Provenance : New Hebrides Mission

Group Title : Staff

Series Title : Staff Files - Rev WV Milne

Date(s) : 1902 to 1937

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Rev William V Milne joined the New Hebrides Mission in 1905 on Nguna after having previously assisted his father Rev P Milne (Snr).  He served until 1937 when he was killed by an insane native.  He married Jemima S Scott in 1905.

Included in this file are : copies of personal and official letters and correspondence; arrowroot sales; transcription of native hymns including some brought from Rarotonga by teacher Ta (1919); personal information (1918); blueprint of proposed bungalow for Rev Milne on Nguna (1922); deputation work; British Commission to New Hebrides to investigate position of British Setters (1926); statistics and finance; letter from Miss M Milne (1929); correspondence concerning Mr JW Mansfield and Mr CR Stringer (1929); details of 10/16hp "Ailsa Craig" marine engine for launch (1929); details of 12/20hp diesel marine engine for "The Dove" (1932); tributes and memorial minutes (1937); description of the arrowroot plant and the making of arrowroot (c. 1936).

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