Spanz magazine

Spanz is the Church's quarterly magazine. It covers topical issues of interest to Presbyterian and Uniting churchgoers, as well as telling the stories of churches engaging successfully with their communities. The ISSN number for the online version of Spanz is 1179-3473.

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Spanz in 2019

Council of Assembly advises that as part of its policy of a balanced operational budget, resource allocated to the Spanz publication has been reduced for the year ended 30 June 2019.  This will mean a reduction from four editions to three in 2019 using the current model.

Please note that this decision does not affect the 2018 Spanz publication dates, and the magazine will be published in November 2018 as scheduled.

Jenny Flett – Council of Assembly Convenor
Richard McLean – Council of Assembly Deputy Convenor

Subscription enquiries

If you would like to subscribe to Spanz, please email us at Don’t forget to include your name and postal address. Spanz is free to Presbyterian and Uniting parishes. Annual subscription for individuals (within New Zealand) is $18.00 and you can either send us a cheque for this amount, or we will send you an invoice. Our postal address is Spanz subscriptions, PO Box 9049, Marion Square, Wellington 6141.

Advertising in Spanz

 A copy of the 2019 rate card available here. The rate card includes details about circulation numbers, publication dates and deadlines.

If you would like to advertise in our magazine, please email

Spanz is typically published in March, June, September and December. The magazine is in subscribers' hands in the third week of the month prior to publication. However, in 2019, Spanz will be published in April, with publication dates beyond that subject to confirmation.