. Had considerable teaching
experience in Australia.
As a young woman she desired to serve in China, and as her own Church, (the Presb. Church
of Australia) had no mission work there, she sought and found work with the Presb. Church of
NZ Canton Villages Mission.  She was a trained teacher, and leader in the Presb. Fellowship
Union of NSW (Youth Organization of the Australian Church).
Missionary - Canton; appointed & Ordained as Missionary 15.12.1923, arrived Canton 1.1924
Tak Kei Girls School, Kong Chuen, Teacher 1924 - she served her whole career in one school.
Arrived in Sydney on furlough 25.7.1940 however war conditions meant that she was unable to
return to the Mission field so she accepted a position as a Home Missionary at Canowindra
War conditions required her to leave China and she went to serve at Macao 1941. 
After the War ended she left Australia by air for Hong Kong 18.2.1945, and arrived back at
Kong Chuen on 7.3.1946.
Left China 8.7.1949 on early retirement due to ill health.
Off mission staff from  31.5.1950
“Throughout her missionary career, Miss Yansen gave herself to one institution – the Tak Kei
Girls’ Boarding School. Through many changing circumstances she served it at Kong Chuen,
Yan Woh, and Macao. All she did was marked by thoroughness and carefull preparation.
She held high standards before her pupils whether in conjunction with home life in a boarding
school or preparation for Church membership, or the writing of English. She was a great
believer in intercessory prayer and acted on that behalf. Her friendship and her consistent
desire for their best welfare have left a lasting effect on many of her fellow teachers and pupils.”
Died  NSW Australia  29.11.1961

YARDLEY, Rev Walter Ronald
b 2.9.1914; w Ida Margaret Jane b 14.12.1910 m 21.7.1945
HM Reporoa BPP  1956
Hall 1958-9 (special course)
Ord Kaikoura NMP  2.12.1959  res 28.2.1961 
res fr min 9.8.1966

YARNALL, Rev John W.
From Australia.
Licensed by Presbytery of Sydney, NSW 1910
Ordained by Presbytery of Clarence, NSW 22.12.1915
To New Zealand :
Received by the PCNZ General Assembly 23.11.1915
Ind Wairoa North 22.12.1915 - resigned 9.1.1917 [one record gives date as 12.12.1916]

YASA, Rev Mikaele
Methodist Church
Motueka-Moutere Hills Regional Co-op NMP  1.2.1991

YATES, Rev Dr. Cleveland (Clive) Buchanan              B.A., B.D., Ph.D., S.Th.
b. 18 May 1938 at Dundee Scotland
Educated at the Morgan Academy, Dundee.
Open University (United Kingdom) B.A.(Hons), 1972-1976
St Mary’s College, Faculty of Divinity, University of St Andrew’s, B.D.(Hons), 1977-1980
Licensed by the Presbytery of St Andrew’s, Church of Scotland, June 1980
Probationary Assistant Minister, St. Andrew’s, Corby, England, 1980-1981
Assistant Minister, Yell and Fetlar, Presbytery of Shetland, Scotland, 1981-1982
St Mary’s College, Faculty of Divinity, University of St Andrew’s (Ph.D.), 1982-1985
Honorary Assistant Minister, St Ninian’s, Corby, England, 1987-1992
Ordained, Presbytery of England, Church of Scotland, 1990
Emigrated to New Zealand :
Associate Member of Auckland Presbytery, 11 August 1992
Te Kuiti, Waikato Presbytery  (Stated Supply),  November 1992
St Aidans, Northcote, North Shore Presbytery, 3 June 1993 to 2004
Moderator of the Presbytery of North Shore, 1998
Study Leave on Lindisfarne Northumberland, United Kingdom, 1999                 
Study Leave at Cambridge University, 2002                                    
Minister Emeritus, North Shore Presbytery, May 2004
Minister Emeritus, Gisborne Hawkes Bay Presbytery, June 2004
Locum Minister, Church of Scotland, Presbytery of Shetland, June 2006 – October 2006
Locum Minister, Church of Scotland, Unst, Yell & Fetlar, May 2007 - October 2007
Westminster College, Cambridge 2012 – Completing studies for “Anglo Saxon Theses”.
S.Th. (Hons) by theses;  awarded EIDTS, New Zealand, May 2014.

YATES, Mr Richard (Dick)       & Mrs Jean
Missionary Volunteers
Helping finance management & in pharmacy at  -  Helena Goldie Hosp, Munda, Solomon Is 1987-8 for 3 mths
Request from Bishop Boseto for help for 6 mths 1989, to help with accounts at the Munda office.  
Rep 1991: Makes an annual visit to audit accounts of the Ch in Solomon Is.

YAU, Rev Henry
Minister, Auckland Chinese Church, Auckland Presbytery, October 2001
Resident Minister, Auckland Presbytery, 2 November 2007

YEATES, Rev Alfred Douglas
b. 19.3.1902 NZ
Formerly a Farmer, he took a course at the Bible Training Institute, Auckland
And took the Home Misison course, completed Oct 1940.
Joined the Home Missionary service 17.4.1927
HM Hedgehope SP 1927
Tokanui-Waikawa SP 1928 - resigned from HM staff  21.12.1929
Rejoined staff 1.4.1931
Dunback NOP 1931 - resigned from HM staff 31.12.1932
Rejoined HM staff  1.2.1938
Wairarapa Outfields  1.2.1938
Stewart Island  SP 1940,  Ord HM 9.7.1940
Hedgehope SP 1946
Orawia  SP 1948 - resigned from HM service 1953

YEO, Mr  Alister Stewart
b. Invercargill
Volunteer for Mission service in New Hebrides (Vanuatu) - Painter
Appointed 16.12.1965
Left for New Hebrides 3.4.1966
Ill-health compelled him to return to NZ 24.11.1966
Off Mission staff 21.1.1967

YEOMAN, Rev Selwyn Christopher              B.A.,B.D., Ph.D.
w Natalie Helen  m 4 May 1974
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1976-1978
Ordained Forest Hill (Browns)  Southland Presbytery 18 February 1979
Associate Minister Mosgiel-North Taieri Dunedin Presbytery  22 November 1984
Senior Associate Minister, Mosgiel-North Taieri Dunedin Presbytery  24 July 1988
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland  2004
Lodged Certificate Dunedin Presbytery 4 June 2005
Associate Ministry Coastal Unity Parish (Stated Supply) Dunedin Dunedin Presbytery 14 February 2006
Joint Ministry, Coastal Unity Parish Dunedin Presbytery June 2005
Master of Knox College Dunedin December 2012 - Resigned 27 June 2014
Other recognised minister to minister non-PCANZ parish, St Andrew's Street Church of Christ Community, 7 December 2014

YOO, Rev Young Jun (John)                      BTh
Presbyterian Church of Korea
Received and Inducted as Minister, Wellington Korean Church (inaugurated on the same date), Brooklyn, Wellington Presbytery 29 October 2006

YOU, Rev Young J.
Ordained 1996
Lodged Certificate WnP Dec 2000
Minister within the Bounds South Auckland Presbytery 18 November 2005
Minister, Hospital Chaplain, Waikato Hospital, Waikato Presbytery, 14 May 2007

YOUN, Rev  Jang Ock            (See Ock-Youn Jang, Rev David)

YOUNG,  Miss
Presbyterian Women's Missionary Training Institure Dunedin 1925 - for 1 year, then she was in charge
of the creche at the Dunedin Exhibition 1925-26.
Maori Mission
Whakaki 1926 - resigned 1929 due to ill-health.
In 1931-32 she received some remuneration.
In 1938 she was a sole Missionary in a small settlement at Rangiahua.

YOUNG, Sr Agnes
b 23.5.1883
Ord Deac South Dn  1.5.1910  res 17.11.1919
St Andrews Ashburton 15.3.1920  res 31.5.1922
Brit & Foreign Bible Socy, Canterbury-Westland 1922-3
Brit & For Bible Socy, Central Nth Is  1927-9
Brit & For Bible Socy, Ak  1929-44
Died  22.1.1945

YOUNG, Mr D.          & Mrs
Maori Miss
Tumanako Maori Boys Hostel Dunnett Ave Ak
Master & Matron 1978

YOUNG, Mr Hugh
HM Renwick NMP stud prch 1887  res 1888 to study in Dn for min.   
Hall 1888 Dn.   No further mention of his name.
(Is this the H. Young whose application to be recd into PCNZ was declined
by Ass 1900 ?)

YOUNG, Rev James (Jim)               B.Th.
wife Diane Hampton married 17 April 1993
Theological Hall, 1982-1984
Ordained Wallacetown, Southland Presbytery, 9 December 1984
Cromwell Presbyterian Church, Central Otago Presbytery
Minister within the Bounds, Central Otago Presbytery, July 2001
Minister emeritus, Southern Presbytery, 12 September 2017
Minister emeritus, Alpine Presbytery, 1 November 2018

YOUNG, Rev James Clarkson              B.A.
born 21 January 1893 Australia
wife (1) Christina Agnes born 26 January 1892 married 21 Novmeber 1923 died 13 August 1935 
wife (2) Eva Allan White born 23 December 1900 married 21 November 1936  (celebrated her 103rd birthday on 23 December 2003) died February 2005 aged 104
He came to New Zealand at age 9; his Father was Curator of the Christchurch Botanical Gardens. 
He studied at Canterbury University with a view to becoming a Medical Missionary, but he soon realized that his health was not robust enough; he decided on entering the ministry instead. 
Theological Hall  1921-1923
Licensed by Christchurch Presbytery 10 October 1923
Ordained Maraekakaho, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 22 December 1923 (one records gives date as 20 December 1923)
Leeston, Christchurch Presbytery, 20 October 1925
Rotorua, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 16 December 1932
Te Awamutu, Waikato Presbytery, 9 February 1938
Mt Albert, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 21 May 1941
Hawera, Taranaki Presbytery, 12 September 1950 - retired 9 February 1958
Died  20 December 1966

YOUNG, Rev James Smith
b 4.7.1866 Tillicoultry Scot;
w Alice J.W. b 1.11.1872 m 25.3.1909 d 1949
He began work in woollen mills in Scot; after 15 yrs there he went to Sth Afr
under the Sth Afr General Miss; he came to NZ fr Sth Afr in 1906 at age 40;
he was then a sick man; he entered HM serv 1906.         
Rep 1906: he had experience of similar work for several yrs in Sth Afr.
HM Geraldine Outfields, Assist to  Min Geraldine 1906-8
Hall  1909-11   
Rep 1909: He applied to take 2nd partof HM course in Hall, & it was granted.
He then married, though warned that a regulation forbade it.  After hearing his
case, the Com reported to Ass recommending that in his case the breach of
regulation be condoned.   Ass agreed..
Ord Lansdowne WpP  25.4.1912  res 25.6.1913
Waikiwi Invercargill SP 18.3.1914
Waikaka MtP  30.10.1918
New Brighton ChP  1.5.1924
Mt Ida COP  1.3.1928  ret 15.7.1931
Pres Chapl Wn Hosp in ret 1944-56 (until he was 90)
Clerk SP 1918;
Died  16.1.1961 Seatoun Wn, aged 94  

YOUNG, Sr Jean                     Mrs A. Steven
North East Valley Presb. Church, Dunedin  DnP  1908-10
Died   -      

YOUNG,  Miss S.J.
Maori Mission
Pentland Ave Maori Girls Hostel Auckland, Assistant Matron
Maori Misions Office Whakatane, Assist 18.5.1955 - resigned 31.7.1956

Tuapeka West (Student Supply) under Rev PC Durward at Lawrence, pre 1924.

YOUNGSON, Rev William John                   M.A.
b 13.5.1892 at Dunedin
w Catherine Alice b 24.3.1890 m 17.10.1918
Studied at Otago University, Dunedin.
Home Missionary Motueka & Tasman NMP  1915
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1916-18
War service at Featherston Military Camp 1916
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin 5.10.1918
Ord Edendale  MtP  17.12.1918
Sefton, North Canterbury  ChP  19.8.1921 
To Australia :
Euroa (Presb. Church of Victoria)  28.4.1925
Mornington 1928
Wangarata 1937
East Brighton 1947
Died 22 May 1952

YUILLE, Rev Alexander Tulloch Robertson [known as Tulloch]      M.A., B.D.
b. 24 Sept 1885 at Kilmarnock, Scotland 
w. Della Beatson [one record states Sneddon] b. 1 Nov 1885 m.(?) d. 1958 at Ayr, Scotland.
Educated at Kilmarnock Academy 1890-1902, Univeristy of Glasgow 1903-1912 where he
gained his M.A. with 1st Class Honours in Mental Philosophy; B.D. 1912
Student Assistant Claremont Church Glasgow 1910-12
Licensed by Presbytery of Orvine & Kilmarnock Apr 1912
To Australia :
Home Missionary NSW Presb. Church 1912-13
Ordained & Ind. Kiama Church NSW by Presbytery of Illawarra Mar 1913
Flemington, Melbourne (Presb. Church of Victoria) June 1916
To New Zealand
Called to  -
Knox Church Dunedin  DnP  31.5.1920 -granted leave to visit Scotland. Once there he felt drawn
to remain - resigned 30.6.1929 Having refused to live in the 'grand' Church manse for the last two
years of his ministry, he built a more modest and convenient home for himself and his family.
To Great Britain :
Trinity Church, Claughton, Birkenhead Presbyterian Church, England  11.6.1930
Queen Street Edinburgh 20 Sept 1934; demitted in interests of local Church Union & retired 12 Oct 1947
Continued to conduct services, mainly in Ayr and Girvan, until early 1974.
"His great aim in worship was to be the instrument for bringing people into the presence of God".
"Eloquent, energetic, popular with all, but especially with the young, Mr Yuille attracted large
numbers to hear him preach. The church was often full to overflowing".
Died 6 Oct 1974 at a Nursing Home in Maidstone Kent England [a family record states he died at Ayr 10.10.1947]

YULE, Rev Derek              L.Th., Dip. Tchg
wife: (1) Diana Maureen  married 30 August 1969
wife (2) Diane Roberta married 23 January 1998
Theological Hall 1980-1982
Ordained St Cuthberts East Coast Bays, North Shore Presbytery,  16 December 1982
Minister Emeritus,  February 1998
Minister Emeritus, Waikato Presbytery, 3 April 2003
Died 8 February 2018

YULE, Rev Diane              MA[Hons], DipTchg, BTheol, Dip Min.
husband: Rev. Derek Yule married 23 January 1998
Ordained Lower Hutt-Hutt City Uniting Congregations, Wellington Presbytery, April 1998
Te Awamutu Presbeterian Church, Te Awamutu, Waikato Presbytery, 3 April 2003 
Minister Emerita, 1 April 2015
Minister Emerita, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 1 July 2017

YULE, Rev George Morrison (George) (Snr)
b 10.6.1888 Carluke, Scotland.
w Mary  b 30.1.1888 m 12.2.1913 d 1.9.1967
He worked in coal mines, which damaged his lungs; he had a tenor voice, worked
and sang at evangelistic meetings; worked among troops of the Mediterranean
Garrison on Gibraltar 1910-11; came to NZ in 1912 because class was too great a
barrier for him to become a Church of Scotland minister .
Joined the Home Missionary service 1.1.1916, took the HM course.
HM Maraekakaho 1916 (3 months)
Frasertown GP  1916;  Ordained HM Oct 1916
Onga Onga HBP  4.1919
Huntly WkP  25.3.1923
Mangapai NP  1925
Mahurangi (Warkworth NSP)  1928    
Papakura SAP  1932
Pt. Chevalier AP  1937
Te Kuiti WkP  1942  - He was raised to full Ministerial status by Assembly in 1946
Pokeno SAP  1946,  Inducted 5.3.1947
Manurewa SAP 19.4.1951 - retired  31.3.1954
Died  17.8.1967

YULE, Rev George Morrison (Morris) (Jnr)           B.A.
b. 4.9.1915 second child of George and Mary Yule in Sydenham Christchurch
w Helen Marion Miller (Daughter of Rev Thomas Miller) b 24.8.1921 m 3.3.1943
She curtailed her studies for an arts degree at Otago University for marriage
Childhood in Maraekakaho, Frasertown, Onga Onga, Huntly, Mangapai,
Warkworth, Papakura and Pt Chevalier
Attended Auckland University 1933-1938, graduated BA 1939.
Auckland University blue in hockey, represented Otago and Southland in
provincial competitions. Coached Maniototo women's hockey team. In October
1947 they defeated Otago provincial teams.
Student Home Missionary St Heliers-Kohimarama (3 months) 1937 assisting
the Rev DB Stuart.
Student HM Henderson AP 15.6.1937 to 1.3.1939 (resigned to enter the Hall)
Theological Hall Dunedin 1939-41 Ebenezer Prize for top student
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 9.12.1941
Ordained Mt Ida COP  5.2.1942 The longest year of his life
Edendale MtP  19.11.1947    
St Stephens Auckland AP  4.2.1960
Greyfriars Mt Eden Auckland AP  3.7.1975 
Minister Emeritus  31.1.1981
Undertook overseas trip to Singapore, Seychelles, Kenya, Israel, England,
Scotland and USA 1981
Waipu (Stated Supply) NP 1984 for 7 months
St Heliers Auckland (Stated Supply) AP 1986 for 5 months
St Austell’s New Lynn Auckland (Stated Supply) AP 1993-1995 (2 years)
Retired to Westmere, Auckland, served in Waipu, St Heliers and New Lynn during
ministerial vacancies
Assisted in the founding of the Westminster Fellowship in March 1950 which was
formed to promote the confessional heritage of the Presbyterian Church, and
serving as its first Secretary. The only surviving Committee member to be present
at its dissolution on 1 Feb 2007.
Member of the Board of the Sudan United Mission 1961-1990
Founded New Zealand Committee of Africa Inland Mission in 1976 and served as
Chairman for 18 years until 1994.
Moved to Selwyn Village 2009
Died 3.1.2012 at Sarah Selwyn Hospital, Pt Chevalier, Auckland aged 96
Son of G. M. Yule Sr, and father of R. M. Yule.

YULE, Very Rev. Robert (Rob) Morrison                  BA., BD., Dip.Th.
w Christene Robb  m 16 December 1967
Theological Hall  1966-1968
Ordained Chaplain Victoria University Wellington  1 March 1973
Hornby Christchurch Presbytery 1 February 1979
St Albans Palmerston North  Manawatu Presbytery  16 September 1987
Moderator of the General Assembly 2001 to 2002
Greyfriars Presbyterian Church, Mt Eden, Auckland  Auckland Presbytery  January 2003
Retired to Palmerston North January 2010

YUZON, Rev Dr Lourdino A.                                     B.D.,S.T.M.,Ph.D.
Minister of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, Dean of Divinity
School and Acting President of Sillman University, Philippines 1989-1990. 
Before this he was Executive Secretary for Mission and Evangelism for the
Christian Conference of Asia for nine years based in Singapore.
Theological Hall, Dunedin (Post-graduate studies) Resident at Knox College 1963
Appointed. Joint Secretary of the Council for Mission and Ecumenical Co-operation,
Christchurch April 1991,  Inducted  18 July 1991 and received into the PCNZ.
Lodged Certificate, Christchurch Presbytery to Minister Emeritus, Waikato Presbytery 30 August 2006
Removed from Ministerial Roll 30 September 2013

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