Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Dewes to Doull

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DEWES, Rev Nehe Kururangi
Ngati Porou, home marae Tikitiki, raised on East Coast, worked for New Zealand Rail in Wellington, and as a shepherd and general hand in Taupo
wife: Ruihi Lucy married 28 September 1957 in St Paul's Cathedral, from Tolaga Bay, met at a dance at the Ngati Poneke community hall in Wellington 1956, worked as an aide in geriatric and mental health care, represented Gisborne-East Coast at netball, and played hockey
"A workmate died one day in front of me and it made me re-evaluate what I was doing in my life. I decided that I wanted to go into Presbyterian Church Ministry."
Maori Theological College, Whakatane, 1965 (preliminary year),  1966-8, four years
Ordained Opotiki (Maori Synod) 1 February 1970 — resigned 31 August 1974
"One day in 1974 I went to check on a couple of Opotiki boys who had gone to Waikeria Prison. While I was there I decided that prison ministry was for me."
Prison Chaplain, Waikeria Borstal, Auckland, 1 September 1974 — transferred to Mount Eden
Senior Prison Chaplain, Justice Department Head Office, Wellington, 14 September 1992
Rotorua Maori Pastorate (Te Aka Puaho) and police chaplain, April 1998
Minister Emeritus (Te Aka Puaho), February 2002, moved back to Tikitiki

DIBBS, Rev Thomas Edward
b 8.10.1883; w Alberta b 10.4.1887 m 31.7.1924 d 14.2.1958
fr Scot, as HM
HM Kumara WsP  1.6.1924, Ord HM 1926
Totara Flat WsP  1927
Gladstone Dn 1929
Sawyers Bay DnP 1930  (while in Hall)
Hall 1930 till death; his wife remained in NZ, but all relations in Scot.
Died  6.5.1931

DICK, Rev Helen V.                  Dip.Th., Dip. Grad.
Lodged Certificate, Central Otago Presbytery, August 2000
Minister within the Bounds, Christchurch Presbytery, 2003
North Avon, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 2004
Lodged certificate, Christchurch Presbytery, 14 February 2006
removed from roll, 1 December 2020

DICK, Mr James
Listed as Student Preacher at Helensville 1883. No further reference.

DICK, Miss Judith Lillian                                 (Mrs Parry)
b. Stratford. Educated at Opotiki College & Auckland University. Studies included Music,
Anthropology & Maori. Gained “C” Certificate in Teaching and L.T.C.L. (CMT) in music.
A Sunday School and Bible Class Teacher.
Set apart by Mt. Albert Church  for Mission work, 19.12.1965
Missionary New Hebrides (Vanuatu)   -  teacher at Lamenu School, appt. 1.1.1966
To All Saints College Sydney for preparation 11.1966. Left for New Hebrides 15.6.1966
Lamenu 12.1966 to 12.1968.
Kawenu College, Vila  1.1969
Off Mission Staff 9.3.1969
Mother of Rev Nathan Parry

DICK, Sr Nora             J.P.
b 6.9.1882 Dn
She had business training in Napier, then -
PWTI 1910-1
Ord Deac St Johns Wn 4.1912 to 3.1916
PSSA City Deac Dn 19.6.1916 to 30.6.1920
Patients & Prisoners Aid Socy Dn  6.1920
Sec Socy for Protection of Women & Children Dn 12.1921 res 31.12.1930 ill-health
Typist for Senatus, Hall Dn, & for 15 yrs continued with practical interest in Ch
Died 13.7.1956

DICKEY, Rev Mervyn Nathaniel
b 13.2.1914
w Julia Kathleen b 6.2.1916 m 11.5.1938
Joined the Home Missionary service 1.12.1944 (unordained)
HM Wakari, Dunedin DnP 10.12.1943 (while studying for Ministry) - resigned Dec 1946
Theological Hall 1945-47
Ordained Associate Minister St Pauls & Knox Wanganui  WgP 2.12.1947
Knox Gonville Wanganui  WgP 18.10.1949
Te Kuiti WkP 25.9.1952
Chaplain RNZAF Ohakea 10.2.1954
Rangiora ChP 9.4.1959
Knox Invercargill  SP  17.11.1967
Hoon Hay, Christchurch ChP  18.11.1971
Leeston ChP 7.5.1975
Sumner-Redcliffs Union ChP  1.2.1978 - retired 28.2.1979
“He was a man of great warmth and humility, with a well-practised pastoral sense.
Whilst he was not widely involved in the structures of the institutional church,
he was ahead of his time in attempting to make the Gospel relevant in people’s lives.
He never considered himself an academic, yet in his retirement years he deveoped a
passion for reading widely in theology, and his commitment to proclaiming the truth
of the Gospel led him to constantl examining and exploration and an excitement
about sharing that journey with those who were interested. A man of deep faith
and integrity to the day he died, he was still on the look out for new ideas and
thoughts to research.” (from Obit.)  
Died 11 Dec 1998

DICKIE,  Ethel Mary  (Sister Ethel)      M.A.,B.D.
born 20 March 1923
Lived in Jerusalem for much of her early adult life
Deaconess College 1952-1954;   Advanced Course  1954
Solway College, Masterton,  1955
Ordained Deaconess, St Davids, Auckland,  February 1957—resigned 30 September 1961 ill-health
Study  1972;  licensed 1972  -  lived in Dunedin "unofficial Deaconess", Knox Church Dunedin: welcoming folk, leading prayer and study groups, and recognized for her work in building warm relations—resigned from Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1 September 1992
Died in Southland, September 2015, at the age of 92

DICKIE, Mr James
HM Kumara WsP  1894  res 11.1897
Brunnerton WsP  1900
Granity WsP  1908

DICKIE, Very Rev Dr John          M.A.,D.D. (Aberdeen 1918)
b 20.5.1875 Aberdeen, Scotland
w Barbara M. b 13.7.1879 m 19.9.1906 d 10.7.1946
From Church of Scotland; he spent a few years teaching, then decided to enter the Ministry; Studied Theology at
Edinburgh Universityl and then Jena University Germany for post-graduate study. 
Had several assistantships in Scotland.
Ord Tarland Scot  1906. He continued theological study and published a joint translation of Haering ‘The
Christian Faith’ (from German). 
When Dr Dunlop died, the Committee sought advice from several authorities in Scotland, who recommended Dickie.
Appointed by General Assembly as Professor of ‘Systematic Theology, Ethics. Apologetics & New Testament Exegesis’.
Professor of Systematic Theology, Theological Hall Dunedin 23.3.1910
Towards end 1915 he left to compete by exam for Chair of Theology in Aberdeen.  (This was the accepted method of
selecting new Professor at that time).  He was placed 2nd out of 11 candidates - much to the relief of NZ.  He also
taught New Testament until a separate Professor of New Testament studies was appointed in 1919. 
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1934
Author of ‘The Organism of Christian Truth’; & also of ‘Fifty Years of British Theology’ which contained the Gunning
lectures he delivered in Edinburgh, by invitation.
‘The majority of ministers in our Church and many beyond our shores owe much to his faith, his learning and his gifts
of lucid exposition. ....In his life he illustrated the truth he taught, “no theology is any gain unless it makes God more
real to us and brings us nearer to Him in our dependence upon Him & sense of responsibility to Him.” ‘
Died 24.6.1942 at Dunedin

DICKIE, Rev Robert
b 16.8.1869 Mosgiel
Hall Dn 1892-4
Ord Waitaki (centre Morven SCP) 10.12.1903
Springburn  24.8.1922 res 30.9.1927
Lansdowne Masterton supply, then Ind 4.10.1928  ret 31.12.1934
Died 10.5.1955

DICKINSON, Rev J.M.      B.A.,B.D.,Ph.D.
Meth Ch
Okato Co-op TkP  2.1981

DICKSON, Rev Iain A.M.
wife: Alison
Born Christchurch, raised a Presbyterian in Hastings, felt called by God aged 17 while working as a horticulturalist
Completed theology studies through Otago University while assistant pastor at St Andrew's, Mt Maunganui
Licensed by Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 5 December 2004
St Andrew’s Te Puke (Stated Supply), Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 5 December 2004
St Andrew’s Te Puke, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 4 February 2005
Minister, Mt Maunganui - St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 26 April 2012
Other recognised minister, Kaimai Presbytery, 21 April 2022

DICKSON, Rev John        M.A.
w. (?) McKee (a Daughter of the Rev David McKee)  m.(?)  d.(?)
From the Presbyterian Church of Ireland, Educated at Queens University Belfast,
Studied Theology at Assembly College.
Ordained Ballycarry, County Antrim 1881 - there for 5 years; then to NZ.
Arrived NZ 1886 and reported as available for supply
Inducted to Temuka SCP  7.9.1887 - resigned 1902
Lived privately in Christchurch 1902-07
Picton NMP  11.1907 - resigned 13.12.1913 due to ill-health;  had to retire; returned to Christchurch.  
Author of ‘History of the NZ Presbyterian Church’ (Northern Church) pulished in 1899.
Died 10.12.1930 Christchurch

DICKSON, Rev Joseph A.
fr UK, brought out in HM scheme under Dr Gibb
HM Granity WsP  1921, Ord HM 1922; res fr HM serv 1923; wthd & went into business.

DICKSON, Rev Martin        B.Hort.Sc.(Hons), B.D., DipMin, CELTA, MPH
Licensed January 1995
Licentiate Auckland Presbytery 3 September 2006
Ordained Assistant St Lukes Remuera Auckland Presbytery December 2008
St Lukes Remuera Auckland AP 2009
Other Recognised Minister St Lukes Remuera Auckland AP 2011
Kamo St Paul's Cooperating Church Northern Presbytery 2012
Other Recognised Minister, Northern Presbytery 31 January 2014

DICKSON, Rev Sheena
From the United Reformed Church of the United Kingdom
Minister, St George's Iona Parish, Christchurch 1 February 2007-31 July 2007
Appointed to St George's Iona Parish (Linwood/Aranui) Christchurch (3 year term) Christchurch Presbytery 5 August 2007 — ended 30 June 2022

DICKSON, Rev Thomas
From Illinois
Received to labour in bounds of Presbytery of Canterbury, 9 January 1865-1865
Admitted as Minister by Synod of Otago and Southland, 12 January 1869
No further mention, except in Church Extension Report, 1870.

DID-DELL, Rev Phillip L.
Meth Ch
Manaia Union TkP 1.2.1988 to 31.1.1990

Offered to do Sun Sch Ex work without salary.
Titoki, Hon Assist with HM 1924 ret 1931

Bible Class leader for 30 years and served on the Bible Class Council. Presented with
a gold long servive badge. Taught Bible Classes at Roseneath, Kelburn, St Andrew’s
Wellington and at St Stephen’s Lower Hutt.
PCNZ Cashier Wellington Office Appt. 1946 – resigned 1967
Member of the Church Union Committee for 20 years.
Appt. Cashier PCNZ General Treasurer’s Office Wellington 1946 – resigned 1967 due to ill health.
“In her position of responsibility, she has served the Church extremely well over the years.
She has also given of her best in various Church committees and organisations, especially during
the last General Assembly, when despite increasing disability she undertook the large task of
catering for various Assembly functions.” (May 1967)  
Died 1973 after a lengthy illness.

DINWIDDIE, Rev William            Ll.B.
fr Eng
Ind Knox Ch Chch  (North Belt)  1.2.1883
St Andrews Chch 25.9.1883  res 1886  & returned to Eng.

DITTNER, Mrs I.D.          see              Francis, Lorraine

DIXON, Rev Archie Leighton
born 22 October 1901 at Mangaweka. A New Zealand sprint champion
wife (1) Dulcie Harding  born 17 May 1903 married 13 June 1925 died 4 April 1935  
wife (2) Margery Doris born 30 August 1910 married 28 August 1937
Home Missionary, Silverdale, 1926 resigned December 1927 to Hall
Theological Hall, 1928-1930
Ordained Waitara, Taranaki Presbytery, 8 January 1931
Waikato East, 21 June 1934
Feilding, Manawatu Presbytery, 11 September 1935 — resigned 1 November 1942
Chaplain with the Air Force in the Pacific during World War Two
Hanmer Springs, Christchurch Presbyteyr, 5 December 1946
Chaplain, Hanmer Springs Hosital, 1949
St Davids, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 15 March 1951
Presbyterian Social Services Association Chaplain, Auckland, 2 February 1956 — retired 30 November 1969
“From early life Arch had championed the underdog and this attitude to the importance of each human life led to him working hard and long with Parliamentary committees and the Hon Ralph Hanan to abolish capital punishment. Arch, as relieving Chaplain at Mt Eden Prison, had been involved with the last hanging and had been deeply affected by what it had meant to so many in the course of their duties. He had his mark in many significant ways in a number of areas of like in Church and society.” (from Obit.)
Brother of Rev C.I.L. Dixon; Uncle of Rev D.I. Keall
Died 12 February 1997

DIXON, Rev Cyril Ian Lewis         M.A.
b 31.1.1912 at Mangaweka.
w Brenda Mary Kirkness b 27.12.1919 m 9.5.1940 d 1.7.1990
The son of a clerk and self-employed photographer. Brought up in Wanganui. After leaving
Wanganui Technical College in the depression, he put himself through Victoria University,
earning enough to survive from part-time tutoring. 
Theological Hall Dunedin 1935-37
Ordained Assistant Minister St Pauls Oamaru NOP 21.2.1938
Pleasant Point SCP 24.10.1939 - resigned 5.12.1944
Chaplain 2nd NZ Expeditionary Force, serving in New Zealand, Italy, then to Japan with the
Allied occupation forces. Army service from 1945 to 1.2.1947
Naenae WnP 19.3.1947
Associate Minister Knox Church Dunedin DnP  3.12.1953
Concurrently Chaplain to the Student Christian Movement.
St Andrews Gisborne 10.2.1958
St Pauls Timaru 8.2.1968 - resigned 14.12.1969
Professor of Pastoral Theology, Theological Hall Knox College Dunedin 26.2.1970 - retired 31.1.1977
Visiting Professor at Lancaster Seminary, Penna USA 1977
His wife was disabled with a degenerative disease and died in 1990.
Brother of  Rev A.L. Dixon above; Uncle of Rev D.I. Keall
Retired to Christchurch.
Active in the Peace Movement. His abhorrence of war came from experiences in Japan
when he was one of the first New Zealanders to see the effects of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.
“[Rev Dixon] had always been a man of compassion. His experiences of war strengthened this
quality. In his ministry he challenged Christians to uphold love and inclusiveness above all. He
had no time for fundamentalism. A man of strong personality and a powerful preacher.
He espoused causes passionately. He led the way in promoting women to responsible roles in
the church. He supported homosexual law reform and argued forcibly for recognition and
acceptance of gays in the church. [Rev Dixon] upset some Presbyterians but never compromised
his beliefs”.
“He was always a thinker. He was provocative. He challenged religious conservatism”
(From Obituary – edited)
Died 11th Dec 2006 at Christchurch, aged 94 years (at the date of his death he was
New Zealand’s oldest ordained Presbyterian Minister).

DIXON, Rev Craig V.                 B.A.,L.Th.
Ang Ch
Hinds Co-op AsP 24.9.1985   Appt completed 31.10.1990

DIXON, Rev Haddon C.         O.B.E.,M.A.,B.D.
Meth Ch
Miramar Co-op WnP  2.1978
In CORSO 30 yrs, Director 13 yrs; Director UN
Association of NZ.
Died 18.9.1990, aged 77

DIXON, Very Rev. William Gray            M.A.,D.D.(Edinburgh 1928)
b 21.5.1854 Paisley Scotland; son of Manse;
w Elizabeth A.  b 14.6.1866 m 21.8.1900 d 27.5.1950
Son of the Rev JM Dixon of Martyr’s Church (Free Church of Scotland), Paisley.
Educated at University of Glasgow, graduated MA in 1876; became Professor of English
in Imperial College of Engineering, Tokyo Japan 1876.  Returning to  Scotland in 1880 and
entered New College Edinburgh for Theological studies 1880 to 1883. On completing course
sailed for Australia.
Licensed by Edinburgh Presbytery of the Free Church of Scotland 7 May 1884
Arrived Victoria with Commission from the Free Church of Scotland.
Received an MA at Melbourne.
Received into the Presb. Church of Victoria 19.8.1884
Ordained Fitzroy, Melbourne 15.2.1887 - 2.7.1889
Inducted to Warnambool 17.7.1889 – 31.1.1900
To New Zealand –
Called and Inducted to St Davids Auckland AP 21.2.1900 - 1910
Roslyn Dunedin DnP  14.8.1910 - retired 3.5.1921
St Heliers AP 1.10.1925 for 6 months
St Heliers-Kohimarama AP 1926 for 1 year
Moderator of Assembly 1918
Represented PCNZ Church at Lausanne Conference 1927; author of ‘The Land of the Morning’ (1882);
later other publications, including ‘The Romance of the Catholic Presbyterian Church’, and “John
Calvin and the Modern World” (1936).
He was tutor in elementary Greek at the Theological Hall 1917. In retirement he served vacant parishes
for Longer or shorter periods.  
‘manifold gifts, literary and ministerial’.
Died 4.9.1928 while travelling to meeting of Dunedin Presbytery.

DODDS, Rev James N.       M.A.
Recd without probation by Nth Ch 13.2.1898;
no further mention.

DODDS, Sr Miriam
b 1871  -  Ass authorized Ord as Deac 17.12.1913; 
Ord Deac 1914
Cong Deac St Andrews Ch Chch 1907-20
Cong Deac Knox Ch Dn  1922-3
Missionary in China
Headmistress of Girls' College in Christchurch (Rangi Ruru?)
Died 1931, buried at Bromley Cemetery in Christchurch 

DODDS, Rev Richard Thomson  (Dick)
b 1.2.1897; w Laura Eden Collins b 30.9.1891 m 2.12.1926 d 14.8.1980
HM Sawyers Bay DnP  1925-7
Hall 1926-8
Ord Tasman NMP  6.12.1928
South Dn 10.5.1933
Chap NZEF 1940, on leave fr parish, res 1946
Whakatane BPP 9.4.1948 res 16.8.1953  - visited Scot
Melville Hamilton 25.11.1954
Hosp Chap Hamilton 1.3.1959  ret 31.1.1964  
Died 8.11.1980

DODGE, Mr Nelson        &   Mrs Judith
b. Rangiora  Educated at rangiorra Primary School and secondary school education by correspondence.
Gained Advanced Trade Certificate in Motor Mechanics 1964 & LPG Extension 1980.
A member of the Methodist Church.
Missionary - Hosp Maintenance Engineer (shared appointment with National Council of Churches)
Appt. Herebertpur Christian Hospital, Dehra Dun, India 1981,  servicing vehicles & equipment in Hospitals
in North India; commenced March 1982, service completed 1984 & returned to NZ Mar 1982.
Returned to service with  the International Nepal Fellowship (licensed by Nepal Govt)
Pokhara Nepal  1986
Nepalganji, West Nepal 1987, returned to Chch 1990 after 6 yrs Nepal

HM Manurewa SAP 1923  res 1924  & wthd

DOIG, Rev Barry Thomas              B.A.
born 8 October 1935
Hall 1965-1967
Ordained Fortrose  Southland Presbytery, 15 February 1968
His parents, Cecil and Ruby Doig, attended his induction from Hastings. Cecil Doig was killed in the Wahine sinking, 10 April 1968
Featherston Union, Wairarapa Presbytery, 20 June 1973
Assistant, Knox, Lower Hutt, Wellington Presbytery, 16 June 1977
St Ninians, Wairau, Blenheim, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery 29 April 1982
St. David’s, Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, June 1995
Minister Emeritus 8 April 1999

DOIG, Rev John (Jack) Charles
b 5.5.1912 at Riverton
w Nita Welby Pilkington  b 14.8.1913 m 12.1.1946
Attended Otago Boys’ High School, later working as an Insurance Agent. Through
the influence of the Oxford Group Movement he decided to train for the ministry.
Theological Hall 1939-41
Ordained Ross WsP 16.12.1941 – the Parish extended from Franz Josef to Jackson’s Bay.
Cromwell-Arrowtown COP 7.2.1946
Bluff  SP  11.2.1952
Weston-Totara NOP 18.5.1961
Newlands Union WnP 1.2.1968
Takapau-Norsewood HBP 10.7.1975 - retired 30.6.1977 to Auckland.
Relieving Minister at Redcliffe’s Parish, Queensland, Australia May 1979 to Feb 1980.
Voluntary Chaplain at North Shore Hospital 1980 to 1985
Presbytery visitor to retired ministers on the North Shore and assisted the Rev Don Mence
at St Philip’s Union Parish at Birkdale.
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland
President of the National Council of Churches.
“Jack was a much loved and highly respected man of integrity. He was unassuming, friendly
and always helpful. Jack had no enemies and countless frinds.” (from Obit.)
Died c.1998-99 after suffering for some time with alzheimers.

Maori Miss
Maranga Maori Girls Hostel Pentland Ave Ak 1969

DOMBROSKI, Rev Christopher R.          L.Th.
Methodist Church
Mangonui County Union NP  1.2.1988
Foxton-Shannon Co-op  MnP   1.2.1994 

DON, Rev Alexander
b 22.1.1857 Ballarat Victoria Australia, son of John Don, a miner;
w Amelia A. Warne, of Bendigo Victoria  b 21.11.1860  m 14.4.1883  d 20.3.1937
He left school at age 10, having passed Std 6 (Form 2) and took odd jobs in mining industry at
Bendigo.   His Bible Class leader advised him to qualify for teaching, and at 15 he passed the
entrance examination; he began as pupil teacher at Bendigo.  While teaching 1873-79, he devoted
himself to entomology, taught Sunday School, was Precentor (lead the singing) in Church; he was
a member of the Board of Management of the YMCA, later Secretary.
Hearing the Rev John G. Paton speak on the New Hebrides Mission (1877) he offered his services
as a Missionary to the New Hebrides (Vanuatu); he was advised to go to Otago (Australian
Presbyterian had Mission in Northern part of New Hebrides, and the NZ Presbyterian Church in
the Southern part).  After some correspondence he was appointed 2nd Assist at Port Chalmers School
in 1879. At Port Chalmers he took part in cricket, football, sprinting, field sports, taught  music at
school and wrote regular articles for the Australian and NZ press.
At that time the Church was looking for a young man to go to China to learn the language and then
return to work among the Chinese immigrant miners in Otago gold fields.  As there hadn’t been an
opportunity to go to the New Hebrides (the Church unable to support additional men) he offered to
go to China and learn the language to return and work among the Chinese in NZ. He went to the
Canton area and was there 16 months; then he had an attack of yellow fever, and had to return to NZ. 
His health restored, he entered the Theological Hall in 1881 for 1 year
Theological Hall Dunedin 1881.
He was then stationed at Riverton 1882.  In 1883 he married Amelia Warne; he was then -
Ordained Lawrence CP 21.4.1886
Missionary to the Chinese 1 May 1889
There was a large Chinese community in the district.  He toured the gold fields regularly, mainly on foot,
or in a gig.  On 18 tours he walked 16,000 miles.  Later he was stationed at Dunedin; then at -
Palmerston North  28.5.1913.
From 1879 to 1913 he was the sole Missionary to Chinese in NZ (Anglicans and Baptists had clergy
who helped as a sideline).  Don was conservative in outlook (the common stance at the time) but over
the years he warmed to the Chinese and supported them more and more in political and social issues
and activities as the years passed.
Appointed as Foreign Missions Secretary by the PCNZ General Assembly 16.12.1913; 
Moved to Dunedin 4.1914,  retired 31.3.1923.
Moderator of the General Assembly 1907;  author of ‘Light in Dark Isles’, ‘Peter Milne of Nguna’,
‘Memories of the Golden Road’ (History of the Presbyterian Church in Central Otago) .
‘He had an extraodrinary capacity for work, untiring  industry , businesslike detail and methodical habits
and a passion for meticulous accuracy in detail.  A man of faith and vision devoted to the Chinese.  His
inland tours among the Chinese miners, visiting small settlements in the gullies of Central Otago were an
annual part of his work, giving him the idea of visiting villages in Canton, and led to the foundation of the
Canton Villages Mission, an undertaking hardly possible without the experience and proposal  by Mr Don.
He began and edited for many years the Outlook “Knots and Puzzles” [children’s Bible knowledge competition],
a valuable work in encouraging young people to have an accurate knowledge of the Bible.  He was the
Church’s delegate to the National Conference of China 4.1922 at Shanghai, and to the General Assembly of
the Church of Christ in China.’                     
Retired to Ophir in Central Otago.   
Died 2.11.1934 suddenly on the train on his way to Dunedin carrying with him the newly completed manuscript
of his book on the History of the Presbyterian Church in Central Otago which he was taking to the publishers.
The manuscript went missing and his son-in-law, William J. Bennett, ably finished the book using Don’s copious
original notes.
Interred in Southern Cemetery, Dunedin.

DONALDSON, Rev Charles E.
HM,   Ord HM 1909
HM Scargill ChP 1910
Morere & Nuhaka HBP  1912

DONALDSON, Rev Robert  Euan      M.A.(Melbourne); B.D.(Westminster, Philadelphia)
b 27.1.1928
Licensed in Tasmania Mar 1965
First Church, Papakura (Supply)  SAP  Feb 1966 to Aug 1966
Ordained under Special Regulation 170,  Apr 1966 
Ind. Wairau Blenheim NMP 4.8.1966 - pastoral tie dissolved 9.5.1967
Resigned from ministry 8.8.1967 and went to the USA.

HM Pohangina WgP 1908

DOUGLAS,  Rev A. Frost
Minister at Alnwick, Northumberland,  arr Christchurch NZ 1.1871,  and did much Church
Extension work.
St Pauls Christchurch ChP 1873
Westport WsP  7.1875
Greymouth WsP  3.1876 - resigned 1876
Presbytery of Spain and Portugal 1892 – involved in Mission work among Presbyteries.

DOUGLAS, Rev David James            M.A., B.Theol.
w Margaret Doris  m 15 May 1976
Theological Hall 1982-1984
Ordained Assistant Minister, St Andrews Gisborne 27 January 1985
Bulls-Turakina-Fordell WgP 3.2.1987 - resigned 14 June 1988
Counsellor with Catholic Social Services  7 March1989,
Palmerston North  (Lodged Certificate Wanganui Presbytery)
St.James Union Woodville (Part Time) Manawatu Presbytery February 1997
Hospital Chaplain Hamilton  Waikato Presbytery  July 2001
Minister within the Bounds  Waikato Presbytery  26 March 2002
Minister within the Bounds  Wanganui Presbytery 14 August 2003
Minister within the Bounds Bay of Plenty Presbytery  2004
Minister within the Bounds Wellington Presbytery 8 January 2007
Other Recognised Minister, Wellington Presbytery 17 June 2008

DOUGLAS, Rev Samuel        M.A.(Glas)
fr FC Scot; b  Dalbeatie, Kirkcudbrightshire 20.12.1854.
Studied arts at Edinburgh University then 1 yr theol Edin, arr NZ 1879.
HM Mangonui & Whaingaroa NP, with occasional visits to Nelson area & Bay of Islands
district 1879-81
Ord Waipawa HBP 26.10.1882 res 1886;  visit to Scot 1887, returned 1888       
Port Ahuriri & Meanee HBP 18.7.1889
Died 3.12.1893, drowned in local flood

DOUGLAS, Very Rev William             M.A.
b 24.1.1837
w.(?) b.(?) d.(?) Predeceased him - no other information
Appointed to New Zealand by the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland 5 Mar 1873.
Came to New Zealand as Probationer.
Ord Akaroa ChP  2.12.1874
Hokitika WsP  29.3.1881
Evans Bay  Wn (Roseneath, Kilbirnie & Miramar) 1907; charge grew and was raised to a fully sanctioned
charge 1908; 51 members added at one Communion after an evangelistic mission.
Retired 31.8.1913 to Hawkes Bay and supplied in district.
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (Northern) 1882 
Died 21.5.1920, aged 83

DOULL, Rev Alexander            M.A.
born: 25 September 1871, Fetlar, Shetland
wife: Emily Muriel Robinson born: 15 August 1875 married: 13 April 1898 died: 26 September 1963
Enrolled in New College, Edinburgh, 1894-1896
Student Minister from Edinburgh - came to New Zealand 1892
Kereru (Shannon, Levin, Kereru, & Manakau) Student Preacher 1892
Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 1894
Licensed by Wanganui Presbytery 1896
Bulls, Wanganui Presbytery, 1897
Ordained Rangiora, Christchurch Presbytery, 27 May 1897
Otahuhu/Tamaki/Howick, Auckland Presbytery, 10 February 1903 (one record gives Induction date as 10 March 1903)
Palmerston North, 6 July 1910 - resigned 31 May 1922 due to ill-health
Son of Rev J. Doull; Brother of Sr E.W. Doull; Conenor of Temperance Committee;
Convenor of Maori Mission Committee for several years. 
Moderator of Northern Assembly 1884
Died 12 May 1923

DOULL, Sr Euphemia White
born: Fetlar, Shetland, 1870
Maori Mission - nurse, maternity and Karitane training; served faithfully in Mission from 1919-1938
Accepted for Maori Mission 1919, to serve Nuhaka as assist to Nurse Alexander when Hospital built (not built till 1921).
Taupo, 1919 - taking lessons in Maori language for three months from Rev H.J. Fletcher
Ruatahuna, December 1919
Te Whaiti, January 1920
Nuhaka, October 1920
Matahi, 1923-1931
Waiohau, 19 December 1935 (she had reaached retiring age, but desired to serve further, so transferred to a lighter station).
retired 30 April 1938
Daughter of Rev J. Doull
Died: 27 August 1957

DOULL, Rev James
born: circa 1832 at Ceylon, in India, the son of Alexander Doull, a Sergeant in the British Army, and Honoura(h) Doyle. Alexander Doull was later an assistant shop-keeper 1851, and a teacher 1861; both positions at Latheron, Caithness.
wife: Jane Anderson baptized: 13 December 1830 Linlithgow, West Lothian, daughter of Alexander Anderson and Euphemia White, married: 1869 died 1897
Theological training at New College, Edinburgh, 1859-1863
Fetlar Parish (Free Church of Scotland) Shetland; Ordained 1866
Appointed to New Zealand by the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland 17 Sept 1872.
To New Zealand :
Inducted Bulls (Lower Rangitikei Parish) Wanganui Parish May 1873 - retired 1906
Moderator of the General Assembly (Northern) 1884
Held important offices in the Church; Clerk of Wellington Presbytery.
Father of Rev A. Doull, and of Sr E. Doul
Died: 1907

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