Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Lewitt to Lyon

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LEWITT, Rev Martin Jamieson
b Akaroa 20.9.1916; w Elizabeth b 3.8.1924 m 16.2.1952
As a young man he worked in the family grocery business in Ashburton, & later at Scargill.
After the death of his Father, he supported his Mother in the grocery business, & gave up the
prospect of dentistry for which he had begun to study.  He took a full part in the work of the
Ch & was led in due course to enter the ministry. During  WW2 Martin saw active service
with the RNZAF in electronic servicing of aircraft, which he began as a    hobby, & developed
for use in thie service.
Hall 1957-8 (special course)
Ord Akaroa ChP  4.12.1958
Lower Waitaki NOP 29.5.1963
Kowai ChP  7.2.1974  ret 31.1.1980
Died 5.10.1988

LIDDELL,  Mr Oliver Port
born 1904
Home Missionary, Collingwood, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery 1924
Dargaville, Northland Presbytery supply, 1926 — resigned from Home Mission service, 1927

LIFFITON, Rev Francis Hugh               B.A. MTH. BD.
b 16.10.1923 at Wanganui.
w Margaret Jean  m 3.1.1957
Theological Hall 1952-54
Ord Assistant Minister St Johns, Wellington WnP 15.2.1955
Manawatu South (Shannon MnP)  14.12.1955 - resigned 20.8.1959 -        
overseas post-graduate study to USA and withdrew.
Died 1972 USA

LILBURN, Rev Hugh Jordan
b 8.9.1875 County Down Northern Ireland
w Mabel G.B. b 26.3.1892 m 21.11.1927 d 6.5.1954
He taught at Belfast Model School; then worked as salesman; felt Call to ministry &
completed at Arts course at Queens, Belfast, and then studied Theology at Princeton
College USA;
Licensed by Long Island Presbytery (USA?) 6.12.1910
Returned to Northern Ireland.
Ord Magershall (? – writing hard to read) Church, Antrim, Ireland Oct 1913
May also have served at Dromorne
Came to NZ with his wife in 1929.
Ind Whakatane BPP 3.4.1929; he played a large part in establishing the Bible Class
Camp at Ohope.
Knox Hamilton East 4.2.1936
St James Auckland  AP  31.1.1940 - retired 31.8.1944
Supplied in HM stations after retirement till 1946
Died 16.6.1951

LILBURNE, Sr. Anne  (Annie)
b. Clevedon, South Auckland 28.9.1910
Educated at Hunterville Public School, then 2 years business training at Auckland Commercial College.
Trained as a Nurse at Auckland Hospital and at St. Helen’s Hospital.
Theological training at PWTI 1935-7
Missionary China; Ordained as a Deaconess and set apart for Mission service 1937.
Sailed for China 29.11.1937 
Arrived China 1.1.1938 – to Cheung Chau language school.
Kong Chuen 1939; interned in Canton 25.2.1943 till 31.8.1945;
Back in Kong Chuen, then NZ furlough 1946; returned to Kong Chuen 14.2.1947
Work at Po Wai Hospital at Kong Chuen included supervising maternity work, running Mother’s Clubs
for mothercraft and infant welfare teaching, caring for abandoned, orphaned & needy babies, and some
time spent teaching and instructing in the Po Wai Hospital School of Nursing. Also undertook health
care work in surrounding villages.
Left China for Hong Kong 12.4.1951 when all Missionaries were obliged to leave China by the Communist Government.
Visited Great Britain for Post Graduate study 1951.
Returned to NZ 21.4.1952 via New Hebrides where she had been offered further Medical Mission Service.
New Hebrides, appointed nurse in charge of Cottage Hospital & general nursing, Tongoa arrived 18. 9.1952;
Duties included care of patients in hospital, health clinics in the villages, and a general programme of health education.
Returned to NZ 20.12.1966 and retired 30.4.1967
Author of autobiography “I Went Out Not Knowing”.
Died 1998

HM Awhitu SAP 1911
Toko TkP 1913
Birkenhead NSP 1914    res fr HM serv 1916

HM Okato TkP  1917; an elder of Stratford Ch, who volunteered to fill gap during WW1, but
was compelled to res after 1 yr on acct of age & infirmity.  res 1918.

LILLIE, Rev. Dr. John                MA., DD
b. Glasgow 1806
w. Mary Gascoigne Burnett  b.(?)  m.1.6.1838  d.(?)
Son of  David Lillie, Merchant. Educated at University of Glasgow (MA., DD 1848).
Licensed by the Church of Scotland Presbytery of Glasgow. Tutor to the Duke of Argyll’s children
(including the 8th Duke).
Appointed by the Church of Scotland Colonial Committee to Australia and arrived 4.10.1837 per
The “North Briton”.
Received Presb. VDL 4.10.1837
St. Andrew’s, Hobart 1837 to 11.3.1859 – to United Kingdom early in 1856 on extended sick leave.
Resigned by letter while in United Kingdom.
To New Zealand 1861 –
Involved in finance and grazing.
Chch 1863-64  -  Minutes of 1863 and 1864 mention his name as Minister within Christchurch Presbytery
but his name is not linked with any parish. Was he involved only in supply?  No mentioned after 1864.
His publication include “Lecture upon the Advantages of Science” (Hobart 1839), “A Sermon…occasioned
by the Death of the Rev James Bell” (Hobart 1852), “Sermon…on the occasion of the Death of Chas. McLachlan”
(Hobart 1855). See “John Lillie”, Michael Roe, Scots, Hobart 1968.
Died “Springland”, Papanui, 15.1.1866

LILLY, Sr Elsie
Deac St Pauls Ch Chch  1913-6
Died   -

LILLY, Rev Karl Percival
b 14.6.1899 at Christchurch
w (1) Nora Wentworth Cody b 20.6.1895 m 22.4.1935 d  2.1972 
w (2) Isabella Porvis (Ann) Brabyn b 18.11.1907 m 9.12.1972 d 28.1.1988
(Ann edited the Children’s column in “The Outlook” for many years under the non-de-plume of “Cousin Ann”)  
He began on a farm at Tokoroa; he was a foundation student of the Bible
Training Institute Auckland 1925, graduated 1926;
Entered the Home Missionary service 1930 and took the HM course in 1935.
HM Hornby ChP  1930 to 31.12.1932 (possibly supply from end of 1927)
Roseneath WnP 1.4.1933
Greytown WpP  1936
Pokeno SAP 1939,  Ord HM 21.12.1939
Mangapapa-Kaiti GP  1943
Helensville AP 1946; raised to full Ministerial status Nov 1952 after having taken the special course for Home Missionaries.
Birkenhead  NSP  5.2.1953
Belfast-Styx ChP  30.8.1956 - resigned 31.8.1961 due to ill-health
Karl was in constant demand supplying parishes around Christchurch before coming to South Auckland.
Awhitu SAP, light duty (Stated Supply)  1.1969 - retired 31.1.1970
Retired to Mangere.
Married Ann Brabyn 1972; served on Stewart Island SP for 18 months; 
Both travelled as Chaplains on three voyages on Pacific Cruise Ships.
"In all his parishes Karl is remembered with deep affection for his love of people, his sense of humour, his love of joyous
service of Jesus Christ. At Helensville Karl showed films to those visiting Parakai and became interested in the field of
audio-visual as a way of sharing the good news of Christ. Young and old alike found Karl warm-hearted, always eager to
share his love for and faith in Jesus Christ his Lord." [from Memorial Minute]
Died 8.4.1982  

LIM, Rev Timothy Teck Ngern                B.B.A., M.Div. magna cum laude, CPE., Transitional Ministry qualified, Ph.D.
wife Sharlene S. C. Yeo married 2001
Ordained Evangel Christian Church, Singapore, 2003
Re-ordained Presbyterian Church (USA), June 2015
Bachelor of Business Administration, National University of Singapore July 1999; Master of Divinity, Biblical Graduate School of Theology January 2005; Advanced Leadership, Haggai Institute 2005; School of Clinical Pastoral Education, Sentara Norfolk General Hospital 2014; Doctor of Philosophy, Regent University 2014; Presbyterian Church (USA) Transitional Training Ministry, 30 hours, February 2016
Financial Consultant, American International Assurance, August 1996-August 1999; Training Executive, High Achievers Training Consultancy, January 1997-December 1999
North East Asia Project Manager, TWR, June 2000-February 2002
Pulpit Supply Minister, Singapore, 2000-2005; 2006-2008
Assistant Pastor, Kay Poh Road Baptist Church, August 2005-August 2006
Spirituality, Theology and Discipleship Teacher / Leader, Great Bridge Presbyterian Church, Great Bridge, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA, January 2009 to May 2015
Adjunct Lecturer, Regent University School of Divinity, May 2012-January 2016
Tutor, King's Evangelical Divinity School, London, United Kingdom, May 2012-May 2018
Stated Supply Minister, Presbytery of Eastern Virginia, USA, 2013-2016
Faith and Order Commission, Virginia Council of Churches, January 2015-January 2017
Online Visiting Lecturer, London School of Theology, 2016 to present
Stated Supply (Ministry Audit for East Centre), Covenant Evangelical Free Church, Singapore, 2017
Came to Auckland, May 2018
Congregational Review Committee, Northern Presbytery, August 2018 to present
Missions Fund Committee, Northern Presbytery, March 2018
Director, Carey Baptist College, June 2018 — disestablished December 2019
Interim Mandarin Congregational Pastor, Holy Word Church, Auckland, February 2020 - May 2021
Received by the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, other recognised minister, 1 December 2021
Stated Supply, St Columba Presbyterian Church, Botany, Northern Presbytery, 1 December 2021

LIMA, Rev Vaomu
b 10.6.1919; w Paeaigao Salevalasi b 25.11.1927 m 24.8.1953
Recd with Cong Ch & Mins at Ass 1969.
Ord PIC Invercargill 1967  res fr min 6.7.1971

LIND, Rev Clare Elaine (nee McDonald)                               BA(Hons)., BD.
husband Donovan Robert married 30 November 1985
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) 1983 Otago University; Bachelor of Divinity 1993 Otago University
Staff Work, Tertiary Students' Christian Fellowship
Ordained Assistant Minister (Part Time) Miramar Uniting Church, Wellington Presbytery, 5 February 1998
Minister within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery, 31 December 2000
Stated Supply, Miramar Uniting Parish, Wellington Presbytery 1 May 2001
Member, Methodist Children's Work Group 1999 to 2002
Inducted Minister, Tawa Union Parish, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 4 February 2010
Transferred to Southern Presbytery, member of presbytery, 31 December 2019
member of the New Zealand Association of Christian Spiritual Directors, Presbyterian Partner Representative, Standing Committee, Uniting Congregations of Aotearoa New Zealand 2015-2021
Minister, Opoho Presbyterian Church, Southern Presbytery, 8 July 2021

LINDSAY, Very Rev George
b 17.2.1847
w Jessie F. b 5.12.1858 m 5.6.1878 d.(?)
Mrs Lindsay relinquished her annuity on death of her husband.
He studied in Glasgow, and at the Glasgow Free Church College.
Appointed (as Catechist) to the Canterbury District New Zealand by the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland 18 Mar 1873.
Came to NZ (as Probationer) for his health.
Waihola 1873
Ord Waimate Sth SCP 5.2..1876  
Otepopo SP 18.4.1882
St Pauls Invercargill SP 15.10.1889; feeling the burden of a large congregation he resigned and after a break took
a smaller charge at St Clair. Dunedin.
St Clair Dunedin DnP 2.2.1911
Southbridge ChP  5.6.1913 - retired 30.4.1918
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland 1898.
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1911
‘An effective & winning preacher & beloved pastor.’
Died 27.8.1933 at Christchurch, aged 86 years.

LINDSAY, Rev James
fr Scot as prob
Ord Waihenga (Martinborough WpP) 1.1876  res 1877  & returned to Scot. 

LINDSAY, Rev Stephen John (Steve)            B.A., B.Th., Dip.Ag.
born Kurow
wife Julianne Frances Franco married 22 March 1980
Diploma of Agriculture 1976 Massey University; Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology 1990 Otago University
Theological Hall, 1987-1989
Worked as a shepherd before applying for ministry
Licensed St Johns Hastings 14 December 1989
Ordained Otautau-Waiono Union (Nightcaps SP), 4 February 1990
Otatara Community Church (Half Time), Southland Presbytery, 1 February 1995
Bluff Greenhills Co-op (1/4 Time) Southland Presbytery, February 1999
Received into Full Connexion, Methodist Church November 1999 — stationed at St Marks Methodist Church, Greenmeadows, Napier
Living Waters Wesleyan Fellowship Napier, February 2000
Other Recognised Minister — resigned 6 March 2014
reinstated to the roll as Other Recognised Minister, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 20 April 2021
Chaplain Hawke's Bay Regional Hospital, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, 10 October 2022

LINDSAY, Rev William (Bill)          B.Com.
born 2 April 1927 at Dunedin.
wife Thelma Lois b 19 May 1929 married 2 December 1950 died November 2017
Theological Hall 1952-1954
Ordained Kurow, North Otago Presbytery, 16 December 1954
St Johns, Hastings, 24 May 1961
A pioneer of Presbyterian Charismatic renewal in the mid to late 1970s
Chaplain, Lindisfarne College, Hastings, 10 February 1985—retired 31 January 1989 due to ill-health.
Minister Emeritus Jan 1989
Died 10 October 2013

LINKLATER, Rev. Reita  Jessep            (Refer also entry for Sr. RJ  Wilson)
b.  20.8.1927  m.  1959
Deaconess  College Dunedin 1953-55
Ordained  Deaconess  St  Davids  Palmerston  North  23.11.1955  - resigned  15.3.1959
to be married to Mr J. Linklater.
Ordained  Honorary  Assistant Minister  Waikouaiti  DnP  27.3.1977  - retired  1.1989
Minister Emeritus  Jan 1993
Died 9th April 2009

LINTON, Rev James Alexander               M.A.
b 27.5.1912; w Jean Morton nee Smith b 19.1.1916 m 9.1.1941
Hall 1935-7
Gen Sec NZ Stud Chr Movt Wn 1938-9
Ord Otago Peninsula DnP  22.2.1940 res 16.6.1942
Chap Forces 1942
Warden Carrington Hall Dn 2.1946, on leave ill-health fr 1.12.1952; continuing  ill-health
(psych) led to res & wthd 8.1957 (Rep 1958).  Recovered later but did not return to min.
Recognized by AP as Emeritus 15.4.1992
Died Auckland 1.12.97

LINTON, Miss Vanitta Charlotte (Nita)            Mrs Watson
Maori Miss -   As a young woman she joined the Maori teachers & Miss as housekeeper in
the early days of work at Waiohau, c 1934. Later, when widowed, she returned as a member
of Maori Miss staff, serving mainly in Hostels.
Died 18.1.1975

LION, Rev Albert Alexander Carlisle
b 9.4.1875 England
w Louisa Catherine b 5.1.1882 m 9.4.1920 d 24.7.1970
Formerly in a Drapery business, studied at the Bible Training Institute Glasgow
for 2 years (being given their Diploma) prior to coming to NZ; he was sent by
the United Free Church of Scotland.
Joined the Home Missionary staff on arrival August 1914. 
HM Orari-Rangitata 8.1914 (he was pioneer Missionary here)
Patea TkP  1920,   Ord HM  Sept. 1915
Pongaroa WpP 1923 (with 13 preaching places)
Tuatapere SP 1927
Hedgehope SP  1930
Springburn AsP 1935
Died 21.10.1938  in office

LIOW, Rev Margaret
born Te Awamutu into a Presbyterian family, father was an elder
Ordained Assistant Minister (Community Ministry) St Columba Botany Parish, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 19 February 2004
Coordinator, Communion Services, St John's Great Barrier Island

LIPSCOMBE, Mr Alan           & Mrs Muriel
Overseas Volunteers
Served on Tanna, Vanuatu 1984

LIST, Rev Robin Farquharson               B.A., B.Th., Dip.Tchg.
Teacher, bookseller, and rehabilitation officer
wife: Heather Madeline Anderson married 4 February 1967, worked in veterinary diagnostics in medical research
Bachelor of Arts 1969 Otago University; Diploma of Teaching 1971 Wellington College of Education; Bachelor of Theology 1985 Otago University
Theological Hall, 1983-1985
Ordained St Columba, Naenae, Wellington Presbytery, 5 December 1985
Wairarapa, Rural Support Ministry, Wairarapa Presbytery, 4 February 1993 — Term completed  31 January 1994
Counsellor, Presbyterian Social Services, Wairarapa
St. James’s Union Parish, Masterton, Manawatu Presbytery, 2 September 1997
Minister within the Bounds (Associate Membership), Wairarapa Presbytery, May 2001
St Andrew’s Union Parish, Greytown  Wairarapa Presbytery, 28 September 2003
Minister Emeritus, October 2013

LITTLE, Rev (Sr) Catherine Gwendoline              NZBCDip(Hons)., D.Dip., TTC.
born Queenstown
Trained Teachers Certificate 1959 Department of Education; Diploma with Honours 1962 New Zealand Training Institute; Diploma of Deaconess College 1968 Presbyteriand Church of New Zealand
Primary School Teacher (four years)
Deaconess College Dunedin 1966-68
Ordained Deaconess Caversham Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery 6 February 1969
Ordained Assistant Minister Caversham Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 8 September 1974
Upper Clutha (Wanaka Central Otago Presbytery)  4 June 1981
Minister Emerita 30 June 2001

LITTLE, Rev Edith                J.P.
Meth Ch  -  Deacon
Johnsonville Union WnP  11.1981

LITTLE, Mr W.          & Mrs
Maori Miss
Matahi  1.7.1944

LITTLEJOHN, David Stuart
b 1925 in Piopio King Country
w (1) Beverley m 1953 Devonport died 1.1972 of cancer
w (2) Jean Walker 1973
Relocated to Auckland
Kohimarama School and Auckland Grammar
Railways during war years, conscripted age 20, served in J Force in the occupation of Japan
Returned to NZ and joined the Aluminium Company, a family business
Elder Mt Albert Church for 30 years, then member Howick Presbyterian Church
Presbytery Elder Mt Albert 1968, served Auckland Presbytery, and Property and Finance Committee, for 43 years, four years on the National Church's Finance Committee, Treasurer of Auckland Presbytery until 2008 aged 83
Member Rotary Club of Mt Roskill 42 years
Died 2012

LIU, Dr Peter
Wife: Rurng-meei Su
Lay appointee, Chinese Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, August 1999

LIUVAIE, Rev Falkland Gary Fereti
from Hakupu Atua, Fineone in Niue
wife: Salati Lutia Laumua Liuvaie married 2 December 1995
completed studies at Theological Hall 1992 to 1994
Diploma in Ministry 1994 Theological Hall Knox College; Bachelor of Theology 1994 Otago University: Chaplaincy Assistant Certificate 2009 Wellington Hospital
helped out with Ekalesia Office
Ordained Minister, Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue, 20 June 1996
Inducted Makafu, 12 January 1997
Moderator, Ekalesia Niue June 2004 to June 2007
Kilbirnie Presbyterian Church, Wellington, 2008
Voluntary Assistant Chaplain, Wellington Hospital, two years
received from Ekalesia Kerisiano Niue, 8 December 2011
National Ordained Minister, Kilbirnie Presbyterian Church (Niue), Wellington Presbytery, 22 April 2012
Vagahau Niue Trust, 2012, to promote and preserve Niue language
Involved in promoting the annual Niue Language Week; Niue translation for children’s books and promotional material; combined ecumenical Niue congregation services to strengthen community connections; to mark the 50th jubilee of the Niue Ministry in Wellington, he launched the book ‘People from the Rock Celebrate’
Queens Service Medal for services to the Niue community, 1 January 2021

LIVESAY, Rev Dana Walker             B.A., M.Div.
w Winifred Marie  m 19.2.1976
From USA
Lebanon Union High School, Lebanon, Oregon, 1968; PT Human Sciences, Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California, 1972; Bachelor of Arts, Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon, 1980; Master of Divinity, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey, 1984
Ordained Pastor, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Trenton, New Jersey, New Brunswick Presbytery, 18 November 1984
Opoho, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 25 February 1988
St. Paul’s Wanganui, Wanganui Presbytery, 4 April 1995
Minister within the Bounds  Wanganui Presbytery, 29 September 1998
Removed from Roll of Ministers 12 February 2004
Secondary School Teacher

LIVINGSTONE, Rev Glenn Wallace John              B.A.,B.Th.
Grew up at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Palmerston North
wife(1): Jo Livingstone separated January 1999
wife(2): Anthea Elizabeth Livingstone, married 1 January 2002
Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology and Linguistics 1985 Massey University; Bachelor of Theology 1988 Otago University
Theological Hall 1986-1988
Licensed St Andrews Palmerston North, 27 November 1988
Ordained Minister, St Oswalds Union, Newlands, Wellington Presbytery, and Associate Minister, Johnsonville, 15 June 1989 - term completed 31 December 1993
Christchurch North - St. Philips, Belfast, and St. Lukes, Redwood, Christchurch Presbytery, 17 March 1994
Senior Minister, St. Andrew's at Rangiruru and St James, Spreydon, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 27 March 2003
Joint ministry with St Andrew's, dissolved, 2009
Resigned, St James, Palm Sunday, 28 March 2010
Other Recognised Minister, Christchurch Presbytery, 28 March 2010
Stated Supply Minister, St Kentigern's Presbyterian Church, Burwood, Christchurch, Alpine Presbytery, 11 February 2020
Other recognised minister, Alpine Presbytery, 25 August 2022

Local Ministry Team, Knox Presbyterian Church Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, 2008 — re-appointed 7 September 2011
died 8 April 2020 with cancer

Local Ministry Team, Knox Presbyterian Church Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, 2008 — re-appointed 7 September 2011
resigned from Local Ministry Team, 14 April 2022

LOADER, Rev Vilma
Methodist Minister
Minister Sumner Redcliffs Lyttelton Union Parish, Christchurch - retired January 2008

LOAN, Miss Allison
Overseas Worker (nurse)
United Arab Emirates  1981 (still serving here as at 2001)
Daughter of Ronald Loan.

LOAN, Dr John Alistair               M.B., Ch.B. (NZ)
b 30.4.1917 at Owaka, South Otago
m. Dr Eunice Janet McLean (M.B., Ch.B. N.Z., 1940) b. 11.9.1917 on 11.10.1945 d. 19.2.2000
Educated at Hutt Valley High School, graduated from Otago University Medical School 1938
On staff of  Wellington Hospital 1939-1940; hoped to go to Mission field;
Originally accepted for Mission service 1933;
Ordained for Mission service 1940; appointed to China 1.1.1941
“Own Missionary” of Knox Church, Dunedin          
Left for Canton 25.1.1941; language study  4.1941 to 12.1941;
Kowloon Hong Kong 8.12.1941 until interned  1.1942
Interned Stanley Camp, Hong Kong 1.1942 to 9.1945.
While there he was able to gain experience at Tweed Bay Hospital
Returned to New Zealand 8.10.1945.
Resigned from Mission for personal reasons 1945.
Casualty Officer Wellington Hospital 1945-1946
Visiting Anaethetist Wellington Hospital 1948-1960
General practice with wife Eunice Loan until his retirement in 1996
Son of Rev J.C. Loan.
Died 29.2.2012 at Taupo aged 95

LOAN, Rev John Charles
b 8.2.1876 Dn; w Ann b 18.1.1886 m 30.12.1914 d 25.9.1974
He was employed in Railway Workshops, Hillside; a foundation member of Dn YMCA;
studied at OU & then HM for time.         
Father of  Dr J.Alistair, Nancy, Ronald, Ruth, Gordon (died 1964) & David Loan.
HM Rewa WgP 1908
Normanby TkP 1910-11
Hall 1912-4
Ord Owaka ClP  6.1.1915  
Taihape WgP  19.6.1919
Petone WnP   5.2.1925
Edendale MtP  3.3.1938
Seacliff-Warrington DnP  9.9.1943  ret 31.7.1945
In ret Mod Chinese Session Dn 10 yrs
Died  29.7.1964 suddenly,  aged 88

LOAN, Miss Nancy Marion
b. 7.7.1920 at Taihape
Educated at Petone Central School and Wellington Girls’ College.
Served for some time with the Presbyterian Social Services Association Otago
Maori Mission - 
Appointed Matron at Turakina Maori Girls College, Marton 1960 - resigned 12.3.1962
Daughter of Rev J.C. Loan
d. 15.9.1996

LOAN, Miss Ruth Helen
b. 7.1.1919
Missionary Nurse in Indonesia
Retired and living in Invercargill

LOAN, Mr Ronald Gillanders
b. 3.3.1928
Missionary Carpenter - New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
Left for New Hebrides 10.9.1950  
Building new houseon  Lamenu Island 1951;
Suffered losses in Hurricane at Christmas 1951
Returned to NZ January 1952. 
Son of Rev J.C. Loan & Father of Allison Loan.

LOCHHEAD, Mr George Lambie
b. Aug 1916, unmarried.
Spent 3 years at Methven High School, formerly a Grocer’s Assistant.
Joined the Home Missionary service 1.6.1939, taking the HM course.
HM Waianiwa SP  1939, resigned 30.9.1939 to serve with the 2nd NZEF.
Maungaturoto NP  1948-49

LOCHHEAD, Rev James McKay
b 11.7.1899,  NZ;  unmarried.
Formerly a labourer.
HM Kawhia WkP 11.4.1934 
Henderson AP  1935
Tokanui-Waikawa SP 1936,  Ord HM 2.12.1936
Orawia SP 1941
Rangitaiki Outfields (6 months) - leave granted  as from 7.7.1942 to serve with
the 2nd NZ Expeditionary Forces
rejoined HM staff as from 17.7.1943
Granity-Denniston WsP 1.7.1943 to 1.2.1948
Central Westland WsP 1.2.1948
Maungaturoto NP  1948
Pukemiro WkP  1950
Catlins ClP 1952
Reefton-Totara Flat WsP  1954, granted full Ministerial status by Assembly 11.1957
Kelso MtP 7.5.1959
Died 2.5.1964 in office, aged 64

LOCHORE, Sr Agnes Brodie
b 20.11.1874  Stafford town, Westland; her Father was a goldminer there; her early schooling
in Greymouth.
PWTI 1909-11
Ord Deac St Andrews Gisborne  1911 res 1916
Kai-iwi Wanganui  1918
Eketahuna WpP  1919
Turakina Maori Girls Coll, Marton 1920
St Peters Ak 1921,  placed to work among women & children Ak city area for 6 mths; res 1923
Bible Socy Ak 1923-32
St Stephens Ak 1933  ret 30.6.1938;  last 3 yrs  in Inverlochy Home.
In ret Ak 1954-60 part-time.
Died  12.11.1962

LOCHORE, Rev George Wright
b 6.6.1882
w Muriel b 16.10.1881 m 9.2.1915 d 25.1.1934
He was from the West Coast; had no secondary education, but when he set his heart on
the ministry, faced University course; the Hall; then first joined Home Missionary service.
HM Blackball WsP 1907 -  left 2.1908 to go to University.
Hornby ChP 1910,  Ord HM 1910
Theological Hall 1912-14
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin 16.11.1914
Ord Waihi WkP 19.2.1915
Whangarei NP  3.8.1918; had Church Extension work much at heart in North Auckland.
First Moderator & Clerk of Northland Presbytery.
Died  8.8.1929 at Whangarei, aged 47

LOGAN, Miss Catherine M.
Miss Solomon Is
Helena Goldie Hosp Munda Solomon Is 1981- service  completed 1983
Helena Goldie Hosp Munda, relieving  8.1986

LOIE, Mr Timothy Faie Woh
wife Miss A Hee, Married in China, c. 1903-04. (NB : information conflicts – another record states that he married “Miss Wong”, the daughter of a Christian Scholar). After his death she returned to Hong Kong to reorganize the Chinese Christian Church in Kowloon
Mr Loie originally left China at age 17 to seek his fortune in the “New Gold Hills”, the Chinese name for Australia. After arriving in Melbourne he heard the Gospel and became a Christian, being baptised Timothy. Came to Dunedin New Zealand to assist in Chinese Church.
Missionary to Chinese in New Zealand — Otago 1900;  his work mentioned in Report 1901.
Chinese Church Dunedin 1900 — 
Report 1902: he visited goldfields for eleven weeks, rendering valuable service; his previous visit was two years earlier. 
He also worked with Greymouth Chinese, and Auckland Chinese. He was locum tenens for Rev Don who was absent on furlough 1897; he was retained after Rev Don’s return.
Ordained an elder.
In February 1903 he left for eighteen months study in Canton; married and returned towards end of 1904.
He itinerated in North Island for two months and then settled in Greymouth in 1905
In July 1910 he was transferred to Auckland; in 1912 he left New Zealand to become Superintendent of the Methodist Chinese work in Victoria Australia.
Returned to Hong Kong in the 1920s, a founder of the Chinese Christian Church in Kowloon City (later the Chinese Christian Eternal Grace Church)
Left Hong Kong because of the Japanese invasion in the Second World War and died on the journey to inner China

LOLOHEA, Rev Mohukelesi
Methodist minister
Cambridge – Trinity-St Paul’s Union Parish, 1 February 2022

LOPDELL, Rev John Edward
b 9.11.1876 Vict Aust; w Isabella b 20.11.1873 m 6.8.1902 pred h
He came from Aust to NZ in early childhood.
HM Waikawa MtP  1903
Colac Bay SP 1905
Hall 1908-10 
While in Hall took half share (alternate Suns) of services at Purakanui DnP 1908-9
Ord Orepuki SP 1.2.1911 res 31.12.1916 to be - 
Chap NZEF; war serv fr 8.1.1917 to 7.1.1919; suffered gas poisoning , severe 1919
Wyndham MtP 16.4.1919
St Stephens Lower Hutt WnP  3.2.1927  ret 31.3.1941
Died 22.5.1957

LORD, Miss Edna
of Ak; helper to Miss Webber at Waiohau 1922

LORIER, Rev Karel Michel             B.A., B.Th.
born Rotterdam, Holland
wife (1) Janice Lillian Cook married 16 May 1970 separated November 1987
wife (2) Erica Margaret Brash married 6 April 1991
Bachelor of Art 1973 Otago University; Bachelor of Theology 1975 Otago University
Theological Hall 1971-1973
Ordained Coromandel-Whitianga Waikato Presbytery 5 December 1974
St Andrews Henderson Auckland Presbytery 30 August 1979 — resigned 31 August 1993, to start private Counselling Practice
Minister within Bounds, North Shore Presbytery, 19 December 2001
Minister Emeritus, Northern Presbytery, 17 October 2011

w. Louisa Odell m. 17.4.1879
Educated at University of Glasgow & Edinburgh fr Campbellton Kintyre, Argyllsh, Scot.
Came to NZ 1878 as prob; recd OSyn 17.1.1879 
Ord Alexandra COP 11.3.1879 res 7.6.1899
Edendale Ak (Balmoral) 27.4.1900 res 3.1901
Richmond Ak 1911 & various spheres near Ak.
He was encouraged to resign from Alexandra because of his frequent intoxication. He
moved to Auckland with his family, but again succumbed to intoxication. He was arrested
& imprisoned, giving a false name. He applied to the 1900 Assembly to be received again
but was declined. He applied further to the 1901 Assembly, but was still declined. Though
not inducted, he appears to have done supply for periods in the Auckland area, including
Richmond, Auckland in 1911.
Died  1925

LOUGHTON, Rev Stanley John (Christina)            M.A.(Hons), B.D.
Born 19 August 1938, Reefton
Inspired to go into ministry by her brother David, who died of jaw cancer, aged 13
w Patricia Elizabeth, m 26 January 1963
partner Elspeth Wilson, met at a fundraiser, 2007
Theological Hall 1962-1964
Ordained Cheviot, Christchurch Presbytery, 18 February 1965
Knox Miramar, Wellington Presbytery, 2 September 1971
Te Hapara, Gisborne, 5 September 1974
Pastoral tie dissolved, 31 August 1977 - resigned from ministry, 1987, aged 55
Minister within the Bounds, Christchurch Presbytery, July 1996
Founded Agender Christchurch, 2000
Opened Rainbow House, a haven for transgender people in trouble, c 2005
Defibrillator implant, 2005
"compassionate and generous, and a worker on behalf of trans, transgender, and transexual
people, and the New Zealand Labour Party. Christina housed the homeless, fed the hungry,
visited the prisoners, sought justice for the marginalised and advocated for bus users. A
Minister of Religion who spent her life caring for others." (from death notice, The Press,
January 30 2016)
"a role model, a mentor and a quiet achiever for our people...a real role model of bravery,
beins staunch, and proud of who you are." (obituary, The Star, Christchurch, 19 February, 2016)
Admitted to hospital, 29 December 2015, died New Years Eve, 31 December 2015 aged 77

LOVEDAY, Rev Michelle
husband Paul Loveday
Ordained Community Pastor, Hastings St John’s Presbyterian Church, Presbytery Central - Nukuhau Tapu, October 2019
Minister Emerita, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 1 January 2023

LOVEDAY, Rev Paul Maurice                     BTh.
born Palmerston North, New Zealand
wife Michelle Suzanne Loveday married 18 January 1975
Building cadet, converted 1975 aged 19
Bible College Diploma 1984 Bible College of New Zealand; Bachelor of Theology 1985 Australian College of Theology
Missionary worker in Pakistan, WEC International, ten years, including principal, Pakistan Bible Correspondence School, Karachi Centre
Ordained deacon 29 August 1993 and presbyter, English-speaking congregation, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Karachi, Church of Pakistan 18 September 1994
Returned to New Zealand January 1997
received by Council of Assembly, 30 May 1997
Minister within the Bounds, Manawatu Presbytery, 30 May 1998
Knox-St.Columba Wellington Presbytery, started as Assistant Minister 9 February 1998 inducted 26 February 1998
St. David’s Richmond  Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery, 12 February 2002
Associate Minister, Calvin Community Church, Mataura Presbytery, 25 February 2007
Minister St John’s Hastings, Gisborne/Hawke’s Bay Presbytery, 22 June 2010
Moderator Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 1 December 2021 — ended 1 December 2023
Minister Emeritus, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 1 January 2023

Chinese Ch Dn 1906-9

LOW, Rev Margaret Anne (nee White)           B.Sc., B.D.S., B.D. (Otago), L.Th.(Hons)
born 18 October 1947 in Auckland
husband Roger Hamish Low married 29 May 1970
St Cuthbert's College, Auckland 1964
Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Otago University 1972; Bachelor of Science, Otago University 1973
Dental Officer, Otago Health Board at Cherry Farm Hospital 1972-1975, Dental Registrar, Auckland Hospital Board 1975-1976, Dental Surgeon, A.J. La Roche 1976-1977, Eastern Women's Refuge, Howick, Steering Committee Secretary 1985-1990
Communicant member 1966; Parish Assistant, Howick (part-time) 1990-1991
Bachelor of Divinity 1991 Otago University extramurally through St John's Theological College 1991 concurrently with —
Community Based Ministry Training based at St Andrew's Howick 1991-1992 — licensed by Auckland Presbytery 6 December 1992
Ordained Assistant Minister St Davids Church, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery 4 February 1993 — term completed on 16 December 2000
Concurrently served as :
National Chaplain to National Executive, Association of Presbyterian Women 1995-1997
Auckland Presbytery Clerk, July 1995 to July 1999
St Andrews First Presbyterian Collegiate, Symonds Street, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 6 November 1999
Mt Albert, Auckland (Stated Supply), Auckland Presbytery,  11 February 2001 to 31 December 2001
Transfered to South Auckland Presbytery, May 2002
St. John’s and St Phillip’s, Papatoetoe South Auckland Presbytery (Stated Supply 18 March 2002 to 30 December 2002) 
Inducted to St John’s and St Philips, Papatoetoe, South Auckland Presbytery, 2 February 2003
Minister emerita, Northern Presbytery, 17 October 2021
died 6 July 2022 in Auckland

LOWDEN, Rev Aubrey Heward (Jim)            B.A.,M.A.(Melb)
b. 26.9.1913 at Dunedin
w June Quinlan  b 18.6.1922  m 22.7.1942
Accepted as candidate for Foreign Missions Service.
Hunua (Supply) 1.3.1937 to 31.10.1937
Theological Hall 1937-39
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 10.10.1939
Ordained Tuakau SAP  20.12.1939 - resigned 7.9.1942
Chaplain to Military Forces,  NZ 1942 then Solomon Islands for 15 months from 1943 to 1944. 
Waipawa-Otane HBP  19.9.1944
To Australia :
Yarraville Parish Melbourne, Victoria 10.8.1949 – during this time he also undertook part time study.
Served at Aulua on Malekula Island in the New Hebrides (Vanuatu) under the Australian Presbyterian
Church for two and a half years where he fulfilled his interest in Mission work.
Returned to New Zealand 1956 :
As no Parish was available he went back into the Army and served for 9 months at Waioru Military Camp.
Received by Assembly Nov 1957.
Mt Wellington Auckland  AP 15.5.1958 During this time the Church became a fully sanctioned charge.
Drury SAP  9.9.1964 - resigned 31.3.1971
To USA :
Transferred to Presbyterian Church of USA 1971, ministering at Ellerbe, N Carolina USA 1971.
Resigned 20.12.1974 due to ill-health.
Returned to NZ :
Received by Assembly 1975; retired to Auckland.
“He was particularly interested in Semitic studies, doing a thesis on the Book of Ecclesiastes, and
learning Syriac, Hebrew and Aramaic. He was particularly interested in archaeology. In retirement he
enrolled at the University at one stage to study hieroglyphics.
Jim was a scholar. He was also a dedicated Churchman, Missionary and family man, and was known
for his warm and infectious sense of humour, and his genuine care and concern for people.” (From Obit)
Son of  Rev C.H.R. Lowden below
Died  22.3.1992

LOWDEN, Rev Charles Henry Robertson
b 9.2.1878 Sunderland England
w Anne Maria  b 12.11.1884  m 27.12.1910  d 1.11.1964 
He came to NZ with his parents at an early age; formerly a Builder and Grocer.
Undertook private tuition in Geology, Chemistry, Elocution, Physics and English.
He was an Architect first, and a Lay Preacher. Exempted from Home Missionary
study due to having taken equivalent Methodist Entrance Examination. 
Joined HM staff 1.4.1923
HM Waihao Valley SCP 1923; Ord HM 1924
Mangapapa-Kaiti, Gisborne 1928
Point Chevalier AP  1931
Papakura  SAP  1937
Point Chevalier AP  1938 - retired 31.3.1939
Father of Rev A.H. Lowden above, one son a premanent invalid died 1937.
Died  10.9.1955

LOWDEN, Rev John
b 16.3.1873
w Violet b 13.7.1872 m 18.12.1905 d 17.3.1962
He came from Durham England with his family in 1881at age 8. He worked in his Father’s
blacksmithing business for some years, till he joined the Home Missionary service. 
HM Reefton WsP (supply) 1917
Morningside Auckland AP 1918, raised to full Ministerial status by Assembly 1920
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 10.5.1921
Ordained St Enochs Morningside Auckland  AP 30.8.1921
Paeroa WkP 12.5.1926
Picton NMP (aided charge then HM Station) 24.11.1931 - retired 31.3.1938
During his time at Picton, it was reduced to a Home Mission Station.
Clerk of Nelson Presbytery from 1937.
Retired 31.3.1943
Died  29.9.1956

LOWE, Rev W. Williamson
Recd by OSyn 1.11.1894
Waikaia supply last part of 1895
Ind  Waikaia MtP  4.1896 res 1897

LOWERY, Rev James
b 2.5.1877; w Edith Spence b 24.3.1877 m 9.8.1911 d 14.5.1961
Hall Dn 1905-7
Ord Denniston WsP  early 1908
Paeroa WkP  4.5.1910
Eltham TkP 15.1.1915 res 3.2.1916 owing to fatal illness.
Died 23.2.1916 Frankton, aged 38  

LOWERY, Rev John  Lewis           M.A.
b 7.1.1930; w Jocelyn Conway    m 11.12.1954
Bapt Ch Min  -  Ord  11.1959
Recd into PCNZ at Ass 1969
Guidance Counsellor Chch Teachers Coll  1970
Student Counsellor OU Dn 1973  - Assoc DnP
ret, (c 1993 ?)  tr to AP.1994
Died  29.11.1994  tramping.

LOWERY, Sr Mary Harrison
b 13.8.1904 Milton
Educated at Tokomairiro District High School, Milton and Tokoiti School.
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute (PWTI) 1929-31
Matron PWTI  Feb 1932 to Oct 1934
Maori Mission  -  OrdainedS Deaconess  1934 
Maungapohatu 12.12.1934
Assist  Te Teko  1937
Assist Nuhaka 1.11.1940
Taupo 1.6.1946
Waikaremoana 26.3.1953
Whakatane 31.3.1955
Waiohau 1960 - retired 30.4.1965 to Hastings
Died 18.10.1987 at SHastings

LOWNDES, Miss Elizabeth Marie                              (Mrs Horneman)
b. 19 Oct 1929
h. Peter Horneman  b.(?)  m.(?) 
4 years Secondary Education. Taught Sunday School 11 years, Bible Class Leader 8 years,
President Bible Class District Committee, Chairman Combined Bible Class District Committee,
Chief Officer at two Wellington Young Women’s Bible Class Easter Camps, and in charge of Sub Pack.
Missionary - New Hebrides appt. 1.2.1958 (as Office Secretary)
Left for New Hebrides 21.2.1958
Tangoa Vanuatu, Secretary-Treasurer of the Tangoa Training Institute 1958
Completed term of appointment & returned to NZ 1961 
Died c.2002 (cancer)

LUATUA, Rev. Fitifiti (Fiti) Lameka                      BTh., Dip.Min.
born Saleimoa, Western Samoa
wife: Mamere (Mele) Luatua
brought up in the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa
Laboratory Technician, Moto'otua Hospital, Samoa 1978 to 1980; Announcer Programmer, Samoa Broadcasting Service, 1981 to 1983; Export and Marketing Manager, W.S.T.E.C. 1984 to 1985; Dispatch Foreman, National Starch (Auckland) 1986 to 1989; Announcer and Programmer Samoan Capital Radio Wellington and Access Radio Wellington 1990 to 1992; Co-ordinator, Auflex Agency, Pacific Network Newspaper, Taxi Owner and Driver, Wellington 1993 to 1995
Licensed Wellington Presbytery 8 December 2000
Ordained St George’s Linwood and Iona Church, Aranui, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery, 24 May 2001
Minister Within Bounds, Christchurch Presbytery, 13 May 2004
Sailimalo I le Atua, Pacific Island Church Aranui, Christchurch, Pacific Islands Synod, 26 July 2013
received into the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa 19 March 2015

LUCEY, Miss Margaret
Maori Miss
Maori Girls Hostel Ak, Assist Matron 1.12.1948

LUEY (Joseph) Geok
w. (?)
Chinese catechist, sucessor to Lem, Headquarters Greymouth 1899;  supported by
Christian Endeavour Union of Canterbury and Westland.    Reports presented to the
Northern Presbyterian Church Assembly, but no reports after Union 1901.
Acted as Missionary to the Chinese on the West Coast for 24 years.
Both Mr & Mrs Luey returned to China.

LUKE, Rev Hayden
Educated Dunedin
Youth Worker, Mosgiel-North Taieri Church — resigned March 2007
Science teacher, Kings High School, Dunedin, 2009-2010
Intern Assistant Pastor, Mahurangi Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 2018
Graduation 4 December 2019
Licensing, Mahurangi Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 12 December 2019
Ordained and inducted minister, Highgate Presbyterian Church with particular oversight of the Breakfast at the Coronation Hall (B@TCH) Congregation, Dunedin, Southern Presbytery, 13 February 2020

LUKE, Sr Marilyn Jean   Dip.Soc.Sci.            Mrs M. J. Wilkinson
w. (1) Dr Andrew Cameron Hutton, Wilkinson b - m 5 May 1973, died 13 October 1999 Lower Hutt
w. (2) Peter Dawson Dallas m 20 October 2001
Deaconess College  1963-1965
Ordained Deaconess St Stephens Lower Hutt Wellington Presbytery 3 February 1966 
resigned 31 January 1970 to take Social Science course at Victoria University Wellington.
Hamilton PSSA, Inter-Church Social Worker 1 February 1972 
resigned 30 April 1973 to marry Dr A.C.H. Wilkinson 1973
Removed from Roll 20 February 2007

LUXFORD, Rosanne (Rose) Gay (nee Bateman)                 B.A., B.D.
born Dunedin, grew up in Milton. Married 12 January 1980 — Widowed. Husband died 3 November 1984
Secretarial studies, Otago Polytechnic; typist, Department of Medicine, University of Otago; apple grading; grape picking; secretarial work, Wanganui and Hawkes Bay, Department of Zoology, University of Otago; administrative assistant, Division of Sciences, University of Otago.
Bachelor of Arts (Geography) 1990 Otago University; Bachelor of Divinity (with credit) 1997 Otago University
Knox Theological Hall Dunedin 1995-1997
Licensed 23 November 1997 Dunedin Presbytery
Inducted and Ordained at Iona Church, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 29 January 1998 — twelve years
Moderator of Auckland Presbytery 2004-2006
Inducted St Paul's Oamaru, 26 January 2010, a multicultural church. In 2017 St Paul's and Maheno-Otepopo came together as one parish.
Member of the Presbytery Reform Task Group. Ministry Development Reviewer.
Study leave at Uniting Theological College, Sydney, looking at the area of forgiveness, 2003; Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, Dunedin, looking at death and ministers and their grief, 2008.
Moderator of Southern Presbytery 2014-2016
"I love parish ministry. It both feeds me and keeps me anchored. I also enjoy the collegiality, stimulation and sense of belonging that comes from being involved in the wider church. I believe that good relationships are at the heart of our work — relationship with Christ and with each other
We have such richness and diversity in our church giving us the ability to connect with a wide range of people in our communities. I would like to encourage ministers, parishes and various ministries to be authentic to who they are in their wordship and mission.
John 10:10 'I have come that they may have life — life in all of its fullness'."

Meth Ch
Miss Solomon Is
Served in Solomon Is over 10 yrs (Rep 1980)
Died 19.11.1979 

HM Stewart Is SP   SS 1959

LYMAN, Rev Graham Frank                B.A., B.D., D.D.
born 8 October 1936 Christchurch
wife Beth married 18 February 1961
Educated at Rangiora High School
Attended the Bible Training Institute, Auckland, 1957-1958
Home Missionary, Stewart Island (Stated Supply for 1 year), Southland Presbytery, 1959
Otago University, 1960-1963
Theological Hall, 1964-1966
Ordained Palmerston-Dunback, North Otago Presbytery, 1 February 1967 — resigned 26 December 1976
Reservoir, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 18 January 1977-December 1982
Hawthorn Church, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1983 — retired 2002 emeritus minister of the Presbyterian Church of Australia
Director of Presbyterian Ladies College, Melbourne
died 29 January 2023 aged 96

LYMBURN, Rev James S.
b 18.7.1854
w Jessie J. b 7.8.1861 m 29.3.1887 d 16.3.1955
From Free Church of Scotland, from Glasgow City Mission.
Arrived New Zealand 1886, aged 31 years.
Student Assistant to Rev W. Nichol Havelock North1886
Ord Martinborough (Waihenga WpP) 3.10.1889
Lumsden (Taringatura) SP 9.6.1899
North Taieri DnP  5.5.1908 (one record states 15.5.1908) - resigned 31.10.1919
Hospital Chaplain Christchurch 1922 for a number of years; then returned to live in Dunedin.
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland 1920
Died 7.7.1943

LYNDS, Rev George Lionel                    B.A., B.D.
b 11 November 1914;
w (1) Florence Tagula b 11 June 1918 m 1 July 1944 d 27 June 1959 
w (2) Flora Coleridge b 19 November 1920
m 26 November 1971
Theological Hall 1945-1947
Ordained Bay of Islands Northland Presbytery 11 February 1948
Howick Auckland Presbytery  27 May 1954 - resigned 30 November 1958
Thames Waikato Presbytery 13 April 1960  - retired 25 March 1968
Minister Emeritus  November 1979
Died 21 May 2007

LYON, Mr Keith                                        ANZPPA
w.(?)  m.(?)
Formerly a newspaper photographer in Palmerston North and a qualified Joiner.
Appt. to staff of the Presbyterian Film Unit Christchurch (under the Publicity Committee) 1957
Undertook photographic assignments over much of New Zealand and in 1962 visited the New
Hebrides (Vanuatu) to undertake a photographic and cine film assignment for the Overseas
Missions Committee.
An Associate of the New Zealand Professional Photographers’ Association (awarded 1967)
and and Elder of St Alban’s Presbyterian Church Christchurch.
Resigned Oct 1971 but continued part time until March 1972 when Mr Hugh Perry was appointed
to the position..

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