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Register of New Zealand Presbyterian Marriages 1848 to 1930 :

Last Update : 7 December 2012 (662 entries added)

17,357 Marriage Records on this Database (excluding Otago & Southland)

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Introduction :

This register contains links to New Zealand Presbyterian Marriage records available online up to 1930. Some Parishes will only extend to 1920 which was our previous cut-off date. At this stage marriages between 1920 and up to 1930 will only be added for new Parish entries. It is not our intention to place post 1930 marriages on-line however we are happy to perform a search of our in-house database upon request. Please note that our cataloguing project is ongoing as all entries are transcribed by volunteers and additionally many marriage registers are still stored in regional repositories. Our sincere thanks go to Shirley and the late Gifford Brown for their dedicated assistance in transcribing and checking these entries.This register complies with the terms of the "Births, Deaths, Marriages & Relationships Registration Act 2008".

Information Recorded on the Original Certificates :

Click Here to see examples of information recorded on pre 1880 and post 1880 marriage certificates. 

Ordering Copies of Certificates :

Ordering Instructions for photocopies of certificates will appear at the top of each page of marriage entries (except Otago / Southland Marraiges). Due to the very fragile nature of some early registers, including fading handwriting, it may be necessary in some cases to provide a full typed transcript.

Requesting Family Research :

Please read our Research Page prior to submitting your enquiry. We regret that due to the amount of work involved in casual enquiries we are unable to supply any additional information from certificates or rolls without payment of either the standard charge to obtain a copy or transcript of the actual entry or payment of our minimum research fee. If you cannot find the records you are looking for please check our location guide HERE.

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Please click on Parish links below to manually search the entries or enter your surname request into our on-site search engine. The search engine will only display results for New Zealand Presbyterian Marriages listed below (but excluding Otago & Southland Marriages which has its own search engine) but may exclude recent updates to this database..  

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Format of Marriage Entries (Unless otherwise stated) : Full Name of Individual / Age (if known) / Name of Spouse / Date of Marriage / Parish Code & Marriage Register Number. 

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*(St James Auckland Marriage Registers and index held by Central City Library, Auckland Public Library, PO Box 4138, Auckland 1010)

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Ashburton Presbytery : Otago / Southland Presbytery : (1848 to 1920) (Kindly notify us of any other links to Parish Marriage records available on-line)

Mrs Jessie Ings

Mrs Jessie Ings in her wedding dress, taken by "Pattillo" studio, Dunedin, 1905. The wife of our pioneer Medical Missionary to China, Dr Joseph Ings, Jessie became a widow just over a year later. A trained Nurse and dedicated to the Christian cause, Jessie continued to serve for many years in the medical mission field in China.


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