Provenance : Auckland Chinese Church Mission

Group Title : Session/Manager's Committee Papers

Series Title : Session Minute Book & Communion Roll

Date(s) : May 1925 to Dec 1948

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Item Description : This book contains the Session Minutes of the Auckland Chinese Mission Church (May 1925 to Dec 1948) as well as a Communion Roll of members from May 1925 to Apr 1934.

Major Topics Include : new communicant members and baptisms; ordination of elders; extinguishing of debt on church (1936); mission to "coloured people" (1937); special prayer for China due to Japanese aggression and appeal for aid (1937); meeting for Maori Women in Church Hall (1938); fortnightly magazine for Chinese in Auckland (1939); offer of assistance from Mr CS Fong (1939); resignation of Miss M Findlay as Treasurer (1945); minute of appreciation for work of Rev YS Chau (1948); various rough and draft minutes; correspondence concerning Lo Kwai (1941); the "Formula" signed by three elders (1932).

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