Provenance : New Hebrides Mission

Group Title : Staff

Series Title : Staff Files - Dr JT Bowie

Date(s) : 1902 to 1945

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Dr John T Bowie joined the New Zealand New Hebrides Mission when he became superintendent of the Dip Point Hospital in 1899, having previously served under the JG Paton Mission of Victoria, Australia.  After the hospital was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1913, he came to New Zealand.  He was considered for the Canton Villages Mission.  However this did not eventuate.  He resigned in 1927 and died in 1950.

Included in this file are : copies of personal and official letters and correspondence; correspondence re misdemeanours and resignation of Mr S Gibbins (1907); reports re Ambrim Hospital; debate over a new hospital at Vila (1910); report of total destruction of Ambrim Hospital and station (1913); legal charge against Dr JT Bowie for performing abortions (1913); statement of alleged case against Dr Bowie (1914).

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