Provenance : Auckland Chinese Church Mission

Group Title : Session/Manager's Committee Papers

Series Title : Missionaries Inwards Correspondence (Rev W Mawson)

Date(s) : Jun 1924 to Oct 1928

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Item Description : This file contains inwards correspondence received by the missionary to the Auckland Chinese Church (Rev W Mawson).

Note : Rev Mawson continued as honorary secretary/treasurer for the Auckland Chinese Church after his appointment as Foreign Missions Secretary in 1928 until his death in 1935.  Refer Foreign Missions Committee New Zealand Chinese Correspondence during this period.

Major Topics Include : mission hall building appeal and donations (1924, 1925); accounts and invoices for running and renovation expenses on Cook Street Mission Hall; sale of Chinese Calendars; appeals for family assistance; offer of assistance from Young Men's Bible Class Executive Council (1926); appeal for motor car (1926); letters from Mr Ding Ming (1927) and Mr Willie Chan (1928); letter re Mr Low King Kee (1928); raid on Auckland Chinese in Grey Street (1928); charges against Mr Low Wai (1928).

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