Provenance : New Hebrides Mission

Group Title : Staff

Series Title : Staff Files - Rev P Milne (Snr)

Date(s) : 1902 to 1924

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Rev Peter Milne (Snr) joined the New Hebrides Mission of the Synod of Otago and Southland in 1869, being stationed on Nguna Island.  He remained there in retirement with his son (Rev WV Milne) and died in 1924, aged 90.  He was married to Mary Jane Milne.

Included in this file are : copies of personal and official letters and correspondence; arrowroot production; lists and costs of medicines purchased; memorial minutes on death of Mrs Milne (1908); translation and printing of religious texts; historical notes on Rev P Milne and history of mission work on Nguna, 1869 to 1914 (1914); value and weights of arrowroot production on Nguna 1903 to 1914 (1914); correspondence re beneficiary fund; history and statistics of mission work on Nguna and of the Rev Peter Milne (1868 to 1918); tributes on death of Rev P Milne (1924); plan for school building (?) (1922); memorial minute (1924).

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