Provenance : Synod of Otago & Southland Mission Committee

Group Title : Minutes & Agendas

Series Title : Minute Book

Date(s) : 20 Feb 1867 to 15 Dec 1880

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Item Description : This bound volume contains the minutes of the Synod of Otago and Southland Mission Committee.

Major Topics Include : Offer to Rev J Copeland to act as Synod appointed Missionary in New Hebrides (1867); Correspondence with Rev Wohlers of the Bremen Society re Maori mission at "The Heads" (Otago Peninsula) (1867); Raising of funds for a Missionary to New Hebrides (1867); Handover of Bremen Society (German) Maori Mission property at Otago Heads to the Synod and references to Rev. Reimenschneider (1867); Declining by Rev. Copeland as New Hebrides Missionary (1867); Reference to raising of funds to support the "Dayspring I" Mission supply vessel (1868); Visit by Rev J. Inglis of New Hebrides (1868 to 69); Search for Missionary to the Maori (1868); Desire for an evangelist to work among the Chinese in Otago and Southland (1868); Appt. of Rev. A M Blake as Missionary to the Maori (1868); Visit of the "Dayspring I" to Dunedin (1869); Appointment of Rev P. Milne as Missionary to New Hebrides (1869); Appointment of Rev P.A. Honore as Missionary to Southland Maori (1869); Departure of Rev and Mrs P Milne (1869); Copies of annual reports to Synod (1868 to 1881); Appointment of Paul Ah Chin as Catechist to Chinese in Otago and Southland (1871); Religious tracts printed in Chinese text (1871); Visits by Rev Blake to Maori at Riverton and Colac Bay (1871); References to New Hebrides Labour traffic (1872 onwards); Loss of the "Dayspring I" (1873); Visit of Rev John Paton to NZ and raising of funds for a replacement vessel (1874); Search for additional Missionary to New Hebrides (1874); References to the work of Rev P. Milne and Mrs Milne on Nguna; Resignation of Paul Ah Chin (1874); Reference to work of Native Catechist Bartholomew (Paratomo) and Rev Blake among Maori at Otago Heads (1875); Re-appointment of Paul Ah Chin as Catechist to NZ Chinese (1876); Appointment of Rev Hugh Cowie of Amoy, China as Missionary to NZ Chinese (1876); Resignation of Paul Ah Chin & return to Victoria (1877); Resignation of Rev H Cowie due to difficulties with Cantonese language (1877); Death of native evangelist Bartholomew (Paratomo) (1877); Appointment of Mr O Michelsen to New Hebrides Mission (1877); Recommendation to send a European Missionary to China for training then return and act as an evangelist to the NZ Chinese (1878); Discussion on employment of lay Missionaries/tradespeople to assist New Hebrides Missionaries (1878);  Offer of assistance fron Canton Presbyterian Mission to train an evangelist in Chinese Mission work  (1879); British refusal to annex New Hebrides (1879); Synod support for forming Parish Missionary Association (1879); offer by Rev Alexander Don for position of evangelist to Chinese in Otago and Southland (1879); Approval for Rev Don to attend Prof. Salmond's lectures (1879); Departure of Rev Don for China (1879); Mission boxes to New Hebrides (1879); Ordination of Rev O Michelsen approved by Synod (1880); Ordination of Rev O Michelsen by Clutha Presbytery (1880).

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