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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Cairney to Carter

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CAIRNEY, Rev James Johnstone
born 29 February 1873 in Scotland.
wife Louisa J. born 22 August 1876 married 16 April 1904 died 7 March 1965
Brought to New Zealand by his parents at two years of age.
Studied at Otago University then to Hall.
Theological Hall, Dunedin, 1896-1898
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin, 4 April 1899
Assistant Minister, St. Andrew's, Christchurch, Christchurch Presbytery
Assistant Minsiter, St Paul's, Oamaru, North Otago Presbytery
Ordained Waikouaiti, Dunedin Presbytery, 6 January 1902
Ravensbourne - St Leonard's, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 14 October 1926 — retired 30 September 1947
Moderator of Synod of Otago and Southland, 1929
Served on the Columba College Board 1915-1954, being Vice-President for two terms and President, 1925-1935
Served on the John McGlashan College Board; member of the Theological Hall Committee for many years, 1909-1954;
In retirement supplied at St Andrews Christchurch and at St James Auckland.
Died 28 May 1958 at Dunedin

CAIRNS, Rev Catriona Joy                    B.A.,B.D.
born Bandung, Indonesia, daughter of Rev Ian Joseph Cairns and Edna Mae Ward, returned to New Zealand aged 14
Elder First Church Invercargill 1982-1983, ordained Elder First Church Dunedin April 1989
Mosgiel Public Library 1984; Southland Community College Library 1985; Knox College Library 1986; Otago University Medical Library 1986 (part-time), 1987 (full-time)
Bachelor of Arts, Otago University 1987 in English Literature; Bachelor of Divinity in Practical Theology 1990
Theological Hall Dunedin 1988-90
Ordained St Pauls Oamaru North Otago Presbytery, Stated Supply 29 November 1990
Seatoun-Strathmore, Welligton Presbytery, 11 December 1991 — resigned 23 April 1995
Minister Within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery, April 1995
St Andrew's on the Terrace, Wellington Presbytery 4 October 2007
Other Recognised Minister, Wellington Presbytery 1 September 2008
resigned from the ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand 18 September 2023
Daughter of Rev I. J. Cairns, below.

CAIRNS, Rev Ian Joseph                        M.A.(Otago),B.D.,Ph.D.(Edin)
born Ashburton 17 November 1930
wife Edna Mae (Mae) Ward  born 5 June 1937 Invercarill married 7 March 1959 – A trained Teacher holding a “C” certificate, and a specialist in speech therapy died 6 February 2012.
Educated at Ashburton Primary School, Ashburton High School and University of Otago
Hall (1954-56);
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1954-56
Begg Scholar, went to Edinburgh 1957-1958 where to prepare himself to work among Moslems
He completed a diploma in Islamic Studies at the University of Edinburgh. The undertook further study in the Netherlands with a view towards Mission work in Indonesia.
Ordained Missionary to Indonesia at Ashburton 3 February 1959
First Church, Invercargill (Locum) Southland Presbytery from 3 February 1959
“Own Missionary” of First Church, Invercargill
Left for new Mission field in Java, Indonesia 31.3.1960
To Edinburgh at end of 1967 for 2 years theological study where he studied Theophany – the revelation of God – in the formation of hebrew and Muslim scriptures, completing his Ph.D. Degree in 1970.
To Indonesia, May 1971, to take up position as Professor of Old Testament Studies at the Duta Wacana Theological College, Yogyakarta.
Commenced learning the Javanese language after having previously learnt Sundanese.
These linguistic accomplishments gave him a deep understanding of the two great civilisations of Java, and affinity with their minority Christian communities and a sympathetic understanding of the majority faiths — Islam, and traditional Javanese mysticism.
Delivered the Thomas Burns Memorial Lectures at Otago University in July 1978
Resigned 31 December 1980 - service as Missionary completed.
First Church Invercargill, Southland Presbytery, 5 February 1981 — resigned 29 February 1984
Holy Cross Seminary, Mosgiel (Catholic) — Lecturer 1 June 1984
Moderator of the General Assembly, 1985
First Church Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 29 May 1988 — retired 21 July 1994 due to ill health.
“Ian and Mae Cairns joined the church’s overseas staff at a time when the old style missionary had given place to the ecumenical collegue. They faced daunting challenges in their early years at Bandung. At a time of acute ecomnomic difficulty and political tension in Indonesia, Ian went about his ministry, and the family about their daily lives, in the face of real danger and physical hardship. This helped them form deep and lasting bonds of trust and friendship with students and a wider circle of people. Ian Cairns developed an effective ministry in the Sundanese Church of West Java and, through his ecumenical ministry, within many other Indonesian churches.  
[In parish ministry both at First Church Invercarill and later at First Church Dunedin] Ian Cairns’ unyielding conviction that ministry must include the marginalised, caused tensions within traditional congregations.
Dr Cairns’ pastoral ministry was marked by careful, challenging, and always well prepared worship and teaching. His visiting was dilligent and his contacts with people were very personal, and maintained even at times when he had every reason to ease back in the interests of his own health. He held to issues of justice with unyielding determination and with an eye for practical engagement. He made commitments to multiculturalism, to use of inclusive language, to ecumenism, to respect and openness between religious communities….
Early in the 1990’s Ian Cairns became involved in the Sea of Faith movement, and in the Dunedin group his meditation and studies were an integral part of members’ exploration of spirituality in current society.
Completed a commentary on Mark’s Gospel entitled ‘Mark of a Non-Realist’ in retirement.
Even in retirement he lived out again his conviction that Christian faith must be demonstrated in the practical struggles of daily life, and in solidarity with those least able to promote their own well-being.“ (from Obit.)
Father of Rev C.J. Cairns, above.
Died 19 June 2000 at Wellington after a long illness. 

CAIRNS, Miss Jessie
App by Ass 1917 as Sunday School Agent

CAIRNS, Rev Dr. Thomas Robinson       D.D.
b. Rosemount, Comber, County Down, Ireland 1845
w. Barbara Alice Hurst  b. c. 1852,  m (?),  d. 1947.
Son of John Cairns and Mary Ann Robinson. Educated at Queens University and Assembly’s College, Belfast.
Licensed Presb. Church of Ireland, Connought 26 May 1868,
Ordained at Moy,  7 Aug 1872 - resigned 2 Oct 1877
Inducted Ballina 24 Oct 1877
To New Zealand, arrived 1879.
Received into the Presb. Church of NZ 1880
Inducted  St David’s Sydenham Christchurch 3.3.1880 - resigned 9 Mar 1887
Moderator of  the Northern General Assembly 1886
To Australia -
St Andrew’s Ballarat, Presb. Church of Victoria, Inducted  20 Apr 1887, served until 2 Mar 1913
Convener of Foreign Missions Committee, Presb. Church of Victoria.
Moderator of General Assembly of Victoria 1906
D.D. Presbyterian Faculty of Theology, Ireland 1906
Died 2 March 1913

CALDER, Sr A.O. [Betty]
Born at Gummies Bush, Southland and educated at the local school.
Moved to Oreti with her parents, becoming a Communicant member at age 15.
Feeling the urge to take up Christian work, she took charge of the South Hillend Sunday School, then as
Bible Class Leader at Drummond.
Sub-Matron of the PSSA Glendining Children's Home in Dunedin and later Matron of the PSSA Boy's Home at
Presbyterian Women's Training Institute, Dunedin 1920 - 1922  -  Orained Deaconess 1923
St Stephens Auckland AP 1923 - 1926
St Johns Hawera TkP  1926 - 1927
Undertook Home Mission work on the West Coast.
Called back home due to family illness.
Served As President of the Winton Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union (PWMU)
Died 1949, interred at Winton.

CALDER, Rev Bruce Miller
Theological Hall 1963 - 1965
Ord Wairoa East  GP 27.11.1965 res 31.3.1969
Chap RNZAF Woodbourne 17.7.1969 to 13.3.1970
Oreti  SP 25.2.1971 res 31.10,1976 & wthd
res fr min  2.10.1979

CALDER, Rev David       E.D., B.A.
b Dunedin  7.12.1878;
w Annie F, b 2.8.1878 m 11.12.1906
Apprenticed to the tailoring trade with which he supported himself during his University and Theological
studies. Graduated B.A. in 1903.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1904-6
Ord Reefton WsP  28.12.1906
St Andrews Aramoho Wanganui 15.2.1912
Mosgiel DnP  10.10.1916 - resigned 31.1.1925
During World War One he was Territorial Chaplain, retiring with the Efficiency Decoration and the rank of
Lieutenant Colonel.
General  Secretary of the  NZ British & Foreign Bible Society Wn 1.2.1925
“Mr Calder’s task was to translate decisions into practical realities. This was done and became a triumph of
sound business efficiency, happy co-operation, the result of a simple faith. This rested upon a conviction as
to the supreme worth of the task to which the Society had set its hand….”
He initiated revision of the Maori Bible, completed in 1952.  
Retired 1947
Northcote NSP 1947  ret fully 1954
“In 1927 he initiated a scheme for placing of Bibles in hotels for travellers and by 1934  8,000 had been
placed in bedrooms of the principal hotels. During the last (2nd World) war he was respoinsible for the
supply of Bibles in their own language to Japanese Prisoners of war.”
“He had the distinction of being licensed to preach in Anglical churches and cathedrals as well as other
Protestant churches and was always a welcome speaker.”
A keen Freemason, rising to Grand Lodge rank as Chaplain and Lecturer.
Died 25.8.1968

CALDER, Dr Heather
O’seas Worker - Thailand 1981-4

CALDER, Rev Patrick
FC Belhevie Scot - arr Nelson 6.10.1857 with parents & sister.
Trinity Nelson 1857  ret 3.12.1890 (34 yrs)
Mod Ass 1867;  ‘a scholarly man’.
Died 9.7.1892

CALDER, Rev Thomas George        B.A.
b 21.8.1900, NZ
w Ellen b 24.4.1899 m 5.1.1922
Formerly a Farmer.
Joined the Home Missionary service 15.11.1933 and served while in Hall
HM Purakanui (after 1¼ years combined with Waitati & Merton) DnP 12.1933
Theological Hall 1933-35
Ord Lovells Flat 3.3.1936
Halkett ChP  7.9.1939
Mackenzie County SCP 11.6.1947
Kennington SP 11.5.1954 - resigned 1.9.1965, intended this as his retirement,
but returned to ministry -
Lauder COP 5.8.1971 - retired 27.7.1972
Died 4.9.1989

CALDWELL, Rev Archibald Macaulay
born 1863 at Dumbarton, Scotland
Educated at Glasgow University
Licensed by Dumbarton Presbytery, July 1892
Ordained Coldstream (Kelso Presbytery), Scotland 12 December 1892
Inducted Gilmore Place United Free Church, Edinburgh, 26 April 1898 — resigned 4 July 1904.
Received by Commission from the United Free Church of  Scotland.
Inducted St Stephens Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 31 October 1905
Chalmers, Timaru, 12 November 1909
To Australia :
Cairns Memorial Church, Melbourne (Presbyterian Church of Victoria) 12 May 1914 — demitted 1941
Died 18 July 1941

CALDWELL, Miss Diana
O’seas Worker - Pakistan 1981-4

CALDWELL, Rev David Bruce       B.Sc.(Hons),L.Th.
wife Shirley Helen married 23 February 1972
Bachelor of Science 10 May 1975 University of Otago; Licentiate in Theology February 1980 Joint board of Theological Studies
Hall 1977-1979
Licensed, Mornington Presbyterian Church, 28 October 1979
Ordained Assistant Minister, Mosgiel Dunedin Presbytery 6 December 1979
Mosgiel-North Taieri Associate Dunedin Presbytery 12 February 1981
Cromwell, Central Otago Presbytery, 24 May 1984 — resigned 16 January 1995 
Lodged Certificate January 1995 and moved to Australia
Removed from the Ministerial Roll of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand 15 December 2011

CALDWELL, Rev Francis Robert
born 27 September 1917; wife Veronica Marion b 16 October 1916 married 21 August 1943
Home Mission, Taneatua, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 31 January 1957, Home Mission Report 1957 refers to him as WJ Caldwell
Hall 1959-1960 (emergency course)
Ordained Orewa, North Shore Presbytery 1960 — resigned 31 January 1962 and wthdrew

HM Ross WsP 1915, Ord HM  1916
Granity WsP 1917,  dismissed fr HM serv 1918

CALDWELL, Rev Roger Arthur        B.Th.
wife Joan Margaret Bulling married 29.1.1972
Hall 1980-1982
Ordained Palmerston North Otago Presbytery 13 December 1983 resigned 8 April 1986 and withdrew

wife Marie
Secondary School Teacher; economics, business and finance, Southland Polytechnic for 20 years
Lay preacher for 30 years
Bachelor of Arts 1978, University of Otago; Post Graduate Diploma in Arts 1980, University of Otago; Diploma in Teaching 1982, Dunedin Teachers' Collge; Master of Business Administration 1994, Massey University; Bachelor of Theology with Honours 2008, University of Otago; Doctor of Philosophy 2012, University of Otago
Intern St Andrew's New Plymouth Taranaki 2012
Intern Knox Waitara and Fitzroy Taranaki 2013
Licensed St James Presbyterian Church New Plymouth Taranaki 8 December 2013, inducted 26 January 2014 — retired 19 December 2021
Minister Emeritus, Alpine Presbytery, 20 December 2021
Senior active minister and stated supply, Motueka Uniting Parish, Alpine Presbytery, 20 November 2023
Other recognised minister, Alpine Presbytery, 20 April 2024
Inducted St Andrew's Uniting Church Motueka, 30 April 2024

CALVERT,  Rev Allen John (John)     M.A.,Dip.Theol.
born 14 July 1940
wife (1) Margery  married 18 January 1962  divorced
wife (2) Felicity Anne married 30 March 1973
Hall 1966-1968
Ordained Christian Education Worker Southland Presbytery 6 May 1971 resigned 30 September 1973 — to study
Presbyterian School of Christian Education, Richmond Virginia USA.
Wakari West Dunedin Union supply 10 February 1975, Inducted 9 October 1975 — resigned 3 April 1978 and withdrew.
died 3 August 2005

CALVERT, Rev. David Alister
born 29 May 1928; wife: Rena June, born 26 June 1929 married 15 May 1952
Brother of Rev. N. L. Calvert and of Dr P. A. Calvert
Served one year in a law office prior to University work, and one year as motor mechanic between University and Theological Hall
Hall 1953-1955
Ordained and Inducted Cromwell-Arrowtown, Central Otago Presbytery, 14 February 1957
Musselburgh, Dunedin Presbytery, 25 February 1964
One month course, Summer School of Pastoral Care, under Revs I. B. Wilson and H. W. Hillebrand, 1966
Hospital Chaplaincy, Dunedin, 16 October 1969
Ecumenical Hospital Chaplain, Wanganui, 23 September 1983 - retired 13 July 1988
Died 24 April 2014

CALVERT, Rev Janice Margaret Hill   B.A., B.Th., D.Min.
From Northland, grew up in Auckland, a series of tragedies associated with close family and friends caused her to consider the meaning of life and attracted her to ministry.
husband Andrew John, Calvert  m 9 April 1977
Bachelor of Arts 1980 University of Otago; Bachelor of Theology 1981 University of Otago; Doctor of Ministry 1999 McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, USA
Hall 1977-1979
Ordained Wanganui West, 22 July 1983
Te Awamutu-Paterangi Waikato Presbytery 22 June 1989 — resigned 31 December 1998
Chaplain Wesley Homes, Auckland Presbytery, February 1999
Methodist Appointment, Hutt City Uniting-Lower Hutt Wellington Presbytery 7 February 2003
Ecumenical Chaplain, Inter-Church Council for Hospital Chaplaincy, Waikato Presbytery 2009

CALVERT, Rev Kenneth (Ken) Charles       Q.S.J..,B.Sc.
born Invercargill.
wife Cicely Anne Anderson born Invercargill married 28 January 1960 a trained Midwife and Sunday School Teacher.
Educated at Southland Boys’ High School, Invercargill and at Otago University (1960-63),
majoring B.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry & Bacteriology as well as stage one Greek 1964 Otago University.
Theological Hall 1964-1966
Ordained Overseas Missionary 20 December, Southland Presbytery, 1966
left New Zealand to fly to Sydney 24 January 1967
Seconded to Australian Board of Missions.
Attended All Saints College, Sydney, January to June 1967
Inducted White Sands, Tanna New Hebrides (Vanuatu), July 1967
Resigned from Missions staff  31 October 1980
Took up position as Co-Ordinator of Natural Resources with the Government of Vanuatu 1 September 1980 to 30 September 1982
Returned to New Zealand 20 December 1982
Inducted Centre Bush, Southland Presbytery 30 January 1983
Minister at large in Pacific Southland Presbytery 1 June 1989
Mission Associate Invercargill, July 1995
Minister Emeritus 30 April 2002
Senior Active Retired and Minister Emeritus, 14 August 2015
Minister Emeritus 17 August 2018

CALVERT, Rev Nora Lindsay      B.A.,B.D.,Th.M.(Princeton),Dip.Lit.(NZ)
born 20 July 1925
Hall (BD stud) and Deaconess College 1950-1953
Ordained Congregational Deaconess, Titahi Bay Wellington Presbytery 10 November 1953 to 31 October 1955
Librarian, Knox College Dunedin 1 December 1955 — resigned 31 December 1962
PSSA Dunedin and Wellington 1 January 1963 — resigned 31 July 1963 — to  USA, study and experience; 
Ordained Minister, United Presbyterian Church (USA), USA June 1968
Hospital Chaplain, Invercargill loc ten 1 December 1978 to 31 March 1979
PSSA Auckland 1 May 1979
Inducted Chaplain National Womens Hospital Auckland 30 April 1980 — resigned 1 August 1981
PSSA Wellington Pastoral Counsellor — 31 May 1981
Honorary Assistant St Andrews Church Wellington —
Presbyterian Support Counsellor, Wanganui Family Counselling Service, Wanganui 18 July 1985
Minister Emeritus 6 December 1990
Sister of Dr PF Calvert and Rev DA Calvert

CALVERT, Dr. Peter F.    M.B.,Ch.B.,D.T.M.& H.      &    Dr. Linnie Calvert  MBE  Mb., Ch.B., DT&M
b. Dunedin 19.12.1922
w. Dr Linnie Bryant (Tombleson), b. 12.1.1925.  Educated at Solway College.
Peter Educated at Kings High School, Dunedin; Otago University and Sydney University.
Missionary Doctors :
Kapuna Papua New Guinea 1954  -  served on overseas staff of Council for World Mission, to which
NZ contributes. 
Rep 1978: transferred to  Joint Board as base, but still paid by CWM.
Peter died at Kapuna  21.7.1982 (Cancer)
Brother of Rev DA Calvert and Rev NL Calvert

Transitional Minister, St Enoch's, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty Presbytery 14 February 2007

CAMERON, Rev Andrew       B.A.,Ll.D.(Edin)
b 16.2.1855 Paisley Scotland, the son of a Baker.
w Mary Jane McKellar, of Invercargill,  b 12.12.1862  m 18.11.1885  d 4.3.1951
He came with his parents to Otago in the “City of Dunedin” in l863 at age 8.  He was
eduated at Port Chalmers School, working in the family bakery at Sawyer’s Bay and Port Chalmers.
A able student, he was granted a scholarship to Otago University, where he graduated with a  BA in 1879;
Won a Senior Scholarship in Zoology.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1880 for few months before he transfrerred to the United Presbyterian Church
Theological Hall in Edinburgh to complete his theological studies.
Licensed by the United Presbyterian Church Presbytery of Edinburgh 6 Nov 1883
Also undertook summer post-graduate studies in Jena and then Leipzig.
Returned to NZ early 1884, confirmed in the Liberal tradition which he maintained all his life.
Supplied in Wyndham and Lumsden during 1884.
Ordained and Inducted into Andersons Bay Parish Dunedin  DnP  11.12.1884 
He served his whole ministry here, 35 years, and retired 31.7.1919.   A School, Manse and Church were
built and cleared of debt during his Ministry; he was member, then Secretary and later Convenor of the
Theological Committee; he originated the scheme to establish Knox College, and more than anyone
carried it to completion; he raised large sums for scholarships; he was a pioneer of Presbyterian Support
Services Association (PSSA) Work work in NZ; Chairman of local School Committee; member of Otago
High Schools Board; Vice-Chancellor of Otago University 1910, appointed Chancellor 1912; from 1902 a
memb of the Senate of NZ University; Moderator of the General Assembly 1912; Moderator of the
Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland 1905; originator of and collector for the Otago Jubilee Fund;
received Hon LLD (Edinburgh) 1919.
Father of Mrs F.H.Wilkinson
“Andrew Cameron, who served his whole 35 years Ministry at Anderson’s Bay, Dunedin, was a pioneer
in education and social service and a man of wide influence in Church and society…. Andrew Cameron
was a man of great distinction. His preaching is remembered for its careful, scholarly preparation and
content rather  than for oratory in delivery. It is less well known that he was a keen sportsman, doing
well at both golf and cricket.”
Remembered by one Parishioner as “Wise, gentle, scholarly, astute and very much loved”.
‘Prayer  .... the secret of his character and of his service.’  
Died 19.5.1925

CAMERON, Rev James             M.A.
born 15 September 1852 Glenmuick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland to Robert and Jane (Archie) Cameron; educated at University of Aberdeen.
wife Eliza Noble Leith, Dunedin, married 28 January 1879 at age 26
Licensed by the Established Church of Scotland. 
To Australia —
Ordained Rosedale/Dennison/Walhalla, Presbyterian Church of Victoria, 18 June 1872 — resigned 4 February 1874
To New Zealand 1875 —
Ordained Riverton, Southland Presbytery, 5 September 1878 — resigned 31 March 1887 
[Given Certificate by the Presbytery of Melbourne, 5 April 1881 (labouring in New South Wales). Transferred to the Presbyterian Church of New South Wales].
Returned to Australia —
Received by the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, 14 June 1887 (with Certificate from Presbytery of Southland 17 March 1887)
Inducted to Bellarine/Port Arlington, 19 June 1888 — 30.11.1896 due to ill health
The congregation erected a house for his family, 1897
Incapacitated by paralysis and died 20 December 1902

CAMERON, Rev James Haynes       M.A.
Ord Lawrence 1872
Waiareka NOP 17.10.1877 res 1883.    He went to UK 1884;          returned 1885 & did various
Ch Ex work; in 1888 he supplied Knox Ch Dn & Warepa while their mins were on trip to
UK; last mention 1890 - went back to Scot.

CAMERON, Rev Kenneth Ian
b 25.1.1900 at Napier
w (1) Neilena Agnes b 7.11.1905   m 1.4.1931 d. 20.1.1964 
w (2) Evelyn b 21.12.1915 m 3.5.1980
He began studying law, then for the ministry; a spinal disability resulting from rugby
(Hawkes Bay representative player) interfered with his studies.
Rep 1938: he was student for the ministry, but unable to go on for health reasons. He
then appled for Home Missionary work. Did not take the HM course but is taking
special course under the Training Committee.
HM Dannevirke Outfields HBP 1924
Roseneath WnP 1928 (Supply)
Mokoreta-Redan MtP 1931
Arrowtown COP 1935
Ordained as Home Missionary 22.9.1938
Granity WsP 1940
Dunback-Macraes NOP 1941
Cheviot ChP 1943 - raised to full Ministerial status by the General Assembly 1946
St Johns, Hastings HBP 1946
Matawhero GP 23.1.1947
Turakina WgP 13.6.1951  
Heretaunga WnP 22.5.1958 – also Chaplain at Wi Tako Prison - resigned 31.7.1961
Awhitu SAP 5.6.1962 - retired 11.7.1966
Retired to Auckland
Took his last service three weeks before his death.
Died 20.9.1982 at Auckland

teacher, son of a school principal and a senior school teacher
wife: Rokahurihia Ngarimu - a social worker and master artist of raranga whatu (Maori fibre weaving), of the Ringatu faith
twenty years establishing a care and protection unit under Ngai Tahu in Dunedin, started Te Whanau Arohanui Trust
moved to Hawai Marae, Bay of Plenty
began amorangi traing, 2005
licensed at Te Aka Puaho Presybterian Synod on 9 April 2017
Grandson of the Very Rev. J. G. Laughton

From Scotland 1878
listed 1879 as Student Missionary (Home Missionary) - Taranaki

HM Morningside Ak  1913

CAMPBELL, Rev Dr  Alastair  Vincent
born 1938, Motherwell, Scotland
Master of Arts, Edinburgh, 1959; Bachelor of Divinity, Edinburgh, 1962; Doctor of Theology, San Francisco Theological Seminary, 1967
Chaplain Trainee, San Francisco Day Treatment Centre and Presbyterian Medical Centre, San Francisco, 1962-1964
Assistant Chaplain, University of Edinburgh, 1964-1969
Ordained Minister, Church of Scotland, 1966
Lecturer, Department of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology 1969-1978, Senior Lecturer 1978-1990, Associate Dean, Faculty of Theology, 1978-1981, University of Edinburgh
Visiting Professor in Biomedical Ethics, Dunedin, September 1986-August 1987
from Presbytery of Edinburgh to Otago University; Associate of Dunedin Presbytery
Professor of Biomedical Ethics, Otago University, 1 February 1990-30 June 1996
Professor of Ethics in Medicine, University of Bristol, 1996-2006 — emeritus professor on retirement
Visiting Professor of Medical Ethics and Emeritus Director, Centre for Biomedical Ethics, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, August 2006

CAMPBELL, Rev Anthony Craig (Tony)
wife Sandra Hudson-Owen married 16 August 1986 — separated 1 December 1989
Theological Hall 1984-1986
Ordained Assistant part-time Mt Albert Auckland (Youth), Auckland Presbytery  5 March 1987
Resigned 31 May 1987 - Lodged Certificate

CAMPBELL, Sr Betty Isabel           Mrs W. Hitchins
b 8.11.1921
Deac Coll  - grad 1952;  Ord Deac 1953
Assist Cameron Cottage, Glendinning Homes Dn PSSA 26.1.1953
res 18.12.1953
Public Hosp Ashburton, Nurses Home (resident) 1954

HM Frankton Junct Hamilton 1916 res 1916 to NZEF

b 14.6.1875 Glas;
w (1) Florence  d 3.5.1911 
w (2) Agnes b 22.6.1872 m 19.9.1912 d 30.4.1958
He came to NZ as a child & spent his early yrs at Green Island. He entered min of Meth
Ch.  Subsequently applied & was recd into PCNZ, & app to Dunback.
Dunback NOP 1908 - He was set some study on 17.11.1908
Rep 1909: he did well, & was recommended he be recd as Min in full standing.
Ind Dunback-Macraes NOP 31.7.1911; the progress of charge since 1908 led to its
becoming fully sanctioned charge on date of his Ind as full Min.
Riversdale MtP 6.2.1914
St Andrews Aramoho Wanganui  15.2.1917
West Taieri DnP 1.11.1923  ret 30.6.1931 failing health.
Father of Rev T.G. Campbell.
‘A zealous worker with special interest in the young.’
Died 1.9.1931 W Taieri   

CAMPBELL, Mr David Paton
HM came out in HM scheme  under Dr Gibb
HM Orawia SP 1920
PSSA Southland staff 1931
Tuatapere SP 1931; had to withdraw fr HM serv thr ill-health,
res 28.2.1933
Died 6.6.1934

CAMPBELL, Sr. Desma Jessie                  Mrs D.M. Riddle
b. Auckland 12.10.1930
h. Douglas Milne Riddle b 27.1.1922 m 12.10.1966  (refer separate entry).
Educated at Pukekohe Technical High School. Registered Nurse
Green Lane Hospital Auckland 1951, Studied Midwifery at Parsons Green Hospital
London 1955, took NZ PostGraduate Course 1960, Teacher at Auckland School of
Nursing 1958-59, Sister in Charge at Howick Obstetric Unit Auckland. 
Attended Deaconess College, 1963
Missionary India.   Highly qualified & experienced nurse.
Appointed to Jagadhri Hospital 15.June 1964 and set apart for Mission work by Howick Church.
To All Saints College, Sydney 16 June 1964
Arrived India 4 Oct 1964
Rep 1965: completed 1st  year language study, and is on point of taking up work at Hospital;
Married Rev D.M. Riddle  (1966).
Service with Missions Committee ended 12.10.1966
“Desma Riddle was appointed to the staff of Christian Hospital, Jagadhri as an overseas
worker of the Presbyterian Church in 1964. A highly qualified and experienced Nurse,
and extremely compassionate, Desma strove to improve the conditions of the student
nurses and the services of the hospital. In 1966 she married the Rec Doug Riddle and
supported him in his ministries in Dehra Dun and in New Zealand. Over the years Desma
was a tireless and passionate advocate for Christian Hospital and other needy causes.
Her loving care and concern was expressed in many practical ways. She had a great
sense of humor and was a wonderful friend and encourager. Along with her husband Doug,
she was a Trustee of the Friends of Jagadhri from 1997 to 2001. Her thoughtfulness and
enthusiasm was much appreciated. (From Obit.)
Died 8 September 2004

CAMPBELL, Rev (Sr) Elizabeth
b 16.4.1910 at Winton in Southland. 
Trained at the Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute Dunedin.
Ordained as Deaconess 1.10.1940
Congregational Deaconess St Pauls Wanganui 8.2.1940 to 1944
Youth Dept Area Worker Christchurch 1944-75
Christian Education Department Wellington 1973 - retired 6.6.1975
Ordained Ministry Consultant of Christian Education Department Christchurch 16.3.1975
“Elizabeth, who was the eldest of six, grew up on a farm on the Oreti Plains,  she worked
in an office in Invercargill before entering the Deaconess College.  In 1944 she was appointed
Field Worker for the Youth Dept, and began a service of 30 yrs in Christian Education.
In 1968 she was appointed Superevisor of Extension Studies,  here she organized home
programmes for children and youth, was responsible for 'Learn to Live' material, and for lay
preachers correspondence courses; she also distributed material for mission projects. 
The Home Sunday School programme for which she was responsible, went to 294 families
with 576 children in the year of her retirement 1974.  Elizabeth travelled throughout NZ, to
isolated areas; she led youth camps, conventions, and leaders training events.  In retirement
she was an elder, pastorally active, at Knox Church Christchurch, and continued her contacts
and encouragement through her correspondence.  She was pivotal in maintaining links
between former Deaconesses.  (from Obituary)
Died 31.8.1990 Christchurch

CAMPBELL, Mr Euan     & Mrs
O’seas Workers with United Bible Socys
Hong Kong 1979-83
Quezon City Philippines 1984

HM Richmond Ak 1916
Ngaruawahia WkP 1917, Ord HM 1917, res 1917 to NZEF,
res fr HM serv 1919

CAMPBELL, Rev George Paterson
b 13.9.1889 at Dunedin.
w Hazel Alice b 8.8.1896 m 30.8.1922
Educated at Otago University, Dunedin.
Home Missionary  Denniston WsP 1915 
Served in 14th Batallion, NZ Expeditionary Force 1917
Theological Hall 1919-20
Licensed by Dunedin Presbytery 1920
Ordained Avondale AP 20.7.1922
To Australia :
Middle Park - Albert Park, Melbourne (Presb. Church of Victoria) Australia 27.7.1924
Stawell (Victoria) 1926
Yarrawonga (Victoria) 1935
Ballarat, Ebenezer (Victoria) 1941
Cor-orooke (Victoria) 1950
Footscray West (Victoria) 1954
Died 14 Jan 1956
Uncle of Rev T.G. Campbell; Brother of Rev David Campbell.

CAMPBELL, Rev Jennie
husband Rev Ian Campbell, Anglican-Methodist Parish of Otaki, January 2003-2019
Ordained Anglican minister
Assistant, Otaki/Waikanae (short term appointment), Wellington Presbytery, 11 August 2003

Farmer in Otaio district & elder (did lay supply, not a HM)
Waimate Outfields SCP 1904  -  Rep 1904: he carried on services in vacancy which
involved driving 20 & 60 miles alternately each Sun during the whole winter 1904.

fr Helensburgh Scot; came out as FC prob;  arr Nelson 12.1863
Motueka supply 1863
Ord Riwaka NMP 3.1864     (Was this the same parish as Motueka?)
Lincoln-Prebbleton ChP 21.2.1866 res 1872 to become Headmaster of High School Chch.
‘He had reason to regret this step.  He set up a boarding establishment, invested all his
money in it, & left afterwards for Napier with `an empty pocket.’
He was for many yrs Headmaster at Napier fr 1874
Died  1909 Ak  

CAMPBELL, Rev Lorne Alistair
wife Susan Vivien Campbell married 18 June 1980
School teacher, 1978-1992
Parish Assistant, Christ Church Parish, Wangarei 1995-2008
Licentiate of Theology, 2009
Ordained Lay minister to Local Ordained Minister St Andrew's Whangarei, Northern Presbytery, 18 December 2014
Inducted St Andrew's Whangarei, 21 January 2015
Local ordained minister, Hope Whangarei, Northern Presbytery, 1 July 2019

CAMPBELL, Sr Marion Baird
b 2.7.1902
PWTI, grad 1938,   Ord Deac 1940
Te Teko relieving summer work 1937-8
Maori Miss 1.1.1939  -  relieving worker res 31.7.1940
Cong Deac N E Valley Dn  9.1940
Cong Deac Chalmers Timaru 1944-50
PSSA Chch City Deac 1950-4
PSSA Ross Home Dn 1959 res 30.1.1962
Columba Coll Dn part-time 1962  ret 28.2.1964
Died 24.4.1985

CAMPBELL, Rev Mervyn
Bapt Ch - retired
Bulls-Turakina WgP  Hon SS for 3 yrs 1.6.1989

CAMPBELL, Rev Michael Jackson
born 7 December 1924 in Yorkshire
wife (1) Muriel Pinder born 22 August 1913 married 9 December 1947 died 31 March 1993
wife (2) Shirley married circa 1995
After war service in the Royal Navy, trained for Methodist Ministry, Richmond College, London
Ordained, Priory Church, Doncaster, 1947
Circuit minister, England, for 10 years, in the Bradfield Mission
Came to New Zealand, 1959; received by the Methodist Church, serving in New Plymouth, Christchurch (Spreydon), and Auckland (Pakuranga); Methodist Church committees included Church Union and Publications
Superintendent minister, Auckland East Circuit, Methodist Church of New Zealand
Methodist Church representative, Central Religious Advisory Committee, and Churches' Television Commission — Regional Programme Officer, Auckland, Churches' Television Commission, circa 1967
Director of Radio and Television, Wellington (later called Department of Communication) 4 February 1971 — retired 30 June 1985 after 14 years due to ill health
Minister Emeritus, North Shore Presbytery, June 1985
Minister Emeritus, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, June 2004
Relief minister and interim moderator, Westmere Church, 2006-2009, continued as member
died 11 March 2023 aged 98 at St Johns Hill Life Care

CAMPBELL, Rev Neil Elliott        B.Com.
b 12.1.1927 at Dunedin
w Elizabeth (Betty) Margaret Inkster b 1.4.1924 m 13.12.1952  d. 12.4.2003
Educated at Musselburgh School and Kings High School, graduating from the University
of Otago with a Commerce Degree. Took up a career in accounting.
Theological Hall 1950-52
Undertook post-graduate studies at New College, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Concurrently served as Assistant Minister at St Paul’s, Leith.
Ord Mosgiel DnP 30.9.1954
St Pauls Oamaru NOP 23.9.1959
Cashmere Hills, Christchurch ChP 28.3.1968
St Andrews Co-operating Parish SCP  25.5.1978
Minister Emeritus 31.5.1983
South Clutha Co-operating Parish (Balclutha) ClP  8.2.1984 - retired 30.6.1987
“A strong preacher and capable orator, he had a commanding presence, was master of
ceremonies at many functions and could keep momentum going and add interest and
humour with relative ease. While proudly Presbyterian, he had a very ecumenical
outlook and fostered relationships with other denominations.
Died 29 March 2006 at Dunedin after a long illness.

HM Washdyke SCP (on probation) 1912

CAMPBELL, Rev Sefton Windsor       M.A.
b 14.5.1919 Hamilton
w Margaret Edna b 24.1.1919 m 3.10.1950 d. 2008
Served with the Navy in Britain during World War Two
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1947-49
Licensed by Presbytery of Auckland 13.12.1949
Ord Avondale, Auckland AP  1.3.1950
Manurewa SAP 3.3.1955
First Church Invercargill SP 19.5.1960
St Andrews Hastings HBP 25.8.1966 - resigned 30.6.1983 due to ill-health; continued as
part-time Associate MInister until retirement 20.5.1984
Suffered from leukemia for last 18 months before death.
Died 6.6.1984  

CAMPBELL, Mrs Sandra M.        see       Hudson-Owen, Sandra

CAMPBELL, Rev Thomas George
born 8 May 1901, Dunedin; wife Jane Burgess Gunn born 13 July 1907 married 12 November 1930
He went to sea at early age; later did engineering and mining work in Australia 
Returned to New Zealand, 1924.
Home Missionary, first two years: Hindon, Dunedin Presbytery 1926-1927
Otago University, and Hall 1928-1930
Ordained Nightcaps, Southland Presbytery, 27 November 1930
Waikaka, Mataura Presbytery, 5 October 1934
Kaikorai, Dunedin Presbytery, 22 September 1938
Chaplain to the Forces, 1942, Hospital Ship Maunganui (on leave from parish)
Greymouth, Westcoast Presbytery, 22 December 1943
Ashburton South 11 July 1950
Superintendent, PSSA Christchurch, 22 July 1953  retired 31 May 1966
Son of Rev D. Campbell; first National Council of Churches Chaplain to Paparua Prison
Convener, Assembly Youth Committee
Died 12 September 1968

CAMPBELL, Rev William
b. 1819
w. Jessie Miller  b.1859, m.(?)  d.1890
From Ayrshire, Scotland. Studied at University of Glasgow, Reformed Presbyterian and Free Church Theological
Halls Glasgow. Initially a member of the Reformed Church, he joined The Free Church while a student.
Licensed by Free Church Presbytery of Glasgow 1849.
Ordained Chapelton, Free Church of Scotland 1856, served till 1863.
To New Zealand - arrived 1866        
Received by the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland 10.1.1867
Supplied vacant parishes, Queenstown, Kaikorai etc for 2 years.
To Australia 1868 –
Inducted to Carningham-Linton, Presb. Church of Victoria 27.1.1869 - resigned 24.12.1879
(Other records indicate that he served specifically at Linton from 1871 and at Chepstone from 1875 to 1880)
Returned to Scotland on account of ill-health.
Returned  to New Zealand -
South Dunedin 1880 (one record states Aug 1882) - resigned June 1893.
Uncle of Rev John Christie
Died 17.9.1905 at Wanganui

CAMPBELL, Rev William Ricarby      B.A.
b 6.2.1840 Ratnagiri Bombay India
w A.C. b 18.8.1843 m -  d 31.8.1924
He was the son of a judge of the East India Co; first studied law, then theology at Edinburgh
University.  He was then Assistant to Rev Adolf  Saphir, Greenwich, and later to Dr A. Edersheim
Torquay. His wife was daughter of Rev H. Boyd Carpenter, Holloway, England.
 Appointed to the Canterbury District New Zealand by the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland 18 Feb 1873.
They came to NZ by the ‘Helen Denny’ to Port Chalmers and by coach to Timaru where he had been called
(using open call).
Ord Trinity Timaru 24.9.1873; city life never appealed to him and he resigned 11.1874 and went to -
Amuri ChP 2.2.1875 - retired 12.2.1913 - 38 years service. 
Charge was divided in 1902; he chose Hanmer Springs portion; Church built at Culverden 1891;
Hanmer in 1892.  The Hanmer Church was overthrown by hurricane, and rebuilt in 1893;
Church built at Cheviot 1896. Moderator of Northern Assembly 1900; worthily known in
Christchurch and surrounding districts as ‘The Saint of Amuri’ and ‘The Apostle of the North’.
Died 20.8.1918 at his residence, Amuri.

CARDNO, Rev Allan Leith
b 25.11.1905 Dn; w Doris Isabel b 4.12.1911 m 4.2.1937 d 15.8.1992
Hall 1933-5
Ord Pembroke (Wanaka COP) 20.3.1936
Kaitangata ClP  2.7.1941
Milton (Tokomairiro ClP) 3.2.1949
St Georges Chch 4.5.1960 ret 18.12.1968 ill-health
Died 12.3.1969

Local Ministry Team, St Paul's Presbyterian Church Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, circa 2015 — dissolved 10 March 2022

CARDY,  Rev Glynn Kenneth    B.A. (Auckland), L.Th (Joint Board of Theological Studies), BD (Otago), Dip Soc. Sc. (Massey)         
wife Stephanie Margaret Cardy
Anglican  Church - baptized 1959; and confirmed 1972; ordained November 1984 
Assistant Minister St Helier's/Glendowie 1984, 1985
Glen  Innes  Co-operating Parish  Auckland Presbytery (Methodist-Anglican)  January 1988-1993
Minister of St Andrew’s Epsom 1993-2004
Minister of St Matthew-in-the-City 2004-2013
Archdeacon of Auckland 2005-2009
Received Presbyterian Church 7 April 2014
Minister (supply) St Luke's Remuera, Northern Presbytery
Minister St Luke's Remuera, Northern Presbytery 3 June 2014
Published in 15 books; and articles in magazines and newspapers; Trustee Braveheart Youth Trust

CARGO, Mr Malcolm  & Mrs Sue
Maori Mission
Te Whaiti Maori Boy’s Farm Agricultural School - Master & Matron 1966

CARLEY, Rev Dr Keith William       B.Com., B.D., Ph.D.
born 3 October 1940 Dunedin
w. Erice Jean Walker  B.A.  born Wanganui  married 16 January 1965 — a Deaconess (refer separate entry)
Educated at Wellington College 1953-1957
Clerk, department of research, Reserve Bank; commerce teacher at high schools
Theological Hall 1962-1964
Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) 1962 University of New Zealand; Bachelor of Divinity 1965 Otago University; and Doctor of Philosophy (Old Testament Theology) 1968 University of London
Ordained Balmoral Balclutha 5 February 1969 — resigned 3 February 1972
New Zealand Bible College 21 February 1972 to 5 May 1972
Commissioned for service by Auckland Presbytery 11 April 1972
Overseas Missions Staff, Rarongo Theological College Papua New Guinea 11 April 1972
Returned to New Zealand 5 December 1977
Resigned from Missions staff 16 March 1978
Appointed Supply, Hawera, Taranaki Presbytery, March to June 1978
Moved to Australia — Old Testament Studies, United Theological College, Sydney
Lecturer, St Johns College Auckland (Anglican), Auckland Presbytery 1 February 1982
Minister Emeritus, Raumati, Wellington Presbytery 2007, involved with University of the Third Age and the Ephesus Group
Died 22 October 2020 after a long illness

CARLEY, Mrs K.W.      see            Walker, Erice
Deaconess, Auckland Presbytery, transferred to Wellington Presbytery, 21 March 2006

CARMICHAEL, Rev David Kenneth              B.A., Dip.Ed, Dip. Teaching
born 18 November 1940, a son of the manse
wife (1) Margaret Anne Cawthorn married 28 January 1967
wife (2) Wendy Elizabeth Kelling married 16 December 1972 separated 6 November 1985
wife (3) Jean Louise Keating married 3 December 1988
Bachelor of Arts 1964 Otago University; Diploma of Teaching 1970 New Zealand Education Department; Diploma of Education 1975 Otago University
Theological Hall 1964-1966
Ordained Assistant Alexandra-Clyde, Central Otago Presbytery 16 February 1967
Associate Minister Alexandra-Clyde, Central Otago Presbytery 6 June 1968 — resigned 18 October 1969
Teaching at Pre-school, Primary, Post Primary and Tertiary; Lecturer of Kindergarten teachers; Columba College; Lawrence, Otago
Associate Minister Knox Church Christchurch  Christchurch Presbytery, 3 September 1981
Mt Pleasant, Christchurch Presbytery 5 June 1986
Moderator, Presbytery of Christchurch, 1991
St Martins, Christchurch Christchurch Presbytery, 8 September 1994
Minister Emeritus 13 November 2005
Interested in arts and crafts, wood-turner, and collector of artistic glassware; became a civil celebrant after the introduction of civil unions
His preaching was notable for his skill as a story teller and congregations looked forward to communications from church mice, and from Felicity, the manse cat at St Martins, who was surprisingly theologically literate and well-informed on contemporary issues in church and society
Son of WA Carmichael
died 3 March 2023

CARMICHAEL, Rev William Alexander
b 29.3.1903 Patea; w Frances Winifred b 24.3.1904 m 23.10.1934 d 27.8.1991
He was brought up on farm; accepted by George Budd & sent to Maungaturoto as HM
HM Maungaturoto NP 1925
Hunua 1928
Hall 1932-34
Ord Fortrose SP 20.11.1934
Knox Hamilton 3.9.1940
St Davids Napier 21.7.1949
St Giles Kilbirnie WnP 19.2.1959  ret 31.3.1968
Died 18.12.1979  

fr PCI - in list of arrivals as prob 1878, but no mention of appt.

CARNEW,  Rev  Leslie C. (Les)         BA., BD.
wife Barbara Susan married 4 September 1983
Bachelor of Arts 1969 Trinity College, Dublin University; Bachelor of Divinity 1972 New College, Edinburgh University
Ordained 22 September 1983
Christian Renewal Centre, Rostrevor, Northern Ireland (5 years); Arrochar, Scotland (3 years); Harare, Zimbabwe (3 years)
Inducted St Johns, Hastings, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, (Stated Supply for one year from 4 November 1992), 9 December 1993
Spiritual advisor, Christian Fellowship for the Disabled, Hastings
Minister Emeritus, Hawkes Bay Presbytery 10 May 2004
Went to China 2008 — returned to Hastings 2011

CARNEY, Rev Stephen
Ang Ch
Okato Co-op TkP  2.1984

CARRICK, Rev Alexander
Licensed by Glasgow Presbytery 3 Aug 1864
To Canada :
Ord Toronto  1 Oct 1873
To New Zealand :
St Andrews Auckland  AP  27.12.1877
Died in office 2.6.1895 (typhoid fever)    

CARROLL, Rev William Herbert
b 28.8.1890, NZ
w.(?) b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?) – predeceased him
After working as a shop assistant, attended the Salvation Army Training College course,
served in the Salvation Army for 10 years, then received by the PCNZ as Home Missionary.
Took the HM course.
HM Manurewa SAP 1927, Ord HM 19.12.1929
Otaki WnP  1935
Cheviot ChP 1936
Hinds AsP 1937
Sumner-Redcliffs ChP 1946 - retired 1949 due to ill-health
Died 26.11.1972 Oxford Hospital, after a long illness.

CARRUTHERS, Rev John Robert         B.A.
wife: Winsome married: 9 February 1963
Hall 1959-1961
Ordained Hospital Chaplain, Dunedin, 5 November 1961
Eketahuna, Wairarapa Presbytery, 12 April 1962
Titahi Bay, Wellington Presbytery, 6 July 1967
Chaplain, New Zealand Army Camp, Waiouru, 3 September 1973
Chaplain, Papakura Military Camp, 1 January 1982
Hibiscus Coast, Orewa, North Shore Presbytery, 16 September 1984
Minister Emeritus, February 1997
died peacefully at the Kerikeri Retirement Village, Kerikeri, 10 January 2017 aged 85 years.

Maori Miss - Maungapohatu 1.10.1940-41

CARSTON, Mr Henry Fritz (Fee)
A school teacher, rural schools; Head Matamau (12 km fr Dannevirke).  While at
Matamau was elder, preacher,Sun Sch teacher, BC leader, organist.  On ret fr teaching
he entered HM service.
HM Assist Dannevirke HBP 1953
Orewa NSP 1957 ret 1960 to Dannevirke; the Jubilee of his ord as elder was celebrated
by Dannevirke parish  2.1980.
Died 21.6.1981

CARTER, Miss Ann
Miss - Council for World Mission
Rep 1978: transferred to Joint Bd as home base, but still paid by CWM (to which
NZ contributes).

CARTER, Rev Allan Burn        M.A.
w(1). Elaine Margaret b.(?)  m.(?) d.(?) after a long illness.
w(2). Christie Gilmour  b.(?)  m.(?)
Theological Hall 1984
Ordained Knox Lower Hutt WnP (Stated Supply) 11.4.1985
Tapanui MtP  29.7.1986 - retired 31.12.1990
“As a Teacher, Principal and then Tutor, and as a Christian Layman, Allan Carter was
regarded as a man of firm commitment to whatever task or responsibility was his; a
commitment complimented by a perceptive mind and undertaken to attain the highest
standard.” (From Obit.)
Ordained at 58 years of age.
Died  11.1.1992

CARTER, Rev A.G. Mackintosh              B.A.(Syd),B.D.(Melb)
Ordained Australia 1912
Chalmers Church, Hobart, Tasmania 1920
Albert Park (Presb. Church of Victoria) 1931
called to -
First Church Invercargill  SP  10.4.1931 - resigned 7.2.1937 and returned to Australia,
Five Dock Sydney 1937

CARTER, Rev Edmund James
b 5.1850
Orepuki HM Station (supply) SP Apr 1885 to 1888 
Theological Hall Dunedin 1888-91 and part of 1892
Ord Riversdale MtP  1895
Waikaia MtP  1897  res 1901
Oteramika SP  18.7.1905 - retired 31.5.1908
Died 30.8.1920

CARTER, Rev Howard Roy
From Auckland, born and raised in Titirangi, bank officer 1981-1983 and brick layer 1984; agricultural labourer / assistant grocery manager 1988
wife: Christine Alice (Kris) Middendorf-Carter married 12 Decmeber 1987
Bachelor of Ministries 2001 Bible College of New Zealand; Diploma for Graduates 2002 (communications, film and media and visual culture) Otago University
Parish assistant / youth pastor, St Columba Presbyterian Church Cherrywood, Tauranga 1989-1990; Elder, Titirangi Presbyterian Church 1991-2004; and Lay minister / youth pastor, St John's in the City, Rotorua 1995-2000; youth co-ordinator, Auckland Presbytery 1991-1994; three month summer supply, Popotunoa Presbyterian Parish, Clutha Presbytery 2002, 2003
Ordination Studies, 2002
Licentiate, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 2004
Ordained Ahuriri/Putorino, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 12 February 2004, appointed 12 January 2004 — 2008
Student Soul Minister, Auckland Presbytery, 5 March 2009
Ellerslie/Mt Wellington, Northern Presbytery, 8 March 2012
Senior Minister, St Andrew's Whangarei, Northern Presbytery, 30 May 2019

CARTER, Mr Ian     & Mrs
Miss PNG
Assist Branch Manager, Menduli Enterprises PNG 1978, Completed service 1981

CARTER, Rev John Alexander Lloyd       J.P.
b 5.7.1898
w Gladys Letitia Dumas Bloxham b 28 December 1900 m 12 February 1931 d 30 January 1992
Some sources say Duma
He was brought up on a farm in Central Otago; then 3 years at the Bible Training
Institute Auckland; joined the Maori Mission staff in 1929.
Taupo 1930
Maungapohatu 1931
Te Whaiti 1934, Ordained Assistant Missionary 11 March 1936
Reporoa 1937
Opotiki 1941, accepted as student for the ministry 1941
Otago Peninsula 1942 (University and Hall while here)
Hall 1945-1947
Opotiki Maori Missionary 2 March 1948
Waimana 11 March 1951
St Georges Christchurch 23 July 1953
Rakaia AsP 17 July 1959 - retired 31 July 1964
Died 29 May 1983 Christchurch, aged 84

CARTER, Rev Peter Cartwright            JP, Dip. Th.
born 12 January 1932
wife Olive Mary Wanhill born 11 June 1935 married 12 November 1960 died 22 June 2012 at Maygrove Village Hospital Orewa
He was Methodist Home Missionary, then to Baptist College; Ordained 1962;  received into Presbyterian Church of New Zealand subject to two years in Hall.
Murupara supply 1963
Hall 1964-1965
Ordained Paterangi (Ohaupo) Waikato Presbytery 9 December 1965
Manurewa South-Takanini South, Auckland Presbytery 5 February 1970  
St Peters, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty Presbytery 3 December 1978
Director Friendship House (Weymouth) 12 March 1981
Takanini-Conifer Grove South, Auckland Presbytery 12 June 1983 — Inducted 16 February 1984
Minister Emeritus 1 August 1993
Quarter time supply, Wellsford Co-operating Parish, 31 January 2016
died 28 July 2022 at Aria Gardens Hospital, Albany

CARTER, Rev Sarah Margaret (Sally)             BSc, BD, Dip. Teaching
born Campbell's Bay, Auckland
Husband: Frank Carter married 19 April 1997
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics 1975 Auckland University; Diploma of Teaching 1976 Auckland Secondary Teachers' College; Bachelor of Divinity in Christian Thought and History (????) Otago University
Licenced 20 February 2000
Ordained St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church, Palmerston North, Manawatu Presbytery, 30 March 2000
Joint Convener “Connecting With Society” Policy Group 2003
[St Marks Palmerston North re-named Palmerston North Parish of St Marks and St Andrew’s, 1 February 2004]
Presbyterian Parish of St Mark’s and St Andrew’s, Manawatu Presbytery (Stated Supply), 1 February 2004
Christchurch North Presbyterian Church, June 2005
St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Napier, January 2011 — retired May 2022
Minister emerita, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 8 May 2022

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