Provenance : Auckland Chinese Church Mission

Group Title : Session/Manager's Committee Papers

Series Title : Secretary/Treasurer's Inwards Correspondence (Miss M Findlay)

Date(s) : Jun 1935 to May 1941

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Item Description : This file contains inwards correspondence received by the Secretary/Treasurer of the Auckland Chinese Church (Miss M Findlay 1935 to May 1941).

Major Topics Include : donations; correspondence from Rev YS Chau; financial matters; farewell to Rev and Mrs HH Barton (1935); correspondence form Presbyterian Church of New Zealand General Treasurer; baptism details for register; correspondence from Rev WV Milne re Chinese in Vila (1936); collections for the "William Mawson Memorial Hall" (1935-1936); church programmes; subscriptions to Chinese Publications; renaming of Cook Street Mission Hall as the "William Mawson Memorial Hall" (1936); differences encountered by Rev YS Chau in evangelising non-Christians and recommendations (1936); reference to work of Mormon and Ratana Churches in Auckland (1938); reference to Christian work in refugee camps in Canton (1938); letter from Kwantung Synod and effect of war conditions (1938); Auckland Chinese Donations to China War Relief and unaccounted receipt of funds (c. 1938); newspaper cutting re Chinese Language Newspapers in New Zealand (1939).

Note - this also contains one letter received by the convenor of the Auckland Presbytery Foreign Missions Committee (Rev R Ferguson Fish) concerning annual leave for Rev YS Chau (1937).

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