Provenance : New Hebrides Mission

Group Title : Staff

Series Title : Staff Files - Rev W Watt

Date(s) : 1902 to 1926

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Rev William Watt joined the New Hebrides on Tanna in 1869, remaining there until 1910.  He was married twice, firstly to Agnes C Paterson and secondly (in 1902) to Jessie Paterson.

Included in this file are :  copies of personal and official letters and correspondence; letters signed by Rev Watt in his capacity as clerk of the New Hebrides Presbyterian Mission and Convenor of the Maritime Service Committee; copy of "Outlook" article "Mr Watt's Farewell to Tanna" (28/2/1911); answers to questions re the work on Tanna, its people and customs, used by Rev A Don for "Light in Dark Isles" published in 1918 (1914, 1915); memorial address to Rev Watt by his nephew, Rev T Watt Leggatt (1926).

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