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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Johnson to Jupp

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Maori Miss
Waiohau, teacher, assist Miss 6.5.1918

JOHNSTON, Rev Arthur Earnest Byars (Earnie)               B.A.
b 18 June 1923 in Gore
w Evelyn Merle Tarrant b 2 September 1937 m 15 April 1961
Trained as a Primary then Secondary School Teacher.
Taught in both North and South Island Schools as well as London and Edinburgh
While at Waipawa District High School he was involved in Waipawa Church and his call to ministry began there.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1955-1957
Ordained Assistant Minister, St. Davids, Palmerston North, Manawatu Presbytery  6 February 1958
St. Albans, Palmerston North, Manawatu Presbytery  7 March 1959
CambridgeTrinity Union Church, Waikato Presbytery, 15 November 1966 - resigned 31 January 1973
Overseas Worker appointed February 1973
Teacher at Leulumoega Fou School, Malua, Western Samoa, with the Congregational Church of Samoa.
Took some services at both Malua Theological College and Apia Protestant Church
Tawa Union, Wellington Presbytery, 13 February 1975
Taupo Union, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 3 February 1983 - retired 30 September 1988
In retirement served a term as Chaplain to Tokanui Hospital and at the time of his death was
part-time Assistant to St Andrew’s Hamilton.
“Earnie Johnston has served his Lord and the Presbyterian Church well on Presbytery committees
and notably as Convener of the Assembly Committee that paved the way for restructuring
procedures of the Church’s General Assembly. Earnie was a peacemaker and a pilgrim.
He was respected for his moderation and theological diversity. While he valued tradition,
he was always questing for new knowledge and exploring dimensions of spirituality that
would enhance human potential for growth in the grace of our Lord as people drawn into
fellowship and community. (From Obit)
Father of the Rev MG Johnston and Miss Heather Johnston, volunteer nurse Christian Hospital Jagadhri
Died  21 March 1992

Maori Miss
Turakina Maori Girls Coll, Principal 1967

Maori Miss - to Maori Boys Farm, Te Whaiti 1.12.1940 temp,
res 31.8.1941 & returned to miss service in which he was previously engaged in India.

JOHNSTON, Rev George              M.A.(Glasgow), B.D.(Cambridge) 
b 23.1.1912 at Glasgow, Scotland.
w Isabella Ellen Louise b 10.4.1912 m 17.1.1944 (Isabelle a qualified GP)
Educated in Glasgow, graduating with an MA in modern languages. His active membership
in the Student Christian Movement and its associated Student Volunteer Missionary Union
helped shape his call to Mnistry and his acceptance by the Church of Scotland.
Licensed by Presbytery of Glasgow (CS) 20 Apr 1938
Ordained & Inducted as Assistant at Killermont, Glasgow 12 Dec 1940
Spent one year at the Protestant Theological Faculty in Paris
Missionary Service with the Church of Scotland in Kalimpong, India – taught at a Mission
School in the Himalayan foothills and ministered to the widespread tea producing district.
He became fluent in Hindi to facilitate this. He met his wife here who had come to learn
Hindi as a Medical Missionary. Difficulty with the tropical conditions saw George returning
to Scotland in 1944, and following deputation work, he was sent to Germany with the
Church of Scotland’s huts and canteen’s organisation serving the British occupation forces
before becoming minister of the Church of Scotland’s parish in Gibralter.
Appointed to Hartford Theological Seminary USA 6 July 1947
Arrived NZ 1952
Ind St Andrews Invercargill 29.5.1952
Otago Peninsula DnP 23.8.1962
Minister Emeritus  31.1.1977
“It was while ministering on the Peninsula that george was attracted back to the academic life.
He taught church history for several years at the Deaconess College, then took up studies at
the Theological Hall to complete his Divinity Degree – following his interest in New Testament
studies, and a determination to master Hebrew. This led to being invited to assist the teaching
staff of the Theological Hall by teaching Old Testament and Hebrew for eight years. He was
also assisting First Church in its pastoral work during these post retirement years until 1985.
He was then called upon to tutor in Biblical Studies in the Otago University Faculty of
Reflecting on his life, George marvelled at how God had used his talents in ways he never
could have imagined as a young man. He knew great enrichment in following the call to
ministry to different corners of the world and through his love of languages.” (From Obit.)
Died 2 Aug 2004 at Ross Home Dunedin, aged 92.

Miss New Hebrides (Vanuatu)
Rep 1963:  short term service, 1 yr, modifying tele-radios.            
Home for 2 mths; plans to returnfor further service.
Rep 1965: married Mary Walls, Matron of Vaemali Hosp, Epi, Vanuatu.

JOHNSTON, Mrs G.              see                  Walls, Mary

JOHNSTON, Miss Grace Leitch                  Mrs P.G. Hughes
b 18.5.1895;
h Percy Gladstone, Hughes b 28.7.1879  m 19.6.1922 d 2.1.1950
Maori Miss
Assist to Miss E. Webber, Waiohau, Assist Teacher 1918
Te Whaiti 1920 res 12.1921 to marry Rev P.G. Hughes of St Andrews Ak.
Died 18.6.1978

JOHNSTON, Miss Heather
Missionary Volunteer - nurse
Jagadhri Christian Hospital, India, for several months as nurse 1988 and 1992
Lived with Doreen Riddell on both occasions

JOHNSTON, Rev Henry White                  M.A.
(See Johnstone, Rev Henry White)

JOHNSTON, Rev Howard Whitfield
b 4.4.1905, Waikaka
w Ena Mary (Molly) Muir  b 23.4.1905 m 2..5.1931 d 2.1984
He was greatly influenced by a Mission of Rev J. Bissett, which led him to the Bible Training
Institute Auckland. Then (c 1929) worked in Solomon Islands with the South Sea Evangelical Mission;
his handyman skills and farming experience were useful to him. After two years he married Molly. 
After five years his health was affected and he returned to NZ; on return he began work with Maori Mission.
Maori Mission appointed to staff 14.8.1938
Rrelieved at Te Whaiti 1938;
Accepted as student for ministry 1941.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1946-48
Ord Taupo Maori 5.1.1949 - res 30.6.1952 & granted three years leave of absence; had to resign on
account of his wife’s health.
Secreatary of the British & Foreign Bible Society in Canterbury & West Coast, Christchurch for 3½ years.
PSSA Chch Field Officer in Canterbury, Westland. Nelson, Marlborough 1961 
Retired 4.4.1970 due to ill-health
After his wife’s death he ended his days in Woodchester Home Christchurch.
Great Uncle of the Rev MG Johnston
Died  25.12.1986

JOHNSTON, Rev Ian M.                    BA., BD.
w Alison Jean  m 10.12.1977
Theological Hall 1987-89,  licensed First Presbyterian Church Papakura SAP 17.12.1989
Ordained Honorary Assistant Minister Papakura East  SAP  18.7.1990

JOHNSTON, Rev James              B.A.
b 6.4.1853; w Ella G. b 17.9.1862 m 2.12.1889 d 1.3.1938
Hall Dn 1883-5
Petone as prob, supply 1886 - to Edin for further study
Ord Fortrose (Toi Tois SP) 30.3.1888
Eltham TkP  1904
Malvern ChP  27.5.1909  ret 30.9.1919 in Chch
Brother of John Johnston
Died 18.10.1945, aged 92

b 27.11.1869
w Margaret b 5.2.1874 m 26.8.1896  pred h
He was farming; left farming & became a Home Missionary.
HM Waikawa & Mokoreta MtP 9.1908; he had an accident which kept him in house for time;
his name given in       1908 list as John Johnston Jr.
Stewart Is SP  1909
Merrivale SP 1910
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1915-17
Ord Mayfield AsP 10.1.1918
Gonville Wanganui 5.6.1924 res 30.6.1925 ill-health
Dipton SP 12.5.1926  ret 10.4.1938
In retirement lived in or near Geraldine.
Died 8.2.1959, aged 89 years.

JOHNSTON, Mr John               M.A.
An experienced & earnest teacher; he had classes for men not yet in Hall   In Eng &
Psychology, also class for 1st yr studs in Relig Pedagogy.
Rep 1921: will probably be his last yr, 1921.

JOHNSTON, Rev John (Jack) Dinsmore             B.A.
b. Cloneytrace, Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Ireland 19.11.1912;
w.  married Gertrude Marshoof (The Covenant Missionary Association), an American
Missionary in China, m. 19.9.1949 in Hong Kong (He had previously been engaged to Ruth
Gilbert, daughter of Rev HG Gilbert).
John educated at Whakatane District High School & University of Auckland College (B.A.),
HM Rangitaiki Outfields BPP 1.3.1935 to 1936
Resigned from HM service 28.2.1937 to continue studies.
Theological Hall, Knox College Dunedin, 1937-39
Ordained as Evangelistic Missionary for China 13.8.1940; departure delayed on acct of trouble
in China;
Left for China 25.1.1941 arr 13.3.1941.
Cheung Chau language study 4.1941 to12.1941
War Memorial & Queen Mary Hospitals, Hong Kong 12.1941 to 1.1942;
Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong 1.1942 to 9.1945.
Returned to NZ on release from Internment, arr NZ 24.10.1945;
After furlough left for China via USA 5.11.1946
Arr. China 13.5.1947 – He was stationed at Yan Woh where he specialised in open-air
Evangelism and in work among the children including the local boys school. He resigned from
the Mission staff in 1950 when he began to feel that Communist rule was limiting his
effectiveness to spread the Gospel.
Left China 15.10.1949
After leave resigned from Mission staff as from 30.3.1950
During 1949, served at Edgecumbe, Pokono, Matamata & Ponsonby.
St Stephens, Auckland AP 1950  resigned 1952 – to USA
Received by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) Presbytery of Philadelphia 18 May 1953  
Served in Formosa (Taiwan) under the OPC Committee on Foreign Missions 1954-72
Bayview OPC, Chula Vista, California USA 1973-73
Calvary OPC, Volga SD 1973
Received by Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) Vanguard Presbytery, 18 Sept 1974
Prof of Bible [Studies?], Christ’s College, Taiwan 1974-84  
“Mission to the World”, PCA, Taiwan 1975-84
To USA 1986
Died 5 Sept 1989 

JOHNSTON, Mrs J.M.           see                Phairn, Mary

JOHNSTON, Sr Lucy Maude
b 10.4.1928
Deac Coll 1953-5
Ord Deac St Lukes Remuera Ak 9.2.1956
Sec staff  Youth Dept Chch 1958-64
Maori Synod Chr Educ Worker Whakatane 1964 res 7.2.1969
lic Min  1975
Social Welfare Dept 1969-

JOHNSTON, Rev Malcolm Hunter             B.A.,B.D.,M.Th.(Glas)
b 28.9.1923
w Paula Lois McArtney b 4.1.1926 m 29.1.1949
Grew up at Taikorea in the Manawatu, educated at Taikorea, Palmerston North
and Auckland.
Theological Hall, Dunedin1948-50
Licensed by Wanganui Presbytery 1950
Ordained Mauku SAP  20.2.1951
St Giles Mt Roskill Auckland AP 2.6.1955 - resigned 30.9.1960
General Secretary of the Student Christian Movement, Wellington 1.10.1960 –
- resigned 8.12.1964 - to Glasgow for 2 years study.
Completed the post graduate degree of M.Th. at Glasgow then served as Locum in the Glasgow
Parish of St. Rollox 1966-67
Birkenhead Auckland NSP 20.12.1967 - retired 15.3.1987
Clerk of South Auckland Presbytery 1953-55, Convener of the Christian Education Committee of
Auckland Presbytery 1955.
Served on many General Assembly Committees including Place of Women in the Church, Overseas
Missions, Public Questions, Parish Development and Mission, Church Union and plan for Union
Negotiations, Joint Commission on Church Union, and Christian Education Committees.
He held a strong interest in the ecumenical movement, his study leave in 1982 including a study
course at the Ecumenical institute in Geneva and an exchange with Jessop Road Parish in Norwich,
A member of the United Nations Association, member of Rotary for 14 years, on the Board of Governors
of Northcote College and Deputy Chairman 1970-76, member of the Auckland Doctor Clergy Society,
and a member of the Church Service Society. President of the Auckland Theological Society.
"The benefits of Malcolm's wide abilities have been experienced in the Presbytery of North Shore. He
was a key figure in its foundation, being Moderator in 1974, serving as a member and Convener of the
Ecumenical Affairs and Missions Committee for 12 years. Helped to set up the North Shore Joint
Regional Committee, and served on numerous Boards of Nomination and Visitation Committees,
Convener of the Business Committee.
After his retirement he continued his keen interest in contemporary theology and Church history.
His theological insights were a great stimulus in study groups and were willingly
shared with his brothers and sisters in the ministry. (from obit.)
Died  9.9.1994.

JOHNSTON, Rev Mark G.                 BSc(Hons)., BD., DipT.
Overseas Volunteer
Jubilee School Kharar India, Teacher, 1984
Wadestown Presbyterian Church, Wellington Presbytery, January 1998  
Lodged Certificate  Wellington Presbytery, 17 June 2003 — accepted a call to the Church of Scotland.
Cove Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland 2003-2008  
Returned to New Zealand
Inducted Auckland Co-ordinator for Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership 1 February 2009 — farewelled 12 March 2020 to Scotland
Son of the Rev AEB Johnston & Great Nephew of the Rev HW Johnston

JOHNSTON, Miss Melville
Maori Missionary
Nuhaka, Native School Teacher - Assistant Missionary 1928

JOHNSTON, Rev Neil Walter              M.A., B.D.
w Beverlay Joy Armour   m 24.5.1975
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1971-73
Licensed by Presbytery of Auckland 11.11.1973
Ordained  Waipawa-Otane HBP 5.6.1975
Waipawa Co-op HBP 4.2.1979
Huntly Co-op WkP 3.7.1980
St Barnabas Plimmerton WnP 11.7.1985
Associate Minister St Johns in the City Wellington  WnP  29.9.1994.
Moderator of Presbytery of Wellington 2002
Senior Minister St Andrew’s Presb. Church, Hamilton  WkP  29 Aug 2002

JOHNSTON, Mr Robinson              B.A.
b. 1852 Ballyclough, Ireland
Educated at Queen’s University, Ireland.
Came to New Zealand as Free Church of Scotland student 1880.
Kawakawa (student preacher) NP 1880
Helensville (student preacher) AP 1881
Kumara and Stafford (student preacher) WsP - 1882-83
To Victoria Australia as a Licentiate with certificate from the Westland Presbytery (NZ) 27.3.1883
Received by the Presb. Church of Queensland 21.11.1884
Ordained Shepparton 18.8.1885 to 31.1.1889
Inducted Lake Rowan (Pres. Church of Victoria) 31.10.1889 to 1917 – resigned
Died 1925

HM Tokanui-Waikawa SP 1932, left HM serv 1932

JOHNSTON, Mr William
Appointed (as Catechist) to the Otago District New Zealand by the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland 18 Mar 1873.
No further mention.

From Gore, Southland
wife Laura Kate Johnstone, a large animal vetinarian
Gore High School 2004; Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury 2008; New Zealand Aluminium Smelters 2009-2012; BCNZ and Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS), USA
"After doing some bible study, we got the feeling that God wanted us to put engineering to the side and pursue a call into ministry"
Intern, Wanaka, Southern Presbytery, 2017-2018, under the guidance of Rev Ian Hislop
Graduated 5 December 2018
Licensing, ordination and induction, St Ninians Presbyterian Church, Hawea Flat, Southern Presbytery, 21 March 2019

JOHNSTONE, Rev Brett McKenzie              B.A., B.D.
wife: Bonnie Jane nee Robinson (daughter of Rev O.S. Robinson)  married 7 February 1987
Theological Hall 1986-1988
Licensed St Andrews, Gore, Mataura Presbytery, 29 November 1988
Ordained Assistant Minister, St Johns, Wellington, Wellington Presbytery, 2 February 1989
St Margarets, Silverstream, Wellington Presbytery, 16 May 1991
St. Columba, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, November 1999
Senior Associate Minister (Joint Ministry), Somervell Memorial Presbyterian Church, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 18 April 2002 — for sixteen years
Chaplain, Mt Eden Corrections Facility, Northern Presbytery, 9 April 2018

JOHNSTONE, Mrs B.M.................see.....................Robinson, Bonnie

JOHNSTONE, Rev Carlton
wife Sarah, 3 Waters engineer, born New Plymouth, worked Infoworks UK, New Zealand Transport Authority Expressway Alliance, and in Christchurch; Infrastructure Advisor, Rationale, Arrowtown.
Youth Ministry Development Leader, Assembly Office, Wellington, 2009-2013
Intern, January 2014 - completed studies, 1 December 2015
Licensed St Giles The Village Church, Christchurch, Alpine Presbytery, 13 December 2015
Ordained and inducted minister, Wakatipu Community Presbyterian Parish, Southern Presbytery, 9 February 2016

JOHNSTONE, Mr G,W,       (students nickname - Sos)
w. (?)  d. Aug 1951
Tutor in Voice Production at Hall Dn, app by Ass 15.12.1913
ret 31.10.1941

JOHNSTONE, Rev Henry White                  M.A.
(NB : One record gives spelling as Johnston)
b 6.1.1854 Paisley Scotland
w Lydia b 24.2.1864 m 22.3.1901 d 31.3.1941
Educated at Glasgow University & the Free Church College Glasgow.
Licensed by paisley Presbytery 1886
Came to NZ as Free Church Probationer, arr 1889
Ord Waipawa HBP 14.5.1889 (another record gives date as 15.5.1889)
Cheviot ChP  18.3.1902 - resigned 14.2.1905
Ellerslie (HM)  Auckland  1905; on becoming fully sanctioned charge he was Ind 29.12.1910
Resigned 30.6.1919 due to failing health and retired.
Died  2.3.1923 Edendale Auckland.

JOHNSTONE, Rev J. Valentine
fr Scot, recd by Nth Ch 15.2.1897
Stationed at Riwaka NMP 1897, but never ind; res 1898 & returned to Scot.

Anglican Church
Chaplain, St Andrews College, Christchurch, 1984-1989
Lumsden, Balfour, Kingston (Mission Appointment) Mataura Presbytery, August 1994
Retired, Nelson, c 2018

JOHNSTONE, Rev William             M.A.
born: 1823, Aberdeenshire
wife: Margaret, born: 1 February 1841, married - died 4 May 1941 (aged 100 years, 3 months)
Studied at the Univeristy of Aberdeen and gained his MA in 1849.
Studied at the Free Church College, Edinburgh
Licensed by the Free Church Presbytery of Aberdeen 1853
Ordained by the Free Church Presbytery of Edinburgh 1857
Arrived Otago, New Zealand on the Strathallan, May 1858
Inducted Port Chalmers, Dunedin Presbytery, 23 June 1858; parish extended from Port and Peninsula to Waitaki River.
‘Long & happy ministry of 23 years.’
Senior fellow of the Senate of the New Zealand University
Died 21 Augut 1881, in office aged 58 years old, interred at the Old Port Chalmers Cemetery
See obituary in the NZ Christian Record 28.8.1881

JOLLY, Very Rev Isaac                    M.A. 
b 5.2.1853 Muthill, Perthshire Scot
w Eliza J. b 18.5.1865 m -  d 1.11.1938
He was educated at Glasgow University & the Free Church College Glasgow.  Overwork
in mission in slums while studying, undermined his health.  He was forced to give up his
studies and came to NZ; on recovering he finished his theological studies in Dunedin.
Received as student of 2 years standing by Synod of Otago & Southland 13.1.1886
Theological Hall Dunedin 1885-86
New Plymouth 1884 - Rep 1885: continues to prosper under his ministry.
Waikari 1885
Myross Bush SP  app 12.1886,   Ord 23.8.1887
Lawrence CP 30.9.1888
South Dunedin DnP 20 Mar 1894
Palmerston North MnP 1901
Ponsonby Auckland 4.3.1910 - retired 28.2.1921
Ill-health clouded his latter years. 
Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1909;
‘A distinguished preacher, an outstanding theological scholar and a wise ecclesiastic...
a regular and valued contributor to the Outlook.’
Died 15.9.1938 ‘in Cook Strait’  (Presumably this means that he suffered a seizure while
he was crossing between Lyttelton & Wellington on the Inter-Island steamer.)

JOLLY, Rev Mary Huei
From USA
Orreti SP  (Stated Supply) 1988; Ind 16.10.1988
Lecturer New Testament Studies, Theological Hall Dunedin
Lecturer School of Ministry Dunedin
Returned to USA 2005

JONES, Mr     & Mrs
Maori Miss  -  teachers
Waitahanui Native School, teachers & assisted miss 1928

JONES, Rev Allan Albert               B.A., M.A.(Hons)., B.D.
w Jennifer Mary  m 4.5.1968
Theological Hall 1970-2
Ordained Opotiki Union BPP 21.12.1972
Mairangi-Castor Bay NSP  11.12.1977
Northern Regional Manager, Ministry Committee Auckland  11.5.1987
Auckland Regional Manager, Presbyterian Support Services 25.8.1987 - resigned 8.1988
Opotiki Union special apointed BPP 5.1.1989 
Auckland Co-ordinator, Christian World Service, half-time 26.6.1989
Pathways Inter Church Counselling Service (Director), North Shore, Auckland  NsP  Feb 1992 and
Minister within the Bounds  NsP  Feb 1992

JONES, Mr Aneurin
HM Ormond Gisborne 1917  - working here to develop a HM station at request of Rev
J. Aitken.
Rep:  is doing very well - approved by HM Com; 
res 12.1918 & left HM serv.

JONES, Rev Catherine H.             see                Hollister-Jones, C.

JONES, Mr Charles Frederick
b. 19.6.1935
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Came from Ireland to NZ in 1920; formerly a Farmer, then retired and went to live
in Huntly.  Hearing that Ngaruawahia’s Home Missionary had died, he offered to
fill the breach.
HM Ngaruawahia WkP (supply from 27.6.1947) 1.2.1948 to 11.6.1948
Died  11.6.1948, aged 53, in cycle accident, in office.

JONES, Rev Gwilym Parry
b 22.6.1921; w Isabel b 1.6.1925 m 4.1.1951
Hall 1950-2
Ord Pokeno SAP  10.12.1952
Mangere AP  20.3.1958 res 30.6.1961, went to USA & did not return.

JONES, Rev Griffith
From Wales;  was in Welsh Congregational Church at Langharme, Wales for 20 yrs. 
Ord 1862.
Ind Waipu NP  20.4.1887, served here 14 years.
Died in office 20 April 1901

JONES, Rev Hugh Oldbury         M.A.,B.D.,Ph.D.,D.Habil.(Mainz)
born 6 January 1939, Hastings; wife Jennifer (Jenny)  married 8 August 1964, returned to New Zealand after his death
He was brought up as Anglican, and after a period in banking decided to enter the ministry of the Anglican Church in 1960; while he was a student at Selwyn College, he attended some lectures (for BD in the Hall, and later sought entry to ministry of Presbyterian Church of New Zealand and was accepted.
Assistant Head of English, John McGlashan College, 1964-1967
Hall, 1968-1970
Ordained St Leonards, Ravensbourne, Dunedin Presbytery, 10 June 1971—resigned 30 November 1971 to continue as an Assistant to Dr Frank Nichols in Systematic Theology, and gradudated as the first New Zealand PhD in Theology at Otago, in 1973
While finishing his PhD at Otago University Dunedin, Pr Dietrich Ritschl was in Dunedin giving lectures in the Hall as Guest Lecturer. Hugh attended these lectures and Pr Ritschl was deeply impressed by Hugh’s outstanding ability and brilliance.  He offered Hugh a post as his Assistant in Mainz, Germany, also to obtain housing for Hugh and his family. Hugh accepted and went to Germany.
Assistant to Professor of Theology, Mainz University Germany, 1974. He collaborated with Pr Ritschl and published several booklets on the dynamics of Systematic Theology
Guest Lecturer, Queens College, Cambridge, Theme "Systematic Theology", 1979, 1980, and 1981
Guest Speaker, International Theology Congress, Bad Reichenbad, 1981
Inducted assistant Pastor, Aufferstehungs Church, Mainz, 1982
Actively involved as a Pastor with the Pentecostal Movement that was sweeping Germany during the last four years of his life
At the end of 1984 he developed a serious brain tumour, diagnosed as an Astrocytoma brain tumor. He underwent surgery and resumed part time teaching within three months after radiation and chemotherapy. The tumor was fatal, in spite of treatment by the best surgeons and doctors in Germany. He continued to lecture until four weeks prior to his death
Died 12 February 1985, Mainz, Germany

JONES, Rev James Graham
b 15 June 1930; w Elizabeth  m 19 August 1954
from Newcastle England;   Ordained 1954
Inducted Merrivale-Waiau Southland Presbytery 2 March 1967
Pukekohe South Auckland Presbytery  8 October 1969
St Andrews Auckland 13 October 1977 resigned 22 April 1984
Associate Clevedon South Auckland Presbytery  8 August 1985
Minister Emeritus 30 November 1987
Died 7 September 2014 at Nazareth Rest Home, Wanganui aged 84 years 

HM : Rep 1925:  he entered Home Missionary service 1925, but resigned after a
few months.

JONES, Rev Leonard                                         M.A.,B.D.(Hons Melb)
born 26 July 1915 at Invercargill
wife Joy born 28 March 1925 married 11 April 1944, died suddenly at a church service in Amberley
Educated at Southland Boys’ High School, University of Otago and
Victoria University .
Home Missionary, Plimmerton (supply) Wellington Presbytery, 24 October 1937 – to support himself while attending University. Resigned 1 March 1940 to further his studies.
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1941-1943
Ordained Locum Tenens, Mosgiel, Dunedin Presbytery, 16 December 1943
Riverton, Southland Presbytery, 15 March 1945
Roslyn, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 1 July 1948
Knox, Masterton Wairarapa Presbytery, 21 March 1956
St Pauls, Christchurch (combined with Trinity Congregational Church to form St Pauls-Trinity-Pacific during his ministry), Christchurch Presbytery, 21 May 1964
Spent some time in Samoa learning more of the language and culture of many of the people who now came under his pastoral care.
Completed his B.D. with Honours from the Melbourne College of Divinity.
Mackenzie Co-operating Parish, South Canterbury Presbytery, 28 February 1974 - retired 14 August 1979 to Australia.
15 years of supply ministry in various parishes in Australia within the Uniting Church of Australia and then back in New Zealand.
Retired to Amberley Beach, Canterbury.
“Leonard had always a strong commitment to education and he served on the Board of Governors of the John McGlashan College, Rangi Ruru and Solway Colleges, and was Chairman of the Rangi Ruru Girls’ School Board of Governors from 1968 to 1973. He also had a strong commitment to the ecumenical movement dating back to his involvement in the Student Christian Movement during his university years. In Christchurch he chaired the Christchurch Council of Churches. Those who served with Leonard will remember him as a ‘team’ person. He worked in Masterton with a Deaconess and an Assistant Minister, and while in Christchurch he was part of a team ministry with the Rev Kenape Felotoese and worked with Vivienne Sinclair and Isobel Probert as his Deaconesses.” (from Memorial Minute)
Died 18 April 2000

JONES, Sr Lina
Miss  -  Rep 1979: died after serving in Solomon Is for 22 yrs.
Died  6.1979

JONES, Rev Michael
Anglican Church
Ecumenical Chaplain, Wellington and Wakefield Hospitals, Wellington Presbytery, 1997-retired 31 December 2007

JONES, Rev Rachel E.             BA.(Hons)., BD.
Ordained 1987
Maniototo  COP  Apr 1998

JONES, Rev Dr Susan M.             PhD. (Otago), B.H. Sc., M.S.(Kansas State)., Dip.Theol.Stud., Dip.Grad., P.G.Dip.(Theol.), Dip.Tchg.
Born at Gore, considered becoming a missionary at the age of 14.
h. Roger Alexander Jones,  m 4 October 1980
Co-Convener of the Women in Church and Society Committee, 1984 – 1989
Trained through Community based Ministry training, 1993-1995
Awarded Presbyterian Church of New Zealand Post Graduate Scholarship, 1995
Licensed by Mataura Presbytery, 1995
Ordained at Balmoral Church by South Clutha Presbytery, 1995
Balclutha: Balmoral Clutha Presbytery, November 1995 (6 month term)
Knox Presbyterian Church Christchurch - Associate Minister, Christchurch Presbytery, February 2000
Associate Minister, Knox Church, Dunedin Presbytery, February, 2002 to 2004
Co-Convener of the Equipping The Leadership Policy Group
Minister, Opoho, Dunedin Presbytery, 10 February 2005
Minister, Timaru Presbyterian Parish, South Canterbury Presbytery, February 2010
Minister, St Andrew's on the Terrace, Presbytery Central Nukuhau Tapu, 26 March 2015               

JONES, Rev Victor George Clement               B.Mus., M.A.(Cantab & NZ)., B.D.
b 27.5.1930 at Invercargill
w Ann Malvina Joy   m 29.12.1977
Theological Hall 1963-65  
Ord Lauder COP  1.3.1966
Tokomairiro (Milton ClP) Co-operating Parish  10.3.1971
Spreydon Methodist Church, Addington (Methodist Appointment) ChP  2.1978
Amuri, North Canterbury ChP  13.9.1984
Minister Emeritus 31.10.1988
“Victor was born in Invercargill, … his father was a Draper, his Mother a music Teacher.
Victor’s musical talent emerged at an early age. Blessed with a perfect pitch he studied
piano, violin and voice. After gaining his letters in pian-performance Victor taught piano
while still at school.
After finishing at Southland Boys High School Victor studied languages and music at
the University of Otago. While at University, Victor began learning the organ which was
to become his favoured instrument. A scholarship allowed him to study music at the
Prestigious Kings College, Cambridge.
In 1961 Victor felt called to the ordained ministry, entering the Hall in 1963.
Upon retirement on 31st October 1988, Victor and Malvina moved to Havelock North
where he taught music and continued to play the organ for weddings and funerals.
Three years before his death Victor began to lose his sight. Yet he continued to play
music from memory. Victor was a compulsive reader and book collector. His interest in
the Masonic Lodge was very important to him.
Victor never ceased to honour his Presbyterian roots. His understanding of God was
infinitely larger than denominations and this lead to a strong ecumenical commitment.
Through Victor was an endearing man with interests atypical of most New Zealand men,
he related well to others.
Victor held an unshakeable faith in an all-loving God. The Church can only be grateful for
Victor’s humble yet effective service and commend him into God’s care.”
(From Memorial Minute)
Died 21 June 2004

HM Motu HBP 1915 res fr HM serv 1915

JONES, Rev Wayne H.                     PostGradDip.Th.
Social worker, and psychiatric and general nurse
Diploma of Theology, University of Wales
Ordained and inducted, Moriah English Baptist Church, 19 November 1988
Moved to New Zealand
Received from the Baptist Union of Great Britain into the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, 8 September 1995
Inducted Otaki/Waikanae Presbyterian Church, Wellington Presbytery, 16 November 1995
Miniter Emeritus, Wellington Presbytery, 2004
died 7 October 2018 unexpectedly while visiting family in Wales

HM Grey Valley (Blackball WsP) 1930 
res fr HM serv 28.2.1933

JOSEPH, Rev Tokerau               BTh(Hons)
wife: Tangi
born Cook Islands and arrived in South Auckland aged five, Member of Otara Pacific Islanders Church, worked at the Department of Social Welfare
Otara Pacific Islanders Church, South Auckland Presbytery, March 1999
Minister within the Bounds, South Auckland Presbytery
Associate Minister, First Church of Otago, Dunedin Presbytery, 26 May 2005
Inducted senior minister, First Church of Otago, Dunedin, 2 March 2008
Author of the thesis Ethnic Flames of the Burning Bush: an exploration of ethnic relations in congregations of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand
Inducted Minister, Mairangi and Castor Bays Parish, 1 February 2018

JOUBERT, Dr Francois
wife Sonya
High School Frikkie Meyer, Thabazimbi, South Africa 1984; Apostolic Faith Mission Theological Seminary Diploma Theology/Theological Studies 1990; Newburgh Theological Seminary Masters, Counselling 2015, Doctor of Philosophy - Counselling 2017
Pastor, AFM Church, South Africa, November 1990-November 2012
Associate Pastor (AFM) Doxa Deo Church, Auckland, December 2012-July 2014
Chaplain, Auckland University of Technology, March 2014-February 2015
Regional Manager, Samaritans Purse Operation Christmas Child, February 2015-November 2018
Executive Director, Open Home Foundation International, August 2018-May 2019
Supply minister, South Kaipara Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 2018-24 January 2021
Chaplain, St Cuthberts College, Auckland, April 2019

JOURDAIN, Rev Stephen Noel             B.Sc., B.Th., Dip.Tchg.
w Shirley Marie  m 26 May 1979
High school teachers, Christchurch; part-time lay assistant, Anglican parish, for two years
Theological Hall, 1983-1985
Ordained Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 30 January 1986
St Alban’s Palmerston North  (Stated Supply), Manawatu Presbytery, August 2000 to February 2003
Inducted Senior Minister, St Alban’s Palmerston North, Manawatu Presbytery, February 2003
Convener, Presbytery Central
Minister emeritus, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu, 28 November 2021

JOYCE, Mr Joseph
HM Eketahuna WpP  1904 res 3.8.1904
Riwaka & Moutere NMP  stud 1904-5
Brunner WsP 1905
Waitotara TkP  1906
Inglewood TkP  1907   res early 1908

JUDGE, Rev Alan S.                  BCA., BTh. Cert.CC.
licensed  Island Bay 29.8.1993
Ordained  St  Timothys  Titahi Bay  WnP  16.9.1993
St Marks Hastings  HBP   11.11.1994
Maniototo Presb. Church COP Apr 1998
Moderator of Central Otago Presbytery 2003
St Davids Union Ashburton (Methodist appointment) 27 January 2004
Presbytery Executive Officer Southern Presbytery 3 February 2014
Member Southern Presbytery 6 May 2014

JUDGE, Rev Rachel Elizabeth (nee Paulin)                  B.A.(Hons),B.D.
Hall 1984-1987 — licensed 22 November 1987
Ordained Assistant, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 10 December 1987 — later Associate
St Columba, Taradale, Hawkes Bay Presbytery, 23 January 1992
Maniototo, Central Otago Presbytery, April 1998
St Davids Union Ashburton (Methodist appointment), 27 January 2004
Hinds Co-operating Parish (Local Ministry Team Resource Minister), Ashburton Presbytery, 2009
Minister (Part-time), Mornington, Dunedin, Southern Presbytery, 1 February 2014
Minister, Mosgiel North Taieri, Southern Presbytery, 1 October 2018

JUDSON, Rev Reginald Frank               B.A.
b 25.3.1911
w Margaret b 5.2.1910 m 24.3.1938
HM Maungaturoto NP  1.3.1933 to 28.3.1935
Theological Hall 1935-37
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 2.11.1937
Ord Clinton (Popotunoa ClP) 17.12.1937 - resigned 14.4.1940
Chaplain to Military Forces 1940
Wounded in Tunisia 1943
Awarded the Military Cross 1944
Clinton ClP  26.9.1944 - resigned 31.3.1945
St Andrew’s Manurewa for 18 months from late 1945 to 1947
Resigned from Ministry 12.9.1947
Papatoetoe (part time) 1948.
Worked in the builder trade
Mayor of Manurewa 1948 to 1953   
Chaired a meeting on the 3 March 1948 where 28 residents decided to form the Manurewa
Horticultural Society.
Died 1977

JULYAN, Rev James Mitchell
b 9.1.1905 New Milns; w Agnes Shields Walker b 10.4.1900 m 7.4.1931
He was one of 8 brothers, & spent the first part of his working life turning the hairdressing
salon owned by his father into a reputable business.  In WW2 he served with an Airforce
ground crew in Iceland.  In 1955 he followed his son out to NZ; at the time he was 50.  His
first year was spent doing farm work around Warkworth, & then he entered the HM service.
HM Whakapara NP 11.1956, Ord HM  24.2.1960;
raised to full status Ass 1962.
Martinborough WpP 14.2.1963
Waipu NP  10.2.1966  ret 30.4.1970
Died 29.7.1989

JUNG, Rev Chang Jik
From Presbyterian Church of Korea
Young Nak Church in Manukau  SAP  Dec 2001 

JUNG, Rev Hai Chang
Minister (part-time), Logos Church, Northern Presbytery, 2011
Other Recognised Ministry (Korean), 9 June 2013
Resigned 7 March 2016

JUPP, Very Rev George Henry
b 22.1.1878 at Christchurch, the son of a Grocer.
w Margaret Shier (a Dressmaker) b 28.7.1877 at Christchurch m 4.1.1906 d 20.5.1959
He was left an orphan at an early age; became a teacher in West Christchurch,
and from there to the Theological Hall.
Theological Hall, Dunedin1903-05
Ordained Kelso MtP  10.1.1906
Youth (Sunday School) Travelling Secretary, based Chch 3.1908 - resigned 30.12.1913
Woodlands SP 17.4.1914 - He was Convener of Committee which established PSSA Southland.
Assistant Minister Knox Church Dunedin DnP 1.3.1918 
Andersons Bay, Dunedin DnP  30.10.1919  - retired 31.12.1942
In retirement Assistant Minister to St Pauls Oamaru with responsibility for Eveline.
Moderator of The General Assembly 1940
Moderator of the Synod of Otago & Southland 1931;
Editor of “The Outlook” 1930-38 (while at Andersons Bay); Convener of Publications
Committee 1919-30; Convener of Foreign Missions Committee 1923-27; Organizer of
The Centenary Fund.
Died 13.6.1955

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