Punjab Indian Mission Papers
1909 to 1979

Manuscript material relating to the Punjab Indian Mission may also be found in the NZ Foreign Missions Committee and Missions Committee papers.

Please Note : From April 1953 the Punjab Mission Council was reconstituted to deal with property and domestic matters only (eg : salaries, allowances, housing). All other matters were then dealt with by the Ambala Church Council Church of the United Church of Northern India.

Series One :
Minute Books Dec1910 - Dec 1979
Annual, General & Departmental Reports 1925-1929, 1942-1946

Series Two : Mission Council Secretary's Papers

Outwards Correspondence 1911-1917,1920,1923,1926,1928,1930 (Miss AE Henderson)
Inwards Correspondence 1911-1919,1923,1926-1930 (Miss AE Henderson)
Inwards Correspondence 1920, 1924-1925 (Miss AE Henderson & Miss M Salmond)
Inwards Correspondence 1921 (Miss M Salmond)
Outwards Correspondence 1922 (Sr HM Arnold & Miss AE Henderson)
Inwards Correspondence 1922 (Sr HM Arnold & Miss AE Henderson)
Inwards Correspondence 1931 (Miss AE Henderson & Sr BJ Hardie)
Outwards Correspondence 1932-1933 (Sr BJ Hardie)
Inwards Correspondence 1932-1935 (Sr BJ Hardie)
Outwards Correspondence - General 1937-1948
Inwards Correspondence - General 1949-1953
Outwards Correspondence - General 1949-1953
Outwards Correspondence - NZ Missions Committee 1949-1953
Inwards Correspondence - NZ Missions Committee 1949-1953

Series Four : Subject files
Punjab Mission Constitution & Articles of Association
Saharanpur Industrial School
Punjab Mission By-Laws & Articles of Association
Provident Fund Rules
Hill House (Aotearoa), Landour
The Administrative Council of the Ambala Church Council
Punjab Mission & United Church of Northern India Integration

Series Five : Treasurer's Papers & Financial Records

Treasurer's Inwards Correspondence 1920-1921 (Rev TE Riddle)
Treasurer's Outwards Correspondence Aug1920 (Rev TE Riddle)
Treasurer's Inwards Correspondence 1922 (Dr WJ Porteous)
Treasurer's Outwards Correspondence Aug1922 (Dr WJ Porteous)
Inwards & Outwards Correspondence - General Treasurer of PCNZ Jan 1937 - Mar 1950
Inwards & Outwards Correspondence - General  Mar 1939 - Feb 1962
Finance Committee Minute Book Oct 1928 - Apr 1948

Series Six : Staff Files

Sr LE Aberley
Sr AA Allan
Sr HM Arnold
SR EH Elliott
Mr GT Gray
Rev JL Gray
Mrs JL Gray
Mrs MW Gray
Sr BJ Hardie
Mrs AEW Hardie
Dr AH Harvie
Sr NM Heginbotham
Dr AJ Henderson
Miss AE Henderson
Mrs HMI Henderson
Miss LJ Heslop
Miss DM Mathew
Miss I Milne (Mrs Riddle)
Sr GE Morrison
Mrs E Porteous
Dr WJ Porteous
Mr CJR Price
Miss N Ravn
Rev DM Riddle
Miss GL Riddle
Mrs MM Riddle
Rev TE Riddle
Dr WS Robertson
Rev MR Robertson
Mrs BM Roxburgh
Rev RS Roxburgh
Mrs HM Ryburn
Rev JA Ryburn
Rev WM Ryburn
Miss DM Sage
Miss M Salmond
Miss EL Saunders
Dr AJ Henderson
Sr VJ Sutherland

Series Seven : Staff Correspondence
Inwards CorrespondenceNov1923-Oct1924( Rev TE Riddle)

Series Twelve : Mission Council President & Secretary's Papers
Inwards Correspondence - NZ Missions Committee & Mission Council Members Feb 1936 - Dec 1948
Outwards Correspondence - NZ Missions Committee Nov 1935 - Dec 1948
Inwards Correspondence - General Jun 1936 - Apr 1948

Series Thirteen : Mission Council Chairman & President's Papers
Inwards Correspondence Aug1925 (Rev TE Riddle)
Outwards Correspondence 1928 (Rev TE Riddle)

Series Fourteen : Mission Council Chairman & Treasurere's Papers
Inwards Correspondence 1915-1919 (Rev RM Ryburn)
Outwards Correspondence Jan-Jun1917 (Rev RM Ryburn)
Inwards Correspondence 1923-1924 (Dr WJ Porteous)
Outwards Correspondence Mar1922, Jun-Dec1923 (Dr WJ Porteous)

Series Fifteen : Mission Council Standing Committee's Papers
Educational Committee - Inwards Correspondence 1925,1928,1929,1935 (Rev JL Gray)

Series Sixteen : Jagadhri Girls' School Building Committee
Minute Book 1946 - 1951
Building Appeal & Account Book 1941 - 1949
Income & Expenditure Book Jan 1950 - Mar 1953

Series Eighteen : Hill House Committee
Minute Book Jun 1930 - Mar 1950

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