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Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

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BROWNE, Rev James
b 10.11.1906 at Ballymoney, Northern Ireland
w Margaret Rebecca  b 16.2.1914  m 20.10.1939  d.28.12.2004, in her 91st year.
He entered business and at same time served for many years as a Lay Preacher. 
He came to NZ with his family in 1952 and settled in Waverley.  In 1955 he joined the
Home Missionary service.
He was encouraged to enter the Ministry, by the Rev George Naylor, who was at that time,
the Parish Minister at Waverley Parish Church.
HM Titoki NP  Feb 1955, Ordained as Home Missionary 1958
Granity WsP 1959 - raised to full status 1962
Matata BPP 15.5.1969 - retired 30.6.1972, but continued at Matata as supply till Nov 1977;
then retired to Tauranga.
He was interested in healing ministry and established Chapter of the Order of St Luke the
Physician; served on Executive of the Order for a number of years.
‘He gave his all to his ministry and served his people with faithfulness which I am sure will be
remembered with gratitude.’(Bill Watt)
Died 15.12.1988

fr UP Scot
HM Rewa WgP 1915
Ross WsP 1917
Totara Flat WsP   1920
Whangamomona TkP 1924 - resigned 31.1.1928 & withdrew.

HM Kiwitea & Nikau WgP  1899
Foxton, Orua Bridge, Jackeytown  1902

BROWNLIE, Rev Andrew
b. 1876 at Kaihiku
Ormond College, Victoria, Australia
Ordained Strathdownie (Presb. Church of Victoria)
Eaglehawk (Vic) 1916
Rochester (Vic) 1920
Died 20 April 1923
(Is this the same A Brownlie as above?)

BRUCE, Rev David J.      M.A., D.D.(St Andrews)
b 20 June 1824 Crammond near Edinburgh
w Mary Alexander Sinclair  b(?)  m18 October 1859  d 3 December 1870
The son of David Bruce a Carpenter and Margaret nee Robertson, family moved to Aberargie,
Abernethy, Perthshire and became farmers. Educated at Parish Schools, Mr Davidson’s Classical
Academy Perth, University of Edinburgh (MA 1847), and at New College Edinburgh.
Licensed by the Presb. Of Edinburgh 1851.
Ordained by Presb. of Aberdeen 4 January 1853 – Assistant Minister.
Left in the 'Simlah' for Auckland New Zealand, arrived 8.6.1853 and at once entered upon a long and
vigorous pastorate, appointed by the Colonial Committee of the Free Church of Scotland. 
He was introduced by Rev W. Lawry, General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Mission. 
His charge included the whole of North Auckland, and was at first in the Synod of Eastern Australia. 
The Auckland Presbytery was formed in 1856; in the years up to 1862 he visited all outlying districts of Auckland.
In 1862 he was released by the Presbytery from his charge (St Andrews) to undertake Church Extension
Work over the whole of the North Island and the South Island to the Southern border of Canterbury
Province. His own charge assumed the name of St Andrews.
St Andrews Auckland Inducted 10 June 1853 – resigned active pastorate 24 January 1877
Moderator of the Northern Assembly 1866.
From July 1876 until 1881 he was appointed Church agent to maintain contact with the Scottish Churches
and to secure further Ministers for the New Zealand Church.
Founded the “New Zealand Presbyterian Magazine” in 1872; leader writer for the “New Zealand Herald”
from 1891, Editor of the “New Zealand Times”, wrote for the “New Zealand Observer”.
About 1870 he paid a visit to Britain to obtain Ministers and of seventeen new Ministers who came out in 1871-1872,
most belonged to the ‘great missionary Church’, the Free Church of Scotland; at least twelve were the outcome
of his visit. In 1877 Rev A. Carrick was inducted as colleague, and Rev Bruce was the Senior Minister
until he went to Sydney.
To Australia –
Minister Without Charge (St Leonard’s area), Presbyterian Church of New South Wales 1889
Crow’s Nest, Sydney (North St Leonard’s) 1891 (Inducted 4 February 1893) - 1911
Moderator of the Presb. Church of New South Wales 1897
Moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Australia 1903-1904  
Member of the Council of St Andrew’s College 1899-1911
Brother of Prof A.B. Bruce of the Free Church College Glasgow.
Died Killara 15 December 1911, aged 87

BRUCE, Rev Dougal H.C.
Meth Ch
Thames Union WkP  2.1980

BRUCE, Lucy Jane Hazell (Sr Hazell)     Mrs W. McNeur
b 22.4.1885 Milton;
h William, McNeur b 12.3.1881 m 13.3.1945 d 1.7.1946
PSSA Dn, Assist Grants Braes Boys Home 1915
PWTI 1816-7
Matron Clyde St Boys Home Dn 1918-22
Boys Home Ak 1922-4
Maori Miss, teacher
Matahi 1925
Ord Deac Kawerau 1.3.1932
Waimana 1934  
Kawerau 1935 - leave of absence through illness 1.12.1937,
persisted thr 1938; returned to Kawerau 2.1939;
res 31.1.1945 to be married.
Died 10.4.1976

BRUCE, Rev James
fr FC Scot as prob
North Shore Ak 1877-8
Ord Te Awamutu WkP   25.6.1879
Onehunga AP 3.3.1881
Died 20.9.1886

BRUCE, Rev G. Jean
Meth Ch
Sumner-Redcliffs Union ChP 8.2.1989  to  31.1.1995  

O’seas Worker - with Asia Pacific Christian Mission PNG 1973
Bible Coll of NZ Ak 1978
Boroka {NG 1980-4-

BRUCE, Rev M.     & Mrs
Miss - PNG
Rep 1977; after 8 yrs in PNG ret 1977

BRUCE, Rev Maxwell L.
Meth Ch
Awhitu SAP SS  2.1981
Franklin West Co-op (Waiuku SAP)  2.1985 to 1.1990

BRUERE, Rev Robert A.
Meth  Ch
Mangakino Co-op WkP  12.1981
Takapau-Norsewood Co-op HBP  2.1991

BRUERTON, Mrs D.        see         Murray, J.R.

HM Tasman NMP  4.1919
Colac Bay SP 1920   res fr HM serv for ill-health 1921;
Son of T. Bryant.

BRYANT, Rev Thomas
HM Seddonville WsP 1911
Springburn ChP 1913, Ord HM 1914
Waimumu MtP  1915
Clydevale ClP 1918
Father of  H.P. Bryant above
Died   7.1921  in office

BRYDONE, Rev Hamish Alistair Stewart      B.A.
b 10.7.1917; w Margaret Baxter b 8.12.1920 m 28.1.1942
fr UK recd 1948
Cheviot ChP 9.12.1948 res 30.11.1950 & returned to UK.

BUCHAN, Mr David     & Mrs
Miss PNG - Plantation Manager
Wanigela PNG  1978
Boroko  PNG  1982
Tin Putz  1984

BUCHANAN, Josephine Lilian Mary    (Sr Lylie)     Dip.Rel.Ed.         (Mrs D.N. Pryor)
b. 15.5.1900
h. Rev. David Nicol Pryor b. 13.3.1902 m. 15.6.1933 d. 1.12.1992  (refer seperate entry)
As the second eldest of nine childre, and due to her Mother’s poor health, she helped
bring up the rest of the children. This she did with strong commitment and a great deal
of love. A Sunday School Teacher and Bible Class leader. Went ot Duendin in 1926
and spend two years studying at a school for religious education then at  the PWTI
in Dunedin. 
Presbyterian Women’s Training Instutute (PWTI) Dunedin 1928-29
Ordained Deaconess in First Church, Dunedin 6.3.1930
Young Women’s Bible Class Travelling Secretary 1.2.1930 - resigned 6.1933 to marry.  
“This position involved a great deal of responsibility. Lylie was a good speaker;
sometimes addressing Conferences of up to 500, and she travelled alone throughout
New Zealand – train, bus and boat, encouraging Bible Class groups in their life and
After marriage to the Rev David Pryor (refer separate entry) in 1933, she lived in Leeston
before travelling to England with David in the late 1930’s . Returned to NZ during wartime.
“Lylie declared that she simply stood behind David in all that he did. Wherever they
went, they were loved. Lylie was wonderfully hospitable and that manse was open to all;
to newcomers and visitors, as well as to the church family. She always worked with
young people and kept up this interest for the whole of her life. She always contributed
to church choirs and church music.” (from Obit.)
Died at Paeroa Jan 2000, aged 99 years.

Apostolic Church
St David's Rangitaiki Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 11 June 2006

HM Ngaruawahia WkP 1901
(Do the appts following refer to the same man ? - same name.)
HM Upper Hutt WnP  1911
Frankton Junct WkP 1912

BUDD, Very Rev George
b 21.6.1872 Clyde, Central Otago.
w Isabella R. b 10.7.1873 m 20.11.1902 d 6.7.1966
Brought up at Upper Drybread in a sod hut. Attended Sunday School firstly at Matakanui
then after moving, attended both Primary School and Sunday School at Thomson’s Creek Valley.
In early youth worked a gold sluicing claim; at 19 he worked in a Grocers shop in Dunedin.
In 1895 he became a Colporteur for the Bible, Tract & Book Society;
Student Preacher at Ross  WsP 1896-97
Cheviot 1899 (summer supply)
Reefton 1900-1   
Theological Hall Dunedin 1900-02
Licensed by Clutha Presbytery 5.11.1902
Ordained Milburn ClP 13.12.1902 [one record gives date as 23.12.1902]
Feilding MnP 19.7.1905
Devonport Auckland NSP 13.9.1915
Superintendent of Home Missions 31.1.1920
Missions Superintendent (after Home missions were merged with Foreign & Maori Missions) 1935
Retired 31.12.1938
Moderator of the General Assembly 1930;  interested in YMCA; Convener of the Maori
Missions Committee 1909-14 & 1919; Convener Life and Work Committee 1916-9; Clerk
of Auckland Presbytery from 1.6.1939
Brother-in-law of R. Stewart, A. Stevenson; Uncle of  J.A. Thomson.
Died 31.10.1952

born and brought up in Tasmania and mainland Australia, sought to become a minister age 18 years when it was not an option
Teacher and housewife in USA, 1956; adopted town, Tuscan (Tucson?) Arizona
Elder in a Missouri parish; trained for ministry at St Louis seminary
Ordained, November 1979, aged 54
Minister (12 months stated supply), St Andrew's Presbyterian Parish, Hunterville, 20 October 1996

BUICK, Mr Paul
Lay supply, St Paul's Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, ended 28 February 2022

HM Puriri St & Spreydon Chch 1914
Waikato East 1915
Huntly WkP 1917
Orepuki SP 1918 res fr HM serv 1921

BURGE, Eleanor 'Ellie'
Chaplain and Religious Studies Teacher, Iona College, Havelock North, March 2012

BURGESS, Rev Gladys Ethel (nee Jopson)
husband Noel Kenn Burgess, Burgess born 10 March 1938 married 1 June 1957 died 2005
postie and sorter
Theological Hall 1980-1982
Ordained  Southbridge-Dunsandel Christchurch Presbytery 9 December 1982
Christchurch North, Christchurch Presbytery, 14 August 1986 — retired 14 September 1992
Counsellor, Christchurch — retired  28 February 1993
Minister Emerita, Christchurch Presbytery, 1 March 1993

HM Utiku WgP 1909

BURGESS, Rev Dr (Sr) Nancy (Nan) Jean      M.A., PhD.
b 3.11.1930
Born and grew up in rural Waikato.
Attended Hamilton Technical College where she excelled academically and at sport.
Trained as a Primary School Teacher at the Auckland Teachers' College while studying English concurrently
at University. Taught at Primary schools ion London and Middlesex during a two year OE. It was during this
time that Nan realised traditional teaching methods were condemning some children to a life of illiteracy.
Upon her return taught for two years at Hamilton Technical College, also organising the College sports programme.
Belonging once again to the First Church Hamilton Bible Class, nan became aware of the need to deepen her
spiritual understanding sp applied and was accepted for training as a Deaconess.
Deaconess College, Dunedin1956-58
Nan's years at teh deaconess College were especially challenging and stimulating as she was permitted to do the
non-language Theological Hall Course alongside the trainee ministers.
Ordained Deaconess Knox Church Christchurch 29.1.1959 - resigned 12.2.1965 to Otago University for further study
to complete her M.A. During this time she lived at the Deaconess College, becoming its gardener in lieu of board.
Principal St Orans College Lower Hutt 19.2.1969
"Nan remained there for thirteen and a half years of wise and mind-opening leadership which shaped the lives of
all who came under her care. She delighted in encouraging the girls' to explore the unfamiliar and organised
many educational and sporting trips, including taking senior girls to different parts of Australia."
Ordained [Minister] Principal St Orans College Lower Hutt 7.11.1972 - resigned 7.5.1982
Lecturer Pastoral Studies Hall Dunedin (half-time)  24.2.1983 - concurrent with :
Parish Development and Mission Field Education Co-ordinator Dunedin (half-time) 
Full time Lecturer at Theological Hall from 1984 until a new Professir appointed, after which she assumed
responsibility for the organisation of fieldwork for the students along with her lecturing.
Acting Principal Theological Hall Dunedin (temp in addition to above) 1989,  2 years.
During her 13 years at the Theological Hall Nan was acting Principal on three occasions, enjoyed study leave in
Israel, became the facilitator of the Dominican Community at Tecshmakers, and completed her Ph.D.
Minister Emeritus Jan 1996
After retirement Nan became fully involved in the life of the Otaki-Waikanae Presbyterian Church and her local
community. Her interest in the APW saw her involved at parish, Presbyterial and national levels, serving on the
Nnational Executive for 3 years as Programme, Prayer and study Convener.
She also gathered together wpmen's faith stories, and acted as editor for the publication of three volumes of "A
Braided River of Faith", editing a fourth volume at the time of her death.
Represented New Zealand at Diakonia Conference s in Germany and the Phillippines.
"Nan's many skills saw her much in demand as a supply Preacher, Interim Minister, leader of workshops, inspirational
speaker, and as a facilitator for groups of parishes needing to find new ways of remaining relevant, where her ability
to 'think outside the square' proved invaluable."
"Nan pursued further studies in her retirement and was an active meber of the APW. Nan's commitment to the
mission and ministry of the Church was unceasing. Nan was consistent in her practical, compassionate and robust
commitment to pastoral care, especially to those alone or in need."
Died 18th Feb 2010 at home in Waikanae after a period of ill health.

BURGIN, Rev Christopher Thomas (Chris)            Dip.Ag.,B.S.W.,B.D.
born 7 December 1949 and grew up on a farm at Swannanoa northwest of Christchurch
Diploma of Agriculture at Lincoln University; Volunteer Service Abroad to Isadore Development Farm, South Korea, run by a Catholic Mission Order; Christchurch City Mission 1978; Bachelor of Social Work, Massey University; social work, Family Care, Timaru 1985;
wife Christine married 17 May 1980
Theological Hall 1988-1990
Ordained Hinds Co-operative, Ashburton Presbytery, Stated Supply, 8 September 1991 — term completed 31 December 1992
Inglewood Union (Methodist  Appointment), 14 March 1993
Inglewood United Church, Taranaki Presbytery (stated supply), 1 April 2003 (4 month term only)
Popotunoa Presbyterian Church, Clinton, Clutha Presbytery, 2004
Moderator, Synod of Otago and Southland
Minister Emeritus, Southern Presbytery, 15 February 2015; settled in North East Valley, Dunedin
died Sunday 2 August 2020 at Otago Community Hospice due to cancer, aged 70

BURLEY, Rev Samuel (Sam) W.
b 11.1.1921 Gisborne;
w (1) Mary Winifred Mavis b 31.1.1923 m 24.8.1946 (div)
w (2) Edna May b 16.8.1918 m 15.11.1974
Gisborne Boys High and Wellington Teachers College
School teacher, lay preacher and member of session at Waikaremoana, Waitanguru, Mokauiti and Weber.
Deputy principal at Eltham.
Served with the Royal Navy during World War Two
theological Hall Dunedin 1957-58 (special course); filled vacant parish at Omakau
Ord Richmond NMP 3.12.1958 - A "New LIfe" Parish, he was their first Minister.
Otara-East Tamaki SAP 20.2.1964 - A "New Life" Parish, again being their first Minister.
"Man on the spot" for Samaritan Lifeline while at Otara.
Taumarunui WkP 4.12.1969
St Pauls Devonport NSP 25.2.1981 - retired 30.6.1986 to Forrest Hill on North Shore
Moderator of Nelson-Marlborough Presbytery 1963
Convener of the North Shore Presbytery Parish Development and Mission Committee.
Served on various General Assembly Committees : Finance 1959-64, 1964-67; Ecumenical Affairs
1965-67; Special Committee on Divorce 1976-76; ITIM Chaplain to New Zealand Railways 1977-81;
and Parish Development and Mission 1983-84.
"Sam's Ministry in St Paul's has been marked by the excellence of his preaching which was very
much appreciated by his parishioners. Sam and his wife Edna worked very much as a team and in
times of trouble or bereavement the care they gave, the services Sam conducted, and for which Edna
played for, have sustained many families.
With his involvement in local community organisations Sam's presence has been clearly seen as a
Christian witness" (from Minute of Appreciation)
Died 17 November 2011 at North Shore, Auckland

BURNET, Rev John Leslie       B.A.
wife Margaret Armstrong Osborne married 27 January 1962
Theological Hall 1962-1964
Ordained Apiti Manawatu Presbytery 15 December 1964
Paterangi 1 October 1970 — resigned 30 November 1978
Father Christmas, Chartwell Shopping Centre Hamilton, December 1978
Ecumenical Hospital Chaplain Napier 1 January 1979 inducted 11 February 1979 — retired  31 December 1993 and moved to Hamilton 

BURNETT, Rev Harold Beaumont
b 24.5.1903 at Auckland
w Annie (Ann) Stewart  b 26.10.1903 m 24.10.1934 d 3.4.1967
Theological Hall, Dunedin 1932-34
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 16.10.1934
Ord Patea TkP 20.11.1934
Otautau SP  1.9.1938
Chaplain during World War Two from 1941 for 4 years (on leave from charge)
St Giles Kilbirnie Wellington WnP  8.4.1948
Greerton BPP 25.9.1958 - retired 21.1.1968 due to failing eyesight and death of wife - desolation.
New Life Movement, travelled speaking at the outset of the Movement.
Grandson of  H.B. Burnett below; Son-in-law of R. Stewart
Died 8.3.1985, aged 81

BURNETT, Rev Henry Brown
b. 1836  near Magherafelt, County Londonderry, Ireland
w  Annie nee McKee  b.(?)  m. 1866  d.15.8.1908
The eldest of the family, he grew up on the family farm in Northern Ireland.  His father
died when he was 13 and for the next 10 years the management of the farm fell mostly
upon his shoulders. After being converted in the revival of 1859, he felt the Call to the
Ministry, but he had no prospect of finding the funds required. So he came out to the
goldfields of Aust & NZ. He worked firstly in Victoria in Australia , then to Otago and
the West Coast of New Zealand, making enough money in the goldfields to carry himself
and a younger brother (Rev Lawson Burnett)  through Queens College, Belfast. He then
went to the USA. Married Annie McKee in Philadelphia, and they returned to Belfast,
(Annie was born in Londonderry) for his studies at Queen’s College. Just before he was
to sit for his degree he was taken ill with typhoid fever, and after his recovery, he decided
not to wait another year, but at once offered himself to the Irish Presbyterian Church for
work in New Zealand 
Sailed for Lyttelton on the 'Alhambra', arriving with his wife and 3 children (one born on
the voyage) on 14.3.1874.
Ordained 1874
Amuri (supply?) 1874
Inducted Ashburton 15.9.1875 – resigned March 1879
His preaching stations included Tinwald, Wakanui, Rakaia, and Methven. He used to ford
the Ashburton, Rangitata and Rakaia Rivers on horseback. The asthma and rheumatism from
which Mr Burnett suffered in the later years of his life he attributed to the frequent wettings
he received during his long travels in all kinds of weather and in fording the many river and
streams in the Ashburton Parish. He was frequently away from home nursing sick people.
He led the singing in Church, held three services every Sunday in various Preaching Stations
and insisted that his Parishioners be punctual. Both in his time, and that of his successor, the
Minister’s stipend was frequently 6 to 12 months in arrears, and this contributed to his
decision to resign from the charge.
“Highly esteemed by his flock, a good Preacher, and a true pioneer of the Church”
(From Ashburton Parish History, 1924).
Halkett ChP 23.3.1880
Westport WsP 21.2.1887 – fell into ill-health in 1890 and retired 1891. His resignation was
accepted with much regret.
Moderator of the General Assembly of the (Northern) Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 1890
Sailed to England on the “Euterpe” in 1892, returning to NZ circa 1893   
Khandallah (also Wadestown & Kilbirnie)  WNP 1893 to 1898.
Rev Burnett’s services were offered to Khandallah by Wellington Presbytery in 1893
initially for 6 months provided that the Parish paid £1 per week towards his stipend.
However by 1898 their financial position became precarious so Rev Burnett resigned. 
Retired in Wellington and his name is recorded there until 1910.
Died  15.4.1912  Auckland 
Grandfather of Rev H.B. Burnett 

****Please Note****:
Both ourselves and the San Diego Maritime Museum would very much like to hear from
anyone who holds or knows of the existence of any original photographs of the Rev Burnett.
Any further biographical information would also be appreciated. We do hold a transcript of
parts of a diary of his voyage to England on the ‘Euterpe’ (now preserved at San Diego) in 1892.

BURNETT, Mr Kenneth George
Limestone Plains SP temp supply 1982-83

BURNS, Mrs Clementina   (neé Grant)
born 5 October 1803
wed Rev Thomas Burns, b 10.4.1796,  m 1830 (?),  d 23.1.1871
“Mrs Burns was the daughter of the late Rev. James Francis Grant, at one time Minister
of Broughton Place Episcopal Chapel Edinburgh, in which City she was born. Her early
years were spent, however, in the Rectory of  South of England Parish, from which, at
the age of 22, she passed to a Scottish manse, to take charge of the establishment of her
Uncle, the Rev. John Steel of Otterstone, Minister of Monkton, Ayrshire.
There she became acquainted with Dr Thomas Burns, who was then Minister of Ballantrae,
in the South of Scotland. On the death of Mr Otterstone, Mr Burns was presented to the
living of Monkton, where he was married, where all the members of their family were born
with the exception of the two younger daughters.
Dr Burns took part in the movement that resulted in the Disruption of the Church of
Scotland in 1843. As characteristic of Mrs Burns’s sympathy with that movement, Dr Burns
was  wont to tell, with no little pride, how certain his wife felt that Disruption would take
place on the meeting of the General Assembly in May of that year, how on his parting to
attend that famous meeting, she immediately set to work to have all things in readiness for
removal from the manse on his return. In this she displayed the spirit that fitted her so
admirably for encountering the difficulties which were met by the first settlers of Otago, of
whom she was one.
Mrs Burns was never much one before the public : she confined herself chiefly to the care
of her home and family. Numerous, however, were her deeds of charity, performed on the
principle of the right hand not knowing what the left hand did. One public institution owes
its origins to her efforts, and in which she continued her close interest to the close of her life.
We refer to the Stafford Street Free School, where she was a frequent visitor, and the care
of which was on her mind in her dying hour. On her return from Britain, where she had gone
on the death of her husband to recruit her health, the children of that school presented her
with a handsome antimaccasar which they wrought themselves for this purpose in anticipation
of her return. She was laid beside her venerable husband on the 22nd ult., in the Southern           
Cemetary, in the presence of many friends and neighbours. The conviction was universal that
She had nobly done her part as wife and companion of the First Minister of Otago.” (From Obit)
Died Dunedin 22 July 1878

BURNS, Rev. James M.A.
Held temporary charge of the new congregation at Welwyn Garden City Free Church,
Hertfordshire England 1927-1929.
Came to New Zealand in 1929 to relieve the Rev Tulloch Yuille while on leave in Scotland.
Left for NZ on 23 Jan 1929
Knox Church Dunedin DnP 1929 (9 month term)
No further mention.

BURNS, Sr Leila
Assoc member of Order of Deacs
Cong Deac at St Davids Upper Hutt WnP  1.1951

Ang Ch
Turangi Co-op BPP   1979

BURNS, Rev Robert Neville (Neville)     B.A.
born 28 September 1938
wife Thelma Dinah Glass married 28 August 1965
Furniture manufacturer and cabinet maker
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, 1965, University of Canterbury
Hall 1966-1968
Ordained Wyndham, Mataura Presbytery 13 February 1969
Palmerston, North Otago Presbytery 23 June 1977
Woodlands, Southland Presbytery 15 August 1982
St Andrews, Invercargill 13 September 1987
Minister Emeritus, Southland Presbytery, 31 August 2003
Transferred to Christchurch Presbytery 1 November 2007
died August 2023 at Nurse Maude Hospital Christchurch

BURNS, Rev Dr Thomas      D.D. (Edin)
b 10 April 1796 Mossgiel, Ayrshire Scotland;
w Clementina nee Grant, daughter of Rev James Francis Grant, Rector of Merston,
Sussex, & Canon of Chichester Cathedral, b - m 1830 (?)  d 1878 (Refer separate entry)
He was the son of Gilbert Burns, and nephew of Robert Burns the poet (who was brother
of Gilbert). He entered the Edinburgh University in 1812 to study for ministry under the
Church of Scotland; while there he was tutor in the family of Sir John Dalrymple in
Llicensed by the Presbytery of Haddington (Church of Scotland) in 1823
Received from Sir John the presentation of the Parish of Ballantrae, where he was
ordained in 1826, serving there for 4 years.
Served at Monckton in Ayrshire from 1830;  he was still at Monckton when the Disruption
occurred in 1843, and he was one of those who ‘came out’.
He sacrifriced his salary of £400 and threw in his lot with the Free Church of Scotland.
As a minister of the Free Church his people adhered to him and his principles. He was
still at Monckton as Minister of the Free Church for two more years; he established Free
Churches in various parishes where the Minister had remained in the Church of Scotland,
and many members ‘came out’.
In 1843 he became interested in the scheme to establish a Free Church settlement in Otago
New Zealand. This scheme was adopted by the Free Church General Assembly, and six
months later he accepted the post of Minister to the settlers going to ‘New Edinburgh’. 
The scheme was temporarily suspended, but Burns advocated it widely. In 1846 he
accepted the charge of Portobello (Edinburgh) as he could not afford to be without salary
any longer. He was in Portobello for 18 months, and then sailed in the ‘Philip Laing’ for
Otago on 27.11.1847, with James Blackie, the first teacher for the new settlement, and
over 200 passengers.
They arrived at Dunedin on Sat 15.4.1848 and Rev Burns held the first service the next day
in wooden barracks occupied by passengers from the ‘John Wycliffe’ which had arrived
shortly before.  The First Church was opened on 3.9.1848; the first Communion on 14.1.1849
with the Fast Day services the preceding Thursday.  After the arrival of the Rev William
Bannerman and the Rev William Will the first Presbytery of Otago was inaugurated on
27.6.1854 with Rev Burns as Moderator. For the 6 years before Bannerman and Will arrived,
Rev Burns alone had travelled through Otago wherever Presbyterians were to be found to
minister to them. Where Church and state were so close, a Minister was constantly called
on to settle social, economic, and even sometimes political issues.
His labours and success in his ministry were marked by the award of an Honorary Doctotrate of
Divinity from Edininburg University conferred upon him on 2 Nov 1860, one of the first to
be conferred on a Free Church Minister.
When Otago University was established in 1869, he was elected to be its first Chancellor
on 10.11.1869, but he did not live to see the inaugural ceremony. He was present at the laying
of the foundation stone of the present First Church in Moray Place but died before the church
was opened.  A memorial to him was placed in the front porch of the Church.
‘And there was genuine sorrow in the land.’
Died 23.1.1871 and interred in the Southern Cemetery, Dunedin.

BURRIDGE, Rev H.W.              M.A.,B.D.
b 28.6.1876
w Ruth b 31.12.1876 m 19.9.1906 d 26.12.1952
Ordained 1906 at West Perth, Australia.
Ind St Pauls Invercargill   SP  31.8.1911
Chaplain New Zealand Expeditionary Forces 1915-18 - resigned 31.12.1919 and went to Australia.
St John’s, Essendon (Presb. Church of Victoria) 1921
Died 26.12.1922

Meth Ch
Milsom Combined Palmerston Nth  2.1981

BURROWS, Rev James T.
b 28.5.1861 Chch; w Isabella A. b 18.11.1865 m 14.3.1893
d 10.9.1950
Recd fr Meth Ch, where trained, by OSyn on1.11.1900 
Ord 1892
Ind Dipton SP 23.1.1901
Wallacetown SP 20.7.1904
Westport WsP 25.7.1911
Frankton Junct WkP 8.3.1917  ret 31.7.1922  - went to residein Melville Hamilton;
he held services & BC in his own house; in short time a Ch was erected.  He was also Hosp
Chap (Pres) at Waikato Hosp.   Clerk WkP 1920-8.
After illness of several mths died. 
Died 25.3.1949

HM Glen Murray 1904; station unoccupied for some mths in consequence of the almost
impassable state of roads.      As  a young man desiring to devote himself to HM service,
he had gone to start services there. (Ass Rep 1906)
Te  Aroha  1905-6  -  It was hoped a Min would soon be appt on account of the growth of
parish life (Ass Rep 1906)

BURT, Rev Douglas (Doug) Howard
born Nelson, 1926
Methodist Church, entered ministry 1949
Te Aroha Co-operative, Waikato Presbytery, May 1978
Instrumental in merging the Methodist and Presbyterian congregations to form a cooperating parish; industrial chaplain, Waitoa dairy factory
Attended 30th anniversary, St David's Cooperating Parish, Te Aroha, May 2008
died 25 January 2010

BURTON, Mr Alfred H.
Tutor in Voice Production for senior studs in Hall 1906-13

BURTON, Rev Restall A.
Meth Ch
Dinsdale Co-op Hamilton  3.1984

BURTON, Rev  Thomas Herbert        B.A.
b 15.3.1895 Inglewood;
w (1) Elsie Maude b 5.12.1898 m 9.3.1927 d 11.3.1934 
w (2) Olga Pauline Meyer  b  20.2.1914  m 18.5.1938 d 1.1977
University & training for Methodist Ministry
Licensed by Auckland Presbytery 14.12.1926
Received by the PCNZ 1927
Ord Kaurihohore NP 9.2.1927
Otorohanga WkP 7.8.1930
Marton WgP 6.4.1937
Whangarei NP 15.10.1941 - retired 9.2.1968
Died 23.6.1979 at home Mt Albert, aged 84

BUSH, Rev Ernest Frederick
b 21.4.1883, NZ
w Emilie Ruth b 7.12.1889 m 1.1.1909 d 24.11.1982
A Printer by trade, he took some Theological studies and qualified as a
Local Preacher. Took the Home Missionary course.
HM Gladstone, Dunedin DnP 6.9.1931
Granity WsP 1936; Ord HM 23.3.1936
Manawatu South (Shannon MnP) 1940
Point Chevalier AP 1946
Whakapara 1950
Taupo BPP 1954 - retired 29.2.1956
Died 18.11.1964

BUSH, Rev Dr. Joseph E.              B.A., M Div., M Phil, PHD (Drew)
Ordained 1 January 1998 (beginning date with Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand)
From the United Methodist Church of the USA.
wife Elizabeth (Betsy) Ward B.A., M.Sc. married 26 May 1979
Lecturer in Ministry of the People of God in Church and Society at the School of Ministry, Knox College, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 22 February 1998 to 30 June 2002
Resigned and returned to USA July 2002
United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA

HM Aria WkP 1919-20 (a portion of the previous Huntly parish, which was cut off to
make a new station.)
res 1921 fr HM serv, when Wilson app to Aria.

BUTLER, Rev Joseph W.
HM Huntly 1911
Morrinsville WkP 1912
Normanby TkP 1914, Ord HM 1914 res 1916 to NZEF.

BUTLER, Rev Noel Angus      B.A.
born 13 December 1940
wife: Rosemary Winifred McKenzie married 13 January 1968
Grew up in Southland, educated at Gore, involved at St Andrew's Gore; worked as a farmhand, then for Wright Stephenson & Co Ltd 1956–1962, call to ministry 1960
The Bible Training Institute of N.Z., 1962 - 1963
Otago University 1964 – 1967 Graduating in B.A. in History and Philosophy
Theological Hall 1968-1970 Secretary and President of the Theological Hall Students Union and member of the Theologs Rugby Team
Ordained Assistant Minister to Lewis Wilson "laugh with your people", Mosgiel-North Taieri, Dunedin Presbytery, 26 November 1970
Lawrence-Waitahuna, Clutha Presbytery, 18 October 1973: four preaching places, two MPs on Session, challenged by Charismatic Renewal
Moderator of Clutha Presbytery, 1977
Richmond Grove, Invercargill, 7 September 1978: to help bring together a congregation divided by the Charisma Renewal Momement, Chaplain, Southland Boys Brigade Battalion
Exchange Minister to the Peru Community Church Peru, New York, USA (1 year), 1981-1982
Moderator of Southland Presbytery 1986
Trinity, Nelson, 20 May 1987: to help unite a divided congregation by social conflict
Moderator of Nelson Marlborough Presbytery, 1994
Exchange Minister to the Lompoc Presbyterian Church, California, USA near the Vandenberg Airforce Base (3 Months) 1994
Several tours to England and Scotland
Appointed to Interim Parish of Dunedin South (Musselburgh, Tainui and St James), Dunedin Presbytery for a 4 year term from 11 May 1995
Dunedin South (as a formally constituted parish), Dunedin Presbytery, 1999
Moderator, Dunedin Presbytery, 2004
Minister Emeritus, 16 Dec 2005
Moved to Christchurch, member, St Margaret's Bishopdale June 2006
Waverley, Invercargill Stated Supply (3 months) 2006 — parish joined with Windsor
Halkett (Transitional Minister), Christchurch Presbytery, 2007-2009 — West Melton - Halkett joined to Hope continued to flourish, Kirwee later closed
Columba, Oamaru Stated Supply 3 months June to August 2009 — linked to Weston
Resident in Russley Retirement Village, Christchurch
died 10 August 2021 at home in Christchurch

BUTLER, Rev Thomas George
b 17.5.1880 Aust; w Lydia Charlotte b 16.10.1878 m 5.3.1908 d 5.2.1972
Studied at Queens Coll Melb, & entered Cong min; after occupying several pastorates in
Aust & NZ recd into PCNZ 1916.
Ind Patearoa-Waipiata COP  20.2.1917
Southbridge ChP  5.9.1918 res 31.12.1926 thr failing health.
Able at intervals to accept various temp appointments
St Martins Chch 1931-2; during last 2 yrs of life did valuable work at new cong of St
For many yrs fought gallantly against ill-health.
Died 17.9.1933 Chch, aged 53

b 14.9.1867 Rochdale Lancashire England.
w Elizabeth b 25.9.1874 m 28.9.1897 d 6.6.1961
Trained at Manchester College for Congregational Ministers - Ord 1894;
served 15 years in the Congregational Church England.
Received into the Presb. Church of NZ by 1913 General Assembly.
Ind Tuakau SAP 24.3.1914
Helensville AP  10.10.1918
Whakatane BPP 23.5.1922
Te Awamutu WkP  10.9.1925
Taneatua BPP 11.11.1930 - retired 31.3.1933
Henderson (supply)  1.4.1936 to 15.6.1937
Died 15.9.1938

BYCROFT, Rev Alan Christopher
wife Marjorie Eleanor Steen born 28 March 1926 married 29 June 1957 died 2001
Congregational Church — Ordained 2 May 1957; received with Congregational Church at Assembly 1969
Associate, Papatoetoe South Auckland Presbytery, 1968
Associate, St Andrews-Trinity Whangarei (Tikipunga) Northland Presbytery 14 August 1975
Knox New Plymouth 19 February 1987 — retired  31 July 1990

BYCROFT, Rev Leslie F.
Meth Ch
Taupo Union BPP  2.1979

BYERS, Rev Ralph       M.A.
born 11 September 1906, Timaru; wife Hilda Irene born 30 June 1910 married 28 December 1936
Attended Timaru Boys High School and Otago University
A talented sportsman, winning an Otago University Blue
Theological Hall, Knox College, 1929-1930 and 1932; to Westminster College, Cambridge.
Travelled with H.S.Scott in Europe and subsequently published On the Road.
Ordained Carterton, Wairarapa Presbytery, 6 September 1934
Clerk, Wairarapa Presbytery
St Albans, Christchurch, 24 May 1939, during World War II
St Andrews, New Plymouth, 2 August 1945
Caversham, Dunedin Presbytery, 14 July 1955
Administration Secretary and Student Adviser, Theological Hall, Dunedin, 27 February 1964, after Dr J. D. Salmond
resigned 31 January 1972 but continued part-time.   Retired 31 January 1974.
After retirement helped in Hall Library, and Secretary at Knox Church, Dunedin.
A great love of gardening, he landscaped and maintained the Opoho Church gardens.
Left Dunedin to live in Rangiora, 1984-1985
Died 9 January 1986, at Rangiora, suddenly, aged 79
Although of a quiet nature, he was known as a superb after-dinner speaker with a great fund of stories and a ready wit.

BYRT, Miss A. (or L.)
Maori Miss - Whakaki Assist 1931    

BYRT, Rev Michael Joseph
b. 5.10.1875, Victoria, Australia.
w.(?)  b.(?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
Previously known in Taranaki as a lay preacher and active Church worker.
Took part of HM course and trained as a Salvation Army Officer, serving in
South Australia for 4 years. Formerly a Store Assistant.
HM Pio Pio WkP Apr 1919, Ord HM 1920
Whakapara NP  1923
Mangapai NP  1928
Taumarunui WkP 1932
Died 6.8.1936 at Taumarunui in office

HM - accepted 1929, awaiting station, res 1931 ill-health

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