Media Release: Rev Dr Darryl Tempero appointed to teach at Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, Dunedin

21 December 2022

Rev Dr Darryl Tempero has been appointed a Lecturer/Ministry Formation Coordinator at Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership (KCML) in Dunedin. He will teach and form ministers and other leaders for ministry within the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ).  

Darryl says he is “energised about serving the Presbyterian Church in leadership formation across its different leadership streams: lay leadership, elders and ministers”.  He says, “We face challenges as a PCANZ whānau, however God is with us and I’m convinced the way ahead is to have healthy, mature, Christ-centred leaders being present in, and serving, local faith communities.”

Darryl will take up the new half time role in July 2023. When he commences, he will also continue as half time minister of Kiwi Church, a young network of small faith communities exploring new ways of being church he and others planted in 2011, based in Christchurch.  

Wide ranging experience across a variety of ministry contexts is what Darryl brings to the new role. He has had over 30 years’ experience in PCANZ local, presbytery, and national roles. Since 2011, he has also been a resource minister for the PCANZ’s Alpine Presbytery.

He has served on the KCML Advisory Board and convened its principal’s support group. He is also a past convener of the Presbyterian Church’s Leadership Sub Committee. 

Darryl lectured in Formation at Laidlaw College (Christchurch) for seven years until 2020. He was awarded his DMin with distinction from Fuller Theological College in 2017.

In announcing Darryl’s appointment, the Rev Dr Jaco Reyneke, Presbyterian Church’s Council of Assembly Convener, said, “Council of Assembly is excited about the passion, knowledge and skillset Darryl adds to the great service KCML is providing the PCANZ and the Kingdom. We are thankful for the excellent contribution Darryl has been making as KCML Management Support Officer since January 2021”.

Rev Dr Geoff New, Principal of Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, says he welcomes Darryl’s appointment. “Darryl models what we desire to see in the leaders we train; a listening heart inclined towards the Spirit, an open heart inclined towards others, and a compassionate heart inclined towards the world.”

Geoff says until Darryl joins the KCML teaching staff the essential tasks for the NOM internship will be supported by adjunct lecturers. Also, during this time there will be some workshops, led by Geoff, for lay leaders and preachers held in a couple of presbyteries.

KCML continues to advertise and interview for its available roles, see information on the Dean of Studies position and Lecturer/Ministry Formation Co-ordinator (Dunedin) position. 


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•    Image: Download an image of Rev Dr Darryl Tempero here.