Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Dabourne to Dewar

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DABOURNE, Rev Edward John
born 15 July 1884, Orange, New South Wales
wife Ivy May born 23 March 1884 married 5 June 1912
He came from New South Wales with good testimonials of character and ability; joined Home Mission staff.
Home Mission, Linwood, Christchurch Presbytery, 1912, for few months
Manunui-Raurimu, Wanganui Presybtery, 1912
Owhango, Wanganui Presbytery, 1913, Ordained Home Missionary, 1914
Wadestown, Wellington Presbytery, 1915 — resigned 31 December 1917 to Hall
Hall, 1918-1920
Ordained Minister, Waverley, Wanganui Presbytery, 27 April 1922 — resigned 17 October 1927  and went to Waggawagga, New South Wales
Moruya, 1928; Culcairn, 1930; Willoughby, 1938-1951
died 1958

DALBETH, Rev John    B.Sc, Dip. Th
Born and raised in Ngongotaha.
w. Margaret d.2002
Spent 25 years as a sheep farmer before feeling the call to Ministry in 1989.
Theological Hall 1993-1995
Ord. 1995 Trinity Ngongotaha (Stated Supply) Rotorua Feb 1995
Trinity Ngongotaha Trinity BPP Feb 1997 to 4 Oct 2009
St Andrew's Rotorua (Supply) BPP 2007 to Oct 2009
Retired from Trinity (Ngongotaha) after nearly 15 years service.
Served as Chairman of Bay of Plenty Presbytery for two years.
"He has dedicated his life to serving the community"

DALE,  Mr Charles
HM Hauraki Plains (Turua WkP)  1929

DALLARD, Rev George Ernest           M.A.(Hons); B.Mus.
b. 1.7.1914  Christchurch
w. Alison Ruth Fell b. 13.8.1912 m. 27.12.1939  d. 7.3.2002
Educated at Christchurch Boy’s High School and Canterbury University.
Theological Hall 1938-40
HM (Student Supply) Dunback Oct 1939 - resigned 24.11.1940
Ordained Woodands SP  19.12.1940
Alexandra-Clyde COP 28.3.1945
St Stephens Lower Hutt WnP 19.7.1951
Director Radio & Television Religious Broadcasting Wellington  2.3.1961 to 1971
Guest Preacher Scots Church Sydney 6 months from 5.1971
North East Valley Dunedin (DnP)  14.12.1971 - retired 31.5.1977
Dept of Communication Wellington - to organize its research & development studio 1978-82;
He was involved with World Alliance of Reformed Churches - General Council at Frankfurt 1964;
Centennial Council at St Andrews Scotland 1977.  Broadcasting & information at World
Council of Churches Assembly at Uppsala 1968;  member of World Association for Christian
He fought hard for the retention of the Presbyterian Bookrooms and when this failed, he
was instrumental in founding the Otago Church Book Store.
“Georges interest in the audio-visual media was sparked when he was a boy in the 1920’s,
attending a parish from which services were broadcast on radio. In 1948 he prepared a
programme of Psalms for the Otago Presbyterian Centenary and then continued to
contribute religious radio programmes. In 1956 he trained with the BBC in Scotland,
under the direction of another New Zealander, Dr Ronald Falkner. 
George regularly wrote articles on books, music and travel for a range of publications
including ‘The Listener’, and his book “The God Slot’, which detailed the history of
religious broadcasting in New Zealand, was published in 1989. Between 1978 and 1982
he organised the Presbyterian Church’s Video Research Centre, an activity which he
saw as providing a stepping stone to the future. Always moving ahead, he ensured
that he kept abreast of technology and was aware of what was happening in society.
‘An extraordinary person, in some ways ahead of his time, who just never let the world go by’
- a tribute which encapsulates the extraordinary energy and enthusiasm that George
brought to all his activities, not only in his work of communicating the Gospel through
the media, but also in the field of music, particularly choral.” (from Obit.)
Died 13 Jan 1997

DALLASTON, Mr Charles William
b. 7.3.1878
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?) – pre-deceased husband.
A retired Schoolmaster and widower. Holds a Teacher’s “C” Certificate.
Joined the Home Missionary service 26.1.1942
Unordained HM Plimmerton WnP  1942
Died 27.2.1946

Ang Ch
PSSA Manager, Whangarei 1981 - Assoc of NP

DALRYMPLE, Rev Alexander M.         M.A.
b 9.7.1842 Leith Scotland, the son of members of the United Presbyterian Church.
w Mary b. 22.4.1845 m. 11.9.1878 d. 9.7.1915
Educated at High School in Edinburgh then to Edinburgh University, specialising in English and
Philosophy, taking his M.A. degree ith honours.
Entered the United Presbyterian Church Theological Hall in Edinburgh. He gained a scholarship
which enabled him to travel on the Continent and to study in Geneva for a time. He also won two
valuable prizes offered by the UP Church to all students and Ministers, the first for an essay on
English literature and the second, a more valuable prize, for an essay on Christian giving which
was published in book form. It was noted by the Rev SW Currie that he "was a student considerably
above the average".
Ordained 1868. 
Served the Presbyterian Church of England at Smethwick, an outlying suburb of Birmingham for 17 years.
Considering a change of labour he came to New Zealand, having considered the advantages and
claims that the country offered.
Arrived Otago New Zealand 1885
Inducted to Puerua ClP 1885.
This was the Rev William Bannerman's old charge and embraced the two centres of Puerua and Port Molyneux
Retired 31.3.1910 and moved to Dunedin.
Their only son, Dr John M. Dalrymple M.B., Ch.B. aged 25 years and resident Doctor in the Birmingham
City Infirmary, died from injuries sustained while cycling on the 26th August 1909.
Moderator of the Synod of Otago & Southland 1904
"thoughtful preacher and faithful pastor".’
Died 17.8.1928 at Dunedin, aged 86 years. Interred in Anderson's Bay Cemetery.

DALTON, Rev R.Harvey
Meth Ch  -  Deacon
Thames Union Assoc WkP  2.1989

DALZIELL, Rev Scott       B.A., B.D., Dip.Guid.
w Ann Simpson b.(?) m.(?) d. 1 March 2002 at Lower Hutt
Theological Hall, 1958-1960
One of a group of young ministers concerned about the Presbyterian Church’s failure to attract blue collar workers. They worked on the hydro construction in Mangakino in 1961.
Ordained Te Hapara, Gisborne,19 July 1962
Otahuhu, Auckland Presbytery, 15 August 1968 - resigned 15 September 1974  (Lodged Certificate) ; moved into guidance counselling
Associate Minister of Hawkes Bay Presbytery.
Otara, Picton, New Plymouth and Lower Hutt
Minister Emeritus, March 1998
Moved with Helen Marsh into an ecovillage in Kaiwaka, sharing a commitment for the environment and for people on the margins of society
died 11 July 2016 as a result of a car crash, funeral at Kaiwaka sports centre, 21 July 2016

fr Calif USA
St Stephens Bryndwr Chch, exchange 22.8.1989
Banks Peninsula ChP  SS for 2 yrs fr 6.1992

DANG, Rev Canon David S.H.
b 18.2.1930
w Mary  m 4.6.1966
Anglican Church, from Singapore
Chinese Church Auckland  AP  21.1.1978 - resigned 28.2.1985 and withdrew.

DANIEL, Rev John Christopher Kulendran        M.Th.
born South India
wife: Paula
Baptised into United Church of South India, grew up a Christian Family
Immigrated to New Zealand, 1970
Finished school and university in New Zealand, Master of Theology, University of Auckland
Leadership in business (strategic and personal management), community, and sport
Coached, umpired and played hockey at national and international levels for Masters Games for more than forty years
Ordained as : Co-Director of Mission Resource Team – Southern South Island, 26 March 2003
National Mission Enabler, March 2005-February 2011
Member, Southern Presbytery
Transition Minister (part-time), Kaikorai Presbyterian Church, 4 June 2013-31 March 2014
Moderator, Synod of Otago and Southland, 2015
Other recognised minister, Southern Presbytery, 26 September 2017
minister stated supply Coastal Unity Parish
transitional minister (18 months) Coastal Unity Parish, Southern Presbytery, 9 December 2018
Other Recognised Minister, Southern Presbytery, 1 January 2021

DANIEL, Rev. Dr. Wilson Edwin        M.A.(Hons), LLM., B.D., Ph.D.(Claremont USA)
b 29 January 1929;
w (1) May  m 28 March 1956  - 
w (2) Vivian Elaine b 17 February 1926  m 23 July 1977  d 21 February 1997
Hall 1962-1964
Ordained Teviot Central Otago Presbytery 2 February 1965  - to Claremont USA
Director Cameron Centre Dunedin (Presbyterian Support Otago) 22 September 1977 - resigned 12 April 1983 and withdrew.
Minister Emeritus 31 January 1994
Life Fellow of Knox College
He was convalescing at Ross Home and did not wake for breakfast on Sunday morning 8 February 2015

DANIELA, Rev Niomakuru O Ngamateroa (Nio Mata)       LTh., Dip ThSt., BCNZ Dip.
born 7 November 1944, in Atiu, Cook Islands
wife Margaret Anne married 10 May 1978
Studied at Bible College, Auckland
Theological Hall 1977-1981
Ordained Oreti, Southland Presbytery 14 February 1982
Waiareka-Weston, North Otago Presbytery 22 October 1985
Waipawa Co-operative Parish, Hawkes Bay Presbytery 4 February 1993, involved in church services on access radio in Cook Islands reo.
Minister within the Bounds (Associate) Hawkes Bay Presbytery 2003
Upper Hutt Uniting Parish Wanganui Presbytery 2003
Minister Emeritus 2011
Cook Islands Presbyterian Church (Stated Supply) Welligton Presbytery 1 December 2011
died 22 October 2020 at Hutt Hospital
"Nio had a pasion to share the Gospel and proclaim freedom to the captives — for he was released by the Grace of Christ and wished to share that with others."

DAUD, Miss Murti
Deac Coll 1 yr - then Miss Indonesia
Sudanese Synod Indonesia, office work, legal & administrative matters 1967.

Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia
St Andrew's school, Tonga, 1980
Nelson Diocese, 2008
Appointed Priest in Charge, Seddon – Awatere Christian Joint Venture Church, Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery, 1 July 2010
English teacher, Talua Theological Training Institute, Vanuatu, 2018
Appointed to Amuri Cooperating, Alpine Presbytery, 1 February 2019

DAVEY, Rose Mildred (Sr Mildred)      M.A.       Mrs P.H. Matthews
From Andersons Bay Dunedin; She was keenly intersted in the work of the Church;
a very active member of Christian Endeavour and a Sunday School teacher for many
years. A foundation member of the Anderson’s Bay PWMU and their first Secretary.
She was a Teacher in Braemar House Private school.
PWTI (extra-mural student; meaning she came in daily,  was non-residential) 1905,
Ord Deac 1906.
Congregational Deaconess South Dunedin  1904 to 1907
Missionary India -  Madras. She went as Missionary under UF Church of Scotland;
our Church Foreign Missions Committee paid her passage, but accepted no further
financial obligation for her appointment. 
She went to India 9.1907 with Helen Macgregor who was returning from furlough back to Madras.
Madras India 1907-19 with UF Ch.of Scotland.
Returned to Anderson’s Bay and married Mr PH Matthews. Became a Busy Bee and Bible Class Leader.
“Mrs Matthews was a woman of great ability, clever and intellectual, and all her life she used her
talents in the service of the Master”.
Died  Auckland 1958

DAVIDSON, Rev Alexander Gordon
b. 7.7.1896, NZ.
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Formerly a Farmer and News Agent, joined the Home Mission service 1.4.1930
and completed the HM course 1935.
HM Spreydon Christchurch 1930 (1 year 7 months)
Wakanui AsP  1931
Brydone-Redan MtP 1935, Ord Hm 14.4.1936
Granity WsP 1941 – retired 30.4.1943
Spent some years with the PSSA; back to Home Mission  1948
Central Westland (Runanga)  1948 - took correspondence course from the Theological
Hall 1950-
Albury SCP 1951
Presbyterian Social Services Association Christchurch, Organising Secretary.
Died 16.3.1955

DAVIDSON, Rev Alexander Pringle             M.A.
Educated at Edinburgh University (M.A. 1876) and New College Edinburgh.
Licensed by Free Presbyterian Church Presbytery of Deer 1886
St Fergus Free Presbyterian Church Aberdeenshre Scotland.
Inducted as Colleague & Successor to Dr Stuart, Knox Church, Dunedin DnP 30.4.1890
Resigned March 1894 and returned to Scotland April 1894
Assistant Editor of the ‘Globe Encyclopedia’, also of  ‘Chambers Etymological Dictionary’,
and contributed many articles to Chambers Encyclopaedia.
Died 1936 Scotland.

DAVIDSON, Rev. Dr. Allan Kenneth              M.A. (Hons),  B.D., Ph.D.(Aberdeen), ONZM
born Hokitika, 22 March 1943.
wife Margaret Isabel Stringer, a specialised paediatric physiotherapist, married 1 February 1969
Educated at Hokitika District High School, Otago University 1966 to 1969 (M.A. Hons, B.D.), and Aberdeen University, 1974 (Ph.D.)
Theological Hall 1967-1969
Ordained locum tenens, St Pauls, Timaru, 17 December 1969
Spent time overseas
"student-at-large" and "non-resident alien", University of Chicago Divinity School - specialised in studing missionary history, 1970-1971.
Completed PhD, The British Missionary and its Attitudes to India 1786-1830, University of Aberdeen, 1971-1973
Minister, St Kentigerns Burwood United, Christchurch Presbytery, 21 February 1974
Five months teaching church history at Theological Hall while Ian Breward was moderator, 1976
Accepted for Mission appointment to Papua New Guinea, December 1976
Commissioning service by Christchurch Presbytery, 9 August 1977
Lecturer in Church History, Rarongo Theological College, United Church of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, Kerevat, Papua New Guinea, 22 August 1977 - service completed 31 January 1982
Lecturer in Church History, St Johns College (Anglican), Auckland, 1 February 1982 - 30 June 2009
Hon. Lecturer in Theology, University of Auckland, 1990 - 2008
Director of Postgraduate Studies, School of Theology, University of Auckland, 2003-2007
Hon. Research Fellow, University of Auckland and St John's College, 2009 Minister Emeritus, Auckland Presbytery, 2010
Appointed an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to history
Author, Transplanted Christianity: documents illustrating aspects of New Zealand Church History, with Peter Lineham, 1989
Christianity in Aotearoa: A History of Church and Society in New Zealand
Selwyn's Legacy, 150th anniversary history of St John's College
Honorary Associate Minister, Community of St Luke, Remuera
Keen walker and tramper, researcher and writer, public speaker, gardener and mini-orchardist

DAVIDSON, Eileen Isabel (Sr Isabel)       Mrs R.F. Bentham
b 1897 Queenstown.
PWTI 1930-1
Matron PWTI  1932
Maori Miss  1932-7 - at Ruatahuna with Sr Annie;  Ord Deac  9.2.1937; res 31.8.1937;
then married Reg F. Bentham of Te Whaiti; there she continued to serve Miss (but not
employed) until they ret to Tauranga.
Died 23.9.1986

DAVIDSON, Mr George Robert
Hall began 1940 - enlistred 1941; war serv 4 yrs;  4mths in Pacific,  invalided  home.
Resumed study at Hall.
Hall 1947-8
Died  9.1948, aged 31

Reefton District Union WsP Feb 1999

DAVIDSON, Rev James M.        M.A.
b 14.2.1837;
w (1) no information 
w (2)  J.M.  b 19.4.1848 m -  d 18.7.1927
Educated at Edinburgh University & United Presbyterian Hall Edinburgh.
Licensed by UP Presbytery of Kinross 1862.           
Arrived Otago as Probationer 1866
Ord North Taieri DnP 1.1866 - Resigned June 1873
Church Extension staff for a few years in the Gore area.
Invercargill 1875
Mataura 1877  ret 1903
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland 1887
Died 20.9.1913

DAVIE, Rev Archibald Dixon
b 10.8.1920
w Olive Frances b 21.8.1919 m 5.2.1949
Military Service during World War Two in army in Italy.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1963-65
Licensed by Presbytery of South Auckland 2.12.1965
Ord Associate Minister Glenfield-Forrest Hill NSP 16.12.1965
St Ninians Wairau Blenheim NMP 22.5.1975
Associate Minister St Andrews New Plymouth 22.9.1981 - retired early due to illness 31.3.1983.
Died 28.5.1984 Waihi, after long illness

DAVIE, Very Rev John
b 17.12.1879 Southland;
w (1) Frances Alice Brown (the daughter of a Green Island Farmer, Runholder & Fellmonger)
b  4.8.1877 m 14.11.1909 d 16.10.1939
w (2) Hectorina McRae (Headmistress of Solway  College 1942-44)
b  21.12.1901 m 5.8.1944  d.(?)
He was brought up on a farm in Southland; was a good athlete throughout his student years
and always full of energy thoughout his ministry.
Theological Hall 1903-05
Ord Dipton SP 4.1.1906
Hokitika WsP 3.5.1911
Palmerston NOP  30.4.1914
Knox Masterton WpP 30.11.1922
Gisborne 6.8.1942 - retired 31.1.1947 due to ill-health
Moderator of  the General Assembly 1941
Died 2.6.1947

DAVIES, Rev Andrew Anthony         B.A.
w Pamela  m 11.7.1963
fr Pres Ch of Wales; recd as prob 1965
Ord Riversdale-Waikaia MtP 20.10.1965 res 30.11.1968  & wthd.

DAVIES, Rev Herbert  (Bert)       M.A.
b 13.11.1876;
w Margaret T. nee Anderson b 25.6.1877 m 29.9.1911 d 29.5.1960
(Mrs Davies wrote hymns in Cantonese which were later published)
His Father came to NZ because of his interest in the education of Maoris, and he became
the Head of St. Stephen’s Anglican Maori Boys’ College, Parnell, Auckland. 
Bert educated at his Father’s school and was a chorister in St Marys. Later he went to Auckland
Grammar School (4 years) and gained a Scholarship which gave him entrance to the civil service
in the Govt Life Insurance Office at Wellington where he spent 9 or 10 years.  He joined St John’s
BC under George Troup.  His purpose was to serve in Mission field and this led him to Victoria
University where he attended classes and graduated M.A. in Philosophy in 1908. 
Theological Hall 1905-7
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 7 Jan (?) 1908
Offered for Mission service in the Canton Villages Mission. He was introduced to the Chinese people
and the Cantonese language by Rev A. Don in Dunedin from 15.6.1908 till he left for China in 1909.          
Ordained as Missionary for China 7.11.1909
Fong Chuen, Canton China 1909 to 1941
As at 1941, his duties included acting as Mission Secretary and Auditor for the South China
Mission Council, General Secretary and Treasurer of the Canton Sub-Headquarters of the
Kwantung Synod of the Church of Christ in China, Pastor of Yan Tsai Church, Pastor of
Fong Tsuen Church (Canton), Paymaster and Advisor to the Bible Society of Canton,
Secretary and Treasurer of the Canton Medical Missionary Society, “Committee” for Union
Church services at Shameen (Canton), Member of Language School Committee, and Examiner
for the Language School.
Rev Davies was due to retire in 1941, but owing to the situation in China and the consequent
shortage of trained staff, he was asked to stay for another year.  At the outbreak of World War
Two, Rev Davies was initially interned in the Mission House at Fong Tsuen while his wife
Margaret was interned in Stanley Camp at Hong Kong 12.1941 to 11.1942; Margaret was later
allowed to join her husband in internment at Shanghai. They had both been promised
repatriation back to New Zealand by the Japanese under a “one off” repatriation arrangement,
however because of broken Japanese promises this never eventuated. They had planned to
retired to their cottage at Cheung Chau in Hong Kong Bay, however this residence was looted
by robbers then bombed by the Japanese thus all their possessions were lost.
Both released at end of war and given urgent priority for passages back to NZ, arr 1.12.1945.
He was ‘Own Missionary’ of the Young Men’s Bible Class Union (YMBCU).
In 9.1911 he married Margaret Anderson, a Deaconess already serving as a Missionary in Canton.
They served with untiring enthusiasm and notable success and finally retired 31.12.1947.
Moderator of Assembly 1947;  parents of Rev J.B. Davies (their only child).
Died 1.7.1949

DAVIES, Mrs H.        see             Davies, Margaret

DAVIES, Rev Ivor Brinley
b 2.7.1904; w Winifred May b 3.10.1860 m 15.5.1925
Recd fr Pres Ch of Wales 1962  -  Ord 1940
Ind Knox Gonville Wanganui 11.2.1962  res 30.11.1964 - to Wales
Tuatapere-Orepuki SP 17.2.1966 res 24.11.1968 & returned to UK.

DAVIES, Rev Iris E.
Ang Ch
Takapau-Norsewood HBP  2.1983 to 17.9.1989

DAVIES, Rev John Butler (Jock)
b 9.8.1912
w Pamela nee Hollington b 25.4.1920 m 11.6.1941
Theological Hall Dunedin 1938-40      
He offered for Mission service in South China, but was prevented by health and the international situation.
Ordained locum tenens Amuri ChP 14.5.1941
Crookston MtP 25.11.1941
Takapau-Norsewood HBP  7.6.1946
Inglewood TkP 15.5.1952 
Apiti MnP 28.4.1955
St James Wanganui 13.6.1961
Hastings East 30.11.1972  ret 25.11.1974 ill-health
Died suddenly in office (during a Church service) Hastings  2.5.1976, aged 63
Son of Rev H. Davies above.

DAVIES, (Mrs) Sr Margaret T.                              (Sr. MT Anderson prior to marriage)
b 25.6.1877
h  Herbert, Davies b 13.11.1876 m 29.9.1911 d 1.7.1949
Born Dunedin, educated at Otago Girls High School
PWTI 1904-5; she was one of the first two to graduate from PWTI in 1905.
Orained Deaconess for Mission service China 14.11.1905. 
She studied Cantonese with Rev A. Don, Dunedin from 6.9.1904. 
Arrived China 29.12.1905
Yan Woh District  1911; later Fong Chuen
Kwangtung Synod 7th District  1928;  she was Lecturer in Hymnology at United Theological
College, Canton; later Director of Music for Kwangtung Synod. 
In 1941 she was interned in Stanley Camp, Hong Kong; later joined her husband in
internment at Shanghai; returned to New Zealand in 1945.
Mother of Rev Jock Davies above.
Died 29.5.1960, aged 82

DAVIES, Rev Peter Norman        B.A.
b 19.5.1930; w Marjorie June  m 31.3.1962
Hall 1954-6
Ord Tokomaru Bay GP 20.4.1957
Calvin Brooklyn WnP 11.4.1962
Bulls WgP 23.4.1970
Mangakino Co-op WkP 21.7.1977
Taumarunui WkP SS 1.8.1981, Ind 1.4.1982
Foxton Union MnP 12.2.1984  - retired  28.2.1993 
Died 1 August 2014

DAVIES, Rev Robert Evan         M.A.
b 10.7.1871 Mold, North Wales;
w Beatrice A. b 23.1.1881 m 29.12.1908 d 26.8.1963
He worked in business in early youth, and then studied at the Univeristy College Aberystwyth
for four years, gaining his M.A. degree, then four years at Christ's College Cambridge where he
did Theol Tripos, gaining his B.A. degree in 1902. 
Went to Australia in 1903.
Petersham Presbyterian. Church Sydney 1903-9,
He was also a lecturer in New Testament exegesis at St Andrews College Sydney. 
From Petersham called  to -
Ind Knox Church Dunedin DnP 10.11.1909
He remained in this charge for ten years, some of the period being particularly arduous as they
covered the period of the First World War. Itb was during his Ministry at Knox that he became interested
in the proposal of a Presbyterian College for Girls in Dunedin, and was one of the foundation Board
members of the new Columba College
Professor of New Testament Language and Literature studies, Theological Hall Dunedin 1.1.1920
All his life he was interested in teaching and education was for a time lecturer in New Testament
Greek in both Australia and New Zealand. For few years before his death he conducted Greek classes
at Columba College for girls who were studying for their Higher Leaving Certificate. At his suggestion
Columba College boarders were encourage to reada classical novel prior to Sunday Church service.
Being invited along at the end of term to test the boarders' knowledge of these novels inspired one
Old Girl to donate 'the Johnson Cup' to be awarded to the girl who gave the best speech about the
novel she had read.
‘Unfailing kindliness ands charm - on friendliest terms with students.’ He had just finished his last lecture
for the year, and died in the evening of the same day."
‘Kindly & approachable, with deep devotion.’
Died 12.9.1929, suddenly in office

DAVIES, Rev Wynford Anthony       B.A., B.D.(Wales)
b 22 November 1926; w Jean Elizabeth b 12 April 1930 m 14 June 1952
Ordained Wales 1952
Inducted St Enochs New Brighton Christchurch Presbytery 19 May 1960
Wyndham Mataura Presbytery  5 September 1963
Greyfriars Mt Eden Auckland Presbytery 30 November 1967 res fr min 15 September 1970; 
reinstated  1977
St Andrews Invercargill 3 February 1977
Glendowie Auckland Auckland Presbytery (Stated Supply 1976) 31 January 1985
Long Crendon Baptish Church, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Engalnd August-November 1988 (Pulpit exchange
with the Rev Jeff Steadman)
Halkett Christchurch Presbytery  Stated Supply   1 July 1990 - retired  31 December 1991
Oteramika-Kennington (Stated Supply Half-Time) Southland Presbytery December 1997
Died September 2014

DAVIS, Rev Alfred John
b 26.12.1877
w Edith S. b 15.5.1877 m 27.6.1915 d 23.4.1976
Theological Hall 1903-05 as Baptist private student.
Report 1917: Some years ago he attended classes in the Theological Hall as a private
student and attended Dr Salmond’s classes at Otago University. He came from the
Methodist Church; was placed at Awhitu on 1 years probation.
(Did he change to the Methodist Church, or is this an error for the Baptist Church?)
HM Awhitu SAP 1917, Ord HM 1918;  received into the PCNZ 1919.
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 11.2.1919
Ord Reefton WsP  23.12.1919 - resigned 31.12.1922
Patearoa  27.6.1923
Hampden  NOP 5.11.1926
Te Puke BPP  12.9.1930 - retired 31.1.1934 due to ill-health
Reort 1934: now better and doing relieving work.
Maungaturoto NP 1.2.1937 - retired 1.2.1938 as medically unfit.
Died 31.10.1957

DAVIS, Mr Reuben S.
b. 2.4.1914, unmarried.
Formerly a Farmer with some business training.
Joined the Home Missionary service 1.2.1941
Unordained HM Denniston WsP 1941 – resigned 31.8.1943

DAVIS, Dr Richard A.          Ph.D.
wife: Ruby Quantson, Anglican, from Ghana, married 15 June 2017.
Raised in a Methodist family and baptized at the Waiwhetu Methodist Church, Lower Hutt
Worked in central and local government in New Zealand, active in the Student Christian Movement Aotearoa and a Senior Friend; Elder and Lay Preacher.
Graduated Massey, Palmestorn North, 1989
Graduated University of Otago, 1994
Graduated Victoria University of Wellington, 1999
Victoria University, Wellington, 1995
Research Executive Officer, Joint Methodist Public Questions Committee and Churches' Agency on Social Issues, 1996-2001
Communications, General Assembly Office, 2001-2004
Graduated University of Otago, 2005
Global Institute of Theology (World Communion of Reformed Churches), 2010
Graduated Ph.D., New College, Edinburgh, 2013
Clerk, Presbytery of Wellington, May to September 2014.
Senior Lecturer, Department of Theology and Ethics, Pacific Theological College, Suva, Fiji, September 2014
Research leave, Center of Theoligical Inquiry, Princeton, USA, researching religion and violence, 2019
Appointed Director of Contextual Theology, Wesley House, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 13 October 2020

Tutor in Eng for HMs in Hall Dn 1917-

DAVISON, Miss Mary
Maori Miss -  Nuhaka Assist 15.7.1935

DAVY, Rev Kenneth T.
Ang Ch
Hosp Chap Timaru 6.1980 res 27.12.1988

DAWSON, Rev A (Tony)
Dairy farmer, commercial pilot and flight instructor for 20 years — trained Southland Aero Club, later Southland Aviation College, later Southern Wings in 2000, retired from aviation 2015
Diploma in Biblical Studies
Felt called and comissioned as Rural Chaplain, Edendale, c 1986
Lay preacher and stated supply for part of vacancy, Edendale, 1996
Started at Richmond Grove, Southland Presbytery, March 2006
Local Ordained Minister, Richmond Grove, September 2009 — retired 17 April 2022
Resource Minister, Woodlands, 3 April 2016
Editor New Zealand Bay Fishing c 2015
Minister emeritus, Southern Presbytery, 17 April 2022

DAWSON, Rev James Anderson
From East Campbell Street, Glasgow
Emigrated to New Zealand
Rangiora, Christchurch Presbytery, student missionary, 1880-1883
Ordained New Plymouth, 20 August 1885 — resigned 19 May 1886 and returned to Britain through ill-health.
Received, Presbytery of Glasgow, May 1888
Inducted Newton-Stewart, 10 February 1891

DAWSON,  Rev  Jenny
Ang  Ch
Parklands  Co-op  part-time  1.2.1994

DAWSON, Rev Olivia Mae Stinson
from Arlington, Virginia, USA
Master of Divinity and Master of Science in Patient Counselling
husband: Phil, met as students at University of Otago 2005
Youth Worker, Leith Valley Presbyterian Church 2007-2008
Ordained Baptist Minister, 2010
Associate Pastor, Maryland, USA
Moved from USA to New Zealand, 2017
Youth Pastor, Leith Valley Presbyterian Church, 1 February 2018
Ecumenical Chaplain (half-time), University of Otago, 9 July 2018, recognised full-time tertiary chaplain, 9 July 2020

DAWSON, Rev Richard John          B.A., BD., MTh.
born Dunedin
wife: Frances Elizabeth, married 17 May 1980
A '"baby boomer dragged kicking and screaming into the kingdom of God"
Scout Patrol Leader, School Prefect, turned down the role of Head Boy at Kaikorai Valley High School as he was leading Bible Class at that stage; Rotary Youth Leadership Scholarship in 7th Form (Year 13), Scripture Union Holiday Programme leader for five years after this.
Majored in educational psychology, University of Otago, and a degree in divinity.
Youth for Christ Voluntary Organisation Job Creation Programme - helping young people to work in the forestry contracting industry, 1981, forest contractor 1982-1986
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1986-1988;
Licensed at Opoho, Dunedin Presbytery, 20 November 1988
Ordained Stirling-Kaitangata-Lovells Flat, Clutha Presbytery, Stated Supply, 4 November 1990; Inducted 14 March 1991
St. Stephen’s Leith Valley, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, February 1999
Helped launch StudentSoul, ministry to Otago University and Otago Polytech students, 2002
Moderator of the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland, 22 April 2007
Member, Council of Assembly, National Assessment Committee; convener Kupu Whakapono
Inducted Moderator, General Assembly at Dunedin, 15 November 2016
Descendent of Rev. George McDonald of North East Harbour

DAY, Rev David
Ang Ch
Waverley-Waitotara  TkP  15.10.1992

DAY, Rev Lindsay Stewart
w Jennifer Esther  m 16.12.1961
Hall 1963-5
Ord Duntroon NOP 3.2.1966
Kaiapoi  ChP 25.11.1971
Reefton Union WsP  1.2.1979 & part-time PD&M Consultant res 31.1.1983
St Oswalds Newlands Union WnP 3.2.1983
appt completed 31.3.1988 ;   Min within bounds WnP
St Kentigerns Burwood ChP  SS  14.5.1991
Minister Emeritus Apr 1990

DAY, Rev William
b 27.2.1859
w Isabella T. b 24.4.1877 m 22.3.1920   d 24.10.1978
He was born in England, and entered the ministry of the Congregational Church as
a Minister at Carlisle in England.  For a number of years he was Congregational
Minister in Brisbane Australia and then in Auckland. 
Joined the PCNZ, being received by the General Assembly of 1911. Called to -
Ind Whangarei NP  28.5.1912
Kelburn Wellington WnP  11.7.1918 - retired 30.9.1929
In retirement he supplied in various places.
Died 7.11.1935

Ang Ch
Ruawai Co-op NP  2.1982 to  2.1983

DEAN, Miss B.
Maori Miss - Turakina Maori Girls Coll 29.5.1961 res 11.12.1961

HM Tasman NMP 1922 res 1923 & wthd fr  HM serv

DEASON, Rev Warren Kevin       B.A., B.D.
wife: Susan Alison, married 9 February 1974
Theological Hall 1975-1977
Tertiary Student Christian Fellowship Travelling Secretary, Wellington, 14 February 1978
Ordained, Titahi Bay, Wellington Presbytery, 5 February 1980
Marton, Wanganui Presbytery, 23 January 1986
Minister, Albany, North Shore Presbytery, January 1995 - retired 30 November 2016
Moderator of North Shore Presbytery, 2003

DE BRES, Rev Pieter Hendrik                  B.Div.(Utrecht), M.A.(Ak), Ll.B.
b 31.3.1915 at St Annaland, Zealand, Holland.
w Lena Klazina Bonn  (the Daughter of Moravian Missionaries – she had also
undertaken special training for Missionary service) b 25.5.1917 m 20.12.1939.
Certificate of Classical Languages 1935; Bachelor of Divinity, Utrecht 1939;
Certificate in Missionology, Leyden 1941.
Studied for the Ministry at Utrecht and Leyden including a two years Post
Graduate course in a Missionary Training School with a view to serving as a
Missionary in Indonesia. The political situation then barred him from going to
the Indonesian Mission Field.
Private Secretary to Professor Dr Hendrik Kramer for three years and Field
Secretary of Missions of the Netherlands Reformed Church 1939-42.
Ordained 1940
Parish Minister 1943-54
Minister at Kubaard under the Netherlands Reformed Church and at Endhoven.
Also took one year’s leave of absence while at Endhoven in order to act as a
Military Chaplain to a Military Academy for a year.
Came to New Zealand with his family in 1954 to act as Chaplain and Social
Worker to Dutch immigrants.
Inducted as Chaplain to Dutch immigrants in Southern part of the North Island,
based at Lower Hutt WnP  12.9.1954 for a two year term.
St David’s Upper Hutt WnP, and also Dutch immigrants in Southern part of North
Island 14.6.1956
Associate Tamaki AP 1960-1965
Te Whaiti Maori Mission (under Maori Synod) 1.12.1961
Associate Minister, Auckland Maori Pastorate 22.1.1962 - resigned 31.12.1966
Gained his M.A. in Anthropology, Auckland 1966.
Lecturer with Otago University Extension and Department of Anthropology,
Dunedin 1.2.1967 to 1971  
Director of Hastings Community Counselling Service (which he established) 1971-74
Mt Pleasant ChP 21.8.1974 - retired 30.6.1980
Part-time Teacher Chrictchurch Polytechnic & University of Canterbury 1974 to (?).
“The word ‘retired’ was indeed quite foreign to Pieter’s nature and experience
because he then completed training in law, and was engaged in the Christchurch
Community Law Centre until his death.
"Throughout his acreer, Mr De Bres has written book reviews and articles reflecting
both his religious and social welfare interests"
Pieter regarded ministry as being a servant and he lived that out as a Minister in
parishes, in administration, in the army, in social work, in teaching, and in
counselling.” (from Obit.)
Died  21.4.1994 

DE GROOT, Rev Julia
Methodist minister
Inducted Presbyter / Minister, Oxford District Union Church, Alpine Presbytery, 1 February 2022 — resigned 31 January 2024

DEKKER, Rev Cornelis Johan           B.A.
born 12 October 1929; wife Ruth Waiata married 4 June 1955
Hall 1967-1969
Ordained Wellsford North Shore Presbytery 5 February 1970 — resigned from ministry 5 August 1975
died 15 March 2020 aged 90 years at North Shore Hospital

DELL, Mrs Brenda
Presbytery Youth Worker WnP fr 22.4.1992 Assoc WnP

DELL, Rev David Raymond           B.A., B.Th.
wife (1) Brenda Joan Philip  married 14 December 1985 separated 2000
wife (2) Hana Popea-Mauigoa married, 30 April 2017
Theological Hall 1984-1986
Ordained Assistant, Napier West part-time 5 February 1987 
Associate Minister, St Andrews Hastings, 10 December 1987 to January 1992 (Lodged Certificate)
To Rimutaka (Baptist), 23 February 1992 to December 1999
To Salvation Army Hutt City Corp (as Worship/Music/Creative Ministry Pastor) January 2000
Minister within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery, January 2001
To Upper Hutt Uniting Parish - interim (12 months), January 2001
To Royal New Zealand Police College (Chaplain), April 2003 to present, including National Co-ordinating Chaplain to New Zealand Police, 2012-2014
To Hutt City Uniting Church (stated supply), April 2016-January 2017 — completed November 2022
Other recognised minister, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 30 November 2022
started as administrator, Lower Hutt – Hutt City Uniting Congregations, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 26 March 2024

DELLOW, Ms Anne Dunlop
b. Taihape  Educated at Wanganui Girls’ College (4 years). Radiographer at Green Lane
Hospital, Auckland 1961 and a Sunday School Teacher.
Deaconess College (Mission Course)  1963 to 1964. One year course, however as no
Mission positions were available she continued study for another year.
To All Saints College, Sydney July 1965 for short course.
Radiographer for Philadelphia Hospital at Ambala India, app 1.6.1965
To India for language study 10.1965
Commenced duties 1.10.1966
“Own Missionary” of the Busy Bees
Resigned 30.4.1971 and left for United Kingdom.

DELLOW, Rev Margaret Wynne (Wynne),   A.L.C.M.                 (See also entry for Rev M.W. Thomas)
born 25 January 1929 into the Thomas family in Ngahinepouri, educated at Ngahinepouri and Hamilton High School; trained as a teacher, Fairfield College Hamilton and Hamilton High School
husband (1) Allan Smith, farmer at Paterangi married 15 February 1958 died 21 January 1963 (drowned)  
husband (2) H. Noel, Dellow born 14 February 1929 married 26 October 1980 — the marraige ended fourteen years later
A couple of years after her first husband died, she applied to be accepted as a student for the ministry, and was accepted.  Having earlier done a full course at the Deaconess College she was given a one year course in the Theological Hall, being the second woman to be ordained, and the first to be a Parish minister.  She has a Teacher's Certificate, an A.L.C.M., Advanced Course Certificate from the Deaconess College, and a Diploma of Theology from the Theological Hall.
Deaconess College 1956-1957 (Advanced Course) — left at end of second year to be married.
Theological Hall 1966-1967 working as an assistant at Maori Hill Church at the same time
Ordained Minister of Iona Parish in Aranui-Wainoni Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery,  21 March 1968 — the second woman ordained as a minister and the first to serve as a parish minister
Mangakino, Waikato Presbytery, 7 March 1974
St Stephens, Timaru, 19 February 1976 — resigned 30 June 1982
Chalmers, Timaru, 10 March 1983
Minister Emerita, Timaru, 31 March 1989
died 23 July 2018 at Hilda Ross Retirement Home, Hamilton
"Wynne is rememberd as a twentieth century pioneer in the Church, persevering in her goal of becoming a parish minister despite the many prejudices against women ministers. She had a pastoral heart and a keen mind, and set an example for women in ministry."

DEMPSEY,  Sr Daisy Isabel
Grew up in St Lukes Remuera Ak, Sun Sch, Bible Class etc.
PWTI  -  Ord Deac  1948
Principal PWTI relieving while Doris  Arrowsmith on leave 1946.
St Pauls Chch 1947-50
Principal PWTI Dn 1.2.1951 to 30.11.1956
Carrington Hall Dn part-time  4.1957 to 11.1957
St Heliers Ak  part-time 1959  ret 12.8.1969
Active in  YWCA work, & fr 1928 on Ak YWCA Bd for 12, yrs;
1st woman to be appt to PSSA Bd Otago.
Died 20.7.1973, aged 79

DEMPSTER, Rev. George Alexander
born Motueka
Raised in Nelson, various jobs: office, fish factory, building site.
Raised Presbyterian, attended charismatic churches
Wife: Jane
Cared for young daughter during her terminal illness, "called out" for ministry by minister.
"Open to God's call wherever that takes us, aiming for balance between being idealistic and realistic."
Bachelor of Theology (Christian Thought and History), CPE (Dunedin Hospital); Diploma in Advanced Ministry (School of Ministry)
Licensed 13 December 2001, Nelson-Marlborough
Ordained Knox Church, Dannevirke, Manawatu Presbytery, 25 February 2002 — 31 March 2013
Chaplain, Arohanui Hospice, Palmerston North, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, 3 April 2013

DENEE, Rev Gijsbertus  (Bert)       B.D.(Utrecht)              
b 1.10.1920; w Maria Louise b 22.1.1923 m 30.9.1947 div 1978
From Reformed Church of Netherlands, brought out to minister to Dutch immigrants; 
Ordained 1949
Arrived NZ 11.1953
Inducted as Minister to Dutch settlers in Northern part of North Island, based in Auckland 4.4.1954
Knox Parnell Auckland (and New settlers as well)   AP  15.12.1959 
Resigned 31.1.1962 and went commenced school teaching.
Died 12.1.1981

DENNE, Rev Russell Frank      B.Sc., Dip.Tchg., B.D., MTh.
born 12 January 1945
wife Rosaline Joyce (Joyce) born 19 June 1946 married 9 December 1967 died 18 October 2017 at Nurse Maude Hospice, Christchurch, age 71
Open Brethren family, accepted the truths of the gospel when eight years old, baptised as a young teenager, leadership role
Attended New Plymouth Boys High 1958-1962
Teacher, Kamo High School 1968-1970, Taupo High School 1971, Glenfield College 1971-1974 and 1978, Tonga High School 1975-1976, Kelston Boys High School 1978-1980
Joined Titirangi Presbyterian Church by Resolution of Session, 1980, member and organist
Hall 1985-1987; licensed Titirangi, Auckland, Presbytery, 13 December 1987
Ordained Brooklands Co-operating, Taranaki Presbytery, 26 January 1988
Whakatane Presbyterian Church, Bay of Plenty Presbytery (Stated Supply), August 2000
Minister Emeritus, Kaimai Presbytery, 2010 — retired to Christchurch
died 27 May 2019 at Windsor Care, Christchurch aged 74 years

DENSEM, Rev George
b 29.9.1882 Queenstown
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
The 8th of a family of 10 and brought up a Methodist.  His Father was Captain
of the Lake Wakatipu steamer TSS Earnslaw; he began as carpenter and then
Master Builder doing architectural cottage work; in 1915 he offered himself to
the Home Missions Committee of the Methodist Church where he served for
13 years. During World War  One he served as Overseas and General YMCA
Accepted as Home Missionary by the PCNZ Home Missions Committee 1944
HM Waitahuna 1944; after his first wife died moved to :
Hinds AsP 1949
Kaiapoi ChP 1953 - retired 1960 to Christchurch
Died  13.5.1976  Christchurch

DE OLIVEIRA, Rev Clay Peterson
born in Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil in a religious family, took up the guitar at the age of 10, Brazilian Baptist background
wife Graziela Fernanda Santos de Oliviera
Missions Course, Centro de Treinento Ministerial Diante Do Trono, 2001; Bachelor of Theology, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, 2018; Bachelor of Theology, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo, Brazil, January 2018
Worship Leader/Singer, Igreja Batista da Lagoinha (Lagoinha Baptist Church), 1998 to 2010
Assistant Pastor, Lagoinha Baptist Church, in church planting a small congregation in the suburbs of Belo Horizonte, October 2001 to December 2003
Part of Brazilian contemporary worship band Diante do Trono (Before the Throne), travelling to the United States, Japan and Israel, 2002 to 2010
Coordinator of the Worship Course, Centro de Treinento Ministerial Diante Do Trono, 2004 to July 2007, vice-director, July 2007 to April 2014
Ordained to the Holy Ministry of Preaching, Lagoinha Baptist Church, Belo Horizonte, 7 September 2009
Visit to his wife's family in New Zealand left him with the feeling he had a mission in New Zealand, 2011
His Brazilian church sent him to New Zealand as a missionary, 2014
Assitant Pastor, Wakatipu Presbyterian Church, 2014
New Zealand Residency 2018
Received as a Minister of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, 6 August 2019

DE SOUZA, Rev Waldir Rodrigues Junior
from Brazil
Minister, Brazilian Baptist Convention
married Fernanda de Souza, house surgeon, Dunedin Hospital
Stated Supply Minister, Lumsden-Balfour-Kingston, Southern Presbytery, 17 July 2011
Minister, Lumsden-Balfour-Kingston Southern Presbytery, 28 February 2014
Other Recognised Minister, Southern Presbytery, 3 August 2015

DEVERELL, Rev Bruce John (Teveli)                        B.A., D.Min.
born 23 July 1930 Mairangi Bay
w Gweneth (Gwen) nee Cryer (B.A ; Holds a Teacher’s ‘B’ Certificate) married 19 January 1957
Educated at Takapuna Grammar School, Auckland University (Bachelor of Arts).
Holds a Teacher’s ‘C’ Certificate. Congregational College Certificate 1958.
Doctor of Ministry, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, California 1986
Member of the Congregational Church
Accepted as provisional candidate for service with London Missionary Society 1952
Ordained as overseas Missionary in the Mt Eden Congregational Church, 19 March 1958
Commenced work in Samoa 1958 - on staff of the Council for  World  Mission and supported by the Congregational Church.
Taught at Leulumoega Fou High School Apr-Sep 1958
District Missionary Avao Savaii Oct 1958
Representative of Congregational Christian Church of Samoa to the first Assembly of the Pacific Conference of Churches, Lifou, New Caledonia May 1966-1971
Member of the Continuation Committee of Pacific Conference of Churches
Apia Protestant Church Jan 1965
Director of Congregational Christian Church Christian Education Programme 1967-1969
Supported by the New Zealand Presbyterian Church through the World Council for Mission from 1970 after the majority of the Congregational church merged with the the New Zealand Presbyterian Church.   
Coordinator Christian Education and Communications Programme of Pacific Conference of Churches 1972-1978
Study leave at the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley California (sent by Council for World Mission), August 1972 to June 1973
Fiji – appointed Director of the Christian Education and Communications Programme of the Pacific Conference of Churches from beginning of 1974
Served on staff of Council for World Mission
Acting General Secretary of Pacific Conference of Churches May-December 1976
Report 1978: transferred to New Zealand Presbyterian/Methodist Joint Board for Mission, still paid by Council for World Mission.
Ordained Lecturer at Pacific Theological College Fiji 1 January 1979 — completed term 31 January 1987.  
Report 1986: living in St Andrews Manse (Suva) and continues from 1986 as Minister
St Andrews, Suva Fiji 8 February 1987; Gwen continued at University of the Sth Pacific, Fiji, until 1992.
Report: Fiji Council of Churches, Coordinator of Interfaith Search (Fiji) and member of Fiji Council of Churches Research Group
Minister Emeritus 31 July 1995
Retired and returned to New Zealand 4 December 1995
At St Andrew's Presbyterian Church Henderson for many years
died 22 January 2024
"And Jesus said to him, 'Get up and go, your faith has made you well'"

DEWAR, Sr Helen Meldrum
b 20.8.1901
Youth Dept Chch 1929 to 2.1946
Deac Coll 1946-7     -       Ord Deac 1948
Cong Deac Nth Invercargill 1948-54
PSSA Dn City Deac 13.4.1955  ret 31.1.1965
Sister of  Rev Lunan Dewar below.
Died 12.8.1986

DEWAR, Rev Lunan Sutherland
b 13.12.1899 Oamaru; w Emily b 4.8.1895 m 8.11.1932 d 25.6.1981
He was a motor mechanic;  brother-in-law of Rev S.C. Francis
Hall 1930-2
Ord Ross WsP 1.12.1932;  Ross parish was rearranged in 1939 & he took the district  fr
Harihari to Jacksons Bay, called Sth Westland, residing at Waiho South Westland 1939
res 31.3.1940 ill-health necessitated a break before his next charge -
Knox Wanganui 24.4.1941
Palmerston NOP  3.4.1946
Marchweil Union Timaru 20.5.1954 res 1.2.1959 ill-health
Vocational Guidance, Chch 1962
Died 25.9.1962

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