Children and Families

Presbyterian Children and Families Ministry (PCFM) is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The PCFM team serves the wider Church by encouraging and supporting children and families ministry workers in a variety of contexts, including the parish.

Our Vision: to see communities of faith inspired to share ‘God’s Big Story’ by engaging authentically with children and families.

Our Mission: to serve the PCANZ through servant leadership, advocacy and resourcing for authentic engagement with children and families, so that they are woven into the fabric/DNA of the church and are able to fully participate.

Recent changes

The start of 2020 saw a new change. After a significant review of all national ministries and staffing, the Mission Resourcing Team was established with new roles of Directorship. The Director of Children and Families Ministry is part of this team.

Continuing to develop from the strong legacy of those who have gone before, the Children and Families Ministry – a whanau based ministry - is a response to the vital roles families have in forming faith in their children, and the partnership the gathered church has in supporting them.

The Children and Families Ministry incorporates the legacy of Kids Friendly through a review process tool for ministry to children and families.

The values of equipping, encouraging and resourcing churches to intentionally minister to children and families in the communities continues to be at the heart of our ministry.

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Contact us

Children and Families Director

Karo Wilson
Mobile - 027 274 3322
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