Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Fa'amausili to Finlayson

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FAAMOE, Rev Mose
Local Ordained Minister, Pacific Islander's Church (Samoan) Invercargill SP 2008

FA’AMAUSILI, Rev Ionatana Mika (Mika)         B.A., B.Th., M.A.(Hons).
wife Lia'i
Clerk in a Statistic Department, Western Samoa
Theological Hall 1985-1988
Certificate of Graduation in Biblical Studies 1980 Malua Theological College; Bachelor of Theology in Biblical Studies 1988 Otago; Master of Arts with Honours in Anthropology 1991 Auckland; National Certificate in Business Administration and Computing L2 2009
Licensed Pacific Islanders Church Newton, Auckland 20 December 1988
Ordained Honorary Assistant  Pacific Islanders Church Auckland, 15 October 1992
Hospital Chaplain South Auckland Health, South Auckland Presbytery, 15 February 1996
Other Recognised Minister South Auckland Presbytery 2008
Other Recognised Minister Auckland Presbytery 28 September 2010
Minister Emeritus, Northern Presbytery 2011
Inducted Stated Supply, Samoan Presbyterian Church, Onehunga Northern Presbytery 8 December 2011 — resigned 2014

FA’AMAUSILI, Rev Talaiupu (Tala)
Born in Auckland. Raised Pacific Islanders Church. Committed her life at 21
Youth Leader, Bible Class, Pacific Islanders Church Newton, Auckland 1992-2000; Your worker, Pro-Youth, St Paul's Waiheke Island 2005-2008
Bachelor of Theology 2000, and Management at Auckland University; Diploma in Ministry 2002 School of Ministry Dunedin. Worked for Retail Financial Services
Ordained St Pauls, Waiheke Island, Auckland Presbytery, 24 August 2003
Moderator of the Pacific Islanders' Synod, 2007
Other Recognised Minister, Auckland Presbytery, 27 October 2009
Inducted minister, Te Atatu Union Church, Northern Presbytery, 6 August 2020

FA'ATUI, Rev So'osemea (So'o)       BTh.P.G.Dip.Min, Dip.Ed, Dip.Bus
wife: Alice
Malua Theological College 2004-2007
Knox Centre 2015-2016
Youth advocate for Maori and Pacific Island youth at Manukau and Auckland youth courts.
A passion to be a church minister from his youth
Intern, St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Henderson, West Auckland
Licensed, Northern Presbytery, 8 December 2016
Ordained Pacific Island Presbyterian Church Glenfield, Pacific Presbytery, 12 March 2017
Minister Part-time (50%), Pacific Island Presbyterian Church Glenfield, North Shore, 15 April 2018
Minister Porirua – Pacific Islanders – Church of Christ the King, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 22 June 2023

FA’AUA, Miss Ne’etia Samoa
b. Western Samoa. Educated at Samoa College and came to NZ in 1967.
h. Mr Robertson Batu, a student for the Ministry,  m. Dec 1974
Missionary - Solomon Islands.
Commissioned in Pacific Islanders Church Newtown 10.10.1973
Accepted for appointment by United Church of papua New Guinea & Solomon Islands.
App. Secretary to Bishop of Religion, Munda, Solomon Islands region 20.10.1973  
Resigned from mission staff 31.12.1974

FA’AVAE-ELI, Rev Paulo Itione (Itione)            L.Th.
w Lilia Pefia  married 8 December 1979
Painter, Tokolauan
Completed Licentiate of Theology 1978
Hall 1976-1979
Ordained Tokoroa St Lukes Assistant Waikato Presbytery 10 September 1981
Inducted Sanson-Rongotea Co-operating Parish Manawatu Presbytery 6 September 1984 — resigned 31.12.1990 –
to Sydney, Australia

FAI’AI, Rev Karima A.       B.Sc., B.D.
wife Fa'alele Asoleaga married 9 December 1989
Bachelor of Science majoring in Mathematics and Chemistry 1983 Fiji University of South Pacific; Bachelor of Divinity majoring in Old Testament Studies 1993 New Zealand University of Otago; Diploma of Ministry 1993 Dunedin Knox Theological Hall
Hall   1991-3,   Licensed St Pauls-Trinity-Pacific Christchurch 29 January 1994
Ordained Waihao Co-operative, South Canterbury Presbytery, 13 February 1994 
Gore: St.Andrew’s Mataura Presbytery 24 May 1998
Manukau Pacific Islanders Northern Presbytery 4 August 2011

FAIRBAIRN, Rev James Kingsley             M.B.E.,B.A.
b 24.12.1908 Dn ; w Margaret Shadbolt b 10.12.1912 m 28.5.1936
Hall 1931-3; he was lic after 2nd term 1933 & went to Edin for postgrad study; he entered min
of CS & married Scot girl; served in CS at Kelso; then Union Ch Glas.  He was one of the first
Industrial Chaps app by CS - Clydeside 1940; he returned to NZ with family.
Ind St Andrews Gisborne 2.4.1947
St Johns WnP 28.8.1957 res 7.12.1967
Sec for Ak area of Bible Socy in NZ, Ak 6.1968
Two of their children died in Glas; one in Gisborne, & another in Ak; one daughter survived
(out of 5), Mrs Aileen McKenzie of Wn.
Died 20.7.1971 in office, aged 62 

FAIRMAID, Rev Robert
b 19.8.1859
w Mary L.  b 10.12.1862 m 30.10.1891 d 27.11.1942
He was brought up in Invercargill.
Brunnerton WsP  Student Preacher 1886; his work was taken over by Peter Ramsay when he went
To Dunedin to study.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1887 - 89
Licensed by the Presbytery of Clutha Dec 1889
Ord Kaitangata ClP 7.1.1890
South Taieri DnP  4.7.1900
West Taieri DnP  2.1902
South Dunedin DnP 23.2.1909 - retired 31.8.1924
Hospital Chaplain Dunedin
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland 1913;
‘His ministry a continuous evangelistic mission.’
Died 10.5.1925 Caversham

FAITALA, Rev Sione Lagigie John                 B.Th., Dip. Min.
born 6 June 1948
wife Fieta Ikitoelagi Faitala married 6 October 1973
Transport Department and Public Works Department Niue Government; Alex Harvey Industries Auckland; New Zealand Sanitation Ltd, Auckland; New Zealand Express Transport Ltd, Auckland; Union Workers Representative
began studies for Bachelor of Theology and Diploma in Ministry in 1990 and graduated four years later: Diploma in Ministry 16 October 1994, Bachelor of Theology 10 December 1994
Licensed Pacific Islanders Presbyterian Church, Newton, Auckland, 8 December 1994
Ordained Opunake Co-operating, Taranaki Presbytery, 31 January 1995
Minister within the Bounds, Wanganui Presbytery 13 February 2000
Miniter within the Bounds, Wanganui Presbytery 9 October 2001
Minister within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery, 11 December 2001 — retired 27 June 2013
Voluntary and Pastoral Care to Niuean people at East Auckland
Minister Emeritus, Northern Presbytery 4 July 2013
died 7 February 2023 aged 74

FAITALA, Rev Fieta Ikitoelagi                        B.Th., Dip. Min.
born Niue Island; came to New Zealand in 1973
husband: Sione Lagigie Faitala married 6 October 1973
Secretary, Director of Public Works and Administration Department, Niue Government, 1970-1972
began studies in 1992, broke off to accompany Rev Sione Faitala to Opunake, resumed studies 1998-1999
Bachelor of Theology 1994 Otago University; Diploma in Ministry 1999 School of Ministry Knox College Dunedin
Elder and Minister's wife Opunake Co-operating Parish 1994 to 1997
Licensed Taranaki Presbytery 9 December 1999
Ordained 12 February 2000
Hunterville Presbyterian Church, Wanganui Presbytery, Stated Supply 10 October 2000, 12 March 2001-14 October 2002
Minister with Full Membership, Wanganui Presbytery, 13 October 2002
Henderson Pacific Islanders Church, Auckland Presbytery, 1 May 2003
(Refer entry for Rev F Ikitoelagi-Faitala as from 2004)

FALCONER, Rev George David
b 15.8.1879; w Elizabeth M. b 27.6.1887 m 30.12.1908 d 12.3.1954
He was born at Enfield & grew up on a farm.  As young man he went to Wn where he played
a prominent part in YMCA.  He began his min in remote districts in Southland.
HM Waikawa & Mokoreta MtP 1906
Merrivale SP  1908
Colac Bay SP 1910
Hall 1913-5
Ord Mt Ida COP  21.12.1915
Pleasant Point SCP  3.2.1920
Brooklyn WnP  1.7.1926
Wyndham MtP 3.10.1930
Eltham TkP 13.7.1939
Apiti MnP 30.6.1944  ret 28.2.1946
Died 25.10.1951

FALCONER,  Rev  Ross
Ang  Ch 
St  Francis  Co-op  Hamilton  1.2.1992

fr Vict Aust, arr NZ  1878 -  For some time he worked under Nth Ch Ex Com;  he was
induced to leave for health reasons.

FALCONER, Rev Robert William
b 17.4.1922 Lower Hutt; w Marjorie Vaughan b 9.5.1924 m 27.6.1953
He was educ at Wairarapa High Sch & St Patricks, Silverstream. He served in the Army
from 1939-42, & was invalided out.
He went to OU in  1954.
Hall 1957-9 
Ord Onerahi-Whangarei Heads 21.12.1959
Chap RNZAF Whenuapai 25.1.1966
Chap RNZAF Woodbourne 15.3.1967 res 17.7.1969
Teacher Manurewa, Henderson H S, teaching slow learners;
persistent ill-health after WW2
Died 13.11.1973, aged 51

Ang Ch
St Francis Co-op Hamilton  1.2.1992

FALCONER, Rev William Fulton
b 30.12.1872; w Jeanie Wilaon b 19.5.1871 m 29.4.1910
Recommended by UF Col Com & arr with wife & family on 5.8.1919
HM Turua Thames WkP  9.1919, Ord HM 1919
Sawyers Bay DnP  1922
Hall 1923-5
Ord Min Waikaka MtP 6.11.1925 res 20.3.1928 to take up position in Scotland.

FALEATUA, Rev Keleva            BTh., DipMin.
born Lufilufi Samoa
wife: Sandra Elizabeth married 10 December 1983
Bank Officer, National Bank of New Zealand 10 years
Bachelor of Theology majoring in New Testament 1998 Otago University; Diploma of Ministry majoring in Pastoral Counselling 1998 School of Ministry Knox College
Rosehill Parish - Papakura and Districts First Presbyterian Church, South Auckland Presbytery, 18 Febuary 1999
St James, Pukekohe, South Auckland Presbytery, 11 September 2005

FALETO’ESE, Very Rev Kenape                 Q.S.O.
Congregational Church
b 13 March 1923; w Faavaoa Fatulatetela b 1 July 1926 m 24 April 1958
Malua College, Samoa and Congregational College of New Zealand
Lecturer and Vice Principal, Malua College
Ordained 1956
Called to Pacific Islanders Church, 1964
Inducted Trinity Pacific Islanders' Congregational Church, 23 November 1968
Entered Presbyterian Church of New Zealand with Congregational Church at Assembly 1969
St Pauls-Trinity-Pacific, Christchurch, 1970
Associate, Pacific Islanders' Church, Newtown, Wellington Presbytery, 11 February 1982 
Moderator of the General Assembly, 1986
Minister Emeritus, 31 March 1989
d. 28 September 2012

FALETOLU, Rev Lapana Niuapapa              LTH.
born 1 June 1951 in the village of Fasito'o-uta on the island of Upolu in Western Samoa, twelfth of thirteen children and five adopted children.
When he was 15 his family moved from Samoa and settled in Wellington
wife: Salote, a Tongan singing student, joined a band Lapana had started as a vocalist - their relationship developed and they married, 6 January 1979.
Began work as a bus driver and later established a driving school
Active at Newtown Pacific Island, Wellington Presbytery
Moved his family to Dunedin to undertake theological studies in 1984.
Theological Hall, 1984 - 1986
President, Theological Hall Students Committee, 1986
Ordained Associate Minister, Rangiora Pacific Islanders Church, Christchurch Presbytery, 1 Febrary 1987
A Samoan feast combined with a traditional Presbyterian afternoon tea reflected the mix of cultures, at the Amberley Domain Pavilion, with attendance by Samoan supporters from Christchurch.
St. Andrew's Church was renovated in this ministry to face the congregation to the 'long' windows.
St. Pauls-Trinity-Pacific, Christchurch 17 August 1990
At St Pauls baptised 266 children, conducted over 55 marriages and confirmed nearly 100 people into membership of the church
Went to a local gang Headquarters after an arson attack on St Pauls, 1996
Service of reconciliation, May 1997
Co-Convener of Pacific Islanders’ Task Group of the Council of Assembly
Moderator of Christchurch Presbytery, August 2003 to July 2004
St Pauls damaged by fire 5 August 2009, by earthquake 4 September 2010, and 22 February 2011 and demolished
"He was a wonderful, warm and faithful man who served Christchurch Presbytery for some twenty-five years."
A leader in the Christchurch Pacific Islander community, renowned for his empathy for troubled youth and at-risk families.
Died 6 October 2011 after suffering poor health for a number of years.
His funeral was the first service held in the St Pauls Hall after the congregation was able to return to using it.

FALLOON, Rev George David          O.B.E.,M.C.,B.A.
b 12.11.1911 Ngapara, near Oamaru; w Mary Millicent b 22.1.1914 m 8.3.1941
His Father struggled on a small farm with poverty & ill-health; farm chores were
required of George.  After 8 mths High Sch he was taken from sch & was never able
to return. Many yrs later he took his savings to Dn & worked for matric; then he
entered OU & later Hall.
Hall 1938-40
Ord Kurow NOP 13.12.1940
Chap to Forces 1942-6, 35th Battalion, Pacific
Knox Masterton WpP 4.2.1948
Cashmere Hills ChP  2.2.1956
Trinity Timaru SCP   7.2.1962
Geraldine SCP 6.2.1969  ret 31.1.1976
In 1938 he represented SCM at Madras Conf  which opened his eyes to the world Ch;  he
had deep concern for social support & those needing it; he visited battle grounds in Vietnam;
he suffered latterly from Parkinsons disease.
Mod Ass 1970
Died 14.5.1988

FARMER, Rev Mark Alexander Colthurst              MM., BTh.
born 6 July 1944
wife Taugataoloa Martha  married 7 April 1978
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1984-1986
Ordained St James Union Masterton Wairarapa Presbytery 5 February1987
St Columba's Mahurangi North Shore Presbytery January 1996
Moderator of North Shore Presbytery 2001
Minister Emeritus, North Shore Presbytery, 30 July 2009
Served on various Regional and National Committees.
"He was a very popular minister and leader in the Warkworth community, with his energy and commitment to Christian mission and ministry evident, even during his illness, with his leadership of a mission to Uganda last year. Though a person of strong conviction, he had a gentleness of spirit and a human warmth that... many others greatly appreciated."
Died 23 Jan 2010 after a long illness.

O;seas Worker - PNG with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Ukarumpa

FARR, Rev Edward Charles
born 30 October 1883, Christchurch
wife Ida Maud Algie  married 1911
For 33 years he was an employee of P. Hayman and Co, Auckland as a ware-houseman and town traveller
Honorary Home Missionary at St David’s Branch, Auckland, for ten years, taking the services at Virginia Avenue.
Joined Home Missionary service, 17 April 1932
Did not take the Home Missionary course but undertook Night School classes and lectures at University.
Unable to continue University Studies due to weak eyes.
Ordained Home Missionary, Ohakune-Raetihi, Wanganui Presbytery, 4 April 1932
Mauku, South Auckland Presbytery, 1935
Kohimarama, Auckland Presbytery, 1938
Belmont, North Shore Presbytery 1947 — resigned 1950 on account of his wife’s health.
Father of Rev E.F. Farr
Died 6 October 1950

FARR, Very Rev Edward Francis (Ed)                      O.B.E., B.A.
b 26.4.1912  Auckland
w Helen Catherine Mary b 24.11.1913 m 18.2.1939 d. 12.2.2008
Studied at Auckland University College, graduating with a B.A..
Theological Hall Dunedin 1936-38
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 15.11.1938
Ordained Patea TkP  30.11.1938   res1.2.1943
Chaplain to Forces during World War Two – served with the 7th Field Company of
the 2nd NZEF based at Maadi Camp, and later in the Western Desert with the 8th Army.
In 1944 he went with the NZ Division to Italy in the closing stages of the war.
Knox Lower Hutt WnP 11.7.1946
Chalmers Timaru 13.12.1951
Somervell Memorial Church Auckland  AP  16.4.1964 - retired 20.6.1977
Associate Minister St Davids Auckland  AP  1978  
“As a Chaplain he brought comfort and support to the men of his company and was
affectionately known as ‘Padre’. His ability to adapt to difficult surroundings and
conduct services in the desert and secluded valleys was one of the many gifts that
made him respected and loved by all with whom he came into contact with.
As a Preacher he used his gifts of dramatic oratory to the full. He loved English
literature all his life and his knowledge of prose and poetry were a great treasure
house when he prepared his sermons and the many sddresses he gave. Humour
and light and shade, coupled with deep spiritual insights made any service Ed Farr
conducted something that made a profound impression on any congregation. As
a man of prayer he led his congregation into a deep spirituality. In times of
bereavement he brought comfort and assurances of God’s unfailing love."
(from Obit.)
Moderator of South Canterbury Presbytery for two terms; Convener of the South
Canterbury Presbyterian Support Services Association 1954 to 1964; served on
many General Assembly Committees; awarded the O.B.E. for service to the Military,
Church and Community, a regular radio broadcaster.
Moderator of the General Assembly 1972
Son of Rev E.C. Farr
Died c.1994

FARRAR, Rev James
b 29.12.1873 Leeds, England
w Bertha Mary b 21.7.1881 m 1.11.1906  d 14.5.1970
He came to NZ in 1900 for health reasons; he had learnt trade as a currier in the Tanning
Industry finishing leather; Sunday School Teacher and Superintendant, Bible Class Leader
and Lay Preacher.
Joined Home Missionary staff 1908.
Utiki (1¼ years) – resigned due to ill health and left the HM service for 17 years
Re-entered HM service 6.12.1925; Did not take the HM course.
HM Sefton ChP Jan 1926 (7¼ years); Ord HM Mar 1926
Belfast-Styx ChP  1932
New Brighton ChP 1941 - retired 30.9.1942
Shirley-Richmond, Christchurch (Locum) ChP  (in his retirement while their Minister was
at War).
Died 29.3.1964  

FASER, Rev Robert [Bob]
From Westbury Parish (Uniting Church of Australia), Tasmania, Australia
St James', Wanganui (Exchange Ministry) WgP Dec 1985 to Feb 1986
(Rev Ken Wall of St James' served concurrently at Westbury)
Returned to Tasmania 1986

FATIALOFA, Rev Mrs Tu’i Alofa             
h. (?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.1969
Widowed with 6 children
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1983-84
Ordained Chaplain National Womens Hospital Auckland  AP 30.5.1985  - resigned  2.1993
Minister Emeritus Dec 1992
Her Father and Grandfather were Pastors in Samoa.
"[Remembered] as a woman of warmth and fignity. She was held in great affection by those who trained with her. Quiet by
disposition, she affirmed a real strength in her faith and convictions."
Died 3 June 2010

FAUCHELLE, Rev Ian Donald  (Don)        B.Sc.(NZ), B.D., (Otago), M.Th. (UNISA)
w Margaret Ann  m 7.12.1963
Secondary School Teacher, Kings College, Auckland 1961
Theological Hall Knox College Dunedin 1962-64
Ord Assistant Minister St Andrews Matamata WkP 15.12.1964
Knox Church Eltham TkP  18.8.1966 - resigned 31.7.1967
Secondary School Teacher 1967
Acting Head of Biology Dept. Kings College, Auckland 1968
Minister at Partick Anderson Church of Scotland, Glasgow Scotland 1969-71
Missionary Minister, Church of Scotland, seconded to United Church of Zambia, Luanshya, Copperbelt Presbytery 1971-76
Paraparaumu WnP SS 12.9.1976 to 15.12.1976
St Marks Palmerston North 16.12.1976 - resigned 31.8.1980
Theological Lecturer Zomba Theological College (Anglican/Presbyterian) – Church of Scotland Partners in Mission
secondment. Appointed Acting Principal 1983.
St Margarets Belmont Auckland NSP 15.4.1984 - resigned 31.3.1990 - Lodged Certificate
Administrative Assistant to General Secretary, World Mission and Unity, Church of Scotland 1990
Minister Trinity Presb. Church, Gweru, Zimbabwe  (Church of Scotland secondment) 1990-94 
Presbyterian Lecturer, United Theological College, Harare, Zimbabwe, Honorary Lecturer, University of Zimbabwe
(Theology) – (Church of Scotland secondment) 1995-98
Minister City Presbyterian Church, Harare, Zimbabwe (concurrent with above position) 1997-98
St.Aidan’s Conifer Grove/Takanini, South Auckland  SAP  Dec 1998 and
Chaplain at Elmwood Retirement Village, Manurewa (Presbyterian Support)  SAP 1998
Minister Emeritus  SAP  8 Sept 2002
[In retirement] actively engaged in a number of ecumenical groups and, accompanied by Margaret, he went as a
volunteer lecturer on behalf of Global Mission, the PCANZ and the Council for World Mission, to the theological
colleges in Botswana and Samoa.
"...Don was actively involved as a Bible in School Teachers and he chaired the North Shore Committee for the Churches
Education Commission (Bible in School in NZ). He also established and supported Boys and Girls Brigade companies
in New Zealand and overseas. In Africa, his involvement with youth included Scripture Union work and in conjunction with
Margaret and a national worker, Alice Chikomo, the setting up of a school for street kids in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Don had a strong personal faith which he shared in numerous personal and practical ways. His contribution to the
missionary outreach of the church was rich and multi-faceted. Don offered much through his work in the pulpit and
clasroom but he added to that in the countless informal encounters in which he reflected the loving kindness of God.
He was a compassionate, generous and selfless man who always had a smile and an encouraging word for others."
[From Memorial Minute]
Died 11th March 2008, suddenly in Tongariro National Park while out hiking with his wife Margaret.

Ang Ch
Taranaki East Co-op (Toko)  8.1979

FAWCETT, Mr David H.
HM Whakatane 1905
Rep 1905: He is to leave since ‘he does not agree with our system of doctrine’.
Rep 1906: He was recd during the yr; he has been accepted for the HM corresp course, & is
put in 2nd yr as he had some study    & has been employed by Meth Ch.
Dunback & Macraes NOP 1906 res 1907 ill-health.  Recovered in health & able to continue.
Oxford West ChP 1912 res 1915

FAWKNER, Mr John       & Mrs
Miss - Tonga
Hango Agric Coll Tonga  1979

FEIL, Miss Ella Raimonda
b 24.5.1917
Deac PSSA Wn 28.1.1946 res 1948

FEIST, Rev Donald Chapple          B.A., B.Sc., B.D.
b 12.12.1930 in Christchurch
w Margaret Mary  m 17.12.1955
Completed secondary school in Matamata with a dux medal, then went to Auckland University College
Secretary of the Leprosy Mission Auckland 1950
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1954-6
Ord Central King Country (Matiere) 14.2.1957 a large parish with seven preaching places
First minister at Calvin Gore MtP 20.3.1962
Maori Hill Dunedin  DnP  2.1970 - resigned 31.7.1987
Study leave Birmingham University UK 1979
Moderator DnP 1984-1985
Assistant Minister Knox Church Dunedin DnP Ind 25.9.1988 till  31.5.1991
Minister Emeritus 31.7.1990
Former chairman of the board of the Dunedin University of the Third Age, and president of the University Club,
member of the Assembly Business and Doctrine Committees, the Dunedin Marriage Guidance Council executive,
New Zealand Council of the Leprosy Mission, Presbyterian Support's YouthGrow, the Goldfields Trust and the
Sea of Faith Network, founding member of the Knox Church social justice work group
Deposited a collection of nearly 1400 sermons in the Presbyterian Archives
Son of Rev M.H. Feist below.
Died at the hospice in Dunedin after a short illness with acute leukaemia 22.2.2012

FEIST, Rev Murray Holman        M.B.E.,B.A.,Dip.Journ.
b 23.4.1903 Ohau;
w Ethel Maud Elizabeth Moody b 22.9.1907 m 11.3.1930 d  9.1985
He began in journalism; NZ Herald Auckland.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1927-29
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 12.11.1929
Ord New Brighton ChP 5.12.1929
Motueka NMP 2.2.1932
Hokitika WsP  23.10.1935
Matamata WkP 12.6.1941 - resigned 15.2.1950
Organising Secretary for the Mission to Lepers Auckland  15.2.1950 - ret 31.1.1970
President of the Mission to Lepers from 1970 till death.
Editor of NZ Leprosy Mission Digest, and was one of the prime movers of setting up the constitution for the London
Council, which made the Mission international. Partly responsible for the opening of work in Indonesia and New
Father of Rev D.C. Feist.
Died 20.12.1977

Meth Ch
Wellsford Co-op NP  2.1977
Ranui Co-op AP  2.1978
Woodville Union MnP  2.1983

FELL, Rev Henry  Reginald              M.A.,B.D.(Melb)
b 26.12.1890 Auckland
w (1) Grace H.  b 24.1.1895 m 1.10.1918 d 5.4.1945
w (2) Hilda b 10.10.1891 m 9.12.1946  d 5.7.1982
He began work as a surveyor on Main Trunk Railway line; he turned to ministry, and
graduated with an MA at Auckland University; entered Hall 1915; enlisted 1916.
Theological Hall 1915
War service from 26.7.1916 to 2.8.1918 
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 11.2.1919
Ord Tamaki-Howick AP 25.3.1919
Te Kuiti WkP 21.12.1920
Temuka SCP 1.11.1923
Greymouth WsP 27.8.1930
Kent Terrace (now Mt Victoria) Wellington WnP 16.2.1939 - retired 31.10.1953 due to ill health;
Retired to Wellington, and later entered Ross Home Dunedin till death.
Died 23.2.1963 at PSSA Ross Home Dunedin.

FENDALL, Rev Robert (Bob) Philip          B.A.
born 1 June 1934
wife Leita Margaret Huston married 9 December 1961
Hall 1961-1963
Ordained Clive-Haumoana Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 30 January 1964
St Georges Linwood Christchurch 2 April 1970
St Davids Union Ashburton 2 February 1977
St Marks, Christchurch (Upper Riccarton) 5 February 1986
Minister Emeritus 15 July 1998
continued to lead services and parish visitor for Knox Presbyterian Church Christchurch
died 5 August 2023 at Diana Isaac Retirement Village aged 89 years

FENG, Mr Ryan
Bachelor, Jiangxi Agricultural University 2011; Postgraduate Diploma in Education, New Zealand Tertiary College 2016; Bachelor of Ministries, Christian Ministry, Laidlaw College 2022
Bring Me Hope Foundation July 2012 to ????
Intern, Cromwell and Districts Presbyterian Church, Cromwell, Southern Presbytery, 2021
Licensed Cromwell and Districts Presbyterian Church, Cromwell, Southern Presbytery, 15 December 2022
Stated supply, St Margaret's Bishopdale, Alpine Presbytery — inducted 23 March 2023

FENTON, Rev Susan Margaret (Sue)
maiden name Cornish
husband: Colin Paul (Paul) Fenton married 22 November 1980
Commitment to follow Christ at age 13
Computer company sales representative 1984-1987; Co-Director Fenton Business Solutions Wellington 1995-2000; Children and Family Ministry Co-ordinator Knox-St Columba Church 1997-2003
Bachelor of Art majoring in Sociology 1981 Victoria University; Bachelor of Theology majoring in Biblical Studies 2005 Otago University; Diploma in Ministry 2008 Knox School of Ministry
Student for Ministry 2006
Teacher aid, Gracefield Primary and Marsden Primary 2007 and 2008
Licensed Wellington Presbytery 17 July 2008
Ordained Other Recognised Minister, Presbytery Pioneer Mission Ministry Coordinator Wellington Presbytery 21 October 2008 to 25 November 2011
Community Minister (Part-time) Wadestown Wellington Presbytery 28 December 2011 — resigned 9 December 2012
Member Wellington Presbytery 5 February 2013
Stated Supply, Knox St Columba, Lower Hutt, Presbytery Central, 14 September 2014
Other recognised minister to Chaplain (part-time), Presbytery Central — Nukuhau Tapu, 12 February 2019 — Resigned August 2023

O’seas Volunteer
Samoa 1986 - worked on Land Development Scheme with Jessep 1986-7

FERGUS, Rev Dr Donald Murdoch (Don)       B.A., Dip.Theol., M.Min. Ph.D.
wife Joan (Jo) Nicholson married 30 March 1968
Bachelor of Arts 1963 Victoria University of Wellington; Diploma of Theology 1966 Knox College
Hall 1964-1966
Licensed Wellington Presbytery 1967
Ordained Assistant, Mosgiel Dunedin Presbytery, 12 February 1968 — resigned 25 May 1970
Mauku, South Auckland Presbytery, and Kingseat Hospital Chaplaincy, 3 September 1970 — resigned 3 November 1973 — overseas
Clinical Pastoral Education, Spring Grove State Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America, December 1973
Pastoral counsellor and clinical educator, Pastoral Counselling and Consultation Centers of Greater Baltimore, September 1975
Director, Gore and District Counselling Centre, Mataura Presbytery, 1 January 1977 — resigned 2 September 1983 and wthdrew
Minister within Bounds — Associate Member, Christchurch Presbytery, 1985
Minister Emeritus, Christchurch Presbytery, 12 December 2006
Master of Ministry, University of Otago, 2007
Doctor of Philosophy, University of Otago, 2012
Stated Supply, St Andrew's Takaka, ended 15 September 2020
Stated Supply St Martin’s Presbyterian Church, Alpine Presbytery, 19 October 2020 — concluded November 2022

FERGUSON, Mr     &  Mrs
Maori Miss - Native Sch Teachers
Oruanui 1928, assisted Miss.

FERGUSON, Rev Arthur McNair          M.A.
b 15.9.1906 Wanganui; w Winifred Stevenson nee Catherwood (daughter of Rev R.H
Catherwood) b 19.12.1906 m 26.6.1934
rem Frank Robson  9.4.1969  h  d -  ; rem John Kilgour d 18.9.1990
Arthur was educ at Ak Grammar Sch; Vict Univ Wn.
Hall 1930-2; post-grad study Edin Univ
Ord Tasman NMP 12.7.1934
Bluff SP 15.6.1939
Feilding MnP 1.9.1943
Matamata WkP 5.10.1950, closing yrs overshadowed by much pain & illness.
Father of Rev G.R. Ferguson below; memb Ch Worship & Architect Com; memb Maori
Miss Com; memb Applicat & Recept Com.
Died 22.7.1961 Ak Hosp, in office as Min of Matamata.

FERGUSON, Rev. Dr. Graeme Robert      M.A. ,B.D., Ph.D.(Cantab)
wife Mairi Stewart Fraser (daughter of the Very Rev I.W.Fraser)  married 14 May 1960 retired 30 June 2014
Master of 1957 Auckland; Bachelor of Divinity 1960 Otago
Theological Hall 1958-60; Begg Traelling Scholar, studied Westminster College, Cambridge England - Doctor of Philosophy 1965;
Both Graeme and Mairi served for 3 months with Hilfswerk, West Berlin 1951.
Ordained Kent Terrace Wellington (now Mt Victoria) Wellington Presbytery 21 October 1965
While at Kent Terrace he was one of the leaders in the formation of Inner City Ministry, in which Anglican, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches  co-operated, later including Quakers and Church of Christ also. 
Resigned 3 December 1974 — Pastoral Ties dissolved 28 February 1975
Principal, United Theological College, Sydney (called Centre for Ministry since February 1988, when it was moved to new site at North Parramatta) 1 February 1975 — resigned 30 September 1989
He was the main driving force in obtaining establishment of Sydney College of Divinity from main stream Churches (including Roman Catholic Church) for the purpose of granting degrees in Divinity; leading figure in bringing together regularly Theological College leaders in Asia and Pacific; leader in Australian Church.
Inducted St Davids Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 28 September 1989
Minister Emeritus 6 November 2000

FERGUSON, Mr James Daniel
born Killin, Scotland, baptised 18 January 1828
wife: Marion Thompson
arrived Lyttelton 1860 as a teacher from Scotland
applied for licensing to Otago Presbytery, September 1862
granted transfer to Canterbury June, 1864 and licensed February 1866, being the 1st licentiate. 
Worked Lyttelton and Sydenham, and was on list of probationers till 1882, but never ordained.
Northern part of Prebbleton, 1872
Lyttelton, 1876
From 1882 on list as probationer, Christchurch; presumably taking occasional supply, but largely retired
‘He did good pioneer work at Lyttelton and Sydenham in the late 1870s.’

b. 27.12.1852 Shiels, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
w. Isabella Adie  m.1881
Son of William Ferguson, a farmer, and Elizabeth nee Mitchell.
Came to New Zaland 1862
Educated at New College, Edinburgh – pupil Teacher and laboratory assistant.
Licensed by the Free Church of Scotland Presbytery of Deer.
Returned to New Zealand -
Recd by the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland  14.1.1880.
Missionary to (gold) Miners, Tuapeka 1880
Ordained and inducted to First Church Invercargill 20.5.1880 as Colleague and Successor to Rev. Stobo.
To Australia -
St Stephens Sydney, Presb. Church of New South Wales  12.7.1894 to 1.3.1925
Steel lecturer in Pastoral Theology 1899. Strong opponent of the Boer War.
Moderator of the General Assembly of Australia 1909-1910.
Home Chaplain World War I, published “Fifty Years Work for Christ in Sydney” [Jubilee of St Stephen’s],
Sydney 1899.
A son was Sir John Ferguson, Judge and Bibliographer.
Died Sydney 1.3.1925

FERGUSON, Rev Robert
born 3 February 1863
married Catherine Headrick born 21 September 1858 Dunoon, Argyll married 1891 died 1950 Cambuslang, Glasgow
Licensed by Hamilton Presbytery of the Free Church of Scotland 24 June 1890
Came to New Zealand as Probationer.
Ordained Onehunga, Auckland Presbytery, 19 April 1892
Devonport, North Shore Presbytery, 1 July 1896
First Church, Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, 23 December 1903 (one record indicates 1 December 1903)
St Peters, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 21 September 1908 (one record gives date as 8 October 1908)
Tamaki-Howick, Auckland Presbytery, 10 May 1911 — resigned 13 May 1915
Returned to Scotland about 1912 and linked with Free Church again.
Both the Rev and Mrs Ferguson kept "open home" for New Zealand soldiers during World War One.
Son-in-law of Rev J. Headrick
Died 28 December 1938

FERGUSON, Rev Robert Andrew (Rob)
Ordained Methodist Minister 1979
Spent time at parishes in Eltham-Kaponga Co-operative 1979-1984, Palmerston North Methodist 1984-1995, Beckenham Methodist 1995-2002 Sydenham, St Albans Uniting Transition Ministry 2004-2005, and Wanganui
served Mission Resourcing; Disciplinary Tribunal Panel, Complaints Review Panel, and Synod Superintendent for the Lower North Island Methodist Synod
Transition Ministry Training 2004
Minister, St. Ninians, Riccarton, Christchurch Presbytery, 16 February 2006
Other recognised minister, 27 March 2016
Inner City Chaplain, Durham St Methodist Church, Christchurch, 2017 "My office is my backpack" — stepped down after two years, September 2018.
died 8 December 2022 aged 73

FERGUSON, Mr William
From Church of Scotland as Student, arrived 1882
Upper Thames Student Preacher 1883
Student Preacher Auckland 1885 - no further mention.

FERGUSSON,  Rev I.W. Leslie
Meth Ch
Kaeo-Kerikeri Union NP  2.1982 appt compl 31.1.1988

Meth Ch
Eltham-Kaponga Co-op TkP  1.1979

FERGUSSON [Darbyshire], Rev Shirley  A.                  M.A. (Hons), MNZPsS, Dip. Theol.
b. 26 Aug 1943 at Huntly
h.(1) Bruce Westbrooke m. 1962 Seperated in 1987
h.(2) Bill Darbyshire b.(?) m. 1991
A communicant member of Huntly Presbyterian Church at the age of 12. Taught Sunday School from age 15.
An able student at Huntly College. Started work at the Huntly branch of the Bank of New Zealand. After
marriage moved to Auckland. Became an Elder at St Margaret's Church, worked with
disabled children at Wilson Home in Takapuna, and established a Girl Guide unit at the home.
Appointed a District Commissioner for the North Shore area and in 1977 awarded the Queen's Jubilee medal for
her services to Guiding.
Commenced an Arts Degree at Auckland university, majoring in English and Psycology (1983).
Worked as a researcher and psychologist for Presbyterian Support at the Glenburn Centre in Massey, later
becoming a parish development consultant for the Presbyterian Church.
Returned to the Waikato, building a home at Puketaha. Practised as a psychologist and Lay Preacher at
Scots Church, Te Rapa.
CBMT (Community Based Ministry Training) 1991-92
Received a Theological Diploma in 1993, then being Ordained.
Ordained St Stephens Melville Hamilton  WkP  5.11.1992
St.Francis’ Co-operating Church, Hillcrest, Hamilton  WkP  Nov 1998 to 2003
A member of the Pastoral Oversight Group of the Joint Regional Committee.
Minister Emeritus  WkP  2003
Due to a vacancy Shirley accepted a two year transitional Ministry at St Stephen's Hamilton in 2009
Shirley served in a number of national Church roles including working as a consultant for Parish Development
and Mission.
Past Moderator of Waikato Presbytery, Convenor of the National Council of Assembly up to 2001,
and Convener of the Auld Lang Syne Club.       
After her resignation in February this year Shirley was known by her husband’s surname of Darbyshire.
"She was so skilled a counsellor. She was well versed in Church politics - and shenanigans - and loved the Church still.
She was a skilled liturgist and preacher, with not a trace of homophobia, free of aggressive certainty - a thoroughly lovable
human being and friend."
Also an accomplished pianist.
Died 12 May 2011 aged 67 of cancer at Trevellyn Hospital, Hamilton after a short battle with cancer

FEY, Rev Martin John                Dip. Tchg., B.Th., (Auck)   
born Bristol, England; Lived in England, France and New Zealand until settled in Howick at age 8; became a Christian as a young teen
wife: Andrea G., registered nurse
background in education and libraries - resource manager
Completed foundational theological studies, Auckland University, 2007, left Auckland for Dunedin, mid-2008
Intern at East Taieri, Dunedin 2009
Intern at Kaikorai Presbyterian Church, 2010
Licentiate, Southern Presbytery, 3 December 2010 — transferred to Northern Presbytery 28 February 2011
Ordained Hillsborough - St David's in the Fields, Northern Presbytery, 5 May 2011
Inducted Forrest Hill Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 9 June 2016

FIELD, Rev Pio Sovala (Bill)
b 19 July 1926; w Barbara Jean  m 10 January 1970
Maori Mission
Ordained Te Teko, 19 November 1967
Southern Urewera (Te Whaiti), 1968
Assist First Church, Hamilton (Frankton),  9 November 1972
Kawerau, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 20 November 1975
St Pauls, Manurewa, South Auckland Presbytery,  29 January 1980 
Minister Emeritus, 30.6.1993.
Died 4 September 2016 after a long illness, aged 90

FILEMONI, Rev. Dr. Tafatolu T.        B.Th., L.Th., MTh., D.Min.
wife Karite married 7 September 1991
Licentiate of Theology 1978 Knox Theological Hall; Bachelor of Theology 1979 Otago University; Master of Theology 1983 Columbia United States of America; Doctor of Theology 1989 Claremont California United States of America
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1975-1977,  1979
Ordained Consultant PD&M Pacific Islanders Church Auckland 21 February 1980 — resigned 30 November 1982 — study leave and withdrew 30 September 1983
Newton Pacific Islanders Church (Samoan) (Collegiate), Auckland Auckland Presbytery, 23 March 1995
Clerk, Pacific Islander's Synod 2003
Resigned from the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa NZ, effective 30 May 2007

FINA’I, Rev Vosalevu (Vosa)
born Samoa
wife La'u married 21 March 1987
Bank of Western Samoa 1980-1991; Assistant Chaplain (Volunteer) Middlemore Hospital 1998-2002
Diploma in Theology 1995 Malua Bible College Apia Western Samoa; assessed Students Committee Presbytery of Auckland 1998; Bachelor of Theology majoring in Pastoral Theology 2003 St John's Consortium; Tamaki Pacific Islanders Presbyterian Church
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 11 November 2004
Lodged Certificate Auckland Presbytery 2004
Ecumenical Chaplain Middlemore Hospital South Auckland Presbytery 11 May 2008
Transferred chaplain Pacific Presbytery to Northern Presbytery, 23 June 2023

FINCH, Rev Nelson Howard
born 24 October 1880, England
wife Annie born 29 March 1886 married 4 May 1908 died April 1953
Entered the Salvation Army
Enlisted in Boer War — No. 24048, 4th Regiment, Imperial Yeomanry
On discharge emigrated to Australia and at first engaged in orphanage work
Settled at Port Chalmers, 1925
Ordained minister, Congregational Church, Port Chalmers
received into the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, 5 June 1931
Appointed Cust-Oxford, Christchurch Presbytery (supply) 1931 — inducted 5 May 1932
Wairoa, Gisborne Presbytery, 4 June 1936
Levin, Manawatu Presbytery, 28 January 1941 — retired 31 January 1946
Died 25 April 1953

FINDLAY, Rev Diana               B.Th., Dip.Min., MNZAC.
Divorced circa 1983
Bachelor of Theology 1986 Otago University; Diploma of Ministry 1986 Knox College
Theological Hall 1985-1986
Ordained Waverley-Waitotara Co-op Wanganui Presbytery 8 April 1987 - resigned 10 February 1992.
Director-Counsellor of Wanganui Family Counselling Service, Presbyterian Support Services 18 March 1992  (Lodged Certificate)
Counsellor, Taranaki Family Counselling Centre, Presbyterian Support Services (Central), New Plymouth  14 June 1995
Minister within the Bounds  Taranaki Presbytery June 1995
Minister Emerita, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery, 12 December 2002

FINDLAY, Miss Mary M.  (Mollie)
b 25.7.1892 Warkworth, North Auckland.
Educated at various Primary schools to Standard VII then at Thames Technical College where she took
a night school commercial course for five years. Born of a Christian family she was an active member of the
Bible Class Movement becoming a sought after speaker and organiser for District Committee and National
Conferences. She was a skilled Administrator and very capable with financial matters and it was these gifts
which led her to offer her skills in the sphere of overseas mission work.
Appointed to Canton Villages Mission as “Business Woman” to relieve other Missionaries of  financial
and business related work 7.9.1923.
She elected to learn the Cantonese language and studied for one hour each day with a Language Teacher.
Appointed as the Kwantung Synod Accountant, living at the Fong Ts’uen NZ Mission Compund at Canton.
Ordained by Auckland Presbytery as Missionary to China at Grey Lynn Church (while on furlough) 5.9.1929
Appointed as the Acting Superintendent of the NZ Mission Hospital at Kong Chuen c.1931 as well as
Continuing her duties as the Kwantung Synod Accountant. During this time she spent a few days each
week at Fong Ts’uen and the balance at the NZ Mission Compound at Kong Chuen.
Taught Sunday School at the Union Church in Fong Ts’uen, undertook Bible Studies with students at the
Girl’s Union Normal School at Sai Chuen Canton, and ran Bible study groups for Nurses at Kong Chuen.
Resigned for family reasons June 1935 and returned to NZ.
Deaconess at St Peters, Grey Lynn-Richmond Auckland 8.8.1935 - resigned 31.7.1937.
Her salary at St Peter’s was provided by a lady member of the congregation but when she died the positon
Acted as Secretary of the Board of Manager’s of St Peter’s 1935 – 1939, and Treasurer 1943 to 1946.
Acted as Secretary and Treasurer of the Auckland Chinese Mission Church from 1935 to 1945.
In 1946 offered to help temporarily in China – Missions Committee gladly accepted.
Reappointed to Kong Chuen and the Kwantung Synod as Administrator 21.6.1946.
Duties included acting as Accountant for the Kwantung Synod of the Church of Christ in China and
Treasurer of the NZ South China Mission. Temporarily assisted the United Church of Canada as Treasurer.
In June 1949 the Synod sent her to Cheung Chau Island, Hong Kong (where our mission had holiday homes)
where she carried on her duties until the close of the South China Mission in 1951. She had the use of an
office in a large Chinese Church, spending several days each week in Hong Kong on Synod and Mission
business, sometimes attending conferences of Chinese and Missionary leaders, executing commissions for
our Missionaries in Canton, meeting with Chinese fellow-workers visiting Hong Kong, and attending to many
general duties including customs, financial and travel related matters.
Returned to NZ 24.11.1951 via India where she visited the Punjab Indian Mission.
After deputation work, she had retiring leave, retired effective 30.9.1952 (Rep 1952)
Treasurer Maori Mission 12.9.1952; later she again served as a valued member of the Chinese Church in
Auckland as an Elder and for some years as Session Clerk.
“All who knew Mollie loved her, and reflect with deep appreciation on the warmth and faithfulness that she
showed. Assembly gives thanks to God for Mollie’s life, her witness in a most difficult part of the World,
and for the influences she brought to bear on the lives of others.”
Died  8.10.1975 at Lady Allum Home, Auckland.

FINDLAY, Rev Richard Allan                M.A.
w Judith Margery  m 25.6.1966
Hall 1961-3
Ord Assist Taumarunui WkP  10.12.1963
Chap Papakura Mil Camp 22.3.1966 temp
Assist Master St Kentigern Coll Ak 1.1.1967 - wthd

FINDLAY, Rev William Fairweather
b 12.5.1855
w Elizabeth Anderson nee Farquhar b 27.9.1852
m 6.7.1886 d 5.7.1927
He was born at East Idmes, Kirkden, Forfarshire, Scotland; educated at Glasgow
University & Free Church College Glasgow; after marriage sailed for NZ &
commenced work under Rev J.G. Paterson.
Licensed by Hawkes Bay Presbytery 11 Oct 1887
Napier Outfields (Meanee & Pt Ahuriri) 1887  
Ord Pukekohe & Pokeno  SAP  22.5.1888
Waikaka MtP  8.1.1901
Toi Tois SP 30.12.1904 - retired 30.6.1920 to Timaru
Died 5.2.1937 Timaru

FINGER, Rev Glynthia
Ch of Christ
Tawa Union WnP  1.2.1992  term completed 31.1.1994.

Accepted as HM on probation by Ass 1903; no further mention.

Trained by Presbyterian Church (USA)
Husband: Kyle Finiki, married 23 June 2013
Master of Divinity - Theology/Ethics/Diversity, New York Theological Seminary, 2009
Ecumenical Chaplain, Porirua Hospital Chapel, 1 February 2016
Received by Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand into Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 1 December 2016
Licensed Presbytery Central-Nukuhau Tapu, 29 March 2017
Hospital chaplain, Keneperu and Porirua Hospitals, 23 June 2017

FINK, Rev Newton Maxwell      B.A.(Rhodes SA), BTh., B.D.(Strasburg),  S.T.M.(Union NY)
born 4 February 1921;
wife Jean Alice born 17 December 1936 married 10 July 1965 died 29 October 2023 in Napier
Served first as a lay Preacher then as an Ordained Minister in South Africa and later in the United States before coming to New Zealand as an exchange Minister.
Associate Minister North Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, 21 October 1971
Received by Assembly 1972 on certificate from Presbytery of New York USA.
St Andrews Palmerston North Manawatu 13 February 1973
Queenstown, Clutha Otago Presbytery 12 February 1981
Minister Emeritus 20 July 1985 and retired to Waikanae.
Continued to lead worship in Waikanae and Otaki during periods of leave or vacacies and additionally took the monthly evening Communion services in Waikanae until 18 months prior to his death.
In December 2006 Waikanae Parish honoured Newton upon his reaching 60 years of preaching the Gospel.
Until recently Newton also continued to be active in the Waikanae Parish Rest Home Ministry.
Chaplain to the Order of St Luke in Waikanae for 4 years.
"We remember Newton not only as a preacher but also as a teacher. He delighted in encouraging others to read and understand the sripture and almost from the moment he set foot in Waikanae, leading a Bible Study Group had been part of his weekly routine... He was widely read and continued to study and keep abreast of modern theological thinking... As well as being a fluent speaker of seven languages he was also able to read several more, and right up to his death he kept his brain agile by reading scripture in a language other than English every day, or listening to tapes of other languages." [From Memorial Minute]
"Well done, good and faithful servant, enter into your eternal rest"
Died 1st July 2009 at Wellington.

FINLAY, Rev John B.  (some entries give initials A.B.)
Rep 1885: young stud recently arrived in the Colony, who offered for service in the Ch, &
Sent to Patea as HM till entered Hall.
HM Patea stud prch 1884-5 
Hall Dn 1886-9
Appointed NZ Alliance lecturer and organising agent 1898
Ord Akaroa ChP 17.9.1890 res 10.10.1895 & went back to Irel; later returned to -
Brooklyn Wn 1905
Rona Bay (Eastbourne WnP)  1909
Seatoun WnP 1911;  no further mention after 1911.
Convener of GA Temperance Committee

FINLAY, Rev Kevin L.
wife: Miranda
Bible College, worked for the church for 16 years before entering the School of Ministry
Employed, Otautau / Waiono Union Parish, December 2006-January 2007
Ordained and Inducted Minister, St Andrew's Church, Howick, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 28 February 2008
Other recognised minister, Northern Presbytery, 30 June 2019
Minister stated supply, St Stephens Cooperating Parish, Kaimai Presbytery, 1 October 2019

Overseas Worker
Purulia Leprosy Hosp India  1982-4

FINLAY, Mr Thomas
Brunnerton WsP  1892 (uncertain whether stud or HM) - to Dn
Rep 1894: He caught cold in winter while studying in Dn; it settled on his chest & developed
to Tb.  He came to Wn & was nursed by friends; died peacefully.
Died 21.12.1893

FINLAYSON, Rev Alexander Manson         M.A.
b 2.6.1845 Caithness Scotland;
w(1) Janet Scott Brunton b. 17.9.1849  m. 4.12.1878  d. 22.7.1911
w(2) Lydia b. 27.4.1868 m. 27.5.1913 d. 31.10.1952
Studied at Edininburgh University & New College Edinburgh
Licensed by Free Church Presbytery of Caithness 1874
Sailed for New Zealand 1875 as Free Church Probationer. 
Ord Blueskin & Merton (Waitat) DnP 22.3.1876 - retired 31.3.1916 - after 40 years ministry.
Clerk of Dunedin Presbytery 1881; Moderator of Synod of Otago & Southland 1890;
Assistant Clerk of Synod of Otago & Southland 1899; Clerk of Synod of Otago & Southland 1902-29;
He took a prominent part in the administration of Church in Presbytery, Synod, and Assembly.
‘Known for kindliness and courtesy.’
Brother of the Rev W. Finlayson; a son of Rev Finlayson & Janet, 2nd Liet. Alexander Finlayson,
was killed in 1917 during WWI. 
Died 26.1.1933

FINLAYSON, Rev William
b. Caithness, Scotland 1843
w. Frances Jane Housden b. 1850 m.(?)  d. 1925
From Presbyterian Church of England, came to New Zealand as Probationer.
Ordained Pukerau MtP 4.1886
Springburn (Methven and Rangitata AsP)  3.3.1888  - resigned 11.3.1891
Lived for some time at Leithfield, then St Andrews Canterbury.
Halkett ChP 30.8.1898  - resigned 31.3.1902
Subsequently various supply Aramoho, Halcombe.
Levin-Shannon 1903
Seddon NMP 1906
Rona Bay (Eastbourne) WnP 1911-12
Brother of Rev A.M. Finlayson
Died 10.4.1919

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