Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Church

Ministers, Deaconesses & Missionaries from 1840

Thompson to Todd

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THOMPSON, Rev Alexander Thomas  (Alex)          O.B.E.,B.A., M.A.,B.D.(Yale & Melb)
b 25.9.1876 at Invercargill
w. (?) m. (?) d. (?) (Rev Thompson pre-deceased her)
Educated at the Invercargill Grammar School & Southland Boys' High School. Matriculated 1896.
Otago University (Arts Course), graduating BA in 1899
Holder of a Knox Church Scholarship
Theological Hall Dunedin 1901-02 – Spent final year studying at Yale University, graduating B.A. with
honours. Downes Prizeman in 1903. Then graduated M.A. (equivalent 2nd class honours in Philosophy),
Melbourne College of Divinity, graduated B.D.
Licensed by Southland Presbytery Nov 1903
Ordained Thames WkP 24.2.1904 (another record gives Ind. Date as 25.2.1904)
Instrumental in enlarging the new Church, installing a pipe organ, establishing the Lansdowne Parish, and
having Wairarapa Presbytery seperated from Wellington Presbytery, being elected first Clerk of Presbytery.
Initiated the founding of Solway Girls College at Masterton.
Knox Church, Masterton WpP  8.1906
Attended the Edinburgh Missionary Conference in 1910 as representative of the Presbyterian Church of
New Zealand. President of the Masterton YMCA for several years.
St Andrews, Christchurch  ChP  22.4.1915 
Founded St Andrew's College, Christchurch. Chairman for the New Zealand University Christian Union.
Secretary for the British & Foreign Bible Society Wellington 19.7.1918 to 1924.
Secured the publication of a revised edition of the Maori Bible and addressed the annual meeting of the
Society in London in 1925.
Appointed Commonwealth Secretary to take charge of the British & Foreign Bible Society's work in
Australia 1925 - Retired 1937
Received by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Australia 1926
Addressed the annual meeting of the Society in London in 1934; established Colportage in Fiji in 1936.
Author of "Tyndale and the English Bible" (1924) and "Her Finest Hour and Other Poems" (1940).
"Always interested in missions.... He greatly stimulated missionary enterprises in his various parishes,
and was responsible for a scheme for supporting a missionary in the field by the combined parishes of
the Wairarapa, as well as supporting the general missionary work of the Church as a whole. Later Mr
Thompson was instrumental in setting up a missionary conference in both New Zealand and Australia."
[from Memorial Minute]
Brother of Rev L. Thompson
Died 11.3.1956, aged 79 years.

THOMPSON, Rev Cherry Scott                B.Sc., B.Theol.
Theological Hall, Dunedin,1972-1974
Ordained Assistant Minister, Napier West, 30 November 1975 — resigned 31 December 1978
She went overseas in 1981 and withdrew.
Minister within the Bounds, Wellington Presbytery,  August 2001
Appointed Assistant Minister, 6 month term, Central Southland Parish, Southland Presbytery, April 2009
Retired, 31 January 2016
Minister Emerita, Southern Presbytery, 15 February 2016
Minister Emerita, Northern Presbytery, 1 October 2018

b 10.11.1878 Canterbury
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute, Dunedin 1913-14
Ordained Deaconess 1914
St Andrews Dunedin  DnP 1915-16 - during Sr Christabel's absence.
St Pauls Napier (relieving) HBP  1917-18
First Church Dunedin  DnP  1919 - retired 29.2.1940;   returned to
First Church Dunedin  DnP  1947 to  28.2.1949  
Died 21.11.1961,  aged 83

Maori Miss
Office Assist Maori  Synod Whakatane  15.7.1957

THOMPSON, Rev Fred Arthur
born 29 November 1883 Canterbury, to John Blair Thompson, shipwright, and Ann (Annie) Watson nee McQuire
wife Esther May Thompson born 8 February 1884 married 1 March 1911 died May 1949
He worked on the land in his early years; employed as a riveter when enlisted; served in the Boer War (Ninth Contingent 1902 to 1904); remained with New Zealand Permanent Force 1904 to 1906
Missioner, Edendale 1906 to 1907; Richmond Ave (Auckland II) 1907 to late 1908; Supply Webb Street (Wellington II) end of 1908 to 1909; probationer, Porirua (Wellington II) 1909 to 1910 (supply), all Primitive Methodist Church
Ordained in the by the Primitive Methodist Church Conference, 1911
Waihi Primitive Methodist Church 1911 to 1912; resigned from ministery 1912
Received by the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand 27 November 1916 [one record gives date as 12 December 1916]
Home Missionary St Peters Auckland, Auckland Presbytery 1915 — inducted 18 January 1917
Te Awamutu, Waikato Presbytery 17 June 1920 — resigned 2 September 1924
Avondale, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery 21 January 1925
Northcote, North Shore Presbytery, 7 February 1929 — resigned 30 April 1935
Chaplain, East Coast Public Works Department Camps (at Kopuawhara) Hawkes Bay Presbytery 1 March 1937 — resigned 31 May 1938
Secretary to the Mission to Lepers Auckland 7 October 1940 — retired 31 December 1949
Died 13 June 1957 at Tauranga.

THOMPSON, Rev George
A printer who worked at his trade for nearly 60 yrs, over 50 yrs with 'Dominion' Wn.
He was active in Kelburn Ch for over 50 yrs, elder & Sun Sch Supt.
HM Huntly WkP  1919,  Ord HM 1920, res 1923 & went back to his trade.  He
returned to live in Huntly in 1959.
Died 9.4.1970, aged 83

HM Ngaruawahia WkP  1918, Ord HM 1920
Norsewood HBP   1920  res fr HM serv 1922

HM Kumara WsP  1901  (name spelt without p in one of 1901 references – the
only time; which spelling is correct?)

Maori Miss
Stewart Is SP  1898 to 12.1902
He was a schoolmaster at the Neck, Stewart Is,& successor to von Tunzelman
who provided services for the islanders & incidentally for the Maoris as well.
He was transferred to a school elsewhere in 1903.
Rep 1902: he has worked here with the Maoris for the last 4 yrs.  He reports that
the Maoris are diminishing here, & if they continue to move from the island at
the present rate Maoris will disappear from the area.

THOMPSON, Rev Laurence                      M.A.
b. 9 November 1868 at Delting, Shetland Isles, Scotland. His birth certificate spells family name as
"Thomason", spelling believed to have been changed to "Thompson" after immigrating to New Zealand.
w Marion Beatrice Thomson b 22 Nov 1877, m 26 Jan 1909 at 80 Dowling Street Dunedin, d 12 June 1964.
Theological Hall Dunedin 1900-02
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin 1902
Ord North Taieri DnP  10 March 1903 - Called to carterton Oct 1907
"He began a cultured scholarly ministry, sadly enough limited by ill-health to five years. He was an
impressive figure of a man, tall, dark and athletic, fond of music, and of human society. Young people
held Mr Thompson in high esteem because of his skill and readiness in sporting activities. Among
other things he could demonstrate real ability in 'putting the stane' [Rev] Thompson was not a
horseman and he visited throughout the parish on foot. He gave great assistance to the choir [and]
conducted weekly Bible studies in the North Taieri School."
Carterton WpP 1907 - suffered considerable ill-health from the end of 1914 (heart attack). His work
was carried on by other Ministers in the Presbytery assisted by laymen.
Resiged 23.9.1915 due to ill-health. Suffered a degree of continuing ill-health thereafter.
Mrs Thompson established a branch of the PWMU at Gladstone 29th July 1913
"The church was fortunate in obtaining their services at Solway College."
Island Bay, Wellington WnP (Supply) - He soon endeared himself to the congregation with the result
that he was inducted to the charge.
Ind. Island Bay, Wellington WnP 11.3.1926 (one record states 7.3.1926) - Unfortunately his health was
never equal to the task and he was compelled to resign 30.6.1927
Mrs Marion Thompson, his wife, was the first Principal of Solway Girls College at Masterton 1916 — retired 1942.
"His life was a struggle with pain and weakness, and through the long weary years he carried himself
bravely as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. His love for the work led him to carry out irregular supply in
various charges.... He is remembered for his kindly courtesy, genial nature, and genuine piety, which
have endeared him to all." [From Memorial Minute].
Their four year old son was tragically drowned in 1916.
Brother of Rev Alex Thompson.
Died  1.3.1929

THOMPSON, Mrs Marion Beatrice (née Thomson)                  M.A.(Hons)            
b. 22 Nov 1877 at Dunedin
h. Rev Laurence Thompson m. 26.1.1909 d. 1.3.1929
Studied at Otago University, graduating MA with Honours in Mental Science, 1894.
Undertook Teachers training at Dunedin Training College
Taught at Dunedin, Oamaru & Auckland bbefore marrying the Rev Thompson in 1909.
First Principal of Solway Girls College, Masterton 1916. Increasing blindness
necessitated her retirement in 1942.
Died 12 June 1964

THOMPSON, Miss Milly
Maori Miss
Assist at Matahi  Miss School  13.2.1943

THOMPSON, Mr Robert Martin
w Ann Margaret b - m -
Hall 1987-90,  lic St Pauls  Feilding 20.12.1990

THOMPSON, Rev  Ross Cameron                  BTh.
w Lorraine  m 10.2.1961
Theological Hall 1965-67
Ordained Wallacetown SP 14.3.1968
Owaka ClP 6.2.1975
St Andrews Manurewa SAP  31.1.1980
Minister Emeritus  SAP  July 2001
Resigned from the PCANZ  21 Mar 2003

THOMPSON, Mr Robert Martin
w Ann Margaret b - m -
lic St Pauls Feilding 20.12.1990

THOMPSON, Mr Tom                   J.P.
Meth lay supply Manaia Union TkP  2.1990

THOMPSON, Rev William                  M.A.,B.D.    
Licensed at Edinburgh, Scotland May 1882
Ordained at Greenock 2 Nov 1882
Arrived NZ  3.1897
Received by the (Northern) Presbyterian Church of NZ  13.2.1898
Inducted at Waipu North NP  1.6.1898 – resigned 6.1.1901
Coromandel WkP  20.12.1904
Waipu NP 1907 -  returned to same parish as before
Died 19.3.1912 

THOMSEN, Jane Margaret
husband Mark Stirling, Professor of Earthquake Hazard, Otago University
Grew up in Napier and attended St Pauls
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Otago University, Postgraduate Diploma in Librarianship, Victoria University of Wellingon
Fell into Library and Medical Library Roles: Energy Efficiency Authority Library, Ministry of Commerce; library manager, Carson City, Nevada, USA; Ministry of Science, Research and Technology; library and learning centre manager, Hutt Valley District Health Board (8 years); Learning Media (until 2013); subject librarian for education at Victoria University of Wellington
Director of Presbyterian Research Centre, appointed December 2015; started January 2016
died suddenly 6 August 2021

THOMSON, Mrs               see                       Ravn, Nellie

HM South Invercargill  1901
Ch Ex Rep. 1901:   He worked South Invercargill during the early part of yr
until he left for Univ as stud. No further mention.

THOMSON, Rev Alexander
fr Scot,where he was in Glas City Miss.
Patea TkP  stud miss  1882-3
Waihenga (Martinborough WpP ) 1884-9
Ord Petone WnP  St Davids 1.8.1889 - for 25 yrs.
'A diligent pastor with a kindly disposition.'
Died 7.3.1914 suddenly, in office

THOMSON, Rev Alexander Davidson
w. Agnes Gunnyeon
Two daughters, Gracie aged 5, and May, aged 4, died 17 May 1896, and were interred at Otepopo
A student in June 1889 supplying at Sorell and later at Swansea.
Licensed by the Presbytery of Hobart (Presbyterian Church of Tasmania), 16 August 1892
Ordained Sorrell/Swansea/Spring Bay/Gala Kirk, Tasmania, 28 June 1893 (one record states 30 June 1893)
to 11 June 1895
To New Zealand –
Inducted Otepopo, North Otago Presbytery, 1895
Thames, Waikato Presbytery, 11 May 1901 – resigned 7 April 1903
Martinborough, Wairarapa Presbytery, 1903 - resigned 1905
To Canada – no further mention.

THOMSON, Rev Alexander W.
From the Presbyterian Church of Ireland as Probationer,
Arrived New Zealand 1878 
Whangarei (supply) NP 1878
North Shore Auckland (Student Preacher) AP 1879
Ord Waiuku SAP  Oct 1880 - resigned 29.8.1883
Mangonui NP 1885-86
Patea TkP  1887-89
Brunnerton WsP 1890 - No further mention.

THOMSON, Rev Clive
wife Maschelle died 15 June 2023
Minister 50%, Knox, Hamilton
Minister 50%, stated supply, St Davids Otorohanga, Kaimai Presbytery, 1 February 2015

THOMSON, Rev Elizabeth Anne (Anne)
born in the North Island, daughter of an Auckland-based minister
husband: Ian, a surgeon, married 2 February 1980
Educated Pakuranga College, lived in Dunedin for most of 30 years to study Divinity "for fun" before entering ministry — political studies and theology at University of Otago
Moderator's Chaplain, General Assembly, 1985
Licensed Dunedin, North Otago Presbytery, 18 November 2007
Ordained 2008
Minister (Stated Supply, half time), First Church of Otago, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 13 July 2008
Minister (half time), First Church of Otago, Dunedin, Dunedin and North Otago Presbytery, 18 February 2010
Other recognised minister, Southern Presbytery, 30 May 2019
Presbytery Moderator Southern Presbytery, 13 November 2020

THOMSON, Mr George M.C.
w. Mary Struthers Wright  b. 28.1.1885  m. (?)  d.(?) Nurse at Ambrim Hospital (refer separate entry)
Artisan Missionary - New Hebrides  (Vanuatu)
Ambrim - Assistant 1903 -  He was appointed as successor to Mr McNaughton assisting Dr Bowie.
Resigned 1906 on account of his Father's ill health.
Later purchased a plantation at Lenakel on Tanna while his wife was Matron of Lenakel Hospital.

THOMSON, Sr  Isabella (Bella) Stewart
b. 17 Dec 1897 at Dunedin
Presbyterian Women's Training Institute, Dunedin - Graduated 1934
Assistant to Principal 1935
Ordained Deaconess 1939
House Mother Dingwall Children's Home, Papatoetoe, PSSA Auckland Sept 1935 to Apr 1938
Matron Junior Boy's Home, PSSA Christchurch 1 May 1938 to 1947 - resigned due to serious ill health.
Glendining Children's Home, PSSA Dunedin 1948-49 - Dismissed 1949
Died 15 Sept 1950 at Dunedin (suddenly)

THOMSON, Very Rev James Alexander                E.D. 
b 1 February 1886 at Outram
w Helen b  2 November 1885 m 5 November 1919 d 9 July 1958
He was apprenticed as cabinet-maker at Hillside Railway Workshops, later at Greymouth Railway
Workshops, while he was there he felt a call to ministry.
Home Mission, Runanga, Westland Presbytery, 1909, and concurrently studied privately for matriculation.
Rewa, Wanganui Presbytery, 1910
Hindon, Lee Stream etc., 1911 (while at Otago University)
Theological Hall 1914-1915  -  to New Zealand Expeditionary Force, July 1915
War service, 15 July 1915 to 30 October 1919 - he joined the Main Corps as stretcher-bearer.  After WW1
he finished his theology studies at the United Free College Glasgow 1918-1919.
Licensed by Presbytery of Dunedin,1919
Ordained Clevedon, South Auckland Presbytery, 23 December 1919
Kaikohe, Northland Presbytery, 9 August 1923
St Lukes, Remuera, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 17 June 1926
First Church, Invercargill, 6 June 1937
Moderator of the General Assembly, 1950; Convenor of  Life & Work Committe; Convenor of New
Life Committee; Convenor of Missions Committee 1934-1937; President of the YMBC, 'Padre Jim' to the
Rotary Club and the RSA .
Died 25 June 1951 in office during a Moderatorial visit to Dunedin, interred Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill.

HM Featherston, Waihenga, Burnside  WpP stud prch 1886
Ohingaiti WgP stud prch 1894 - no further mention.

THOMSON, Rev James Henry
b 11.9.1878 at Port Chalmers.
w Lucy Clara Budd (of Dunedin) b 9.5.1884 m 21.12.1911 d 4.1.1975
Attended the Union Street Public School, then worked at a Dunedin Diary factory.
Appointed Manager of the Otago Land and Peninsula Diary Factory at Oamaru in 1902.
Studied in his spare time, obtained his matriculation then returned to Dunedin to attend
Otago University before entering the Hall.
Theological Hal, Dunedin 1909-11
Ordained Pembroke (Wanaka) COP 27.12.1911
Waiau (Amuri) ChP 16.12.1914
Kennington SP 22.5.1924
Riversdale MtP 17.6.1942 - retired 31.1.1944 due to failing health.
Upon being restored to good health -
Tuatapere (Supply)  SP 1948
Waimate (dates unknown)
Stewart Island (Stated Supply) SP 1953
Waihao Downs Parish c.1954 to c.1959 (aged 82 years)
Died 30.11.1969 at Waimate.

Ord Winton SP 5.3.1872  res 31.8.1878
North Dn, supplied for a time.
Died  1884.

THOMSON, Rev James Millar                    M.A. 
b 3.2.1872 Turakina
w Sarah b 25.10.1885 m 22.2.1907 d 7.7.1980
Student of of Northern Presbyterian Church
Theological Hall Dunedin 1896-97
Dannevirke Assist during vac 1897-8; After Hall a period of indifferent health, &
spent part of time in Australia
Ord Lincoln ChP  25.4.1901
Stratford TkP  23.5.1905
Foxton MnP  24.4.1912  res 14.8.1915
Loc ten Gisborne while W. Grant at WW1
Island Bay WnP 8.8.1918
Picton MNP15.4.1924
Waiwera Sth 26.1.1926
Tuatapere SP supply 11.7.1933, Ind 18.10.1934
ret 30.4.1936 ill-health, resided in Dn.   Author of 'Bush Boys of NZ'
Died 12.3.1941 St Clair Dn, aged 69

THOMSON, Rev John Scott                   B.A.
w Barbara Jeanette  m 19 January 1963
Theological Hall 1961-1963
Ordained Oreti SP 6 February 1964
Seatoun WnP  22 October 1970
Served on the International Relations Committee; and the NZ Aid Advisory Committee
Waimate SCP  20 May 1976
St Davids Union Timaru 3 Feburary 1983
Established the Timaru branch of the NZ Institute of International Affairs
St Lukes Union Masterton WpP  4 February 1988
Founding chair of the Wairarapa branch of the NZ Institute of International Affairs 1997
Minister Emeritus Dec 2001
John Goddard Trophy, Vintage Car Club of NZ for contribution to motoring history 2002
Life Member, NZ Institute of International Affairs 18 June 2014

HM Upper Hutt WnP stud 1904  -   Parish separated fr Lower Hutt in 1904.
No further mention

THOMSON, Dr Nicholas (Nick) Peter      M.B., Ch.B. , DTM&H, Dip. Obst., MPhil.
born 29 December 1936 in the Union of South Africa
wife Janice (Jan) Grace Patchett  married 18 February 1961
Educated at Otago Boys' High School (5 years). Studied in New Zealand for his M.B., Ch.B.
A member of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand since 1954; ordained deacon 1957; licensed as lay preacher 1967.
Missionary Papua New Guinea - appointed 1 January 1964
Dedicated at St David’s Church Auckland by Auckland Presbytery 1 December 1963
“Own Missionary” of St David’s Church Auckland.
Left New Zealand for Sydney 21 January 1964
To All Saints College Sydney for short preparatory training course, remained longer to undertake
Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H).
Left Sydney for Port Moresby 9 November 1964     
Kapuna, Papua, relieved during Dr Calvert's furlough October 1964;
then took up permanent position at -
Iruna Papua New Guinea 1965
Gained his Diploma in Obstetrics while on furlough in New Zealand 1967.  
Seconded by the Bible Society to undertake translation work in Papua where he worked on the translation of the Bible into Magi 1971-1973
Off Missions staff 28 February 1971
Returned to New Zealand 1973
Overseas service ended 1973 and resigned from Church service 30 April 1973.
Medical work at Wairau Hospital; General Practitioner at Hunterville 1974
Gained his MPhil. in social anthropology at Massey University 1979
Elder, Hunterville and Presbytery Elder, 1985
Ecumenical Affairs and Church Worship Committees of General Assembly; Board of Proprietors of Turakina Maori Girls' College; represented the Church at the 45th anniversary of the Reformed Church, Geneva
Retired to Feilding. Health and Safety Officer for Knox Presbyterian Church Feilding, and steered the parish through the Covid process
died 25 May 2022 aged 86

THOMSON, Rev  William
fr FC Scot; stud Scot FC Coll 1888-90; Scot Ass granted him a dispensation fr
Hebrew Exam; came to NZ as a prob of FC.
Ord Palmerston North 18.5.1892; 
Ass declared him to be no longer a Min of the Ch (= deposed) 11.1902.

THORLEY, Rev  Carol CA
born in Whangarei, second generation in a Nova Scotian Presbyterian family raised without Christian or Church influence. Became a Christian after a God encounter 19 years before licensing.
Bachelor of Theology from Otago University
Licentiate 2004

THORNBURROW, Rev Andrew James (Jim)               B.A., L.Th.
w Wendy Barbara, m 3 January 1976
Hall 1970-1972
Ordained Assistant, St Columba, Havelock  North, 5 July 1973
Woodville Union, Manawatu Presbytery 2 September 1976
Waikohu Co-operating Gisborne Presbytery 30 August 1981
Bucklands Beach Co-op, Auckland Presbytery 10 February 1988 - retired
died 29 April 2015

Meth Ch
Picton Union NMP 2.1975

THORNTON, Rev  H.(Harry)               M.A.
fr CS Scot, arr 1948
He came as a lecturer at OU in Philosophy; at the request of the Theol Educ Com
he conducted tutorial at OU on methods of study for theol studs 1949- .
Returned to Scotland  11.1976.
Lodged Cert DnP; later Assoc of DnP.
Died  1981 Dn.

THORNTON, Rev Robert                     M.A.
b. (?) 
w. (?)  m.(?)  d.(?)
A native of Forfar, Scotland, educated at St Andrew’s & Edinburgh. Completed an Arts course at
Edinburgh. Studied Theology at New College, Edinburgh.
Appointed as Assistant Minister to Rev Dr Walker of the Free Church of Scotland at Carnwath.
Called to Martyr’s Free Church Glasgow where he remained some time before he came to New Zealand.
On arrival accepted a position as Rector of Greymouth Grammar School but remained greatly
interested in Church work.
He began religious services in the Oddfellows Hall at Reefton in Sept 1883, when he was Headmaster
of the public School at Reefton.
Applied for admission to the Northern Presbyterian Church in 1888 (with certificate from the Free
Church of Scotland).
Recognized by Northern Presb. Church as Minister on 17.2.1888
Shortly thereafter he moved south to Dunedin.
Received by  the Presbyterian Synod of Otago & Southland 5.11.1889
Undertook Church Extension work for a time, filling casual vacancies.
Ind Waikiwi  Invercargill  SP  (supplied for 3 months before being formally called) 1.10.1890 –
Resigned 31.12.1897
Acted as Southland Presbytery Clerk after Mr Bethune & occasionally preached in Gaelic.
“Deceased was a man of scholarly attainments and singularly amiable disposition. He enjoyed the
high esteem of his brethren of the ministry, and of those whom he laboured. He leaves a widow and
six children…”
Father-in-law of Rev Robert Blair.
Died 1.4.1898, aged 53 years after a long illness.

THRUPP, Rev John Te Wharetuku (Tamiana)
From Ruatoki, the cowboy minister from Tuhoe
wife: Honey - received the Paul Harris Award from the Whakatane Rotary Club for her engagement with the community, January 2023
Amorangi Trainee, 2005
Licensed Te Aka Puaho 24 February 2007
Ordained and Inducted Amorangi Minister Whakatane Maori Pastorate, Te Aka Puaho, 31 March 2007
Present at Ruatoki during police raids on Tuhoe in October 2007
Amorangi Waimana Maori Pastorate, Te Aka Puaho, 10 March 2008
Inducted moderator, Te Aka Puaho, 11 February 2023

b. 15.1.1892, Plymouth Down, England
Appointed as painter, New Hebrides 1.10.1958
Returned to NZ 19.3.1959 due to requiring medical treatment.
No further mention.

TIBBLES, Rev  William (Bill) James                M.A.
b 28.12.1920
w Joan Flett Harray b 11.8.1924 m 7.2.1957
Theological Hall Dunedin 1950-52
Ordained Ida Valley COP  15.12.1952
Mosgiel DnP 11.2.1960
Epsom, Auckland AP 2.2.1967
Regional Director of Ministry Auckland 3.6.1976
Minister Emeritus  31.8.1983
Died 6 July 2013

TIELU, Rev Apelu
born in Samoa, economist
wife Grace Tielu
Educated Xavier University and University of Guelph
worked Si'osi'omaga Society (environment NGO of Samoa), mid 1990s
Minister, Uniting Church of Australia, August 2011
Papakura Pacific Islanders' Presbyterian Church, Papakura, 30 January 2014 — retired November 2019 after five years' ministry

TIMMS, Sr Hilda Amy             MA (Hons)., Dip. Ed.
born 17 December 1915, Wanganui
Presbyterian Women’s Training Institute (3 years); then assisting at PWTI and study at Otago University 1943.
A member of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand since 1942 / 1943
Appointed as Missionary Teacher to New Hebrides (Vanuatu), 1970
Left New Zealand for New Hebrides, 10 February 1971
Took up appointment as Teacher at Onesua High School on Efate, Febuary 1971
Returned to New Zealand, 21 June 1972, on medical advice (suffering from fever and malaria).
Off staff, 10 September 1972; school teacher in Napier
died 16 August 2006 in Napier aged 90; her ashes were interred in her parents' grave at Napier Cemetery, 13 July 2010

TIMOTEO, Rev  Timoteo S.                  Dip.Min.
w Ane  m 22.10.1966
Theological Hall 1987-89
Licensed St Pauls-Trinity-Pacific, Christchurch ChP  14.12.1989
Ord Centre Bush SP  1.2.1990
Resigned from the Ministry of the Presbyterian Church 4 March 1997

TINKLER,  Sr. Margaret Nissa (Sr Nissa)                Mrs MN Pooley
b 5.3.1923
H. Ted Pooley b.(?) m.1957
Grew up and educated in the Te Kuiti District. Offered herself for Deaconess training after attending a
leadership school run by the PCNZ Youth Deparetment
Deaconess College, Dunedin 1950-52, graduated 1952
Ordained as a Deaconess at Somervell Memorial Church Auckland AP  3.2.1953
Te Kuiti WkP  1954  
Trinity Church, Cambridge 1955 - resigned 2.1957 to marry Ted Pooley.
Lived in Hamilton for the rest of her life.
"NIssa did not seek other Decaoness or Ministry positions. However she exercised a strong and faithful
ministry in her local congregation [St Stephens, Melville, Hamlton]. She was the first woman Elder on
the Session, used her considerable musical gifts in the church's life and worship, and she was friend,
mentor and encourager to many. Her sense of humour and the twinkle in her eye warmed many a heart."
At her funeral service it was said that the people in the Church would long remember 'her cheerful good
humour, her serenity, the strong sense of purpose that drove her, and the faith that breathed through her
words and deeds, but was never ostentatiously on display' "[From Memorial Minute].
Died Aug 2007 at Hamilton

TIOKE, Rev  Tawhao                MA
b. at Waimana
w. Julie Grace (of the Ngati Porou tribe)  m.(?) d 12 July 1988
Educated at Tanatana Mission School and at Waimana Public School.
After working on a sheep farm at Gisborne for 7 years, he returned to Waimana
to farm on his own account. Ordained as an Elder and later accepted as a student
for the Ministry.
Maori Theological College, Whakatane.
Ordained 1960
Te Teko 1960 to (?)
Minister Emeritus Jan 1986
died 17 November 2009

TIOKE, Rev  Timutimu
b 30.7.1920. From Matahi;
He was recd into the Ch by Baptism at a Miss Conf at Waimana in 1927, &
expressed a desire to dedicate his life to Chr service; St Lukes Remuera Ak
provided a salary for him & he was stationed at Taupo in 6.1928 to study under
Rev J.G. Laughton.  Prior to that  he had been working at Tawhana & Matahi
with Public Works Dept & assisting with services.  He studied diligently & on
5.6.1931 at Wn he was Ord by Ass to serve in Maori field as Miss.  He was
stationed to assist at Opotiki, Matahi, & Waimana.
Opotiki, Matahi & Waimana 1931  res 1932
Opotiki, Matahi & Waimana part-time 1932  res 30.9.1936
Rep 1934: he is now giving part-time serv to Maori Miss Com while farming.
Served in NZEF
Died  1951.

TIPLER, Rev Edmund John                 B.A.
born 15 July 1884, Leithfield, Canterbury
wife Henrietta Smith born 28 February 1889 married 25 December 1916 died 12 November 1986
While employed on a farm at St Andrews Canterbury, he began to become interested in the ministry.  In 1907 he served Hunua as Assistant to Rev Smellie at Papakura. Through private study, without having had a secondary education, he matriculated, and entered Otago University in 1909.  He was one of the first resident students in Knox College, Dunedin.  He achieved outstanding success, and did advanced work in  Latin, Hebrew and English.  On medical advice he did not sit MA.
Theological Hall 1912-1915
Licensed by Timaru Presbytery, November 1915
Ordained Carterton Wairarapa Presbytery, 23 December 1915 (another record states 22 December 1915)
Chaplain, First New Zealand Expeditionary Force, service from 30 January 1917 to 22 November 1919.  He enlisted as a private, and was later persuaded to accept service as a Chaplain. In 1918, 2 days before the Armistice was signed he was severely wounded, and it was found necessary to amputate one leg. 
During convalescence he went to Oxford for one term.  Suffering constantly he carried his burden with a lifted head. 
Roslyn, Dunedin, Dunedin Presbytery, 8 November 1921
Mt Eden, Auckland, Auckland Presbytery, 16 March 1933
Convenor of the Foreign Missions Committee, September 1935
He accepted his full share of Presbytery and Assembly work; was Convenor of the Theological Hall Committee and did notable work as such.  Although he suffered almost constant pain and discomfort he never complained, nor allowed any but a few intimate friends to know the extent of the load of his suffering.
Died 10 October 1935, Mt Eden, in office.

TITCHENER, L/Sergeant Percy  Lyndon
Primary education at Caversham School then to Otago Boys High School. Farming for a time
before he felt the call to ministry.
Commenced an Arts course at Otago University in 1936, graduating B.A. in 1938
Theological Hall, Dunedin1939-40
On the executive of the Otago Student Christian Movement for 2 years, being Vice-President
the second year. President of the Arts Debating Society and the Union Society. Won the James
Clark Prize for Greek in 1938
Leader of a Bible Class at Caversham and took an active part in Otago Easter Camps at Tirohanga.
After some considerable thought and soul-searching he enlisted in the Army in 1940. 
Killed in action, Western Desert, North Africa, 24.10.1942, aged 30 years
Buried at Al Alamein cemetery

TIWHA, Miss M.
Maori Miss 
Waimana, Assist Miss School 27.5.1946

TOBECK, Rev Claude  Spencer
b 2.9.1919 Feilding; w Valda b 7.11.1920 m 7.9.1948
He started work tailoring; when War broke out in 1939 he enisted; served in Middle
East for 3 yrs, & was then invalided home. After discharge he established a tailoring
business in Ak under the emergency scheme. Then the Call to min came; he did 1 yr            
corresp course for HM, & then the following yr he did extramural Arts.  In 1957 he
was HM at Whitianga 2 yrs.
HM Coromandel-Whitianga WkP 31.1.1957
Hall 1959-61
Ord Kihikihi WkP  8.2.1962
He made a valuable contribution to the Nat Socy on Alcoholism; helped many &
addressed meetings & groups frequently.
Died 19.5.1968

TOCKER, Very Rev Cecil James
b 16.9.1885 Greytown
w Elizabeth O.M. b 20.3.1877 m 31.10.1914 d 1963
HM St Andrews Canterbury SCP 1904
Waimate Outfields SCP  1905
Eketahuna WpP 1906
Stewart Island SP  1907
Pongaroa WpP   1908
Wadestown WnP  1911 
Theological Hall Dunedin 1912-14
Licensed by Wellington Presbytery Jan 1915
Ord Geraldine SCP 18.2.1915
St Lukes, Remuera, Auckland AP  16.9.1919
St Pauls, Invercargill SP  4.3.1926
Greytown WpP  14.5.1954 - retired 31.8.1958 due to ill-health
Moderator of the General Assembly 1948
Died 26.8.1968 at Christchurch

TODD, Rev Alexander     M.A.
b 1845 Monaive, Glencairn, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.
w. Miss Goldie  m. 29.8.1876  d. (?)
Educated at Glasgow University.
Licensed 18.6.1876
Free Church of Scotland Missionary under Rev Marcus Dodds & Rev R Howie among
English-speaking natives at Chingleput, Madras India.
Ordained at St Mary’s Free Church, Madras, India 3.8.1876
Left the Mission at close of 1879
He returned to Scotland for health reasons, and after a few years in Scotland he left for
New Zealand 27.9.1882         
Onehunga  AP  Jan 1883
Listed in Auckland Presbytery as Ordained Minister within Bounds in 1883 list. 
North East Valley, Dunedin  DnP  Dec 1883 (for 3 months)
Hampden  NOP  Apr 1884
An infant Daughter die aged 8 months 13.10.1886              
Died  1887, aged 41 years  

TODD, Rev Alexander Bruce (Snr)
b. (?)
w. Mrs Agnes Todd née Train,  b. Maybole Ayrshire Scotland, m. c.1859, d. 22 November 1892, aged 64,
at St Paul's Manse, Oamaru
Mrs Todd, daughter of Dr. Train, orphaned at 3 years of age and brought up by her Aunt at Whitehill, Dailly.
She was later active in Christian education work in the Free Church at Dailly.
Married Rev AB Todd on the eve of their departure for New Zealand.
Rev Todd educated at University of St Andrews and New College Edinburgh.
Teacher at St Andrews Scotland and afterwards was a Missionary in Jamaica.
Licensed by the Free Church Presbytery of St Andrews, 1856.
Ordained by the Free Church Presbytery of Ayr, 1858
Cowdenbeath, Fifeshire (Free Church of Scotland), 1858, and laboured there with much acceptance.
Arrived Dunedin New Zealand, 1 June 1859.
Inducted at Tokomairiro (Milton, Clutha Presbytery),  7 July 1859 by Rev William Bannerman.
St Pauls Oamaru May 1869 - Retired 1895, then Senior Minister.
Moderator of  the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland, 1869.
Father of  Rev. A.B. Todd Jnr, W.T. Todd, and James Todd of China Inland Mission.
Died 18 October 1903, aged 82

TODD, Rev Alexander Bruce (Jnr)                 B.A.
b 29.9.1860; w Maggie Y. b 18.6.1869 m 11.1.1893 d 5.10.1940
theological Hall Dn 1881-2; then to Edin for final yr
Ord Strath Taieri (Middlemarech) & Macraes 20.5.1886
Geraldine SCP  4.6.1890
Petone WnP  3.9.1914
Sec Home Miss 31.5.1919  ret 11.1922
HM Roseneath WnP 1922-4
Karori WnP  1925-31
Conv Benef Fund Com for yrs; Clerk SCP many yrs; gave outstanding serv to
Auld Lang Syne Club (NZ trained Mins), memb Bd of Ch Schools Wn;
conducted column for young people in Outlook.
Son of A.B. Todd above.
'Held in esteem for faithfulness & brotherly kindness.'
Died 10.5 1932 Wn

TODD, Rev James
He was in business & very active in Ch work at Hunterville; he decided to devote
himself wholly to the min of the Ch.
Hunterville WgP  1892
Son of Rev Alex Todd, of Oamaru.

TODD, Rev William Train
b 30.3.1862 Milton
w Evangeline b 9.9.1869 m 10.10.1900  d 7.7.1944
For some years he was engaged in commerce; he was Superintendent of the Sunday School at Knox Church
Dunedin for 17 years; also Assistant at Knox Church Dunedin from 6.1902 to 4.1907
Theological Hall Dunedin 1904 - 06
Licensed 1906
Ord Strath Taieri (Middlemarch) 11.4.1907
Rakaia AsP  24.5.1912
Lyttelton ChP 24.5.1917- resigned due to ill-health 31.3.1923
St Albans Christchurch ChP  1925 - retired ue to ill-health 28.2.1928
Son of Rev A.B. Todd (Snr); Brother of Rev A.B.Todd (Jnr);
Convenor of the General Assembly Sunday School Committee 1915 -19.
'A thoughtful & helpful preacher.'
Died 29.1.1930 suddenly at Christchurch

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