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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

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HARVEY, Rev Dorothy Margaret              (Previously known as Sr. Dorothy)
b. Invercargill
NZ Library Association Certificate (1961), two units for B.A. : Anthropology &
Phenomenology of Religion 1971-72
A member of the Presb. Church of NZ since 1954
Employed by the Timaru Public Library 1958-65
Deaconess College 1965-67, gained Diploma 1967.
Ordained Deaconess Andersons Bay Dunedin  Dunedin Presbytery, 8 February 1968 - resigned 13.7.1975
Hospital Chaplain’s course – 3 months during 1975
Dunedin Teacher’s College Library 1975
Licensed for Minister (probationer)  1975 (3 months)
Relieving Minister Waikaka Valley MtP  SS 3.2.1976 — resigned 5 October 1976
Missionary,  Papua New Guinea, on staff from 1 January 1977
Librarian, Gaulim Teachers College under the United Church of Papua New Guine, 1 January 1977
Left NZ 28.2.1977
Returned to NZ 9.12.1979 and off staff from 9.3.1980
Ordained Minister in Timaru 27 April 1980
Re-appointed to Mission staff 1.5.1980
Appt. Assistant to Communications Secretary, Christian Conference of Asia, Singapore 27.4.1980
Left NZ 6.5.1980
Returned to NZ 5.7.1982
Appt. Archivist for the World Council of Churches, Geneva Switzerland  Sept. 1982 - resigned 31.10.1984
Returned to NZ 30.10.1984
Administration Officer, Council for Mission and Ecumenical Co-operation 11 March 1985 — resigned 31 January 1987 — attended World Council of Churches in Geneva, returned to New Zealand 18 March 1987
Minister within the Bounds  WnP 
Interim Moderator, St Andrew's on the Terrace 12 February 2001
St Anselm’s, Karori West, Wellington (Associated Churches of Christ Appointment), Wellington Presbytery, 26 June 2003
Minister Emerita, Wellington Presbytery, 11 July 2010

HARVEY, Rev John Lamb
b 30.11.1870
w Elizabeth b 17.12.1868 m 12.11.1895
From Scotland(?)
Licensed by the N. of England B. Assn (?) 20.6.1895
Licensed by the N. of England B. Assn (writing hard to decipher) 25.6.1895
To New Zealand :
Received 1920
St Andrews Auckland 25.10.1921 - resigned 30.6.1928 and returned to Scotland.

HARVEY, Rev William J.
HM - came from Tasmania with excellent testimonials.
Island Bay WnP 1912
Otorohanga WkP  1913
Norsewood HBP 1914
Riccarton Chch 1916
Riwaka NMP 1917
St Heliers AP 1921
Died  1922

HARVIE, Dr Adam Hamilton   M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.S.(England & Edinburg), D.T.M.(Calcutta)  
b  8.10.1894 Mosgiel;
w (1) Ada Elizabeth Williamina Stringer b 13.9.1895 Kurow - m 19.8.1925  d. 16 Sept 1965
w (2) Dorothy May Mathew b 9.2.1896 m 3.6.1967 d 4.2.1976
Educated at Ngapuna Primary School, Middlemarch Primary School, Normal School Dunedin
and at the Univesity of Otago where he graduated M.B.Ch.B. in 1924. Served for one year as
House Surgeon at Auckland Public Hospital. After completing studies married Ada Stringer,
a teacher and daughter of an Oamaru elder.
War serv 13.3.1917 to 9.2.1919; 
Ordained as Missionaries to the Punjab India at Knox Ch Dn 3.9.1925;
“Own Missionaries” of Knox Church Dunedin.
Arr. India  11.1925
Appt. Medical Superintendent of Jagadhri Hosital Punjab India 11.1925
Three daughters born in India.
Dr Harvie was awarded the Sir Charles Hastings Clinical Prize which was established by the Medical
Council for the systematic observation, research, and record in general practice. Dr Harvies’ clinical
study was on “Amoebiasis : its Syndrome and Other Clinical Features”. His third contribution towards
this prize, it included much careful clinical observation among both European and Indian Communities.
It is a distinguished achievement to gain this prize, which is not awarded except to a contributor
whose work is of a very high order of merit.
Mrs Harvie returned to NZ on furlough on 1.5.1939 then did valuable deputation work.
Dr Harvie went to Great Britain in 1939 to take his F.R.C.S. Degree.
in London, being assisted by the Post Graduate Study Fund.
Dr Harvie returned to NZ due to personal reasons and the educational needs of their family on 29.5.1939.
Resigned from Mission service 31.12.1939 and withdrew. 
Dr Harvie entered private practice in Wellington.
They became committed to MRA (Moral Rearmament).
Died 30.9.1978

HARVIE, Mrs A.H.             see                 Mathew, Dorothy

HASLETT, Mr Thomas
HM Riverton Outfields SP  stud 1908

HASLOP, Rev James             B.A.
born 29 July 1888
wife Isabella Mary born 27 March 1889 married 5 July 1917 died 22 November 1978
From Falkirk, Scotland
Began pioneering work in West Canada 1912
Graduated Magill University
Theological training at Manitoba College
Ordained Winnipeg, 1917
Ministry in West Canada, 1917-1927
Invited to New Zealand by George Budd to be Home Missionary
Came and received by Assembly with 1 year probation, 22 November 1927,br /> Arrived New Zealand, 5 December 1927.
Te Aroha, Waikato Presbytery, supply while Minister on leave 1928
Inducted Hamilton East Knox, 15 December 1928
Te Aroha, Waikato Presbytery, 15 March 1935 — retired 29 July 1953 
Clerk, Waikato Presbytery
Died 2 July 1960 Te Aroha

HM Tokanui-Waikawa SP 1925 res 1926 & wthd.

HASTINGS, Archdeacon  David
Ang Ch
Awatere-Flaxbourne, Shared Min  NMP  1.5.1992

HASZARD, Rev Ian William          BA., Dip.Th.
born Auckland to a church family at Papakura Presbyterian Church
wife: Joy Patricia nee Duncan, married 20 December 1969 Baptist, a trained milliner. They met at a Christian Endeavour Convention.
Commitment to Christ at a young age, told his primary school teacher he wanted to be a minister, and from high school age preparing for ministry in the Presbyterian Church.
Head prefect, Papakura High School; Bledisloe Cup holder 1962; junior leader, Boys' Crusaders
Bachelor of Arts 1966 Auckland University; Diploma in Theology 1969 Knox Theological Hall
Theological Hall 1967-1969
licensed 15 January 1970
Ordained Centre Bush, Southland Presbytery, 26 February 1970
Te Anau-Mossburn, Southland Presbytery, 2 July 1981
Lower Waitaki, North Otago Presbytery, 31 July 1984
Popotunoa, (Clinton, Clutha Presbytery), 10 December 1987
St Andrew’s, Stoke, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 10 May 2001
Minister Emeritus, Nelson Marlborough, 28 September 2008
Member, Trinity Temuka
Hobby included gathering parts to restore old cars

HATCH, Rev James (Jim) B.
w. Joyce
Bessemer, Alabama, United States of America
St Pauls Invercargill (on exchange) SP 15.4.1983
Mossburn - Te Anau (yoked parish) Stated Supply SP 1.5.1985 to 2.2.1986
"He worked continously to create a united Church family in the parish [Mossburn] and attaining much success
in doing so, at the same time strengthening and encouraging those who held office in the church, to the extent
that the effects of his ministry will be felt for many years."

HAUGH, Claire
commissioned Local Shared Ministry, Trinity Temuka, Alpine Presbytery, 28 January 2024

HAUMATE, Rev Hariata
born Bay of Plenty, of Tuhoe iwi, grew up speaking the Maori language and immersed in tradition at Ruatahuna in the Ureweras, raised in Presbyterian Church and Ringatu faith
Attended Turakina Maori Girls' College, Rev John Laughton sent her to help at missions in Wairoa, Matahi and Waiohau
husband Te Hira Haumete Mika, Ringatu minister, born 24 June 1927 married 14 March 1960 died 2003
Amorangi - Southern Urewera Maori Pastorate (Te Aka Puaho), 3 June 2000 — resigned 31 January 2004
Student/Ordinand, Theological Hall, 2004
National Ordained Minister - Southern Urewera Maori Pastorate (Te Aka Puaho), 23 January 2005
Wellington Maori Pastorate (Te Aka Puaho), 18 March 2006
Minister Emerita 20 February 2014
First cousin to Mona Riini 

HAUNGA, Rev Lavietani (Tani) nee Mafi        B.Min. (Laidlaw)
born Tofoa, Tongatapu, Tonga, moved to New Zealand aged 15 years, elder at Greenlane, 2005
husband Iki
Intern St Andrew's First, Symonds Street, Auckland, Northern Presbytery 2012 to 3 December 2013
Minister Mt Albert Parish, Northern Presbytery 11 December 2013

HAUXWELL, Rev Francis Marmaduke
From Free Church of Scotland as Probationer, arrived 1878
Ord Malvern ChP 23.12.1878
Papanui ChP  25.1.1882 - resigned Sept 1885 and returned to Scotland.

HAVEA, Rev Manoa
Methodist Minister
St Paul’s Union Church Taupo, Kaimai Presbytery, 6 February 2021

HAVILITAMA, Rev Steve Kalene        LTh., Dip.Min.
born Avatele, Niue
wife (1) Florrence (Florrie) married 28 September 1991 died 7 June 1990
wife (2) Flendar
Licentiate of Theology 1988 St John's College; Diploma of Ministry 1990 Knox College
Theological Hall  1990
Ordained Assistant Northcote North Shore Presbytery 15 June 1991
Appointed Stated Supply Niue Parish Development Unit, North Shore Presbytery 21 June 1994; inducted 11 September 1994 — resigned 31 May 1996 Niuean Parish was closed
Minister Within the Bounds, North Shore Presbytery 25 June 1996
Minister Within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery 8 October 1996
Honorary Associate Minister, Knox, Parnell, Auckland Auckland Presbytery 10 December 1996 — finished 30 September 1999
Minister Within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery, January 1999
moved to Australia circa 2005

HAWE, Rev  Hannah Letitia (Sr Leta)
b 16.12.1925 at County Cavan, Ireland.
Came to NZ as an infant, settling in the Waikato.
Attended Waharoa Primary School, Matamata Intermediate School and Matamata
High School. Returned to help at home on the farm after comleting her 6th form year. 
Taught in Sunday School and in the Bible in Schools programme, played the Church
organ, arranged the Church flowers, attended PWMU meetings, participated in
Bible Class, and held a number of offices in the Waikato East Bible Class District
Committee, culminating in the position of Young Women’s President. 
Deaconess College, Dunedin 1952-54
Ordained Deaconess at St Pauls Wanganui  WgP 3.2.1955 -
Served here in a Team Ministry with the Rev Ian Borrie and the Rev Noel Williams.
Deaconess Khandallah WnP  29.5.1970
Associate Minister Khandallah WnP 21.2.1978
Ordained Minister Khandallah WnP 23.4.1975
Burwood United / St Kentigerns, Christchurch  ChP  6.7.1978 - retired 17.12.1990
During study leave in 1986, she travelled to Geneva in Switzerland and to Princeton
in the USA to attend courses.
While at Wanganui she was accepted as a radio presenter for the Sunday night
‘Evening Devotions’ programme. Board member of the YMCA and later President,
served a term as President of the Wanganui Presbyterial, National President of the
Deaconess Association (representing the Association at Conferences in the USA
and Germany), Moderator of Christchurch Presbytery.
She shared in working towards the ordination of women to the Ministry of Word
and Sacrament and to the decision of the General Assembly that as the Ministry
was now open to women that the Church cease recruiting women for the Deaconess
Developed an interest in the Hospice Movement at Burwood and this became
her priority interest in Wanganui where she retired.
“Leta often marvelled that God would choose to call a quiet country girl into service
and give her such an enriching ministry.” (from Obit.)
Died 15 January 2002 at the Home of Compassion, Wanganui, after a long illness.

HAWEA, Miss M.
Maori Miss - Maori Boys Farm School Te Whaiti
Assist   Tokaanu 1.2.1956 res14.12.1956
Assist Matron, Pentland Ave Hostel Ak 1962 

HAWEA, Rev Tame (Tom)
b. at Te Teko.
w (1) Jean Maraea Te Puia Ngatai (First Maori Deaconess and trained at
Te Wananga for two years at same time as Tom) b 1 May 1932 m 6 April 1957 d 1 September 1981 
w (2) Shona Frances   m 13 September 1986
Secondary education at Te Whaiti Maori Boys’ Farm & Training School.
Appointed Assistant at Te Whaiti Maori Boys’ Farm, 27 March 1951
Student at Te Wananga (Maori Theological College) Whakatane 1954-1956
Ruatahuna, 9 December 1956
Ordained Ruatahuna, 4 February 1960
Te Whaiti, 15 February 1960
Auckland Maori, 6 September 1961
Wellington Maori, 6 June 1962 
Kawerau Maori, 22 December 1966
Taupo Maori, 12 April 1969
Whakatane Maori, 23 December 1972
Moderator of Maori Synod, May 1973 to 19 October 1975
Flaxmere Co-operating, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 20 October 1975- resigned 31 December 1975
Merrivale-Waiau, Southland Presbytery, 8 April 1979
Whakatane Maori, 2 February 1986  - retired 31 December 1989
Minister Emeritus, December 1995
Putauki Maori Pastorate (Maori Synod), December 1995
Eltham Kaponga Co-operating, Taranaki Presbytery, February 1997
Died 7 March 2016

HAWEA, Mrs T.              see                    Ngatai, Jean

Local Team Ministry, St Paul's, Invercargill, Southland Presbytery 2009-2010

HAWKER, Rev Gabriel (Gabe)
wife Sheree
born Dunedin, moved to Oamaru aged three years until ten, twenty years in Christchurch
Graphic designer, and youth director at Hope Hornby, Christchurch
Bachelor of Ministry 2013 Laidlaw College
Intern, Grants Braes, Dunedin, 2018-2019, and The Seedling, Dunedin, 2018
Graduation, First Church, Dunedin, 4 December 2019
Licensed, East Taieri Church, Southern Presbytery, 5 December 2019
Ordained minister (60% stated supply), Mornington Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, Southern Presbytery, 23 February 2020
Other Recognised Minister, Southern Presbytery, 23 February 2021

HAWKEY, Rev Graham E.
Meth Ch
Greymouth District Union WsP 2.1982 to 31.1.1990 

HAWKSWORTH, Rev Alan Duncan             B.A., B.Th.
born Zambia, Africa, lived in New Zealand since 1964
wife Carol Margaret Raper married 30 January 1982
both studied at Massey and worked for the Post Office
Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and Religious Studies 1987 Massey University; Bachelor of Theology majoring in Theology and Pastoral Studies 1986 Otago University
Theological Hall Dunedin 1984-86
Ordained St James Waihi Waikato Presbytery 18 December 1986
Minister Within the Bounds, Waikato Presbytery 30 November 1988
Ruawai Co-operating Parish Northland Presbytery 24 June 1990
Eltham-Kaponga Co-operating Parish Taranaki Presbytery 13 February 1997 — resigned 13 May 2002
Minister within the Bounds May 2002
Removed from Roll 9 July 2012

Miss Volunteer - New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
Rep 1965:  thanks for service as carpenter volunteer at TTI.

HAY, Sr Barbara Elizabeth                      Mrs J. Cunningham
b. Waimate. Educated at Waimate High School.  General Nursing at Oamaru Hospital (1960-63),
and Midwifery at St Helen’s Hospital Auckland (1964).
Deaconess College 1965  (Mission course)
Set Apart for Mission service by the Presbytery of Timaru 21.12.1965
Attended All Saints College Sydney Jan to Jun 1966
Appt. Missionary Nurse at Vaemali Hospital Epi New Hebrides (Vanuatu) 1.1.1966
Arrived New Hebrides 17.6.1966     
Returned to NZ 14.12.1971 and resigned from Mission staff  29.2.1972
Married John Cunningham 1973.

HAY, Rev Colin Francis
born 1 January 1942 in Oamaru
wife Margaret Areta  married 13 January 1968
A varied work history before training for ministry including stock clerk; Air Force; and top-dressing pilot in South Canterbury
Theological Hall, 1970-1972
Ordained Raglan Union, Waikato Presbytery, 8 February 1973
Popotunoa (Clinton), Clutha Presbytery, 7 July 1977          
West Dunedin Union, Kaikorai, Dunedin Presbytery, 2 December 1982 — resigned 30 January 1988
Lincoln Union, Christchurch Presbytery (Stated Supply for 2 years),  25 January 1988
Inducted Lincoln Union, Christchurch Presbytery, 20 July 1989
Chaplain, Devonport Naval Base, North Shore City, North Shore Presbytery, March 1999
St Paul’s, Oamaru, North Otago Presbytery, April 2001
Minister Emeritus, Dunedin and North Otago Presbytery, 30 November 2008
Stated Supply (part-time), St Paul’s Oamaru, Dunedin and North Otago Presbytery, 1 December 2008
Superintedent, Oamaru Union Parish (Christ of Christ / Methodist) — closed 24 January 2016
Minister Emeritus, South Canterbury Presbytery, 9 March 2011
Aviation enthusiast, civilian and Royal New Zealand Navy service; "The Reverend", Heritage and Sport Aviation North Otago
died 11 October 2019 at Timaru aged 77 years

HAY, Rev David Henry                  B.A.
b 26.9.1899;
w Gladys Ellen Jane nee Johnston  b 5.3.1901 m 28.4.1926
Hall 1923-5
Ord Knapdale MtP 11.12.1925
Waikato East   23.5.1929
Dargaville NP 3.5.1934
Woodville MnP 31.10.1938
Oreti SP  30.8.1939 res 21.10.1942
Bluff SP 28.10.1943 res 15.8.1944 ill-health

HAY, Rev George
w. (?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?) 
From the Church of Scotland, completed his studies and came out with his family to New Zealand.
Kumara (Student Probationer) WsP 1883
Ordained Kumara and Stafford WsP 10.1884 - resigned 1886
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of New South Wales 1885
Cooma Jan 1886 to Jun 1890
Gunnedah-Boggabri Oct 1891 to Dec 1892
Church Extension Agent, Canterbury-Rosedale 1893 to 25.7.1896 but continued to operate in this
Area after that date.
Declared no longer a Minister of the Church by the Presbytery of Sydney 11.8.1896 for “following
Divisive courses”. Confirmed on appeal to the General Assembly 6.5.1897
d. (?)

HAY, Rev Gilbert Angus
b 29.1.1916 Chch;
w Margaret Sloan b 22.11.1918 m 16.11.1940 d 14.2.1986
After marriage was in Army in Wn for 6  yrs to end 1946; from 1946-58 they were
members of St Albans Chch, & while there he was recd as stud for min.
Hall 1958-9 (special 2 yr course)
Ord Albury SCP 3.12.1959
Richmond Grove Invercargill 9.5.1963
St Martins Chch 8.2.1973
Died 30.7.1977

HAY, Rev James           B.A.,B.D.(Webster USA)
b 6.11.1887 Shetland Islands, Scotland;
w Agnes b 20.1.1881 m 17.3.1910 d 22.11.1971
He came to NZ 1903; worked in grocery trade in Christchurch.
HM Morere & Nuhaka HBP 1913 
Ordained HM 1916
Port Ahuriri HBP 1918-22
Theological Hall 1923  (final yr)
Ordained Minister Cambridge WkP 13.12.1923
Nelson 8.6.1932  retired 31.12.1952 -  20 yrs.
In WW2 he was Chap for Army Camps in Nelson district. 
Convener of Maori Missions Committee 1928-1932
Father of Rev W.R.M. Hay.    
(The records leave doubt whether the above HM entries refer to this man or another of same name.) 
Died 18.1.1967 Nelson
Father of Rev WRMcD Hay 

HAY, Rev James Allison
b 24.8.1916 at Whangarei
w (1) Joyce Nellie b 14.7.1918 m 23.2.1944 divorced 1968  
w (2) Joan Lillian Guy b 23.11.1918 m 14.11.1981
As no local seconday education, went to live with his Aunt and uncle in Blenheim
where he attended Marlborough College. Taught Sunday School and Bible Class, being
ordained an Elder at the age of 19.
After a time dairy farming with his Brother, served with the Artillery section of the Home
Force Army for 5 years during World War Two.
Joined the Home Missionary service 18.2.1944
HM student at PioPio 1944
HM Johnsonville WnP  1946, Ordained Home Missionary 5.12.1946
HM Waitati DnP 1948 – studied for the Ministry while at Waitati.
Theological Hall, Dunedin1952-54
Ordained Minister Drury SAP  10.2.1955; deposed & pastoral tie dissolved 8.5.1964
Worked as a Builder for 6 years then as a Teacher at Kaitaia College for 7 years.
Reinstated to the PCNZ 1976.
Assistant Minister Levin MnP 3.2.1977 – assumed sole responsibility after the
departure of the Rev Angus Ross - retired 31.1.1982
In retirement, Jim led an active and busy life serving as Interim Minister at Feilding
and Wanganui and relieving at Shannon, Woodville, Waitarere and Levin. He was
interested in the healing ministry, becoming Regional Chaplain of the Order of St
Luke between 1975 and 1993 and started the Horowhenua Chaplaincy Association.
“His interest in life and all living souls was compassionate, kind and selfless. He
never spoke ill of anyone and at all times offered praise, encouragement and hope
in a courteous and gentlemanly way. His quick wit, dry sense of humour and his
delightful chuckle will long be remembered.
A man of tremendous faith, who, without doubt, left much for the betterment of
all whom he touched.” (from Obit.)
Died 12.12.1996

HAY, Rev Peter Scott                   M.A.  
b 12 March 1844 in Banffshire;
w Margaret Ross, daughter of Alexander Ross of Kincardineshire, m 1878, died 17 March 1911 aged 63. Interred at Duntroon Cemetery. 
Educated King’s College. St. Mary’s School Master. Licensed Aberdeen Presbytery 1874.
Came from Church of Scotland as probationer
Ordained Tauranga, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, January 1877, resigned 1 June 1881;  received by Synod of Otago and Southland, 13 January 1882
Duntroon, North Otago Presbytery, 1882; 
He was first Minister of Upper Waitaki, a widely scattered parish;  retired 31 March 1913, a ministry to the parish of 32 years
He was a man of great physical vigour - travelled in spite of flooded rivers and impassable roads.  He possessed expert knowledge of medicine and the more ordinary diseases. 
There was no doctor in the whole district, and memorable tales of his skill and experience were told long after he had left.  As a preacher he was always well prepared & logical. His knowledge of Church law was invaluable.
Died 31 May 1925, Auckland, after long and painful illness, aged 81, interred alongside his wife in Duntroon.

HAY, Rev Thomas Mouat Cameron            M.A.,B.D.
b 27.9.1913 Chch;
w Isabel Constance b 22.11.1912  m 30.9.1943 d 22.4.1975
Hall 1938-49
Ord Locum Tenens Mosgiel DnP  20.2.1941, Chap RNZAF Taieri
Chap 1941 - Army in NZ; in 1942 res Commission as Chap & enlisted as private;
served in Middle East & Italy till end of War (WW2).
Crookston MtP 14.1.1947
Alexandra-Clyde COP 11.9.1958
He gained his MA in Hebrew at OU; lectured in Hebrew at OU; examined in Hebrew; 
Chmn Bd of Govs Columba Coll Dn.
Died 8.12.1966 in office

HAY, Rev William Ronald (Ron) McDonald                B.A.
b 7.4.1916
w Eileen Emily Mildred Madill, (daughter of Rev J.D.C. Madill)
b 15.3.1913 m 26.11.1941
Educated at Cambridge, Hamilton & Nelson College. Undertook his BA studies at
Canterbury University College.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1939-41
Licensed by Nelson Presbytery Oct 1941
Ord Albury-Cave SCP 16.12.1941 - resigned 7.8.1945
Chaplain to Forces World War Two (on leave from parish) 1945
St Albans Christchurch  ChP  21.11.1945
Devonport NSP 20.4.1950
St Pauls Napier HBP 14.3.1957
Minister Emeritus 30.4.1981
Highlights in Rons’ career included taking a service in St Paul’s (Napier) during 1963 which
was attended by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal family; being head hunted by
the Navy as a Chaplain – but turning them down in favour of Parish Ministry; and being a son
of the manse.
"A holy man, he was nevertheless well-informed of local issues, and involved himnself in them.
In his integrity, he was fearless in his views, which, however, could always be lightened by his
gentle but penetrating humour.
Ron Hay was a warm and stroing communicator of the Gospel. Equally warm and caring was
his pastoral concern. Remarkably humane, for people in trouble he was always there."
(From Memorial Minute)
A son of the Rev James Hay
Died 2 Aug 2007 at Napier 

HAYES, Rev Horiana Georgina (Bunny)
Licentiate, 2011
Associate amorangi minister, Whakatane Maori Pastorate, Te Aka Puaho, 27 March 2011
Associate amorangi minister, Taneatua Maori Pastorate, Te Aka Puaho, 29 January 2017

HAYES, Rev William W.
from USA
Cheviot ChP  SS 12.4.1991

HAYMAN, Rev Frank Thomas              B.E.,B.Sc.
b 25.6.1928
w Valmae Joy  m 9.1.1965
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1965-67
Licensed by Wairarapa Presbytery 1967
Ord Grey Lynn, Auckland AP 22.2.1968 - resigned 28.2.1973
Honorary Assistant Minister Parnell, Auckland AP  1978

HAYWARD, Rev Grant C.
Ang Ch
Hauraki Plains Co-op WkP, Term completed 31.1.1992

HAYWARD, Rev John William
b 14.12.1869 Corsham, W Eng;
w Mary b 23..8.1871 m 24.5.1898 d 27.9.1958
He was trained in Hartley Primitive Meth Coll, Manchester; emigrated to NZ 1892.
HM Fordell WgP  fr 1899;  recd by Ass 19.2.1900
Ind Fordell WgP  4.6.1901
Port Ahuriri, Petane & Meanee 1904 - Visited Eng, Egypt & Palestine.
Akaroa ChP  2.9.1909
Spreydon ChP  25.11.1923, Ind  26.6.1924
Hokitika WsP 8.9.1926  ret 6.10.1930, & resided St Albans
Died 29.8.1951  

born 1838 to David Headrick and Jane McNab baptised 6 June 1838 at Whitburn, West Lothian
wife Jessie Glen Crookston born 23 August 1848, in Cadder, Lanarkshire, to George Crookston and Mary Doig, married 1867 at Whitburn, West Lothian, died 1892 in Dennistoun, Glasgow
from the Free Church of Scotland
Ordained Sandbank, Argyll, 13 September 1867; Ministered over thirty years in the Free Church of Scotland.
Left for New Zealand on the Orizaba, January 1894
Mangere, Auckland Presbytery, supply 1893-1896
Tauranga, 1897 — retired 1900 — to Scotland and died 21 September 1900 in Partick, Glasgow.
Father-in-law of Rev R. Ferguson.

HEALE, Rev Rebecca Jane (Becky)
born Auckland, New Zealand
husband (2) Rev Kris Heale
Master of Theology 2014 Otago University; Spiritual Directors Certificate, Spiritual Growth Ministries 2015
Childrens worker and Assistant Minister, Beach Haven Anglican Church 2011-2012
Ordained Anglican Curate, St Chad's Anglican Church, Meadowbank, Auckland 7 August 2014
half-time vicar, Christ Church, Ellerslie, Anglican Diocese of Auckland, 1 February 2017
Commissioned minister (1.25 full-time shared position), Glendowie Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 27 February 2019
Received 28 July 2020, Northern Presbytery
Inducted nationally ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church, Glendowie Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 2 May 2021

HEALE, Rev Kristopher Robert (Kris)
wife Rev Becky Heale
Anglican minister
Youth group leader and member of the worship team, St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church Henderson, Auckland 2001
Mission trip, Hyderabad, India, New Zealand Church Mission Society, 2004
School chaplain, Henderson Intermediate School, Churches Education Commission 2006 to 2008
College of St John the Evangelist, Meadowbank, Auckland
Bachelor of Ministry, Laidlaw College, 2009
Post Grad Diploma in Theology, University of Otago, 2010
Ordained Deacon 27 November 2010, ordained Priest 26 November 2011 Parnell Auckland
Deacon Priest Assistant, St Marks Anglican Church, Remuera, Anglican Diocese of Auckland, November 2010-January 2014
Vicar, St Peter's Pakuranga, Anglican Diocese of Auckland, February 2014
Commissioned minister (1.25 full-time shared position), Glendowie Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 27 February 2019
Received 28 July 2020, Northern Presbytery
Inducted nationally ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church, Glendowie Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 2 May 2021

HEALY, Rev Verna J.             B.Th., RGON.
RGO Nurse 1963 Auckland School of Nursing; Bachelor of Theology 1995 Otago University
Licensed Thames Union Parish, Waikato Presbytery, 2 July 1995
Ordained Kowai Christchurch Presbytery 13 July 1995
Kaikohe Union Parish (part-time) Northland Presbytery 3 August 1997
Minister within the Bounds Northland Presbytery 30 November 2000
Assistant Minister (part time) Raumanga - St John’s Co-Operating Parish  Northern Presbytery 13 February 2002
Minister Emerita Northland Presbytery 31 August 2010

HEARD, Mr Ivan John
b. Te Kuiti.
w. Ruth Gwendoline O’Connor  m. 28.4.1962
Educated at Hastings Boys’ High School & Otago University, A.T.C.L. (1956), and Ardmore College “C”
Certficate (1960).
Appt. Missionary Teacher to Ulei Senior Primary School New Hebrides (Vanuatu) Sept 1968
Commissioning Service at Titahi Bay 8.12.1968
To All Saints College Sydney for preparation 1.1969
Arrived New Hebrides 1.6.1969
Ulei, New Hebrides District Supervisory Teacher 31.1.1969
Mrs Heard and children returned to NZ 18.9.1970
Returned to NZ 8.12.1970 and resigned from Mission staff  from 8.2.1971. 

HEARD, Rev John James
b 3.8.1877 near Adelaide; w Rebecca Annie b 4.5.1907 m 29.3.1932  d 8.6.1992
He was farming near Adelaide; came to NZ & settled at Warkworth, where he helped in
BC & Sun Sch; he felt call to min & offered for HM serv.
HM Catlins ClP 1908
Brunnerton WsP  1910
Totara Flat WsP  1912
Papatowai ClP  1915, Ord HM 1917
Mangaweka WgP  1920
Raetihi WgP 1923  -  left for trip 12.1927; lic authorized by Ass 18.11.1927
Ord Min Kaikohe NP 5.3.1929
Tirau WkP  6.4.1932 res 30.11.1935
Huntly WkP  11.6.1936
Te Puke BPP 19.7.1939  ret 4.2.1943
Died 22.4.1966 Ak 

HEARD, Rev Paul D.
Ang Ch
Waihao Co-op SCP  12.1987 term completed 5.1991 

HEATHER, Sr Marjorie Kate
b 16.2.1898
Maori Miss - Maungapohatu 1924
PWTI 1923-25
Ord Deaconess at Waikaremoana 1.12.1925
Kokako 1926 - She had to leave Maori field for family reasons; she took work in Okaihau
district NP in Public Works Camps as Home Missionary. (Rep 1930)
HM Whangarei 1.6.1929 (half time worker from 1.1.1936) - resigned 31.8.1936 due to
bereavement in family.
She was appointed to Maungapophatu 1924 for the summers and returned to the PWTI
during sessions for study.   She was ordained at Whangarei in 11.1925 for her work at
Waikaremoana (as a Deaconess) where she had been appointed.  In one summer vacation
in 1.1924 when relieving at Maungapohatu, she was faced with a violent outbreak of
typhoid; she was providentially helped by the unexpected arrival in the mountain
fastness of Sr Annie Henry with a party, including a Professor from the Medical School
in Dunedin, and a final year medical student.
Died 26.6.1939

HEEMI, Miss Meeki
Maori Miss
Maori Girls Hostel Ak, Assist 1949

Overseas Volunteer
Worked on Land Development Scheme, Samoa 1980

HEGAN, Rev William Donald (Donald)         B.A., B.D., Th.Dip., Dip.Min.
w Christine Joy  married 11 December 1982
Farming in Northern Southland for six years and Youth Group Leader
Bachelor of Arts 1986 Otago University; Bachelor of Divinity 1989 Otago University; Diploma of Theology and Diploma of Ministry 1982 Australian College of Theology (Bible College of New Zealand)
Theological Hall 1986-1989,  
Licensed at Lumsden Southland Presbytery 3 December 1989
Ordained Kaikorai Union Dunedin Presbytery 14 December 1989 — resigned and lodged certificate 20 June 1999
Collegiate Minister, Central Southland Parish, Southland Presbytery, 30 April 2000 — resigned 9 November 2003
Minister Within the Bounds, Southland Presbytery, 2004
Minister, St Aidan’s, Putaruru, Waikato Presbytery, 22 June 2004
Parish Minister St Columba, Tauranga Bay of Plenty Presbytery 1 February 2007
Minister Emeritus, Kaimai Presbytery, 31 January 2021.

HEGGIE, Rev David D.
born 25 November 1881 Scottish Highlands
wife Mary Annie born 29 January 1883 
Trained in Glasgow
Soon after arriving in New Zealand with wife, he offered as Home Mission, and later Hall.   Sent by United Free Church of Scotland.
Home Missionary, Te Puke, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 1915
Brighton, Dunedin Presbytery, 1918
Hall 1918-1920
Ordained Fortrose, Southland Presbytery, 17 December 1920
South Dunedin, 2 December 1924
Cromwell, Central Otago Presbytery, 6 October 1932
Teviot (Roxburgh, Central Otago Presbytery), 3 July 1936
Patearoa-Waipiata, Central Otago Presbytery, 10 April 1947 — retired 31 March 1951
Moderator, Central Otago Presbytery, 1946
Died 1 September 1972

born Waverley South Taranaki 4 July 1921.
Educated at Waverley Primary School then took a one year course in book-keeping, typing and English.
Completed her three years General Nursing Trainingat Wellington Hospital in December 1945 where she qualified for her General Nursing Certificate, then undertook a Maternity course at Greymouth in 1947.
With a view to preparing herself further for Missionary service, she attended the Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute in Dunedin from June to November 1948.
Missionary India — Nursing Sister and “Own Missionary” of the Busy Bees.
Appointed Mission staff Punjab 1 July 1948; left New Zealand 10 December 1948
Duties initially included part time language study, working with Sister Lorna Aberley at Jagadhri Hospital, helping with the training of male nurses, working in the wards, operating theatre, outpatients’ department, and Women’s Clinics, and visiting urgent cases in homes.
New Zealand on furlough 1960 and undertook a special course at the Presbyterian Women's Training Institute till August
Returned to Jagadhri India 1960 
Returned to New Zealand 6 June 1970 and retired 10 October 1970
Continued to be intrested in medicine, mission work and people
died 3 September 2020 aged 99

HEINE, Rev Lynette
Health professional, occupational therapist
Appointed part-time lay preacher, Greymouth District Uniting Parish, West Coast, 2005
Local Ordained Minister, Greymouth and Districts Uniting Church 3 May 2024

HELLYER, Rev Bruce Arthur John             L.Th.
wife Margaret Lynnette Perry married 6 August 1966 nurse
grocery manager
Theological Hall 1977-1979
Licentiate of Theology February 1981 Joint Board of Theological Studies (Theological Hall-Dunedin)
Ordained Pahiatua Union Church Manawatu Presbytery, 16 November 1980
St James Uniting Whangarei Northland Presbytery 3 February 1986
Bell Block and Lepperton Co-operating Taranaki Presbytery 9 March 1995
Mangonui County Union Church, Kaitaia Union Parish, Northland Presbytery, 5 August 2000
Minister Emeritus, Churches Together in Auckland, 31 August 2006
Resigned Stated Supply, St James Union Parish Greerton, 9 November 2009

HEMA, Miss or Mr J.
Maori Miss, began 1925; no other information, not even whether a man or woman.

HENDERSON, Dr Albert James (Jim)         M.B.,Ch.B.,F.R.C.P.        
b. Te Awamutu 27.2.1911;
w Hester Marion Isobel Sutcliffe b 15.8.1912 m 30.1.1940  d 17.9.1991.  Hester a member of the
Federation of University Women and a keen APW member.
The son of a Doctor in Te Awamutu. Educated at Auckland Grammar School, Otago University and
Otago Medical School. Served for a year as Registrar to Sir Carrick Robertson doing surgical work.
While a student he was involved in the Student Christian Movement where he met Hester.
Missionary India - accepted  for Mission service 1936;
Rep 1939:  he will sail for England 1940, & after training in tropical medicine - to India
Jagadhri set apart 1940; began work  1.2.1940
After Dr Sutherland enlisted in the Army during World War Two, Dr Henderson had to take charge of
Jagadhri Hospital, even before he had completed the two year language course. Conditions were difficult
with low salaries, and restricted expenditure in the hospital. It was a big responsibility for a newly arrived
young Doctor to face, particularly as much of the surgery dealth with advanced cases. However Jim was
keen to help the disadvantaged and showed a real empathy with the people.
Rresigned 14.7.1947 & withdrew.
Upon returning to NZ he set up a practice in Devonport where he worked for 40 years until he retired.
He proved himself a good diagnostician. A loyal member of St Paul's Church Devonport where he was
an Elder. Served for 2 terms on the Devonport Borough Council.
"All his life he struggled for causes, often being  ahead of his time. Through the years he promoted natural
childbirth, and his work was recognised when he was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians."
“Own Missionary” of Knox Church, Dunedin
Died  8.6.1990

HENDERSON, Rev Alexander McDowell
b 20.11.1893 at Cadzow, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
w. Alice Barnes Henderson, b. 11.2.1893 at Lowwater, Hamilton, Scotland  m.(?)  d. 1975
Both came to NZ in the 1920s; formerly a farmer and coal miner. Lived first at
Millerton for 5 years then at Granity, being employed by the State Coal Mines Dept.
He was a keen Churchman; served on Management Committee and Session.
In 1942 he applied to serve as a Home Missionary; accepted 17.9.1942
HM Waitati DnP 1943 - did Home Missionary course; after completing course -
Takaka-Collingwood  NMP  1947,  Ord HM  25.9.1947
Reefton-Totara Flat WsP 1951 - retired 1954 to live at Waimangaroa, near Westport. 
“He gave service in pulpit supply from time to time after that date, and was held
in affection by many people in the Westland-Buller area and in Takaka and
elsewhere… Assembly gives thanks to God for the life, witness and ministry of
the Rev Alexander Henderson” (From  Memorial Minute)
Died 29.3.1967 at the Buller District Hospital, aged 73 years.

HENDERSON, Miss Alice E.
b 22.5.1860 (?), Lived in Lyttleton prior to becoming a Missionary.
Missionary to  India - teacher
Went out as Missionary with the Church of Scotland Mission at Madras, India in 1896, being
supported financially by the Zenana Mission of the Women’s Missionary Aid Society (Otago)
which was merged into the Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union (PWMU) in 1897.
First listed in our Foreign Mission Committee records 1902 as of CS Miss; she began before this,
on 6.11.1896, but official support from NZ only came in 1902.
Rep 1903: her appt renewed for further 5 yrs.   PWMU raises amount required for
Misses  Henderson & MacGregor;
Resigned from CS Madras Mission in 1909 & returned to New Zealand then carried
out deputation work until 1910.
She was taken over by our Ch Miss Fund when new field was opened in India in 7.1910.
She arr in Punjab with Dr W.S. Robertson on 18.11.1910. 
Own Miss of Maori Hill Ch Dn; served 35 yrs in India altogether; author of ‘The
Shield of India’ & “My Yesterdays in Sunshine & Shadow” (her autobiograhy).
Ret 8.1.1933.
“Miss Henderson came to the Mission after 13 years of varied & successful
experience in educational, Zenana & industrial work in Madras. Though past middle
life when she came to the new conditions of the North, she set herself to master the
language of this area & became proficient in Urdu. As an Educational Missionary,
she opened the school out of which the Girls’ Schools in Jagadhri grew.
When left during the First World  War with the whole of the Jagadhri Evangelistic
work on her hands, she gladly took up the responsibility, and in that work found scope
for her energy & interests. She took the work among the ‘outcastes’ as her own with
sympathy & devotion.
With a generous heart to all in trouble, her home was at times a hospital, at other times
a home for boys & girls whom she mothered, and at all times a haven of shelter for
women in need.
Her Scotch-Irish ancestry blended to make an emphatic personality. She has a quick
intelligence & vigorous habits of mind & speech. She was a women of great interests,
a great reader well versed in the lore of the home & garden, and capable of supervising
contractors or of pitching camps. Strong in her likes & dislikes, she was ever a fighter
for the cause she deemed just. With a good grasp of the Punjab Mission’s business for
nearly 20 years, she acted as secretary for the Mission Council”.
Aunt of Sr. Dorothy Mathew.
Died 13.10.1952

HENDERSON, Rev Donald W.
ex  USA
Interim Min Geraldine Co-op SCP  22.5.1994 

HENDERSON, Rev John               M.A.,Ph.D.(Edin)
b 4.6.1897 Scot; w Mary Waugh b 5.7.1900 m 21.4.1931
As a young man he battled against ill-health.  He studied under Prof H.R. Mackintosh, Edin;
also under Heim, at Tubingen, & Barth at Bonn. He was Min of St Margarets, Juniper Green,
Scot, when app to the Chair in Hall Dn.
Prof of Systematic Theology & Church History, Hall Dn, app at Ass 1943; Ind 27.4.1944 
ret 31.12.1962.
His nickname in the Hall was ‘Long John’, while Prof J.A. Allan was ‘Wee John’.   He was,
with Wee John, was instrumental in securing the Faculty of Theology at Otago Univ. 
When he ret he returned to Scot, in 1963.
Died 17.8.1982 Scotland

fr UP Ch Scot. He was a retired Indian Miss, & was recd in NZ l888 as fully accredited Min.
Hamilton,  supplied fr 1.5.1888  res 4.2.1896.   He came with a Commission & was
associated with the Ass 13.2.1889.

HENDRIE, Rev Walter Max (HEINRICHT)                 M.A.(Glas)
born: 10 December 1912 in Glasgow, Scotland
wife: Adeline Margaret Ramsay born: 18 August 1918 in Newport, Scotland, married: 22 April 1941 died: 23 April 1997 interred with husband.
From Scotland - Ordained 1942
Youth Director, Youth Department, Christchurch 5 October 1949
St Giles, Papanui, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 1 March 1956
Chalmers, Timaru, 1 September 1964 - resigned 8 November 1970
Chaplain, St Andrews College, Christchurch 11 February 1971 - retired 31 January 1977
After completing his secondary education he accepted a position as companion tutor to a German family in Rastenburg, East Prussia. On his return to Scotland he offered himself as a student for ministry in the Church of Scotland.
At Glasgow University he graduated MA in History in 1937, and entered Trinity College, Glasgow for theological training.
As a student, he was often sent to the docks to work with gangs of boys there during World War Two. This involvement with humanity-in-the-raw gave him a unique under-standing of people, which remained with him for life. After two short ministries among youth, Warden of Over-Newton Church's Club in Glasgow dockland, and Club Supervisor for the Church of Scotland Youth Committee, he was called to Inverbervie parish in 1949. There he had his first experience of religious broadcasting.
He then moved to New Zealand to take up the position of Youth Director for the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, a position he occupied with considerable distinction. After seven years in that position he returned to parish work at St Giles in Papanui, Christchurch.
(from Obit.)
Died 15 August 1990, Geraldine, interred at St. Aidan's Church Cemetery, Kakahu, Geraldine.

Maori Mission - Sister of Sr Annie Henry
Ruatahuna, assisted in interval between Sr Isobel Davidson’s         res & arrival of Miss
Melrose 1937.

HENRY, Miss Anne Eileen
b. Stratford
Educated at Warkworth Primary School & Mahurangi College Warkworth.
NZ Registered General & Obstetric Nurse 1980.
Employed by the North Canterbury Hospital Board; Tayside Health Board Perth Scotland;
St Jude’s Hospital, Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia, West Indies.
A member of the Presb. Church of NZ
Volunteer on work party group to Vanuatu.
On Overseas Mission staff from 1.9.1983
Appt. Nursing Tutor at Helena Goldie Hospital at Munda in the Solomon Islands
Commissioning Service at St Stephen’s Bryndwr Christchurch  6.11.1983
Left NZ 8.11.1983
Resigned Nov 1985
Bush Nursing Service, Australia  Feb 1986 and working in Community Clinic in NSW.

HENRY, Sr Annie  (Hehita - Maori name)              M.B.E., J.P.
b 25.7.1879 at Longwood, Riverton.
Educated at Oraki & Riverton High School.
Trained as a Teacher.
Appointed Matron at the Mananui Maori Boys’ Farm at Taumarunui 1913
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute, Dunedin 1915-16
Ordained Deaconess 24.11.1916
Maori Missionary,  appointed 1.12.1916
Appointed to Ruatahuna 1.12.1916 - sent here to open a Mission
“In that very isolated area she lived and worked with conspicuous devotion and success, at
first in very primitive conditions, for 32 years.”
She went to Ruatahuna with Miss Monfries in February 1917 to set up school for the children, while
Miss Monfries worked among homes of Maoris.  The school became too large for one teacher, with
Sr Annie being 1st Assistant Teacher in school time, and acting as Deaconess at other times. Miss
Tweed commenced in October 1917 as the new 1st Assistant Teacher, and in Jan 1918 Miss Ormsby
Commenced as a 2nd Assistant freeing Sr Annie for other work.
On 17.7.1918 she went with the Rev J.G. Laughton to Maungapohatu and helped to establish work there,
as well as opening a school.
Retired 30.11.1948
Ruatahuna - part-time service 1949
In retirement relieving at Waimana, Matahi, Kawerau Mission School and Stations. Still conducted
services with scattered Maori families and regularly visited Maori patients in Whakatane Hospital.
Attended all annual meetings of the Maori Synod till late 1960’s.
She adopted two Maori boys who were in needy circumstances, one being Peka Hinau.
“Her task as a Missionary was by no means easy as she was faced by a strong following of the Ringatu
Faith and superstition. In spite of the determination of the Elders to maintain their isolation and
allegiance to their Ringatu faith, they were shrewd enough to appreciate the benefits of education to
their descendants. In her work, Hehita (Sr Annie) visited Pa after Pa, taking Sunday Schools, services
and counselling on Sundays, and routine visitations during the week, in rain, hail and snow. Quite
often she was forced to walk because of impassable roads.
Haere e kui, Haere ki nga matua, Haere, Haere, Haere”
(From Memorial Minute - edited)
Awarded the M.B.E. in 1951
Died 29.7.1971, she was laid to rest, as per her wish, at Ruatahuna.

HENRY, Rev James                M.A.
Born  26th March 1846  Newburgh, Scotland, son of James & Isabella Henry.
Early education at at Foveran Parish School, studied at Aberdeen University 1862 to 1866,
and at Aberdeen Free Church Divinity Hall from 1866 to 1870.
Arrived in Otago 29 Jan 1873 from Scotland as Probationer.
Appointed to Waihola for 6 weeks.  
Sent to Mataura district 17.2.1874, Ord at Tuturau  May 1874 – first Minister of Lower Mataura
Parish, later at Wyndham - resigned 11.5.1884 
Lauder COP 16.12.1884 - resigned 31.12.1891
Then resided at Waikawa for seven years where he built a small cottage anticipating, along
with others, a great growth and future prosperity which never came; after that lived at
Invercargill from 1898-1917 where he became a professional Tutor, teaching ancient and modern
Languages and mathematics.
Founder of the Henry Scholarships at Knox Theological College.
In his will, he paid for the erection of three monuments to honour himself and his achievements,
one at Waikawa, one in Sydney, and one in Scotland. For someone who desperately wanted to
be remembered, the story of his life is now in almost total obscurity. His achievements in New
Zealand were in fact few and he appears to have died a disillusioned man. He was a highly
educated man who would have enjoyed a considerable prestige in Scotland had he stayed.
He came out to New Zealand to find himself placed in the “southern wilderness” among people
who had little interest in higher education, languages or culture.
(From “Around the Southern Coast” by Rev Roy Belmer, 1973) 
Died  1919 Sydney

HENRY, Miss Jean
Maori Mission - worked at Printery, Whakatane 1948
res 13.12.1951

HENRY, Rev Kimi Ngatamariki (Papa Kimi)                QSM
born 29 September 1938 in Nikao, Rarotonga, Cook Island Maori
wife Raylene Gay Milne married 28 March 1970 at the Anglican Church in Bluff
Customs and Treasury Department, Cook Islands 1958 to 1965
Arrived in New Zealand, 26 October 1965
Ocean Beach meat plant 1965-1971, Tiwai Aluminium Smelter ten years, returned to Ocean Beach as a chamber hand until it closed in 1991, calling from God and went into ministry
Started the church at Ocean Beach while working there
Elder 1975, and Session Clerk for six years under the ministry of Rev Matautia Erika, Pacific Islanders Church, Ness Street Invercargill
His application for ministry did not fit academic criteria, leading to a commission in 1995; National Assessment Committee established Limited Local Ministry, of which Kimi Henry was the first minister
Ordained Invercargill-Cook Islands Presbyterian Church (Limited Local Ministry) 25 February 1996 — Retired 31 October 2001 (Continued until 2004 as Honorary Minister)
Queens Service Medal for Public Services 2000 New Years Honours
Cook Island Representative to Non-Government Organisations in Southland and Advocate to Government Agencies for Pacific Peoples, and spokesperson on local Marae; Cultural Advisor to Polytech, schools and preschools and Cultural Tutor at Tweedsmuir Intermediate School.
Chairman, Pacific Island Advisory and Culture Trust, Invercargill, three years, constituted during his tenure; translator for Courts and Hospital.
Moderator of Southland Presbytery 2001
Played rugby, softball, and golf for Cook Islands, Bluff, Tiwai and Ocean Beach (#13 handicap); gold medal, 100 metres, first South Pacific Games, 1963
Minister Emeritus 31 Oct 2004
died 10 October 2021 at home in Invercargill, aged 83 years old

HELLYER, Rev Bruce
St James' Union Parish, Greerton, Tauranga BOP 2008

HEPBURN, Mr Anthony (Tony) Norman.                 LTh.
wife Beverley married 18 February 1966
Manager Bay of Plenty Savings Bank, Police Inspector South Auckland
Lay Pastor Waiau Pa Presbyterian Church, South Auckland Presbytery, February 1987-December 1994
Community Based Ministry Training 1992-1994
Licentiate of Theology 1994 St Johns College
Licensed at Waiau Pa Church 11 November 1994.
Ordained Omokoroa Co-Operating Bay of Plenty Presbytery 15 December 1994
Moderator of Bay of Plenty Presbytery 2001
Police Chaplain Tauranga 2002-
Minister Emeritus 19 December 2004
Ministry Team St Andrew's Mt Maunganui January 2005-(February 2015)
Evans Road Community Church July 2011-(February 2015)

Maori Miss - helper in Waiohau School 1920; left 1924 to teach in another Native School.

Meth Ch
Johnsonville Union Supply  21.1.1993, 
term completed 31.1.1994

Meth Ch
Mangonui County Union (Kaitaia NP) Assoc  1976

HERBISON, Rev Robert Graham
b 13.10.1921; w Joyce Enid b 3.5.1922 m 28.2.1946
Hall 1958-9 (special course)
Ord Assoc Matamata WkP 24.11.1959
St Andrews Balclutha  12.2.1963
Assoc St Marks Chch 31.7.1975
Minister Emeritus  29.2.1984
Died 23.1.2013

HERCUS,  Alice Olive  (Sr Olive)
b 16.5.1888
PWTI 1922-4  -  Ord Deac 1.1925
St Andrews Palmerston North 1.1925
PSSA Auckland City Work 3.1931 to 5.1932
PSSA Dunedin City Work 19.8.1938 - retired 31.12.1952
Died 18.3.1962

HERCUS, Rev David Keith                B.A.
Hall 1974-6
Ord Assist St Davids Palmerston North 19.2.1977
res 31.12.1980 & wthd (& Hosp Chap)
Milsom Combined Ch Palnerston Nth  SS  17.12.1976

HERCUS, Rev Duncan MacKellar             B.E.,B.A.
b 21.7.1905 in Argentina (where his Father was a Missionary);
w Mary (May) Wallace Blair b 12.7.1904 India  m 27.12.1934
His parents were Missionaries in Peru & Argentina, where he spent his early years.
Came to NZ with his parents when they returned from Missions service.  He had all his
secondary education in Wellington then studied for his BE at Canterbury University;
worked with Cree Brown in Otago surveying & engineering; then turned to the ministry.
Completed his BA then entered the Theological Hall.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1928-30
Ordained Brooklyn, Wellington WnP  26.3.1931
Seddon (Awatere-Flaxbourne NMP) 4.5.1939
Chaplain Scots College Wellington 1.2.1941, being the first full-time Chaplain appointed
by the NZ Church to a Presbyterian Church School.- resigned 30.9.1961
While at Scots College he also served as head of Mathematics followed by a period as
Head of Science.
Te Aroha WkP 11.10.1961,  retired 31.7.1970
Convener Broadcast Committee 1933 - ‘Presented a masterly & comprehensive report 1934.’
Church Worship & Architecture Committee; After a considerable campaign it was finally
agreed that all plans for Churches (as well as Manses & Halls) had to be referred to the
Architecture Committee, of which Duncan was the first Convenor.  Duncan spent a lot of
time considering plans, urging improvements, in consultation with the Church architect. 
This involved much correspondence, many toll calls, as well as some personal visits. 
Careful consideration of building projects is now routine, and has resulted in a very
considerable improvement in standards.  The improvement is due in very great measure to
Duncan and the work he did, often at great cost in time & resources.'
He exerted an important influence both on Committees, and at Assembly, and with his pen.  
We are reaping the benefit of his labours and his perseverance. He was a very skilled
craftsman in wood, and made a beautiful Communion Table, Pulpit, Baptismal Font, with
appropriate carving for Brooklyn Church in Wellington
He was especially interested in worship, and keen to see it was conducted worthily. 
He founded the NZ Church Service Society in Nov 1936, which kept in touch with the
Scottish Church Service Society, whose journal was received by all members of the NZ
Society for many years.   The NZ Society was instrumental in raising considerably the
standard of worship throughout the Church in the decades following its establishment. 
The worthy and dignified standard of worship based on liturgical study was due in no
small measure to Duncan and his influence.
He married May Blair on 27.12.1934 and she entered most ably into all his work.
During his years as a Teacher taught every subject offered by Scots College except
French and commerce but including such diverse subjects as drawing, bookbinding & drama.
Duncan was the driving force behind the building of a Chapel at the College, being opened in 1963.
The College Old Boys honoured him in 2007 by the placing of a plaque in the Scots College
"Garden of Honour".
His book "Building of Churches" was published in 1945.
Her parents were Missionaries under the Presbyterian Church of Ireland in India, and
came to NZ when she was still at primary school.  He Father, The Rev George Washington
Blair served in five churches in NZ after arriving from India.
Duncan spent his last years in Woburn Home, Lower Hutt, a victim of Alzheimers Disease,
and it was tragic to watch the decline of one so gifted in his previous career.
Brother of Sr. MH Hercus  
Died 27.7.1989 Woburn Home, Lower Hutt.

HERCUS, Rev George Watson Thomson
b 27.5.1879;
w (1) Helen b 10.10.1886 m 21.12.1910 d 28.2.1924 
w (2) Clara H.  b 25.2.1887 m 1.3.1928 d 14.1.1947 
w (3) Clarice Florence b16.12.1892 m 6.2.1948
He began as a printer in Dunedin.   He entered the Home Missions service in 1905.
HM Granity WsP 1905 until he entered the Theological Hall.  
Theological Hall Dunedin 1908-10
Ord Tapanui MtP  8.2.1911
Balfour MtP 26.5.1916
Methven AsP 24.5.1921
Kaiapoi ChP 29.3.1928
Fordell WgP 7.12.1937
Associate Minister St Andrews Palmerston North 26.5.1943
St Pauls Oamaru Assoc (Eveline NOP) 1.2.1950 - retired 1.2.1952
Died 28.7.1964, aged 85

HERCUS, Marion Helen  (Sr Helen)
b 24.1.1912
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute, Dunedin
Assistant Principal, PWTI Dunedin 1.2.1942 to 12.8.1942
Ord Deaconess St Andrews Hastings  12.8.1942
St Pauls Wanganui  1947-50
Knox Church Christchurch 1952-6
Principal of the Deaconess College, Dunedin March 1957 till retirement 31.1.1970
Sister of Rev DM Hercus
Died 13.8.1976 at Opotiki     

HERD, Mrs E.
Maori Miss
Assist Pentland Ave Hostel Ak  21.5.1962

HERD, Mrs J.
Maori Miss  
Cook, Pentland Ave Hostel Ak 1963

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