Provenance : Auckland Chinese Church Mission

Group Title : Session/Manager's Committee Papers

Series Title : Secretary/Treasurer's Financial Records

Date(s) : 1924 to 1929; 1926 to 1927; 1935 to 1936.

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Item Description : This book contains details of funds received for appeals by the Auckland Chinese Missions as follows -

1. Building fund subscriptions Aug 1924 to Nov 1929, including names of individuals (including many Chinese), organisations and parishes who made donations, as well as audited statements of account.

2. Motor car purchase fund subscriptions Oct 1926 to Sept 1927.

3. William Mawson Memorial Fund July 1935 to Jun 1936, including names of individuals, organisations and parishes who made donations and also disbursements.

4. At the back of the book is a copy of an "Application for Insurance" on the Auckland Chinese Mission Hall quoting construction materials, dimensions, age, estimated value and insurance value.

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