Provenance : New Hebrides Mission

Group Title : Staff

Series Title : Staff Files - Rev JO Michelsen

Date(s) : 1902 to 1936

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Rev J Oscar Michelsen joined the New Hebrides Mission in 1878.  From 1879 to 1933 he served faithfully on Tongoa, returning to New Zealand where he died in 1936.  He was married to Jane Langmuir (1880 to 1892); Sophia Hare (1893-1897) and Alba Hargraves (1905- died 1970).

Included in this file are : copies of personal and official letters and correspondence, accounts, statistics; reply to charges of illegal trading (1912); New Zealand Exit Permit Applications (1917); account of violent hurricane (1919); account of hurricane and destruction of mission buildings (1922); sketch map of Island (c. 1924); charge of trading against Miss Michelsen (1928); pronunciation of Tongoan Language (1932); minute of appreciation upon retirement (1932); "Tongoa Then and Now" (1932); memorial minute (1936).

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