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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Nisbet to Nunns

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NISBET, Rev Keith J.
wife: Rosemary (Rose)
Grew up on Waikato farm, lived in Auckland, Greyfriars Presbyterian Church and Te Atatu Union Churches
Worked in railways, in youth ministry in the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand since mid 1980s, youth leader
Auckland Youth Co-ordinator, 1995-2000
Ordained Associate Minister, Plimmerton Parish, Wellingtonn Presbytery, 30 January 2003
Convener, Regional Youth Committee, Wellington Presbytery, 2003-2006
Minister, Plimmerton Parish, Wellington Presbytery, 2004
Next Generation Leader, St Andrew's Howick, Northern Presbytery, 2011
Other Recognised Minister, Northern Presbytery, October 2012
Removed from the roll, 20 September 2019

NISBET, Rev. Dr. Thomas            D.D. (Glasgow)
b. circa 1857
w. Sarah Lamrock  b. 1856 NSW Australia  m. 1884  d.1943
Son of Alexander Nisbet of Glasgow.
Studied at the University of Glasgow then at the UP Theological Hall, Edinburgh.
Licensed by the UP Presbytery of Glasgow 1882
To Australia –
Received by the Presb. Church of New South Wales 1882
Ordained Orange 1883 - Demitted June 1890
Received by the Presb. Church of Victoria 1890
Hawthorn  31.7.1890 to May 1898
Received by the Presb. Church of Queensland.
St Paul’s, Brisbane  3.6.1898 to 1904
Awarded Hon. D.D. From University of Glasgow 1901
To New Zealand -
Called to First Church of Otago, Dunedin  DnP 8 Jun 1904 Given leave in 1910 due to ill health.
He guided the organizing of orphanages and social work in the initial stages; Archerfield (primary and
secondary school) was founded by Mrs Nisbet as a non-denominational school; in 1913 there were 3
pupils, including Mary Truby King; in 1919 there were 105; it was the pioneer open air school in NZ;
they slept on balconies; a model was made to scale from which the plans were drawn;
The 1909 General Assembly 1909 passed a motion of sympathy in his affliction.
Assembly 1910 Memorial Minute: “One of its (the Church’s) most accomplished and devoted ministers...
He reached a commanding place, not only in them Church, but in the whole community.”
Editor (when in Australia) of the “Austral Star” 1900 to 1903, and “The Messenger” 1903 to 1904.
Died 28.9.1910 after a period of ill health.

NIVEN, Rev James
b. Friendship, Jamaica, 1838
w. Ann Gordon b. Kirriemuir Scotland,  m 13 Dec 1864,  d. 28 Sept 1920
Was a son of James Niven who was a United Presbyterian Church of Scotland Missionary.
Educated at University of Edinburgh & the United Presbyterian Church Theological Hall Edinburgh.
Licensed by UP Presbytery of Edinburgh 6 Jan 1863
Ordained by the Refromed Presbyterian Church Majority Synod as a Missionary for the New Hebrides Field on 4 Oct 1864.
Sailed from London on the Rangetoto on the 31 March 1865 & arrived Aneityum Island 9 May 1865.
Resigned 9 Aug 1865 then settled in Australia where he later paid back his Missionary salary.
Inducted to Grafton NSW 5 Feb 1867 - resigned Nov 1870
Inducted to Murrundi-Quirindi then translated to Penleith (or Pendrith?)& Springwood NSW 1874. Res 1876.
Emigrated to New Zealand -
HM under Otago Church Extension Com from 1877 to 1902
Ind to St Andrew’s Presb. Church Ravensbourne Dunedin DnP  3.1879,  resigned July 1881 due to declining population.
Spent 25 years on Church Extension staff; last mention 1902.
They had 6 daughters & 1 son. One daughter (Alice) married the Rev Albert C. Wright.
Died St Kilda, Dunedin, 31 May 1916

NIVEN,  Rev John                   B.A., L.Th.(Melb)
Electrical apprentice and Bible Class teacher at St Davids's Upper Hutt where he heard the call to train for the Ministry
wife: Ann (a teacher, Anglican) married 18 December 1965
Victoria University, coffee bar outreach at Motueka Anglican church during the summer
Theological Hall 1967-69
Ordained Youth Ministry Director, St James, Dunedin, with John Brinsley, 20 September 1972 - appointed 1 June 1972 - resigned 19 February 1976
St Albans, Palmerston North, 19 February 1976 - resigned 26 December 1986
Dean of Pastoral Theology, Tung Ling Bible School, Singapore February 1987; also at Laog Bible School, in the Philippines
Resigned from PCNZ, 11 April 1989
Ordained, St Paul's Anglican Church, Singapore, 1988-1995, English-speaking Chinese, Mandarin, and Tamil congregations
Assistant Priest, Church of Our Saviour, Singapore, to Canon Derek Hong, 1995-1999, Family Life Department, Filipina congregation, Marriage Clinic, Lay Counselling and Marriage Workshop
Foxton Shannon Union Parish, October 1999-2003
Titoki Healing Centre, Whakatane, 2008-2013
Minister Emeritus, Kaimai Presbytery, October 2010
Member, Ohope Presbyterian Church

NIXON, Mr John
HM Oxford West ChP 1911  
Spreydon Chch  1914   res 1916

NIXON, Rev Samuel
b 21.4.1870 Killinchy, Canterbury(?)
w Annie Rogers or Rodgers (Dgtr. of the Rev TM Rogers or Rodgers) b 3.11.1876 m 1.6.1911 d 18.2.1964
(One record also states that his wife was Annabella Edgar)
He studied at Canterbury University Christchurch, and then went to Ireland to undertake an Arts course
at Magee College, Londonderry; followed by a theology course at Belfast.
Licensed by Londonderry Presbytery Nov 1908
Returned to NZ and received by the General Assembly of the PCNZ 1909.
Ordained & Inducted to Pukekohe SAP 26.4.1910
Pukerau MtP  30.4.1929
'A man of earnest Christian character.'
Died  6.11.1936,  in office.

licensed at Te Aka Puaho Presybterian Synod on 9 April 2017

NOKISE, Rev Pepe
b 8.10.1914 at Fogapoa, Safotulafai, Western Samoa.
w Lili’a Elisara  b 26.4.1920 m 12.4.1958  d 28.9.1988
Attended Malifu School in Apia and then to the London Missionary School at
Leulumoega Fou, Malua. After teacher training taught for many years in Western Samoa.
Feeling a call to train for the ministry and influenced by the Rev Robert Challis to do
his training in New Zealand, he came to the Congregational College in Auckland,
arriving in NZ 7.11.1951 After some initial paid work and a period of ill health, he
entered the Congregational College in 1953.
Ordained into Pacific Islanders’ Congregational Church, Newton, Wellington 7.12.1957 
Entered the Presb. Church of New Zealand with the Congregational Church at Assembly 1969 -
Retired  31.1.1981
For a number of years he also had oversight of other Pacific Island congregations, in
particular, Porirua, Wanganui and Chrsitchurch.
During Pepe’s ministry, five young members of his congregation became Presbyterian
Father of the Rev Fele Nokise, Rev Luisa F Fruean.
“His was a ministry that has been long in years, devoted in pastoral care, splendid in
achievement in a number of ways, and at the same time marked by a humility and grace
that are the outward expression of a deep inner commitment to the King and Head of
the Church, our Lord Jesus Christ.” 
(from Obit.)
Died 6 Feb 2002 peacefully at Ashburton.

NOKISE, Rev. Dr. Uili Feleterika (Fele)               B.A., B.D., M.Th., Ph.D.
wife (1) Julia Mary  married 28 March 1981
wife (2) Lydia Johnson married 12 Octber 2019
Theological Hall 1973-1976
Ordained part-time Assistant First Church Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 19 April 1977 — resigned 31 August 1978
To University House, Canberra, Australia
Chaplain, Waikato University, Hamilton 15 September 1982
St Ronans, Eastbourne, Wellington Presbytery, 1 December 1983 — resigned 26 April 1987 and withdrew.
Consultant, Anglican Family Centre, Lower Hutt, Wellington, 26 April 1987
St Davids, Petone, Wellington Presbytery, 16 June 1991
Lecturer - Ministry of the People of God in Church and Society, Dunedin Presbytery, February 1997
Pacific Theological College, Suva, Fiji, May 1998
Lodged Certificate, Wellington Presbytery, May 1998
Minister within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery, 30 July 2003
Other Recognised Ministry, Pacific Islands Synod, September 2013
Inducted Minister, Newton Pacific Islands Presbyterian Church, 6 November 2019
Son of Rev Pepe Nokise and Brother of Rev Luisa F Fruean.

NORDMEYER, Rev Sir Arnold Henry   O.N.Z. (one of the first 5 awarded),B.A.,Dip.Soc.Sci.
b 7.2.1901 Dunedin
w Frances b 25.12.1911 m 28.10.1932
He took Hebrew in 1921-22 for his Arts course, preparatory to entering the Theological Hall.
Theological Hall 1923-5
Ordained Kurow NOP 26.11.1925
He was at Kurow when the hydro scheme was under construction & during the time of the
Depression; he had first hand experience of the hard conditions experienced by so many
people in the area & especially the children. His warm compassionate nature based on his
strong Christian convictions was deeply affected, & led him in due course into politics to
seek to implement a change in such conditions. In 1927 Andrew Davidson came as
Headmasater of the Kurow School, & soon found out the needs of the children. Dr D.G.
McMillan was the local Doctor who was also deeply concerned for the welfare of the
people in the Hydro Camp.   These three met in the Manse to discuss their concerns, &
devised a scheme to alleviate the medical needs of the people living at the Hydro Camp.
In this scheme the workers paids a small fraction of their wages into a social fund, & in
return received free medical treatment for themselves & family. This scheme which
worked so successfully became the basis for the National Social Security scheme
introduced by the Govt;  Arnold was Chairman of the Caucus Com which drafted the
national scheme & urged its adoption on the Govt.
Resigned 25.10.1935 and was elected Member of Parliament for Oamaru in 11.1935, when the
first Labour Government came into power; later he became Minister of Finance. 
Convener of Assembly Bills & Business Committee.
Member of the Public Questions Committee at the same time as Jack Marshall, a National Party
Member of Parliament
'He deserves to be remembered as one of the great statesmen of our age who with great
courage worked for the good of his country and people'
'He boldly confessed his faith in life and work.'
Died  3.2.1989 Island Bay Wellington
Nordy, Arnold Nordmeyer a political biography by Mary Logan, first published 2008

NORMAN, Rev Peter
Methodist Minister
Minister, Motueka Uniting Parish, Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 31 January 2008

NORRIE, Rev Arnold Hector
b 18.8.1877
w Adeline H. b 13.1.1883 m 25.11.1908
Attended school to 7th standard, then studied at home; he was accepted as a
Home Missionary in 1906.
HM Katikati BPP 1906
Te Puke BPP  1908
Ross WsP 1912
Whangamomona TkP 1915
Taradale HBP  4.1919
Mangapapa-Kaiti GP 1924
Greytown WpP  1928, licensed 22.11.1928; Ord 21.3.1929
Westmere WgP 30.4.1931 - retired 3.11.1942
Rangitaiki Outfields 1.2.1945 to 1948 in retirement.
Son of Rev T. Norrie; Father of Rev H.T. Norrie. 
Died 20.11.1971

NORRIE, Mr David
Papakura student missionary 1881
Mangapai student missionary 1882
Ellerslie & Epsom Auckland student missionary 1883
Hamilton student missionary 1888 - No further mention.
Son of Rev T Norrie.

NORRIE, Rev Hudson Thomas (Hud)             M.Sc.
b 6.8.1922 Taradale;
w Eileen Gertrude b 24.9.1923 m 28.12.1946 (Eileen later married Rev GH Robinson 31.3.1959).
From 1942 he studied mining engineering at the Otago School of Mines, doing his practical
work at Kaitangata, where he was severely injured by a fall of coal. Graduated M.Sc in 1947.
Accepted as a student for Ministry in 1945. As a student he gave much practical assistance
to the Rev Harold Turner in establishing and fitting out the University Bookshop in Dunedin.
Theological Hall 1949-51
Ord Central Westland (Runanga WsP) 4.3.1952
“During his Theological course, he and his wife managed the University Bookroom and built
a substantial house with their own hands. Their co-operation was intellectual, also, and Mr
Norrie’s original form of ‘devotional’ broadcasting (listened to even in hotel bars on ‘the coast’)
was their joint work. His practical studies and mining knowledge, and his concern for individual
conversions rather than Church machinery, gave him an unparalleled entry into the minds and
affections of the ‘coasters’. He leaves a wife and five young children.”
His ministry was effective to a remarkable degree; he was a strong advocate of AA (Alcoholics
Anonymous); his fortnightly devotional broadcasts had a marked effect.
Son of Rev A.H. Norrie.
Died at Runanga 1.12.1955 in office (leukemia) aged 33 years.

NORRIE, Rev Thomas
b 12 July 1825 Montrose, Scotland
w Elizabeth [Eliza] Angus Stevens b. Glasgow 13.8.1831 m. Glasgow 12 June 1855 d. 7 Nov 1888.
The son of a Mason and the 13th of 15 children. Apprenticed as a Joiner at age 16.
Called to the Ministry, attending the University of Edinburgh (with William Will & David
Bruce as fellow students). After last session of theological course he worked as a missionary
For Dr William Nixon in his native town of Montrose.
Licensed as Assistant Minister to Dr Tweedie at Tolbooth, Edinburgh.
Ordained by the Free Church of Scotland Presbytery of Brechin 15.5.1855.
Sent out to New Zealand by the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland at the
request of the Rev Bruce in order to minister in the Papakura, Drury and Wairoa areas.
Sailed from Gravesend for New Zealand on the “Joseph Fletcher” 4th July 1855, arrived
Auckland 17th October 1855.
Called to -
Papakura-Drury AP  1855
He lived in Drury until the Manse was built in Papakura l860.   He became military Chaplain
in Waikato War. He held a service at Rangiriri on 22.11.1863 after the battle. The district
assigned to him included not only Papakura & Drury, but the whole Waikato to Wairoa South;
he was one of the four who formed the first Presbytery of Auckland, meeting on 14.10.1856.
He became the pioneer builder of Churches in the PCNZ; he was instrumental in erecting no
Fewer than 19 Churches, a manse and a teacher's residence, at a cost of about £10,000 pounds,
raising most of the money outside his own district.
Prior to the introduction of instrumental music in worship, Mrs Norrie acted at the Precentor,
using a tuning fork to lead the singing of metrical psalms.
Moderator of the (Northern) General Assembly 1868 to 1870
Thereafter he still continued working full time in his large Parish at Papakura until his first
stroke a few weeks before his death when he reduced his workload before his ultimate demise
in May 1905.
Heavily involved in school education, Chairman of the Papakura School Committee 1860 to 1905,
first Commissioner of Papakura School, first Chairman and Superintendent of Clevedon School,
and Chairman of the Papakura Library Committee 1882 to 1905.
A supporter of total abstinence (anti-liquor), regularly attending “Band of Hope” meetings.
“Faithful, courageous, untiring in his duty, permitting no obstacle to turn him from the path of
service, Mr Norrie throughout his long life secured, wherever he journeyed, the confidence and
co-operation of his people.”
Father of Rev T.A. Norrie, Rev A.H. Norrie & Mr D Norrie.
Died 11.5.1905 at the Papakura manse, just 4 days before the 50th jubilee of his Ordination.

NORRIE, Rev Thomas Allan
b 23.3.1856
w Clara b 13.8.1867 m 4.10.1893 d -
Student Preacher at Ngaruawahia-Papakura (with his Father).
Te Aroha Goldfields appt student evangelist 1881
Theological Hall Dunedin  1882-83
Licensed by Nelson Presbytery 6.12.1887
Riwaka NMP 1887  
Te Aroha WkP called 1889 as Licentiate, Ordained 11.9.1894
Coromandel WkP  2.12.1897
Pokeno SAP  2.1904
Coromandel WkP  25.8.1909 - retired 31.3.1924
Son of Rev T. Norrie; Brother of Rev A.H. Norrie
'He was an earnest & indefatigable pastor, being constantly in the saddle while engaged
in his work.  He had the gift for making & keeping friends, & was affectionately known
to all in his district.'
Died  6.8.1939

NORRISH, Rev Anna              B.A.,:L.Th.
Bapt Ch  
Chapl Waikato Hosp, Hamilton,   Ord 9.1984  res 8.1988
Other Recognised Minister KP 30 Mar 2012

NORRISH, Rev Paul Wayne              Dip.Theol.(Melb)
w Heather Anne  m 28.2.1975
Hall 1984
Ord Waipu-Maungaturoto NP  24.10.1984  res 16.5.1988
res fr PCNZ 1.10.1990

NORTH, Dr Allan             M.B.,Ch.B.,B.E.
w. Jess North b.(?) m(?) d.(?)
He was employed by the Public Works Dept; decided to equip himself for the mission field by doing medical course, which he took 1933-1938; House Surgeon Timaru Hospital 1939
Wrote articles in Te Waka Karaitiana 1938-1939 on Te Oranga Tinana (the Health of the Body).
Report 1940: he is still keen as ever to go into Maori Mission field.  
It was proposed to have a medical centre in the Tuhoe country where there is a large area uncovered, but to put a Doctor there would require backing by supporting services, and the Governmentt has declined to assist with this; so it was necessary for him to withdraw.
Died 1980
The Dr Allan North Scholarships, bequested by his family, provides scholarships to members of Maori Synod for tertiary study.

NORTH, Dr Charles (Dick) Everard                   M.B.,Ch.B.
b 18.4.1902 Chandpur, Bengal, India;
w Agnes Edina Merrington (Daughter of Rev Dr E.N.Merrington)
b 12.5.1904 m 11.11.1927 in Colombo, Ceylon. d.(?)
He was the son of Dr Charles North,a Baptist Missionary Doctor; educated at Dunedin.
The family returned to Dunedin in 1910.
Educated at Otago University.
Worked for 2 years in his Father's practice in Dunedin.
Left in Dec 1926 to further his medical studies at Edinburgh.
In 1927 he volunteered for Mission service, and went as Locum Tenens to the Welsh Presbyterian
Hospital at Shillong, Assam.
Accepted an appointment to the Canton Villages Mission Hospital, South China.
Missionary; appointed, & expected to leave Assam 1.10.1928
In 1931 at Canton he suffered a serious breakdown in health (tuberculosis), which necessitated his
return to NZ; he recovered but was advised by his Doctors not to return to the tropics.  Mrs North was
also unwell.
Both noted as assisting Chinese Church in Dunedin in 1932.
Then left for Australia and established a Medical Practice at Lawson, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia.
Also noted at Macquarrie.
Moved to Wentworth (Falls?), early 1950's
No further mention.
Died (?)

NORTH, Rev David  Arthur George              B.A., B.D., R.N.Z.N. (Ret’d)
Born 19 September 1939
Attended St Mungo's Church, Richmond, profession of faith age 17
Mt Albert Grammar; Auckland Savings Bank 1957-1965; Auckland University 1965-1967
w Mary Elaine  m 17.5.1969
Theological Hall 1968-70
Ordained Takapau-Norsewood, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 4 February 1971
St Pauls, Devonport, North Shore Presbytery, 2June 1974
Appointed Naval Chaplain, Devonport, 27 February 1980
Marched down Queen Street with other church leaders in protest against the Springbok Tour, 1981
Naval Chaplain, Singapore 1983 - 1985 for period, then resumed at Devonport.
Clerk of North Shore Presbytery, 1986 (5 years)
Naval exchange to UK Somerset, July-December 1988
Chaplain on the HMNZS Endeavour and chaplain to the Bougainville Peace Talks 1990
Principal Chaplain (Navy) 1991
Naming and Commissioning of the HMNZS Charles Upham, and the launching in Melbourne of HMNZS Te Kaha 1995
Left Navy 19 August 1996
Hauraki Plains Co-operating Church, Waikato Presbytery, 4 April 1997 to 2005          
Moderator of Waikato Presbytery, 2004       
Minister Emeritus 31 Jan 2005 at Howick
Transitional minister at Point Chevalier Cooperating Parish (18 months)
Died 2011 in Auckland.     

NORTH, Miss Nicola
O'seas Worker -, with Nepal International Fellowship,
Nepal 1979-83-

NORTON, Rev Andrew Ross                   B.A., B.Th.
born 26 May 1958, Fairlie, Canterbury
wife Susan (Sue) Joy Wilson, married 28 December 1979
Educated Waimate High School
Theological Hall 1982-1983
Ordained Associate minister, St Andrews, Invercargill, 12 February 1984
Glenfield-Albany, North Shore Presbytery, 26 July 1990
Glenfield Presbyterian Church, North Shore Presbytery, November 1993
St. Columba Presbyterian Church, Pakuranga, Auckland Presbytery, April 1999
(Name of Parish changed to St Columba Presbyterian Church at Botany, 4 September 2002)
Moderator, General Assembly, 2014
Treatment for cancer in the pancreas, 2017
Chair, PressGo; executive leadership coach, retreat leader, poet and photographer
Resigned from ministry, 24 February 2018
Died 9 September 2019 after a long period of ill health

NORTON, Rev Edwin (Ed) Jason
b 26.2.1926 Auckland
w Eleanor (Nell) Jean  b 3.5.1927  m 8.1.1949
Theological Hall 1965-67
Ordained Ravensbourne-St Leonards  DnP  22.2.1968    
Awatere-Flaxbourne NMP 17.9.1970 - resigned 1.12.1973
Teaching at Bible College, Tangoa, Vanuatu 1974
Kangaroa Parish, Victoria Aust 1.2.1976  - to Dunedin
Ed Norton died suddenly on 26 March 1993. The previous day he had presented an
exposition of a portion of John 1 to a group of minister friends.  His whole hearted
interest in scripture was characteristic of Ed's Ministry. ...Born in Auckland he was
educated at Auckland Grammar School, and trained as a teacher at Auckland Training
College.  After teaching at a number of country schools, Ed joined the Army, rising to
the rank of Captain.  All through his life he was interested in weight lifting and in 1950
represented NZ in this event at the Empire Games.
He experienced a conversion in 1959.  Responding to a call to the ministry,he entered
the Theological Hall in 1965, and served in West Harbour United, and Awatere-Flaxbourne.
In 1973 he was appointed Lecturer at the Presbyterian Bible College, New Hebrides (Vanuatu).
From 1976 he served in Eltham, Victoria; Wynum, Queensland; and Kogafah, NSW, before
retiring to Dunedin due to ill health.     
After correspondence courses with Berean Christian College USA he was awarded their
D.D. & D.R.E. degrees.  (from Obit)
(Note : This Doctorate was not recognised by the Presbyterian Church of NZ or in Australia
as this College was not affiliated to any known Academic Institution)
Died 26.3.1993   Dunedin. 

NORTON, Rev Walter Henry
b 7.3.1889;
w (1) Violet Gurney Mary b 25.9.1889 m 21.6.191 d  3.1938 
w (2) Lorna b 13.1.1895 m 1.7.1940   d 24.2.1984
NZEF,   War Service 7.2.1916 to 6.2.1919  
Rep 1919: returned from War & planned to study for min;
advised by Dr not to study this yr - went as HM.
HM Hamner Springs ChP  - placed here because of number of soldiers in Hosp at
Hamner, 1919 
Hall  1921-3
Ord Centre Bush SP  13.12.1923
Tapanui MtP 7.6.1928  res 31.8.1938
loc ten Sumner ChP  1939
Fitzroy New Plymouth supply 1941, Ind 1.7.1942
Ross WsP  16.7.1947
Malvern ChP 2.5.1951   ret 7.3.1954
He collected funds for Arthur's Pass Chapel.
Died 26.4.1962 Dn.

NORVILL, Rev  John
Meth Ch
St Johns Raumanga Co-op  NP   Term completed 31.1.1992

Meth Ch
Johnsonville Union WnP  2.1978

Meth Ch
Cambridge Union WkP  2.1974
Upper Waitaki Chapl NOP  2.1977

NOTTAGE, Rev Basil Robert Charles                B.A.
b 9.8.1907 at Roxburgh
w Ailsa Frazer Hanning B.A., L.R.S.M.  b 17.1.1911 Dunedin  m 21.2.1934  d 29.7.1991
His parents moved from Australia just before he was born. Spent his early years in Hastings
before shifting to Tasman in 1912. Educated at the Tasman Primary School, Motueka District
High School, Nelson College, and Otago University 1926-29 graduating with a B.A. degree.
He had initially desired to study Law but felt drawn to the ministry.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1929-31
Accepted for Mission service to New Hebrides 25 Aug 1931
Studied the Nguna - Tongoa language with the Rev Oscar Michelsen during latter part of 1931,
also gained experience in medical – dental work, motor mechanics, and in launch handling on
the Otago Harbour Lightkeeper’s launch. During this time he was paid an allowance of £3 per
week by the Missions Committee.
Taken on trial for licence by Nelson Presbytery 15 Dec 1931
Ordained as Missionary to New Hebrides (Vanuatu) 25.2.1932 
Arrived New Hebrides 21.4.1932.
He was moved by accounts of urgent needs of New Hebrides people; responded to call for
Missionary to Tongoa district, following the long service of  the Rev Oscar Michelsen. Basil
came back to NZ in 1934 to marry Ailsa. They worked on Tongoa, the island that Oscar
Michelsen had worked for so long. Basil's assessment is interesting and valuable :
'The Christian religion, which was almost universally accepted, had for many become
rather nominal or uncertain.  Even so, it was wonderfully real and effective in the lives of a
great many individuals, and a major influence on the community as a whole. Worship, prayer
meetings, elementary Bible reading and interpretation were deeply valued.   On Tongoa ...
every Wednesday saw numbers of men and women gathering at each village in turn for
worship ... and relating of faith to daily living.  This was the gathering of the "Ekkalesia".'
Basil had to face danger and destruction from hurricanes; danger from a demented native
who ran amok wounding a number and killing his Missionary colleague (Rev W.V. Milne);
and many other dangers and hardships.  He gave extensive medical help, in particular
injections for yaws which responded quickly and cleared up.  In the end his own health
was seriously undermined, probably the result of some yrs of strain and deprivation, and
compelled his sudden departure to NZ in 1939. His Doctors would not permit him to
return to the tropics and he resumed parish ministry in NZ.  
Resigned from Mission staff 29.10.1940
Waikato East  13,3,1941  
Tuakau SAP 15.2.1945
St Albans Chch  24.8.1950
Ashburton Sth 3.3.1960
Moutere Hills NMP 29.11.1967   Retired 1.12.1970 due to ill-health.
The Rev M. Frater, a veteran Australian Missionary and Clerk of New Hebrides
Presbyterian Church
Synod wrote :
“Basil is better able to ‘think black’ than anyone I know”.
Basil wrote “New Hebrides Calling” 1940, also “Break of Day Islands” (his.diary) 1988.
While living in Christchurch he represented the NZPC on the Board of the Lepers’ Trust
Board. Also served on many Assembly Committees including International Affairs,
Youth, Ministerial Transfer, and Overseas Missions. Also Previously Mederator of the
Presbyteries of Waikato, South Auckland, Christchurch, Ashburton, and
Died 1 Oct 2000 in the 69th year of his ordination.

NUMMY,  Rev George Little
b 18.10.1905, Northern Ireland.
w Ella Ruby b 23.1.1911 m 5.5.1937
He was educated at a Church School in Ireland; came to NZ in 1927 at age 21; was farming
for 8 years, then joined the Home Missions service in 1935, taking the HM course that year.
HM Wairarapa Outfields 1935, Ord HM 1.7.1936 – worked under Rev John Davie.
Ohakune & Raetihi WgP 1938
Mangere AP 1941 (Took an Arts Course at Auckland University while stationed here)
North  Taieri DnP 1945 (while in Hall)
Theological Hall 1945-47
Clevedon SAP 18.12.1947
Eltham TkP  3.9.1953
Iona Upper Hutt WnP  3.12.1959
Pt Chevalier AP  3.12.1964  - retired 31.12.1970
Had trip overseas, then supplied at Waterview, Auckland.
Brother of Rev Joseph Nummy below.
Died 24.4.1973

NUMMY, Rev Joseph
b 20.10.1907 Northern Ireland
w Gladys Inger Thodsen b 30.11.1912 m 26.11.1940
At seven years of age he was bereaved of both parents, and from then was a
boarder in an Anglican School in Southern Ireland for 10 years. At 17 he came to
NZ as a farmer trainee and worked on various farms. Also worked as a Tin-Smith;
studied wireless telegrapy. He experienced a clear call to the ministry and
entered the Home Missions service in 1938 as Assistant to his Brother.
Completed the HM course with credit.
HM Assist Napier Suburbs 1938
Tokomaru Bay GP 1942, Ord HM March 1942
Taneatua BPP  1946
Ruawai  NP  1949  
Bulls WgP   10.2.1953
Opunake TkP  11.7.1957
Mangaweka-Rewa WgP  8.8.1963
Licensed by Presbytery of Auckland 2.9.1965
St Peter’s Mt Wellington, Auckland AP  2.9.1965  ret 22.10.1972
Brother of Rev G.L. Nummy.
Died 25.4.1989 Elmwood Home, Manurewa

NUNNS, Rev Lionel
Baptist Minister
Supply Ministry, Ngaio Union Church, Wellington Presbytery, 15 February 2007
Minister emeritus, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 30 September 2017

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