Provenance : Synod of Otago & Southland Mission Committee

Group Title : Minutes & Agendas

Series Title : Minute Book

Date(s) : 18 Jan 1881 to 5 Aug 1901

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Item Description : This file contains the minutes of the Synod of Otago and Southland Mission Committee.

Major Topics Include : Grant to Northern Presb. Church for Maori mission work (1881); Return of Rev A. Don to Dunedin (1881); Synod dissent from proposal for New Hebrides Mission to be supported and manned by Australasian churches (1882); Transfer of Rev Don to work among Chinese at Riverton and Round Hill (1883); Building of church at Round Hill (1883); Reports of mission work by Rev P. Milne (Snr) on Nguna and Rev O Michelsen on Tongoa; Reference to New Hebrides Labour traffic and need for British annexation of islands (1884); Visit of the "Dayspring II" to NZ including Natives from Tongoa (1884); Threat of French use of New Hebrides as a penal settlement and anti-French sentiments (1885); Synod decision to resume Maori mission work (1885); Dispute in New Hebrides between Rev P. Milne (Snr) and Rev Macdonald of Victorian Church Mission (1885); Arrowroot forwarded from Tongoa (1886); Threatened French occupation of New Hebrides and representations to relevant authorities (1886); Appointment of Chinese Evangelist Kwok Wai Shang to Round Hill and Riverton and transfer of Rev Don to Lawrence (1886); Discussion on substitute for mission supply vessel "Dayspring II" (1886); Regulations for a Synod "Mission Bursary" (1886); Need for further finance to support teachers in New Hebrides and also for further donations of clothing for the natives (1887); Appointment by Federal Assembly in Australia of a Committee to discuss New Hebrides (1887); Continuing French occupation of Efate and Malekula (Mallicolo) Islands (1887); Continuing dispute between Rev P. Milne (Snr) and Rev Macdonald and the withdrawal of Rev Milne from the New Hebrides Synod (1887); Inadequate carrying capacity of "Dayspring II" and hire of the "Cairndhu" (1887); References to work of Chinese catechist Kwok Wai Shang at Round Hill, Southland (1887); Application for Mission service from Thomas Smaill hindered by lack of funds (1887); Synod Mission Bursary awarded to Mr Torrance studying to qualify as a Medical Missionary (1887); Rev Milne advised by Synod to rejoin the New Hebrides Synod (1888); Removal of French soldiers from New Hebrides and setting up of a joint British and French Commission to consider disputes (1888); Opposition to Chinese immigrants and ill treatment (1888); Appointment of Rev Thomas Smaill as Missionary to New Hebrides (1889); Transfer of Rev A. Don to Dunedin and transfer of Kwok Wai Shang to Lawrence (1889); Conditions on sale of "Dayspring II" (1890); Sub Committee appointed to consider assistance for educating Missionarys' children in Dunedin (1890); Visit of Rev P. Milne (Snr) to NZ (1890); Termination of contract with Kwok Wai Shang (1890); Minute on Victorian Church decision to obtain a mission steam supply vessel and misappropriation of the "JG Paton Fund" for this purpose (1890); Synod request to have a say in disposal of funds from sale of "Dayspring II" and of funds from the Dayspring Insurance Fund (1891); Formation of a Ladies' Association to support Missionary childrens' education (1891); Inability of Synod to support Miss H. Macgregor in Madras Mission but approval of appeal to Church members (1892); Revival of "Kanaka" labour traffic in New Hebrides by Queensland Government (1892); Death of Mrs Michelsen in London (1893); Death of Mr Wilson, Mission Carpenter on Nguna (1893); Synod support for Mission Hospital on Ambrim (1894); Approval of a "Central Training Seminary" for Teacher's and Evangelists by New Hebrides Synod (1894); Presb. Church of Canada suggestion that their Missionaries in New Hebrides be transferred to Australasian Church supported Missions in New Hebrides and Synod inability to financially support additional Missionaries (1894); Synod approval of building of Mission steamer (1895); Renewed French desire to obtain possession of New Hebrides and increasing efforts to introduce Catholicism (1895); Need for Chinese Mission Church in Dunedin (1895); Approval and building of Chinese Church and Manse in Dunedin (1896); Approval of sailing arrangements for the "Dayspring III" (1896); Loss of the "Dayspring III" Mission supply ship (1896); Reference to Miss Gorton, English Teacher, assisting Rev. Milne and Rev. Michelsen in New Hebrides (1896); Work of Mr Von Tunzelman among Maoris on Stewart Island (1896); Synod desire to support Mission work in China (1896); Forming of a "Presbyterian Women's Missionary Union" (PWMU) (1897); Synod approval for a replacement "Dayspring" Mission supply vessel (1897); Death of Mrs Michelsen (1897); Temporary appointment of Mr Loie Fay in absence of Rev A. Don (1897); Financial grant to [Tangoa] Training Institute (1898); Proposal by Rev A. Don to train Missionaries for work in South China (1898); Sale of Mission Church at Round Hill (1898); Synod approval of Rev G H McNeur as Missionary to Canton Villages, South China (1899); Appointment of Mr W V Milne as Lay Missionary on Nguna (1899); French aggression on Epi (1900).

NB: Minute book contains loose page detailing recommendations for Chinese Mission work should Rev A. Don accept a call to Canada (c.1899?)

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